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Early Spiritual Experiences 52-0713A William Branham

Early Spiritual Experiences (52-0713A)  

Early Spiritual Experiences  

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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Early Spiritual Experiences was delivered on Sunday afternoon, 13th July 1952 at the Civic Center in Hammond, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 52-0713A, is 2 hours and 8 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes.

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E-1 Brother Baxter. It's all right. Good evening, friends. I'm very happy to be here. God bless you, Brother Upshaw. I'm so happy to see him; I didn't think he would get back in time. But he was telling me he had been up and back, and been many places, and met thousands of my friends in–in the Scandinavian countries, and very happy to get to see him again.
Heard he got an infection in his feet. Missionaries have a hard time, Brother Upshaw. I had some of my own. I–I know what it is to–to be a missionary. They confront everything, all kinds of perils, and dangers, and sicknesses, and diseases, and so forth, but God delivereth him out of them all. The God that could heal you after being an invalid for–for sixty-six years, can sure take care of an athletic foot, can't He? That is right.
Now, today I am very happy to be here. I never knew, and I, when I come, I told you that coming in this place without an air condition, and under the circumstances, and everybody telling me, "You're going to graveyard. Boy! They'll all die in Chicago." And so forth, not to go, but the Holy Spirit told me to go. And I minded the Holy Spirit.
And yesterday afternoon, little did I know, that what was taking place. But He did last night. Something happened last night. You'll hear of it later. It was just before it happened, I said. Yesterday afternoon, I didn't know my boy was over in the bed, had went out and got hot, felt a little ill, and couldn't come in the service. I thought he was down here giving out prayer cards. And I found him over there in the bed, and I said to the wife. I said, "Something is just fixing to happen. I don't know; there's something strange." And then, I went on down. I went over to Brother Baxter's room, the prayer room where he's got. I went in. I said, "Brother Baxter, something is just fixing to happen."
He said, "Think anything's wrong, Brother Branham?"
I said, "No, it's to–it's to the good. It's the Angel of the Lord fixing to do something." And then last evening here He did it. You'll hear of that last nights meeting for a long time.
And now, I'm at liberty now. The Holy Spirit… There maybe many more things happen during the time of the service, but I see now from the depths of my soul, why the Holy Spirit sent me here to this place.

E-2 Now, this afternoon, it's my privilege to speak about, concerning spiritual things, or my life's story in the spiritual line. And I just spoke to Sister Upshaw, and she says that they're going to be here a couple of days, so no doubt, he will be speaking, and you'll be very happy to hear them speak of their tour, and about Brother Upshaw's healing. I know you'd all like to hear him tell about it, the night out there, and how that the Holy Spirit revealed who he was, where he come from, all about his life, and–and spoke his healing, after being an invalid for many years, laid in a wheelchair, rode on a bed, and, oh, so forth. And then, finally after being a man up in his eighties, then God in His infinite mercy spoke to him, and now He's made a missionary out of him, after he's eighty something years old. That's God. That's God working.
And so, I will let Brother Upshaw just leave that version, so he can tell it himself, he and sister, and let you hear the story of how it happened.
Now, I… By the way, that gives me just a very good start to what I'm going to speak about. Is God in His infinite mercy, and His–His sovereignty, and His will, how God does things, and it's all through an act of grace of God, nothing that we have to do with it.
Now, first I want to read some Scripture, and then I won't take too much time, because I want you back here tonight. For I believe after the breaking forward, last evening, of this which I have looked forward to see, now most anything can happen now. See, now it's free. But Satan has pushed so hard; maybe he will stop now after he tried to keep that out. And I didn't know about it, until I… When I got home and I was in… I told the wife, I said, "Something taken place. I can't make it out. Was in the meetings, something happened that seems to be… And then they let me alone at nighttime, and this morning after I'd came back around, and normal condition again…
Sister Baxter came over and said, "Brother Branham," and He begin to reveal it, what had taken place last night. I said, "There it is; that's it." I knew then, by the Holy Spirit, that what the Lord wanted us here.

E-3 Now–now, tonight we're expecting something great from our Lord. The time is running short now. And this morning, definitely, I was definitely led after the closing of this meeting to begin next week in Zion, Illinois, right around the bend. And so, I know the Holy Spirit is leading me that way. One things I promised that I'd give the people years ago, it was a–a certain thing that happened there that someone… I'd have been before, but I told the people when I left Zion; I said, "I will return." And a man of honor will keep his word.
And then, I thought, sometime… And now just while we're in this center, it seems like He's leading me around there. There's a great stadium place, or arena, down there in Chicago, setting waiting, if the Holy Spirit should lead. There's one setting there at Battle Creek, waiting. There's one down at Twin–Twin Cities, waiting. There's an auditorium setting down here that seats ten thousand people, free, five hundred ministers laying at my house, Methodist, Baptist, and all different kinds, with their name on a paper to cooperate. But it's where the Holy Spirit says move.
Now, He might tell me to go out here to a little where there'd be ten people in a church. Just where He says go. That's always best, isn't it? It's always best. Just leave–leave with Him, leave it to Him.
Now, you just keep praying for me. And I'm asking the Lord for something that He will just speak to me and tell me that–that I can do. If you'll just do that for me, I will be so happy. It's nothing for myself. It's not no, nothing for… only give me more strength and–and so that I can stand longer in the meetings. But it's something I want Him to do so I can help His people. It's not in gifts and callings, and things; them things are… That was made up back yonder before the world began. I can't get out of His predestinated will. He's already willed me what to do. But it's just something I would like to do along another line. That I would like for Him to tell me that I could do it, nothing about gifts, but just souls.
All right. Now, I want to read maybe, a few Scriptures. I will read one here anyhow, and quote a few more to you. Now, I told you I would tell you my life's story this afternoon. Next Sunday, maybe, my life's story and the regular form, but this Sunday I want to speak on the spiritual side. How many Christians is in here? Let's see your hands, way up high. That's… I believe it's a hundred percent flat, Christians, or at least ninety-nine and nine tenths that.

E-4 Can you hear me all right? Can you hear me up in the balcony, all right? Over here? Every… Okay. Well, that's fine. I just thought, maybe I… I wasn't speaking loud enough. And looks like with all this around here, I should be… Somebody ought to hear, shouldn't it? With all this mass, it's like being over in Africa again, Brother Jackson, so that, so many microphones. In Africa if you'd–you'd interpret all the–the interpreters, you'd say, "Jesus Christ is the Son of God," and here would be one tribe that's say something another, and then wait, and have to wait till the next man he interprets for his tribe, and the next man for his tribe, and next… Why, you can go get a sandwich time you got back to say something else, almost, time you went through all the interpreters. But God was there. They was listening to every move, and they looked eagerly. You talk about setting in a hot room, they set there in the tropical storms, and the lightnings and the solid flash, everywhere the rain pouring into their face. They just set there, and those black backs just setting there, and listened, in waiting.

E-5 Not only the black man, the brown man, the yellow man, the white man, and all of them, set right there. Ladies wore a dress, just drenched, setting there by the thousands, and them storms a going. Those Mohammedans standing there in the–standing there and the longed hair women, like that, and just drenched, and when you'd walk up like that, they'd fall on their face, and holler, scream out, just fall right prostrate on the ground: a spirit of worship. They called me Krishna, is one of their gods, you know, and so we have… They hear me saying, "Christ," and they didn't understand English, so they thought I said, "Krishna." So they thought it was Krishna, their incarnated God. And so, we stopped them and told them it was Christ, the Son of God, that I was His servant. And that's what these things were doing. For sitting right in the meeting, out through there, the people language, you'd see the Spirit of God move over somebody, and you'd have them to stand, and when you'd speak the interpreters would have to look see who it was, and then maybe a language that maybe, they'd go to giving out visions, two different languages, like that, and tell them where they was at, and what they done, and what was wrong with them, and where they had been. And the Lord would heal them. And then them people would just scream and fall over. It was God that was… that they was–they was ready.

E-6 Now, in Jeremiah I want to read a–a portion of the Word. I want to read from the 1st chapter, and the 4th and 5th verse of Jeremiah. And then from there, I will quote two or three Scriptures, and then try to get off the platform within an hour, if I possible can, so you have time to go home and get back.

Then the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, (Jeremiah, the prophet speaking.)

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee… All this… Before I formed thee, I knew thee; and before thou comest forth from the womb I sanctified thee, and ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

Then said I, Ah, Lord God! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child.

Now, the reason I read this… Now, what I want to… Now, not… I'm not preaching. I just want to explain something, and I want all of you to try to give me your undivided attention if you can.
And now remember, now especially to these ministers over here. I may be way out of line on these things; if I am, I am ignorantly out of line. See? I–I do not know any different. And the only thing that I know of by the Scriptures come to me directly by revelation. See? So that's the way, that I… only way I know it. And if it does not just tie in with the way that you believe, I will ask you this as my brothers, my sister, not to fall out with me, but to bear with me, for I will be the weak one then. And–and I… And pray for me that God will lead me into the Light, what is truth (See?), if I be wrong on my Scripture, explained. For as I said here tonight, I don't know too much about the Word, the Book; I just know the Author real well, the One Who wrote It, the Holy Spirit.
Now, to… Here in Jeremiah, before he was even formed, before he even came into the world, before he had his first existence, before the germ ever become a germ. Then God knew him, He said, and He had sanctified him, and ordained him a prophet to nations before he was even born. You see?
Now the first thing I'm getting to there, is to know this: that it is God's grace, that any of you are saved today. It wasn't your will to be saved. Man by nature is a–is a rebellion against God. And he rebelled in the garden of Eden, he's fallen from grace, and run from God, and he hid from God, and it's the nature of man to do that.
Now, the Bible also says gifts and callings are without repentance, not what you repented, not none of your righteousness. Not gifts and callings are without repentance. It's God's foreknowledge of what He has…
I believe that God in the garden of Eden, before the garden of Eden, I believe that God knew the end from the beginning. I–I believe that. And that everything in the great clock, the great picture, is just moving in, and nothing can stop it. It's going to be just exactly according to what God said it would be.
Now, I think to you and I, and the best things that we could do, as advising you as God's servant, weighing every word that I'm saying, because I realize this, that I'm in contact today with about six or eight million people. Watching, they watch the words that I say, they weigh what I say. They… The nominal world, the church, doctors, lawyers, monarchs, watching, stood in the meetings, great man healed. And they've watched it. They've laid it up. They'll write in and tell me, but many of them like Nicodemus, don't… They walk in at nighttime, or write in, or something like that, but afraid to walk to the platform and say, "I take my side with it."

E-7 I've never been ashamed and God help me, to always be man enough, to stand up and speak my convictions. For if I'm not, I'd be a traitor to Christ. I believe in the old fashion baptizing of the Holy Ghost. I believe that a man's got to be born again, or he's still a sinner. I believe it's only through the grace of God that he's called in the Holy Ghost. We do not receive the Holy Ghost by faith believing. It's the free gift of God given to us by God's grace. That's where I different with my own church. The church that I come from, the Baptist church. They said, "You said you receive the Holy Ghost when you believe."
I said, "That's contrary to the Bible."
Paul said in Acts 19, he asked those Baptists up there that was following Apollos; he said, "Have you received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?" Not when ye believe, but "since you have believed." You believe first and the Holy Ghost is the gift of God (See?), comes to you. It's a different… Here… Altogether different from being saved, being called out in God.
Now, therefore, you'll have to see; I–I believe that man's spirit was made before all the supernatural was made before the natural. I believe that everything in the natural line works in harmony, or should, with the spiritual. In otherwise like this: When a baby is born, when a person is born of the Spirit, ministers… There's three elements that came from the body of Christ, to make up the spiritual body of Jesus Christ. Do you believe that? Water, Blood, Spirit, that's just what come out of His body. Is that true? Well, that's just exactly the elements it takes to go through to get into His body, the elements that…?… That constitutes the new birth, three elements: water, blood, spirit.
Now, watch this. In the natural realms, when a baby is born in this world, what's the first thing in a normal birth? Water, blood, life (Is that right?), spirit: three things, all the things of the natural. Oh, if we had time this afternoon, just to dwell right in there, and show you what workings of demons are. Maybe I will.
A couple afternoons this week, I want to speak myself (See?) in the afternoon meetings, on what demonology. People speaks of demons and don't know what they are. When you're out, just having some kind of a thought, "Well, demons are this or that." But when you meet face to face and converse with them, and they try to move you in some in other way… And I will say this, friends, my Bible open before me this afternoon, I've only… When demons has met me, and I've spoke to them, not just some mythical, makeup, or think, or feel their power, I mean talk face-to-face, as I did with you. And I've tried this to be sure. I've had them to stand there, and look. And I'd say, now, I don't mean the–some person that's possessed with a demon, I mean, the form, outline of a demon standing there like a dark shadow, speaking. And it threaten at me, and I'd say, "You're wrong. And you know you're wrong. For it's written in the Scripture…" See? And he'd stand there not to answer me. And he wouldn't answer me.
I'd say, "In the name of high heavens, answer me." And he wouldn't do it.
And I'd call him all kinds of names, but whenever you name that Name Jesus Christ, he will answer.
I've seen it, I know, and God knows as a witness, as I stand here this afternoon, that is the truth. But, brother and sister, you better know what you're doing. You'd better be careful. And you'd better be sure that you understand. Don't walk out there; stay right where God's called you, until you know what you're doing, for it's a dangerous thing. See?
Now, of course, there is things that God has revealed, and I'm not wanting you to think that I'm a mystic; I am not a mystic. I am a child of God by faith in Jesus Christ. But there's things in the spiritual world that you can't speak out to people. The closest person to me, I guess, in the world is my son and my wife, as I know of, my mother. And they don't know no more about it, and I've told them no more than I tell you, because it's an individual affair.

E-8 But now, gifts and callings are without repentance. If God sees the hour, sees the place, sets the thing in order, and it happens just that way. Now, there's no way at all to try to–to get out of that, because it's going to happen. Now, the thing for every individual to find is his place in God, what God has called you to do, and then abide in that place.
What if this afternoon, I'd try to change my meetings and like, Brother Roberts over here is holding his?
Someone came to me and said, "Brother Branham, Roberts prays for five hundred while you pray for two."
I said, "But I am not Brother Roberts." See? Brother Roberts, God tells him what to do. That's between God and Brother Roberts. Brother Roberts is my dear friend. I love Brother Roberts. Before he ever started his healing services, he was setting in the front row, like that, walked back behind the platform and talked to me on healing, when he'd seen it done. He was holding a little meeting for a man over there in Kansas City. You was along, Brother Bosworth, when it happened. We got a pictures, the same night, standing together.
And Brother Roberts can organize his meetings; he knows where he's going to be two years from now. His meetings are already set up with all the ministers cooperating, and bringing them together, and sponsoring of his meetings and things like that. And everybody's looking forward to it, and planning for two years from now. The only things keeping him from doing it, would be tell something that was wrong, or either die.
I can't set my meetings like that. Mine's a different ministry. I might be here tonight, and in the morning God might send me to Battle Creek, Michigan. And the meeting will close in the morning. See? I can't… That's the reason I don't have papers. I started with that "Voice of Healing" one time, and oh, my. You see how that went. All right. You can't do it. You can't…
And now–now does that say, Brother Roberts and them, they're men of God. All of them, I believe everyone that professes to be a Christian, is a Christian if he lives the life. And I think Brother Roberts is a good man. And I think Brother T. L., Tommy Osborn is one of the finest little Christian men I ever met, nearly, Tommy Osborn. He's a man after my own heart, a convert to Divine healing in my own meeting, which stood there on that… Watched as that night at the Portland, seen that maniac run at the platform, say, "I will break every bone in your body, you hypocrite." I was just speaking. The man weighed some three hundred pounds, arms about like that. Said in his teeth, he said, "You hypocrite, you snake in the grass." Five hundred preachers, about, moved back, went back, and Brother Baxter was with them, moved back.

E-9 Two little police that I had just led to God, went out there to grab the man. I said, "This is not a flesh and blood affair." Sixty-six hundred people setting, or six thousand six hundred people, setting, besides what was in the street, everybody breathless… I weighed a hundred and twenty-eight pounds then. I turned around to him, never said a word. You better know what you're talking about.
So he said, "Tonight, I will prove that there's nothing to you but a hypocrite." He said, "I will break every bone in that little frail body of yours." And he threw up them arms, and he was well able to carry out his threats, physically speaking. He come walking towards me with his teeth set and his eyes a-rolling like that. He went–got real close to me and said [Brother Branham makes a noise of spitting–Ed.] spit in my face, said, "You snake in the grass, you–you posing to be a man of God."
I never said a word. I was waiting for the Angel of the Lord to speak. Mine was no good.
And he said, "Tonight, I will break every bone in your body. I will knock you in the middle of that congregation out there."
Just about that time, Something went [Brother Branham makes a sound–Ed.] I said, "Tonight, because you made this challenge, you'll fall over my feet: THUS SAITH THE LORD." There you are. Now, six thousand six hundred people waiting breathless, both challenges was made. I had to look up like that to see him.
He said, "I will show you whose feet I will fall over, you snake in the grass." And here he come like that, drew back his big fist, and just about ready to strike me.
As he did like that, I said, "Satan, come out of the man."
And when he did, he said [Brother Branham makes a noise–Ed.] He turned around like that, and his eyes bulged out, his tongue flew from his mouth; he whirled around on the floor, and fell onto my feet, and pinned me on the floor, till the police had to run him off of my feet, for he could get up. Now, both prophecies was made; there it was at hand.
Tommy Osborn happened to be setting looking at that; he went home, got him a hammer and nails, and nailed the door open, said, "I ain't coming out of here, God, till you do something for me." He said, "I'm staying right here." He prayed for several days.
He come down, was setting on the porch; Brother Bosworth was sitting there with me. He said, "Brother Branham, do you think God would answer my prayer?"
I said, "Now, look Brother Osborn, get started on the right foot. Now, you can make a lot of noise, or anything, and people will follow you; but remember, your ministry, you'll answer before God for it someday." I said, "There sets an old oak tree on my porch," referring to Brother Bosworth; I said, "who knows about Divine healing. Crawl up under the tree and talk to him a little while." I said, "If you'd have been called with a gift, you'd have knowed it way back yonder. Gifts and callings are without repentance. You are at least a preacher, and every preacher by general orders, are to pray for the sick."
Not only preachers, but the deacons, and the lay members, "Pray ye, one for another." Every Christian in here has just as much right to pray for the sick as I, Brother Bosworth, Brother Baxter, Brother Roberts, or any other man there is.
And what does them men do? The only thing they can do is preach the Word of God so clear that you'd see it and accept it. There's nothing in the man that would heal, nothing in his prayer that would heal, it's not you're… Here–here stood a guy standing here; maybe he's standing here an unbeliever. And I could pray for him all night long with a toothache and never heal him. He's got to have the faith. It's that man. It wasn't I could heal him; but he's got to have the faith of Christ to receive his healing. See what I mean?
So Brother Osborn did just that. He got with Brother Bosworth and stayed with him for about a year or so, I guess, or something like that, different places together, till he found all the techniques of how to use the Scriptures.

E-10 I met him here not long ago in New York, when he was standing on in Cuba there, and different places. The man had twenty or thirty thousand people in the congregation, said, "Are you tired, Brother Osborn?"
He said, "I've never laid my hand on a person." Said, "What have I got to be tired about? I just preach thirty minutes and go home."
I said, "How do you do it?"
He said, "Brother, I stand out there, and I take the Word of God," said, "now, don't come talk about any gifts and things, like this. The gift that I have is explaining the Word of God." He said, "And the Word of God will defeat Satan."
And that's the truth. It'll defeat Satan anywhere, any place, any time. And he begins to explain and tell, and just move in that Word like that, till Satan is so well built in, he can't move. The audience sees it.
Said, "How many of you believe It now and want to accept It." They raise their hands like that. Said, "Come up here and testify." And Brother Osborn gets in a chair and sets down and listens for about two or three hours, them testify. Say, "Hallelujah," and go on home, come back the next night and explain It again. Get more done of the Lord. The man is right, absolutely, a hundred percent right. And he is. No fundamentalist or nobody else to put a finger on it, 'cause there it is in the Word of the Lord.
You got a right to question? You question God then on it. Tommy Osborn, is one of the most powerful evangelists in the fields today in the realm of Divine healing, because He knows the Word of the Lord in the Bible.

E-11 Now, gifts and callings, now, let's get back to what they are. God sets them aside. God places them in the church as He will. God gives severally as He will (Is that right?), not as I will, but as He will. Now, if God wanted me to be a–a lay member of the church, I'd be better off a lay member, than I would to be a preacher. See? Because I will only bring reproach somewhere along the line, and it'll be something that'll bring reproach.
If He called me to be deacon, it's better for me to be deacon, than it would be to be a minister. But if He called me to be a minister, I'd be better off a minister, than I would be a lay member. It's wherever God has called us, and set us in the Church for His servants. Then we fit better.
Now, I want to give you… Oh, with that background, I'd give you the experience of my life.
Many people has misunderstood me, dear Christian friend. I'm–I'm misunderstood today. I–I've tried to make it just as plain as I can, yet in all of it, there's no way at all for me to get it to the people. It's got to be a revelation coming from God to understand it. See?
Now, this–this gentleman setting here, the Congressmen of the United State. How long was you in Congress? About seventeen years wasn't it? Yeah. Nine years, eight years, eight years, as a Congressman. You was the senator, I believe, of Georgia, and many high offices, and was a cripple from a little bitty boy. How did I know that man? I never heard of him. And God knows, till that day I never heard of him in my life. I don't need a congressman, and a statesman, and so forth. I've–I had a grammar school education, and the rest my education was with a hoe out in the field somewhere, or a pair of mules. See? I–I never knowed no much about politics or anything.
Now, the only thing that I knew out there in that night, was my rifle in the woods, and my dog, and a lantern. I learned that there was a Creator, and by supernatural ways. Then by revelation, by vision, by power, God spoke that man's life out to me. Not only that, but here every night… There has been no meeting since I've been in America in the last year, that my manager and son has told me, has been any more balanced out with a pure unadulterated powers of God moving through the church, than has been taking place right here in Hammond, in any of my meetings. Lay your finger on any of it. It's absolutely, every time, perfect. Is that right? Seeing things that's been done.

E-12 Now, I'm told by my mother and my father… Now, my dad was a logger in the woods. My mother and father were married when my mother was fourteen years old and my dad was eighteen years old. I was born when mama was fifteen years old: just a child having a child, that was all. I was born, only weighed five pounds, little bitty fellow.
I lived in a little old log cabin. The picture hangs in my house today, that a person painted for me in California, of the little old log cabin. And in there, in this little log cabin, that morning on April the 6th, when the midwife opened up the window, so the light could shine in to show–let mama see what I looked like, and papa. When they looked in the… In there was Light come whirling through the window about the size of a pillow. And it circled around where I was, and went down on the bed. Several of the mountain people were standing there. They were crying. My people back before me were Catholic. I'm Irish on both sides.
And so they were… They… My people, not my mother and father, because they'd gotten away from the church. And then, they didn't know what happened. 'Course, you know how superstitious the mountain people is, said, "That young'n that was borned over yonder on the hill," you know. "There was a Light appeared over yonder in a room. Wonder what kind of a young'n it'll be." See? "He will be born somewhere. He will be certain, certain things." You know how mountain people are. All right.
Now, that was all I knowed till I was about, all I know of, in the supernatural line till I was about three years old. My father was hauling logs with an ox. I guess you never seen a yoke of ox. They used to drive them in the mountains there, and then they'd take all the logs and put them in the river, and raft them, and go down the Cumberland River into the–on down into the Mississippi, or down into the Ohio River, come down the Cumberland River in rafts.
And pop was hauling logs with a ox, with the other man, and one day, as a little boy, with my little brother, who'd came on the scene then, who is in glory, today… I had a rock, and I'd walked out behind the house, where there was a little branch that run down behind the cabin; I picked this rock, and I'd throw it down in the mud. And you know how a bunch of loggers would be, just about like a bunch of–of sailors, I guess, on a high sea. They was always teasing me and going on. And I guess, I was a pretty bad little boy. They'd tell me how big a muscle I had, and how to blow it up with my thumb, you know. And I was telling my little brother what a big muscle I had. And I'd throw it down at the rock, and how deep it would fall in the mud.

E-13 My little brother waddled his way back to–towards the house; and he was as far as, oh, fifty yards from the house, perhaps. He'd went back to the house, and I was still playing around the little branch. I heard a bird setting up there, and the bird was chirping. And I listened at him, and he was whistling, might've been a robin, or something, a whistling, making a song.
And then, coming down through there, came a Voice. Now, remember, friends, this Bible lays open before me when I say this. Now, whether it come from the bird, from the tree, I was just a laddie boy, and didn't know. I cannot say. God knows. I do not. But a Voice spoke to me, that I was going to live near a city called New Albany. And about a year from then, or less than a year, my father came to Indiana, and we've lived within four miles now, and I've been raised within four miles of New Albany, Indiana.
The next appearing that I knew of It, I was about seven years old. I'd entered school. In them days the kiddies didn't go to school till they was about seven. I'd just entered school, and I loved fishing, and I wanted to go fishing. And I went out in the back of the pond, the old ice pond, dad worked for a millionaire then as a chauffeur. And I was… And my father did which was wrong. These are the things I do not like to say, but, brother, sister, when they're truth, no matter if it's against me or for me, I must tell the truth.
My father did wrong. It was during the time of prohibition. He drank heavy. And he made what he drank and made it for others. Then packing water, I had to, to one of those still's one night, where him and another bunch of men… I could not go fishing. And I had to–to pack the water.

E-14 And coming down along a lane, which many people right here in this building now, that I see, Brother Ryan, for one, setting here, Brother Bosworth, for another one, sitting near, and Brother Baxter is near. I've taken them right to the place; they've seen the place and all about it. People come from Canada, and everywhere, going in there wanting to see that place, know where it's at. And there, One spoke to me from out of a tall poplar tree, that said, "Don't you never smoke, drink, or defile your body, for there's a work for you do when you get older." Why, it liked to scared me to death. I run home. Mother thought I was hurt or something, and–or bitten by a snake.
Then a few days after that, setting… That was my first vision, setting out there under a big silver poplar tree in the front yard, where the tree stands yet today… Standing out there in the front of that place, I seen Something, like yesterday afternoon, I seen Him coming upon me, that I never… I didn't know what it was. In a little bit I moved off, and I looked, and I seen moving up out of those bushes down by the river, and along there came a big bridge, and it spanned across the river. I seen men dropping off of it and losing their lives.
And I went in and told mama. She said, "Honey, you went to sleep."
I said, "Mama, I was not asleep." I said, "I was setting there. I had a funny feeling, mama." I said, "Oh, I'm scared, mama. What's the matter with me?"
She said, "Oh, you're just nervous, honey."
I said, "Mama, something… I don't want to feel this way." And it was Something moving. And just… She wrote it down. And twenty-two years from that time, the Municipal Bridge which spans the Ohio River run across at the same place, and the same amount of men dropped off the bridge and lost their lives, just exactly. From that it would take… Some of these days, I want to set on a tape recording, and tell it in detail, which would take hours, and hours, and hours, to go into the things from a little boy, that I'd see things. I seen the '37 flood coming. I remember, I stood right on Fall's City Transfer Company; many you all acquainted with Jeffersonville, knows where that's at. I stood there and was preaching. I'd become a minister then. Many other things happened along the line, oh, it's numerous. How It would tell me to watch at a certain place, do a certain thing.

E-15 One time while pop was trying to get me to take a drink of whiskey, and I said… They called me a sissy, and I said, "Give me the bottle; I will never be called a sissy."
My daddy said, "You… I raised a bunch of children, but one of them's a sissy, and that's Bill."
I said, "Me, a sissy?" I said, "I'm sick and tired of being called that." And I had taken a bottle, and pulled the stopper out of it, and started to take it up to take a drink; I said, "I will show you whether I'm a…"
The man said, said, "You mean to tell me you're a Branham, an Irishmen, and won't take a drink?"
I said, "Give me the bottle." And I pulled the stopper to take the drink. When I started up, God Almighty in His grace stopped me from doing it right there, or I would've done it.
And I remember as a little lad, then setting in school, and I seen what whiskey had done to my home, how I went to school with no shoes on, no shirt on all winter and my coat buttoned up like this.
I was reading where Abraham Lincoln got off the boat down in New Orleans and during the day of slavery, and seen them taking a great big, burly colored man and his little wife, and his two kiddies, screaming, and crying, and praying. And they was auctioning him off there to breed him amongst bigger women, to bring forth a bigger bunch, healthier, fatter slaves. And that little mother standing there, and old Abraham Lincoln took his off of his head, hit his fist, and said, "That's wrong. That man's a human, just the same as I'm a human. And someday I will hit that with all I've got, if it costs my life." And he did.

E-16 Here not long ago in the coliseum where that dress lays and his blood from the assassination… I was in that coliseum, I seen an old darkie, little rim of hair around the back of his head, white as wool, walking along with hat off like that, stooped way over. He seen something and jumped back. I seen him bow his head and the tears running off his black cheeks. I seen he was saying a prayer, praying. I stood near him till he got through praying; he raised up his head, and said, "Thank You, Lord."
I touched him, I said, "Uncle?"
He said, "Yes, sir," he said.
I said, "I–I'm a minister." I said, "I was wondering while you were saying the prayer. What was the matter?"
He said, "Look over there." I couldn't see nothing but a dress.
He said, "On that dress lays the blood of Abraham Lincoln, who took a slave belt off of me." Said, "Do you see why I'm excited?"
I said, "Yes, sir." And I thought, "O God, if the blood of Abraham Lincoln would excite a slave that was took from slavery, what ought the Blood of Jesus Christ to do to a borned again man or woman?"
I said, "Drinking and so forth is wrong, and someday I will hit that." I'm still on the battlefield. I'm putting every wage against it I can, everything that I can. I know what it does to homes.

E-17 Look. All through life those things come and went. Finally the calling of–to the ministry. Now, I want you to notice. Before I was a Christian, confessing Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, that gift was there just the same. When I was a sinner, an alien, far from the commonwealth of God, that gift was there just the same, saw visions just the same way. God, Who is my Judge, that I stand before today, knows that's the truth. Was it I merited it? No, sir. And the Bible absolutely confirms and backs that up to be God's way of doing things: Gifts and callings are without repentance.
Then when someone told me about Jesus and His love for me, and I knew I realized then I was a sinner, an alien from God, I accepted Him as my personal Saviour. And then, God led me around to some folks that taught me in the Scriptures, and I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Then It begin to come to me all the time.
I consulted clergymen. First when I was ordained in the Missionary Baptist church, you know what they said to me? Now he… Here I want you to get this. How many love me? Put your hands up now that you're going to believe me. I hope you all do. I'm going to tell you something here that I don't tell people publicly. But I want you to know this. They…
I talked to clergymen; I said, "Why, there's something that takes place in my life." I said, "Since I've been reading the Bible, would you think it would be something of God?" I said, "There's… I–I see visions, and–and things that they tell, and different things predicting that flood, when I stood there on the wall, since I was…"
I was a Christian then, a Baptist minister. I stood there, I said, "Why, there's going to be… I seen a vision, and there's going to be twenty-two feet of water over that street down there."
I seen some of the boys go along, say, "Billy's kind of getting a little bit off. He's getting too religious." See?
I'd tell my clergymen, my–the bishops and the pastors, so forth. They said, "Billy, be careful what you're doing. The Devil lays on that line."
I said, "Oooh, my!"
"Sir, the Devil lays around there, be careful. See, your mother tells me that you were born with a Light over you. See, you might be possessed of a demon hanging near you."
I said, "Oooh, my! Hum!" I said, "Well, I… Sir, will you pray for me?"
"Yes, we–we'll pray for you, Reverend Branham."
"Thank you, sir. You pray for me." I'd say, "Oh, God, oh, God, a Devil near me. Keep it away, Lord. Don't let it get around me. No, I don't want to see no visions or nothing; I don't want to see nothing. I just want to study the Word here, and pray and preaching the Word. I don't want none of that stuff. No!"

E-18 And then the first thing you know, here It would move again. I couldn't help it. It comes so to me, that I… In '37 to tell you about it, and you seen what happened. And friends, I could stand here until day after tomorrow at this time, telling you things that happened right along down through life. And I'd take any person, or any time, at any place, that anything that was spoke in the Name of the Lord, but what it come to pass just exactly the way it said it would. See?
I become a game warden here in Indiana. I'd been a… go up around Hammond, everywhere else. I was a state deputy, wherever they called me. Then I–I would… I was working. And one day while coming in, I was trying to fight it away. I'd just… I lost my first wife, and been married, and lived single for five years, and then my little boy was going to school. And what caused me to ever to think of getting married again, she made me promise when she was dying that I wouldn't live single.
And then one day I went over to a house to pick up my little boy. He was playing in the sand pile, about five years old, little Billy, that you see around here. I said, "Billy, come go home with me." I was living on a boat on the river, camping. I couldn't stay home. Home wasn't home to me no more. Down with my mother, dad is gone, and–and with my mother-in-law, and oh, I just couldn't stay nowhere. And some people kept Billy. And I went over, and he was playing in his little sand pile. I said, "Billy, you want to go home with daddy?"
He turned and looked at me, his little old eyes, and he said, "Daddy, where is my home?" He had no home to go to. I didn't answer him. I choked up. I turned and walked away. I looked back at the little fellow, I thought, "O God, someday, if I fall into a gallows, or an electric chair, and he turn and say, 'Dad, you if you'd have done what mother told you to do, and made me a home, and raised me right, instead of me being pulled about from pillar to post, it wouldn't have been this way.'"
And I begin to think that maybe in her death, I ought to allow her going from this world, maybe she was right. I was married again: a lovely Christian woman, filled with the Holy Ghost, which is my wife today, a lovely person.

E-19 Then one day while we was living in a little old shack, little shanty, 'fore Brother Ryan give me the bicycle. My, never will forget that, it was about taking up offerings. I never took a offering in my life. They take a offering for me, but…
One day I remember, over at church, I said, "I'm going to take an offering. I just…"
Meda told me, said, "Bill, this… Here we got to pay this. We got to pay this. We got to pay this over here, and this down here, and that there." Said, "What are we going to do?" And I was making my twenty-seven a week.
And I said… Out of twenty-seven a week, I pulled out my tithings, I laid that down. I said, "Oh, my." I said, "Honey, I–I just can't even start to pay it." I said, "Well," we lacked about ten, twelve dollars. And I said, "My, what–what are we going to do?" I said, "You know what? I'm going to take up an offering tonight."
She said, "I'm going over to watch you."
I never took up an offering. Now, the people loved me. I had a lovely big church, and you know that. They'd have done anything for me. But I was able to work, why not work? So I didn't want… I paid for the church myself, worked and paid for it, put it up there for the community. I love God; it's Him, the One that my love goes to.

E-20 So I remember that night, she went over. And we all was all setting around there, and I said, "All right, now tonight, friends, I hate to ask you this." I seen her look up at me. And I was trying to keep my head turned from her. I said, "You know, it's just one of these times; I never did this before, it's you know, I can't hardly make ends meet, you know how it gets." I said, "You all got a nickel or a dime," I said, "you'd like to drop in my hat over here?" I said, "Brother Wisehart, would you come and take my hat and…
So Brother Wisehart, didn't hardly know what to do. He–he come over after my hat, I looked down at this little old mother setting down, reached down there with this little apron, you know, little checkered apron, pulled out this little pocketbook, had a snap on the top of it, and begin to reach down and get… Oh, me. I couldn't take that. I–I–I thought, "That poor old woman setting there with that money, reaching them nickels in there. Huh-uh! I don't want it."
I said, "I was just teasing you all to see what you'd do." So then–then Brother Wisehart already had my hat, you know."
He said, "Brother Branham, what am I to do?"
I said, "Just put my hat back. I was just going on, Brother Wisehart." And I seen my wife, shook her head and kind of laughed.
Brother Ryan give me an old bicycle. He had been down there, and I–and left give me an old bicycle, and I painted it up and sold it for ten dollars, didn't have to take an offering after all and so… That was the same bicycle I was on when that infidel met me on the corner and said, what he did, lived next door to me. I'm packing his Bible book here today. And how God worked there.
Oh, it's wonderful to see Him in His power. Then I… One day, coming home, I was… I'd been studying. Many of the ministers had been telling me not to listen to such stuff as that. I will have to hurry. Just got about twenty-seven minutes now. And I will hurry as quick as I can, 'cause I want to get in an African experience. And this brother setting here from Africa could get a hold of now.
And now, I remembered this, that I said, "I wasn't going to have no more to do with it." And one day I was going up the road to patrol up at the Henryville State Forestry. And I got on the bus. And now, listen every one of you, closely. The strange thing it was, that every time I meet a demon possessed person, like a fortuneteller, or something, they'd speak to me, and seem to know me. And then that would scare me to death.

E-21 I remember going out one night at a carnival; I was just about eighteen years old. My cousin, a couple of them, and I, were going down. There was a little old gypsy fortunetellers tent sitting there. And I was going down along the side there, and the little–little gypsy woman said, "Say, you, come here!" Well, all three of us turned around. She said, "You with the striped sweater on."
I said, "Me?"
I thought maybe she wanted me to get her a Coke. And I said, "Yes, ma'am."
She said, "Do you know that you were born under a sign?"
I said, "Look woman. Shut up." I got away from there right quick. Then oh, they begin to tease me, go on.
And one day while I was warden, I was going up on the bus, and I standing there. And I always was subject to spirits. I felt a strange feeling. I looked around, big strong woman setting there, well dressed, she looked up at me and she said, "Howdy do."
"Good evening," looked up like that.
And she said, "You're lonesome, aren't you?"
And I said, "No, ma'am."
She said, "Well, you're not at your home."
I said, "As much home as I got."
She said, "You were born for the west."
I said, "Say, what are you talking about?"
She said, "Maybe I better explain myself." Said, "Are you an officer?"
I said, "Conservation."
And she said, "Maybe, I better explain myself." She said, "I'm an astrologist."
And I thought, "Oh, another one of them funny people." So then…
I said, "Yes, ma'am." And I just kept looking… I moved up out towards the… There was a sailor standing right behind me, like that, the bus was loaded pretty well. I thought, "It was just a woman wanting to talk."
And she said, "I'd like to talk to you a few minutes." And I never acted like I heard her. I just kept looking on, you know. And so she said, "Could I speak to you just a moment?"

E-22 And I thought, "That's not gentlemen like, but I–I don't want to talk to her." See? And I waited there. Then she said, "Say, you the conservation officer," said, "could I speak to you, just a minute?"
I said, "What did you want?"
She said, "Could I speak to you just a moment?"
I said, "What do you want?"
And she said, I thought, "That was nasty of you to act as a man," so just so indifferent, you know. And she said, "Are you a Christian?"
And I said, "No. What's that to you?" See?
And she said… She said, "Well, I just wondered." And she said, "Did you know you were borned under a sign?"
Oh, my. I said, "Look, lady, I don't want to know nothing about that. See?" I said, "Not giving you any short answer, I've got a mother at home. See?" And I said, "I don't want to know nothing about that."
She said, "Oh, don't be so hard."
And I said, "Well, I don't want to know nothing about that stuff." See? I said, "I know nothing about it; I know nothing about any religious things, and I–I don't want to know anything about it." And I said, "I don't want to hurt your feelings." I just keep looking on ahead.
She said, "My…" And she said, "You shouldn't act like that."
And I said, "Well, I–I don't mean not to be a gentlemen; but I–I…"
She said, "Look! This is nothing to do with religion." She said, "I'm on my road to Chicago." We was on a Greyhound bus. She said, "I'm going to see my son, which is a Baptist minister." She said, "I work in the White House." And she said, "Did you know the first thing, did you know this United States and all the astronomy, and how they do?"
I said, "I know nothing about it." See?
She said, "Well, I work in the White House." And she said, "Right as you go in the steps of the White House, there's a astronomer calender." Said, "There's a sailor standing behind you. Ask him if the moon doesn't control the tides."
I said, "I got sense enough to know that." See?
And she said, "Well, that's right." Said, "And your birth has something…" Said, "Perhaps, I will tell you just exactly when you was born, would you believe me?"
And I said, "You can't do it in the first place." See?
She said, "Oh, yes, I can."
I said, "Let's hear you."
Said, "You was born on April the 6th at five o'clock in the morning in 1909."
I said, "That's right." I said, "Tell this sailor when he was born."
She said, "I couldn't do it."
"Well," I said, "why can't you tell him, if you just… if you could tell me?"
She said, "Because you were borned under a sign; I don't know when that was to appear." She said, "Has ministers never talked to you?"

E-23 I said, "I have nothing to do with preachers." I said, "I don't have nothing at all to do with them, at all." I'd always run from it, you know. I… Thinking of that, speaking to me, and I knowed that was the same thing, my mama told me them things was of the Devil, and I stayed away from them." See? And I said, "No, sir. I have nothing to do with it."
And she said, "Well, nobody ever told you that?" She said, "Isn't it strange that preachers wouldn't know that?"
I said, "I don't fool around where they're at." And I said, "I–I thank you very much."
She said, "Well, look. You were borned under a sign, I want to tell you this, as a gift." And she said, "If you'd only could recognize it."
I said, "Yes, ma'am." I said, "Maybe, I will be a Daniel Boone, I like to hunt and I was born in Kentucky." And so… She said, and like that.
And she said, "No," she–she–she called me. She said, "No, that ain't what I'm talking about."
I said, "Well, maybe I'd be a businessman. I've got a grammar school education."
She said, "That's not what I'm talking about. I don't know what you'd be. But I know that according to astronomy that on that time, they was…"
She tried to tell me about the…?… of the cycles, and, in commemoration of the Son of God, when three stars came together. She said, "Three wise men, the Magis was following three different stars, they didn't know when they were coming." Said, "When they gathered together, and met each other at the Bethlehem gate, following three different stars, and they formed the one morning star, that hung over the Christ…" And she said, "One was from the lineage of Ham, Shem, and Japheth, the three sons of Noah." And said, "Those three stars went together and made the one star that hung over Christ." And said, "Then when they separated, they've never went to their orbits, they've never been since." And said, "Now, all the star gazers in the country never seen such as that. And they never noticed it; it was just supernaturally given," and on talking like that, with all of her stuff.
Well, I couldn't understand what she was talking about. And she said, "In commemoration of that greatest gift that God ever give the earth, He sends back a–a something lesser in commemoration of that time."
"Well," I said, "lady, I am not a Christian. I have nothing to do with preachers. I have nothing to do with what you… I don't know nothing about the stars. All I know that I'm the game warden of Indiana. I'm doing the best that I can. Thank you." And went on, like that.

E-24 Well, that's just about the attitude. But strange that that… Then I got, after my conversions, and so forth, on down, later on down in life, after my conversion got started, then it kept getting worse and worse, and it got so bad on me, I'd pray, and say, "O God, take this thing away. I don't want to see it no more, never. God, I'm a Christian now. I belong to You. Please, don't let that thing happen to me again. Don't show me nothing like that, Lord. Just let me go like I am now. Please let me just study the Word like I'm taught to do here, and study the Word." But It would continually come.
And one day, I come home, and taken off my coat, was going around the side of the house. There was a man setting out in front waiting for me, my piano player from the tabernacle at Jeffersonville, her brother. He said, "I'm going up to Madison, this afternoon, Billy. Would you like to go with me?"
I said, "Nope. Can't go. I got to patrol." And I said, "I can't go." I was patrolling on the high lines then. And I said, "I can't go." And I started around the house, and as I started around the house, seemed like whole top of them trees, right there, Brother Ryan, where you and I knelt to pray, came down like that, and I almost fainted. I fell back on the steps, and I stopped there. And I thought, "Hmmm!"
My wife run out, she had some water. She said, "Are you fainting, honey?"
I said, "No." I said, "Just a moment."
After all… He was… He come running in, Mr. Gibbs, then he went on back again, went on back to his place. And I said, "Go ahead, I'm all right."
So she said, "What happened to you? Did you get sick?"
I said, "No, honey. It's that same thing again." I said, "Look, I've got seventeen dollars laying in there. I'm going to have a showdown with God. I'm tired of this. I've got a place where I'm going up here at Green's Mill." Where many of you know where my hiding place, where the FBI couldn't find me, back in a cave, where I go. I go there when things gets bad, and I settle it with God in there.
I went back up into a place there, a little old cabin where I used to stay when I used to fish, and hunt, and trap back there. I said, "Meda, I don't know when I will return home. I can't tell you. I maybe home in a… two hours; I may be home in three days. I may not be home for two weeks or two months. I don't know when I'm coming home. But I'm tired of this. I can't live a prisoner."
I said, "Everybody's telling me, I'm going… that I'm a Devil, and so forth like that, by that, and me trying to live a Christian life. And in my heart I love–love the Lord Jesus and expect to go home to heaven. And I don't want to be plagued like this."

E-25 I went back up there. I went into a place. I read the Bible, I cried…[–Ed.]… no light in there so I had to close up the Word, and go back. And I started praying; I said, "God, please. I'm a Christian. I love You. You know I love You. You know in my heart, and You know me better than I know myself. I love You. And I'm told by the clergymen, and the so forth, that the Devil, a spirit's moving around me, and Lord, I don't want to have that around me. You know I don't. You know I love You. And I believe You with all my heart. So why do You let my life be plagued like this? Why would You do it? Why don't You set me free of that so I can go preach and feel free of that?" And on like that. And I was begging to Him.
I was long about two or three o'clock in the morning; I was praying, and crying, and begging. And I stood there a little bit, and I was standing looked out a window, went back. I thought, "Well, it won't be long till daylight. I… When daylight comes," I said, "I'm going to leave the cabin, and going up in them knobs and get back up in my cave. And I will stay there." As Buddie Roberson, said, "Till He finds a pile of bones when He returns. Or something had to happen."
I stayed there and I prayed; I walked back, and for the first time in my life, it seemed like something now here's… Hear it now. Not be vision, but seemed like something telling me, "Could those ministers be wrong? Maybe this is right."
Well, I begin to think. I thought, "Maybe they are wrong." Well, I thought, "Well, then if they could be wrong, how does these devil possessed people, fortunetellers, and things, telling me all about this, and them holy men of God don't know nothing about it?"
Then this come to my mind. When Jesus was born, it was star gazers, Magi's that saw the star and followed it to Bethlehem. Is that right? No holy men saw it. Magi, star gazers, wise man, and them in the… Them on the towers of the astronomers, that watches the stars all the time, they never seen the star. But the Bible said there was a star there. It was given for the Magi's to see. Is that right?
It had already appeared while I was baptizing down here; it's right at the end of Indiana, the other end of Indiana there, where thousands were standing on the bank, when I was standing there baptizing. I started to say, "Father, as I baptize this boy with water for the remission of his sins, then Lord Jesus You give him the Holy Spirit." The seventeenth person, I started to baptize, a Voice screamed from heaven on a bright afternoon, coming whirling down out of skies, here come this Light going, "Whew." The papers packed, "Mystic light appears over local Baptist pastor while baptizing." Come right down and hung over where I was and stood there. People fainted and went on, then went right back up into the heavens, and everyone of them standing looking at It. There It was.

E-26 My first revival, I looked around. I didn't know. There it was. The businessmen of the city, a group of them met me that afternoon and talked to me after I baptized. I had to baptized five hundred out of my first revival. They said, "What does that mean?"
I said, "I don't know." I said, "I am a believer. I don't know. It might've been to you, the unbeliever. I can't tell you." But while in that room, I begin to wonder.
Look. All those men, nobody could say that them priests wasn't holy men in the days of Jesus. Is that right? They were holy men, good men, righteous men, scholars of the Scripture. But while they were in there arguing what kind of buttons they must have on their coat, some Magi's was coming to worship the Christ, that had already been born. Is that right?
Look. And when His public ministry come… Now listen, when His public ministry come, they said, "He is a Devil, Beelzebub, the chief of the fortunetellers, the best medium there is. He knows their faults. And He knows all these things. He is a Devil." Is that right?
Who says, that's the Scripture? Say, "Amen." ["Congregations says, "Amen."–Ed.]
But the strange thing was that devils turned around and said, "No, He's not. He's the Son of God." Hallelujah. God will make the Devil testify, His enemy, that He's the Son of God."
That Devil said, "I know who You are, You holy One of Israel. I know You are; Thou art the holy One of Israel."
And the preachers, them holy men, said, "He's a Devil. He's a Devil."
The Devil said, "He's the holy One of Israel."
I seen it. I seen when Paul and Barnabas went up there to preach one time. The preacher said, "Them guys are impostors. They are devils. They alarm people. Don't listen to them. They turn the world up-side-down. They're wrong."
And the little old fortuneteller followed them down the street saying, "They are men of God, to tell us the way of Life." Preachers saying they are devils, and the Devil saying they are tell the way of Life… Hallelujah

E-27 Don't think I'm excited. Now it's got to a place till you can't listen to nobody. You got to listen to God. Let every man's word be a lie. I know more about that now than I ever knowed in my life. It don't make any difference what people say; it's what God says. If it compares with the Word, then it's so. If the goods is there to produce it, 'cause God testifies of His gift.
You listen to the preacher, sometime, you get yourself in trouble, some of them anyhow.
Notice. There they was all muddled up in their doctrine. And devils out here, fortunetellers was the only ones… Them was…?… out there, was the ones that was recognizing Him to be what He was, and recognizing the apostles to be what they were, men of God. Fortunetellers and devils…
So Paul turned around and rebuked that spirit of divination from the woman; she couldn't tell no more fortunes. He didn't need the Devil to testify who he was. He knowed who he was. He was God's saint. He didn't need the Devils help. But the Devil was telling the truth about him anyhow.
Jesus told that Devil, said, "Hold your peace, but come out of him." Yes, sir. He didn't need the Devils help, but the Devil was screaming. So many people talking about…
Now, one of these days before I leave now, I'm going to preach to you demonology and let you know what demons are. You don't realize how they come right face-to-face with God, and plead to come down and do something about it. Now, that's Scriptural, besides knowing otherwise. How right here in the meeting at night, when one comes to the platform with an ounce of faith, you hear another one out there screaming for help. The one standing here on the platform, maybe, is dying with a cancer, another one setting up there with a cancer. And this cancer knowing that he's facing down here, if that woman would only believe, what I'm telling, and believe Jesus Christ, she'll be healed as sure as the world. Then to throw that woman's faith off, that other demon screams down to her. And I catch between them, and say, "There you are. Both of you believe."

E-28 Oh, we're living in the day of Christ, the power and the resurrection and the Holy Ghost. People are… Time to quit playing church. This form and ritualistic ideas is all right. The hour will come when you'll see that I've told you the truth. That's right. Of course, it's hard now. I know it is. But I speak in the Name of the Lord. And I know what I speak of. God testifies the same; that it's the truth. All right.
Then in there, I thought, "Oh, then, maybe I have been wrong. Maybe I have been wrong. I should've embraced it; I should've said something." But I knelt on my knees and I said, "God, if I have been wrong, and I've turned down something that I didn't understand, trying to listen to what preachers was telling me… Maybe, if I've been wrong, then, Lord, I don't understand it according to the Bible. But if I've been wrong, You forgive me."
And I raised up and I was crying. I set down, looked around. I seen a Light flash in the room, little that young fellow that flashed that bulb. And I thought, "Somebody must be coming." And here on the floor was a big Light, coming around. Right above it stood this halo, Pillar of Fire, moving along, and come walking through there came an Angel of God. Not imagination, He was there. I looked at Him, talked to Him.
Walked up, with His arms folded, a big Man, very fine looking. Looked like if… Looked like if He would have spoke, the world would've bursted. Said, "I've been sent from the Presence of Almighty God to tell you that you were born for this purpose to pray for sick people, to go into parts of the world, and you'll be praying for monarchs and great men; and healings and so forth will take place. And these things will be. And great congregations will gather, and it'll cause a revival that's going to sweep the land."
I said, "Sir, I'm uneducated. I… They won't believe me." I said, "They won't…"
He said, "As the prophet Moses was given two signs for a vindication of his ministry, he will turn his hand to leprosy, and then healing it, and the–and the stick to a snake, and so forth," He said, "so will you be given two signs. One of them, you'll put your hand on the person. Then it'll be given… Don't think nothing of your own, it'll be given to you. Then it'll come to pass, after so long a time, if you'll be reverent, if you'll be reverent, then will be given to you to know the very secrets of their hearts, and the things that's wrong with them."

E-29 Many of you here know when that first one was the only thing was operating and not the second. Is that right? But I prophesied it would be there. And I said, "That's why I'm here." I said, "That's why I'm here." I said, "Now, that's what I'm concerned about." I said, "I come here, Sir, and I've been told that that was the Devil, that I… that–that it was wrong. But just a few moments ago I seen it." Of course, that was His Presence in the room that changed that, of course. Then it was…
I said, "I've been told that that was wrong." And He referred to me the Scripture of Jesus knowing where Nathanael was. And the woman at the well, and Jesus claiming that a little while and the world would see Him no more, yet He'd be with us, even in us to the end of the world. And that this life and so forth was just a vindication and so forth."
Then I said, "I will go." And He blessed me and returned back. He never told me to heal the sick. He said, "Pray for the sick." But He told me, "Be…?… secrets of their hearts, and the people might believe." See? Not nothing… Now, that's a Divine gift. Then from there it started. And you know the rest of it, how it goes.
Now, to Africa, quickly. Now, when I was standing in with Brother Bosworth on the platform, one night, in Houston, Texas where thousands was gathered. Raymond Richey come in here the other night, and looked over said, "Say, doesn't look much like your meeting, all these empty seats."
I said, "But Brother Richey, God sent me to Hammond." Said, "But then, I miss you with all–with all my heart."
I said, "All right, pray for me, Brother Richey." I said, "I'd talk you, but it's just a few…"
He said, "I understand." He was standing in the hall. He went away.

E-30 And that night down there when a–a very clergy gentleman sets up and put in the paper that I was an impostor, and ought to be run out of the city, and posing myself to be a Christian, or a man of God." He said I ought to run out of the city, and also like that, and he would challenge me to an open debate." Said, "I couldn't prove in the Scriptures what I was… [–Ed.] out of the miracles of Christ, that even Lazarus, he died again. So he challenged that.
Brother Bosworth come, said, "Looky here, Brother Branham."
I said, "That doesn't bother me, Brother Bosworth. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words never bother me." See?
He said, "Well, Brother Branham…" Brother Bosworth seventy something years old had a fire and fight in him. He said, "That's wrong and that ought to be taken up."
I said, "We don't argue with people. There's thousands down there to be prayed for, a big coliseum setting full of people," I said, "my goodness, what's the use of arguing with one critic out there? Let him alone while the rest of them is getting healing, let him go on."
Jesus said, "Let them go. The blind lead the blind, they'll all fall in the ditch."
I tell you; I ain't criticizing the Baptist. But Baptist people, fundamentally, know what they're talking about as long as it comes to the Word. But they know nothing about the supernatural. And, my brethren, there's where you're losing the blessing. You're right in word. I believe you. I–I agree with you in the things that you believe positionally in Christ, that the believer takes his place in Christ, by faith, and he becomes a child of God by the grace of God. I believe that, and I agree with you. But you done shook too much to this side."
Isaiah said, "There'd be a highway, and a way ('And' is a conjunction.), and a way." It won't be called the highway of holiness. It'll be called the way of holiness. Right in the middle of the road, on this side there's this…

E-31 Some people when they get born again they set right in the middle of the road, eyes on Christ. Finally they get over here, so much knowledge and wisdom, till, oh, they know it all. You don't know nothing. And if you don't do that, you run off the other side to a bunch of wild fire and fanaticism. That's right. But right in the middle of the road, there's a true, sound, unadulterated Gospel and power of God. That's right. Right down through there…?… taking the kings and monarchs, where anybody can stand and search, and they can see that it's the power of Almighty God, not a fanaticism, or not a formality. It's the power of God.
And so there, in that, Brother Bosworth, said, "Let me discuss it with him."
Second day he come out, said I ought to be run out of the city, and he ought to be the guy to do it. Well, that–that just to me, if you'll excuse the expression, that showed me the man hadn't been to Calvary yet.
You never take a Christian… A Christian don't take that attitude. When you're born again you love your brother. That's right. So by their fruits, you know them. So I just went on.
Brother Bosworth, still he couldn't–he couldn't be satisfied. He said, "Let me have it."
I said, "Not to fuss."
He said, "Brother Branham, I won't fuss; but, it's… We owe it to the society of this city, that they put this in the paper, and let them think that we're a bunch of nitwits and don't know what we're talking about. Let me challenge them."
I thought, "That's pretty spunky." Like old Caleb, of old, "Let me go take that city." See? I kind of admired the old brother. I looked back…?… I said, "All right, Brother Bosworth, if you promise me you won't fuss." Now, he's sitting here listening at me.
And he said, "I won't fuss. I will just give him the Gospel."
I said, "All right."
So the next day, we got… The reporters wouldn't let him around the place where I was, the Rice Hotel; they wouldn't let them to the room. So then they wanted to know what I was going to say about it.

E-32 But then, the next day, 'course headlines in "The Houston Chronicle" and all said, "Ecclesiastical fur is going to fly." You know how the paper has to talk anything up. "Oh, I was challenging a debate with…?… and Doctor Best, and what he was going to do. And like that."
So he come down to… He said, "I'm going… He went and hired some commercial photographers of the American Photographer Association, and said, "Go down and take six glossies of me, while I go down and skin that old man. I'm going to skin him, and rub salt on his hide and tack it up on the door, as a memorial to Divine healing."
You imagine a Christian talking like that? I can't imagine a man borned again talking like that. I will tell you that. That's what it's going to be…?… Mr. Kipperman which is a Orthodox Jew, Mr. Ayers, a Roman Catholic, the two boys that worked in the studio. They come down and Mr. Ayers had said everything about me. A goiter left a woman's throat, standing there before. He said, "He hypnotized her." And oh, my, how he criticized me in the paper the day before.
So I come down that night, there brethren, there was thousands of them gathered, and that's when I realized what friends meant. They come from the east and the west, flew in by special planes, trains, and everything, coming to the rescue. It didn't make any difference then whether you was a church of God, Assembly, or who you was, the truth was at stake.
Brother, one day when the persecution comes, you'll see the great ransomed Church of God stick together like that, stone will go to stone. You'll forget whether your a Methodist, or Baptist, or whoever you are, when the persecution rises, and communism sets down, the Church of God will run together, stone by stone.
That Solomon cutting the temple, one stone was cut this way, and one cut that way, and all this way. But when they went to putting her together, she went placed in together like that, that made the Church of the living God. You're little differences will be all forgotten then.
There when one thing that all the Full Gospel people believed in Divine healing. They flew for as many as five and six hundred miles that day by planes and trains to get in. What was it? The thing that they believed in was at stake. And they're friend who had, that they believed, was standing there to face it. And there it was, they wanted to come see it through. Just take it with you. That's the way to do it. Hallelujah.
I'm a little Kentuckian. Together we stand, divided we fall. The way Christians, if ever one time we ought to stick together, is now. That's now.

E-33 Then when that night come, my wife said, "Now, honey, you shouldn't go down there tonight; that anointing is on you. And don't go down there, 'cause you'll just pollute the meeting for the night before."
I said, "Somehow, I feel I ought to go down." My brother was just taking me in and out, like my boy does now, and a couple of more men. They said, "Brother Branham, I don't believe I'd go down." Said, "Cause they're bound to fuss. I know how those fellows are." Said, "They'll fuss and carry on."
Well, they… I said, "I just feel like I ought to go. I will go way up in the balcony, and pull my coat up over my ears, and set up there." I said, "I want to go down." So I went down.
They taken me in, went up there, my coat all pulled up and just set down. And Brother Bosworth got up there, like an old patriarch, challenged. And receiving that challenge, Mr. Best about thirty just out of the cemetery. And so, I said cemetery. That's right. And so then, seminary, if you wish to call it that.
Anyhow, Brother Bosworth got up there and said, "I have (I forget how many) different Scriptures written here, Mr. Best, of Christ's present attitude in the New Testament towards the sick and afflicted. If you can take the Testament, or the Bible anywhere, and disprove anyone of them, I will walk off the platform like a gentleman." He was afraid to take the paper up. Brother Bosworth was astonished at him.
He said, "Then I will ask you one question. You answer me yes or no, it'll settle the thing forever."
"All right."
He said, "Was the redemptive Names of Jehovah applied to Jesus, yes, or no?" That settled it. If He's Jehovah-jireh, He's also Jehovah-rapha. All…?… If He was God's provided sacrifice, if He isn't Jehovah-jireh, then He is not the Saviour, He isn't the provided Sacrifice. That settled it altogether.

E-34 Best jumped up and down, and screamed, and stumped, and carried on, and snorted, and got angry, smacked the preacher, and so forth like that, preached a good Campbellite sermon there, and never said, talked about when… You…?… Divine healing? I Corinthians 15, when this mortal puts on immortality. Brother Bosworth said, "I believe that too, sir. But I'm talking about Divine healing now in the atonement."
Then he got all puffed up, and said, "Bring that Divine healer on."
Brother Bosworth said, "Ridiculous." Said, "Brother Branham don't claim to be a Divine healer; he only claims to–to be able to help the people by praying for them." Said, "Preaching Divine healing don't make him no more a Divine healer, than preaching salvation makes you a Divine Saviour." So he went on.
And after while he kept on. Brother Bosworth said, "I know Brother Branham is in the meeting." I was sitting twice the distance of this building, way back up. Said, "I know he's here. And if he wants to come and dismiss the audience, alone, let him come do it, but he is not necessary."
And the people begin to look around. I was setting there like that and listening to Brother Bosworth, and admiring him. And just as he said that, I felt the Holy Spirit move down. Oh, that same Wind that come, "Whew!" I looked around to my wife, looked back to my brother.
He said, "Set still, Bill."
I felt It again going, "Whew," Something moving. You can call me a fanatic if you want to, go ahead and you'll settle it at the judgment bar of God. I felt Something moving. I raised up.
Howard said, "Bill, set down."
I said, "Leave me alone, Howard, in the Name of the Lord. He's near."

E-35 About that time people begin screaming, thousands of them down there, ushers formed a big line. I went walking to the platform. I said, "I do not claim to be a Divine healer, and I'm sorry that Mr. Best, and none of you thinks bad of him. His mother loved him as well as my mother loves me. And that's all right. That's what we're Americans for and that's what they're dying on the battle front for, is so we can have our rights, and so forth. That's all right." But I said, "I disagree with him in the Scripture."
He said, "As a man," he said, "as a man, I admire you; but in Scripture, I disagree."
I said, "That's a mutual feeling." Went right on. So, then we're…
He said, "All right." He said, "Now, looky, he walked over there then after the little rally, it come about hitting the preacher.
So then, I said, "It's a shame, that people would try to debate such things, when right here." I said, "One thing Mr. Best says that I'd like to say, he said, 'He felt sorry for these people sitting around here with cancer and so forth. He felt sorry for them.'" I said, "I don't believe that's the truth. I don't believe he sincerely mean that, 'cause right back there in that audience sets people that a few nights ago were sitting here sick and afflicted with cancer and blindness like these people are, and there they are well. And he's trying to deprive these people of the only hope they have of living, and then say he's sincere, and feels sorry for them. I don't believe it."
He said, "Oh, Baptist don't believe such things as that." He said, "Only you bunch of crackpots believes such stuff as that." Said, "A Baptist don't believe in Divine healing."
Brother Bosworth said, "I beg your pardon. Just a moment." He said, "How many of you here in this church in this building, tonight…"
And there set a whole slew of Baptist ministers setting there, which Brother Richey just called them. Said, "Which one of you sent in here?" The Baptist church better watch then. There's thousands and thousands of members setting there. See?
So he said, none of them sent him; he sent hisself. The Baptist Conference wasn't going to be responsible for sending him; it was him hisself. All right.

E-36 Brother Bosworth said, "How many Baptist in here that goes to good Baptist church and has good fellowship, can say that–that they have been healed since Brother Branham has been here, by Divine healing, stand up?" And hundreds of them stood to their feet. Said, "What about that?"
You know what Brother Best said? He said, "Anybody could testify to anything, I wouldn't believe it anyhow." And walked away. Oh, my. Hallelujah. Watch.
Then I stood there and I said, "I do not claim to be a healer. When I was born it was told me that an Angel of God come near me. Here a few, two or three years ago over yonder, standing in a place, He commissioned me to go pray for the sick people, and so forth, which I'm to do, to pray." And I said, "I've got a letter right here now, and a cablegram from King George of England who is suffered multiple sclerosis, who was that man healed here in Fort Wayne, which was a friend to his private secretary. And he sent two cablegrams already for me to come pray for him, over there."
And I said, "King George of England, the highest king, the biggest, greatest king on earth today." And I said, "God told me, that Angel that sent from Him, said, 'I'd be praying for kings and great men and so forth, like doctors and so forth,' that has been healed right now in the meeting."
And I said, "I claim that I do not know nothing about their healing, only as I see, God shows me by His Spirit, and if I tell the truth, God will testify of the truth. If I am a liar, God will have nothing to do with me."
I said, "If I am a liar, God will never back up a lie." God's all truth. Is that right? I said, "If it's a lie, then God will have nothing to do with it." But I said, "If I speak the truth, my heavenly Father will speak of me." And about that time, here He come. "Whew." Hallelujah. There He come dropping down in the building, right over where I was at. Kipperman standing there snapped the picture, the one that taken the six pictures of Mr. Best.
I said, "He has spoken; that's all that's necessary." I walked away.
Even Catholic people setting there, watched and seen that vision, said, "What was That over that man?" And come give their hearts, said, "I want to serve Jesus Christ from this on."
Men looking in the audience, hushed. I walked on out. Mr. Kipperman went in; he said, "Well, what do you think that, Ted, or Ayers?"

E-37 And Ayers said, "I don't know." Said, "It's got me beat." They went on in and started developing the pictures. Kipperman, the Jew went upstairs to go to bed. And when he did, his father lived over the studio, Ayers, was going to… The Catholic boy was going to try to develop the pictures. And when he got it, he put them all through, developed them, smoked a cigarette, pulled one of them out, it was blank. The one he was going to take of Mr. Bosworth, when he was skinning him. It was blank. The one blank, the next one blank, and all six of them was blank. Not a one of them showed. God let him know Who was Boss. Then he pulled the next one out. And to his surprise, there was the Angel of the Lord, standing in a flaming fire over where I was standing. He grabbed his heart; he looked back. He dropped the negative; he screamed for Ted. He run…?… "Look at there; it struck the lens. It's the truth, Ted."
Said, "Maybe I've been wrong." There that night, even yet at eleven o'clock that negative went to Washington D.C. by plane, to be copyrighted, brought back. And George J. Lacy, the best there is in United States, on research was brought from California to Houston, Texas, for to take the negative under consideration. He kept it for days. He looked through the lights; he looked at the camera. He took everything, and 'fore he could sign, because he's a FBI agent today, the best they got. 'Fore he could put his name to anything, he went down, and then at the day when it was going to call out, he said, when he come out in the room, he said…?… "Who's name is William Branham?"
I said, "Mine, sir."
He said, "Stand up." I stood up. A red-headed man, rather hard-boiled at first. He said, "Rev. Branham," he said, "I had a good Christian mother; I was taught to believe." He said, "But you're going to pass out of this life like all mortals."
I said, "Yes, sir. I know that. But thank God, I'm ready."
He said, "But, as long as there's a Christian civilization…" He said, "I've criticized your meeting. I've said myself it was psychology." But said, "Rev. Branham, the mechanical eye of that camera will not take psychology." Said, "The light struck the negative." He said, "I'm ready to sign my name to a document." Said, "It was there. And It's the only supernatural Being was ever photographed in all the world's history."
People begin weeping and crying. There It is. We got permission to put It in the book back there, and there we stand today with It.

E-38 The day after that, Brother Bosworth come showed me a skeleton picture. Said, "Brother Branham, Florence Nightingale is calling from Durban, South Africa, come pray for her." Said, "She's the great-great granddaughter, something to late, Florence Nightingale of all the…"
I thought, "There is another one those renowns."
I said, "Brother Bosworth, and all these things going, I can't…" I'm fixing to close in a minute. I said, "I want you to get the last of this now, so that you'll know, and you'll hear me speak something just in a minute, I want you to mark it down." I said, "Brother Bosworth, I can't go, the way things are now. I can't do it." I said, "Let's pray." We knelt down on the floor, he and I, my little girl, and my wife, and we knelt in the floor, and prayed.
And I said, "God, if You'll heal this Miss. Nightingale, then that'll be sign for me to go to Africa, 'cause, I've always wanted to go down there to that, them people and take this to them." And I said, "If You'll heal her." I forgot about it. Weeks passed, six or eight weeks. The woman had to be held up. You seen her picture in "The Voice of Healing," we got it here just… There it is back there in the book also, just a skeleton standing. Well, it was…
She couldn't eat she had a–a cancer on the duodenum of the stomach like that, and duodenum of the stomach, and–big malignant growth that cut off. Nothing could go down. They give her glucose, till her veins collapsed, and that was all. And there, her laying there in that condition, dying, praying for me to come. And I said, "Lord, if You heal her… Weeks and weeks later, I landed in London, England. I was going to go down to see if the King George would–being in. So then, I–I heard them page me, and Brother Baxter went down there; he seen who it was. Florence Nightingale had found out, some way, I don't know, that I was coming to London, and she flew in just a little bit ahead of me.
And when she flew in there, I went to the… They wanted me to go out and see in it, and you couldn't even… She couldn't get out of the…?… thought she wasn't going to die. I had a minister take her to the house, after I went out to Buckingham Palace, back to Westminster Abbey, and the next morning I went into London. I will never forget this. Listen close now.
You couldn't go home if you was dismissed anyhow. It's pouring down raining. So you, listen just a moment. Maybe it'll cool off for tonight's service. Thank God for it.

E-39 Now, look. I went in; I will never forget this experience. We… They come and got me from Piccadilly Hotel, and we went up into this minister's place. And when I got up there, oh, if ever I seen a bad sickly sight, I seen it there. She couldn't move her hands. She was laying there. And she was trying to move her lips. Her nurse got down, two of them, and they said, "Have Brother Branham to ask God to let me die." How could I ask God to let her die?
And the nurse said, "Brother Branham," said, "she prayed so hard. She has always believed if she could ever get where you were at, that God would heal her.
Oh, when I think of that… I stood there. There was Brother Baxter, Brother Lindsey, Brother Moore, those Anglican ministers, all of them standing there and the nurses, a dying woman. She was trying to move her lips, something else and some tears rolling down her cheeks, just bones.
The nurse got down said, "She wants me to lift her hand up to you. And they lifted that skeleton hand, put in mine, just as hard as that bone. What a feeling. And she said something. The nurse got down; she wants you to see her body, this is a mixed audience, but remember me like a doctor. They took the sheet from over her. Oh, if your heart would sink. As a woman is in her bosom is in her bosom here, all sunk through to her ribs, just ribs laying there, just a frame like some mummy. And her body down in here, her hips, even the… so thin until the ring of the hip, the skin was sticking between, stuck together between there. Oh, I don't see how they could move the poor thing. Why she was living, I don't know. The thickest parts about her was right here in the stomach part and it was just about like that. I never seen… Her legs was about that big around.
I said, "Can she move?"
Said, "No, she's perfectly helpless." Said, "She wants you." Said, "She–she wants to die, but she's tried to see you." Said, "I…" The nurse said, "I believe she'll die now right away, Brother Branham." Said, "'Cause she has wanted to see you before she died."
Oh, my. I looked at the poor thing. I thought, "Oh, I'm… Jesus." I said, "Let's pray, brethren." All of them gathered together, knelt down around the bed, and around praying. There was a little window like this. Now, if I can geographically get myself, the window set that way, and it's awful foggy and dark in England. It was around April. It was kind of foggy day, and the window was up: two story. And it was up like this there. It was business. You know how England is, you just come from there.

E-40 So I–I knelt this way, positioned to the east, would be from there, and all of them knelt, and I was to lead in prayer. And I said, "Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name." And about time I said that, something come flutter, flutter, flutter, flutter, coming through the bushes, like that. And a little turtledove come set on the window. He begin to walk back and forth, up and down, right above me, about that far, looking down going, "Coo, coo, coo, coo." Little restless fellow walking up-and-down the window sill, pacing.
And I said, "Almighty God, the Creator of heavens and earth, and the Giver of all good gifts, I pray Thee, that Thy blessings may rest upon this poor dying mortal. And Almighty God Who separated me from my mother, and fed me all the days of my life, knows that in my heart, I can't ask for her death, when she's prayed so hard for her life. O God, You said, 'The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man,' and I know that a righteous man is not righteous in hisself, but in trusting in the grace of Jesus Christ, I ask You to be merciful to her." And I said, "God, no more can I do, but I commit her to You now. Oh, my Father, hear me in the Name of Your Son, Jesus." And I said, "Amen."
When I said, amen, the little turtledove had just constantly walked real restless up-and-down there, and he flew away. And when he flew away, those ministers had done quit praying, and was watching the dove. So when I raised up they said, "Did you notice that dove?"
And I started to say, "I…" And when I did, something caught me, I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, this woman will live and not die." Hallelujah. I could've been more and knowed no more than what I was going to say from ten years from today at this same time. But He spoke it. And from that hour, and today, she's in perfect health, a hundred and fifty-five pounds, as normal as any person could be. There you are.

E-41 Moving into Africa, quickly. I stopped, that was the only place that I knowed I was going to Durban, that's where she was from. I promised God I'd go. When I moved into Durban, Brother Bosworth and I just made scrap on the way there, but truth is truth. I moved in, we was having a wonderful meeting. And God had done so many marvelous works, I tell you, it was enough to alarm anything. Even two Dutch Reformed ministers, Brother Jackson, here acquainted with what I'm going to say. Two Dutch Reformed ministers was arguing.
I have the shirt, they–they done sent it to me, Brother…?… It hasn't arrived yet, and neither has the zebra skins, or anything has arrived. But they sent this shirt in. This Dutch Reformed went over and told another, said, "This is the day of our visitation. And you should hear."
The other Dutch Reformed said, "He's nothing but a spiritualist."
The other one said, "Did you ever see a spiritualist heal the sick?"
He said, "I will go out and pray for your soul," one saying to the other. The one went back to the yard, knelt down, and got under a peach tree, and begin to pray, "God, have mercy on his friend's soul." And when he did, he said, "Down before him came the Angel of the Lord in a whirl." And in there, it moved back, and an Angel come and laid His hand on his shoulder, and told him to return to his friend. And when he went back in he said, what had happened. And here the next day, it come out, this minister turned around and looked and there on the man's shirt was the scorched print of the Angel's hand laying on his shirt. Hallelujah.

E-42 Headlines through the biggest paper in South Africa. Is that right, brother? There the brother, sister knowed him. Standing there, there it is…?… pretty soon, it's sent to me now to be translated over into English. There the ministers eyes like this. And they took me down there and took my left hand, and laid it on the left hand just perfectly covered it exactly.
Well, the man was standing there, with the man and the shirt, and the minister looking at him. And a second from then, oh, not a second, I'd say, three minutes from then, there, he said, "Something struck him like fire on his back, and there was the Angel of God, Who he said was in a whirl, just exactly have been exposed, testifying, he was telling the man the truth." Signs and wonders of everything…
Finally he told me, said, "You're going down around Cape Town, and down through that way, and making an itinerary."
I said, "That's all right with me, Brother Baxter. We're having a wonderful time here, thousands and thousands and thousand are coming." I said, "Why not stay here?" I said, "Where is Durban?" I thought Durban was in Rhodesia. My wife was writing me, Durban, Southern Rhodesia. And that's like writing Hammond, Canada. See? It's another nation.
So I was… I said, "Where should we…" I said… Brother Baxter said, "Well, they got an itinerary set for you to go way down through there."
I said, "That's all right with me, doesn't matter."

E-43 Listen closely, now. I'm going to close just in a moment. So that night, I remember, when I went in to pray. The Angel of the Lord come near me, He said, "Don't go down there." Said, "Don't you go." He said, "You stay right here in Johannesburg for two more weeks. Then go over to your place for a rest, to go hunting." Which the man had already fixed up. Then He said, "You go to Durban, and stay a month."
I said, "Yes, Lord."
Said, "Tomorrow they're going to pull you out to a doctor. But don't pronounce him well, because he's not going to get well." And said, "Don't you do that." And said, "Your manager tomorrow is going to show you a peculiar bird, a flying." Said, "And then you're going to find a native bead salesmen, setting on the side of the road with a skinned placed on the side of her head." That's just the way it happened the next day, just word by word.
I said, "Brother Baxter, I'm not going down there."
"Well, their national committee," said, "you're… got to go."
I said, "Oh, no, I don't. No, no." I said, "I only do what God tells me to do." And I said, "I don't go, but where He tells me to go."
"Oh," but said, "you think the Lord speaks to somebody else besides you?" One of the committee men said.

E-44 Now, now my brothers, I'm not throwing off on preachers; you're godly men. You're doing a lot for this meetings and so forth, there's godly preachers, but if you ever want to get in trouble, just get muddled up with a bunch of preachers. That's right. That's the reason I keep clear of them. That's right. Now, that's right.
They said, "The Lord speaks to us, as well as He speaks to you."
I said, "Korah had that same thought, one day." That's right. I said, "I know…"
He said, "Well, the Lord told us to make that itinerary."
I said, "Maybe He did. But He told me not to take it. Now, you can decide for yourself. I'm not going." And I went on back in. And here done come the cars.
Brother Baxter said, "Brother Branham, you're–you're going to have to make some kind of a move."
I said, "Well, I'm not going."
And he said, "Well, I'd at least go to this one, then we can get it later," said, "they're already out here waiting."
And I said, "Brother Baxter, remember, in the Name of the Lord I speak. It's not God's will."
He said, "Well, Brother Branham, it's great now."
I said, "I don't care what they say down there; God told me not to do it." And went on down.
I started in with Mr. Schoeman, the chairman. I said, "Mr. Schoeman look, God is telling me not to do this. You are deliberately taking possession and doing things that you shouldn't do. Remember."
He said, "Brother Branham, I'm just one of the committee. The committee says, we've got to do it. We promised Brother So-and-so, we'd bring you there. We promised Brother…"
There–there you are. Uh-huh! "No matter what you promised Brother So-and-so, God told me not to do it." And I said, "I–I'm not going."

E-45 So he kept on, went a little further, about sixty miles out of town, going little Klarksdorf. Is that the name of the little place, Klarksdorf? Going down through there. We was going along. I said, "Stop, Brother Schoeman. Just stop. Let the rest of them catch up." And then here they all come up, caught up.
Brother Schoeman walked back said, "You have to go talk to him. He's still determined he's not going to do it."
Brother Baxter come over there, and he said, "Brother Branham," Brother Baxter is listening at me now, said, "Brother Branham," said, "I believe if they've got that committee already formed, you should go ahead."
I said, "Brother Baxter, listen to me." Now, it goes to show, I will show you the lesson of it. No matter if he's my manager, he's a good man, a religious man, a fine man, a Christian man, full of the Holy Ghost. But God is my Guide. And God was trying to get that to me.
He said, "Brother Branham, as he already, here's what you're saying. You saying you're going out to Jackson's farm to hunt, like that."
Said, "I didn't mention hunting."
He said, "Them–them brothers think millions of people laying down here suffering and you go hunting."
I said, "If I never seen another gun, or never fired another gun, it doesn't matter to me. God said so." He seen that break between there. He kept me under too long, it would be like I was about three years, laid up for eight months. Couldn't stay too long. I said, "God said so. And I must do it."

E-46 So they argued and argued around there. And I walked over there and got hold of some of that, I guess it was wild locust, is it? Is that what? It kind of looks like a locust, I guess. I pulled some branches off the trees, walked back out there, where those ministers was standing. And threw it over their feet like that, and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, if we go down, even to Klarksdorf, you'll suffer the results. You got me here. I haven't even got money to pay my way back. You–you got me here, and I can't go back, 'cause I couldn't go back. He told me to ahead to Johannesburg. You got me sewed up here." I said, "You'll see, as Paul said one day, you should've listened to me." See?
I said, "There God's a blessing, there even the Medical Association called me up the next morning, wanted to take me out to breakfast."
Said, "Brother Branham, you've done more for the people here in South Africa than half the missionaries that come over here in fifty years, already." The Medical Association… They dismissed the hospitals and they come by the stretchers and everything else. Yes, sir. Said, "We believe Divine healing the way you preach it."
I said, "Sir, I'm not a fanatic. I always tell what's truth."
He said, "We like your way of doing it. We believe that that's right." Said, "We're Christian men, and we believe it. And we give you the right hand of fellowship." And there it was. You see the pictures in the books where the ambulances, the nurses, was lined everywhere. Anybody wanted to come could come to the meeting. All right.

E-47 Then I went on, and then we started on down. When we got to Klarksdorf that night, oh, my. It was a discredit to the place. There was the people lined up on the hills and everything else, not enough room to take care of them in the city, no place to eat, no place stay. And I stayed at a ministers house. And just about time they got ready to bring me to the meeting, you know what happened? A tropical storm hit that country. I'm telling you, and from about seven thirty, till about ten thirty, it was one constant roar and flash and lightning. You ain't had no storm around here. You ought to see an African storm, one time. Oh, my. Like to have drowned everybody. We come back up to the building where we was, and I stayed right in the house. After they done dismissed, and Brother Bosworth went over and got some people over in a little building of some sort, was playing for them to come back up, I walked in, and I said, "Do you believe me?"
"Well, that was just a storm. That could happen."
I said, "All right." Let it be like that.
And the next night, they liked to froze to death, a blizzard swept through, come back up there and I said, "Now do you believe me? Tomorrow night we will have an earthquake." See? I said, "We're out of the will of the Lord." I said, "You just might as well…"
They got to arguing. "Well, we promised Brother So-and-so."

E-48 And now here, not to no discredit… F. F. Bosworth, sitting there, is one of the… Is as good a friends, and as close a brother to me as there is in this world. That old man has become a part of my heart, like me, he to be my daddy. But just as God trying to let me know that you can't put, in this kind of a spirit, or gift, or this kind of a gift, you've got to follow God.
Brother Bosworth come to me, and he's a witness standing there; he said, "Brother Branham, I think you are wrong." He said, "I believe if you'll go down that way, around Cape Town, you'll see the exceedingly, the abundantly, the best you've ever seen in all your life." And there sets Brother Bosworth as a witness.

E-49 I said, "Brother Bosworth, as long as I've been with you, and you seen those visions and seen how they come to pass, and I tell you now in the Name of the Lord, that it is not God's will for us to do that. We're to go Durban, not down to Cape Town. And you mean to tell me…"
Said, "Well," he said, something or another about I wonder if it could have been a false vision. One…"
I said, "Well, Brother Bosworth." There's nearly my–my–my–my second daddy, the man that I loved, the very bosom. And I looked and I said, "Oh, God, "Have mercy." Fifteen thousand miles away from home, and there my manager and Brother Baxter, and Brother Bosworth, and everybody, I said, "God, what can I do?" I walked back in there, I said, "Brother, I'm trapped. But not in God. I tell you in the Name of the Lord: I shall not take that–that way there."
They said, "Is it…" Well, somebody thought up, "Could it be then the permissive will of God?" Well, when something was named about the permissive…
"Oh, well."
I said, "God might permit it, but it ain't His will."
Well, when the permissive will, you know what happened, Brother Bosworth, everybody, "Well, go in and ask Him. Go in and see."
And I walked in, and my poor little boy setting here behind me, we was sleeping in the same room. Little Billy come in and put his arm around me, he said, "Daddy, don't you listen to them preachers. You listen to what God's a telling you, daddy."
And I said, "Pray with me, Billy." We knelt down. Of course, he got tired, he don't know much about it, so he went to bed. I stayed there. A long towards three o'clock in the morning, I raised up. I felt It just like a standing there. He moved around this side.
I said, "My Lord." I said, "What are these men telling me out here?"

E-50 He said, "Go with them, go on." But said, "you'll pay for it." Said, "You're trapped, but you–you'll pay for it. Go on with them, and I will give you the permission to go, but remember, you'll pay for it." And said, "For that, go, wake up your boy." He honored Billy. He said, "Go, wake up your boy," because Billy had the truth. And He come said, "Go, wake up your boy, and tell him in the morning, it's going be a pretty day. The storm and things will clear away. And in the morning it'll be a pretty day. And they'll want you to go pray for the sick at Sunday school. I will bless it." He said, "And Billy is going to come after you, and a man, a young fellow in a little black car, and he's going to pick up another boy on the road. On a road back, there's going to be a native, a colored man, we'd call it here, standing by a eucalyptus tree, near a bridge, fixing to strike another one. He has got a white safari suit on, fixing to strike another one with a stick. Tell your boy that. And tell those men that, so that they'll know that it's THUS SAITH THE LORD."
I woke Billy up and I said, "Billy, boy, God has honored you, son. And here's what shall come to pass. And I told him." I went into Brother Bosworth. Is that right, Brother Bosworth? If that's right, raise up your hand so the people can see.
I walked into Brother Bosworth; I said, "Brother Bosworth, Brother Baxter, all the rest of you, Brother Stadsklev, all of you here. THUS SAITH THE LORD, God told me to go ahead with you, but it's His permissive will, and it'll never be successfully. God wants me to go back to Johannesburg, then up to Brother Jackson's, then over to Durban for a month." Little did we know then that they had the segregation all through there, didn't know it until we got to Durban. They didn't have the segregation in Durban, the only place in South Africa they didn't have the segregation; where the natives could come in. Then that's what we went for. And then, when we got…
We started off the next morning. It was a pretty morning. Got up, they went down, and sure enough they sent back for me to come in Sunday school, I done preparing myself, didn't eat, and waiting for the Spirit of the Lord. And when Billy come in, he said, "Daddy," and I looked out there.
I said, "Where did you pick up that boy?"
Said, "Just as you said, standing down on the corner."

E-51 We got out and got in the car, Billy sitting in front. Nobody speaks to me while we're going along, under the anointing, no one talks. And then, going down, Billy was happening just rubbing his hand across the back of my hand, laying there, he was patting my hand. He said, "Daddy, looky there."
And there standing with a white a safari suit on, a native, standing near a eucalyptus tree by a bridge, fixing to strike another one with a stick. I said, "You remember, what I told you this morning?" The little fellow cried. I said, "There it is, Billy. That's the right a way to go, but we'll pay for it."
And Brother Bosworth, as a witness of God, the very next meeting hell broke loose. Is that right? Trouble set in. And it was that way till we got plumb to Durban. And there Durban, where nearly a hundred thousand people had gathered for the meeting, and so forth, and there's where the thirty thousand converts was, in a day. On the road around, I got a great… Brother Baxter got sick first. He really got sick. Billy got sick. All of them got sick, all–all of my bunch. Billy and I, and Brother Baxter. Then I got sick, and I really got sick, I mean. I was so sick, I couldn't even get to the pulpit hardly, I'd stand just so weak, oh, so sick. My. And come to find out I had caught African ameba.

E-52 And then when they brought me home, I suffered. I suffered with it. When a little doctor, lives across, Doctor Sam Adair to me… I spoke to him about it. He said, "Billy, that thing can kill you in ten hours." Said, "Gets in the blood stream. If it goes to the liver, you die, or goes to your liver, it'll burst. If they can drain you, you live. If it goes to the heart or to the brain, it kills you… If finishes you in ten hours. You take a real heavy fever and you're done": African ameba. It's a… It's not a bacteria; it's a–it's a parasite, like little barnacles that gets into the intestinal tract, and comes from the Indians. And they stick right in there and suck the blood, or the mucus out of the tracts, until they bury themself. There's no medicine can touch them hardly. They haven't got a treatment, hardly… And then on and on, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, I got and on and on, and on and on. And now, you wonder why I've been out in meetings for eight months. And Brother Bosworth, here's another thing. I speak this in the Name of the Lord. When I stood at Shreveport, Louisiana, God knows I'm saying this.
I said, "Satan has a trap set for me," when I prophesied under the Spirit. Then I said, "In Africa, there's something. You all pray for me." Little did I know that it was among my brethren. But there was a trap. And then when we left there, the colored south, I said, "If I'm taking this, but we'll probably be out of meetings between six months and a year." You remember saying that, Brother Bosworth? Is that right? Seven months has passed, this is going in the eighth since the meeting.

E-53 A dysentery, couldn't hardly stand up, so sick. I'd pray. I'd pray. I'd walk the floor and I'd cry. I'd pray. I'd walk the floor. And I'd cry. And people would come. There come Hyman Appleman friends, and all them; they leaned across the table and said, "Brother Branham, this ministry," said, "we've been to the schools, but we believe the teachers are wrong." Said, "We want to know the supernatural." And here I was so sick and trembling myself, I couldn't hardly move.
I went down to see Brother Bosworth; we knelt and had prayer, and so forth. Nothing, looked like God had shut the heavens up. I walked back and forth across the floor. And seemed like He'd say, "Now, the next time you'll listen." For months after months, and finally, Dr. Sam come over to where I was one night; we was sitting there talking. He said, "I want you to pray for a certain fellow, down here, Billy, that's got a… He's a neurotic. He set in my office, started talking." He said, "What about the ameba, how's things getting along?"
I said, "Oh, it's… Told him the symptoms of it; and he said, "Oh, Billy. My boy." He said, "You… There isn't nothing can touch it now. It's gone."
I said, "Oh, my." I said, "God have mercy, have mercy." I walked the floor.

E-54 And one night, when coming back across the seas, I said to Brother Bosworth; I said, he said, "Oh, Brother Branham," he put his arms around me, said, "I'm so proud of you, my boy." Brother Bosworth.

E-55 I said, "I have fought a good fight, Brother Bosworth. I'm forty years old." I said, "My, I guess she's all over now."
Said, "Forty years old," said, "I was your age 'fore I got converted. Boy, you're just starting." Like that.
And I just begin to think like that, you know. And then, that night I was laying there on the bed, and I said. I sit in a room to myself, with a little… my little girl, my little five year old girl. My wife was in the next room. There'd been people there all day.
Now, as I close, here's what taken place. Write this down. Remember this. Keep it in your mind. As it was prophesied, Brother Upshaw, and you all over in Finland, when you seen the resurrection of the little boy, and so forth, knowed about that when you was told. I want you to put this down also.

E-56 I was laying there one morning about three o'clock in the morning. And I was thinking, "Oh, what will be my future? What will be the outcome?" And while I was laying there, I fell into a trance. And here come One walking to me. Oh, my. I looked at Him. He walked straight to me, stern. "As thou was thinking of what would be your future…"
I said, "Yes."
He grabbed up a piece of paper; it was like that, and folded them like typewriter paper, like that, held it out like this, and He stood beside me like that, and swirled them like that, they went plumb up into the heavens. And He said, "Your future is clear."

E-57 When I come out of it, I said, "O God, I wanted to talk You so much." He never comes but one time, one at a time. I said, "Lord, I was wanting to talk You so much. If Thy servant has found favor in Your sight, will You return again, great Holy Spirit to me again?" And then I felt It coming. "Whew."
And as I went that time, I seen Him walk to me, He said, "You've been fearing about that ameba condition."
I said, "Yes. Will it ever leave me and bother me any more?"
He said, "Never no more." That settled it.
Then He come again. He said, "You've been thinking on these things, about how you should conduct your meeting, and them telling you about other man who conducts their meeting." Said, "You do just as I lead you to do. Whatever meeting, let it provide for itself."

E-58 Then just then, He taken me out in the Spirit. Listen, Brother Jackson, you never heard this, none of the rest have. And He set me down at Durban, South Africa, in that same booth, standing there before those tens of thousands, and thousands of people there. And I looked and I seen all that meeting gather together, and fade off to my right. Geographically, I was standing this way. And it faded to the left going this way, turning blue. And then right before me, stood blocked off streets like that, with people standing there, with their hands up praising God. Then He turned me to the east, and looked that way. And I seen people standing there with clouts, like on, like the Indians wear. And there were thousands of them, and they had their hands up air, just a praising God and screaming and praising God. And I couldn't even see the end of them. And just about that time, come a great Angel from heaven, and stood be–over the top of me here, with a big Light. And that Light like on the end of one of these here operating lights on the front of a–of a big locomotive, and begin to throw. And the hillsides were sitting black and standing with people for a mile away nearly.

E-59 And I said, "Oh, are they all black people?" Then He turned my face here in front of me, to Durban again, and there was beautiful white men and women, standing with their hands up in the air, praising God. Then He turned me back again, and the great Light started going way back over the hills and showing. Then the Angel drew near. And I heard Him scream with a Voice, that shook me from the vision. Said, "There'll be three hundred thousand of them in that meeting. THUS SAITH THE LORD mark it in your book." I come out of it. I said, "My Lord and my God. Thanks be to You. I appreciate the stripes and the whipping that You give me for disobeying You. But from this on, Lord, knowingly, if I ever know again, I will never tie myself up with a bunch of nobody else preachers, managers, or no one else, but what I will be free to do what You say do. And I will go just where You say go, and do just what You say do the rest of my life. And I will always try to do just as You say do." And about that time, here He come again. And I seen my Bible rise off the table, and come over to me like this. It was turned over to the place where Paul, in the storm, said, "You should have listened to Me, and not have loosed from Crete, but nevertheless, the Angel of the Lord Who stood by me, and so forth…"

E-60 Then He turned right back to Joshua the 1st chapter, and a finger placed on there said, "No man shall stand before you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so will I be with you." And reading it right on down through the lines, there come back, it said, "Only be strong and very courageous."
I come to myself. And I said, "My God." My body was weak, I'd been under It for about three hours. Just then a little wee knock come at the door. It was my beloved wife coming with a baby on her arm; she said, "Bill, something has happened."
I said, "What's the matter?"
She said, "At three o'clock this morning the baby woke up, and I started to come in," never before in our life, she said, "and Something stopped me there at the door, before I come through the hall, and said, 'Don't go in there. A vision's going on that cannot be interrupted.'" Oh, amazing grace.
I said, "Yes, honey." And I told her, and I grabbed my Bible, and wrote it all out on the flyleaf, so I'd be sure to know it, like that, and got it out like that.

E-61 We went on out to breakfast, and here come my mother-in-law, very staunch Christian. She said, "What's happened up here this morning?" Said, "I got up and started to wash the dishes," and said, "a Voice spoke to me and said, 'Go up to Billy's right away.'"
And I said, "Sister Broy, the Angel of the Lord has appeared to me and told me, 'Forget about the ameba. It's going to be all right. And I'm going to have a meeting that's going to consist of three hundred thousand people.' And God," I said, "my ministry is just now beginning." I said, "I want to base it; I want to tear that thing out from where it was, and get rid of all these here leaches, and things a hanging on, so I can get to the people and tell them what's the truth." And that's right. I said, "I'm tired of this and the man-made stuff anyhow. And I'm going to be where God can use me. I'm going to live right in that channel, as long as I live."

E-62 I went down there and they called me up, the man did, said, "You better come on down and pick up these canceled checks on account of the income." Said, "You got to make out a return, which I don't have very much to pay: seven dollar and fifty cents." But I had to go down and pick up the canceled checks.
As I started back through the bank, I saw all them fellows was hollering, "Hello, Brother Branham. Hello, Brother Branham," the tellers. And as I started back through, Something said to me, "Stop."
And I felt Something lay on my shoulder. And I thought, "Oh, I just imagined that." You know, started on. I thought, "No. No. There's something wrong. Who is looking at me now?" I looked around. I didn't see anybody. I thought, "Lord, You're near. What's happened?"
And I seen little Bobby…?… over there, looking down like that. And Something said, "Go over and talk to him."
I said, "How are you, Bobby?"
He said, "Just fine, Brother Branham, I guess."
I said, "Look like you're sad this morning."
He said, "Brother Branham, look." He said, "All my people nearly has died with cancer." He said, "I… Just as sure as the world I got it." He said, "I'm bleeding through the bowels and everything." Said, "You know the funniest thing happened, Brother Branham, being that you're standing here." He said, "This morning at three o'clock, I woke up in the room," and said, "there was a Voice said to me, 'See Billy Branham, today.'"
I had a hold of his hands; I said, "Bobby, everything has been going like that this morning." I told him about it. That's been about two or three months ago. I met him again the other day; he said, "Brother Branham, I haven't had a bleeding from that day since." He said, "I've been healed since that day," a teller in the bank. Three confirmations, it shall come to pass. Remember that.

E-63 You love Him? What am I trying to say now? Jesus is here with us. I've kept you longer than I should, yes, way longer. I'm so sorry. Forgive me, just enthused. But that you might understand that the same God… How many believes that the Pillar of Fire, the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel was the Angel of the Covenant? Let's see your hand. That was our Lord Jesus. Is that right? It was Christ, the Anointed.
Well, look. He appeared to Moses, but it wasn't because He was with Moses. He's with the whole church. Is that right? Could it be possible that this same Pillar of Fire that we see taken here now, could that be the Angel of the Covenant? Could it be our Lord Jesus Christ? Could the Angel of the Lord Who appeared to Paul out there, Who told Peter on the house top, all these things, like He did in the days of Agabus, and so forth? Isn't that the very analysis, the very symptoms, the very same thing that He did in the days, in the New Testament? Then look, Christians, Holy Ghost filled people look this way. Then the sign of the Old Testament, Jehovah God, the Pillar of Fire, is with us. And the same God that was with the apostles, our Lord Jesus Christ, is with us undisputably through science, through the world, through the Christians, through the church, through everything is perfectly a vindicated. It's the same today.
The both New and Old Testaments… God of the Old Testament was Jesus of the New, and the Holy Spirit of today. You know that. Don't you believe that? To blaspheme the Holy Ghost today, is just the same penalty, or worst, than blaspheming Jesus Christ, or God the Father. Don't you believe that?

E-64 Now, what more? Now, look. If the world calls us crazy. If the world thinks that we are just about half off up here… Look. Because that those signs appeared just where I'm at, and this Angel of the Lord, and so forth, that doesn't mean that it's just me, friends. What does that mean? What is God trying to get to you? He's trying to get to you to this, that I am telling you the truth. He's a vindicating me by His truth. See what I mean? And I'm telling you of Jesus Christ, and He's coming down confirming that I'm telling the truth. What kind of people should we be? Patriarchs has longed to see this day. Wesley, Moody, Sankey, Finney, Knox, Calvin, all of them longed for this day. And here we set today, scared to move. Oh, my, my, my.
Because the world makes fun of you, because you got something out there, people criticize you. They did the same thing about Israel. Didn't the false prophet Balaam, thought surely that God would curse Israel, because they'd done just about as much as the holiness churches done today. Every unclean thing that could be done, and could be done, they did it. But Balaam failed to see the blood on the altar. He failed to see the atonement made that was standing between Israel. And here's where it is today. People, you are God called and chosen. I'm not ashamed to take myself with you. I'm numbered with you. "In the way that's called heresy, so worship I the God of our fathers."

E-65 There's things in your church that I don't endorse. There's things that you do that I don't endorse. Sometimes feel like I ought to give you a whipping for it and things like that. But all the time right down in the bottom of it, you're my brother and sister. You're my own. And I love you.
When there's a bunch of Branham's we get back in the back yard, and fight and smack one another, but don't let nobody else smack us. See what I mean? I'm with you. And you've got a truth, because sincerely, without knowledge maybe, you're all scrupled up in this, that, or the other; but you've come sincerely to God and believed on Him, and accepted Him, and believed it. And God, in return, has give you the Holy Ghost as a witness. And now, leaders has come in with denominations and broke you up in sectarianism, and caused you to hate your brother, and turn this way and that way. [Brother Branham hits something–Ed.] Don't want that thing anyhow.
Look, notice. But all the time, no matter if you belong to the Assembly of God, or the Church of God, or the Pilgrim Holiness, whatever it is, if you're born again, you're brothers and sisters in Christ. And as long as the Devil can keep you separated and angry at one another… [Portion of tape missing–Ed.] [The portion which follows was on the beginning of the evening service tape–Ed.]

E-66 Oh, how I feel now. Our heavenly Father, I love You with all my heart. Your Spirit's moving through the building. My soul seems to be catching away. O Jehovah, You Who come and is standing here now in the form of that Pillar of Fire. As the world can't say it isn't so, they see it. There it is, scientifically proven. The Church believes it. God, You speak each night, and vindicate it's the truth.
Truly, we're not much in this world, we're looked down upon, but, God, we believe we're accepted in Christ Jesus, and He in return, has give us the Holy Ghost. We love Him, that great, third Person of the trinity Who burns through our hearts. And we love Him. O Holy Spirit, I thank You for Your Divine leading, and how You led me here to Hammond. And God, in that great matter of last night, God bless that young woman. Make her that, out yonder, Lord, to win souls after souls of them lost out yonder. Grant it, Lord.

E-67 Come down tonight, Lord, and may this be the exceedingly, abundantly tonight. I've spoken just a few things from that which is truth. Thou has vindicated to be sure that it's right. And God, this may be my last visit to Hammond before the judgments of God strike. But if it is, I have given my voice to all that I know how. You have spoke in like manner, that I have told the truth. God, I commit it to You from this on. I go forward, into this meeting now, the rest of this week, to do everything that I know how to do to serve You, and to speak, as You would have.
Bless every one. May there not be a feeble one among us when Sunday night comes, a week from now. Grant it, Lord. In the Name of Thy Son Jesus, I ask it. Amen.
All right. Brother Bosworth, if you'll come take the platform. God bless you.

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