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  • Dear Children of God,

    Please pray for me that I get a good job. The job where I am working is morally unsound. Yet, Lord Thy will be done.

  • I greet you all inthe nameof our Lord Jesus Christ, please brothers and sisters pray for me, ever since i gave birth i have been battling deppression, panic attack and anxiet, i have been battling evil spirits that lingers, i do not want to feel this why again and i know God is the great physician

  • Shalom brothers and sisters, I really need you prayers , my health is falling and looks now like sin and bones. I had blood tests and everything is fine but my health is continually going down and I am desperately looking for a good paying job but my body is too frail and i have gone under much stress. I have a wife and children that need financial support and fatherly love. I sunmitted a CV at a certain company and i need the Lord to give me good health and a good job. I look like bones and skin now. God bless you. Br Bernard Taruvinga

  • I’m going on a missions trip to Kingston, Jamaica May 1st-May 29 (about a month, possibly longer) please agreement with me for finances, traveling graces and favor; no lost, damaged, or delayed luggage and for a harvest of souls; salvations, healings, and deliverances.

    Thank you!

  • Dear Precious Brethren,

    Please pray with me for peaceful return of my piece of land which someone is trying to snatch illegally. Also please pray for brother so that he can resolve the issues relating to his daughters with the school administration. I am also praying for you all. God bless, Calev

  • Please remember me in your prayers, I feel very weak spiritual and I do things that i shouldnt do, I need God more than ever, my time with God became less and less, I know without him Iam nothing, I need to renunite with the Lord so far iam just a church gower i can feel it, I need God’s presence as never before. God have mercy on my soul in Jesus name

  • I am requesting you to pray for my 1st year board diploma examinations which are going to be conduct from 13th april that the lord give the god’s memory power, knowledge and health that i am so skinny.

  • Request Urgent Prayers for my immediate Promotion in Office, so that I can help many and can donate more for Gospel Works and for Charity Works.

  • everyone please pray for me. i am fed up of this life. my father got married 2nd time 2 years ago after my mother passed away. she is expecting and now she is continuously targeting me. today she said indirectly me that i am a blood sucking child of my father. she also prayed that i will never get married if i get i will be divorced. i cannot bear it now. please pray for me, for a better life, better future and a loving husband. i m depressed of all this. please remember me in your prayers.

  • Dear Friends:
    Please pray for my Wife who is very ill…vomiting, can hardly take anything in the stomach…had to get some saline this afternoon.
    Thank you for your efforts. God bless you all.
    To him be the glory.


  • i have know the branham is the prophet i got true message.. i am so happy. all bro and sisters god as completed our needs.. pray those who dont know the prophet message they also know the turth of the message .. only revelation people will know the prophet message.. thank lord..

  • Please pray for me and my boyfriend James.I want to withdraw as surety in his courtcase and i pray I would able to without a hassle.Pls pray that James would not be given a jailterm .This is an impossible situation.Pls pray for a miracle.He is also in rehab for drug addiction.

  • Greetings to you my precious brothers and sisters. I just wanted to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for being so good and kind to me and my family. Equally, I pray that He The Great Healer, will grant all your requests. Lets keep on praying for one another. God bless

  • Awaiting an answer from property agency to rent out my property to contractors. Please pray with me for a successful applicant to hire the property for 5 years.Thanks for your labour of love and doing a service unto God and His needy children…may God bless all your efforts to be a blessing to the Bride of Christ.

  • God bless you,am requesting for your prayers that i may get fully established in the word. Also pray for me to get financial freedom since i got many who depend on me.

  • GOD BLESS YOU BROTHERS AND SISTERS, please pray for our family financial situation and my great need of job. i need job ooh Lord , answer my humbly cry.
    thank you,
    God bless you.

  • God bless in the name above all name jesus christ please pray for me I have a smoking problem $ pray for my family I want to serve god with all my hearth

  • friday march 21 i am having breast cancer operation please lord heal me and keep
    me calm also keep my family at my side , i want so much to live longer so lord
    heal me

  • Requesting You to uphold My Grandmother Mrs. Vimala James in Your Prayers, she has been admitted into the i.c.u. on 17th of March 2014, she has been diagnosed with high content of creatin in the body.
    I believe in My Saviour who has been performing Miracles beyond the grasp of human comprehension, He who has never given up upon me, a sinner.
    I believe and I request You to join Me and My Near and Dear Ones as We plead before the One Who Heals YAHWEH RAFA, that HIS Spirit heals her body and soul that She may stand a living witness for HIS Glory’s sake.

    Thank You for being a partner with Me in CHRISTOS YEHSHUA.

  • please pray for my family’s finacial situation which is unstable at present, my dad has started a business bare him in prayer that it may be a success for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. my friend who is also a brother in christ, has been in a job search a while now he’s been fasting and praying to no avail his name is Bro Sibongiseni Edwin Kunene, and lastly remember me in prayer with a serious decision i have to make regarding my soul mate.

    God Bless

  • God bless each one in this circle Brothers & Sisters I am desperately in need of prayer II have a drinking problem & want to overcome so please pray for me as I want to serve the Lord with all my heart may god help me my name is Nathan

  • Greetings children of prayer request is for a job,financial condition and healthy of my family.Remember me OH God
    Thank you
    God bless you

  • Please pray that my breast cancer operation this Friday March 21 is easy and give my surgeon healing hands , pray to give me peace knowing i will be healed and the cancer has not spread , please pray i am cancer free and will live many more years to watch my son graduate and get married and have children please lord hear my prayers , my husband and family need me now and i must stay strong , also pray for my son safety return from his trip today from Texas,

  • Dear brother or sister greetings to you in the name of our lord & savior jesus christ iam form INDIA my prayer request for my job iam searching from last 17 yrs but still i cant get also for my familys health & my financial condition iam requesting to you kindly remember me on your daily prayer thanks
    Yours in christ,
    Mr.Selvaraj Kannan.

  • shalom Brothers and Sisters i am 31years old sister need a prayer request i am engaged with a brother same believers and i requested GOD to help me and protect us in our marriage. and lead Us in our prayer so that we can overcome marriage problems.

  • Brethren Please help me in prayers, that God should knock out every plans of the enemy against the church. Let God pour out the spirit of love and unity into the church. (As He said He will build His church the gate of hell shall not prevail)Amen in Jesus Name.

  • Brethren Please help me in prayers, that God should knock out every plans of the enemy against the church. Let us pour out the spirit os love and unity into the church.


  • Hi brothers and sisters please pray for my cousin david , who is very sick he is loosing weight everyday , please pray with me for him to be healed , that the devil who is making him sick may be cursed out that he may be totally healead , that what ever sickness is troubling him may leave. I ask all this in the name of my lord and saviour Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • Lord Almighty I committed a sin I hurt someone and now he is having difficulty please God bless him abundantly. Please help him and be with him all the time and help him cope up with this. I am very sorry God but I was not happy with him and the way he wanted me to be away from any friends or my family I would end up my life because I would be suffering every minute and I didn’t wanted to end up my life and hence I took this decision. God I am on my knees begging you please forgive me for one last time and help him to come out from this. Please ask him God not to blackmail me cause if my parents get to know about this they might hate me and beat me a lot and go away from me forever please God help me I am in need of your help. Please try and understand me and bless me and keep me away from all threats please Lord or else I will be left with no option rather than ending my life. I am very scared God please help me have mercy on me.

  • Dios les bendiga pido de sus oraciones por mi bebe que esta un poco delicado de salud que su santo angel toque su cuerpo enfermo y sea sano en u nombre para la gloria y honra de nuestro señor jeucristo amen

  • Please pray for my bright future so I can meet with my true soul mate soon, that is worthy of my love, that will love me, adore me, cherish me unconditionally and ready to build a life with me as my loved wife forever.

  • Greetings in the name of the lord Jesus Christ
    prayers request for my son who is rebellious and not following right path and disobedient to the mom and I ,please pray for my daughter here in South Africa for prospering in studies please pray also for family mother and brothers sick they are not in the christian faith they are Muslims from Algeria where i come from originally .
    please pray for me to be strengthened in the message faith and grow very spiritually stronger.
    Thank you and may god bless you

  • My name in church is Kuriakose and i am from cochin,India

    Please pray for my Mother. She is a person whom didnot receive much happiness in life, from husband or from any were.She is staying in a rented house.She suffered a lot to make me an engineer.Currently her health is not good and she is suffering from an unknown disease which cause swelling in leg.She fall 2-3 times in road and got injured.As am staying abroad, i cant look her and my younger brother is taking care of her.Please pray for my mother. My mothers family members, father , brother , relatives etc died by cancer and she is very anxious due to this frequent diseases as our lifes are not yet settled. Please give her good health and long life and please enable her to enjoy her life with happiness.

    Please enable us to complete the new house without any hindrances or financial problems , please pray for my brothers engineering degree . He was a 2012 year engineering passout but still he didnt get degree as he need to clear 1 more paper in 54 papers.His results will come soon, please pray for him.Please pray for him to get a good job.

    While checking through my fathers family Genealogy ,there is some misfortune in each generations and families one way or other like some disease,some handicaps,some accidental violent deaths , diseased new born child, no child, girls with no prosperity etc . My father is also an example for the suffered one.I feel that its due to some curse obtained on my ancestors. Please save me from my sins and ancestral sins and please don’t let the sin to transfer to my generations

    I am really tensed about marriage thinking about the curses in family.Please give me a good and long married life and good future generations with godfear ,wisdom, knowledge& health .

    I am on a new job, please give me job prosperity, and cooperation from superiors and subordinates.Please pray for financial losses and lavish nature of me.Please give me a job security and enable me to clear my debts.

    Thanks for all the blessings god has showered on us

  • Please pray with my wife, she is not in the message, attends different church and it very difficult at home, because she has a negative perception about our church. She questions everything about the church.

  • I have an abnormality in my DNA which has made me extremely sick. Because of this abnormality, my liver is not able to detoxify my body. My body is full of inflammation, which causes me great pain, sickness and suffering.
    My gallbladder is not functioning properly and I was also diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism and depression.
    I have a daughter and two grandchildren who are genetically predisposed to my health problems.

  • Please pray that God bless my business & gives me favor & wisdom to recover $17,880/- from Duminda Jayakody who is trying to steal from me money that I lent to help him when he was in financial difficulty.
    It’s been over 3 years and I know that only God can help.
    Can you also pray for the recovery of two gem stones or money from Harun who undertook to sell them in a few days but now it’s been about 4 months.

  • Prayer request for my brother Vikram, who was suffering from septicaemia because of urinary infection & was in ICCU,discharged 2 ward & again readmitted to ICCU to-day, as infection is still not precisely located.Doctors suspect infection close to heart & have put him on heavy antibiotics.No further line of treatment told. Prayer that the infection be correctly located, treated & his health restored to normal very soon.

  • Prays for my children ACquilla, Jahel myself Anna an my friends Roger an Ray that God will fill our lives an free us from bondage an he will put his belief an to helpbus to trust an belive he will make a way wen there’s is no way prays especially for roger that he will believe that God will help him cause he don’t hv any job an he love to work as a taxi driver an also do crops pls I ask that prays be made for him I ask in Jesus name God bless u

  • I would be greatful if you all would pray for my son Eric. He has been told he has cancer.It seems like bro.Branham said a cancer spirit was the worst to get delivered from but i know Juses is still the same yesterday today and forever. Thank you with all my heart.Billy Puckett


  • dear brethren..once again,i”m asking for your pervent prayer for our financial need.we need to pay the balance of the house til feb 25 of this year and we no longer know where to turn to…I believe God can provide for our need…and im asking for your help thru prayer…God always answers all my prayer request here.Thank you so much to all of you my brethren in the Lord…

  • please pray for me I have been trusting God for husband by April 2, 2014 i will be 35 years and I have been having different kind of bad dreams, two years ago in my dream I saw people coming to our house to cook and doing preparation for my wedding and in that dream there was no husband then I started crying in the dream. a year ago I had a dream in which I saw myself wearing wedding gown and people surrounded me and I was crying in their mist because in the dream there was no husband. please pray for me that God should break every yoke of enemy surrounded me in Jesus name and grant me breakthrough this year in Jesus name. I also need job pray that should favor me with job opportunity this year and grant me financial breakthrough and success in my academic career in Jesus name. Amen

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