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  • Can you pray that this man that has come into our lives who causes confusion and strife will be moved out of my automobile and life. Sis Lynn Mr. Ted is the trouble makers name big giant.

  • I need freedom from regret and discouragement. I lost close to $4000.00 to Robert Tilton in the past because I believed his lies that if I made vows and sent money, God would bless me alot. Tilton was later investigated and found guilty of fraud, and the prayer requests were all put in the garbage while he only kept the donations sent in. I was very foolish and even cashed in a savings bond to send $500.00 to Tilton at one time. All of the promises he made to me about God blessing me, and all of the prophecies he claimed were from God, were all false. I have not sent Tilton any money for almost 5 years now. Please pray I can put all of this behind me permanently, and be totally healed from that bad time in my life. Thanks, God bless you!!

  • God bless you, the cartilege in my r and l knees is thinning out …i cannot run, or jump, or anything but walk…i will need both knees replaced…i am only 46..pleas pray for my healing.
    Thank you

    • Shalom

      I have used Viartril (Glucosamine sulphate) and it has worked for my knees. God does introduce healing agents to his children. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

  • Pray that God apply the Token upon me and my wife. That God give us a good dependable automobile to drive. Bro. Ray O.

  • Today is my birthday and I am 34 yrs old and I want to be very sure that I am FILLED with the Holy Ghost. I’ve had many people not in he message say I am a foolish virgin. More than anything for my birthday I desire to be born again of the spirit to be SURE. Pray for my husband we will call him by his middle name Lee that God will really get ahold of his heart fill him too believe on Jesus and me and my house shall be saved! Bro. Appies praying for you brother and your family.

  • Br.Appies
    Im the brother from South Africa who got saved by peacking up a Spoken word book on a rubish dump.Please pray for me my Family and our Church.We realy believe the message of the our.If somebody wants to contact me.Here is my email

    • Brother Appies

      I have prayed for you to be abundantly blessed by the Almighty and that you would thank Him for the righteousness of God in Christ on a daily basis for the Holy Spirit rejoices when you place your trust and show your faith in Him. 2 Corinthians 5:21 For God made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might become the Righteousness of God in Him”

    • Thanks to every one who prayed for me my family and our church.It is realy wonderfull to pray for each other although we dont know each other.Im paying for you as well and believe that God will help you.He is our stronghold.

  • We have here in Finland a spiritual camp (06.12-06.14.2009). To the camp comes people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. I hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.

  • Please pray for me to be truly filled with and led by the Holy Ghost. I was doing very well for a while until I foolishly listened to a few Ministers and people from a church who told me tongues ceased, and I foolishly left a good church where I was periodically meeting with the Pastor and he was helping me. I believe the Holy Ghost has told me I must pray in tongues daily, and I must have more discernment. And may I get over my past mistake of leaving that church, and return there if it is Gods will.

  • Praying for everyone on here. Pray for me and Cliff to get our job we where offered the other day in the mobile home business. God answered the prayer the crook was moved out of the company it took a year, but it is gone.

  • Pray for me to be filled with the Holy Ghost and my daughter B. And my wife Mrs Overby. Our Friend Mr. Lee Bride please don’t leave us behind. Praying for your child Sis Sabrina.

    • Sis Christine

      I have prayed for your complete recovery.The Lord has blessed you with complete healing of your body.

  • My name is Timothy, my close friends father has developed multiple complications with the heart and is schedule to under go a second heart by pass surgery. The family is going through many adversities and hardships. Please pray for her father that god may touch him, heal him grant him a long full life and lift up the families burdens. May god bless you.

  • please pray for my son. Only God can help him now. He is sick and coughing up blood and I fear the worst for him.

    with love
    please help us
    Sabrina Albrecht

    • I have prayed for Timothy’s father in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus
      Christ and have faith that he is healed through his stripes for ” by his
      stripes we are healed”.From the crown of his head to the tip of his toe he
      is now completely whole. James 5:16 says that “the fervent effective prayer
      of a righteous man avails much” Only believe only believe all things are
      possible only believe. Shalom!

  • my name is Rhoda, will you please pray for me because i have backslidden from the word of God, i need to be a youth who is in a good relationship with God at all times, also i am transferring to a new school and i need God to intervene so i can be offered a place in the nursing program in fall 2009. i am having problems over finances with my fiancee and i am thinking of leaving him because it is weighing me down. i believe that God will open a way where it seems there is no way. God bless you.

  • Please pray and put your faith together that my husband and I will always have a good marriage and stay happy together like the bible says untl death we part. Please pray that no spirit, family person or friends seperate this union. Sis Ann pray for us to be 1 flesh relationship

  • My name is Adamu. I am a 33 yr old enterprenuer. For a long time now i have been afflicted by the spirit of repeated failure at the edge of success. Anytime i work hard to bring a noble project or idea to life, satan makes sure he terminates it at the point i am suppose to reap my reward( especially financial reward). When people promise to help me out, the enemy turns their heart against me somewhere down the line.
    Though i have fasted and prayed concernng this hopeless situation, it still persists. However, recently the LORD spoke to me and instructed me to share my burden with people who posses higher spiritual authority than me. So i decided to harken to his word because i know that the GOD i serve is both willing and able to do according to his word in ISAIAH 10:27.
    Please pray for me and also join me in a prayer of agreement for the LORD to turn my captivity. Please also include the two projects i am working on now( 1. Alphabet Picture Dictionary,2. Highway Sage audiobook) that the LORD’s might hand will rest upon them.
    May GOD bless you. Thank you.

  • Thursday May 7, 2009

    11:40 AM

    Dear Christians

    HI! My name is Jerome Pierce a born again Christian I’d need pray for my uses 1989 Chevrolet 4X4 Blazer Tahoe Truck. I’d brought it 2 weeks ago A person sold me his truck & since I’d did not know about or mechanic inclined about know about trucks he Lovell sold me a junk truck that can’t even pass smog test here in California & I’d can’t get a license tag till I’d pass smog emission test here. Please pray GOD will uphold my truck Hope& pray I’d get a Job in San Diego CA next Lord’s willing because I’m moving from long beach to San Diego CA this weekend. I’d don’t have any money to fix or get it fix so the Chevy Blazer so if you’ll don’t mind praying that GOD will Bless my Truck to run like a brand new one & that I’ll be successful in San Diego next week as well.

    Brother Jerome

  • Desperate prayer request. Folks, I am having an attack from the enemie. Please pray that God delivers me and sets me free. If anyone can pray for me please I can’t go into details, but I need prayer please pray for me each day call me Sis Lynn. Only Believe

  • I have not attended your church yet but plan to.. I live in tn now. I used to go to Brother Mitchells’s and now Brother Mckrackens chuch in va…I wouid like to ask you to pray for a situation here re : my 2 grandkids and my daughter..the kids lives have been torn upside down due to mothers lifestyle and we seem to have evil all around us ,i appreciae your prayers …thank you

  • Thank you so very much for this wonderful website~ I never heard of this man or his ministry untill I watched ‘It’s Supernatural’ with Sid Roth on The DayStar Channel. I ask anyone who would like to, if they would please pray for my sister Michelle. She has contracted a very rare cancer called ‘Leiomyosarcoma’ She has a large tumor on her left lung, a smaller 1 on her right & her abdomon is full of tumors. *Most of all, I want to see her saved & filled with The Holy Spirit~ All she has known is religion, not a relationship with Jesus Christ~ Please pray that she would come to FULL repentance over sin~ Thank you so much~

  • Please pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus would be radically upon my family and I, that the eyes of our hearts would be enlightened and that there would be abundant breakthrough in finances for us as we serve the Lord. Thank you!

  • My request is for fear please pray that I’ll not be afraid of enemies or fear persecutions,but pray God give me courage and love.
    Sis B.

  • That I may know the hope of his calling. Open the eyes of my understanding revealing the power in Christ. Healing from head to feet and revelation on where I am to go.. God bless the prayer circle..

  • PL pray for Shweta,chest pain to be cmpletely healed & doctor does correct diagnosis and her med. reports b normal in the name of jesus. pray for to be made whole & healthy

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Please pray for me,my fiance don’t know the Lord and he have fallen into bad habits of using drugs. I pray that God Almighty would please give a miracle in this man’s life and that he will get a revelation of the end time Word and he might know God and be baptized and accept God as his personal saviour.Lord keep me strong in your Word and may I be a good example for him!!
    Your sister in Christ
    Sr Melissa,SA

  • Here is wisdom: Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast or the number of his name 6 6 6. Who has counted their name? 7 7 7 may be right as far as letters but not the sounds that those 7 letters make. 1 letter in each name is silent; therefore there are 6 and not 7. Therefore his name is 6 6 6. Because he glorifies himself and not Jesus Christ.

    • sorry could u explain that again. im trying to work out them meaning but if you explain it in more detail plss God bles you
      your sister in christ

    • I don’t understand what you are saying, but if You are saying what I think you may mean, brother/sister don’t do that. don’t say such a thing, you WILL regret it. The Lord rules all things.

  • Thank you all for praying for me. I know the Lord will make away. Please pray that me and my husband will always be able to work together as a team in our family run business. That our boss will continue to let us keep on working together alone. We don’t want to work around others unless it’s a purpose to be a witness. God Bless You All Sis Angel just remember before they call I will answer.

  • stroke three years this oct 1st left side of body paralized learning to walk again Can walk some with aid of walker Very hard on my wife because I require care 24/7 Thank you for your prayers
    One of them
    Johnny Holland

  • God bless, I would just like to be remembered in prayer at all times, also I pray that God will make a way for me to get my Greencard, so that i can go visit my family and the other believers all over the world. One thing that I need and is seeking right now is The Baptism of The Holy Ghost. To me, nothing else is more important than the HOLY GHOST in me (in my heart). Also i’m praying for all my unsaved family, that while in live in their sight, they will see Christ in me. I want to be the right influence for them all.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my needs and God Bless YOU!!!!!
    Sis. Lisa (17yrs old)

  • I will be losing my house if I can’t make the payment.I need God to intervene supernaturally.Praise Jesus.

  • pray for my ears to open. I have been deaf for many years. I lost my sounds when i was 4 months baby from flu. pray for me for remove fibroids inside of me. I am not married yet. pray for husband for me. pray for my famliy to cme back to God again, Juan, Edwin, Emilio, Big Edwin, Yadeline and Juan s girlfriend Crystral and her sister. Pedro and my brother Micheal for be safe again with GOd. Thank u. pray for my mom to be heatlh again and be wholly. She s 66 yrs young. thanks.

  • Dear Saints

    Thank you for understanding. Thank you for all the prayers.
    Please continue to pray for me…my mind seems to be disturbed over little things. Please pray for GOD to dwell in my mind at all times….when I speak to people…let my words be wisely chosen. Please pray for me to be a good listner….let my words be few.

    Thannk you all

    God bless

  • I would like to request a prayer for my neck,shoulder and stomach pain because I believe in divine healing. By his stripes we are healed. Thank You

  • Bride, pray for me that I can see my mother before she dies and Vivian get her soul right with God before she dies. Pray for me and my wife to be restored in our walk with God. God didnt’ save us to loose us. Pray that we find a closer walk with God. Pray for my daughter that God bless her and her husband who she desires to come into the message. The Token applied upon all. Vivian my mother Christine, Angie, Fred, Cliff in family.

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    I would like to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for being so good to me. He is truly a Friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Thank you all also for remembering me in your prayers.

  • Please pray that God will move me out of Jeanerette from this place to a better place where there’s really genunie believers. Folks pray that the spirit of God will live in me not on me. Pray that God sends someone to buy my home soon. Pray that God reveals his word to me and heals my wife’s body that she is holding onto. Only Believe as the prophet said. MR. LEE

  • Hello everyone! Can you pray for me to sing praises in church as I do alone at home to the Lord. I’d rather never be a hypocrite or be ashamed to worship in church infront of people. I pray God let me be real worshiper as David was.

  • God bless

    In me I have 2 natures , one of my parents and one that is of God .I constantly battle to get my earthly nature to be controlled by my Godly nature(Thus I am weak).Will you all pray with me to spend more time in prayer and with the WORD sothat my Godly nature will prevail.Amen

    • Brother

      If you thank our Heavenly Father for the righteousness of God in Christ you would be cleansed of sinful thoughts. We have to make use of our spiritual weapon through the Holy Spirit and He rejoices when you show faith in Him.
      James 1:15 says that when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin and sin when it is full-grown brings forth death. So we need to “nip sin in the bud”by thanking Him for the Righteousness of God in Christ to acknowledge the saving grace of the Lord and His finished work on the Cross. Do this all the time and you’ll succeed in being saved from sin. Shalom!

  • My prayer request is can you agree in prayer for a good direction from the Lord. My husband and I are deciding on to sell our home and down size to a travel trailor since we both have no stable jobs at this time. We’ve been on unemployment a year now he’s not able to work. Pray that God most of all save our souls and let us have a bible marriage. Sis Lynn

  • Please pray for a friend of mine named megan. she is needing a special touch from the Lord physically. Pray that she will feel the healing power of the Lord Jesus and walk into a body change (: Please pray that the rest of her prayers will be answered. Please pray for my body as well, and my prayers be answered according to God’s will. We are believing ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! God bless and my heart and prayers go out for all your needs.

  • I just want to pray father to say thank you for everything, and forgive me for all my mistakes. Take care of us,the earth is so weird now,i guess is because we are in the end, to be honest, is scary. Make me a strong woman to you God. Dad I love you and I trust you 4ever.

  • please brothers and sisters in the faith please pray for me and husband for the lord Jesuschrist to guide us to have an encounter with him for directions in our lives and that we may be united once again. We are in seperate countries because of the JOB.

  • Believers can I ask you to pray for the healing of my mind and memory. Latley, I’ve got to where I can’t remember where I place things and it’s scary to be so young. Pray for each other to be healed. I need healing and peace of mind for a good mind. Sis Angie

  • dear bro,
    i am not happy in my life.
    there is no peace in my family.
    we want the blessing of jesus christ

  • God bless to all.

    Pls pray for my father inlaw who has cancer. Pls pray most importantly that the Lord Jesus Christ be revealed to him. Thank You.

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