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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Expectations was delivered on Wednesday, 5th April 1950 at the Glad Tidings Tabernacle in New York, New York, U.S.A.
The tape, number 50-0405, is 1 hour and 38 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Thank you…?… Good evening audience. So happy to be here this closing evening of our services here in the–this lovely country that I love with all my heart–America. I think of our forefathers when they sing:

Long may our land be bright,

Long may our land be bright,

With freedom's holy light,

Protect us by Thy might,

Great God our King.

E-2 I'm so thankful to go to other nations to represent a nation like this, America, where we have freedom of religion, and we can speak as–as we feel led the Spirit of God to speak. And I'm happy that… to feel the call of the Gospel that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has called me to go to other countries to–to minister to them.
I shall always in my journey remember this last night, remember New York, remember all you people. You've been so kind to us, this short stay we've had. I trust that someday you'll permit me to come back to–to be with you again, and… Thank you.
I've all my life, I've cherished friends. There's nothing I love like people, and I wanted people to love me.

E-3 In the younger days, I did not have very many friends. I was more or less… Well, I… As a boy not smoking, and dancing, and so forth, why, people thought I was a sissy, my friends. Then later on in my church when I was converted a few years ago, I seen the Gospel as the power of God, and I was a fanatic unto them. And then later when I found there was a group who believed me and accepted me as their brother, my, certainly thankful to–that God has placed me with you.
And now, I thank each one of you a few moments ago when you were singing, "For You I Am Praying." That's what I want you to do. It's–it's prayer that I depend on. That's the secret of all the mysteries of God. That's the key that opens the door to everything of God, is prayer. If you pray and believe, when you pray, then believe that you receive what you ask for, and God will make it known.

E-4 A minister called me awhile ago from down in Louisiana. They got all mixed up, and has left his church because of someone calling him out. He said, "Brother Branham, I just like to know." Said, "They told me I was a something another in the church." And said, "I've left my church, and I'm… Don't know what to do now."
I said, "I would advice you, go right back to your church again." God isn't calling people out of their churches, He's calling them to Him, to Himself, to unite us together.

E-5 Know at one time the Full Gospel people were considered a bunch of fanatics. We lived in–in the alley, anywhere that we could get a place to preach. And… But now, the Samson's hair's growed out, and it's become united together. When they were broken up in different denominations and had a religious prejudice, well, God could not deal with the people. But now when that middle wall is broken down, and we've come together as one unit, it's most mighty church on the face the earth.
And you know, most all famous pictures, before they're hung in a hall of fame, they have to go through the hall of critics first, and have to pass the critics. Then when it passes the critics, then it can be hung in a hall of fame.
Now, I think that's our little church. It's past through ever criticism, been called every black and ugly name. But I think God's going to hang it in the hall of fame one of these mornings and going to take it up, and I–I want to be with them when they go.

E-6 Don't forget to pray for me. And when you're… when you're praying, and whenever you think of me, sing, "Only Believe," will you. That's my favorite song. It's a…
Paul Rader wrote that song. Paul Rader was a friend of mine. And I just come into the church one night it was being played. I didn't even know that he wrote the song. And right immediately after the Angel of the Lord had visit me. And something just struck me. And ever since then, it's been the campaign theme song, "Only Believe."
If I shall go and have to be buried before Jesus comes, it's arranged that when I go down beneath the dirt, why, that they're going to sing "Only Believe, all things are possible." If you hear of me going that hour, will you just stop somewhere and remember me. Hum to yourself, "Only Believe." For I believe that someday that I shall come out again.

E-7 We're going towards a dark chamber, a chamber of death. Everyone enters that chamber. And every time our heart beats, we go one step closer. Someday, I shall enter that chamber. And when I get down to the last heart beat, I do not want to go in there as a coward; I want to wrap myself in His righteousness; pull it up around me and enter that chamber, to know Him in the power of His resurrection. And when they… The Angel screams forth, the Voice, the trumpet sounds, I want to come out from among the dead.
I hope to see you all there. How I would like to take each one tonight, set down and talk to you for hours. That's almost impossible for me to do that. But I will make an appointment with you, and by grace of God, I'll keep it. If you'll make it with me, someday when it's over lets set down by the rivers of Life over there, where we'll just talk a thousand years with each one of us, just talk over the old things.

E-8 I believe it's going to be there. I believe it's going to be real, just as the Bible says it is. And I… We won't have no less time. Then when I get to talking to you all, we'll just have the same amount of time, and it'll be a glorious time. And we're trying hard, struggling to get to that place.
I've… Not to take up much of your time, but I… Just before leaving here, I would just like to say a few words. I was just thinking a few moments ago when I come up, some of my friends here from Arkansas, and different parts of the country, has come in to say good-bye to us tomorrow. And I'm certainly thankful for that.
I see a young lady over here at… piano. Was just in a meeting, and… where I was preaching, or trying to preach. I'm not a preacher, but I… She received the baptism of the Spirit in the–in the service. And so I was glad to see her.
And Brother Moore just told me there was several here from different parts of the country. And we're thankful for that. Hope to be back someday with you all again.

E-9 Now, over in the Book of Saint Luke, the 2nd chapter, I–I wish just to read a few words. I was aiming to come a little early and speak just a little more, but I–I believe that we must read the Word of God each service. See, my words will fail, as all mortals, but God's Word cannot fail. It's forever lasting true.
And just for a short time to speak to you before forming the prayer line, Saint Luke the 2nd chapter, beginning with the 25th verse…
When I look down upon the Bible, I have a small print here, a Scofield Bible. While you all are turning to the chapter; it makes me feel so happy to see the Bible and to be able to read.
One time, I was practically blind. They had to lead me around. My eyesight was gone. I wore great thick glasses. And one moment's time, my eyes changed from blindness to sight, and I can… My eyes test twenty-twenty. And I can read newspaper print five feet from me. That's grace of God that did that.

E-10 If the whole world doubted It, I would still believe It with all my heart. If I would pray for ten thousand people overseas, or here, and all ten thousand would die a moment after I prayed for them, I'd still say Divine healing was right. It's the Word of God. And if I preach to ten thousand, and they all died, and they were dead for twenty years and returned back and said there is no Jesus, there–there is no such a thing as God, there is no eternity, and Jesus wasn't the Son of God, and I was dying, I'd say, "Let me go in Him, I take my bark." No matter what anyone else would say, I believe Him with all my heart. That's right. I believe Him.
In the 25th verse, we read the adoration of prophecy of Simeon.

And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; and the same man was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.

And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; and the same man was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.

And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ.

And he came by the Spirit into the temple: and when the parent brought the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom of the law,

Then took he him up in his arms, and blessed God, and said,

Lord, now lettest thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word:

For my eyes have seen thy salvation.

E-11 Shall we bow our heads just a moment for prayer. Our heavenly Father, as we come into Thy Presence now, dedicating ourselves and this building, and all that's in here for Your service tonight, realizing that this may be the last time that some here will ever hear the Gospel, or be privileged to be in church anymore; and this may prove the eternal destination of their being. So help us, Father, tonight, to be very reverent, and to be very loyal to the Gospel, and to the call that Thou has called us into this world. And I thank Thee, Father, tonight for the privilege that I have, to stand before this audience of people.
I've often thought how I would cherish in my hands, a charger that held one drop of the Blood of Thy Son. But I realize tonight I hold greater, in His estimation. Before me is a purchase of His Blood, that He gave His Blood that these might become His.

E-12 And Father, it's my lot tonight to speak to these people. So may Thy Spirit direct every word. And how we thank Thee for the grace of God, to know that one time we were aliens cut off from God without mercy, without hope. Christ died for us in our stead, bearing our reproach and sins in His own body, and knowing someday that He shall come. We do not know now what we shall be like, but we know we'll have a body like His; for we shall see Him as He is. And Father, that'll be a glorified body, free from sickness, and sorrow, and heartaches, and death. Oh, our spirits groan for that deliverance.
And help us tonight, Father, as we're journeying on now, knowing that Thou has provided a way, that the sick could be healed, and the lost could be saved. And as we're gathered here, as eternity bound mortals, help us to set our affections on things above, where Christ sets at the right hand of God. Grant it, Father. And may the Angel of God, Who's guided me through my life, fed me since I was born, be here tonight to heal the sick and afflicted. For we ask it in the Name of Thy beloved Child, Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-13 Just for a little text, if I should call it that, I want to speak for a moment or two on the word of "Expectation."
We always get what we expect. When people expect anything, well then they usually get what you look for. It's the mental attitude that you have.
Remember this, and never forget it. The right mental attitude towards any promise of God will bring it to pass, the right mental attitude towards any promise of God.
It doesn't take gifts of healing to heal sick people, any person in here has a right to meet Satan anywhere, if you're a Christian, and defeat him on any grounds that he could stand on.
When Jesus Christ was here on earth, and in Him dwelled the fullness of the Godhead bodily, all the great powers of God was in His Son, Christ Jesus. For the Scripture tells us that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. All things was delivered unto Him, though He spoke nothing but what the Father told Him. He healed no one but what He first saw being healed. For He said, "Verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing." That was Saint John 5:19.

E-14 Saint John 5:1, He passed by the pool of Bethesda, and there was great multitudes of lame, halt, blind, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. And when the waters would be troubled, then the first person stepping into the water, by faith, received healing. They had to believe it. And then, the virtue of the Angel went into the person, they were healed. And then the people waited for another season, maybe a week or two, month or two. And they laid there, great multitudes of people.
Jesus passing by here seen a man, not crippled, but with an infirmity for thirty and eight years. And He said, "Would thou be made whole?"
And he said, "I have no one to put me in the water."
He said, "Take up thy bed and go into the house."
And the same was a Sabbath day, but the man picked up his bed and obeyed. And when he was questioned, in the 19th verse of the same chapter, by the Jewish people, the priests of that day, He said, "The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing."

E-15 It's always foreseen, what is going to take place by gifts in Spirit. It's the revelation of God that's revealed. And therefore, you only act and dramatize what you've already seen happen.
Many people gets it mixed up sometimes about gifts and callings. Gifts and callings are without repentance. God foreordains those things and sends them on the earth. And then a vindicates them that they are.
Here not long ago, a person walked to me. Now… And many times they do, and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, The Lord said, 'Do this.' If you didn't go to a certain place, or a certain thing, and do a certain thing, the Lord's going to strike you and take this gift away from you."

E-16 Now, that isn't true. That isn't true. Gifts and callings are without repentance. There is spirits that's in the Church. That's true, such as gifts of prophecy, healing, and so forth. But they're in the entire body. They may fall upon one person tonight, a prophecy, and It might not never fall on that person again; It might be somewhere else in the body. And those spirits are supposed to be judged. "Let one speak and two or three judge," said Paul.
Now, those are the spirits of the gifts that's in the Church. But the only person that has a right to say, THUS SAITH THE LORD, is an a vindicated prophet. You never seen anybody judging Isaiah, or Jeremiah, or those people. They were prophets, foreordained and borned in the world to be prophets. And they foresaw the thing by a vision, and then said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD," for the Lord had already said it.
So what the Church needs today, is a good old fashion teaching of the Gospel. That's right. To know where they… I don't mean just educated teaching; I mean spiritual teaching. Some people speaks about God, and–and knows nothing of Him. You don't… See, you must get down and deal with the actual spirit itself, you see, to know what you're speaking of.

E-17 And now, Simeon was a man, a great man, led by the Holy Spirit. Do you believe in being led by the Holy Spirit? Certainly. We all do, that's Christians, believe that the Holy Spirit leads us.
And Simeon was a great man. He was an honorable man, a priest; and late years of eighty, as we're told. And he stayed in the temple.
And remember, he had a lot of prestige on his name, of being a priest, or teacher there in–in Israel. But it was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit, that he was not going to see death until first he seen Christ. And he was not afraid to make that statement to all the people. No matter what his name was, or his prestige was, or his title, the Holy Spirit had revealed to him that he was not going to see death until first he seen Christ.

E-18 Now, look. No one had ever seen Christ. He had been spoke of it from the very dawn of time, from the beginning in the garden of Eden. And four thousand years had passed, and every great man had looked for Him to come on the earth. The Jewish stream of blood, I guess, is the most purest there is on the earth tonight, looking for the Messiah to come. And they–they watched for that Child to be born. They were looking for It.
And so therefore, all of them had looked. But Simeon had a revelation of the Holy Spirit, that he was not going to see death until first he saw Christ. He was not going to die until he saw Christ. And he told everyone that that's what was going to happen. Not afraid that it wouldn't happen, he knowed if the Holy Spirit said so, it had to happen.
When God tells you anything, it's positive the truth. You cannot get away from it, and it's got to happen.

E-19 Someone said, "Brother Branham, aren't you afraid you'll make a mistake when you're… someone comes to the platform, that you'll tell them the wrong disease?" No sir.
"Aren't you afraid…"
Here the other day, there's a man arrested down in the south for telling a man he lived untrue to his wife, and so forth, and was arrested, 'cause it was a story. Why sure, if it's a story, anything can happen. You're working in yourself. But when you stand under the Divine promise of God, there's no fear in God. That's right. It's bound to be. It's perfect. It's never failed, and it will never fail, because God cannot lie.
You can only believe God when He speaks and tells you, then you act upon what He says do.

E-20 Now, this priest wasn't ashamed to tell the people that he believed that Jesus was… Christ was going to be born, and he would see It before he died.
Now, notice. When God makes a promise to you, He will fulfill it. You don't have to be afraid that He will not keep is Word, for God will keep His Word. I… That's true. You just must trust Him.

E-21 And then I notice this: My, when Jesus was born then, why there… They didn't have the radio and press, as we have today. They just mouth to ear, the way they had to bring message.
And eight days later, Mary brought the little child Jesus to the temple to do as the custom of the law, to offer turtledoves, or–or pigeons if they were poor, and so forth that they was to make the sacrifice, the purification of her.
And notice, all this just gets right next to me when I think of it. Now, Simeon, probably out somewhere in a prayer room, or outside the temple. And maybe that morning, there would probably be fifty children, we'd say, standing in the line for circumcision.
But notice, just when Mary brought Jesus in, the Holy Spirit spoke to Simeon somewhere else outside. And he was led by the Holy Spirit right straight to the Christ Child. Come in at that very instant, picked Him up in his arms, and said, "Lord, let Your servant depart in peace, for I've seen Your salvation." Think of it.

E-22 Now, he had the promise. And isn't it strange, if the Holy Spirit give him that promise, and when the promise came, the Holy Spirit led Simeon, the one that had the promise, right straight to It. See how He does it?
Now, I do not believe there's anyone here… How many people in here is sick tonight, wants to be prayed for, let's see your hands, over the building? I don't believe you come to be seen. I don't believe you come to criticize. I believe you come, because you're expecting to be healed, and you believe in healing, don't you. You believe in Divine healing. And the very reason that you believe in Divine healing, there's something in you that makes you believe in Divine healing.
And isn't it just the same Holy Spirit tonight, if He promised He would send in the last days these things. Did He promise He would send this in the last days, "and it shall come to pass in the last days," saith God? How He promised in Mark 16, "Go ye into all the world…" That's New York. See? "Preach the Gospel to every creature. These signs shall follow them that believe." He promised it. And then He promised the former rain and the latter rain. And we're living now, have been for years, under the latter rain.

E-23 And just before God cut off relationship with the Jews, He put nine spiritual gifts into the Church. And just before the Gentile's age is over, He's restoring back in the Church those nine spiritual gifts, giving the Gentile church its last call before turning again to Israel.
And now tonight, while these gifts are promised, and you're sick, don't you think that the Holy Spirit led you here tonight just the same as It did Simeon to Jesus when He came? The same Holy Spirit leading… The very means of you believing in healing, it shows that there's something back there making you believe in healing.
Here, before there is a desire created in your heart, there has to be a Creator to create that creation. Isn't that right?
In other words like this. Before there was a fin on a fish's back, there had to be a water first for him to swim in, or he would not have had any fin. See what I mean?
Before there was a tree to grow in the earth, there had to be an earth first for it to grow in, or there would not been no tree.
And if you have a desire in your heart to be healed by Divine healing, there's bound to be a Fountain of healing somewhere, or that desire wouldn't be in your heart.

E-24 If there's a desire to worship God… Even the Hottentots and Indians in years gone by, they worshipped objects, because the very creation of worship was in their heart, and they worship something. They worshipped something as their Creator. And that showed that there was a Creator somewhere to worship, a God.
If there's a hunger in your heart for more of God, there's bound to be more of God somewhere for you to find.

E-25 My mother used to have a superstition. The little children that I… had ten of us. And when the little fellows would be… They'd get a habit of licking their lips. And she's say they were tasting for something. And she'd put, maybe preserves on. That didn't work. Maybe put a little honey, that didn't work. Maybe some watermelon, that didn't work. But after a while, when she found something that they were tasting for, why, they were… It would stop licking its lips.
Well, that might have been a superstition. But this, when there's a hunger in the heart of the human being for something, there's bound to be Something creating that hunger in there.
In other words, David said, "When the deep calls to the deep…" And when there's a deep calling, there's bound to be a deep to respond somewhere. And if there's a deep calling for more of God for healing, there's bound to be a fountain of healing and the power of God somewhere to respond. Do you believe that? With all my heart, I know it's the truth. And as we call, and there's something in us–tells us that there's a land beyond the river.

E-26 I buried a wife and baby some fifteen years ago, and standing by the grave when looked like everything was around me, my whole family gone. And they was sprinkling flowers upon the little baby's casket, died a few hours after its mother. And my heart was broken; I could not stand seemed like, any longer. I heard the minister say, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and earth to earth."
And it seemed like coming down through the trees, there was a breeze come saying,

There's a land beyond the river.

There's a land beyond the river.

That we call the sweet forever,

We only reach that shore by faith degree;

One by one we gain the portal,

There to dwell with the immortal,

Someday they'll ring the golden bells for you and me.

E-27 [–Ed.]… something calling out, a deep. There's a greater place, a better land. See what I mean? I'm expecting that to be there. I'm expecting God when I was praying in the room a–a few moments ago before entering the building, seemed like Something come over me that said something was going to happen here tonight, a great spontaneous healing. I'm expecting that. God has…
I will venturely say this to you pastors. You'll find out that at least sixty to eighty percent of every sick person in this building will be healed in the next hour. I… See if that isn't right, you can brand me a false prophet. I know what I am speaking of. That's right.

E-28 Now, I–I believe it. I prayed, and I asked God if He would just move over the people in this service, and somehow… 'cause I only get to so many. But I asked the Father if He would just… And when I was praying, Something soothed down over me. I knew then that God was going to answer my prayer. I do not know what will happen, but there'll be something that'll happen that will do it. I want you to constantly be in prayer.
Now, notice. When you're expecting something, Simeon was expecting Jesus to come while he was alive. He was expecting it, and God rewarded him for his faith. I'm expecting God to heal at least sixty or eighty percent of the people in here tonight, perfectly well before this service is over. I believe it with all my soul. See? I'm expecting it.

E-29 Daniel was expecting God to deliver him from the lion's den.
The Hebrew children, when they went in the fiery furnace, they said, "Our God is able…" They was expecting God to deliver them. And they made the last step of the way before He came, but He's always there at the last end. Jesus comes in the darkest of hours, then Jesus comes along. They was expecting it.
The woman with the blood issue was expecting. If she could touch the hem of His garment, it was over. When she touched the hem of His garment, her expectations were fulfilled.
If you come tonight expecting to be healed, you're going to be healed. If you come tonight expecting to find something to criticize the meeting, you'll certainly find it. You get what you come for. That's right.

E-30 Notice. Blind Bartimaeus, he was expecting. If he could get to Jesus, or attract His attention, that he would be healed. So they tried to get him to set down, but He cried out the more, "Thou Son of David, have mercy on me," for he knew if he could ever bring the attention of Jesus to him, that he expected Jesus would heal him.
If you're expecting to be healed tonight, you will be healed. Whatever your expectations are…
Just the thought of my inside life… I'm leaving now after a bit to cross over to the other country. And I'm going to tell you just a little thing. There's things that goes along in this, friends, that no one knows about. That's right. I do not tell the people all the things that God would say. Everyone has that in their life. That's your private affair between you and God.

E-31 But this has been a glorious thing if I never come back. I feel that God has vindicated and proven that I have told the truth to the nation if I never return again. That's right. He's scientifically proven it. And He's proved it over and over that I have told the truth. That Spirit leads. He does things that… Many times in the room, I–I'll be in there praying and see things in the meeting that's just going to take place, and call my managers and things together, and tell them of things that's going to happen right in the meeting hours before it ever happens, sometimes weeks before it happens. And certain things… Not as I know it, but God shows it to me, and I know it's got to be so. I believe it.

E-32 Here not long ago in Fort Wayne, we were having a meeting, a glorious meeting there where Paul Rader used to preach, B. E. Redigar, many of you knows those national, international known ministers. And I was setting in the room when they was singing, "Only Believe" in the very room that Paul Rader wrote the song, a few months ago. And we were staying at the Indiana Hotel. Many times, they don't let the people know where I am.
Now, that's what's hard to me, to have to pass through people that I know that love me. And I–I just… My heart cries for them. But you–you… There's so many. It just takes the very life. It's…
When them vibrations hit the hand here sometime, you watch my brother and them. They watch me. They know when I have enough; they'll grab me and run from the platform. Sometimes, friends, I pass completely out, and they ride me around over the city maybe for two or three hours trying to get me to myself. It just depletes my strength so bad.

E-33 You might think that that's strange. You might think that it's–that it's odd for something like that, a gift, but it pulls from you. It takes away from you. It's not like preaching the Gospel, or just laying hands on the sick, it's a Divine Being working through a mortal body. I've had my hand to swell till I'd hold it under a hot water for practically a hour to bring feelings back in my hand from the vibration of those hideous cancers and things, how they work. And hardly no one knows those things. My managers and so forth do.
But I remember in this meeting, they had found out where I was staying. And the next day, why, it was pathetic to see the people.

E-34 I remember in one meeting in–over in another meeting I was at, I had one night's service, over in Missouri at a–quite a large city. And while I left the auditorium, it was small, just about–audience just about like this tonight. And I went up into a–the third floor. Walked from the–from the tabernacle, or auditorium, up into the third floor of the hotel, and just was lying down asleep just a little bit with my clothes on across the bed. And I was to meet my wife the next day at Poplar Bluff, and was have a radio broadcast, and going on down into Arkansas.
And I remember while lying there about ten minutes, I heard someone knock on the door. And when I went to the door, it was the manager of the hotel. He said, "Are you Reverend Branham?"
I said, "Yes sir."
He said, "Well, Mister Branham, you'll have to leave the hotel."
Well, I said, "What have I done, sir?"
He said, "Well, we can't have this around the hotel." And he opened up the door, and friends, there was about a four lane prayer line come from the door down through, out into the lobby, and down into the street of people followed over there. And I looked out there. He said…
I said, "Well, I don't know what to do, sir."
He said, "You go down the fire escape, and I'll go down and call you a cab. He will come down through the alley and pick you up."
And I went down there, and it was snowing. I looked outside, I seen those little old mothers out there holding things over their babies to keep that snow out of their face, and people on canes, and them with palsy shaking. I just couldn't pass by there.

E-35 I went on out there on the street and started a prayer line. Turned around with street begin to be crowded. And the Lord healing, throwing down their crutches and things, running away. And the cops was all out there directing the traffic. We had a glorious time out there, because that the people believed that they would be healed.

E-36 Now, at Fort Wayne, they found out where the hotel we were in, the Indiana Hotel. And then in that one night, we started down. We just couldn't get out. You just–just people just so congested. It was terrible. And then we had about three more days to stay.
And so the bellhop… My brother hired the bellhop. And he told him which way we go down, and go over the… through the furnace room and come out up in the alley. And so it was hard to do. But they taken me down, go on the meetings, and go up through the alley; wife, and one of Mayo's nurses that was healed with cancer. And she was with us.
And so they–they was taking me over for breakfast, and I'd been eating at the little place called Toddle House, I believe it was. And… No, Hobb's House. And one morning, we were going down, the second morning, I had my overcoat pulled up, and–and was walking down the street packing my little girl. And all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit came down. Do you believe in being led of the Spirit? And I hand the baby over to the wife, and she said, "What's the matter, honey?"
I said, "The Holy Spirit's leading me."

E-37 And I felt the Angel of the Lord… You've seen the picture. That just came down. And you just do what It says do. And I thought we was going right straight to the Hobb's House, we's about a city block from it. And the Spirit of the Lord said, "Turn to your left."
And I went down, and just kept on walking. They were following me. And I stopped to a place said Miller's Cafeteria. And I went down in the basement, like, where the cafeteria was. And just as… I got some prunes, I believe, and some toast, and was setting down to eat. And I heard somebody say, "Praise the Lord."
I looked over, and a lady just raised up, and the tears running down her cheeks. And Mrs. Morgan, the nurse, said, "See? You're caught now." See?
And I said, "Just a moment."
The lady walked over, she said, "Brother Branham." She said, "I've followed you meeting after meeting." She said, "I have a brother here. His heart's broke through the diaphragm." Said, "There's nothing that can be done for him." Said, "He can't live but a little while longer." Said, "We've sold our goods to follow. And we've done everything that we know how to do to get in the line. We've got cards, but never was called." And said, "Our money's gone and everything." Said, "We just–just couldn't do nothing." And said, "I prayed all night." And said, "This morning, I was kneeling on my knees by the side of the bed at the hotel, and I went to sleep." And said, "I dreamed that I should come over here to Miller's Cafeteria at nine o'clock." I looked at my watch, it just exactly… [–Ed.]…?…

E-38 Do you believe in being led? That's the Holy Spirit that led Simeon. This is inside life, now. And I said, "Bring your brother here."
Why, in a moment, the Lord had healed him. He was crying and weeping. Said, "I never felt like this since I was a young boy."
Went out of the building, I set down again to eat, and Something just lifted me up. I went out, wife and them followed me. Just as I stepped out the door, I heard someone saying, "Oh, thank God." And a little woman dressed in black. She knelt down on the street. She begin to crying. And I said, "Stand up, sister."
And she stood up. She said, "Brother Branham." She was from Chicago. She said, "I've got cancer in the breast." She said, "I've tried hard to get to you, everywhere." Said, "I couldn't do it." And she said, "This morning, I started to eat. And I was crying, 'cause I have to go back home." And said, "The Spirit of the Lord said, 'Go stand in front of Miller's Cafeteria at ten minutes after nine.'"

E-39 There it was. I met her over here in Arkansas the other day, just shouting. It's been weeks ago. Said, "The all… Everything had disappeared. It had gone."
And I started on down the street. I started… The wife said, "Aren't you going to eat?"
I said, "No. The Spirit of the Lord is leading."
And I went on across the street. And I started to go across to the drug store to get some little coloring books. We had to keep the baby locked up, a little three year old girl, in the room all day with us. And so I spend my time in prayer. That's how I know those things, is pray and pray.
And as I started across the street, Something said, "Stop."
I said, "Oh, my." I turned around.
Wife said, "Where you going?"
I said, "You all go right on to hotel. He's got something else for me to do." And I backed up in the corner to look at some fishing reels. I love to fish and so forth. I backed up there, see no one's looking at me, and I turned my head, and I said, "Father, what would You have me do?"
And stood there. Not just imagine now. I heard a Voice said, "Go to the corner."

E-40 I went down to the corner, across the street. And I stood there, and they begin to blow the whistle, and the traffic would come across the street, and–and they walked there with the lights. And–and I stood there for about ten minutes. And just kept standing there. After while, the whistle blowed again, the group of people crossed the street, just as busy as they could be.
And I noticed coming behind was a lady with a little checkered dress on. She had on a little Canadian…?… And she's carrying a pocket book over her arm. She walked across the street, and the Spirit of the Lord said, "Go near to her."
And I walked right up to her like that, and she passed by looking down, passed on by me. Now, I thought, "That's strange. Maybe God just did something there that I didn't know."

E-41 She walked about fifteen feet. She turned back and looked like that. She said, "Oh, Brother Branham." And she said–she said, "Oh…" She just begin to beat herself. Said… Oh, she didn't knowed what's happened.
I said, "What's the matter, sister?"
She said, "I'm from Canada." She said, "I've spent every penny that I've had. I'm only allowed a hundred and fifty dollars." She said, "I've got a withered hand." And she said, "I slept in a lobby last night, and had five cents for coffee this morning." And she said, "I was going out here on the road to hitch-hike to get back home." A young woman, about thirty years old. She said, "And I was going down here about two squares, and Something said to me, 'Turn this a way.'"
Oh, my. There it was. I said, "Stretch me your hand, sister."
And there it come her hand. And that big Irish cop standing out there looked. He said, "I know you, Brother Branham."
And here he come running in. My, group of people there. They had to get a gang to get away. Everybody around, a healing service. The Lord working.

E-42 God leads. Don't you believe that? That's right. Here not long ago, coming down out of a meeting, I was going out. This happened in–in this–at the Camden, Arkansas. I was going out of the meeting. And just see how the Lord deals.
First, just before I took off my uniform, I was Indiana State game warden three years ago. And at… Just before I took off my uniform, the Lord had called me, and has appeared to me, the Angel of the Lord, and I've told you how it happened.

E-43 And I went down, my little girl was just born. I went down to get her some of them bottle caps for her catnip tea, or whatever it was. And I had my twenty-eight dollar check I was going to cash. And I went into… And the bus stopped on Spring Street there, at the little city I lived. I noticed the strange acting man got off, and he looked at me. I went into the drug store and cashed my check, and–and got the bottle caps, and come back. And as I started out the street, someone laid their hands on me. And I turned around. He said, "Sir, you an officer I see?"
And I said, "Yes sir. I work for the Indiana Conservation."
He said, "Seeing that you was an officer, I wanted to ask you a question."
I said, "Yes sir."
And he said, "I'd better tell you first." He said, "I–I been failing in health for about two years."

E-44 And the Angel had just appeared to me about four or five days before that and told me about this. And he said… or about the gift. And he said, "I was… I live at Paducah, Kentucky." He said, "Last night, I had a strange dream." He said, "I seen a Angel coming down out of heaven. And he came down and told me to come to this city of Jeffersonville, and to inquire for somebody by the name of Branham to pray for me." Said, "Would you know where there was any such person here, anybody by the name of Branham?"
Oh, my, my heart just felt like it was that big. And I said, "My mother runs a boarding house right around the corner."
He said, "You're…"
I said, "My mother."
He said, "Is your name Branham?"
I had to give him my arms. I… "Brother, come here to the corner." And I begin to tell him what happened. And he started weeping. And we knelt there on the street, right there on the street, and I prayed for him. And when I got up, the people holding their children back and taking off their hats in respect there on the street. And God moved down from the heavens and healed him there.

E-45 And a few weeks later, I was coming out of a building, and I heard somebody hollering, "Mercy, mercy!"
Four cops was bringing me out, getting me through the crowds. There was thousands pressing in. And the night before that, the Angel of the Lord came right into the building where I was, come down. And there was people there was lame, halt, blind, and everything. I was trying to explain, getting the people to believe it. I said, "Can't you believe?" I said, "I've told you the truth." And I said, "It's the truth."
My brother walking by calling time on me. I know I talk too much. That's right. But I–I love you people, and I–I want to… I want to tell you this anyhow.
And there was a… As I came there to the–the place, I was talking, telling them about the Spirit of the Lord. And just about that time, coming in the front door, here It came. I said, "I won't have to speak anymore. Here It is Itself."

E-46 And It came right up through the building like that. Circled around where I was, like that. And people blind, and deaf, and dumb, and everything, just being–raising up and walking through the building glorifying God.
The next day, I was being taken from a–a church where I was speaking by four officers. I started out of the building, and I heard somebody hollering, "Mercy, mercy, mercy!"
And I looked over, standing over out of the crowd was an old blind colored man, little white rim of hair around his head with a cap, crying, "Mercy, mercy!"
He couldn't stand with the white people, of course. And he was crying like that. And I started, and Something moved, said, "Go over there."
And I said, "Let's go over to where that man is."
And he said… the officer said, "Oh, Brother Branham, you couldn't put your hand on that man." Said, "They'd arrest you." Said, "You can't do that; you're in Arkansas."
I said, "Well, look. But the Holy Spirit tells me to go over there…"
Said, "You'd start a race riot." Said, "You can't do that. This is the South."
And I said, "I can't help where it's at. The Lord tells me go over here, and I…"

E-47 They went with me. And they drawed a ring around. And I never will forget. I heard his wife say, "Honey, the parson is coming towards you–the parson."
And so I left, and I come up to where he was. And he said, "Is–is–is–is–is this you, Parson Branham?" Said, "Can I feeled your face?" And he put his old quivering hands over my face.
I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "Parson Branham, can you listen just a moment to my story?"
I said, "Yes, sir. Go right ahead."
And the people just trying to break through, but they were holding their arms, holding the people back. And he said, "Parson Branham," Said, "my old mammy had 'ligion like you got." "'Ligion like you got." Said, "Her never told me lie all her life." Said, "She's been dead now for ten years." Said, "I's been blind for about eight years." And said, "Last night," said, "I never heard of you in my life." And said, "Last night, about eight o'clock." Said, "I live about a hundred and fifty miles from here." Said, "My old mammy stood right by the side of my bed. And she said, 'Honey child, you go down to Camden, Arkansas and ask for someone by the name of Parson Branham, and you'll get your sight.'"
Oh, my. I just put my hand upon his poor old dark wrinkled face. I said, "Lord Jesus, I do not understand this. But I ask for his sight in Thy Name."
And as I moved my hand down, friends, God will judge me at the judgment bar. And when I moved my hands down, tears begin to run down his cheeks. He said, "Honey, I can see."
She said, "Honey." She begin to scream, said, "Can you see?"
Said, "Sho, that's a red car setting right there." Said, "There stands Parson Branham." And him screaming like that. And there he was, perfectly well.

E-48 A few months ago, coming from Dallas, I was grounded by plane. I'll tell you this before leaving. I was co–grounded by a plane at Memphis, Tennessee. I stayed all night, and the next morning they called us and said that the plane will leave at nine o'clock.
And I went down. I was writing some letters back, and I went to the Post Office, had my grip. And I was going down to the Post Office to mail the letters, and I was going down the street singing that little song that you Pentecost people sing, "I'm So Glad I Can Say I'm One Of Them." Isn't that it, something about people telling everywhere. I was trying to sing that, you know. And I started across the street, and Something said, "Stop."

E-49 I started again, and I seen It was the Spirit of the Lord. I moved back into the corner of a bank. I said, "Father, what would You have me do?"
He said, "Turn back."
I went right down by the hotel, and kept walking, singing to myself, "Only believe, All things are possible…" Led of the Spirit, I went way down by the river, and to some little colored shacks down there in the river. And I was going walking down. He said, "Turn now to your right."
I was going down a little hill, like this, a beautiful morning, the sun was coming up, flowers just blooming around Memphis. And I was… The sun had just peeping up over the hill, and it'd been a rain the night before, and so it was all beautiful there in the South. And I looked, hanging out over the gate and there hung a typical Aunt Jemima. She had a… Instead of… She had a man's shirt tied around her head. She was looking over the gate. I come walking by, going [Brother Branham hums–Ed.] going down the street looking, wondering where the Lord was leading me. She looking, and tears over her big fat cheeks. She said, "Good morning, parson."
I said, "Howdy do, Auntie." It caught me, "Parson?" I looked around, I said, "Do you know me?"
She said, "Yes sir."
And I said, "Do you know my name?"
She said, "No, sir."
I said, "How'd you know I was a parson?"
She said, "Parson." Said, "did you ever hear about the Shunammite woman that had a baby by… The Lord promised her the baby, and the baby died?"
And I said, "Yes."
She said, "I was a woman that way. And I promised the Lord that I'd raise my baby for Him." And said, "The Lord give husband and I a lovely boy."
And said, "Parson, he took the road that's wrong when he's about–a few years ago." And said, "He got a–a dangerous disease, venereal disease." And said, "It went so long on him, we didn't suspect it." And said, "And now he's laying in the room dying." Said, "The doctor has give him all kinds of shots." And said, "He can't get well." And said, "He's been unconscious since yesterday. The doctor was back here and said, 'Look for the worst at any time.' There was no hopes for him. His blood was four-plus, and nothing could help him at all." And said, "He's dying."
And said, "I got down on my knees." And said, "I prayed." And said, "I prayed, 'O Lawd.'" Said, "'I's a woman like the Shunammite. Where is You Elijah?' And just begin to praying." Said, "I prayed and prayed." And said, "This morning, just before daylight." Said, "The Lord told, 'Stand at this gate'"

E-50 And there was her back was wet where she'd been standing. She wasn't telling me anything wrong. She said, "And look."
Oh, my. Begin to… I walked into the house. There was a great big husky looking boy. And she patted him. He was laying there with a–with a blanket in his hand, going, "Um, Um, Um," like that. And he was saying, "Mammy, it's so dark. Um. I don't know where I's a going, mammy," like that.
She said, "Honey child, do you know mammy?"
Honey child. He was… 'Course, no matter how old you are, you're mother's child just the same. No matter what you've done, you're still mother's boy.
And there she was, patting him and loving him. She said, "Do you know mammy?" saying, "You know your mammy?"
He didn't seem like he recognized her. He's hollering, "Mammy," going on; he was unconscious like condition.
And so she said, "Can we pray, Parson?"
I said, "Yes ma'am."

E-51 And that old saint got down there and prayed. Oh, my. Just wring the heart. And I got up, and I felt his feet. It's cold and sticky; death was on him. And then we knelt again and begin to pray. And I said, "Dear God, I–I don't know why You sent me down here. But You turned me on the road like that, and brought me here. And I know it's past time for the plane." However, the plane was delayed two hours. So I said, "I don't know why You brought me here. But now, in obedience to the leading of the Spirit, I lay my hands upon this boy in the Name of Your Son, Christ Jesus."
He said, "Mammy, it's getting light."
In a few moments he was up and on his feet. I passed through there a few months ago. He met me at the Abbey's Station. He said, "Brother Branham, I'm perfectly normal now. And it's all gone from me."

E-52 Oh, brother, sister, the very God that led Simeon is here tonight. That's right. He can lead those same… Hours after hours could I testify.
But look. At that same time, there was an old blind prophetess by the name of Anna. Look at her. When Simeon picked up the baby Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit, right to Him… Don't you believe It's the same Holy Spirit tonight?
And look, winding through the crowd came an old blind woman, Ann, making her way through the crowd. No one told her. But she came right straight to where He was, lifted up her hands and blessed God. The Holy Spirit was guiding her through the people.

E-53 He guides the fish through the trackless waters, the birds through the trackless air. Oh my. He can guide His people, if you'll just let Him. We are led of the Spirit of God. We are here expecting God to do something tonight. And I believe that He's here now to do something at this time, to heal the sick.
Father, we thank Thee for Thy Spirit and Thy love. And I'm expecting You tonight, Father, to move upon the hearts of the people and let them see Thy Divine program, to lead the people Thou hast called in this day. And I believe, Father, that You're going to bring to pass tonight, the thing that You revealed to me, that many of the sick is going to be made well tonight. Grant it, Father. Hear the prayer of Your humble servant. For I ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-54 While I go to pray, you pray with me, if you will, and pray for me. The brothers will call the prayer line. And you pray with me. How many will do this for me, 'cause when I go out, I… If He anoints me when I come back. I might not be able to say much. But see, friends, I can't depend on myself. I have to depend on It. I don't say nothing; It does the talking.
Now, look. When God does something on the platform, all of you believe it. This is nothing but just to show God's attitude. If one time it could be done, ought to prove to you all that Jesus is here to do it. Is that right?
Moses was a prophet sent of God. He had two signs to show to the people that he was–he had God's Message. And when he performed those two signs, the people believed him. He never had to perform it anymore, the people believed him.
And if I come to you like that, and ask those things, should not you believe with all your heart? If I could perform the signs that God promised me to do, then you all ought to believe with all your heart. Isn't that right? That is true.

E-55 Now, even before I go to the platform, or away to pray for the people, I want you to believe. Then when you see these things come to pass, I want every one of you to promise me this, that you'll do just what God says do.
I've asked Him to let this anointed Angel, which comes to me, to move out over this audience, and touch one and then the other, like that. And heal them tonight while the service is going on. I'm going to ask. I've asked Him to do that. And I believe that He will do it. I believe it with all my heart. You believe also, and God bless you. [Congregation sings "Only Believe"–Ed.]

E-56 Let's bow our heads just a moment. O Father, help us now to receive Thy beloved Son and His promise, knowing that His Spirit is in our midst tonight. And I ask You that You'll heal every sick person in the building. Through Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen. Now, you would be seated if you will.

E-57 Every one be real reverent. And now, there might be some strangers that has not heard as yet the operation of the Spirit of God that was delivered this ministry to me. It was given by an Angel when I was borned. It manifested Itself three years ago. It always followed me, made me know that It was near. Then It came to me, It was a man. He's been seen in the meetings many times. Big, large man, weigh about two hundred pounds, has dark hair to His shoulder. Testifying when He come, He said, "I'm sent from the Presence of God to tell you your peculiar birth and life is to indicate that you're take a gift of healing to the peoples of the world." And begin to tell me different things would happen.
I told Him that I was uneducated and wasn't able to go. He told me I'd be given two signs.
I said, "The people will not believe me, because I'm not educated sufficient to speak to people."
He said, "You'll be given two signs, as was the prophet Moses." He said, "One sign will be that you're to–you'll detect diseases through your hand. When the people contact you, well you'll be able to tell them what diseases they have through a supernatural discernment." And then said, "If you'll be sincere, then it will come to pass that you'll tell the people the secrets of their hearts, and the things that they've done in life that might've hindered their healing, and so forth."

E-58 And I said, "I'll… I–I'm… They will not believe me."
He said, "I'll be with you."
And I said, "I will go."
And the Light begin to gather across the floor, went up… The Angel went up with the Light, formed a real sacred Light, as you see in the picture, and went away. It returns night after night, and It comes into the meeting.
I do not claim… So everyone will be sure to know, I do not claim to be a Divine healer. Papers and things call It that, but that's an error. There's no man can heal, not even Jesus. Jesus didn't claim to be a Divine Healer. He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; It's My Father that dwelleth in Me; He doeth the works."
No mortal could claim Divine healing then. And then, if He could not claim Divine healing, then certainly I would not. No flesh can glory; it comes by the Spirit of God. He's the Healer.

E-59 But I–I… It does detect diseases and different things that happens, takes place in people's lives, sometime if they're… [–Ed.]…?… why it calls out and lets them know they're sinners. If they've got secret sin in their life, unconfessed, remember, It'll call it out, and–and It'll tell you about that.
And that's the reason then when people comes, sometime when they, say, come to me without the anointing, they say, "Oh, I–I–I'm a believer, Brother Branham." I take their word. But under the anointing, you–you feel clear they're down here; you've got to come up here to this level, say, if I'm illustrating. Here's the gift up here, and you come believing you're up there; that doesn't make you up there. You've got to raise your faith up to here. Then when that faith perfectly believes, the power that's a holding you has to leave.

E-60 I've never seen it fail. No matter how blind, crippled, lame, or any… Has anybody here been in my meetings before, let's see your hands, that's been in my meetings? Am I telling the truth? Does that happen? If it does, hold your hands up. Everybody that comes to platform, regardless of what's wrong with them… That's right. May their secrets are told; they're…
Now, I cannot heal. But I do know whether they have enough faith to be healed or not. See? That–that's the thing that…?… here.
But while God is moving up here, He will move down there also. See? And just remember, when He does something here…

E-61 Now, Moses could only perform these miracles, but the people had to believe him. That was the vindication that he was sent of God. You understand? It a vindicated his word to be true. If any man says anything and God testifies not that, then the man is wrong. But if the man says something, and God testifies behind that, then that man is right. See? Not only once, but over and over and over; it has to be the… a–a time. Now, Moses did that and proved to the people.
Now, if you… if these… If God answers tonight and proves that what I've said the truth, then you hear my word. God will heal every person in the building. That's if–if you will promise to serve Him and believe Him.

E-62 Now, remember, then when you leave the building, go testifying that you are healed. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." If these people come here is not exactly of faith, which it is a faith in one way, but their faith has to be built. You go forth testifying that you believe it, and you are healed, and you'll get well. Do you believe that? Just as you testified that you was saved, it works righteousness. Testify you're healed, it works healing, and God will grant it.
All right. Now, let's see where we starting in–in the line. All right, from right here. All right. Everybody be real reverent.

E-63 Where you from, sister? New York. You're from here in the city.
Now, if you'll notice the patient… Just the Spirit of the Lord is here, and the–the patient, I–I do not know her. She's from New York. But a–a real strange feeling… Watch them. When they get about eight or ten feet, you'll see the expression come upon their face. Now, the lady, I do not know her.
But you have an odd feeling, don't you, lady, a strange, very odd. Now, that the audience might know, would you step just a little closer to the mike. Isn't that the truth? [Sister answers, "It's the truth."–Ed.] A very odd strange feeling. It's a sacred.
What it is, the Light that you see in the picture is now here at the platform. You might not be… It might come clear. You might see It. But He's here. I know It's here. Everything seems to be like getting milky around over the building. And that's… I know It's here. You see? The anointing is coming on now.

E-64 Now, let's see. I want you to be in prayer. That's…?… suffering them things…?… nervous…?… That's right. And you're been suffering this for some time…?… walk. You haven't served God…?… I could see that. You've had a desire to, but you haven't done it. Would you serve Him from now on? You promise that? No way I'd know that, only through God. Is that right? I see you trying. You even prayed before you come here, trying to find favor, didn't you. You were kneeling by side of a chair recently, where there's a little table setting on the right hand side, praying (Is that right?) trying to find favor. No one knows that, but God, I, and you. Is that true?
Then if I, by the Spirit of God, telling you now the same thing, like was told to the woman at the well… [–Ed.] When the Master was there, He told her the secreted thing that was keeping her from her liberty. And she said she accepted Him. Said, "Come, see a Man Who told me all things."
And His Spirit is here now, working through His servant telling you… You believe that? And I've told you the thing that's hindering you. You will accept Him now, will you do that?

E-65 Shall we bow our heads. Heavenly Father, You're here to make our sister well. Grant, dear God, that You will heal her now, soul and body. May she leave the building now rejoicing. Forgive her, Lord, of every transgression. Grant it, Father, that she'll be Your child from now on, seeing her persuading to You, seeing that mistake that she made yonder, Father, and Your Spirit able to call it out right here at the platform.
But, thou demon, upon the confession of this woman's faith, in the Son of God, I come in the Name of Jesus Christ, professing the gift of Divine healing. You're made known. You can't hide any longer. Come out of the woman through Jesus Christ.
Something's left you. You accept Him? You're healed. There you are. You feel different now, don't you. All right. You may raise your head. Sister, your sins are forgiven, and you're healed now. Straighten yourself up and go off the platform. You're well. Walk real fast.
[A brother says, "The thing that I want you to notice here on this, Brother Branham discerns this entirely by the Spirit of God. On this card, where it says, 'Are you saved?' the lady has the word 'No.' Want you to notice how the Spirit of God detects exactly what's in the life of each individual."–Ed.]

E-66 Every one be real reverent, just as reverent as you can be. All right, you bring your patient then.
And everybody be reverent and–and just–just be faith. Now, I want you to do this. I–I just know already that God's going to answer what I ask Him tonight. I want you to look this way. I can't hardly tell just who it is, but I want you to look this way and believe with all your heart, everything that's been said.

E-67 Yes, the Spirit of the Lord is here, now. The lady has her back turned. I have my back turned to her. I want you to walk a little closer, lady, up here to the platform, you. You're a stranger to me. But I can tell you what's wrong with you. Will you accept it as being sent from God? You've had arthritis, haven't you. Raise up your hands; you're healed. Jesus Christ makes you whole now. Stomp your feet up-and-down, like this. Like this, up, down; with your feet, up-and-down like this. Now, walk off the platform just as… like in you and I, real fast.
[A brother says, "On the lady's card, there's a word 'arthritis.'"–Ed.]

E-68 Everyone believe with all your heart. Now, just have faith, believe. Now, that's the way. The Spirit of the Lord is here. This can detect, discern.
Sir, you standing there. You believe with all your heart now. Do you believe me? Do you accept me as God's servant? Do you believe I'm His prophet that was sent here for your purpose, that you might be healed? Then will you obey what I tell you to do? Will you do that, if I'll be able to tell you what you're want to be prayed for? You have arthritis also. Is that right? Raise up your hands like this. Jump up like this, for Jesus Christ makes you well. Amen. Now, you can walk across the platform. You're healed, my brother. Straighten yourself up. God bless you, my dear brother. You're healed.
Now, everybody be real reverent. Just keep praying now.

E-69 Way up in the audience, it just kinda recognized that. When they're coming close, sometimes they become into a subconscious condition when they're–when they're coming; and therefore, they don't–they don't realize just exactly till it's… He's going along shaking hands with his friends.
Could we say, "Thank the Lord," everybody…?…
[A brother says, "On the man's card is the word 'arthritis.'"–Ed.]

E-70 Everyone maybe will understand how the cards are giving out. You see, those people are… You've been in the meetings for three nights. What do you think a week or two would happen, when people's faith begin to build around. Why, they'd walk into the balcony, they come in with wheelchairs, and just raise up, and jump out of the chairs, and run, for they–they believe. And when they will believe with all their heart, it just draws the strength of the Spirit of God right out to the people, just right–right to the people. Now, if the… if… You have to believe; you have to have faith, have… You…
How many believes in God, let's see your hands. You believe in Christ? Believe in the Holy Spirit? Now, I want to ask you something. Do you believe that I've told you the truth? That's–that's… See, if you do that, that's what brings the blessing. He said, "If you get the people to believe you–believe you, and be sincere when you pray, nothing shall stand before the prayer."

E-71 Now, remember, I cannot heal. It only tells what happens when the people are standing, they–they begin to look, and they're wondering, and… And then when the Spirit begins to speak to them and tell them what their disease and afflictions are, why, their faith just moves right up and the thing leaves them.
Now, if I'm able to tell that the… what's on you, and what's done it by the Spirit of God, then I know when it's leaving. Like if Moses could foretell what was going to happen, and it come to pass, we believe that the creation was according to His Word, don't–do we not. Because it's God speaking both ways.
All right. Now, I want all to pray and be real reverent, everywhere over the building. Wherever you are, everyone be reverent. But now you pray. You don't bow your head till I ask you, you…
All right, you can bring your patient, brother. Now, every one be just as reverent.

E-72 And I'm still feel tonight that something glor… Now, sometime when the Spirit of the Lord gets real near, why, It's… I lose track of what I'm saying. You see? But now, just to notice right now I… If I can try to tell you… It's beginning to move down, now, for this patient. You see? I do not know the lady, know nothing about her. Now, just a moment. When It–It contacts, It's on me now. Now, when I get a hold of… Come close by me…?… Oh, she's deaf. All right. Everyone bow your head, everywhere now.
Our heavenly Father, Who brought again Jesus from the dead, Thou art here to heal our sister, and to declare Your Divine power. And we've made boldly the statement, that nothing could stand before the gift of God, that what it would be told, and the woman, seemingly, has faith. And I ask Thee to deliver her tonight from this affliction that Satan has placed upon her, that she might be a testimony in her community of the healing power of God. That her testimony might start an old fashion revival. Grant it, Lord.
Thou deaf spirit, who's come upon the woman, I adjure thee by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, leave the woman. Come out of her.
You've been feeling real bad lately, haven't you. Is a tubercular diet. Yes. That's all gone.
All right. You may raise your head, audience. I'll put my fingers in her ears.

E-73 Did you hear me? [Sister answers, "Yes."–Ed.] Say, "Amen." ["Amen."] I will put… Hear me now? Say "Amen." ["Amen."] I love Jesus. ["I love Jesus."] Your eyes has been bothering you. You've been feeling weak lately, haven't you, real weak; and of the evening, especially in the afternoon. I waited till you got your hearing so that you would know. In the afternoon late, you get real weak. And at night, not… you're… you have un… restless nights and things. Now, what that has been, you have been afflicted with tubercular, sister. I picked it up on the vibrations. But it's all gone now. You're healed; your hearing is true; you're perfectly normal; you can remove your glasses, and go on off the platform…?… you are healed.
All right, bring your…?… Everybody say, "Thanks, Jesus." Amen, That's right. All right.
[A brother says, "On her card is, 'Deafness and glaucoma of the eyes.'"–Ed.]

E-74 I want you to look this a way just a moment. You've been extremely nervous all your life. And another thing that's wrong with you now, 'course your eyes has caused you trouble… astigmatism, what's wrong in your eyes. Had trouble with stomach. Isn't that right. Yes. I see you setting at a desk, squinting, trying to read when you was a little girl. This certain day when a certain thing happened; you were wearing–wearing a pink checkered dress…?… Now, when you… When you now also are suffering with a peptic ulcer of your stomach, causing you to have stomach trouble. Isn't that right? Now, a real strange feeling is upon you. Isn't that right? Sister, dear, Jesus Christ makes you whole. You remove your glasses; go home eat what you want to; for you're healed now. God bless you.
Everyone be real reverent and pray. All right. You can bring your patient.
[A brother says, "Nervousness, stomach trouble, and eye trouble. Notice her getting her healing now without prayers."–Ed.]

E-75 Believe with all your heart, that you… You're trying to believe. You're a woman weary, aren't you? You've been deeply depressed, haven't you? You've been having troubles, And you know what I'm speaking of. I won't say it. All right. May I have your hand. There's something else; oh, it's cancer, sister. That's too bad. But do you believe that Jesus Christ will heal you and will make you well? I'll… So that… See, you have had troubles and trials. 'Course now that strange feeling upon you; that's the Spirit of the Lord.
I want you to looky here so that you'll have more faith to believe. Here's now what I call a vibrations. Come closer. I want you to notice my hand there. Want you to look how it looks. See how speckled and how black looking it turns? And how it keeps little white things, running over it there? I'm going to take your hand off, and I'm going to put my hand upon it. Now, it's not there now, is it. Looks like anyone else's hand. I'll put this hand here upon it. Looks just as normal, does it?
But Reverend Lindsay, would you come forward. I'll put Reverend Lindsay's upon it. Just normal like. I'll put my own hand; it's normal. Now, watch. I'll pick up this hand right here and lay it upon there. Now look at it. See how it swells, turns real red looking, blood-shotty, them little white things. That's your cancer, sister. That's the life of a demon that's trying to take your life. And it's moving through here now. That feels perfectly all over my wrists and arms. See? It moves right on up to my heart. And that's what does that.

E-76 Now I want you to watch my hand. And now, if that remains that way, your life is very short. If it moves… You're having faith. I've been–been expecting it to leave at any time. But so far it hasn't. But you're–you suffer with–with a dizzy spells also, which is caused from a high blood pressure. And–and another thing is the time, you're nervousness is what causes menopause, change of life, working on you. Is that right? Do you have children too, haven't you?
I–I want… I want you to… Yes. I want you to believe me with all your heart. Now, in order to vindicate what I'm telling you to be true, I want you to watch my hand. And if it stops like… I want you to take this other hand and feel those little things as they're moving over my hand, that they can see. That's–that's the life of that cancer. It moves through, kind of… kind of feels like it's going, thrrrrr, thrrrrr, thrrr. [Brother Branham illustrates.–Ed.] Now, if that stops, I want you to see it.

E-77 Now, the Bible says, "In the mouth of two or more witnesses, let every word be established." Is that true? You're Christian, and I… And you believe, and you come now, and you're a stranger. I've told you what's the matter with you, and what's happened in your life. Is that true? That's a witness, isn't it? You're looking here at something supernatural happening on my hand, is that right? That's two witnesses. If it remains, it's three; if it leaves, it's three.
But this determines whether you'll be well or not. Now, there–there's nothing else that God could do to cause you to believe. Isn't that right? Now, I want all the audience to bow their head while the patient watches my hand.

E-78 Our heavenly Father, we're thinking of the time that Nathanael came to You. Philip went and got him, and when he came up to Nathanael, he found him praying. And he said to Nathanael, "Come, see Who I've found, Jesus of Nazareth, Who was spoke of by Moses, the prophet."
He said, "Could anything good come out of Nazareth?"
He said, "Come and see."
And when he came to the prayer line, O God, we can see the Spirit of God moved Jesus. He said, "There's a Christian. There's a believer, an Israelite indeed," otherwise.
And Nathanael said, "When did You know me?"
He said, "Before you come, you were praying under a tree."
And he said, "Thou art the Son of God, the King of Israel."
Oh, You promised that Your Spirit would be with us always, even to the end of the world. And You're here tonight to detect, to tell, and to heal through faith. And Father, we're so thankful that You said, "A little while and the world will see Me no more. Yet you'll see Me, for I will be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." How thankful we are that You're here in New York with us tonight in this auditorium. And this, our sister, who's prayed, and a Christian… And we're taught that all things work together for good to them that love You. And Father, I've spoke to her everything that You've put in my mouth, and I'm expecting You to heal her. Won't You grant it, Lord, before she… [–Ed.]… taken away. I ask You to grant it. Give me faith, Father, in this challenge as she's watching my hand.

E-79 Thou demon, in the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the woman. Of course, you see, it didn't do it. It started…?… hands.
[A sister speaks with tongues.–Ed.]
Grant Thy blessings, O God, upon this mortal. Grant it, Father.
[A brother interprets–Ed.] [–Ed.]
You see what has happened, don't you, sister? Gone. The lady's healed. [–Ed.] Now, the lady, where you from? My hand is as normal as any man's. Is that right?
Now, the lady is standing here, looking herself. She's a New York woman. I've never moved my hand. Just as normal as any man's hand, isn't it? It just went away, just vanished away. Now that's… There's three witnesses. And the Holy Spirit speaking through the church, witnessed that It was sent. Now, there's…?… There's… You healing's over, sister. God bless you. You may go home and…
Let's just bow our head and offer thanks.

E-80 Bring your patient, if you will. Father, I pray Thee to be merciful. Let Thy people see, dear Father, Thy works and know Thee. Through Jesus Christ I pray this blessing. Amen.
[A brother says, "On the lady's card was the word, 'cancer for three years.'"–Ed.]

E-81 Almighty God, Thou hast promised through Thy Son Jesus that You will move this choking spirits from the woman.
Come out of her, Satan. I adjure thee by Jesus, the Son of God. All right. You may–you can see what's happened to her. The goiter went right from her throat. Well, God bless you…?…
Friends, He's here to heal everybody. Do you believe that? Now, look. I want to ask you something. The Spirit of the Lord is speaking. The people don't have to come up here to platform to be healed, they can be healed anywhere in the building.
Now, just because those people have prayer cards and come up… See, we give out fifty cards or a hundred cards. And then we come to the meeting, they just mix those cards together, from one to fifty, or wherever…

E-82 Then we had a time that the people just rallied if they couldn't get number one card, they didn't want to come. And if they didn't get somewhere within fifteen or twenty, where we'd reach in a night, they didn't want no card. So we had to mix the cards up. And then they would ask what number were we going to start with. So instead of that, we just let them get together, give the cards out, and select a number somewhere in that group. And then call and pray for as many as we can through the night. Now, that's–that's the way that we have found more successful in operating. And the people come to the platform.
The only good it does to come to platform, is just to have theirself–just to be stand here, that it might… You don't have to come for that. For God can reveal right here now the secret of every heart in this building.

E-83 And I know this one thing: There's a great, great group of people here that's believes. There seems to be a pressure coming from everywhere. God can do all things. All things are possible to them that believe. Is that right? Yes, sir.
Now, He can–He can speak out there. But now look, if He has verified this to be the truth, do you believe it is the truth? It's the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, if I never see you again, I've told you the truth. And now, God will heal, and will heal everybody here, if you'll just believe it.
Now, I've asked Him to do that tonight. And I–I believe God. I believe that He's going to do what I've asked Him to do. For I–I think what if that was my mother, father, brother, or my child, or whatever it was setting out there, or sick…

E-84 There was a little girl just looked this way, just then, a sweet little thing, and she's… Her little vibration's moved up. There's a… I… She's setting here a little black headed girl. Sweetheart, stand on your feet. I want to look at you just a minute. Look here. Yes, stand up. Look up this way, honey.
You've been wanting that child to get in the prayer line, haven't you, sister? If I, by the Spirit of God, can tell you what's wrong with that child, will you accept me as God's servant? The child's got a growth in its throat. Is that right? It's been bothering it. It's something in its throat been bo… Is that right, honey? Swallow, and put your hand on your throat. Jesus Christ heals you, now. God bless you, sweetheart. Is that true, mother? God knows all about all things.

E-85 Here sits a man setting before me here with a cane in his hand. Brother dear, do you believe me? Look this a way. You've been suffering with a heart trouble, haven't you. Lay that cane down and go on out of the building. You're healed, sir. You don't need it anymore.
Do you all believe Jesus Christ? I want you to look this way and… It's… God knows all your hearts.
Here sets a lady, setting here with a red waist on. Look this a way, sister. Seem like you're in trouble. Your husband's setting there holding you, your loved one. Looky here. You're suffering. You've had some trouble recently, haven't you. You've been to a clinic or a hospital. Yes, you've had an operation, haven't you. It was at Mayo Brothers. Is that right? I can see the institution. It's happening between you and I. It's a gall bladder operation, if I'm not mistaken. Is that right? You're worrying about it, because you're weak. Stand on your feet. Jesus Christ makes you whole now. You're healed. Don't have no fear.

E-86 Everybody believe. That's right. Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart. Be sure He knows all things. Do you believe it?
Here is a poor old colored lady setting there with a black hat on. Stand on your feet. You was deaf, woman. You can hear now. Jesus Christ makes you whole. You was deaf. Is that right? Do you hear all right now? Can you hear me? Sure. You're healed. Jesus Christ makes you…
Why, He will heal everybody in the building right now. Do you believe it? Stand up a minute. Raise up your hands. Let's pray.
Up in the balcony. You there that has the cancer. You're well. Jesus Christ healed you.
You that's standing there that's been crippled. Stand up out of that chair. Jesus Christ makes you whole.
You, right here, that man there, there's a… Yes, sir, brother. Jesus Christ healed you right now. That's right. You come from that place.
Right there, setting right there in balcony. That girl standing right there. It's a cross-eyed. It's over. Look and see. Your eyes are straight.
Oh, He's here, friends. He's making whole this minute. Everyone, let's lift up our hands and our voices to give praise to the Lord Jesus.

E-87 Now, I rebuke every power of doubt, every demon spirit, that he will turn this audience loose at this moment In the Name of Jesus Christ.
You in the chairs, raise up. You that's sick, you're well.
Almighty God, I commit this to You and praise…?… Lord God of heaven and earth, send Thy power upon this waiting audience, making this what You promised. I now ask for a complete deliverance of every sick person in the building in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
Accept it. Believe it. Right now, I feel the pressure that there's hundreds of people right now that's been healed. If I've told you the truth, I'm telling you the truth. Now, God has verified this…

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