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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Expectations #3 was delivered on Sunday, 21st December 1947 at the Shriner Temple in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
The tape, number 47-1221, is not available any more.

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E-1 Dear fr… [–Ed.] It was miracle after miracle performed: deaf, dumb, blind, lame, and everything. A man come up on the platform totally blind, received his sight; followed me all around, circling around through the platform, down the aisle like that. And another man come up blind, received his sight. There was, oh, some three or four younger women, and young girls, little children that were just as cross-eyed, hideously cross-eyed, and were healed right there.
And two doctors standing there, right one… both of them right from my right side, checking it, watching it, and checking the patients and so forth. And come to the microphone and testified that they perfectly… That was medical doctors; one's a specialist in San Francisco, California.

E-2 So God is God. He's still the great I AM, not the I was, I AM, now, present tense. And He's–He always here to heal to those who believe. But only those who believe are the only ones that's going to be healed, regardless. You've got to believe it.
If you would… God might permit you right here this afternoon to get up and be crippled, and you walk around on this platform. You could walk off, and doubt and unbelief hit your heart, your condition will come right back to you again. And if you walk off and don't serve Him, a worse thing's going to come back to you again. That's right. You must serve God reverently all your life, believing Him with all your heart.

E-3 And now, today, we got plenty of time this afternoon, because we're going to pray for everybody in the building this afternoon. 'Cause we got time to do it. And then before leaving, I want to pray for everyone 'fore leaving Phoenix. And I won't talk to you very much, because I want to put the time in. You've got good preachers here. You got a fine bunch of ministers. And they preach; and I'm not a preacher in the first place. So you can… These ministers can speak to you as they did this morning in their services.
And how many attended church this morning, let's see your hands, all over the building? Well, that's fine. And how many intended to attend tonight, let's see your hands, all over the building, going to go to church tonight? That's fine. That's about one third of you that didn't; I hope you do tonight. I hope you go to church tonight. Go somewhere to church. Don't never miss going to church on Sunday. And… for the prayer meeting.

E-4 We need people, who have no churches here, who's struggling. My advice would be for you to stand at your post of duty just as loyal as you can to the cause of Christ, and back up your minister and everything that's–that's–that's going on, and–for the cause of Christ. And do that, and God will bless you. The only way that you can respect God is to respect one another. Is that right?
If you want somebody to say something good about you, you say something good about somebody else; they'll say something good about you. Cast your bread upon the water; it will return to you. As the brother said in Canada the other day said, "Yes, Brother Branham buttered it." So that's about right. You see, if you'll just cast it upon the water, it'll return buttered. That's the way, 'cause I'm…?… So you do… You do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. So that's a good thing to live by.

E-5 Now, I want to take just a little of time to explain to you a few things that's very essential. And some of the things that I think that hinders our services many places, is because of the lack of time of staying. I don't get to stay long enough in the place. Maybe two days, three days, or something like that. The meetings should stay thirty days.
That sounds like a long time. But I've noticed this: that every day that I stay, the next day it's a larger crowd with new enthusiasm. And each day just builds, and builds, and builds. And then the healing results is… Oh, there's no comparison to the difference.
Now, it's just like in our meeting here at Phoenix; we have one Sunday, the devil gets a chance to snuff the minds over 'fore I can get back again next Sunday. That's right. You've got to take the thing and hit it, and just keep driving it. You can't tap a nail, and then walk on off, and let the kids play with it around awhile, and then come back next Sunday and tap it again. You've got to drive that nail right on home, like that, anchor it down into the wood.

E-6 Well, that's the way it is with faith. You've got to get it anchored in the people. They'll run in here one Sunday, just a few moments, they're restless, "I'm a going to get prayed for?" They'll rush through a prayer line, not even knowing what they're coming through about. The next week, get around some critics, say, "Aw, there's nothing to that. I know Jim Jones' wife was prayed for. Didn't help her a bit." That's right. It wasn't for Jim Jones' wife. It's for you who believes. That's for believers. It's only for believers. And remember, if you do not have faith, it will not do you any good.
Now, in the first place, this gift was not given to do the work that I'm doing with it now in these auditorium meetings. That's not God's Divine plan for doing it. The Divine plan for God is if I had the opportunity to stay just a few weeks here to explain it all. It comes by revelation.
At nighttime, in daytime, when I meet this Angel, He will send me to a place. He will say, "You go to a place." I've never seen it before.

E-7 Let me give you an illustration, something like it, and you might understand. He will… I'll go into a place just as natural as I'm standing here. Maybe there's a lady meets me at the door. She has on a red sweater. And in the yard, there lays an old hoe laying. I noticed it as I come in the gate. And there's a Bible laying on the–on the washstand, and there's somebody laying in a bed crippled.
Well now, I go to that house, by and by I find the place. And when I go to that house, I see the hoe laying in the yard. Yes, the lady with the red sweater on meets me at the door. I go in. But the Bible's not laying on the washstand; it's laying on the desk. Now, I cannot say, THUS SAITH THE LORD. I can't tell them until somebody picks up that Bible and puts it over here on the washstand, not knowing what they're doing. Then you can stand and say, THUS SAITH THE LORD. And… [–Ed.]

E-8 This one'll come to me, "Brother Branham, am I going to get well?" I–I–I trust you will, sister. This–this one'll come to me, "What about this one? We hear my uncle, my… oh…" Why, just run you wild. If you let that keep on your mind all the time, why you'd soon be a mental case (You see?), not–wouldn't take but a few hours to do it. Well then, I don't know about that.
But in these auditorium meetings, the reason that we permit them, there is a great amount of people. Now, this Angel very seldom sends until some case… But I notice, when He sends me to a case, there's more glory seen of God there than if you had fifteen auditorium meetings. That's right. Because you go with THUS SAITH THE LORD. And there it happens.

E-9 Listen. We got plenty of time. I want to tell you just of one case, so that you would understand. Just recently taken place. I give you the name of the people, so you can write it. I was at my mother's house. And this happens quite often. And I was praying in the room. I wasn't going up home, because I wanted to be alone in there. It just felt like I wanted to be alone, just a burden on my heart to pray. Did any of you ever feel that way? And I just started praying. I went, was–was lying down across the bed. And I went to sleep. And I woke up; it must've been about two o'clock in the morning. And I still had that burden. I started praying again. And I knelt down on the floor to pray. I looked over in a corner like that.
And we're very poor people, and we had a… Mother usually does her washing, and brings them in and puts it on a chair. I don't know whether you women ever do that or not. But pile them up on a chair just piled up in the corner.

E-10 And I thought, "Well, poor old mother, there's the washing." I seen a big white something there in the corner. I said, "Well…" And I happened to notice that washing. I hadn't noticed it before. But looked like that washing was moving up in the air, like this. Well, I thought just the room's dark, and I rubbed my eyes, and… I noticed then… Either I was going to that washing, or that washing was coming to me, a white looking… Come to find out, it wasn't a washing in the room; it was a white misty cloud there in the corner. And here it was coming to me.
Now, remember, when I testify this before you people, I'm going to have to answer for them words at the judgment someday.

E-11 Now, I notice you've preached of fanaticism. God bless your heart, brother, I'm finding plenty of it (That's right.), of pure fanaticism. And it's only the works of the devil to hinder everything he can against God. That's right.
And this come right up, moved right up to me. And I went into the cloud or–or something. I don't know what taken place.
But when I was going to it, I found out that I was going to a little white house, setting–a little long three roomed house, or two room house, kinda made in what we call the "shotgun" house, kind of a little straight house.

E-12 And I entered the front door, and when I did, I looked to–to my left, it was, and there set a red duofold chair. There was an old mother setting in there, a crying. Over to my right was a duofold itself, and a young man was setting there with blond wavy hair. There was a black headed woman leaning against the door that went out into the kitchen, or the other room, a crying. And I looked over here at the bed, a little iron poster bed, and one of the hideous sights I ever seen in my life. A little boy was laying there with a blue corduroy overalls on. And one of his little legs had been twisted just like that, till it was wound against his little hip. And the left one was twisted like that. And each arm was twisted vice versa against his side. And something had been laying on his little chest here, and his little body was twisted up like that. Oh, it was a… And his father, a tall dark looking man was standing crying over the baby.
Well, I said, "Isn't that strange? I was in mother's just as… just as… Strange it's not…" You're not dreaming. Just like you're having a nightmare. It's just as much reality as I know I'm standing here at Phoenix, Arizona, in this auditorium, more so. And I thought, "Well now, that is strange." And I started to turn… It always is to my right. And when I turned towards the right, standing there stood the Angel of the Lord with His–that Man Who comes to me. Who He is?

E-13 Now, remember, you get this. When Brother Branham leaves, don't… I don't know what His Name is. He's never told me. He's a large Man. He weigh over two hundred pounds, I guess, in human weight, wears a white robe, and got dark hair. And He stands just like this. And He was standing to my right. And He said, "Can that baby live?"
And I said, "I–I… Sir, I know not."
He said, "You pray for it."
The father brought it to me. And I laid my hands upon it like this and prayed for it. It dropped out of its father's arms, and it hit on one of those little crooked legs. And when it hit on that little leg, it just went to unwinding. First leg unwound. It made another step, and another leg unwound, the left leg. And it got into the corner, and it made its next step, and his little body unwound. It come walking back to me and put its little hands up to mine, said, "Brother Branham, I'm perfectly whole."
And I said, "Well, praise the Lord."

E-14 And then this Angel walked to my right again. And He picked me up, and I set down on a little old country road. And was standing there, He said… He showed me a grave yard. He said, "Take the numbers off of it." And I did. He set me down next, and I was at a little place where there's just a little gasoline station and a store a yellow front store. And there was an old man walked out with a pair of blue corduroy overalls, or blue overalls with a yellow corduroy cap and a white mustache. He said, "He will show you the way."
Then He taken me into a house this a way, turning to from the north coming south. And when I walked in there, there was a… I walked in, there was a old stove setting there, old wood burner, what they call chunk stove. I don't think you have them here in Arizona. How many knows what a chunk stove is, let…? Are you from Arkansas? That's where they have plenty of them. How many Arkansayers are here, let's? I thought so. See? All right.

E-15 And they had a [–Ed.] Hands right there put on them…?… They taken them signs down now in the modern homes and put a pin-up girl. I'd rather have the old sign, "God bless our home." Wouldn't you? That's right.
And then… I noticed in a–a big brass bed over to my left laid, it was either a girl or a boy. It had a mannish look to its face. But I thought it had long hair. Had a heart shaped lips like a woman. And its right hand was like this, and the left leg was twisted in toes, twisted sideways. And He… I thought, "Well, isn't that strange?" I thought, "Is that a man or a woman?" And I was looking.
And I heard Something speak to me, and I looked standing here, and here stood this Angel. Said, "Now, you go and pray, and put your hands like this," both straight, right across the stomach of this person.

E-16 Well, I thought, "Must have been a girl, or a boy, you know, 'cause if it was a girl, it's a young lady." He told me to put my hands across the stomach of the person. Well, I daresn't not to do what He would say to do. And I put my hands at–upon the stomach of the person, and I prayed.
And when I did, I heard a little voice say, "Praise the Lord." And I looked, and I seen that crippled hand straighten out, its legs come back to its normal condition. I seen it raise up. And when it was, her–the pajama leg come up high, and it showed the round knee like a girl's. You know how a man's knee is, kinda bony like. Well, the–the girl's knee was round. I seen it was like that on her–when her pajama leg raised up. And she was perfectly made well.
And about that time, I heard the people saying, "Oh, thank God."
Well, I thought, "Isn't that strange?" I heard somebody hollering, "Oh, Brother Branham, oh, Brother Branham."
I thought, "I hear someone."
"Oh, Brother Branham…"

E-17 I–I was coming to myself in the room. I was standing right in the middle of the floor. I hadn't been nowhere, it looked like but right in the floor. There was someone had come in to the door. I said, "Yes, come in."
Somebody… He opened the door and come in. He said, "What's the matter?" And I said… He was crying. He said, "Brother Branham, do you remember me?"
And I said, "No, sir, I don't."
And he said, "My name is John Emmel." He said, "About four years ago, you baptized me and my family." And said, "During the time of the war, up here at the powder plant, you…"
I said, "I remember you now. You killed a man, didn't you."
He said, "Yes, sir. I hit him with my fist and broke his neck in a fight." And said, "And I–I ran away." He said, "I backslid." And said, "Last year, my little boy died with pneumonia." Said, "I got a little boy left, and Doctor Bruner of our city says he's dying now with pneumonia."
And I said, "Is that right?"
Said, "Yes. Will you pray for him?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "Well, I'm going down to get Graham Snelling…" He's my associate pastor now at the Branham Tabernacle at Jeffersonville. He said… "I'm…" That was his cousin. "I'm going to get Brother Graham to come go with us." And he said, "The baby…" Said, "Do you know where I live?"
And I said, "No, sir."
He said, "I live about four miles above Utica, Indiana." And Utica is seven miles from Jeffersonville.
I said, "All right, I'll go."
He said, "Well, don't get your car, I will take you in my car."
And I said, "All right."

E-18 And as soon as he went out, mother called me, she said, "Honey, what was the matter with that man? He just kept shaking and calling, shaking the door."
And I said, "Mother, I… Something's happened." I said, "I–I was in a vision."
She said, "Oh, were you?" And I said… She said, "Is it anything good?"
And I said, "Yes, the man's little boy is going to be healed."
And so just in a few moments, he returned, and I got in the car and we started up to the Navy yard. And I… So going up the road, and he said…
I said, "Mister Emmel, I guess it's awfully hard on you being backslid now."

E-19 He said, "Yes, Brother Branham," said, "I'm ashamed of myself. I was even ashamed to come after you." Said, "The baby's been sick for about two weeks." But said, "I–I was ashamed to come after you." Said, "And Doctor Bruner said it was going to die." Said that he left at about two o'clock. It was then about four, four-thirty. He said, "He says it was going to die. So there wasn't nothing to do but come and take the last thing I knew to…"
I said, "Mister Emmel, you said you lived above Utica?"
He said, "Yes, sir."
And I said, "You live in a little white house, don't you?"
And he said, "Yes, sir."
And I said, "The front door faces south of you?"
And he said, "Yes, sir."
I said, "You have a red duofold in that house, don't you?"
He said, "Yes, sir."
And I said, "You have red baseboards, or–or around the side, like this, tongue, made out of tongue and groove stuff."
Said, "Yes."
I said, "Your baby's about… I'd say about three years old, and is wearing blue corduroys?"
He said, "Was you ever up there?"
And I said, "Uh, uh, not in–in the way that you would think I was."
He said, "Well, Brother Branham, that's…"
I said, "And the–the baby's barely breathing, isn't it?"
He said, "It is."
Well, I said, "It's THUS SAITH THE LORD, your baby's going to live."
He said, "Brother Branham?"
And I said, "Well, is it… How…"
"Well you never was in my house?"
I said, "I was just there a few moments ago."
He said, "Well, I never seen you, Brother Branham."
I said, "No, I was… It was a vision, Brother Emmel."
And he said…
I said, "But don't worry, your baby will live."

E-20 He just pulled up the brakes on this old Model-T Ford he had, threw his arms around, one around the Brother Graham and one around myself. And I never heard a man cry and repent so in my life.
He said, "God, I'm ashamed of myself." He said, "I'll never, never go back on You again, if You'll just forgive me." And there, he gave his heart back to Christ there at our… And we were there about fifteen minutes, and he was crying. And he felt that God had forgive him.
He went up, walked into the house. And as soon as I walked in, I seen the mother.

E-21 Now, here's where you can always speak out of turn. Being that I brought this case, is where I almost missed, and caused something to happen. You have to watch what you're doing.
And–and I–I walked into the room, and there laid the little baby laying there. There was the baseboard. There was the duofold chair with the duofold. And the man that was with me was Brother Graham Snelling… [–Ed.]
God's in no hurry…?… ones in a hurry, not God. And I said, "Bring me the baby now if you got faith. They brou… [–Ed.] And the mother was… The baby just barely living. They only way you could tell was hold a little piece of fine paper to its nose to see if there's breath coming and going from its nose. That's how bad it was.
Well, I seen that twisting of its body was the pneumonia. It was just dead, practically, all of it up to here, and that's the only place it was breathing. That's what that sign was of the twisting. I said, "Bring it here."
And they brought it over there. And my, when I prayed for it, if anything, it got worse. Its little eyes set; its tongue came out; its little head went back.
Well, I thought, "Wait, there's something wrong." I have never in my life seen that fail, because that–that's just as true as the Bible. God has already spoke it. Something… There's no way you can doubt that. You don't have to ask the person. "If you got faith…" It's already pronounced by Almighty God. It's going to happen.

E-22 And I thought there was something wrong, and I happened to think, "Why, there's one person that wasn't in the house. And nothing was in order." This old mother… Was nobody there with them glasses on. Where was she at? Well, I thought, "Well, now, that…"
And they took the little baby over there, and it just choking, went [Brother Branham makes choking sounds–Ed.] And the mother run over to it, and the father, and they begin to work with it, and put this stuff over its nose, and things. And they both got to screaming and left the baby alone. Brother Graham started working with it. So… Just like past… Now just blue it could be its little body, it laying stiff like that. Lungs, already… Lungs was congested. It was even folded up, and pushing his little ribs like that where the lungs was–was swollen in the little thing. And that's the way it was laying.
And I–I thought, "Oh, my, something's not… I knowed that mother wasn't there. Then I knew that I had–that I had missed–failed God.

E-23 So they worked with that baby from then until it got daylight, sun come up. I never spoke one more word. I couldn't speak a word. I couldn't tell them. But I seen the duofold; I seen everything.
So then it got time that Brother Snelling had to go to work. And so, Mr. Emmel was going to take him back home. He said, "Brother Branham, do you wish to go?"
And I said, "No, sir. I'll just stay here." And I thought, "O God." I was praying, "Forgive me. Forgive me."

E-24 That's… Well, you remember two, three Sunday's ago, standing here on the pulpit when I done something. That's the only thing I… Oh, it's… I–I look at humanity, and I try to listen to what somebody says, instead of waiting to see what God says. You pray for me. That's when I need your prayer. Now, I'm just opening up my heart to you here today, 'cause ser… May be the last time we'll ever meet in life.
And then, I turned around, and I–I didn't know what to do. He said, "Well, you want to ride down with us, Brother Branham?"
I said, "No, I'll wait here." I knew that if God would hear my prayer and forgive me, there was a chance for the baby. But yet I'm… Every… Nothing was lined up right. And…
Now, that might not seem very much to you, but in the sight of God, it means everything. It's got to be right to the dot. That's right. And I–I seen the boy…

E-25 Brother Snelling said, "Well, I got to go, because I've got to go work." He was driving a tractor at Colgate, down there was Palmolive Peet Company there. So he–he got on his coat. And I thought, "Oh, my, if he leaves, I may have to set here two or three days till he comes back." 'Cause I knew he was the man that had the blond curly hair was in the vision.
Well, you don't know how I thought, friend. And you'll never know until we meet in judgment, at the day when I'll have to answer for these words that I'm saying close to this microphone.
And I–I set down on the duofold. And the sun was coming up. It was awful cold. It was wintertime. And I was setting there. Brother Emmel had on his coat, and his big heavy cap. And–and Brother Snelling had on his coat and wraps. And they was started to go out. And he told… He was talking to his wife, Brother Emmel was. And I was setting at the window, looking like this, down. And I happened to notice coming up the sidewalk, the little old path, it was, little dirt path around the house. And here come the grandmother of the baby. She had on glasses.
Oh, my. You don't know how you feel then. I thought, "Oh, if they just don't leave now." I thought, "O God, how I thank You."

E-26 And the woman always come to the front door. That's where they visit, coming through the front door. But that morning, my car wasn't there, just her son-in-law's car. She had left some time in the morning, 'cause the baby was so bad. And she had went home to get some sleep. And she come around to the back door. I couldn't say nothing. I just had to set there and watch now, why?
But you'll never know how I felt when I watched and seen that woman come over. I recognized it to be her. I never seen her before in my life. But I recognized it to be her, seen her pass by like that, go by. I thought, "O God. Praise the Lord."
And Brother Snelling was… They was all ready to go. And she come in the kitchen door, and come to the middle door, and knocked at the door. And if she hadn't have done that, the vision still wouldn't have be complete. Her daughter went to the door to open the door to see who it was. And it was her mother.
And she said, "How is the baby? Any better?"
And Mrs. Emmel said, "No, mother, no." And she just threw her hand up like that to cry, like that, you know. Put her head up against the wall. And that's just the way it was in the vision.

E-27 Well, I was setting on the duofold where Brother Snelling was supposed to be. I got up off the duofold, walked over like this, wondered what was going to take place. I thought, "She's got to be setting in this red chair." And I just stood there a little bit. And I–I wondered. And Brother Snelling, he started crying too, 'cause he seen her crying. He just took off his hat, just set down on the duofold.
I thought, "Oh, my." Just one more thing to happen.
I looked all around to see where everything was. And I looked over, and the lady, she was… Oh, no, she set down her little satchel she had. And she backed over here, and set down on the duofold, took off them glasses and begin to wipe them, just exactly the way it was in the vision.

E-28 Then I could feel Something standing near me. I knew He was there. And I said, "Brother Emmel." And he looked at me. I said, "Do you still have faith in me?"
He said, "Brother Branham, I love you with all my heart."
I said, "I'm telling you now; I'm sorry for what I done awhile ago. The vision wasn't complete. But now, you got to show that you still got faith in me." If you believe it… The baby was just as blue as it could be? And I said, "If you still have faith in me, bring me the baby." [–Ed.]
Baby… [–Ed.] "…?… the vision. I'm sorry for what I did awhile ago. Forgive Your servant, and heal this baby in the Name of Jesus Christ."

E-29 And when I said that, the little baby threw his arms around his daddy's neck, and said, "Daddy, daddy." Oh, you talk about a screaming bunch in the house. And then… So they begin to run.
I said, "Put him back in the bed; it'll be three days before he's recovered, because he made three steps, bringing it out."
I went back, reported to the church what had happened. And on the third day, I said, "Now, I won't hear no more about it. On the third day, go up there and see if he don't come across the floor and put his little hands in mine, and say, "Brother Branham, I'm perfectly whole."
And so then, you can about imagine how many went up to see it: the whole entire church. There was cars all up-and-down the road. And I told no one to go. I had to go first (You see?) for them, so they could see it was coming from God. And they gathered around.

E-30 I went up to the door, knocked at the door, and the mother was back in the little kitchen. She come running through the house, and–and she opened the door, and she did, she said, "Oh, it's Brother Branham. Come in, Brother Branham." Said, "Looky the difference of him."
He'd been drinking some chocolate milk and had one of them little mustaches, you know, chocolate milk on him. And he come walking across the floor. Everyone standing there looking through the windows and everything. He walked out, and stood in the floor, never said a word. He walked over and put his little hands up to mine, he said, "Brother Branham, I'm perfectly whole." See?

E-31 I begin to tell about the rest of it. Two weeks later, I started out of my office. And usually, we have a little–little pigeon holes where we put our mail. But Herbert Scott, very fine man there, and he said–he said, "Brother Branham," he said, "before you go down, on my desk over here (I was on patrol.)…" He said, "On my desk is a letter laying for you."
I said, "I'll pick it up." And I started down the steps to go down into the main part of the office, as our local office is around the top. I started down, and seemingly, something moved me, strangely, about that letter. I walked over to the letter, to the place and picked up the letter; I looked on it, it said who it was from. I tore it open, looked at it. And I said, "Well, I'll say."

E-32 Looked on it, it said, "I am Mrs. Harold Nail." She said, "Reverend Branham, I've got a afflicted girl that's sixteen years old." And said, "She's been afflicted for some time, and arthritis has set into this affliction." And said, "She just cries day and night." And said, "I belong to the Methodist church at–at… just a…" I'll call the name of the place just in a minute. It's below Salem, Indiana.
Is anybody here from near Salem, Indiana? There's somebody back there. What part of Indiana you from, sister? What part of Indiana? Salem? Salem, Indiana. My… Do you know Harold Nail? You know Harold? There, fine. Now, this is the evidence now. Now, we got it right here. Fine. I want to see you when the service is over. That's… Now, I'll tell you where it… South Boston. You know where South Boston is? That's… All right. Now, we got the story lined up with the evidence. The other day, I was… I like for people to be near. All right.

E-33 Now, I–I brought this letter down. It said, "I live in Salem Indiana, or at South Boston, Indiana." And said, "Our pastor come down, and he–he told us… We had a prayer meeting, and somebody brought us a little book called 'Jesus Christ, The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever.'" And said, "We were reading that little book about healing, and something moved on my heart to send for you come pray for this little girl." And it happened to be, that when she gave what night it was, it was the same night the vision came to me. See? Now, check with that.
I went home; I told the wife. I said, "Looky here."
She said, "Yes." Said, "Oh, that's one vision, isn't it."
I said, "That's it."
At the prayer meeting that night at the church; I went over, I showed it. Everybody wanted to go. And there was some people there by the name of Brace: Ad Brace.

E-34 I've looked for them many times. I… They might be in this meeting. Is Ad Brace here from Texas? Or anybody that knows him? They'd come up there to be healed, Mrs. Brace. She's a tubercular case. And so they–they wanted to go.
And I said, "Now, first thing, where is South Boston?" Somebody told me where it was at.
So… And I went down below New Albany. Do you know Hoosier, back there? I went down below New Albany, and went way down. And it was New Boston down there, instead of South Boston. Well, I never heard of South Boston. I thought, "Well, now–now, that's strange, isn't it. New Boston." Well, I come back up.
And there's an old fisherman by the name of Wisehart, down on the river. He told me, said, "No, South Boston is way… You go up towards Salem, Indiana."

E-35 So then, I went up to Henryville to turn off. And they told me to turn off in Henryville. And you know where that road is leading through from Henryville, I guess. That was one muddy, muddy road. Well I… And so I got back on that little old gravel road and kept going. And there was a little song that they… They were Pentecost people. And they were teaching me a song about–something about:

There are people almost everywhere,

There are people almost everywhere,

Whose hearts are all aflame.

The fire that fell on Pentecost,

That cleansed and made them clean;

Oh, it's burning now within my heart,

Oh, glory to His name!

So glad that I can say I'm one of them."

You ever hear it? Well, they were trying to teach me that song. Now, there's something about there, and said the… something or other about the lame was made to walk, and so forth like that. And I just thought that was fine.
I said, "Come on, let's have that again." And we were singing, and going along like that.

E-36 And all of a sudden, Something that struck me that I almost was paralyzed. And I–I thought it was… I thought maybe I was sick. And I stopped the car. And I was up top of a little hill. And there's a church back over to my left. I thought, "Maybe it might be the Angel of the Lord. I'm passing a church." And I got out and went around behind the car. And I had a little old Ford run-about. I put my foot upon the; back there by the trunk. And I was standing there. And I thought, "Wonder what it is." And I happened to look over to my left, and there was a graveyard. [–Ed.]

E-37 Me that piece of paper. And she brought it over there, and we checked the names and numbers of tombs off. And just exactly the place. I said, "This is the road. We're on the right road now. And that was the Angel of the Lord that stopped me." I went right on by it and not noticed it. See? You know how the Bunker Hill graveyard sets over. And I'd never been in that country in my life, knowed nothing about it. So I went… I want… Just kept on going. And I met a man standing by the side of a–a place where he was–a little filling station; he was rolling a cigarette.
And I said, "Is this the way to South Boston?"
He said, "Yes, sir. Go straight ahead."
I said, "Do you know of somebody over there by the name of Harold Nail?"
"Yes, sir."
All right. So I just went on. I kept on going. They said, "Now…"
I said, "Now, if I hit the place… (The place, South Boston.) There'll be a man come out that's got on a pair of blue overalls. He will have a yellow corduroy cap on with a white mustache." I said, "He will come out the little store. It's got a yellow front in it."
And so… And she… Mrs–Mrs. Brace said, "Well, I–I just never seen anything like that, Brother Branham." Said, "I don't know what I–I… I don't know what more I'll do." Said, "When I think of them names back there." She couldn't get over it. She never seen anything like that.

E-38 And so we went on. I went down. I… We'd come around some bends, and I got mixed up on the road there. And I said to the fellow, he said, "Well, you–you know how Indiana is. You jog to your right, jog to your left." And so I must've got the wrong jog. So anyhow, I… He said, "Go right on straight through this way."
Another man standing there said, "You–you'll get to South Boston. Just about four or five miles."
I was driving on. We was talking, you know. After while, I come into the little place; I passed it. I said, "That's the place. There it is, right there." Just a wide place in the road, like, you know, a little country road there. I said, "That's the place, right there. That's the yellow store front. Watch."
We moved up a little bit farther. Out of the store stepped a man with the blue overalls on, yellow corduroy cap, and a white mustache. Mrs. Brace just toppled right over in the car, fainted. And she–she didn't know…

E-39 I said, "There he is. That's the man." I said, "Now, watch, he will act real funny, because It… The power of the Lord is so near to him." And I drove up close; I said, "Sir." I said, "You're to tell me where Harold Nail is."
And the old fellow's lips begin to quivering like that. He said, "Yes, sir." Said, "You go right up here to this road, and you turn down. It's the third house on the right-hand side where a big red barn sets up on the hill."
I said, "Uh-huh."
He said, "Why?"
And I said, "Have… He got a daughter that's pretty sick or something?"
Said, "Yes."
I said, "She's going to be healed."
Great big tears begin to rolling down off his poor old cheeks. And we turned around. And Brother Brace was talking to Sister Brace, and rubbing her in the face with his hand. And we turned around, and went back up, and went down the road, turned in to where the place was.

E-40 There was a–kind of a heavy set lady, Mrs. Nail, came walking out of the house. And she said, "I know you're Brother Branham by the looks of your picture in the book."
I said, "Yes, ma'am."
She said, "Come in."
We walked in. So they went walking up with me. We turned into the way it was. And when we were… entered the door, I said, "Watch now what's in the room." Soon as you get in the door, there's a big old chunk stove setting there. There's the sign up, "God bless our home." There was the–the big poster bed. There laid the girl laying there, kind of a boyish look, rough looking, and her hands drawed up with arthritis, and her foot like that. And over to the paper was yellow, and with the red figures in it.
Mrs. Brace taken another fainting spell. Down she went again when she seen it and seen what had happened.

E-41 Now, and–and then it seemed like something strange happened. It seemed like that my spirit, or my being, or something, moved out. And I remember walking over and laying my hands on the stomach of that young girl. And I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, sister, you're going to get well." And I begin to pray.
And when I begin to pray, I heard something say, a little voice say, "Praise the Lord." And that was her. She'd be crying day and night with that affliction. And when I noticed, her hand was back normal, her foot was straight, and when she raised up, her pajama leg raised up high enough here to show her round knee. And when Mrs. Brace seen that, down she went again. So she toppled on the floor, and said, "Mother, mother."
The girl walked out of the room, come back in dressed, combing her hair with that crippled hand, and her crippled foot. And she lives in Salem, Indiana, today.
You happen to know her, sister? What–what's your name? Laurel. From Salem, Indiana. Do you know Mrs. Nail? Do you know the girl, and know the case? There's a witness.
Now, let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody.
What you doing way out in this country? It's a fine place, isn't it? It really is. That's mighty fine. From Salem, Indiana… That's about–just about thirty miles, thirty-three miles from my home, I guess, from Salem, Indiana.
Now, you see? Now, that's just one of the cases of God making His way to perform these things.

E-42 Wonder if I got time to tell you one that's on my mind right quickly, just a few minutes. Wonder if we could do it. Would you say, "Amen," if you want to hear it? Does it bore you talk of them? You want to hear it, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.]
That was at Little Rock, Arkansas. How many knows G. H. Brown of Little Rock, Arkansas, a pastor, G. H. Brown. Somebody back there in here? All right. Do you know him, do you?
Now, you write to him for this testimony. And now, this man if you want to write for this testimony, see the lady back there, first thing if you want to. And then write to Mrs. Harold Nail at South Boston, Indiana. Or write to the other one, is Mr. John Emmel, Utica, Indiana, RFD 2. And if you want to write to this man for this testimony I'm going to tell you now, it's Reverend G. H. Brown, 505 Hickory Street, Little Rock, Arkansas. And I'll try to make this just as quick as possible, have a word of prayer, and when we start the prayer line.

E-43 How many's here today to be prayed for, let's see?
Prayer line closely. I always call it a miss…?… in a happen, or something like that. It's a whole lot to do with the person's faith.
But when He sends me to any place, friend, I–I don't care if the person has been there in his grave, dead, for fifty years; they'd come up again. 'Cause God's already spoke it. It's got to be. And… Now, that's just as true, friends, as I'm standing here. The Bible said, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established." Is that right? Now, you ask.

E-44 Now, that's the way the gift is supposed to be working. See? Now, I want you to notice this. It wasn't my sincere prayer that brought this gift. Gifts are not brought by sincere prayers. Gifts are foreordained of God. They're ordained and sent.
Here at the municipal bridge. Sister, no doubt you know where the municipal bridge is, don't you, cross from Jeffersonville to Louisville?
Twenty-two years, when I was a little boy, just a little bitty lad about five years old, or six years old, when the Angel of the Lord appeared in the bush… You've heard me tell that haven't you, when I was packing water?
Well, about two weeks after that, I was playing marbles with my little brother. And I thought I'd got sick, some real funny feeling came on me. And I went and set down by the side of a tree. And I looked down at the river, and there went a bridge, a big, great big bridge going across the river. And I counted sixteen men that fell off of that bridge and drowned. And I went and told mother. And I told her I seen it. And they thought I was crazy or something. They thought I was just at a little nervous hysterical child.
And twenty-two years from that time, on the same ground went the municipal bridge across, and sixteen men lost their lives on it. See? Wasn't nothing that… It's–it's God sent it. Your prayers brought it. See?

E-45 And there may be the man setting in this building right now that's Divine prophet is coming. He may raise; he may claim things. There's lots of fanaticism usually follows these things. Beware of it. I'm warning you before it comes. But God will testify of His gift. Is that right? He will testify of it.
Now, notice. And get real close to this. That… You heard me tell you of the healing of that woman, that maniac the other day, was on her back there at Little Rock, Arkansas. You remember my telling you about that.
I just had a phone call, Brother Brown to come to get me. And I had a phone call from Memphis, Tennessee.
Is anybody here from Memphis, Tennessee? Around in Tennessee? There's plenty. I see some Tennessee cars out there, so I thought… All right, this was at Memphis, and it's your Postmaster is the one that it happened to. And… Anybody, what's the name of that Arkansas place, brother, sisters, where that taken place? That's it. Where that Paul Morgan's daughter… Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Anybody here from around Walnut Ridge? How many knows Paul Morgan at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, raise your hands? All right, you'll know the case then. That's fine. Walnut Ridge, Arkansas…

E-46 Well, I was at Corning, Arkansas, in the meeting when the Walnut Ridge case come up. They was just laying on the… You know how they are in Arkansas. The weather don't stop them there; they just bring them on. And they'd lay them out there around on the streets, around the church, around the parsonage. And I was just going day and night then. That's what's the matter with me now. See? I'm just broke down. In the beginning I was just… They didn't have no certain closing times, I… Just them churches just kept me going all night.
And so there was a phone kept ringing, ringing. And you know Mrs. Nelly Riggs there at Little Rock? Or–or at the… Not Little Rock, but Corning? Well, she was the one was answering the phone. She said, "Well, we can't get him up, sir." Said, "He just… We just got him to bed."
And the man kept on, so–so persistent. So I–I said, "Let me talk to him."
She said, "That's Paul Morgan."

E-47 What was he, brother? What is he there in Arkansas? Tax collector of that county. And so… I don't think it was that then, was he? Clerk, the city–or the County Clerk.
And so I went–went to the phone. He said, "I'm the County Clerk down here at Walnut Ridge," which is about seventy miles below where I was at. And said, "Sir, I've heard of the great works of God." Said, "I desire you to come perform a miracle on my daughter."
I said, "Mr. Morgan," I said, "well, I can't perform no miracle." I said, "God is the Healer."
He said, "Well, I've heard…" Said, "Look, sir." Said, "My–my little girl is dying." And said, "She's–she's in a very serious condition. And we don't expect her to live but just a–just a two or three more hours." And said, "I love my little girl." Said, "She's my only child. And she's about twelve years old." And said, "I would… I–I would desire you to come."
I said, "Mr. Morgan, I will be glad to come. But looky here, sir." I said, "Here's people standing here on the porch with little babies. And they're soaking wet from standing here all night in the rain." I said, "They couldn't even get around the place."
And he–he said, "I know that, sir." Said, "And I appreciate it." But said, "You're a father too, aren't you?"
I said, "Yes, sir."

E-48 Said, "Just think. Those mothers, their babies are not dying." Said, "They may have different things." But said, "My baby has got pneumonia. And the best specialist I can get says she ain't going to live but about three more hours."
I said, "Well, sir. I couldn't even get there in three hours."
He said, "But Brother Branham," said, "don't think I'm trying to use my authority now for pressure." And Mr. Morgan is a fine man. He followed us a long time, didn't he, Brother Kidson, right along in the meeting. He said, "If you'll just come," said, "I'll just… You don't know what…" Said, "Sir, their babies, if they been standing all night." Said, "Maybe they–they can wait a little while. But my baby can't." He said, "And I just lost a little girl here about twelve years ago. My first little girl died," said, "long time before healing things come."

E-49 And I knowed how he felt, that poor little thing dying. [–Ed.] Said, "Well, brother Branham, you can't go down there, honey." Said, "My," said, "well, you're–you're just about dead."
I said, "Well, let me lay in the back of your… [–Ed.] little Plymouth car." And drove down that highway at the speed of seventy miles an hour, around through Arkansas.
And on the road down, I was praying. And the Angel of the Lord set in the car with me for just a little piece. He said, "Say this to him. 'THUS SAITH THE LORD, waters are running clear ahead,' that's My Word to give him."
When He left, I–I was just as wide awake as I am now. And I went to shouting and praising the Lord, and Brother Johnson said, "What's the matter?"
I said, "The Angel of the Lord was setting here, Brother Johnson."
He said, "Oh, Brother Branham…" You know… Any of you know Brother Johnson, he's a very fine man. He pulled up his brakes. He started crying.
I said, "Just go ahead now. Go ahead and go right straight."

E-50 And when we got there, well, the Arkansas people love one another. And they love Paul Morgan. And all around that clinic there, there was just people gathered everywhere waiting for the last word. They'd been setting up there all night waiting for the last words for the little girl. She was loved among everyone.
But you don't know how to–how it felt. Got out of there and started pushing up through the crowd. And here was the–one of the doctors standing there. And they was at the door. They wouldn't let no more in, but just what could get to the steps. And they was waiting; everybody loved them.
He said, "Are you the Reverend Branham?"
I said, "Yes, sir, I am."
He said, "Mr. Morgan's waiting for you." Said, "Shall I show you to the room?"
I said, "Yes, sir." I said, "The child still lives."
And he said, "It does."
And I said, "There…" And then on the…?… we met the intern.
He said, "This is the Reverend Branham," said, "Mr. Morgan's waiting for."
So… Well, the intern went back with me, and he said, "Will you be left alone, Brother Branham?"
I said, "I would rather. I'd like to see the father and mother first."
Said, "Why, they got two nurses in the room, and they're giving it oxygen."

E-51 They could not put it in a tent, they had to put it of a rubber mask. Now, if there's a doctor here, I never seen it before. They put it on there, and force the oxygen in–in–into the baby. And it would take a couple of breaths, go… [Brother Branham illustrates–Ed.] Then they'd put that on her again, go… then go… Then go down again, then the nurse would take and push it over, go… Take that like that, and that's the way they were keeping it alive.
When I started to knock at the door, oh, my, I just felt Something standing near. Brother Johnson standing there, I said, "Don't come in, Brother Johnson. Let me go alone."
I got to the door. One of the nurses opened the door. She said, "What do you want?"
I said, "I'm Brother Branham. I want to see…"
Said, "Step in." I walked in.
Mr. Morgan said, "Are you Brother Branham?"
I said, "Yes."
And he just come put his arms around me. You know how he is, a great big fine fellow. He said, "Brother Branham," he said, "I try to live right. I–I try to do what's right. I don't know why God's taking my baby."
I said, "Don't be excited, Brother Morgan. Set down."
I walked over to the nurse. And she said, "We'll have to keep this oxygen going."
I said, "That's all right. I want you to."

E-52 The little girl was laying, kinda stooped over like this. I laid my hands down on her, and I said, "Now, father (to the father)," I said, "do you and mother promise to serve God, testify wherever you go about it?"
"We will."
I said, "Don't fear. I have a Word for you, 'cause it's from the Lord after I pray for your baby." Putting my hands on the baby, I called over it the Name of Jesus Christ. And whenever I did, they didn't have to put the oxygen on its nose then. I turned around, and I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, Mr. Morgan." I said, "Many specialists has pronounced your baby dying. But THUS SAITH THE LORD, your baby shall live." I said, "It'll recover. And here's your Word. Remember this the days of your life. 'The waters are running clear ahead.'"
You don't have the testimony right there, do you? No. And he signed by notary.
And so I walked out of the building. And on the third day, the child returned to school. It was healed, well. See?

E-53 Now, then at Little Rock, they sent for me to come to… What was that man's name? Postmaster there at… Ever who it is, you from–from Memphis know who I'm speaking of, I guess. He's–he's a tall fellow. But anyhow, when I get through with the description here, you'll know. And the man was with him was named Kenny. I remember that, Mr. Kenny.
And they sent for me to come over there to pray for this man, said he was dying.
Well, I got ready to go, first plane flight. And instead of going over… I was getting ready, and I was putting on this suit of clothes. And I heard something like a wind blowing in the room, begin going, whew, whew, whew, whew. [Brother Branham illustrates–Ed.] I thought, "My, the wind's awful high today." And I was putting on my shirt, you know, and coat and things. I was a singing. And Brother Brown was going to fix me to go over there, said the man was dying.

E-54 And that man that went over to doctor General Patton… You all remember him? They'd brought him in there by plane for this man. Everything said he's dying, a pneumonia case too. Said, "He's dying. The man can't get well," had asthma, asthmatic pneumonia. And so I started to put on my coat, and I was thinking Brother Brown would be there most anytime.
And they couldn't get a… And Mr. Kenny had come by a fast car. He was some kind of an official of the law there, you know, and he had a–had a red light and siren on his car. And he come over, had left early so he could get me, so if the plane did miss.

E-55 And I looked over there, and just a whirl like going around in the room. And I knelt down to pray. And when I did, the Angel of the Lord spoke, and said, "Do not go over there. His time has come." All right. I got up and took back off my coat. In a few moments, they come up to the door. And as Brother Kenny run in, said, "You, Brother Branham?"
I said, "Yes." And Brother Brown was with him. Now, you all know Brother Brown, or any of you wish to write to this testimony. He put his arm around me, said, "Oh, I've had faith to know." Said, "He's a personal friend of Paul Morgan." Said, "He knowed of his daughter." And said, "Of course, he's unconscious now." But said, "He's a bosom friend of mine." And said, "You know…"
I said, "But sir, you'll probably find your buddy gone when you return back. For THUS SAITH THE LORD, the man is going to die."

E-56 Well, you just about… Well, you just about… "Well, the Holy Spirit is warned me not to go. He spoke to me here in the room a few moments ago."
He said, "But Brother Branham," said, "they just… His wife said… They're just… They're coming in out of the… of a big church, you know, into their church." And said, "If you just… If you," said, "it'd just mean so much to her."
I said, "But I can't help it, sir. I cannot go against the will of God. I can't go."
He said, "You mean my buddy's going to die?"
I said, "He will probably be dead when you return." I said, "However, what time will you get back?"
He said, "I'll get back by eight o'clock tonight."
I said, "Call me in the morning. I'll be praying." I said, "I'm interested in him. And let me know when he passes away." I said, "You call me in the morning and let me know his condition, and just when he passed away, if he was passed away when you got there. And never mind calling me tonight, 'cause I'll be in service. And don't call me, 'cause I don't know, may not be in from service till two, three o'clock in the morning."
Well, he was so… He started out crying. He said, "My poor buddy. My poor buddy," like that, going back crying.

E-57 Well, I went on to service that night, and that was the very night the maniac was healed. See? Went back and got in the bed. And the next morning, as I went in about two o'clock.
And the next morning, I–I woke up in the room… Now, I want you to listen to this real close, now, so that you can get the story from Brother Brown. When I woke up in the room, I just… like that. And I thought, "My, it's daylight." And looked, setting there by the side of my bed, and there set a lady. Well, my room was locked. The door was locked. She had on a brown suit, light brown suit. She had kinda mingled gray hair. She had on a white waist, what–ever what they call the women. I think that's called coat suit, isn't it, when it's got the dress and the coat up here of the same color, you know, and same thing? So she was setting there. And she was–she was just looking so sad sideways.
And I said… I raised up; I thought, "Why, here. How'd that woman get in here. The door's locked, and here's the key laying here. And that woman setting there." And I said–started to raise up to say, "Madam…"
And when I did, I looked back over here, and there set a man setting there. And he was a tall man, wore a light suit, and gray hair, and had a red tie on. He was just looking so sad, like that. And she looked around to him, and he kinda smiled. And they kinda looked over at each other.

E-58 And I thought, "Well, what is this?" And I raised up right… Just as natural, friends (God is my Judge.), as if I'm setting right here looking at you, like that. And I said, "Well, what is this?" And I looked up, and I was standing on a platform, somewhere in a church. Well, I… Well…?… Or–or I bit my finger to see if I was just sleeping, or what was wrong with me.
And I seen this was–was not, it was a vision. And I looked at it, and just then it went… It just went fading out. And I seen them laughing at each other. And they was bowing their heads towards me like that, and smiling to one another, and bowing their head like that. And they just faded out of the room like that.

E-59 Well, I got up, and I prayed. And I said, "God, I don't know them. What does that mean? There'd probably be somebody come in today with that description." Sometimes I see people coming into the meeting like that. I said, "Now, when I see them…" You hear me… You heard me many times go and say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, stand up." See? 'Cause God's already spoke that. That has to happen. And I thought, "Well, somebody be in like that."
And so I–I thought, "Well, I will read my Bible," this very Bible. I said, "Lord, where would You have me to read in Your Bible this morning." I just love to read the Word of the Lord. I just took my hand like this, laid it on the Bible and opened it up. And it opened up there to where Isaiah was sent to Hezekiah to pronounce to him that his time had come. Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed unto the Lord. And the Lord heard his voice and come back and spoke to Isaiah, said, "Go tell him I've spared him fifteen years." You remember that? "Well," I said, "isn't that a strange thing?" Well, I–I said that Scripture seems… I done forgot about that–that case over there. I said, "That's strange, isn't it."

E-60 And about that time, the phone ring. I said, "Well, that's Brother Brown coming up to help come get me and take me down. You know how… There, two or three with him. I thought, "That's him coming to get me for breakfast. And I took down the receiver. I said, "Hello."
He said, "Hello. Brother Branham?"
I said, "Yes, sir. How are you, Brother Brown?"
He said, "This is not Brother Brown. This is Brother Kenny in Memphis."
I said, "Oh." I thought nobody knowed what room I was in, and wondering where I was staying (You see?) but–but Brother Brown. And I knew Brother Kenny knew then. I said, "Yes." I said, "Well, what kind of a news you got?"

E-61 And just then it dawned on my mind what the vision was. And he said, "Well, Brother Branham, we've set up all night. We thought he was leaving." Said, "The… They're here now." Said, "They're just looking for the last minute anytime." Said, "Brother Branham, I'm… I reckon I could get my wife to come over if I… In your next meeting, when you go over to Jonesboro the first of the year." Said, "Bring her over, put her in the meeting?"
I said, "It may be you could, sir." But I said, "You saying sh…?"
He said, "Yes," said, "He's dying."
I said, "Is his wife there?"
Said, "Yes."
I said, "Does his wife ever wear a brown suit-like and got a white waist on it. She's kind of a gray haired woman?"
Said, "Sure."
I said, "Does he ever wear a light colored suit? Does he got gray hair, and he wears a red tie?"
Said, "That's the way he dresses all the time. Why? You know him?"
I said, "Yes, sir. Tell the wife to come to the phone."
He said, "Well, Brother Branham, I said they're looking for him to go at any minute."
I said, "Well, tell him to come to the phone."
Said… Well, said, "I already told her that you said he was going to die."
I said, "But I want her to come to the phone."
She come to the phone, and I said, "Hello." And I asked if it was her.
Said, "Yes."
And I said, "Well, this is Brother Branham."
Said, "Yes." Said, "I heard, Brother Branham."
I said, "But look, sister. Are you ready now?"
She said "What do you mean?"
I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, your husband shall live." I said, "Do you–do you… Do you believe that?" And I didn't hear no answer. I said, "You believe that?" I couldn't hear no answer.

E-62 I thought… And I heard somebody carrying on out there, and she'd fainted. And the… And she'd fell down on the floor. So then, Brother Kenny picked up the phone, "What's the matter, Brother Branham? The woman fainted."
I said, "I told her, THUS SAITH THE LORD, her husband's going to live."
He said, "What?"
I said, "Yes, he's going to live." I said, "I described him. I seen him in the vision a few moments ago. She is going to live… or he's going to live."
He said, "Oh, can I come after you?"
I said, "Just meet the next plane. I will be there."

E-63 [–Ed.]… went up that hospi… [–Ed.]…?… doctors were over there. I walked in. Here come his sister down the hall, she said, "The very idea…?… holy-roller preacher around here, and my brother dying in there. I think it's a disgrace."
Oh, my. That couldn't… Nothing could stop it. The devil couldn't send enough imps out of hell to stop that. There's nothing. There's nothing. It's absolutely there. That's all. That's done said, THUS SAITH THE LORD. It's there. Oh, you don't know how I felt to walk in there.
Walked down the hall, here come a nurse out from in there, you know. And I said, "Is there anyone in there, lady?"
And she said, "Yes, there's two doctors in there."
I said, "Tell them to get out." Oh, my. Oh, my. You don't know how I felt. In the room, there's just them two. Walked down there…
Friends, you… I know you think… Some of you would judge me a fanatic, but God is my Judge, Who I stand before. Just walked into the room like that, and them doctors went out, that very sarcastic look, you know. Walked in, and poor old sister, she was just about to faint. And I said, "Now don't worry."

E-64 I didn't have my overcoat, and I borrowed Brother Brown's. And I had this–this Bible sticking down in the pocket. And the overcoat was too big for me; I just carried it to make…?… look so bad. It was cold weather. And so I laid the overcoat down in the chair, and I told her, "Now, you go get the Bible and turn to a certain Scripture," where I'd seen there in Isaiah. And he–she begin to read it.
I–I–I looked at him, and that muddy looking color in his eyes, you know, of where his eyes, like, you know, that water coming out. His mouth was back; his ears was about like that. He was laying there under that oxygen–oxygen tent like that, you know.

E-65 And I took… reached over into the oxygen tent and got a hold of his hand. There's the vibration's hitting. And I shook him a little bit. I said, "You hear me, sir?"
She said… He said, "Uh-huh." It was about two days there.
I said, "Don't… You don't–you don't doubt a word I say, do you?"
She said, "No, sir. I do not doubt a thing." She's a fine little woman.
I took hold of his hand. I said, "Dear God, You Who spoke to me this morning in a vision, I know these people are…?… Jonesboro, Arkansas… or… For I was standing on that platform and this is the man and woman." I said, "Now, let the Angel of God speak." I felt the vibration leave. I just kept on praying.
I felt him grip my hand. I knowed God was there. I felt him grip my hand; I knowed life was there. Directly, I looked up, and I begin see him wetting his lips. She was still down at the foot of the bed, crying. And I just waited just a little bit, directly I seen him look over like that. I said, "You know me?"

E-66 And she raised up right quick; and she looked. She seen him raise up on his head, like on his hand, like this, looking at me. Said, "Know me?"
Said, "Yes, it's Brother Branham."
My, she just dove through that oxygen tent nearly. She said, "Dad, dad, dad, dad," like that, grabbed him up around like that, and just went a hugging him and everything. I just slipped right out of the room like that, while they was going on, right on down the steps, went right back to the plane. When I started out to the plane, the Assemblies of God had enough people out there, I don't know where they was… They're going through the line. There's a little girl, polioed. They had to play her… pack her to the piano.
And when I stopped on the plane here… trip next to this, I was setting in a restaurant there, and the girl come up and set down by the side of me. Said, "You remember me, Brother Branham?"
I thought… I just about fainted on the ground just a few moments. And I said, "No, ma'am. No."
She said, "You prayed me. I was a polio case…?… up over there." And there… [–Ed.]

E-67 And on the third–the second day from then, the man was up out of the bed, shaved, eating ham and eggs for breakfast, and went home, and went back to his work. He's living there now. Why? It's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See what I mean?
Now, Phoenix people, here's what it is. That is the way that God intends this gift to work perfectly. Do you understand it, all of you? If you do, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.] Now, remember, write for that man to get that testimony. Reverend G. H. Brown, 505 Victor Street, Little Rock, Arkansas. And the other is Harold Nail, at South Boston, Indiana. And John Emmel, Utica, Indiana, RFD 2. Now, for those testimonies… Case after case…

E-68 Now, when the Angel of the Lord speaks like that, there is not nothing can stand before it. It's absolute… Then wha… My faith? Well, I know it's going to happen. There's no need of saying anything more about it; it's got to happen. If that person had been dead and in the grave for twenty years, and He'd say, "Go there and speak," I'll believe all heaven would shake out of its orbit before that prayer would be refused from being answered. God will do it. Now, that's when it's really, THUS SAITH THE LORD.
Now, when we come to these meetings, I detect vibrations. Sometimes I can ask the vibrations, and God will honor my prayer. He will send it away. That's true. But if there's anything between you and God, and you don't make it right… If it's your faith that's weak, and you're just waiting for a slow line for that to be cast away… If your faith ain't just right, it'll return right back to you. It'll just move out to a place. For I've prayed for them. I've kept this back from you. But I've prayed for them coming through the line, and set them down there somewhere else, and walk back in fifteen minutes time to check them, it'd be back on them again. See?

E-69 Your faith is the only thing that could do you any good, your belief, your faith in God. See what I mean? Without faith, it's impossible. Is that true? Now, you believe it with all your heart when you come through, that you're going be well, and you'll get well. If you don't believe it, it won't get well, no matter what happens. You won't be healed unless you believe it with all your heart.
Now, look. How many of you people would say that I got on a white shirt? How many of you out there now say I got on a white shirt? How do you know I got on a white shirt? You see it. That's the only way you know it. Are you positive it's white?
Well now, look. Sight is a sense of the body. Is that true? Sight is one of the senses. How many senses are there of the body? See, taste, feel, smell, and hear. How many senses are there to spirit? Two: faith and doubt.
Are you two people in one? You're soul… Your soul, that's the nature of the spirit 'course. But now, you're body and spirit. Is that right? You are a body, flesh, and you're inside, then, spirit. Is that true? All right. The out… The inside man leaves; the outside man's dead. Is that right? [–Ed.]

E-70 I think I got that…?… now…?… All right. Now, looky here. I believe there's a man standing before me now, and he's got on a dark coat. How many thinks I'm right? [–Ed.] got a white shirt. Do you believe I'm right? All right. Now, just think that I know he's standing there. I see him. Is that right? Is there any other way in the world that I could tell he's there, only but by seeing him? That's the only way, isn't it?
Now, looky here. Now, I don't see that man now, do I? But he's still standing there. How do I know he's standing there? I feel him. That's the sense of feeling. Anybody that's got a sense of feeling would know the same thing. Now, perhaps he's got a argue me, I don't see him. But yet I feel him. I don't feel him, yet I see him. See the senses? They're direct, aren't they? They're perfect, what you call perfect.

E-71 But could I be wrong there? Sure I could. I could be color blind. That coat… You could be color blind. Yes, sir. You might be… It might be altogether different. He might not have on a white shirt. You're not… But you'd swear by that. Am I feel him? I'd say he's standing there, because I feel him. See? But I could be wrong against that. But yet, I know it, just believe it with all my heart that he's standing there, because the sense of feeling says he's there.
Now, I want you to notice. (Walk over to the piano.) I have another sense. I want you to notice this. If… (Up down on the note.) [A brother plays notes on a piano–Ed.] I hear music. There's music in the room. (Just keep hitting them, brother, just hitting up and down on the keys anywhere there.) How many hears that? How many knows that that… Do I see it? Do I feel it? Do I taste… [–Ed.] Do I smell… [] How do I know it's playing there? I hear it. It's a sense of hearing. See?

E-72 Now, I know someone'd say, "You don't hear that." Yes, I do. Play it again, brother. I know I do, don't you? Why? You hear it. You don't see it, but you hear it. You can't see music, can you? You can't taste music, feel music, can you? But how you know it's music? You hear it. That's right.
Well, brother, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you don't see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. But you know it. It's a faith.
Oh, God bless your hearts. I wished I could get you to see it. Looky here, friends, it's positive. Is that shirt white? Well, healing's right then, if you believe [–Ed.]
The substance, not what you… Most of the people just hope, say, "Oh, I believe I'll get well." Nine hundred and ninety-nine out of every thousand passes by don't know the first principle of faith. That's right. They have hope instead of faith. Faith is positive.

E-73 Oh, I… Real, when you can know it's going to be. If you know that you're going to be healed this afternoon… If your sense of faith… Here it is, get it. If your sense of faith declares to you that this gift come from God, and you're going to be healed, just as much as your sight declares that that's a white shirt, you're sure to get it when you pass by. See what I mean?
Now, if you can trust the human part, why not trust the super-human part? If you can trust the body, why not trust the spirit? For the spirit is superior over the body. Amen. There it is. See what I mean? It's faith, the substance of things hoped for.

E-74 Look. It isn't this… It isn't this, "I believe it, I think it." You know it. It's the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you don't see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. If you believe it, it's there anyhow.
Some people go away and say, "Well, I don't feel any better. I was prayed for last week." Ha. Probably never feel any better too. That's right. You've got to believe it. Not if…
Jesus never did say, "Did you feeled it?" He said, "Did you believe it?" You believe it. And you have faith you know it. Then when this revelation of the Angel come, there isn't enough devils out of hell could stop it from being so.
Now, don't you go around say, "Well, I been feeling bad for two or three weeks, and I was prayed for. Don't feel any better." Don't pay any attention to that. If you believe this truly is a gift of God, rise up, and don't care how you feel, go about rejoicing, praising God. It's gone. That's all. You know it.

E-75 When I was healed with stomach trouble, why, I remember holding my stomach going along there. And when I was prayed for, I didn't have nobody with the gift of healing to pray for me. The elder anointed me with oil. He told me… I read in the Bible. I seen God's Word was right. And I know he had a right. Though he was a Baptist preacher, he come along anointed, "The Bible said so." He poured some oil on my head. Said, "Now, you believe you'll get well?"
I said, "…?… God, I'm asking with all my heart. Let me get well." I went right down home to start into my eating. I'd been drinking barley water and prune juice for about three, four months. The doctor said, "One mouthful of solid food would kill you right now." You know what I done? I went right down home, and we had corn bread, beans, and onions for dinner.
I don't know whether you ever eat it like that or not. Boy, it's good. I could stand some right now. And… Mom baked… My mother baked it with a big old pone in it like that. And I always get the corner where it's nice and greasy, you know, and brittle.
So we're still enough Baptist around home to break bread. You know, we don't cut it. Jesus broke bread and blessed it. So we bake it out… And just reach over and break you off a piece. So I…

E-76 Mother said… We never had had a prayer at home. And dad… Dad was Catholic. So I–I said, "Now, I'm going to try to ask a blessing."
And I never will forget poor old dad, how he cried. And mother said, "I don't mind you having religion, honey, but you… The doctor said it would kill you."
I said, "But God said I would live." [–Ed.] "If I die… And if I die, I'm coming up to Your house. And when I meet You at the door, I died trusting Your Word." I said, "I've tried doctors long enough. And they can't do me no good."
And I took that big mouthful of beans and a onion, great big chomp of that corn bread, and I started on it. And I chewed. Taste pretty good, a little funny, but… Hadn't eaten about, over a year of anything solid. And when I swallowed the first mouthful, here it come right back up again. When I did, I held my hand over my mouth to keep it from coming up. Got me another spoonful till I eat the whole entire plate full of them. When I got up from the table, I just had to hold my hand. Just as sour of acid as it could be.
Mother called doctor. Said, "He will die. That's all there is to it. One mouthful will kill him. That's all there is…"
Here I was, going across the floor, you know. She said, "Are you… How you feeling?"
I said, "Wonderful, fine."
She said, "You're about to die."
I said, "No, ma'am." Just swallowed as fast as I could. Hot water in my mouth, you know, went on across, and I seen they's all gone. I got in the room, I started across the floor, saying,

I can, I will, I do believe.

I can, I will, I do believe.

I can, I will, I do believe.

I can, I will, I do believe,

That Jesus heals me now.

I'll take You at Your Word,

I'll take You at Your Word,

Like that, you know. On down, believing that with all of my…

E-77 I just got so weak, I just almost fell across the bed, like that, I thought, "Oh, mercy, mercy." And I got up the next day, I walked down the street, you know. My, I didn't care. Mother come in. She watched me all night long, thought sure I'd die, you know. Next morning, all them beans was laying right there at the same place. Said, "What do you want?"
I said, "I want some more beans and corn bread." Yes… Oh, devil wasn't going to cheat me out of it. No, no. God said so.

And every promise in the Book is mine,

And every promise in the Book is mine,

Every chapter, every verse, every line.

(Is that right?)

I am trusting in His Word divine,

For every promise in the Book is mine.

That's right. He–He… I'd rather He said, "Whosoever will," than said, "William Branham. There might be a hundred William Branhams. But every, "Whosoever will," I know means it's mine. That's right. I just said, "I believe You." Yes, sir. And I started on, went down the street… Said, "How you feeling, Brother Branham?"
And I said, "Wonderful." I'd go down the street going… Mouth full of beans, swallow them back. No, no. I wasn't going to spit them out. No, sir. Swallowed them back. The Lord blessed them. They were mine. Kept on…
Go down there, say, "Hello, Brother Branham."
I said, "Hello."
"How you feeling?"

E-78 Somebody told me not long ago, said, "Brother Branham, you was lying." No, I wasn't. No, I wasn't.
They was asking me how my body was feeled; I was answering how my faith was. It was wonderful. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. My–my faith was feeling wonderful, because I took God at His Word. I didn't care how I felt. If I'd still been belching up, I'd still say I'm healed. Amen. That's right. Sure, because God's Word is right. Do you believe it? Let's sing it then.

Every promise in the Book is mine,

Every promise in the Book is mine,

Every chapter, every verse, every line.

I am trusting in His heart divine,

Every promise in the Book is mine.

All you sick people now that's going to be prayed for, sing it with me.

Every promise in… (Raise your hand.) is mine,Every chapter, every verse, every line.I am trusting in His Word divine,Every promise in the Book is mine.

What do we have to do?

Only believe, only believe,

(That's all you have to do.)

All things are possible, only believe.

E-79 I'm not very much of a song leader. But I do know in my heart that you have to believe it. Is that right? All right. Now, brother, give us a key on it and we get it. All right. Everybody again now.

Only believe, only believe,

Only believe, only believe,

All things…

The Bible said so, didn't It. Didn't God say so? Didn't He promise you the gift? They're here. Others are being healed, can't you? You? You? Can't you?

… only believe,All things are possible, (Praise God. Yes they are.)Only believe.Lord, I now believe (Do you?), Lord, I believe,

All things are possible, Lord, I believe,

Lord, I believe, Lord, I believe,

For all things are possible, Lord, I believe.

Listen. If I don't…?… [–Ed.]… at the judgment, I'll still say I believe that every promise is true. It's right. Do you believe it? All right.

E-80 Let's bow our heads now, just kinda chord that, if you will, brother. Let's bow our heads now while they're getting ready for the prayer.
Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee today for every promise in the Book. We thank Thee because Thou has brought down the Holy Spirit, for the–the people that owns It, and the lodge. And we pray, God, that You will have them, every one, be saved and in Thy Kingdom at that day, for they've been kind to spread–spread forth their doors to let us come in. Bless everyone. Bless the doctors of this city. Bless all the nurses, the institutions.
God, let the people know that I'm here trying to help poor suffering humanity. I'm not here for any other cause but to try to help these hollow-eyed, sick, dying people. And O God, how could anyone say anything evil against something of that type, when trying to introduce to them a lovely Christ, Who heals all sickness and diseases?

E-81 Bless Your ministers, Lord. May they be anointed fire brands. And may there be an old fashion revival break out now down here in Phoenix, and go from church to church, from place to place until this is one place that all the nation will say, "Come to Phoenix, Arizona, for the Holy Spirit is being poured out again down there, and great signs and wonders are being done among the people." O God, Thou knowest how I love this little city. And I pray that You'll keep it, Lord. Do grant it, Lord, and send an old fashion revival.
Heal everyone, Father. And may Your Angel, Who I've tried to make it plain to the people, that I can only speak as He speaks. My prayer is only that for the people's faith. But O God, may they have faith to believe this afternoon as they file through this line. There's several hundred people. And as they pass, may they be healed, and we'll give all praise and glory to Thee, for we ask it in His Name and for His glory. Amen.

E-82 Now, for a little farewell song while they're finishing the prayer line, give us a chord there, brother, of "He Careth For Thee." Will you? "He Careth For You," you know.



This is what I want to sing to you, and you sing back to me now, everybody. How many know it? "He Careth For You," let's see your hands? (All right. Lead us off now. All right.)

He careth for you,

He careth for you;

Through sunshine or shadow,

He careth for you.

Let's all together now sing it. Come on.

He careth for you,

He careth for you;

Through sunshine or shadow,

He careth for you.

E-83 Listen. Let's let this middle aisle sing it for the rest of you. Sing it with me, just this middle aisle through here. Come on now.

He careth for you, (They're singing to you all.)He careth for you;

Through sunshine or shadow,

He careth for you.

Let all the sick people that can stand, all the sick people, stand, that's going to be in the prayer line. Now, you people here that's well, let's you and I sing it to the sick people that's going to be in the prayer line.

He… (Point your finger to them.)He careth for you,He careth for you;Through sunshine or shadow,
He careth for you. (Let everyone stand now.)He…

E-84 Now, turn around and shake hands with your neighbor. Everybody sing "He Cares For You." Shake hands with somebody standing by you.

He careth for… (That's right. Turn right around with a good handshake.)He careth for you. (Let's sing it again.)He careth for you,

He careth for you;

Through sunshine or shadow,

He careth for you.

Let's all say "Amen." Come on. It won't hurt you. Now, say, "Praise the Lord." Come… Praise the Lord. Now, let's hear us all say together. "I love my neighbor." [The congregation says, "I love my neighbor."–Ed.] "From this time on, I'll try to be Christ's servant." From this time on, I'll try to be Christ's servant.

He careth for… (Oh, my, get right into it.)He careth for you;

Through sunshine or shadow,

He careth for you.

E-85 (More slowly, brother). Now, let's bow our heads. The governor of your state is in serious condition, and sent word for me to pray for him now. Bow your… [–Ed.] Oh, Father, just cooperating with us so lovely. Man that's in the higher places, up in the seats, dominion over the people…
God, spare our governor's life here, of Arizona. God, we love him, and we know that Thou has put him up to be an overseer over the people, and the things of the nation here of the–of this state. And I pray that You'll send Your Angel to him right now, and let him know that we are praying for him now. And God, answer our prayer, and may he recover immediately. May he be well, and love You all the days of his life. Grant it, Father. I ask for the governor's life to be spared in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. Amen.
Now, you be seated everyone. Thank you.
[A brother gives instructions to the people in the prayer line and to the ushers–Ed.]
(Osbush?) Governor Osborn, it come from.

E-86 All right. Now, everybody be real reverent now. We're going to start the prayer line. And you–you ushers know how to keep the line a moving. I'll pray for every one that I possibly can.
Now, I'll tell you what happened. Now, I don't know what's going to happen along the line, but I feel there's a shaking in the mulberry bush. That's right. It's a… I wish we just had about eight or ten days, where you could just keep climbing on and you're gaining ground here. That's right.
Now, it's–it's four-thirty. Now, I don't know what time we'll be out. We will be when everybody's prayed for. That's right. So now, I want to do that. And I thank you all for your kindness. 'Cause probably, when I get under the anointing now, I won't want to come out from under it. You see? And I thank every one of you for your kindness.

E-87 Do you still love me as your brother…?… Well, I still love you and got perfect confidence in you. I trust that you have in me. And may God watch over us, and watch between us, until we see each other again. And if it's at the judgment, I pray that we'll all set down under the Tree of Life, and I'll have a thousand years apiece to talk with you all. That's right. So God bless you now.
And now, if you have to go home, when you get up, go reverently. But if it's casting out an evil power…
Sometimes I feel a person, when they come to me, I feel that pressure of faith come against me. Maybe they're blind, or deaf, or dumb. When I feel that pressure come against me, that I know that it's faith, I usually stop like that. Because if them people have faith for it to be done, no matter what's wrong with them… But if I don't feel that faith, I just ask a prayer of faith and let them go by. See what I mean? You all understand, don't you.

E-88 All right. Now, everyone bow your head and be in prayer now.
Dear God, our sister's now passing by. Let her go not according to her feelings but her faith. May she go and be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless you, little lady.
Now, I wished all the ministers here that can cooperate, will get right down along this line here and go to talking to these people and praying for them, if you would. All cooperating ministers that will, get along that prayer line, and be praying. God hears your prayers, brother, all of you all that's ministers.
Jesus, have mercy upon our sister, and heal her. Grant it, Lord. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may this be healed. That's right, young lady. Go now, rejoicing.
God bless you, brother. You're in serious condition. You realize that, don't you?

E-89 O God, I'm thinking now of that x-ray that just come in awhile ago with that doctor's testimony. Over half of her lungs are–was gone, and the x-rays showing. Now… Right here in Phoenix… And now, her next one shows negative. O Christ, please have mercy on this man that's come all the way down from that lovely state of Ohio, my neighbor, to be prayed for here at Arizona.
Thou demon, come out of him in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Now dear brother, you're my neighbor up there. Don't doubt. Your vibration has stopped. Now, if you can believe it with all… You felt it? Fine. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Praise the Lord, everybody. The man come from Ohio down here to be prayed for, right next door to me there.

E-90 All right, now, bow your heads. Oh, my. Why don't you have this kind of a feeling all the time around Phoenix here. This is the kind of a feeling you need for people to be healed. Now, bow your head, everybody now.
Yes, sir. You know, sir, that you're time is very near at the end of life's journey, if something isn't done. Where do you live, sir? Fennell. All right. Have faith now. Don't doubt. Just have faith. Remember what I told you? Just believe with all your heart.
Heavenly Father, I pray for my brother now with cancer. His life is being eat up with this big gig of cancer is doing it. You're the only One Who can take that "octomus" out of him, that demon, stretching forth his powers and limbs in there to eat the very life out of this man. Father, he's our brother. And we come to You as Your children.
Thou demon, come out of him in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Brother, you can look at my hand yourself. It cleared. Go rejoicing. God bless…
O Jesus of Nazareth, I pray that You'll help our sister here who's suffering with this hideous power that's bothering her.
Satan, come out of the woman in the Name of… [–Ed.] In the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask it. God bless you there.

E-91 God bless you, sister. Father, I believe that this woman now that we're asking this blessing, is a worthy of what we're asking for; it's our brother's wife, Your servant. And she's constantly been used in the service here. Reward her for fine cooperation, Father, by healing her today. Will You hear the prayer of Your servant? God, You sent me out to Harold Nail's house, You, Who sent me up to Utica, up to the Brother Emmel, and over to the man at Little Rock, and different places, You Who done these things, hear the prayer of Your servant as we're hastening through here, and give this woman deliverance from this, right this very day. I ask this in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, Sister Outlaw. Don't worry. I believe you're going to be all right.

E-92 Fine. I just heard a report from Sister Outlaw. I had her to run and pray for her sister the other night, who was very serious. And she's gaining, getting better, and the little boy, little Spanish boy, little Brother Joseph… I haven't seen him today. I'd like to see Joseph before I leave. Will you take me in the room where the little Spanish boy, they thought was dying, laying there, crushed brain and everything. The little boy regained conscious, was healed, and went home from the hospital.
Keep your heads bowed now as we pray. (You can ask in there.)

E-93 Father, I pray Thee to help our brother now to be well. Satan, I adjure thee to leave the boy in the Name of Jesus Christ. There went the nerve condition. God bless you, my dear brother. Go with faith now.
I see you're wearing a trumpet in your ear. Do you believe that God sent me do this, to give your healing without this trumpet? You can't hear me? All right, brother.
Heavenly Father, the man is standing here now with this trumpet in his ears, and You're the only One Who can deliver him. I pray that You will heal my brother. He's tired of this old trumpet. He's tired of people gazing upon him. And You're here to liberate him. Speak, dear God.
Thou demon, come out of the man in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Hear me? Hear me? You can raise your head now. The man couldn't even hear me with his trumpet. Listen. Hear me? [The man answers, "Yes, sir."–Ed.] Hear me? ["Yes, sir."] He couldn't hear me with his trumpet awhile ago. Hear me all right? ["Yes, sir."] Praise the Lord. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. God bless you, brother. Go, praising the Lord. God bless you. God bless you, my brother. Oh, my.

And this is like heaven to me,

And this is like heaven to me,

Yes, this is like heaven to me;

I crossed over Jordan to Canaan's fair land,

And this is like heaven to me.

E-94 Now, bow your heads, everyone now, while we're praying.
O Jesus, You're the only One Who can heal our sister. Grant today, Father, that her hearing will come to her, and her veins, the varicose veins will be dried up. Grant it, eternal God, in Jesus Christ's Name.
Thou demon, come out of the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Hear me? Hear me? I'm whispering, lady. All right, you can raise your heads. Hear me? Hear me? Say, "Amen." [The woman says, "Amen."–Ed.] Praise the Lord. ["Praise the Lord."] Now, I'm whispering, lady. Excuse me. See, that's what I–I was hearing. See, you–you didn't get it. That's what it was. As soon as you do that (You see?), I see that somebody would… or they'd do that (See?), sometimes they'd just say, "Well, this, that." That's the reason I stopped you right quick (You see?), so that you'd get it. You hear me? She hears me fine. Let's say, "South Dakota." South Dakota. Let's give her a big praise for the Lord. God bless you, sister.
Oh, my. I felt that He would do it today. That's right. Oh, don't you love Him? Say, "Amen." All right. Now, keep your heads bowed, everyone now as they come through.

E-95 Brother, do you believe that if I'll ask God, He will heal you of this tuberculosis? Dear God, You Who can make the deaf hear, or the blind see, the dumb speak, Thou can heal our brother of this tuberculosis. I pray, Father, that You'll grant it. May it leave him in the Name of Jesus Christ.
God bless you, my brother. Now, look. Here's what it is–the simplicity of prayer, your faith; it isn't a long prayer. It's your faith (You see?) that does it. See?

E-96 [–Ed.]… you touch me on the back like that. There's hundreds are going by the same time, and the woman's sound and well. Go on. You're going to be well if you believe.
God, I pray for this little baby, that You'll heal it and let it get well, Father. I pray through Jesus Christ's Name that You'll heal it. And bless its mother with this heart trouble. God, may this be a new day for them. May they go forth from here rejoicing and be well, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
You believe, mother, with all your heart? Your baby shall get well, and you will too if you can just believe it.
O God, I pray that You will heal my brother. Who's standing here now and is totally deaf. I pray that You'll give him his healing, now. In Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it.
I'm going to pass this one through, and you all check him there, and see what happened now. Check up on these now, while we pass them through.

E-97 God, I pray that You'll heal my dear brother with this gall bladder trouble, and let him get well. In Jesus Christ's Name, I pray. God bless you, sir. That's just what done it, right then. You've got it now, go on. God… Oh, my. He seen the vision of it right away. My, my. That's free.
O God, I pray for my sister, that You will heal her. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask You. Thank You, Jesus.
You, sister, if you will. God, I pray that You will heal the sister of this throat trouble. In Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it.
God, bless my sister. I pray that You'll heal her, Father… Jesus Christ's Name. Amen…?… Bless her…?… now…?… Yes. God bless you, sir. God, bless this little baby with heart trouble. I pray that You'll heal it, Father, and let it get well. I lay hands upon it in the Name of Jesus Christ for its healing. Bless the mother, Father. Give her a long happy, healthy life in Jesus' Name. God bless you, little lady…?…

E-98 O God, this poor little stiffened up boy here with this muscular condition, looking up in his little blue eyes, O God, You're the only One Who can do this.
Satan, come out of the boy in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Somebody's got their head up. Keep your head down, friends. This come right straight back. Brother Tora, you seen how it turned my hand there…?…
You believe, honey? Everybody keep your head bowed. Father, have mercy upon the little boy, and heal him of this muscular condition. You're the only One Who can do it.
Thou demon, come out of him. I adjure thee by Jesus Christ and His holy Angel.
Now, walk over towards me, then raise your hand up and down…?… There you are. Raise your hands up and down. Now, put your… Like this. That's fine. Now, go right down the steps just as hard as you can go. (Raise your head, audience.) You're not sick no more. Look, walk down the steps.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody.
That's right. Come back up the steps now. Come back up; show them. Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Now…?… go right on down this way. Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. All right, bow your head, everywhere now in the building, 'cause we got several hundred to pray for. Now, bow your head, and be real reverent.

E-99 Father, You're the only One Who can heal this brother of his ulcer. We know, Father, I was speaking a few moments ago of how my stomach was one big bloody raw ulcer, almost to a cancer. But I took You at Your Word. May our brother do likewise, and be healed in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless you, brother.
God bless my dear brother. I pray, Father, that You'll heal his body in the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless you, brother. Go rejoicing now.
Dear Father, I pray that You'll heal our sister now. May she go from here rejoicing and be well in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. You want to be well, sister? Go on your road rejoicing. Forget about it now. Go on, have faith now.
Dear Father, I pray for the young lady that You'll heal her. And may she go by… Not… Just as she would the brazen serpent, or the troubled pool, or more than that, as she was passing by Calvary. Grant it, Father, in Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. Amen. God bless you. You believe you're going to be well? Kidney trouble… God bless you, sister.

E-100 O God, this poor deaf woman standing here with this crippled up body, poor little drawed thing, seeing her sitting down there this afternoon, and felt she had faith. Therefore, Father, come to the rescue, and may that demon that's bound her come forth.
I adjure thee to leave her. Come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ.
That got it. You seen that, didn't you. You hear me? All right. You can raise your head now.
I seen her jump. You–you know what happened, didn't you? Hear me? Amen. Come over here, you're not sick with arthritis no more either. [–Ed.]
Now, she was watching me. The poor thing… I was standing there. I felt her faith coming through there. I… Stick both my hands inside your ears. And when I jerked my ears–my hands back like that, hearing was to her just like that, done in a moment. All right now, mother. That's fine.
All right. Bow your heads, every one. Put…
Dear Father, I pray for our sister that Thou will heal her body and make her well. Grant it, dear God, that this throat will be healed up, her eyes will get well. Grant it, Father, in Jesus' Name. God bless you, sister. You believe it? You shall have it if you can… [–Ed.]

E-101 God, have mercy upon our sister, and heal her of this colitis in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. God bless you, little lady. You believe now? All your heart? All right, you shall have it.
Almighty God, this poor man standing here, even in this healthy climate, dying with tubercular. We know it takes Your power, Father, and may he stand in this simple little blessing, just simple child faith to pass by and be healed. I pray in Jesus' Name for his healing. Amen. God bless you, my brother. Go rejoicing. Don't pay any attention to how you feel, get well.
God have mercy on our sister, and heal her of this nervous breakdown in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Now, you going to get well, sister? You're not going to worry no more about it. It's gone. That's right. Go away rejoicing. That's fine.

E-102 Father, I pray that You'll heal our sister and will make her well. May she leave this pulpit just rejoicing with all of her heart in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. You believe, sister? Dorsa, is that right? A fine name. All right. Now, go rejoicing, Dorsa.
You believe, sister, God will let it go away for you? Father, I pray for our sister with this choking spirit. May it leave her and bother her no more. I rebuke it in the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless you, little sister. What? Oh, you mean it was showing? It isn't now.
Say, open your eyes just a moment. This girl had a goiter that disappeared from her throat right here. There it was, a–a showing goiter. Was that right, young lady? Looky here. Swallow. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." God bless you, little lady…?… got well.

E-103 How old are you? You believe God will hear my prayer if I'll just ask Him? Why, I believe you're already healed. I do it with all my heart. God, bless this young lady. I believe, Father, with all my heart that her faith has done saved her. In Jesus' Name, I thank You. Young lady, you was healed when you walked to this line.
Friends, I want you to open your eyes. I… This is the… I–I've said it was a poorest place for faith, but I believe it's greatest this afternoon. This girl was healed before I took hold of her hand. Just… I felt something move, and the girl was healed.
A strange feeling come to you, didn't it? You're healed, young lady. All right. You mark my word and see if that isn't right. Glorify the Lord.

E-104 Look, dear friends. It isn't my prayer that heals you; it's your faith in God, what healed you. It's the simple part of just to pass by and believe it. And remember, I told you, the Angel of God and held my Bible in my hand. He told me that nothing would stand before the prayer if I'd be sincere, and would get the people to believe me. That's all you have to do: just believe and come on by, and you can receive it, friends. And if you believe it, act like it. Go about and rejoice and testify, and tell the people. Sure, faith is not what you feel; faith is what you have (Is that right?), what you believe. Now, bow your head while we're just praying. Oh, it's just doing fine. I trust to God that this will keep up.
Father, I pray that You will heal our brother of this asthma in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless you, dad. You believe? Don't have it.

E-105 Do you believe it, young lady? God, bless this young lady and her tender heart. I pray that she'll go about now rejoicing for her healing in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister.
God, bless our brother who's standing here crippled up with rheumatism. Thou demon, leave him in Jesus Christ's Name. Just guide this then. Well, now, you're not crippled with rheumatism. Go on down the steps. Walk on down the steps. Thank you. There he goes. Look at him.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Bow your head now, everyone.

E-106 God, I pray that You'll heal this boy with this impediment of speech. May it leave him right here at the pulpit, now. I rebuke this impediment of speech in the Name of Jesus Christ. Say, "Amen." [The boy says, "Amen."–Ed.] Praise God. ["Praise God."] Daddy. ["Daddy."] Mama. ["Mama."] Listen to this. Amen. [The boy says, "Amen."–Ed.] Daddy. ["Daddy."] Mama. ["Mama."] Say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Go on…?…
Father, have mercy upon sister and heal her of this high blood pressure, and she's run down, Father, and weak. I pray that she'll go home today and be well in Jesus Christ's Name. Are you, sister? You now believe it? "Lord God, I now believe You healed me. With all my heart, I go rejoicing for it." Is that the way you feel about it? Go right on your road rejoicing then.

E-107 God bless this man who's losing his sight. May his…?… [–Ed.]… will not lose your eyesight. Look around over the building now. This usher standing here on the platform. Raise up your hand, sir. How many fingers has he got up? Can you see his hands? That's exactly right, brother. You're right. See what's happened to you? God rewards you of your faith. All right…?… son.
God this poor mother standing here, she wants to be healed for Your glory. May her great faith look up to Thee now, lay aside everything, and believe You with all of her heart, and be healed in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. May God grant to you your desire to you, sister. Your sister…
Father, I pray Thee to heal this girl that's deaf. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may she receive her hearing, now. Now, check her speech, brother.
God, I pray for our sister that You'll heal her in the Name of Jesus Christ.
God, heal this bronchitis case in Jesus Christ's Name.
Heal my brother's stomach trouble in Jesus' Name.

E-108 Heal this little girl, Father, I pray in Jesus' Name. Do you believe, little lady?
What…?… crossed eyes–cross-eyed. Lady, do you believe that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world and died for healing? All right. Bow your head…?… Do you believe I'm able to do this? Colored people sometimes up in my other meetings don't get to come in much. But do you believe, you believe me for the…?… [–Ed.] God bless you, sister. Your daughter shall be healed now.
Heavenly Father, I'm thinking now of that blind colored girl in Jonesboro, Arkansas, how that she grabbed my old ragged coat and said, "Don't pass me." You know them, Father. Thou hast died for this colored race just the same as all of us. And we're all one in Christ Jesus. Thou art no respecter of persons.

E-109 And now, they bring to me a little cross-eyed girl, asthma, affected head. Thou art here, Lord, to make her well. Now, you Who was bearing the cross through Jerusalem that morning, and when You fell, then Simon the Cyrene, that colored man, came and helped You bear the cross. God, I know You understand. And to prove to these people here in Phoenix that Thou art no respecter of persons, I therefore rebuke these crossed eyes in the Name of Jesus Christ. Now, keep your heads bowed, every one now.
Almighty and omnipotent God, let it be known today that You are God and I be Your servant, that the people might know that Thou art the only living God, and You have anointed me, and sent me forth, and I speak not of my own words, but them words in which You revealed to me. Therefore, Angel of God, You Who told me to go, and if I'd be sincere, the people would believe; there would be nothing stand before the prayer… I ask for this. I'm leaving Phoenix. And, Lord, I love the country. And prove that Thou art God and I be Your servant.
Thou demon, I rebuke thee. Come out of the child in the Name of Jesus Christ.

E-110 Just keep your little eyes closed now. Now, raise your head, but keep your eyes closed. (Everybody keep your eyes closed.) Now, slowly open your eyes, looking towards me, slowly now, like–like mine. There they are. All right. Her eyes are straight and normal. Look out here in front, if anybody who wants to look out… Look out to the audience. Look here, sister…?… right. Just perfect. Let's all say, "Praise the Lord."
Yes, sir. Head trouble's gone too, mother. Everything is all right. Look at her…?… Oh, my. You love Jesus? You do? That's fine and dandy. Look out there at that audience now. Now, watch here, friends. Her eyes, cross-eyes are…?… You saw her look at my finger. Now, you…?… You keep your eyes on my finger. Don't…?… your eyes. Here's what I want you to do to your eyes…?… like that. Close… Ba–back and forth. Now, raise up so the people can see. Perfect. Let's offer praise to God.
Thou art here, Father…?… Thy Word…?… Glorify Thee. And I pray that You will keep this little girl every day to be in Your will, Father. God bless you. Run along now and tell the people what Lord done for you.
All right. Keep your heads bowed now. A whole lot to be prayed for.

E-111 O God, You Who created the side of this mother, taken the child. And now, here she has a misery in her side. I now rebuke that misery. Leave the woman. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I rebuke thee. Come out of her. I think it was a defective spleen there, but it's stopped. Go… Where do you live at? You feel a testimony to God, sister… [–Ed.]
Has come to be healed. Oh, help me now. [–Ed.] it's tubercular, that's hitting this man… Oh, Satan, why would you do this? Leave him in Jesus Christ's Name. Now just a moment, friends, this holds on the man.
Look, sir, this way to me. How long you been suffering with it? Forty-four. I want the audience, maybe some of them never seen a vibration. I want them to look at it. Move out here just a moment.
All right, raise your head, audience. There's a tubercular vibration. See them white welts rising and falling on my hand? Red, see how white this hand looks? Look at this one. Look here, see them white welts, see them coming and going? Do you see it? See what I mean, sir? See here a minute. Now, if God shall take that away from you, sir, that'll stop, and my hand will be like this one. Quite a difference between them two hands, isn't it? Now, you just watch my hand, and you, the patient here. You watch my hand. If it clears up like this one (And I won't move it.), and if it clears up like this one, that's you're witness. Something happened then, won't it? You see that something has surely happened. Now, bow your head, everywhere.

E-112 Almighty and omnipotent God, You're the One Who made heavens and earth. You made the body of man. And this demon is trying to take this young man's life. O Jesus, You're here to help him. Help, Father, and may they know down in their people, and amongst their neighborhood, that Thou art Christ and I be Thy servant. Therefore, I come to meet this demon in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Come out of him, thou demon of tuberculosis; I adjure thee by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Leave the man.
Before I raise my head, sir, or open my eyes, my hand's turning white, isn't it? All right. Now, there it is. (Now, you audience, can raise your head.) Now, sir, you know I never moved my hand at all. It stayed right that same way, hasn't it? And it was red all over it with white spots over it (Is that right?), coming and going. Now, it looks just like that one there, does it? Yes. Now, something natural happened, didn't it? The vibrations stopped. Now, if you believe with all your heart and straighten yourself up, go down the street rejoicing, testifying of God healing you, you'll be a well man. God bless you, my brother. That's fine. Let's say, "Praise the Lord…"

E-113 Now, everybody… How many's to be–left to be prayed for? Let's see how many stands there. Now, let's see. Now, to you people that's got to hurry for your church now, it's five o'clock. It's five o'clock. Did I get… Is my watch right? Is that about right, Brother…?… At five o'clock.
Say, while I got a opportunity, I want to thank Brother Faulkner, Brother Outlaw, Brother Garcia, Brother Fuller, and this brother I can't think of your name. Well, Truman, Truman, and the various other ministers… This…?… Is this a minister? Ballard, Brother Ballard. And all the rest… Brother Garcia, and all… Here's Brother Garcia setting behind me. And all these cooperating ministers everywhere… Brother Beamons from Mesa. Where… Where's he? This him? Right here with the–with the camera. That's fine. We want to thank him. All of these brothers, and all of you members, and everything, for cooperating with us here in the Phoenix meetings. Let's all give those ministers a hand, everybody. Come on, they're worthy of it, of a good hand of praise. That's right.
I'm sure glad that you got ministers like that here in Phoenix. My, I hope you have great union revivals and fill these auditoriums and everything full of people, and get people down at the altar.

E-114 I talked to Brother Sharritt. There's another man I don't want to leave out. Listen. I think Phoenix is blessed with a man like John Sharritt. What do you all think about it? Amen. Is that right? Let's give him a hand too, 'cause he's been a brother to me. That's right. A very… And now… Yes, Brother Gibson, I couldn't forget his wife. That's right. She's a lovely little character that doesn't have nothing to say, but just, "Well, yes." She's a swell cook. And she's been to me like a sister, and like a brother, and I'm very thankful for them and their little children.
Well, in fact–fact this. I thank God for all of you. Amen. Very fine. And I'm certainly thankful to see this welcoming spirit here this afternoon. When it comes to a place where you have to believe, in or out, that's when the Lord will come down. Is that right? And I'm just thankful, friends; this has been the greatest meeting yet we've had in Phoenix, this meeting now. That's right.

E-115 Now, just keep your heads bowed, and we're just going to try to pray for everyone. Now, you… Don't be late at your church. You who have to go to church, you get right on. Don't miss your church now. 'Cause I… But if you can stay, and not going to church, why, you just stay on. If you can stay a little longer, just make yourself welcome. Remember, till we meet, God bless each one of you. Now, while you pray, keep on with your music, if you will, sister.
God bless this woman. I pray that You'll heal her, Father, of this trouble in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. You going to get well now?
God, have mercy on… Oh, wait, she's got more than…?… Oh, sister. I'll–I won't tell you what it is till after I get through praying for you. You could… Do you believe?
Almighty God, have mercy upon the woman and heal her body. Thou demon, come out of her. I adjure thee by Jesus Christ.
You can keep that faith now, sister. It's stopped. You see? Do you know what was wrong with you? You're not scared now. You know you're going to get well, do you? Cancer. All right. You have a suspicion of that? Now, just go on believing now.

E-116 [–Ed.]… on here with cancer. And here the little boy has got pneumonia on…?… wanted to send his little handkerchief to be prayed over. Father, we're taught that they taken from the body of Paul, handkerchiefs or aprons. And we know we're not the Saint Paul. But we realize it wasn't he anyhow that done the healing, it was Your Spirit that went before and stirred the faith of the people. I send this handkerchief this afternoon to that little boy for the healing of his body. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may he and his mother be healthy and happy many many years for Your glory. Amen. Go rejoicing now, sister. God bless you.
O God, have mercy upon our dear sister and heal her. In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask this. Don't worry, sis; you're going to get well. God bless you, little girlie.
Got a ulcer, haven't you? All right. Where, you go to Brother Garcia's church. Oh, you can't… All right. You believe in God, don't you. Heavenly Father, as this little lady stands here this afternoon suffering with this ulcer in her stomach, You're the only One Who knows how to take it out. And she's come reverently, Father. And I pray that You'll help her.
Thou demon of ulcer, I adjure thee to leave this girl in the Name of Jesus Christ. Little lady, you have nothing to worry about now. Your ulcer will get well. You'll be all right now. God bless you, sister.

E-117 Heavenly Father, I pray for our sister, that You'll heal her body and will make her well. Satan, come out of the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless her dear husband who's waiting at home. May his wife return shouting and praising God for her healing. May he also rise and go to shouting, God. You spoke the Word. In that same hour he begin to mend. Go, mother. Doubt nothing. Go rejoicing.
O God, to this little boy standing here, I pray that You'll heal his little body. Whatsoever is wrong, Thou knowest, and I pray that You'll make him well, Father, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, little boy.
God, bless this woman. I pray, Father, that You'll heal her body. We see she's crippled up and being led up here by this girl. But Thou alone can make her well. I pray for her, pray that You'll hear my prayer. And may Satan get this rebuke, Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Lady, how much you believe? With all your heart? All right. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may you go home and be well. Amen.

E-118 God, have mercy upon our sister, and heal her, Father. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I ask for her healing. Amen. God bless you. Ma'am? What was that? Stopped, your vibrations. What it was… See, it was made me to my forehand. It's left you now. Ever what it was (See?), it's just gone. When the vibrations leave, that's… Do you believe…?… That's right…?… God bless you, mother.
Our heavenly Father, I pray for this dear soul standing here with this cane in her hand: old, and broken down in health. But Thou art here to restore her health. I pray that You'll grant it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, mother.
God, heal this poor sister here of this heart trouble. O God, this female disorder, Thou knowest all things, the poor soul. She wants to be well. I ask for her healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless you, sister. Go now rejoicing; you'll get well.
God, I pray that You'll heal our sister of this heart trouble. Grant it, dear heavenly Father. I ask it in the Name of Thy Son Jesus. Go, believing now, sister.

E-119 God bless you. What happened? Hand? Oh, it's a bone died in the leg. Now, look, sister, how old are you? Seventeen, just a child. Where you from, Phoenix? California. Now, look. If you will believe this with all your heart… You're going to serve God. That's what you want to do, is that right? Are you a Christian? You are. And you're going to serve God the rest of your life if God will let that calcium begin to come back into the bone and life come there again, make it a normal bone? You'll use that leg, not to dance, but just to go serve God. Is that right? You'll do it. All right, let me have your hand.
Father, this young lady, who's no doubt heard across the nation of the many things that You've done. And now, she's had a wreck. And we're taught that all things work together for good to them that love God. And now, the bone will not heal; it's dead in her limbs. O God, just a child. Have mercy upon her. She promised me that she'd never dance, and she… And she promises You, Father, she'll never dance, and use this leg for nothing but for Your glory. Now, Almighty God, You Who are the whole resource of life, I ask You in the Name of Your loving Son, Jesus Christ, to start life in that bone this afternoon, that she will be well, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Sister, as firmly as I believe that I'm standing here, the blessing of God has happened to you, and you will be a normal, well girl. What's your name? Rome. From what part… Where–where in California? Redlands, California? All right. Will you write… [–Ed.] Won't you…

E-120 [–Ed.]… will be in the body under nine major heads. Remember that. We're close at them now. Now, you people ought to know it. I can't do this. And I'm afraid now, I'm going to hold some of ministers up from their meetings. And we're going to start praying for the people, just a little more…
Look. It isn't my prayer that heals you. I've already prayed for you. It's your faith in God what heals you. Now, look. 'Course I do check the people here and cast out them spirits, and things like that. You can see it.
And I told you now, there's only one time that I ever seen it fail in my life. That was two or three Sundays ago when I stood here on the pulpit, and asked God if He didn't want me to work them miracles, not to let them happen. How many was here that day to see it? All right. That was the only time I have ever seen it in my life, that things wasn't healed when I took time to…?… on the pulpit. And I just have to let Him stop me. When He stops me, I stop. When He doesn't stop me…

E-121 You know what I promised Him? How many remembers what I promised Him? That I would wait for His witness. And that's right. I've done that since. And there's been many more miracles performed since then, than there wasn't before then. So I want to keep the favor of God. And you want me to, don't you? Every one of you wants me to. And I–I want to live a little longer.
When you pass out one of those powers, brother, sister, it takes more strength out of your body than praying for five hundred people. Something goes out of you; you just have to watch that. You find a good streak of faith, like that poor little boy awhile ago, standing here with his little legs walking like that. Little fellow looked up at me, the tears come to his little eyes, kinda smiled like that, why, the faith was just a moving. I knowed something had to take place. You see what happened? Sure. Satan knew that he had to give away. That little child wasn't callused like many of the adults. Now, you just have faith with belief.

E-122 And we're… Now, we're going to pass the people, and get right through the line. I want to pray for each one of you. Want to pray, not just pass by and just not pray for you. I want to have a little prayer with you, but we're going to have to start a constant walk, like that.
Now, ministers, you all get up here. Come up here, if you will and check some of these cases now when they come through. And if they don't, seemingly, get it, well then, send them back. Why, we'll do the best we can. All right.
Now, everybody, just be in prayer now. And you all just get to lined up, or the ushers will tell you there, and we'll start the line coming right through. Now, everybody bow your head while I ask prayer, so everyone of you will know that you're prayed for. Everyone of you…

E-123 Almighty God, I pray… You know, Father, that many of these people are waiting to go to church tonight. And they might have a loved one that gets saved. And I realize, God, the brazen serpent didn't pray for anyone. The water that was troubled didn't pray for anyone. The woman who touched the hem of Jesus wasn't prayed for. The ones that laid in the shadow of Peter, wasn't prayed for. The ones who had the handkerchief taken off of Paul's body and brought to theirs, wasn't prayed for. But God, they got well because they believed and recognized Your gift.
Now, Father, I pray if these people, not only here locally in Phoenix, but Thou hast so ordained it, that it's known world wide now. And may they come through, not because it's Your poor, humble, illiterate servant standing here, but because it's Your gift that You have honored. And Father, Thou knowest that nothing I could do about it. I never called this message to go over the world like this. It was You, Father. I just obeyed and done what You said, and You brought it to pass.

E-124 Now, dear God, may the people see it's just simple child faith to believe and take You at Your Word. And may every sick person in this building, as they file across this pulpit this afternoon, may every one of them go home. As soon as they get out of this building, may they just raise up their hands and go to praising You for their healing, going down the street testifying like Mary did before she felt life or anything. She knew that she was going to have a baby not knowing a man. Oh, the impossible, something that never happened before, but she knew that it was right, because the Angel said so.
And Father, I know this is right, because the Angel said so. And I know that You have declared it. If this wasn't so, You wouldn't have testified of it. If would've been a fanaticism, it would've fell shortly. But now, Thou hast took it all over the world.
Now, dear God, may these people see this afternoon their need and come through this line, each one, and be healed, and set down in the next few days and write their testimony in, saying, "Thank God for healing me." May it be alarm all over this city, everywhere, Lord, in all parts of the country. I pray for every one of them in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-125 Father, heal our sister in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Father, heal our sister in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Father, heal our brother in the Name of Jesus Christ. May he be able to come out of this wheelchair, or stretcher, and go home rejoicing in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. You believe, sir? You shall have that what you've asked for. It's impossible for you not to receive it if you believe. God bless you, my dear brother.
God bless this little girl. I pray that You'll heal her, Father.
O Jesus, bless the mother. I pray for her healing.
God bless our brother… [–Ed.]
Oh, she just didn't know. She's Spanish. You see? She's hard of hearing. But I know it…?… [–Ed.] Oh, are you…?

E-126 God… (What was the matter? Oh, really?) O Jesus, I pray that You'll heal my dear brother and make him well. May he go out of this building rejoicing, throwing his hands up in the air, shouting, Lord, in Jesus Name.
Heal my dear brother, Father, I pray Thee in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Heal this little boy, Father, of this bad eyesight in Jesus' Name.
Heal my brother of rheumatism in the Name of Jesus Christ.
And asthma, heal my brother in Jesus Christ's Name, I pray Thee, Father.
God bless you, little boy. You're going to get well now after passing by here. Did you know that? You are. You're going to take the cast off the leg and you're going to be a normal well boy again.

E-127 God Almighty, Who cr… [–Ed.] Heal his body… []
…?… Last February, he broke his leg. Now, it's half new. I didn't know the boy, but how'd I recognize that faith when he come by? See? How did I recognize that faith? Why, the Holy Spirit's here, the Angel of God. See? Look at his eyes now, how perfect.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Some of them says, "Does it last?" If you believed. As long as you would believe, it lasts. Is that right? There it is. Oh, my. All the Phoenix people, give a big praise for that boy. My, that's fine. Watch, his little leg too. Perfect faith, why, he received it… I wouldn't have had to say a word for him. Passing by would've done the–would've done the job just the same. You're going to be a well woman… well man, I mean.
All right. Bow your head, everybody.
Father, I pray for my sister in Jesus' Name for her healing… [–Ed.]

E-128 Back in the room and everything… Without even eyes. That was at Vandalia. All right. Let's bow our heads now while we pray for them.
Kinda nervous, aren't you young man. Dear heavenly Father, they're from many miles away. And You're willing we'll be flying over that lovely state in a few days. And I pray, Father, that You will heal this brother. And when he returns back there, may he go rejoicing. May this nervousness just quieten down, and may he go out on the street as Thy servant did, testifying, telling the people, "I once was nervous. But look at me now. I'm well, because the Lord Jesus has healed me." Satan, leave him in the Name of Jesus Christ.
God bless you, brother. Go rejoicing. That's right. You've got a fine faith, young man. You're going to receive a blessing from God here.
O God, I pray for this man who is here totally deaf, they say. I pray that You'll give him his hearing this very afternoon. Grant it, dear Father. In Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen.
Now Brother Hooper, I want you to check this man. Just let him stand here a few minutes. Picking his vibrations up his hand. I want you check him just in a moment. And if he doesn't… Let him stand there just for a moment. Check him.

E-129 O God, have mercy upon our sister, and heal her, Father, of this nervous and spleen trouble, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. See? God bless you, sister. Now, go rejoicing. Go… Be happy.
O Jesus, I pray for our sister now, that You'll heal her. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ I ask it. Amen. Have faith now.
Little sister, I had a brother home once that laid in a hospital up there dying, and said he'd never be well. He'd never get out of chair. He's an acrobat now. You believe God will heal you? You serve God, do you? Seeing you have good faith… Catholic. Most always Catholics are healed, because they see the vision.
Heavenly Father, this little lady standing here with this rheumatic fever, and she's been taught, Father, to believe and to trust. And I pray now, that You'll have mercy and heal her. Satan, thy power of hell, that has bound this child to take her life, to cause her to go in this heart attack, come out of her in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ.
God bless you, little lady. It may seem awful strange to you. You… Have you ever had fluttering in your heart when you… Flutter in the belt. It hasn't probably got to that part. My brother has three valves open in his heart. Now, you're going to be well. Go rejoicing.

E-130 O God, have mercy upon our sister with this enlarged heart. Thou alone can heal her. I pray that You'll grant it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister.
Say, I want to make a statement just now. There's a little Catholic girl come by here, was prayed for with rheumatic fever. I don't know where she went. But she was healed. Yes. I… This fellow just come back across the pulpit just a few minutes ago. Where'd she go to? Was a little Catholic girl with a…
All right, sister. That's fine. That's the kind of faith to have. I felt it come back. It left you when you went down the… You have a peculiar feeling, kind of a odd feeling when you come off of here, kind of a strange feeling? That's what it was.
It left her right there. I felt it come back across this way. It was… Now, you may think that's strange. You watch her and see if I'm not right.
Let's say, "Thank the Lord," everyone.

E-131 I tell you, it takes the Catholic people to see the vision of it. You see, here's what it is. The Catholic… My people are Catholic. My mother… my father, rather. We're taught to believe what the priest says is right. And that's where this is in here. You see, they've got to believe me. They believe God. How many believes God? All of you. Sure. Well now, God's ability is not in question. This is, whether the Angel come to talk to me or not. See? And Catholics are taught to believe what their priest says is right. And when they see some of these things performed, these miracles, they get healed (That's all.), believing it with all their heart. And they… They do.
By the way, my aunt–my great aunt founded a convent at Montreal, Ontario.
Now, bow your heads, everyone, while we're…
How far are we down now? How many more we got to pray for? Let's see the hands go up. Say, I–I'm getting more all the time. I'm getting more all the time. Well, brother, let's see what time… How many in here wants to go to church tonight that wants to be prayed for, that's trying to get to church; let's see you put up your hands, going to church tonight.

E-132 Oh, my, brother. We're going to have to do something about this. That's right. There's some of your people's in there too, aren't they, brothers, some of you ministers? Yours too, Brother Garcia, I guess.
All right. Now, have faith now. I'm going to pray, and just ask God to bless them. We're going to have to start… Oh, yes, I see. I see. All right. Whatever you…
All right. Now, everyone believe now while we come to…
Brother Garcia, brother here, I can't get your name. I didn't know you was ministers. Ballard? Brother, all you, now get down along here. Brother Outlaw and you all, just pray with all your heart for these people. And you pray as they come through. Now, you stand here call their diseases, brother, and you test them. Is there…
Father, heal my brother in Jesus Christ's Name I pray.
God, heal this poor blind woman in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Merciful dear. How long you been blind? Three years. Sister, look up toward them lights there. See them lights? See them? Now, look out here towards these lights out here. Believe now that you're going to get your sight, and you shall have it. Are you with her, sir? It's your wife?

E-133 O God, blessed Father. This poor woman standing here…?… Have mercy now. And may her sight come to her in the next few moments, Father. May she be able to see these lights. And she'll have a witness of Your healing, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Just sit here awhile, right here where I can watch her. Then I'll check her in a few moments.
Now, keep your heads bowed. Here's a deaf woman. [–Ed.]
God bless my sister and heal her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-134 Just a moment. I'm going to try for this one here. I feel them two spirits that's battling together over there. This girl's deaf and dumb…?… to me. She don't know what hearing or speech is. Now, bow your head. Everybody be real reverent. See if I can get her to understand.
Dear Father, this little girl, born deaf and dumb. We realize that she don't know nothing of speech or hearing. But You're the only One Who can grant it to her. Now, help me, dear God. Help me to have power over this deaf and dumb spirit. Grant it, dear God, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Thou deaf and dumb spirit, come out of the girl in the Name of Jesus Christ.
[Brother Branham claps his hands–Ed.] Hear me? She's not…?… Now, keep your heads bowed now. Amen. You. See? Amen. [The girl says, "Amen."–Ed.] Very good, honey. Daddy. ["Daddy."] Raise your heads. Born deaf and dumb. Watch here. Hear me? ["It's hear me."] [Brother Branham claps–Ed.] Hear me? ["Yes."] Hear me? Pretty little girl. Amen. ["Amen."]

E-135 Now, can you see that? I want to tell you something now. Watch. Here's what takes place. See, it's… I want to know if you all noticed this. We're fixing to close, you know, fixing to go into the meetings. Have you noticed, always, after I ask or rebuke over a spirit, I'm always perfectly silent for a few moments? Who's noticed that in the meetings, let's see your hands. Have you noticed that?
Now, here's what it is. There's three words that I have to repeat at that time. See? And it's the three high words of the Bible. No mortal on earth know it. See? And when I ask that, and then I feel that drop, then it comes shakes back to a place in return of that spirit. Then the…?… healed. That's the reason you hear me say that. See? That's what takes place.

E-136 Now, I did that so you wouldn't be questioning me about it coming through the line. So that is true. Now, I know that you noticed a lot of times when I ask to rebuke, I stand still just for a few minutes and repeat these three words that the Angel of the Lord told me to repeat. Then if I feel it come back, then I know it's done.
That's what happened to this girl with us. And that's the reason I never said nothing about it, 'cause I knew she–she was healed. The power had gone from her. Now, of course she don't know what speech is; she don't know what hearing is. She just have to begin like…

E-137 Did I tell you about five–seven coming from the institution in Oregon, and five of them passed through the California medical tests? How many remembers that? I've got their pictures right there, right there in my–in my grip to show it. Uh-huh. Mark that on the side, healed. Passed through the Oregon tests, and down through California for the doctors went home. Born deaf and dumb…
Oh, my, He's wonderful, isn't He? Sure is. Let's give God a praise. Hear it? Hear it? Hear? Amen.
Thank you, brother. All right. Bow your head, everybody now, while we pray.
Father, heal our sister in the Name of Jesus Christ.
God, I pray that You'll heal our sister in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
God, heal our sister in Jesus Christ's Name.
Dear God, heal our sister in Jesus' Name.
God… [–Ed.] Mercy upon him, and heal his body… []

E-138 In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Give vent to that TB you have now, sir. An odd feeling, isn't it. The Angel of God is standing near, brother. You realize that your days are short, again. You even be–had a fever, burning. Don't worry. Go believing. You believe you're going to be well then now? You shall have it, in Jesus Christ's Name. Where's he live? Glendale. Now, don't doubt, sir. You the driver? Thank you, sir. God bless you for waiting.
Father, I pray in Jesus Christ's Name that You heal him. Don't doubt, sir. Go believing.
God, heal this woman, I pray, Father, in Jesus' Name.
And heal this man, Father, in Jesus Christ's Name I ask You Father.
Heal our brother, Father, in Jesus… [–Ed.]…?… her done.

E-139 Say, friends. Talk about some faith, this little boy was standing here with pink granulated eyelids. They disappeared from him. I can raise him right up here before the people. There it is. Look at his eyes. See? Perfectly clear. Granulated eyelids standing here on the platform. Friends, that's true. You know that God is standing here somewhere? The very Angel of God.
Go show that sick man laying there, honey. Go show him your eyes that was pink awhile ago, and now they're clear.
Sir, here comes a little boy down to testify to you.
Brother Hooper, that little boy with pink granulated eyelids, was just now healed instantly.
Now, I don't know how much you believe this, but if God, Who I stand before, may take my life standing right here if this isn't true. When I looked at the little fellow just then, the pink place went right up above his little head and vanished away from him. That is true.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody.
God, heal my dear sister. May she go rejoicing now and be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen. God bless you, sister. And you shall have that…?…

E-140 A little girl with water. (All right.) Do you believe, sister, if I ask God, God will do it? Dear heavenly Father, I lay hands upon this darling little girl and pray that You'll heal her, God. May she start from this very hour to mending, the head's go down and be normal. And the child be… way to be a normal child. I ask this blessing in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Now, don't doubt. Is that your baby? Your sister's. You believe she will get well now? I'd like to hear from her, sister. He's a brother. [–Ed.]

E-141 O God, I pray that You'll rebuke the granulated eyelids from this baby. Come out of him, thou demon, in the Name of Jesus Christ. And that one left. Looky here. Not a pinkness at all about his eyes. Look here, honey. If there's a doctor in the building, you can examine him freely. Run down, sweetheart. If you are a doctor, just come look at his little eyes. They was granulated a few moments ago standing here, pink.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Praise the Lord.
Were they sick, were they brothers? They were brothers, the two little boys. [The woman says, "And their sister has it. She's out there."–Ed.] Is that right. Amen. Where do you live at sister? Is that right. Well, they sure been raised around faith or something. Well, that's fine. That's… See, bring up a child in the way it should go. Is that right?

E-142 Her–her mother was feeled–healed of asthma in February. Was that here in Phoenix? Right here in Phoenix, healed of asthma. There you are. See, friends?

Partings leave behind us

Partings leave behind us

Footprints on… [–Ed.] time.

(Is that right?)

Footprints, that perhaps another,

Sailing over life's solemn main,

For a forlorn and shipwrecked brother,

Seeing, shall take heart again.

Heavenly Father, I pray Thee, to heal this sister, as she comes through with her gallant heart looking up to Thee for her healing. Pray that You'll grant it in Jesus Christ's Name.
Bless this handkerchief, Father, and the people for the healing of their body in the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask.
Say, by the way, 'fore I forget it. How many in here wanted a handkerchief prayed over? Let's see how many hands in here wanted one. I've explained it to you. See? Why, you just write me now. Don't have a handkerchief in here, 'cause I don't get to pray for it. But mail it to Branham Healing Campaign, Post Office Box 325, Jeffersonville, and you'll be sent a cloth with instructions on how to use it.

E-143 Every morning at nine o'clock, put your hand over your heart, put it on prayerfully, the cloth first, get it over your heart on the inside of your garment, put your hand over your heart and pray at nine o'clock, twelve o'clock, and at three o'clock in the afternoon. Confess all your faults one to another; call in the neighbors and pray and have prayer meetings. You'll get well. See? The instructions will be sent to you. Just send in my name, Jeffersonville, Indiana, and you'll get it.
All right. Bow your heads. Father, I pray that You'll heal this dear gray headed mother sitting here. May the power of God that raised Christ from the grave bring her from this wheelchair, and make her a well woman, as I pronounce this blessing for her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you. God bless you, sister. God bless you, brother.
Wait, I'll… Just a second. This poor lady fainted. Oh, my. God bless you, lady. I know you'd been laying there. Now, look. God bless your dear heart. You're just a young… And you know you're–you're laying down for the last hour this way. Oh, my. How I wish that they would… something that I could just reach down and do for you, you know, to… If I could pull out here and say, "Here it is. You see it?" and throw it away from you. See? Wished I could do that. But there's only one thing that I know that will let you live, sister. And you–you're very, very… [The sister talks to Brother Branham–Ed.] That's why that faith was pulling from you. Now, we're beginning to hit the right place.

E-144 Last winter, when I was… she was at Booneville, Arkansas… That's been a month. She was at Booneville, Arkansas, when I was at… Where was it? At Corning, Arkansas… Are you people from Arkansas… This woman was. And she prayed that sometime, God would let us meet. And–and–and somebody went out and got her here. Where you at here now, sister? At Superior, Arizona. And God has permitted it. I believe that this is the hour, don't you? The little, poor little woman's laying here dying. That was just sure as it could be…?…
Now, friends, even if some of you is waiting a long time. Let me have just a moment with this woman, will you?
Little lady, God bless you. How many children do you have? Two little children. My, my. Is your husband here with you? God bless you, sister. I… You believe you're going to get well if I'll ask God? All this time you've waited. And dear sister, have you got one of my little books here, "Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever." If you will, give it to her. And I want you to read little Georgie Carter's testimony, that only weighed forty pounds, a woman with tubercular. And now, she's my piano player in the Milltown Baptist church. She's about a hundred forty-five, fifty pounds. Now, have faith. I'm going to ask God with all my heart.

E-145 Dear God, I don't know why when I looked down upon that poor scene there this afternoon, and seen that little, thin, delicate woman rolling around there on that place, and nearly dead now, and her lungs is about gone. The doctors is done all they can do. She's been in sanatorium. And there's something about her, Father, that just attracts my attention, her pathetic look, because she's sincere. She knows she's going to die right away if something isn't done. O God, I plead. Oh, before You, I bow to ask You with all my heart. Angel of God, You Who came into the room that night, and told me these things… I've tried to live true to it. Oh, won't You please have mercy on this poor little woman. Show Your great power, dear God. Not so much as the people have to see it to believe You, but for Your glory, and their faith of the children in this poor woman's life. Oh, help her, dear God. Hear the prayer of Your servant when I call with all my heart, with all my soul that You'll let her get well. Grant it, Father. May Thy servant hear from her. Now, that she's begin to gain weight; she's getting well now. Oh, grant this, Father. She'll serve You all the days of her life, will testify of this whenever it's permitted. Do anything that we can to show our appreciation, if You'll just spare this poor woman's life. I ask it in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-146 Little woman, I… There's something about you I like. And I… Need I tell you. You look forward to being… When the deep calls to the deep. Now, you believe. I believe it with all my heart, you're going to be fine. Now, you go serve Him…?… You are… God bless you, father. God loves you. That's… Take good, dear brother. May the Lord ever bless you for your gallantry.
Did you ever have your attention just called to something? That poor little woman. All right. Bow your heads, every one of you.
God, have mercy of this woman here with bad eyes. Faith cometh by hearing. And she's come now and even took off her glasses, for she believes that something's going to happen. Grant it, Father. May she not be disappointed, but be healed in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless you.
God, have mercy upon my sister and heal her in the Name of Jesus Christ. You believe it's going to get well?
God, bless my little brother here suffering with kidney trouble. May he get well, Father, and it not bother him no more. In Jesus' Name, I pray. Amen. Now, do you believe you're going to get well, honey boy? Huh? All right.

E-147 God, have mercy on our brother with this arthritis. May he go right out of this building, stomping, and jumping, and leaping, and praising God. I rebuke the arthritis, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Go, believing, sir. Go right on out rejoicing, you shall have it.
O God, have mercy upon our sister, and heal her of this cancer. In Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. God bless you, sister. You believe now with all your heart? Be sure and testify and tell the people about God's glory.
God, I pray that You'll heal this dear, old, broken down mother that's passing through the line now. I lay hands on her in the Name of Jesus Christ.
God, have mercy upon our brother and heal him, Father, in Jesus' Name.
God, have mercy upon our sister, Father, and heal her in Jesus' Name.
God, heal this poor heart. O Christ, take away all the misery, I pray in Jesus Christ's Name.
God, heal my brother. I pray Thee in Jesus Christ's Name.
Is that right? What is your…

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