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A Greater Witness Than John

E-1 Thank you very much. Good evening, friends. Very happy to be here tonight and to enjoy this wonderful message (as much as I heard of it), of Brother Thoms. And I know he's a servant of the Lord God, because he has proved it ever since I have knew him. And so we're very happy for this message, and I hope that it's went straight home to every heart.
And now, Brother Thoms, also, he is a–a missionary to the natives in Africa. And I think they're making arrangements to give him an offerings of a (at least, I asked for it) for his native mission over there. After being there, myself, why… Of course, knowing just what it really means to be a missionary, I think the type of–of mission that Brother Thoms has, is really the correct type.

E-2 See, the first thing, the native is just a little suspicious of the white man when he comes, to begin with. But Brother Thoms has the idea that the Lord gave years ago. One time, was reading a little book from a mission field, and there was a picture of an old colored man, a little white rim of hair. He said, "White man, white man, where was your father?" Said, "I'm old and dull at mind; I'm just learning of Jesus. If I would've knowed Him, I would've took Him to my people." That struck me. "If I would've known Him, when I was young, I would've took Him to my people." Now, that was right. See, the first thing, the white man can't even go where the natives can go. He can't live on the same things. And I thought, "Get the natives saved, and let the native do the missionary work, hisself." That's what Brother Thoms does.

E-3 And at Johannesburg, the day when we had thirty-thousand converts that afternoon, after seeing… Wish we had time to tell you the story of it. When the man, healed, walked like a dog and led by a chain… And when the Lord Jesus began to reveal things in the audience, everyone… Doctor F. F. Bosworth (many of you know him), he estimated twenty-five thousand healings at one time. Twenty-five thousand got healed at one prayer when they seen it. And thirty-thousand got saved at the same time. And he… I said, "Now, don't wait until some missionary comes from America." I have all respect for them, but the thing of it is, friend, David Livingstons isn't no more. There's got to be somebody get out there.
And what they, as far as theology, why, they believe on their idols, and so forth, and just–just merely a change of thought. But when they see God moving in His power, that's what changes the native. And I said, "Don't wait for your education. Go on out and tell your native friends that Jesus died for them."

E-4 And I got a piece out of the Durban paper, that one man, who didn't even know which was right and left hand, was baptizing as many as a thousand a week, natives, out in the jungle, out in the–the field. That's it. He–he didn't even know which was right and left hand, but he knew that he'd got healed, and Jesus loved him, and he was telling his native friends, taking them right down to the water and baptized them, just as they come. So that's wonderful.
So while you're supporting, or helping in this offering for Brother Thoms for his native missions over there, I say, with all my heart: I think it's a worthy thing, a very good thing. God will bless you for your help in giving to it. Brother Thoms never asked me to say this. I just–I just said it, because it's–it's worthy of everything that we can give to help it out.
And now, I didn't know whether… Brother Beeler, have you ever been introduced here? Here is Brother Beeler setting here. He's taking tape recordings, I think. And Estel Beeler, a veteran of the–this last war, he got hurt over seas, hand blowed off. And he come home, gave his heart to the Lord Jesus, very consecrated man, an evangelist. He's my neighbor, my buddy, chum, to me; his family, his wife, a very, dear woman…
When Brother Beeler first was borned again, and received the Holy Spirit… If I get it wrong, Brother Beeler, why, I don't aim to. I think I'm right. Your wife, didn't she belong to a certain church that didn't believe that? So Brother Beeler just let her alone, just went on, and kept praying for her. And one night in the night (she couldn't make it till morning), she had to wake him up, and there she got right with God.

E-5 You know what? That's a good thing. You just be salty; God will produce the thirst. If you…?… You just be salty. Brother Beeler, would you stand up just a moment? Brother Beeler is a personal friend of mine, an evangelist, a very dear brother, Brother Estel Beeler. And I think his wife and babies are on the ground here somewhere, very good friend. And usually, I have to preach when I come in; I don't get a chance. God bless you, Brother Beeler.
Now, to someone else. Here is a friend of mine, Brother Leo Mercier. He's from up in Michigan. And he–he comes from that badger state, I believe, up there, 'course you can be forgiven for that, you know, from being from Michigan. And a very fine boy, him and Gene Goad, another chum, bosom friend… I call them my students. They're missionary boys, studying for missionary. They come along in the meetings and take tape recordings and so forth. You boys stand up just a minute: two fine, Christian brothers. This is Mr. Mercier here, and this is Mr. Goad here. And these fellows here come along and take–take tape recordings of the meetings. And they get their things cheap enough, that they don't… If anyone wants a recording, to find out just what taken place, see these men. They have them here. And if you have a tape recorder…

E-6 Brother Wood–I don't see him nowhere. Yes, he is sitting over here. Now, Brother Wood is a very, personal friend of mine. How I come to meet Brother Wood, he was at the Houston meeting when this picture was taken, when the Angel of the Lord came. And he's a contractor. And he was a little short of money, so a fellow had a barn to fix, so he run, fixed the barn for him, got enough money to go to Houston. And what he had, he had a crippled boy, his leg drawed up under him. And he's… I didn't know him. He was just setting in the crowd many, many, times larger than this. So we went on up east, and Brother Wood just followed us up. And one night while his faithful wife (who's with us tonight, the book salesman) and the boy was sitting out in the audience, praying… The Holy Spirit turned around and told the woman all about her, told her she had a son sitting there, was crippled. But said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, he's healed."

E-7 The boy is on the ground tonight somewhere, just as nimble, and is no more a crippled than any of the best walking people there is on the ground, not a sign of it nowhere. God healed him and made him well. Brother Wood just to give up his contracting business, goes with me just to fiddle around, sell books, and help me. And besides that, he moved over in Indiana, and bought a place right next to me, and we're really chums. Brother Wood, would you stand up just a minute? Brother Wood… I don't know where his wife is. She's probably out at the book stand somewhere.
And the boy's here somewhere. David, where you at? Would you stand up just a minute, son? A boy that was crippled, and his leg drawed up under him… I wonder if he's standing on the ground, somewhere now? He's probably running around here. He and Billy are quite chums. I don't see him just at the time. But we'll have him come up, and maybe walk up to the platform. He's bashful, just a little country boy like myself, and he–he's kindy backwards. So he's around here somewhere, though. Had his leg drawed under him, and the Lord healed him instantly. So we're thankful for that. Isn't He good to us? He's worthy of all the praise and everything.
Now, Brother Arganbright, I have never seen him yet. I don't know whether he's ever come yet or not. And Brother Jack Moore, I don't know… If they're in the crowd, I hope they stand up, 'cause I–I been looking for them for some time. They're both supposed to be here, two or three days ago, and so we're looking to see them anytime.

E-8 Now, tomorrow night, how would you like to have a night just to have a relaxation, and let our minister brothers help us pray for the sick? Would you like that, everybody? And just let you see that the Lord God, He answers prayer for the ministering brothers too. And we… It's not only evangelists that comes in and prays for the sick, God will answer prayer of any sincere person that'll pray. I always like to have a night when the preachers is represented. After all, when an evangelist leaves town, if he keeps the congregation around himself, well, then what's the poor pastor got when he leaves? If that… People think, "Well, the pastor, he's just…" Remember, he's just as much man of God as any evangelist, or anything else on the field. He's a real, true man of God. And we like to see them represented here, and to let you see that God answers prayer for them.
I was just thinking, coming home last night, or I… They let me stay just a little long last night, and Brother Wood and Billy was apologizing way into the night, nearly twelve o'clock, about doing it, and staying a little long. It's something another, I can't explain it, friends; I wish I could. There's no need of even trying it. But it just, seeming like, they're way up, about a million miles in the air, then you drop back down to the earth again all at once, it's–that's an awful feeling. But what does it denote? There is a higher realm that we can climb into. We're going higher someday.

E-9 And they was telling about something or another about… Now, the meetings, to me, the only way that I know them, is someone to tell me, or to pick up one of these tapes. I get these tapes also. And they're set for references out of each meeting. Then I hear the tape over, and I hear how the service went. But to me it's a dream. And then, there's something or another about a colored man, or something or another, laying on a cot, or stretcher, or something, walking.
It just reminded… Sometime ago, at Dallas, I'd been over to Dallas for a meeting… Just a short word now before we call the line. I'd been over to Dallas for a meeting. And well, on the road back, the airplane got caught into a storm, and I had to land at Memphis, Tennessee. And they'd taken me up to that big, famous hotel there, which myself, it's a good thing the airlines had it, 'cause I couldn't stay in that hotel. It was (I forget), Peabody Hotel. And so they told me they'd call me the next morning, give me a room in there to stay all night. And they'd call me the next morning, so that I could go on, time to check the plane. So I said, "That's fine." And I went upstairs, and went to bed, after praying awhile, wrote some letters.

E-10 And the next morning, I got up early, and way before sunup. And they–they told me the plane was going to leave at… The limousine would come by and pick us up at eight o'clock. It was about six thirty. I thought, "My, I got plenty of time, I'll just slip down, mail this post that I've got here, and put it away. And then I'll go on down, catch the limousine, go out and get the plane, and go on home.
And I started out that morning. I'd prayed quite awhile, got up early after the meeting, kindy nervous and shaky, all tight, you know, from visions and so forth… Just show you the sovereign grace of God. Then going down the street, I was going down the street singing one of those little songs that you Pentecostal people sing. Oh, what's the name of the… "Glad I Can Say I'm One Of Them." I believe that's it. Yeah. "People all got in the upper room, filled with the Holy Ghost, and–and He did for them that day, He will do for you the same." Do you know it? It's a… Well, that's what song I was trying to get it in my mind. I was going down the street, a singing it to myself, you know. "The people was gathered in the upper room, and all in one accord, and was praying. And Jesus came in power," something. And I was trying to get it all fixed out.
And I started to cross the street. And when I started to cross the street, the Holy Spirit said, "Stop a minute."

E-11 I thought, "Now, what?" So I went, started to cross it again, something just kept me from stopping, or crossing. I turned into one side there in a little old place where there's a bunch of–of, oh, post like, like this, and I was praying. I thought, "Lord, what would You have me to do?"
He said, "Turn and go back and just keep walking." Now, it was just as plain, not just in your mind; I heard it. And there He was, that Light, whirling.
So I just turned and went back. I walked on past the hotel, walked on and on, and on and on, and I kept on walking. I looked down at my watch; it was about ten minutes till eight. I just kept on walking. He just said, "Walk," so that's all I knowed to do, was keep walking.

E-12 I got way down on the river, down where there's a lot of kinda, poor people lived, down in there. And I kept on walking a little farther and farther. I thought, "My." I got down in the colored district, just kept on going down along that way, way down in the lower parts there, somewhere, walking along.
After while, I was kindly humming a little song, to my… "Only believe, all things are possible, only believe." I looked hanging out over a little, old, colored person's house, there, kind of whitewashed, had a gate there. And there was an old, typical aunt Jemima with a–with a–a man's shirt tied around her head, and she was leaning across the gate like this. Oh, probably as far out as that poles there. I was just kindly humming. And as I seen her looking at me. I just quit humming, started to pass by. And her big, fat cheeks, you know, and she wiped the tears out of her eyes. She said, "Good morning, parson."
Well, I looked at her, and I said, "Ma'am?"
She said, "I said, 'good morning, parson.'" Now, up in Tennessee, a preacher's a parson. I don't know whether it is, with you colored folks here or not. But said, "Good morning, parson."

E-13 And I stopped. I said, "How did you know I was a parson?" See? I thought, "Isn't this strange?" Something began to move. Maybe this is it, what the Lord wanted me to walk down for. So I said, "How–how'd you know I was a parson?"
She said, "Why, parson," said, "when I see'd you coming," she said, "I knowed you was a parson." And she said, "Did you ever read that story in the Bible, parson, about the Shunammite woman who couldn't have any children, and Elijah, the prophet, went and blessed her, and she had the baby?"
I said, "Yes, ma'am."

E-14 She said, "Well, I's was that kind a woman." And she said, "I prayed to the Lord," and she said, "and I told the Lord if He'd give me a child, I would raise it to love Him and honor Him." She said, "I's a washwoman," she said, "I–I wash for a living." She said then, "You know, when my baby got to be a man," said, "he's a big boy," said, "he got out with the wrong company, parson." And said, "He took a horrible disease," and said, "I didn't know it." And said, "He got so far gone, until the doctor man says he can't live no more." And said, "He's in there in the house, and he's been dying since yesterday." And says, "He don't know where he's at, and he's just groaning." And said, "I just can't stand to see my baby die." Baby? a hundred and eighty pounds, about… Said, "I just can't see my baby die."
But remember, that was baby to her, to a mother. That's right. No matter what you are or what you do, it's still your baby, if you're a real mother.

E-15 And so, she said, "I just couldn't stand to see my baby die in that condition, knowing that I had promised the Lord to raise him to serve the Lord." And she said, "I prayed all night last night." And she said, "I said, 'Lord, what can I do now?'" And so, said, "The first thing you know, I went to sleep, and I dreamed a dream." And said, "I seen a man coming, with a tan suit on, wearing a tan hat." And said, "The Lord said, 'Here's my parson.'" And she said, "That was about three o'clock, when I woke up." So she said, "I been standing here ever since, a waiting for you."
I believe I got transposition on this, maybe. [Brother Branham refers to a squeal in the public address system–Ed.]
And said, "I been standing here since three o'clock, a waiting for you."
Well, when I went over there, that poor old thing was still wet on her back, from out where she'd been standing out there.

E-16 And she said, "I been waiting here since three o'clock, to see you." Said, "When I seen you coming down the street, and you was the same man I saw in a dream, and I knowed you was the parson." And she said, "Won't you come in?"
And when she opened up the gate, little chain hanging to it, and I walked in to that little, colored person's house that morning, there was no rug on the floor, just a little, old, iron bed shed. But I tell you, if I ever walked into the Presence of God, I did there. There wasn't no pinups on the wall. There was a little picture hanging over the door, saying, "God bless our home," clean.
And I looked around, laying on the little iron bed, was a great, big, husky fellow. And he had the–the–the quilt in his hand, like this (or blanket, rather), he's going, "Uh, uh, uh."
And I said, "What's the…" I said, "Good morning, young man."

E-17 She said, "Parson, he don't know nothing." Said, "He hasn't knowed nothing for two days." Said, "All he talks about, he says he's out in a big deep sea, and it's all dark, and he's lost." And she started crying. And she said, "If I could only hear him say that he was saved," said, "I'd be willing to give him up."
And so, I said, "Well, has the doctors done…"
Said, "They can't do nothing for him, parson. He's too far gone." It was syphilitic. And said, "It's too far gone. It's done eat his heart out, holes through it." And said, "There's nothing could be done for him."
I said, "Auntie, do you know what my name is?"
And she said, "No, sir. I's never seen you before, till I dreamed about you."
And I said, "My name is Branham." I said, "I pray for the sick. Did you ever hear of me?"
She said, "No, sir, I never did."
And I said, "Will you pray with me?"
She said, "Yes, sir."

E-18 And when we knelt down there that morning, in that little, old, humble home… I been into four kings' palaces, praying for them. King George of England, and Gustav, and so forth. I've been in some of the best homes there is in the nation, but I never was any more welcome than I was in that little shanty that morning, when she made me welcome.
I knelt down on the floor; I looked over at her. I said, "Auntie, would you lead in prayer?"
She said, "Yes, parson."
And a prayer that would make the hair stand on the back of your neck to hear that poor, old, sainted woman, those big, black cheeks, and the tears running down, how she pleaded out to God. "God, don't let my baby die. Let me hear him say one time that he's saved. Lord, and I–I… His mammy will be satisfied."
I thought, "God, bless her poor, old heart."
She raised up and begin to wipe her eyes. I felt his feet cold and sticky. He kept going, "Uh, uh!" Said, "Oh, it's so dark. Uh."

E-19 And so I knelt down, laid my hands over on the boy's feet. And I said, "I'll pray now, Auntie." And I said, "Heavenly Father, here it is after nine o'clock; the plane's done gone." I said, "And I don't know. You told me to come down here, and the only thing I know to do was to walk. If this is the place that You've sent me, I pray that You'll hear the prayer, and will answer for this poor woman."
And you know what? He begin to go, "Uh." He said, "Mammy, oh mammy." He said, "It's getting light in the room." And in about five minutes from then, he was setting on the bed, talking to us.
And I hurried out, called me a cab, and got back to the hotel. And you know what? I rushed over to the airport, real quick, after getting my… And the plane was just making its first call. God, for that poor, illiterate, colored woman, grounded that plane, and left it, and held it there until her prayer was answered. I tell you, God in His sovereign grace; He's God. Oh, my. Thousands of those things could be called tonight. For that poor, ignorant, colored woman, He stopped and grounded a plane in a storm and held it there.

E-20 About six months from then, I was going back to Phoenix, Arizona, and I was on a train. I pulled in at Memphis. Any of you here from Memphis, you know how the train comes in going westward. I got out and started to walk up that way to get me something to eat. Too high, to eat on a train for me, so I started up there to get me a hamburger, up at the stand. And when I got out, I heard a…?… red cap run over, said, "Hello there, Parson Branham."
And I said, "Good morning."
He said, "You don't know me, do you?"
I said, "No, I don't believe I do."
Said, "You remember that morning you come down, led by the Lord, and prayed for a boy that was dying?"
I said, "You're not him."

E-21 Said, "Yes," said, "you know, I ain't sick no more." and said, "I's a Christian now, Parson Branham." Amen. Oh, my. "I is a Christian now."
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me,
Once was lost, but now I'm found,
Was blind, but now I see.
Grace that taught my heart to fear,
It was grace, my fears relieved,
How precious did that grace appear,
The hour I first believed.
Amen! Shall we pray.

E-22 Heavenly Father, I think of what will it be someday, after we've crossed the portals of life, over on the other side, to see Japheth's people, Ham's people, Shem's people, all gathered around the throne. Hallelujah. Then to be setting in His Presence, walk up-and-down through the streets of paradise, and meet these dear people that we've had the privilege of meeting here on earth, and how we'll tell the story. Oh, what a time.
The harvest is ripe, Lord, getting late; sun is going down; time is running out. We must preach the Gospel now, pray for the sick, call the altar of the Lord, widen them open and let the sinners run in, be saved. For we don't have much time to work now. It's getting late.
Now, heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for the blessing that's been brought to us by our brother's message. And we pray that You'll sink it deep into every heart.

E-23 And now, as we call the prayer line, I ask Thee, heavenly Father, that in Thy mercy and grace, that You'll do something tonight, the exceedingly, abundantly. And give us a great outpouring of Thy blessings. And may all that's unbelievers, become believers tonight. May those that are backslidden, become saved, and those without the Holy Spirit, be born again, of the Spirit of God, and every sick person made well. For we ask it in His Name. Amen.
Oh, how wonderful He is. No wonder "Eye has not seen, ear's not heard, hasn't entered the heart of man what God has for those in store that love Him." And now, I–I just think, just three more nights and I've got to leave this lovely bunch of people after tonight.
Just got a call, awhile ago, all the way from Sydney, Australia, to get down there, right at once. I… [Brother Branham clears his throat–Ed.] But, you know, I wish I sometime come back and stay a month for a revival, just keep a going, preaching, and moving on.

E-24 Now, there's a bunch of prayer cards. I believe… Where is Billy? What was the… where's… Oh, here, R? All right, we got prayer card R give out tonight. Look on your little card; it's just a little affair.
By the way I never prayed for these handkerchiefs last evening, and I want to do it tonight. And then I will tell you, maybe, tomorrow night when we have more time, just on what to do about these, how to send to a place and get them.
Now, it's a little card, something like this here. And on the back of it, it's got a R. And then, it'll be one to one hundred. Now, we can't get all of them up here on the platform; wished I could. God knows that. But I can't.
And anyone coming up, doesn't mean they're going to be healed. It's just that… This is not a show now. It's not a stage show. It's a religious meeting (See?), the Holy Spirit… But it's a vindication of the Presence of the omnipotent and omniscient God, that's in His Presence, doing the same thing that He did.
Is there any newcomers here for the first time? Let's see. My, just look. That's what… See, each night it ought to be explained how, that the Lord Jesus…

E-25 Let me read just a Scripture, before we call this then, just a moment. Here's one right here, turned right to it. In Saint John, the 5th chapter, and let's begin at the 33rd verse:
Ye sent unto John, and he bare witness of the truth.
But I receive not the testimony from man: but the things that I say, that ye might be saved.
He was a burning and a shining light: and you were willing for a season to walk in that light.
But I have a greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father has given me to do, and to finish, the same that I do, bear witness of me, that the Father hath sent me.
And the Father himself, which hath sent me, has borne light of me.

E-26 Now, think of it, what did Jesus do when He was here on earth? What He did when He was here on earth, if He had… He died to save us, then returned back in the Spirit form. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. He did not claim to be a healer; He only claimed to be able to do what the Father showed Him by vision. How many Bible readers knows that's the truth? The–the Bible? That's good. See?
Jesus said in Saint John 5:24.
Verily, verily I say unto you…
After He'd passed by a great multitude of people, lame, halt, blind, and withered, He healed one man, laying on a pallet, might've had a prostate trouble or something. I don't know. Something, it was retarded; he had it thirty-eight years. It wasn't going to kill him. But He healed him, because that God had showed Him to go to that person. The Scriptures plainly states that. And He said He knew where he was, and knew he'd been in this condition all this time; walked away, and left the multitude.
He was questioned. That's when He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what he sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise."

E-27 When Philip found Nathanael, brought him back to show him that he'd found the Messiah, he thought. And when he walked up into the crowd, Jesus looked out, and said, "Behold, there's an Israelite, in whom there's no guile."
Said, "When did You know me, Rabbi?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you."
He said, "Thou art the Son of God, the King of Israel."
So did the woman at the well; He told her what her sins was and so forth. He's the same Lord Jesus tonight. I believe that. And now, by the brother preaching the Gospel, declaring that He is. Now, if He will come in His august blessings, and come around over us, and will declare the same, that He is risen from the dead, then we all ought to receive Him. Don't you think so? And all ought to worship Him.

E-28 No matter, many of you probably will be called up. And let's see, let's begin somewhere… What was that now? What was that letter? R's, R. All right. Excuse me.
Let's start from 75 tonight. Just see if… We–we been starting 1's, and 15's, and 20's, and 50's, and… All right, has anybody got R-75? Raise up your hand. Your little card, R-75. A lady has it right out there, I believe. All right. 76, who had R-76? Would you raise your hand, anywhere, up in the balconies, or wherever it may be? R-76, raise your hand, right quick, if you will. Thank you. Come. 70, 77. All right, lady. 78, R-78, would you raise your hand, right quick, if you will? 78? All right. 79, 79, 80, who has 80, 80? All right. 81. All right. 82, 83, 84. Let's let them kindly get… You see, the reason you have call them one by one, everybody just jams the aisles up. And we have to kinda let them get lined up.
84, now, let's see. All right. 85, who has 85? All right, lady. 86, 86, do I see it? 86? All right. 87? 88? 89? All right, brother. 90, 91, 92, 93, 94. All right. 95, 95, yeah, I see that. I'm sorry. 95, would you raise your hand a little higher, wherever it was? 95, prayer card… what… All right. 95, 96, 97. All right. 98, who has prayer card 98, would you raise your hand? 98, would you raise your hand, ever who has 98, please. I'm sorry. 98, 99, who has prayer card 99? Would you raise your hand? The lady there, 99. 100, who has prayer card 100? Would you raise your hand? Prayer card 100.

E-29 Look around. It might be somebody can't get up. It might be somebody that's deaf, and–and if there is… All right. Ever who has 100, prayer card, 100… Say, I got about, a whole group here, haven't we?. I don't know that I will be able to get to them, but I will try my best with all my heart. All right.
Now, while the Lord bless, and add His blessings to the people, may His august Presence be with us. Now, if some of the brethren, the ushers, will help out there… Have you got all your cards yet, Billy? No. All right.
Look around on them prayer cards; look around; search around. Some of you brothers, help look on some of these cards here, see for–see where if… Look around here; look around in the–the aisles and find out.
75, that… You have one, sir? 75 to a 100, 75 to 100. Yeah, we want to get them in, 'cause they might be deaf or something, and we can't… All right. If they're, if you see someone with that, just–just tell one of the ushers, and let them get somebody, if it's somebody deaf. That's… Thank you, Brother Thoms, that's good…?… All right. Now, let's pray, just a moment, if you will.

E-30 Heavenly Father, now look upon us, Lord, for Thy blessing. We ask that You'll forgive us of our sins. The great drama being set, Lord, now. And we look for you to come. Lord God, here's Christian people, here's people who would literally lay down their life freely tonight for You. They love You. They've come through great toils, and troubles, and tribulations. They tried, through years. They've contended for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. They believed that they'd live to see the day coming. Many of their fathers and mothers have fallen asleep waiting for this day. But, Father, they've blazed the road. They've taken the stumps, and pulled back the briars. Now, their children are running happily down the highway, enjoying these blessings.

E-31 Now, heavenly Father, we pray that You'll come tonight. Great Jehovah God, sent the Lord Jesus tonight. And may Him, in His resurrected power move now and declare that He has raised from the dead, that these people might know that our faith is not in vain, our hopes is not in vain, that He's here, literally, the Lord Jesus, resurrected from the dead, doing the same things as He promised that He would do in His Church until He come again.
Forgive us of our many sins. And help us tonight, Lord, as we set our faces to Calvary. May the Angel of God come and anoint Thy servant and anoint every servant in here. And may my lips be circumcised, and my eyes be circumcised to speak, and see the things that You want me to know. And may every heart and ear be circumcised to receive. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-32 Now, before we start, just on the handkerchiefs. Heavenly Father, the handkerchiefs are here for sick, needy, people, maybe some little old mother and dad, laying out there in a little cabin tonight blind, can't see across the floor; they're waiting for this handkerchief to come. Some mother walking the floor, with a baby in her arms, waiting for the handkerchief to return… God, You know all about it. Now, they've brought them to me.
Now, in the Bible days, they brought to Saint Paul, handkerchiefs and aprons, for they knew that he was Your servant, that they might take off of his body, handkerchiefs, and aprons. They were sent to the sick and the afflicted, and they were healed.

E-33 Now, Father, we know, we're not Saint Paul, but we know that You're still Jesus. And it wasn't Saint Paul at all; it was You, Lord, and the people's faith in Your servant. And now, Lord, we bless these handkerchiefs. And as they're laid upon the bodies of the sick, may it be the same as when God gave this promise. It's not man's promise; it's God's promise.
And one time when the Red Sea had Israel cut off from the promised land, the writer said, "God looked down through that Pillar of Fire with angered eyes, and the Red Sea got scared and moved back, and Israel went on to the promised land."
God, when these handkerchiefs are placed upon the sick, may them eyes of God look down through the Blood of Jesus tonight. And may the enemy that's binding the sick people that these handkerchiefs represent, may he get scared, and move back, and may the people move on towards the promised land with good health, and strength. For it's promised by the Gospel and our Lord Jesus Christ. For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-34 All right. Got them all now? What say? All but 100, number 100. If anybody finds the prayer card of R-100, would you bring them to the line. Look on, somebody who maybe can't raise up, or somebody may be blind and can't get in, or deaf and can't hear. Look around at your neighbor's card, as we minister. You have it? That's good. All right. That's–that's very fine. All right. Prayer card R-100. That's very fine. All right. Does that make all of them now, boys? All, everything okay? All right. Bring your patients then.
O God, have mercy.
Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I take every spirit around here under my control for the glory of God.
And to you out there who has not prayer cards, no way for you to get up here, without prayer cards, and wants Jesus Christ to heal you, would you raise up your hand? Just look, everywhere.

E-35 Now, I say this, if He comes in His anointing power… See? It isn't…Now, I don't do this. It's nothing that I can do about it. You're the one who does it. It's your faith that does it. This is just a gift. When God wants to show me a vision, He just comes down and picks me up, and shows me the whole thing, and how it's going to be; and then I come tell the people, and that's just what happens. It never has failed. I'm forty-six years old; it never failed not one time. Ask anybody if you ever seen.
But now, you, yourself, you are Christians, and you pull that gift out. See? It isn't me; it's your faith that does it. If you don't have no faith, there's nothing can be done. It's your faith that operates the gift. Just like Christ, when He was here on earth, He was… This little gift to me is just like a little spoonful out of the ocean out here. And Christ was like the whole ocean. But remember, the same chemicals that's in that spoonful, is in that whole ocean full. See? It's just not as much of it. See? So it's a… That's–that's the way a gift of God is.

E-36 Now, it's your–your faith that operates the gift. The woman touched His garment; Jesus never said, "Oh, I–I…" No, He said, "Thy faith has made you whole." See? Your faith does it. It was her faith that did it, and it's your faith that does it.
Now, to this woman here, she's… God might not say one thing to her. Now, is there anybody… everybody along that line, here, strangers to me, you standing here? If you are, raise up you hands, everybody that's strangers to me. That's all the way down the line. How many out there is strangers to me? Let's raise up your hands, everywhere. Now, I don't know a one of you. the only ones that I know in this audience tonight, God in heaven knows, is just what I've introduced, besides my boy here. That's all–the only ones that I know. But now, God knows everyone of you. Now, in the supernatural realm, may the Lord grant His blessings, is my prayer.
Now, sister, if you… I… Just come a little nearer this way, if you will, just so I can keep you out of line of other people. You are a–you are a human being, but yet, you're a spirit too. If you didn't have no spirit, you'd be dead. See? So every time, when you see a–an automobile going down the road, that automobile is operated by a spirit, represented in a body. See? Now, I'm not dealing with your body; I'm dealing with the spirit. Like when–when life goes out of a tumor, I'm not dealing with that growth tumor; I'm dealing with that life in that growth. It's a separate life from the person who has it. Or a cancer, or a cataract, or whatever disease it is…

E-37 Now, we're standing here as two human beings, never met in our life before, perfect, total strangers to one another. And you're standing here as a woman, me as a man. A very beautiful picture, to begin with tonight like our Lord Jesus and (not taking His place, but I mean that He's here. See?)–and the woman at the well of Samaria. Not that you've taking her place, but it's just a man and a woman standing, talking. Now, He talked to her for quite awhile, until He caught the conversation, till He found out what was wrong with her. Found her spirit, and then God showed Him what was wrong, and He told her.
He said–He said, "Go, get your husband."
She said, "I don't have any."
He said, "You've said well, 'cause you got five. And he who you now have is not your husband. In that thou has saidst well."
And she said, "I perceive that You are a prophet." She said, "I know when Messiah cometh, He will do these things, but Who are You, as a prophet?"
He said, "I'm the Messiah."
So that was the sign of the Messiah then. It's the sign of the Messiah today. And if He would come here now, in the person of you and I, and would come in our body, and would perform the same things He did to that woman at the well, would you believe it would be the sign of the Messiah? Would you accept it that way? Would the audience accept–accept it that way, the sign of the Messiah? Now, may He grant it for His glory then, for His Word's sake (See?), not that we're worthy, but for His Word.

E-38 Now, the lady, that's standing here, talking with her, just looking at her, you don't have to answer me, I'd rather she wouldn't. But just to catch her spirit, get her single, 'cause it's coming from everywhere… But the–the Lord may not say one thing to me about the woman. She realizes she's in His Presence. She knows it's not me. That feeling that she has right now, that's moving on her, as that Cloud settles between her and I, she knows that that's not a man. She knows it only can come from God.
And now, I want you to look this a way, lady, and just believe with all your heart. It's the only way I have of helping you to know more of the Lord Jesus. Not knowing what you're here for, knowing nothing about you, but God does know. But as the lady begins to notice, she is suffering with a tremendous nervous condition. And that nervous condition is very, very bad. Now, I see her trying to hold onto things. She drops things all the time. She's having a spells of–gets worse on her, at times, and especially in the middle of the day, look like, when she's trying to wash dishes or something, she's dropping them. But she's… The trouble of it is, she's… Her trouble is in her back. It's her spinal condition, that's making her trouble. And the woman also is suffering with something that… Yes, she's conscience of it. She has tumors. And those tumors are located on her breast. That's the truth, isn't it? Now, that wasn't me talking then. That–that's me now, but that was Him, whatever He said. You believe Him with all your heart? Then come here just a minute, and…?…

E-39 Our heavenly Father, I lay hands upon this poor child, and rebuke the enemy that's doing this evil to her. May it come out from her and leave her. In the Name of the Lord Jesus go out of her. Amen. All right, sister, look this a way. If He knew what was in your life back there… You're a witness of that. Was that true? Every word true? All right. This is true too: Go out of here, rejoicing and happy. It's left you. Now, go, rejoicing; you're going to be all right. Don't worry no more.
Have faith in God. "Don't doubt, but believe with all your heart, you shall have what you ask for."
Now, do you believe that Messiah, the Lord Jesus, has raised from the dead, and His Presence is here? You believe it? All right.
Now, this lady, here, I suppose, maybe, she's perhaps a stranger. I guess we are, aren't we, lady? We're strangers to each other. I do not know you. I've never seen you in my life, but the Lord Jesus knows all about you. And you are… I see you, another woman standing way behind the woman. It's the same woman, only she's younger. And she's suffering with something like head… And it's a migraine headache. You've had them for a long time. And I see a woman that's in a horrible condition. It looks a… It's another woman. It's a friend. No, it isn't; it's your sister. I see you as a little girl, come up, playing. And now, she's laying in a place where, looks like it's a hospital of a…?… And she's all bound up with a black spirit hanging…?… demonology. She's suffering with demon oppression in a hospital. THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. Now, you believe with all your heart?
Our heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, may our sister receive that which she's come for, as I lay hands on her, in Jesus' Name I pray. Amen. Amen. God bless you. Go rejoicing. All right.

E-40 Would you come, lady? Oh, my. Now, the whole kingdom of the world belongs to the Christian. All things that's in His Kingdom belongs to you. He gives you all things freely, by your faith. Amen. Have faith and believe now.
Is this my patient? All right. I want you to look to me, just a moment, lady. We are strangers I suppose, to each other. And we do not know each other, but the Lord Jesus knows us both.
Brother, you're setting there a praying, the big man looking at me with the white shirt on. Because you know that there's a spirit of death laying there near you. But you believe and are praying that God would turn me around and show and talk to you. And you, in your prayer, made this promise: if I would talk to you, you would accept your healing. That's true, isn't it? That's right. All right. You're suffering with heart trouble, aren't you? If that's right, raise up your hand. Now, go and be well. God bless you. Your faith makes you whole. Just give God praise and glory. Have faith.

E-41 All right, lady. You believe now with all your heart? Now, you're suffering. Around you, closing around, seems to be a great dark spirit, which is tremendous nervous condition. You've been bothered with it for some time. Now, I seen you got a–a fall. And you've–you hurt your knee. Your knee, that's what you want me to pray for, is your knee. And you are a Christian. And I see you going into a church. It's a–a Full… It's Assembly of God church. You belong to the Assemblies of God. Come forward now for your healing. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I condemn the devil that's did the evil to the Christian. Come out, Satan. I adjure thee to leave the woman. Amen. Go on your road, sister, thanking and praising God. Amen.

E-42 Do you believe, sister? With all your heart? All right. You believe me to be His servant? I'm so thankful for that, that you do. All right. Now, as… I want you to believe that the Lord Jesus is here, and knows you, knows me, knows all about every condition. And I'm just a instrument in His hand. I've never seen you, know nothing about you, but God knows you. The first place, you're not from this city. You've come from the north, coming south. You've come from a city called, Atlanta. And you're just outside of there. And you're a woman preacher. That's right. See? And you're suffering with a bladder trouble and a female condition. And it's left you. You return to your city, happy, praising the Lord.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe, for all things are possible to them that believe. [–Ed.]
You're the patient, are you? All right. We're strangers to each other… [–Ed.]… Mrs. Brown, and you come from a street called, Monument Street, and it's 302 Monument Street, Augusta, Georgia. Return back now to your home, thanking God and being happy, and you can be made well.

E-43 Heavenly Father, I bless the woman in the Name of the Lord Jesus. And may she go and receive that which she's asked for.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God!"–Ed.] Now, have faith. Believe with all your…
Oh, it's the woman. There's a deaf spirit on the woman. Bow your heads, everywhere, will you, till we can get an answer.
Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, and Giver of every good gift. We do not desire of Thee, our heavenly Father, miracles. For it is said that a weak and adulterous generation seeketh after such. But we desire, Lord, relief for Thy children. And we believe that Thou art here. And the Scripture is written, that, "When the deaf spirit went out of a man, he could hear." And I pray Thee, Father, not for glory of self, but for the glory of God, that this deaf spirit come from the woman. Hear the prayer of Your servant, Father.

E-44 Now, Satan, you who deafened the woman, I charge the by the Lord Jesus Christ, that you leave her. Come out of her in Jesus Christ's Name. Let every head stay bowed a minute.
Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? Say, "Praise the Lord." Now, raise up your hands, praise the Lord. Hear me all right now? All right, now you raise your heads. Now, praise the Lord. Here's your healing. Your thing gone; you don't need them any more. Go off the platform, rejoicing. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord!"–Ed.] That's right. The Lord Jesus being made merciful.
You believe? Just a moment. You been awfully sick, haven't you, lady?
You have a cancer, don't you, sir, setting right there on next to the end of the place. You believe? This woman does too. You believe that Jesus Christ will make you well? You believe it? You believe it too? Raise up your hand then.
Almighty God, Author of Life, we condemn this devil. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may it go from them. Come out, Satan, in Jesus' Name.
God bless you now, lady. The dark streak cease to be. Go on your road rejoicing and be happy. God bless you.

E-45 Would you come, my brother. You believe? You believe that God will make you well? You know I don't know you, but God does know you, doesn't He? You believe that God will heal you of this diabetes, and let you go home and be well? All right. You may go on your road, rejoicing, and thanking the Lord Jesus.
Come, sir. Heart trouble's nothing for God to heal. He can make you whole any time. You believe it? All right. God bless you. Go on your road rejoicing, saying, "Thanks be to God." All right.
Would you come, lady? You believe? You believe God can heal you of this kidney trouble and make you well? Raise up your hand, say, "I accept it." Then on your road, rejoicing, saying, "Praise be to God." In Jesus' Name.

E-46 You believe, lady, with all your heart? What's you come… You got many things the matter with you: a thyroid trouble, for one thing. But the main thing you come, because you're stiffening up all the time with arthritis, and you want God to heal you. Isn't that right? You accept it now? Then go on your road rejoicing; it'll all leave you, and you'll be well. Let's say, "Praise the Lord!" [She says, "Praise the Lord!"–Ed.]
You have a lady's trouble, for one thing. You've had it for a long time. But one of the great things that's the matter with you, or closest thing to taking your life, would be a heart trouble that you're suffering with. You believe that God heals you now of the heart trouble? That's right. Then go on your road rejoicing, saying, "Thanks be to God Who gives it."

E-47 Now, it's the same thing: heart trouble. Now, do you believe that God will make the…?… well, and you well, too? You go… All right. Go on your road, you can have just exactly what you've asked for.
Let's say, "Praise be to God!" [Congregation responds–Ed.]
Dad, you believe that old stiffness is gone, you go on your road, happy, rejoicing? God bless you. Just keep moving, and shouting the praises of God, and have what you ask for.

E-48 Come, sister. Do you believe with all your heart? You believe that God is here? You believe that His Presence is near? You're a mighty young woman to have this. That's right. But what's caused it, it's because you're a nervous type of person. You're upset all the time; you're nervous. And it's caused you to have a stomach trouble. And it's got a peptic ulcer, which caused you to have acid in your stomach, and so forth: burns, and your food don't agree with you, and you're restless at night. That's exactly right. You've actually been nervous since you was a child, ever since you was a little girl. When you was in school, you used to complain about it. And you've been just a little near-sighted too. When you read your book, you hold it right close to you, in your school, when you was a little girl. Those things are true, lady. Now, you're healed. You believe now with all your heart? God bless you. You can go on your road rejoicing now and be happy. God bless you.

E-49 Come, lady. You believe with all your heart? I'm a stranger to you. But there's a hospital waiting for you, to take that tumor out. But do you believe God can kill it right now? I lay my hands upon you in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and ask God if He will do this for you. In Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you. Go, and may you never have to be operated. All right. You believe with all your heart?
How do you do, sir. God can take that kidney trouble away from you, right there. You believe it? You accept it? You believe you're in His Presence? You believe that's Him that lets me know that? Then go on your road; you can have just what you asked for. God bless you. May the Lord bless you, my dear brother.

E-50 All right. Come. Would you come, sister? You have a lady's trouble that's bothered you, but the main thing that's bothering you now is heart trouble, because you're having smothering spells, and things like that. And especially when you lay down, after eating a whole lot. Caused from a nervous condition, which is not a heart trouble; it's a nervous condition that's causing the gas back up on your heart. You're going home now. You believe you're going home, and eat, and be well, and all right? You believe you're going to be well? Then, go on your road rejoicing, and thanking the Lord Jesus for ever letting you get well, and be healed.

E-51 Would you come, lady? You know, it was kind of a hard thing, that woman there, 'cause you was standing in front of her. See? And there's something wrong with her. I don't remember now what it was. But I seen you, and it was told her about eating. Because it was a stomach trouble. It was you that had the stomach trouble. So you just go on your road, and eat what you want to. Jesus makes you well, and believe with all your heart.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord!" [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord"–Ed.]
What if I told you you was healed, while you was setting there, would you believe it? All right. Go on your road rejoicing, and saying "Praise the Lord," in Jesus' Name.

E-52 Come. You believe, lady? You got an abscess, and that's on the female gland. You got a female trouble. And you believe Jesus make you well now? All right. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask it to leave. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]
Now, would you bow your head again? Here's deafness hanging at the woman.
O God. Not able to hear, but Thou can do all things. She can't hear the message, so "Faith cometh by hearing." That's why I stop her, Lord, not for any other purpose, but that faith might be known, that, "Faith cometh by hearing. And if they can't hear, how can faith come?" So I pray, God, that You'll give me this special blessing at this time to cast away this evil from my sister. So, Satan, upon the basis of the shed Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, as His representative, sent by an Angel, ordained so to come and do this, I adjure thee, in the Name of the living God, that you come out of the woman. How long has he been a hold of you? Hear me all right now? You're perfectly normal and well. See? Hear me all right now? What…?… You hear me? Amen. Amen. Perfect. God bless you. That other trouble left you too, the lady's trouble.
Oh, my. What's a female trouble to God? Why, He can heal you right there. Don't you believe that?
In the Name of Jesus Christ, I condemn this devil. You're healed, sister.

E-53 Let's say, "Praise the Lord!" [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord"–Ed.] You believing? Have faith.
My boy's hitting my side, so I know it must be close to time. Do you believe with all your heart? Got high blood pressure. You got heart trouble. The woman behind you has the same, both high blood, and you're husband and wife. Go on your road home and get well. Believe. Are you believing?
Who is that lady going through there, just then? There's a light following her. No, it isn't. There's a little lady looking at me there, standing right out here, looking at me. A little, pink, looking dress of affair… You're suffering with asthma. You believe God will heal you? Will you stand up just a minute? All right. You got asthma, or you had asthma. Jesus makes you well.

E-54 The lady next to you, tell her to stand up; she's suffering, too. Just remain standing. All right. You suffer with a head trouble. Don't you, lady? All right. You can go be made well. Tell the lady next to you to stand. Do you believe, lady? You believe God will make you well? All right. You can have yours, also from high blood.
That man setting right here. I see a man out here worried about his boy. He is studying about a boy. That boy is some sort of a man… He's got cancer. And he's–he's something; he's been a soldier. He–he–he was in Korean war, and the boy's got cancer, and he's backslid, and you're worried about him. Isn't that right, sir? Raise your hand and accept God for the Healer.
I condemn every devil, every unclean spirit, every devil of doubt. It has no right to hold these people any longer. And anybody that'll believe me, and believe that I tell you the truth right now, I condemn every unclean spirit and every devil of doubt. And I don't care what's wrong with you, in the name of Jesus Christ stand upon your feet, give God praise, and you shall be healed, the whole group of you, right now. I pray in Jesus' Name.


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