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  • Pl pray for Sunny, wrkng in U.K., for job security,better n stable job opportunities, good health, godly spouse.Pray for Shweta, wrking in India, job security, gd hlth n godly spouse

  • Blessed be the Name of the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. I thank the Lord for the baptism of the Holy Ghost he has granted me. He change me not to live with Religion but having Relationship with him.


  • Testimony my parents were delivered from smoking cigerettes about 10 years ago. My mother was in a prayer meeting with an african american group of pentecostal folks and they prayed until my mother purged and the devil did try to come back, but she resisted him. My dad quit cold turkey it was quit or die with heart troubles. Praise God! Prayer will deliver you and even fasting. Sis Brown

  • Dear Saints,
    Pls pray for Sis Cheryl D’Souza & Bro. Darryl D’souza to be blessed with good BELIEVER life partners.
    Also pray for Bro Noshir Dalal to assist him in his Appraisals on Friday the 5th of june.

  • I please for Joseph to abandon job he shall not have to be saved and for his marriage and for his family life and great service to Christ and favour for him and me and my family. Amen.

  • Please pray for my tooth as it hurts to bite down on. I’ve had many tooth problems in the past. Pray for deliverance and a healing. Thank you and God bless you.

  • Pls pray for my family in Philippines, we have financial difficulties, espcially now that our land property is subject for forclusure by the bank.
    We failed to pay our mortgage coz of all the problems we’ve encountered.
    Now I’m praying that whatever happen God will provide a way for us to overcome this trials and start again. I believe in God’s promise that He wll not leave or forsake His bride..”LORD HELP US ONLY YOU CAN MAKE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE, FORGIVE ME FOR ALL THE SINS I’VE DONE, AND TEACH TO KNOW AND OBEY YOUR PERFECT WILL, I LOVE YOU LORD!”…AMEN

  • Good day

    I know that being saved and keeping God’s commandments go hand in hand, that’s why i’m desperately trying to quit smoking, finding it soooo difficult. Please pray that God will touch me and take this filty idoltry away from me

    Kind regards
    Brother Johan Van Wyk (South Africa)

  • When you talk to God he hears you Bro. Appies. Our God can use the devil to answer our prayers. People that don’t need anything can’t depend on God, but us who need him he’ll help us. All things are possible nothing is impossible. ask what you will and it shall be. If you believe it confess it!
    Sis Angel to Bro. Appies

  • Brothers and Sisters, please pray for me to have a clean pure heart to be able to love all enemies and pray for me to be an overcomer and a winner and not a looser to have faith in God. Can you pray that me and my husband will receive the job we desire down in New Iberia soon on the mobile home lot. We need this job. I am confessing the healing of my eyes can yu pray that it’ll come soon total healing. Sis Angie

  • Dear brother iam hanok from india(andhra pradesh state).brother iam facing lot of financial problems and simultaneously job wife is also pregnent.So please pray for me and my wife.
    praise the lord brother

  • Request prayer for brother – Parkinson’s disease, hip problems, infection.

    Also request prayer for uncle’s loss of son

  • Dear saints, I please for prayers for one catholic priest, who shall accept Branham’s sermons concerning beast and also marry that he depart from catholic church and accept pure things of protestantism without unbiblical things.

  • Pray for me for complete healing. Pray for my husband and family to receive Jesus as their personal saviour. Pray for my parents and inlaw and brothers.

    Thank you.

  • Please Brother and Sisters, unite with me in praying for my husband Dan. He is traveling through the night tonight (approx. 10 hour drive) with another man for their work and then turning around and traveling through the night tomorrow night. I pray Lord Jesus that you would place your angels of protection around the car and around each one of them and keep them safe. I pray Lord that you would strengthen them and keep them alert and well. Lord Jesus, we give you All the Praise and All the Glory! Amen!

  • Dear God: I love you God and I know you are with me. Thank you for the many blessings you have brought to my life. I ask now that you please reunite JM and RM in a happy, healthy, loving and exclusive relationship rooted in divine love and union. Please help JM overcome his fears of being loved and loving by RM. Please remove all negative influences that surround and confuse JM and RM and replace it with light and love. May you bless JM’s family and my own and free them from worry and concern over the things they cannot control and to help identify the things they can control and work through it. I pray that bring to RM the events, circumstances and people that will result in new employment that is fulfilling and satisfying and will bring in the funds needed so that RM can continue to live in her house. I thank you for drawing JM and a new job closer and closer to RM every day in every way. Amen

  • Bro.Appies
    Please pray for me and my family.We have some financial difficulties.Im the only one working.

  • Please pray that God lets my faith raise to the level for healing of my eyes and rejoice as it’s already done. Pray for me to be happy and have joy if the world hates me to be joyful. And I’d like to ask everyone to pray that my husband be born again very soon or restored in salvation of his soul. Pray for us to be as Abraham and Sara in the life together to be 1 flesh. Sister in the Body

  • Bride, can you agree in prayer that this fear will leave my heart. Please pray that these people who are trying to come to my home and the weekends trying to force their way into my home will be binded and sent to flight away from my family. Pray that this big giant who is in my life a bully that is always trying to knock me down will be saved or put to flight out of mine and my husband’s life. The righteous cry and the Lord hears and delivers them. I need help friends but the enemie to flight out of my home. Pray for me to have a bible marriage until death we part. Sis Lynn

  • Dear Saints

    Could you please pray for my nephew who had a bad accident on Friday.
    He is critical in hospital. They have got him on life support machine.
    He is still very young, married and has three little children. Please
    pray for God to heal him…..there is nothing impossible with our Lord.

    Many thanks

    God bless u all

  • I have a prayer that I have been asking the lord every night and nothing been answer and I Ask you brother to pray for me to have faith in him and that he could answer my prayer.and another prayer is I have been running away from god. I feel that i have been called to serve the lord but I’m scare to Cary the word because I feel that I don’t have alot of understanding to Cary the word and I think I need more time. My dream is to carry the word to the prison.

  • Dear Lord Jesus, please help in my situation and great sorrow and cry for things I have as problem and help in whole my life and resolve my problems and lead me into prosperity and blessing and I need blessed life in all. Amen. Help in my spouse and all with this and other areas of family and welth. Amen.

  • i want my parents and the rest of my family to live for God they need him in there lives real bad. Thank You

  • Can someone pray that this temper leave me and I’ll be able to forgive people. I’m always having to fight some spirit from people. Please pray that enemies will be moved out of my life and give me happiness and for sure the Holy Spirit. Ms. B

  • pl pray for my mother,80 yrs ,complete healng & al medical reports b normal.Pray for my father,90 yrs, good health & salvation.Pray for my son, sunny,in U.K.for hs job security & good health

  • Pray for me to get a spouse and for God’d leadership and direction in life. Am in the valley of decisions ans soul searching, it has been almost ten years and seems no signs yet.


  • Je demende aux saints de me soutenir dans la prière afin de demeurer ferme dans ce message qui est une révélation personnelle et que Le Seigneur par grâce m’amène jusqu’à l’adoption.


  • God seed shall not beg for bread so pray that me and my spouse will get a job very soon we both are out of work. Have credt card debts too. Friend

  • Pray for the healing of the HIV virus from my body. It has been about 8 years since I was dianoised. I am saved, and have been beliveing God for a Miracle.

  • Bride, Bro. Ben and Sis Kumari from Irlend needs are our prayers for healing of Sis Kumari for her Kidneys as she’s in the Hospital right now. Let the miracle be done for the glory of God. Pray for me to not be afraid of dogs, enemies, or stage fright that God can use me. Most of all pray for me to have faith in God to STOP being in doubt or FEAR. SIS Angie

  • God bless you Saints I disparately need the confirmation of the Person of the Holy ghost manifested in me. Brother branham says a HolyGhost see things to come is the Discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart. so far I need to be sure bcz I dont see anything to come, does this mean I dont have it?? then how do I get it?? Pastor prayed for me to receive it and I try my best to feed on the word to make it grow but still I dont have any confirmation Saints of God. pls remember me in your prayers

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters in the faith,

    I am in my early 20’s and have been sick for almost 6 months with various symptoms. including hand tremors, headaches, digestive problems and a whole bunch of other things. I don’t have insurance and I lost my job, all I can do is trust the Lord. I don’t believe it to be something serious, but it has ruined my life. I am living for the Lord by His grace the best I can and I know He is in control but I need the body of Christ to believe with me in praying for my healing. I’m healed…..I guess I mean my receiving! I feel somewhat desperate and prayer and faith in God is the only thing that will get me through. Thank you and God bless. I pray for you as well. Please think of me in your prayers. I KNOW GOD WILL CHANGE THIS AND I WILL BE WELL!

  • Dear brother and sister,
    I am addicted to pornography and it’s ruining my life. I can’t pray any more even reading the bible it’s difficult. I can’t talk to anybody about this problem. I really need help.
    Thank you and God bless you

  • Can you just pray that I’ll not have to wear long sleeves and to be able to wear short sleeves to short. Legalist God knows

  • Pray that God delivers me from the hand of the enemy please pray that God heals my skin please pray that God sends me to the nations to the uttermost part of the earth that i may go and preach his word please pray that the hand of God be upon me please pray that God may fill me with the Holy Ghost. Bless you brothers and sisters in christ. meet yall in heaven hang in there Jesus is coming very soon. Love all of you.

  • All I can say is Help me Lord? Pray that God delivers me and gives me victory. Cast down but not destroyed. B.

  • Pray for me to have a clean pure heart that’s full of love and faith. I want to be right with God as it should be that God create in me a clean heart and a right spirit. Please sis Angie

  • May this prayer request get the attention of Br Billy Paul,br pliz pray for me I need rebaptism of the Holy-Ghost.Plz pray for me for bad thoughts keep comming into my mind and once-more I need a closer walk with the lord.
    May the blessed saviour greatly bless thee brethren.Thanks brother for tenderly attending to my prayer request and I have always prayed for you br Bill.

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