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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Expectations was delivered on Saturday, 14th July 1951 at the I.M.A. Auditorium in Flint, Michigan, U.S.A.
The tape, number 51-0714, is 1 hour and 4 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Thank you. Thank you, Brother Baxter. Good evening, friends. Very happy to be here again this evening to give our expressions of love and our adoration of our heart to the worshippers of Jesus Christ. And I trust that this will be a great evening. If it was any more than last evening, I don't know whether we can stand it or not.
Of all my ministerial life, I never seen any more of a quick falling of the Spirit of God than I did last evening. I went completely numb, just went out. I looked down, and coming over the building, and that Light just spread the whole entire building. And I tried to say something; I just couldn't say no more. And the next I knowed, there was some ushers talking to me somewhere, ever which way the–the parking grounds are.

E-2 Mr. Baxter, after he come in, I begin to get to myself a little. And he said, "Brother Branham, this is the first time in my life that I ever–was ever floored down like that." And I… Just how wonderful that God was dealing with us. I've never been able…
Two, three nights, I've been trying to do this, and I packed it in my pocket. I want to express my thanks for the kindness, some presents some people sent me. And I appreciate anything that anyone does.
When I first came in, there was a bunch–a bouquet of flowers, two of them setting on the table, sent from the D-e-n-n-e-r-s, Denners, I suppose of the city. They're here tonight, they may not be. If they are, I want to express my thanks to you for those beautiful flowers: the Denners.

E-3 And then the next was, my boy gave me a letter which had a love offering in it of five dollars, that come from Brother S-a-n-d-r-e-s-k-y. He said, "I'd love to get my arms around you and hug you." Well, brother, that's a mutual feeling. I would sure like the same thing.
And today, when my little boy–boy came in, he had two big jars of honey, and two boxes of these red raspberries, I suppose they are. Well, I guess the… You don't know how I appreciate it. I–I sure love honey. I love raspberries too. Mix them together and I really got them then, haven't I.

E-4 One of the cutest little things that I ever seen was one day on a fishing trip in the mountains. I just love to fish and hunt. And I was up in the mountains fishing; I'd had my tent. And it was early spring, trout fishing, just trying to get away from the crowds for a little while. And I–I love pancakes. And I guess I got a lot of fellow citizens on that.
And so, you know, I was… I like to put honey on them. And I have one theory I still stay with; I'm a Baptist. I don't sprinkle them; I really pour it on them. So I have it covered all over, baptizing them. And always take a large bucket of honey, you know.
And one day coming around, I heard a noise. And there'd been an old mother bear and her two cubs had got in my tent. They just tore it all to pieces. And I didn't have my camera. And the cutest little act… There's one of the little fellows run away with the mother. But the other little fellow set there. He'd got the lid off that bucket of honey. And he taken his paw and push down it like that, and then come up and just lick his hands. And he was mo… He was honey from his feet to his head. Just so… He looked around, it was all in his eyes, you know. And he looked at me like that, you know. No condemnation to him. He just stuck his hand back down in the bucket and got some more.

E-5 And I thought that was just like an old fashion Holy Ghost meeting. You don't care who's around as long as you got your hand in the honey. Is that right? Yes, sir. Licking it around, so no condemnation to them that's licking, you know. It's all right.
But they was–was sure having a grand time. Well, I looked at the little fellow. I laughed till my sides hurt, and I just walked away. And I still was out the bucket of honey, letting him lick.
So I appreciate that very much. And we'll do justice to that honey in the morning. So thank you very much.

E-6 And now, the services… It's awfully warm in here. And I just got to hear just a portion of your broadcast. There's… They come and got me. And it sure sound lovely, the people playing and singing, and those people on that–this thing here, you know. I'm not very much a musician, but… And on the organ and that trumpet or ever what it was a playing; it was really pretty, "Onward Christian Soldiers," and all your voices blending in.
I had to shed a little tear too, because it just made my heart thrill to think that someday, the saints of God will go marching up to glory. And to see that great time…

E-7 Brother Baxter met me this afternoon, said, "Brother Branham, you're to preach for tomorrow."
Oh, my. I said, "Brother Baxter, I can't preach." And he said… after a man like that being preaching.
And he said… Then he met me just a few minutes ago, and said, "The people like for you to tell your life story tomorrow." So… Oh, I can do that, by grace of God.
And I want to be here tomorrow afternoon around two-thirty, I suppose. And I expect to see you all. Be just as quickly as I can. Bring the sinner and the–the unrepented out tomorrow, so that I–we can make an altar call, and maybe God will give us many souls for His glory.

E-8 Now, for just a portion of time, I–I want to read some of the Word, and then just pass a few comments, and maybe give a testimony, and try to get into the prayer line as quick as possible. And… Because they told me, that coming down tonight (they come and got me), that the auditorium had been packed out since about five o'clock. And someone said they was going to be here at six in the morning to see if they could get a seat up front.
So, we're sorry we haven't any way to take care of any more. The fire laws just allows to have so many in here. But while we're here together, I know you've had a glorious time. If we should say, "Amen," and go home, it would be wonderful.
But now, let's just, you and I, ask God, and believe that God will answer our prayer. And let's ask God to heal this rows of people through here tonight, every one.

E-9 I… When Brother Baxter came in, and my boy was kinda talking to me. I could hear him in the distance last night. He kept getting closer. I knew I was coming to myself. And he said, "Daddy, are you all right?"
I said, "Yes."
I never will forget the first time the boy ever seen the Angel of the Lord at Vandalia, Illinois. And I'd had a meeting, and I made a challenge to the people, "Just bring me anybody you want to, and let me have enough time with them. They'll–they'll be healed." And they brought me a blind boy, was born blind. And I stayed with that boy about an hour and forty minutes. And he walked off the platform with his sight.
And he came back, and he picked up my tie so speak… He said, "Mother, is that what you… What color you call that?" And the boy was born blind. And he was just so enthused, and the people screaming and going on.

E-10 And when I went home that night, we was in the hotel. And I was been praying, and I was almost asleep. And I woke up, and I knew He was in the room. I couldn't tell from where He was coming. But I waited a few minutes, and I knew It was coming over this a way, coming across towards the bed.
I got out of the bed. My brother and my little boy was next to me in another bed. And I felt It coming, and I got out, and I knelt down in the floor, and started praying. He got real close. I never heard no voice nor nothing. I waited a little bit. It got closer. And I kept speaking, "What would the Lord have me to know?"
And a voice begin to speak in the room and told me not to do that, not to do that. And just… My commission was to pray for the sick, and not to do that. And then when I opened my eyes, there He was, just above the bed whirling around and around.
And I said, "Do–do You mind if my brother and little son could see You?"
And He never made any answer back. It was done leaving me, the anointing. I seen It right off from me. And I kept my eye on Him, and He never answered me, so I thought maybe He didn't care. I picked up a pillow, and threw it over on the bed, and it woke up my brother. He said, "What do you want?"
I said, "Wake up Billy."
And he said, "Billy, your dad wants you."
And as soon as he looked back, he let out a scream. He saw It. He begin screaming. And my little boy jumped over in the bed with me, and begin hugging me around the neck, saying, "Daddy, daddy, don't let that get me. Don't let that get me."
I said, "Why, honey, that ain't what… That won't hurt you." I said, "That's the Angel of the Lord that leads daddy."

E-11 Billy's an orphan. His mother died when he was just about eighteen months old. And he's a little orphan child. And I been daddy and mother both to him. And sometimes in going away, the little fellow used to stand at the airport and cry and go on. He said, "Daddy, don't leave me." Said, "What have I got on earth but you?" Said, "Mother's gone and everything." And said, "If–if something happens to you, what will happen to me?"
So that's not easy to leave your children like that. But Jesus said, "Whosoever will not forsake his… everything and follow Me, not worthy to be called My disciple." No matter what we do, we'll never be worthy to be that. But we like to do our part.
So after that night, the little boy was consoled then when he got to see the Angel of the Lord for the first time. He never worried no more when I left.

E-12 Now, the reading of the Scripture for the text tonight is found in the 2nd chapter of Saint Luke, you who would like to refer to it and would read with me. I…
You know, God's Word can't fail, can it. And now, I tell you, dear Christian friends, the anointing of the Angel of God is so strong, I can hardly look out over this audience. Now, that's right. And I don't like for it to be like that right to the beginning. And I want to talk just a little while on the Scripture. Wasn't aiming to do it, just give a testimony. But I'll try to talk just a moment.
Listen to the reading, beginning with the 25th verse:

… behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; the same man was just, devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.

… behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; the same man was just, devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.

And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he'd seen the Lord's Christ.

And he came by the Spirit into the temple: and when the parents brought in the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom of the law,

Then took he him up in his arms, and blessed God, and said,

Lord, now let thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word:

For mine eyes have seen thy salvation.

E-13 Let's bow our heads. Father, the hours are moving on. Help us, Almighty God, to know Your will. There are many gathered tonight. The building is hot. Oh, we believe the harvest is ripe; the fields are ready. Thrust in Thy sickle tonight, Lord; reap. May the wine be brought from the grapes tonight, till each believer will become, as it were, drunk upon the Spirit of God, knowing nothing but the Presence of God, and His power, His redeeming blessings upon us to redeem us from our sickness, from our sins. Grant these blessings, Lord.
And as Thy servant has determined by Thy grace, if possible, to speak a few words, help me, dear God. And may the Holy Spirit take the Word of God and plant It right into the heart where It belongs. And may, before this service is ended, may there be people all over the floor everywhere. May the people be up off of these cots and stretchers. May the blind be laying their canes back. May the crippled lay down their canes and crutches, and walk out. May those with heart trouble have it no more, with the cancers…
Lord, we thank Thee for Your visit last night. And now, Lord, maybe a new fresh group is in tonight. And I pray that You'll heal them, every one, and make It manifested to them by the power of the resurrected Christ, for we ask it in the Name of Jesus Christ, the beloved Son of God. Amen.

E-14 Now quickly, your undivided attention. Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing of the Word. If we'd say for a text, which it will not be, that I would say tonight, "Expectations."
You know, usually you get what you expect, don't you? What you think you're going… If you come to the meeting, just say, "I believe I'll go down. There's something wrong with that kind of a meeting. I'm going down. I'll see what's wrong with it." You will. The devil will be sure that you see that.
But if you come down to see what's good about it, God will show you what's good about it. See? If you come down, saying, "Well, if I… I don't believe I'll get healed. I'll go down maybe see if I can get a prayer card. But if I don't, well, they won't…" No, that's just what you'll get, just see… And just whatever you expect. Don't you believe that?
When you come, expect this: let's expect this tonight. Let's expect a great outpouring again. I believe if God would repeat that again tonight… I don't know that He will. Twice I've asked Him. I guess Brother Baxter told you the phenomenal of last night, of how that I never knew.

E-15 Then the Angel of the Lord met me in the room, and I asked Him to do something outstanding. And a few nights ago, I asked Him if He would do something outstanding for us that night, and He did. He healed a–a woman that was deaf for years, and taken a woman out of a wheelchair. And I forget what all He done. And now, I'm asking again tonight to do something special for us. And last night I asked Him.
I trust that my heavenly Father won't be angry with me for asking these special blessings. For it's written in the Word, "Except you see signs or miracles, you won't believe." And we don't want to be classed amongst such people as that. Why, we're people who believe anyhow. See, we believe anyhow, and we want to accept it.

E-16 Last night I was wondering how there could be anyone left in the building that wasn't healed. Now, it may not be visible. Angels of God and visions appear before people, and sometime it's not for everybody. Is that right?
Look at the Magis. They were the only ones that seen that Star. It passed by every observatory, passed by all the star gazers and everything, passed right on by the spiritual people, passed right on over the temple; and no one saw It but the Magis. It was for them to see it. Do you believe they saw it? I do, for the Bible said they did. See? And if it be possible that the Angel of God could be visible to some and not visible to the others.

E-17 For instance one day when I was baptizing. There was around ten thousand people, I guess, at the bank. And there was at least seven thousand of them that seen the Angel of the Lord, and say the other three thousand never saw It. They said, "Well, I didn't see It. I heard you hollering, and seen you raise your hand, and everybody screaming, but I didn't see nothing." You see?
And that's the way it was when the picture was taken. Hundreds and hundreds saw It, and others didn't. Some of them in the Bible times, it was the same way. It's today.
God will reveal Himself to those who are expecting Him. The Magis were expecting to see the Star of Jacob rise. They were from the East, and they'd listened to Balaam's prophecy, which said that there would be a Star of Jacob rise. And they were looking for It. They was expecting It. And they were the ones who seen It.

E-18 And how many in here tonight is expecting to be healed tonight, let's see your hands? Well, you're not going to be disappointed then. If you… You just can't be disappointed if you're expecting it. If you're not expecting it, you say, "Well, I'll wait maybe tomorrow afternoon; I'll get it tomorrow afternoon." Well, that's when you'll get it.
You say, "Well, I don't know. If He don't come to me personally, I don't believe I'll get it." Well, that's…
Jesus said, "According to your faith, be it unto you." Is that right?
A lady said not long ago… I went into a place to pray for a boy that had tubercular meningitis. He was dying. And the person said, "Oh, Brother Branham," said, "my," said, "you'll get meningitis." She said, "I run my children out. I give them vaccinations."
I said, "Such faith as that would give them meningitis." That's right.
You must believe. All things are possible to him that believes. Be expecting God to deliver you, for He promised it. And as soon as your faith can catch it, it's gone away. And that's right. Now, I was… Whatever you expect, that's what God will do.

E-19 I was thinking of Simeon. In his day he was an old man. We'd call him maybe in them days an old sage. He's just… Try to picture him with long white beard. And he was a wonderful old saint of God. Now, the Bible said the Holy Ghost was upon him. Do you believe that? Yes, he–he… The Holy Ghost was on him. The…
Now, always God has had someone who believed His Word. Somebody's going to expect God to fulfill His Word, while others pass It by. Now, as it was in that day, so is it now. The Church has gotten formal and got away from God. And they thought Jesus, their Christ, never would come; perhaps, maybe being many ages away. But just when they was expecting it to be way away, He was right at hand.

E-20 Now, let's take this case now of Simeon. Now, he was a righteous old man. He believed that God was going to let him see the Christ before he saw death. Now, let's say he's eighty something years old. And then He–He had another witness there. There was Anna the prophetess at the temple, John the Baptist, and Joseph and Mary, and many of them: a remnant.
God has always had a remnant somewhere. And He's got a remnant tonight. Don't you believe that? Now, tonight, His–His remnant are composed of His Body, His spiritual Body here on earth, baptized people into the Body making us the Body of Christ.
Now, that doesn't represent any certain church; it just represents all the baptized people of God into one Body. By not one church, but by one Spirit are we all baptized to one Body and become members of the Body of Christ.

E-21 Now, in them days I can see Simeon, the old man walking along down the street, and saying, "Well, I'm going to see the Christ before I die."
Could you imagine some of those scholars saying, "Don't pay no attention to the old fellow. I believe he's just… He's got old now, and his mind's kindly went away from him. And the poor old fellow, he's a good old man. But you know, an old man like that isn't going to… Why, we've looked for Him for age, and look at the condition of the world today. Why, we know He isn't coming now."
But Simeon had one reason that he believed that: the Holy Ghost revealed it to him. There's the thing. God had told Simeon that he wasn't going to see death until he had seen the Christ. And he believed what the Holy Ghost said was the truth.
Now, can you do that? Now, the same Holy Ghost that led Simeon, is the same Holy Ghost that's here tonight. There's not no two Holy Spirits, are they, just one Holy Spirit.
Now, look at him. Now, he had to believe something more than you believe. See? People are getting healed every night, every day, and all over the world, big healing campaigns everywhere. They're getting healed. But Jesus or Christ had never come to the earth. But it was prophesied that He would come, and Simeon had the promise of the Holy Spirit, that he was going to see Him.

E-22 Now, the Bible said… I believe David said, "When the deep calleth to the deep…" Now, if there's a–a deep a calling, there's a deep to respond to it somewhere. Do you believe that? In other words like this, as I've often said, "Before there was a fin on a fish's back, there had to be a water first for him to use that fin, or he wouldn't have the fin." Is that right? If there's a tree to grow in the earth, there has to be an earth first for it to grow in, or there would be no tree.
And then… See, I love nature, to look at nature and see the sunsets and the mountains. There's something there that just calls out.

E-23 Not long ago I was setting on the porch. And wife and I, we were in a swing, swinging. The crowds had just got away. And some old sand cranes flew across, going down to the river. And they were calling. And the–a lady come up, give me a little card about like–like that, that had that sunset and evening star and one clear call for me.
And I looked at those old cranes, and I said, "Look, God has fed them all day long out in the swamps. They're going down to the falls now to get with their kindred and–and there be for the night."
Two little robins, my favorite birds, flew up, and went into their nest. They'd fed their young all day long. God had provided for them. And at nighttime, He had a way provided for them to roost in safety.
And I said, "Surely, someday when life is ended, and the sun of my life is setting, and your life, God has a way somewhere." There's something that tells us there's something out there: The deep calling to the deep.

E-24 I read in the paper here not long ago where a little baby eat the peddles off of a bicycle, eat the rubbers off of pencils. The doctors said what it was: his little body needed sulfur. And he was eating that rubber, because there was sulfur in the rubber. Now, before he could've–there could've been any crave for that sulfur, there had to be something in here craving it, creating that desire. And if there's something here creating that desire, there's bound to be something out there to respond to that–to that Creator, creation.
In other words like this, as I'd say this. Before you can have a desire, there has to be a Creator to create that desire. Is that right? Before there is a creation, there has to be a Creator.

E-25 And how many in here believes that there is Divine healing, let's see your hands? All right. Now, if… Thank you. If you believe, and there's something in you that says there's healing somewhere, Divine healing, there's bound to be a Creator to create that desire. And as sure as there's a desire in your heart to be healed by Divine healing, there's a fountain open somewhere. That's all. You would–you couldn't have that desire unless there would be.
And you remember, a long time ago when the church got formal and everything, the people begin to crave more of God? The baptism of the Spirit come into existence. See, you were hungering and thirsting for more of God. And as long as you thirst for more of God, there's bound to be more of God somewhere to respond to that. If there's a deep calling, there's a deep to respond. See what I mean?

E-26 Now, Simeon, he was the same way. He knew that there was a hunger in his heart. He knew that he had a promise by the Holy Ghost that he wasn't going to see death until he seen the Lord's Christ.
Now, in them days, they didn't have press and radio as we have today. So Jesus, when He was born in Bethlehem of Judaea, why there was shepherds come out and worshipped and sang, and the Magis came and offered their presents and so forth. The news didn't scatter like it does now.
But on the eighth day, according to Jewish law, the woman had to come and offer the turtledove for her–and her offering for her cleansing–purification.

E-27 Now, let's take a morning at the temple. Here's a man setting there, back in the prayer room somewhere. It was a busy morning; maybe it was Monday morning, and everybody coming and going, thousands upon thousands.
Well, probably in the three or four million Jews there was in Jerusalem and around Palestine at that time, they'd be probably as many as fifty to a hundred babies borned every night, maybe more. Well, every morning there'd be a line of mothers line up here to offer their sacrifice and for their purifications, and offer the–the–according to the law.
And now, look. I see Simeon back in the temple. My, I can just notice him setting back there, maybe reading the Scriptures. He had the promise now. And then into a door stepped… [–Ed.]

E-28 I'm so thankful my name's on her book tonight, wrote by the Blood of Jesus Christ across it, "Pardoned." Oh, my. You'll think I'm a holy-roller after while, sure enough. But brother, when I think of the Blood of Christ that pardoned my book of sin, and throwed it in the sea of forgetfulness, it makes me get happy and rejoicing. I love Him with all my heart. If the old time power of God that's saved me and has kept me through the age. I love Him with all my heart tonight.
And I take my stand with Paul of old. "In the way that's called heresy, so worship I the God of our fathers. I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto the salvation to those who believe." Marvelous, He's wonderful.

E-29 And I see down there, when that time come for the purification of this little mother, although with her scar and things holding in her arms (Look at her.) a Baby wrapped in swaddling's cloth. That's what they tell me, what goes on the back of a yoke of an ox that plows. And they wasn't nothing down there to wrap the little fellow in, the King of glory. What do you care how poor you are. The King of glory wrapped in swaddling's cloth, rolled Him up in that… And here's the very Prince of heaven laying in the arms of a little girl, wrapped in swaddling cloth.
There stood the rich mothers. They wouldn't get along that bunch of people. They still have that feeling. They won't get along that bunch.
And Mary stood there, and one of them walked away, said, "Look at her."
But in her heart, she knew who she was. She knew she had God's blessings. And there she had It in her arms.
Look here. That's what the natural world would think. Look around and say, "Oh, my. Look at that. That baby ain't even dressed well. And look, a peasant's offering, two turtledoves." Here stood some of them with lambs. They were rich people. But a peasant's offering…

E-30 Then while they were standing there, and the little mother keeping it all in her heart, I can see the holy Ghost move out there in the room upon that old man called Simeon, that…?… "Simeon, I give you the promise, and you've lived faithful to it. Get up and start moving now."
I can see him lay down the Scroll, walk out of the building. He didn't know where he was going. He was led by the Holy Ghost. I can see him moving around through the people, come down till he hit this line of women, start down along the line. He went right to where that little scorned woman was standing there, picked up that baby wrapped in swaddling's cloth, and tears dropping off of his beard, said, "Lord, let Thy servant depart in peace, according to Thy Word, for my eyes have seen Thy Salvation." The Holy Ghost led him to the Child.

E-31 At the same time, an old blind prophetess setting down there in a corner, the Holy Ghost spoke to her. And here she comes winding through them people like that: blind. Moved right up to where He was, and raised her hands and blessed God: led by the Holy Ghost, deep calling to the deep. They was expecting to see Him. There He was, the Holy Ghost leading them to it.
For years we've expected gifts to be in the church; we've expected power to be in the church. And isn't it strange tonight that you people believe in Divine healing, that the Holy Ghost has led you here by the same channel, right to where God's blessings hangs over the building, ready to receive and heal anybody that's in Divine Presence, that'll believe It?
The same God that lived in that day, and the same Holy Ghost that led Simeon, and Ann, and them to the Christ, has led you here tonight where we're gathered together in this place in the Name of the Lord Jesus to see His power move upon His people. Amen. Amen.
No, that won't scare you. "Amen" means "so be it." And–and that's right. It's the truth. How marvelous

E-32 Do you believe in being led by the Spirit? Recently, for just for a–a testimony. We was having a meeting here in Fort Wayne. I'll never forget it. Many of you here was in the Fort Wayne meeting, no doubt at all. Let's see your hands who was in the Fort Wayne meeting? What a marvelous time. That's where the man was healed with the multiple sclerosis. How many was there that night he was healed, let's see your hands?
There that old man laying there, crippled up (They both may be present now.) laying like that. I didn't know. They was trying to lay the man on the platform in his white shirt there. He was a business man, had been paralyzed from his waist down for ten years in the bed. I didn't know. They–they… Some of his friends tried to get him up. The poor man was trying to touch my trouser leg. And they took him off the platform.

E-33 I was just setting down. I went ahead speaking. I happened to look out, and I seen a vision of him. I knew he was going to be well. I seen him walking through some kind of a place. I spoke to him, he… And I said, "You want me to come lay my hands on you, don't you."
He said, "Yes, sir."
I walked down. The same time there, a little old man was laying there so crippled, that this man had wrote to, reached over and got a hold of my coat. He said, "Brother Branham, just lay your hands on me too while you're here, and I'll get well."
And no sooner than I touched that man there, he rose to his feet. And that people went into a scream. You remember it?

E-34 Here a few weeks ago, I got a letter from both of them. And the man that was so paralyzed, was so crippled like this, was a plowing out in a field with his tractor. The other man…?… with multiple sclerosis, came down the road and seen him. He jumped out of his car, and the man jumped off the tractor, and they run out there in the field, grabbing one another and lifting one another up and down like that. What is it? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is omnipotent in His power in…?… Why, He's the same Christ yesterday, today, and forever. His powers cannot fail, because He's God. God's Divine order of the earth, the Holy Spirit today is just the same as He was. To reject Jehovah was a penalty. You had… To reject Jesus was a penalty. And to reject this, what people call fanaticism, and what people call foolishness, is the Holy Ghost. He said, "To speak a word against It would never be forgiven in this world to come." It's more of a penalty to reject the Holy Spirit today than it would be to reject Jesus Christ or the Father. That's right.
Don't you be ashamed. Stand for that which is right. I don't know what's the matter with me tonight. I'm…?… now. All right. Watch him.

E-35 There in the meeting when things were going on. I remember that I was staying in the Indiana Hotel. And they have to keep the place a secret of where you stay, you know, because all day long when you get them sick people, that calls the anointing down, and you can't hardly get to the platform at night.
And I remember a nurse, Mayo's nurse, one of the first healings: Mrs. Margie Morgan. Cancer went through till she only weighed forty-seven pounds. Mr. Baxter and them was talking to her the other night. She weighs a hundred and fifty-five. That's been about five years ago.
The doctors said, "Oh, she'll die. She's just excited." Well, she's still excited. She's living. You better get excited then, so then it–it'll hold your life here a little while. Excitement, it's the power of Almighty God, not excitement. If it is, it'd be good for psychologists and doctors to go to teaching excitement. Excitement don't cure you. You know it doesn't.

E-36 Now, notice. We was staying in the hotel. And the little bellhop come up, and he said, "Reverend Branham, I'm sorry to inform you, but you couldn't even get out that door this morning." Said, "That auditorium's packed full. They know you're here."
We waited awhile. And no way to get out to breakfast. So after while, another one come up, said, "I'll tell you; I can take you through the basement if you don't mind, your wife and them, climb over some ashes."
I said, "I don't mind."
We went down, went through a big pile of ashes, and come out into an alley. We started down to the little place called Toddle House. You remember where that's at? There's where Mr. Eaton was healed that morning with stomach trouble when he run up there to pay for my breakfast.

E-37 And I remember, I had my overcoat up like this, walking down the street a holding my little girl, Mrs. Morgan on one side, and my wife on the other. We were walking down the street. I started to cross the street to go to the Toddle House, where we were eating our breakfast and our meals. And just then, I felt the Holy Spirit. You believe in being led by the Spirit now? All right. Listen closely then. It said, "Turn this a way."
And I started to turn. Mrs. Morgan said, "Where you going?"
My wife looked quickly said, "Spirit leading now. Just watch. Just follow him."
And went down the street. I don't know where I went, but after while, I stopped and looked up. It said, "Miller's Cafeteria." I went in. (These people may be setting here tonight for all I know.) I went in. I got a cup of, I believe, of chocolate or something, set down to drink it, Mrs. Morgan, all of them.
When we asked the blessing, I raised my head. I said something to my little girl. I seen a woman raise up. She said, "Bless God. Bless God."
I thought… Mrs. Morgan turned around, said, "You're trapped in here now."
I said, "Mrs. Morgan, don't say that." See? I said, "This is the Holy Spirit."

E-38 This woman come over there wringing her hands. She said, "Brother Branham, I'm from Texas." She said, "My brother is dying with heart trouble." Said, "We followed. This is about eight or ten meetings that we've been into, and we've never been able to get a prayer card that was called into the line." And said, "To get up here this time, we sold our cow," said, "'cause my… The doctor said my brother could only live a little while longer." The heart, something had injured the diaphragm. Said, "He's just got a few more weeks to live. And it was our last chance." Said, "We…?… till last night. We can't even get in to get–to the place any more." And said, "I prayed all night long." And she said, "This morning just about four o'clock in the morning," she said, "I had a dream. And in this dream it told me to come down and find a place by the name of Miller's Cafeteria, and to be here at nine o'clock and my brother'd be healed."
I looked at my watch, and exactly nine o'clock. You know what took place. Yes, sir. And that boy was healed.

E-39 I turned, and got my hat, and started out the door, and people begin screaming. That cafeteria was alive in a few minutes. I started to walk out the door. Said something, a blessing to them, started to walk out the door, and a little woman… She was at San Bernardino a few weeks ago to testify to me, was coming back from Brazil to see her daughter, which is a missionary.
And she fell down on the street and grabbed a hold of my legs like that. She said, "Oh, God…"
I picked her up, and I said, "What's the matter, sister?"
Meda, my wife and them, they started picking her up. Said, "What's the matter?"
And she was way big, malignant. And Mayo Brothers had turned her down. Her husband owns the spaghetti company here in Chicago. And she was a little woman. And she was, oh, so swollen out. She said, "Brother Branham," she said, "it's my last chance." She said, "Oh, I've just prayed and cried." Said, "Mayo's has turned me down, and there's nothing could be done about this here. I've taken radium; I've taken x-ray treatments, and everything, and nothing could be done." And she said, "This morning, just along about the break of day," she said, "I was awakened. I was looking out. And I went back to sleep again." Said, "I dreamed a dream that I was to stand in front of Miller's Cafeteria ten minutes after nine to be healed." Oh, my. Do you believe in leading by the Spirit? Yes, sir.

E-40 On down the street I went. Just a little while longer. (And you people from Fort Wayne and across the line know of this.) I was going down the street. My wife said, "What… Are you ready to go in now?"
I said, "I don't know." We got down there, and I seen some fishing tackle. And I started to turn for that. Just then the Holy Spirit moved down again and begin to move over. This is my inside life I'm telling you about. It's happened right here in this city too, today. And then here It moving around. I felt It. I said, "Oh, It's again." I said, "Now, honey, you go on over and get the… at the drug store over there and get that little coloring book for the baby." Had to keep her in a room all day. I said, "You all go on back in. I don't know when I'm going to be able to–to… the Holy Spirit will relieve me now."

E-41 I went on down at the… Started down at the end of the street. And I walked up there and begin to look towards that tackle and stuff. And I got back to the side; I said, "Heavenly Father, where would You have Your servant go?" I thought maybe He wants me to stand here a little bit. And I stood a little bit; nothing happened. I thought, "Well…" I started to walk towards the corner.
He said, "Go across the other corner."
And the cop blowed the whistle there. And I went across the other side, and stood there a little bit, about ten minutes. I didn't know why I was standing there. People passed. I was just standing there. That's all I knowed. When you're led of the Spirit, God wants you to just do what He says do. He's the One on the other end of the line doing the work.

E-42 I just stood there a little bit. And I thought, "Oh, what is going to happen?"
And a big Irish cop out there blew the whistle again; the pedestrians crossed. And coming behind was a little woman with a checkered dress on, a checkered tam, looked like a Canadian. She was packing a pocketbook on her arm. She had her head down. She went walking along like this, and she…
The Holy Spirit said, "Stand over here."
And she passed that close to me, just went right on by. I thought, "Why is that?" She went a little farther. I thought, "Well, that's strange. And He told me to stand here by her. Wonder why. Maybe she just caught the blessing as went by like that."

E-43 In a few moments she turned around, and said, "Oh," she said, "Brother Branham…" And she come back. She said, "I don't… I'm beside myself."
I said, "I don't think so, sister. What's the matter?"
She said, "I'm from Canada. I'm only allowed a hundred and fifty dollars a year to come over here." She said, "I–I spent all my money." And she said, "I–I–I was in the hotel lobby, and I had five cents for coffee this morning." She said, "And I was on my road back to hitchhike back to Canada." Said, "I couldn't get in the lines, and I was praying." And said, "Something just turned me around and made me come up two or three blocks and walk across this a way." Oh, my. There He is.
I seen her holding her hand. I said, "Is it your arm, sister?"
She said, "Yes, I fell on a rock. I was riding a dog when I was a little girl, and I fell on a rock and hurt this arm like this." And while she was talking, here come her arm coming out like that. She begin screaming the top of her voice.
And that big cop said, "I know who you are, Brother Branham."
You talk about a prayer line, we had it all up-and-down the street there for awhile, the people standing, moving. Oh, how marvelous.

E-44 Here not long ago, I was coming from Dallas, Texas, in spring, and I thought… I was flying back, and I was grounded at Memphis, right where my… Had to be one night on the fifth at Memphis, Tennessee. I was grounded there, and they put me up there in that, I believe, the Peabody Hotel, it's called. It's a very nice place. Myself, I couldn't afford to go in it, but the–the airlines sent me up there. And I remember that morning, they called me, said, "Now, the plane will leave at eight o'clock, Reverend Branham." Said, "They'll be by to pick you up."
I said, "Yes, sir." And I got my letters ready and was going down to mail the letters. Now, listen closely, I'm going to close in a minute. And I thought, "Oh, my, I'll go down and mail these letters." And I got out and started down the street, put–trying to find the Post Office. And I was walking down the street singing that little Pentecostal song, let's see:
Telling now, both far and wide,
His power is yet the same,
I'm so glad that I can say I'm one of them.
Brother Ryan, you remember, when you used to sing it. And saying, "We…" And going singing that little song. And after while, I felt something going, "Whooo…" [Brother Branham illustrates.–Ed.] got close. I stepped back up behind a great big column there, and I said, "Heavenly Father, what would You have Your servant do?" It kept going, "Whooo…" [Brother Branham illustrates.–Ed.] I was real still a minute, and I heard a deep voice say, "Turn, go back."

E-45 Well, I turned and went walking back down the street. I walked. And I walked on past the hotel, on down through south Memphis, just walking on and on. The sun was way high then. The sun was up, and it was a beautiful spring morning. The fragrance of the flowers in the–in the air, had perfumed the air.
I thought, "How beautiful." Was going walking along there. I thought, "Lord, I don't know. You said, 'Walk.' Here I am. I'm walking." I just kept on walking, walking, walking. Walked out pretty near the other side of Memphis. And I remember going down a little hill towards where a little creek of a thing ran through this way, a little tributary there at the river of some kind. I just went walking down through there. There's was a little old whitewashed hut down there; a lot of colored people lived down in that way. I was walking down through there, singing–humming to myself, "Only believe, only believe."
Satan said, "You're going to miss your plane."
I said, "I'll walk. All things are possible." Don't let him tell you a lie. He's a liar. When God is a leading, you go do what God said do. Yes, sir. He tells you you're healed; believe it, and just start walking on. And I just kept on like that, singing, "Only Believe…?…"

E-46 I was noticing, leaning across a gate like this, there was a typical old Aunt Jemima, great big heavy set colored woman with a man's shirt tied around her head. She was leaning out across there. I kinda quit singing, humming, when I was far as that wall from her. I just went walking on by.
And when I got there, she kinda looked at me and laughed, and those big white teeth showed, and her tears streaked face like that. She said, "Good morning, parson." I turned. Now, "parson" means "minister or reverend" down in the south. Said, "Good morning, parson."
I looked around. I said, "Good morning, auntie." I said, "Say, how'd you know I was a parson?" She smiled and wiped her eyes. I thought, "Here it is. Something's going on." I could feel the Spirit. I'd walked far enough then. My, when I think about it, my heart leaps.

E-47 I turned around; I said, "How'd you know I was a parson?"
She said, "Parson, did you ever read in the Bible about that Shunammite woman that had that baby by promise?"
I said, "Yes, auntie. I've read that a many a time. I preached on it not long ago."
She said, "I's is that kind of woman, too. And I told the Lord if He give me a child, I'd raise it for Him." Said, "Parson, the Lord give me a boy, and I raised him till he was in his teens." Said, "He took a road that's wrong, got out with some bad company." Said, "He's laying here dying now. He caught a bad disease, and the doctors can't do nothing for him." Said, "They give him all kinds of shots," but said, "he's a backslider." And said, "He laying in here dying." Said, "He'd been unconscious since day before yesterday." And said, "He don't know nothing. He thinks he's out in a big deep sea somewhere, cold." And said, "Parson, it just breaks my heart to see my boy die like that." And said, "I–I want him saved." And said, "I prayed all night. And I said, 'Lord, You give me that baby, but–but where's the Elijah?'" She said, "Now, Lord, will You help me. Don't let my baby die like this." And said, "And the Lord told me this morning…" And said, "I kinda fell asleep there in my chair; and I dreamed that I was to come out here and stand in this gate and I'd see a man coming dressed like you is." Oh, my. You know how that makes you feel?

E-48 I said, "Auntie, my name is Branham. Did you ever hear of me before?"
She said, "No, sir, I never heard of you."
Oh, my. I said, "Auntie, I pray for the sick."
She said, "Do you?"
I said–I said, "Can I come in to see your boy?"
She said, "Sure, parson." And when she raised that little old gate back with a chain on it and a plow point for a weight, for a weight behind it… I've went into kings palaces, and I went into big fine homes, but I never was more welcome than I was when I walked in that little gate that morning, under that trestle. She walked just as happy. She knew something had to happen; God was on both ends of the line.

E-49 So I walked into the room. First thing upon there was a little old sign, "God bless our home," little old chunk stove, that we call it in the south, setting there, and a little poster bed. Here was a great big stout looking boy, about a hundred and eighty pounds, around seventeen, eighteen years old, laying there with a blanket in his hand, going, "Mummm, Mummm," like that. He said, "It's so cold, mama. Mummm."
She patted him. She said, "Mama's baby."
I thought right then of motherly love. No matter what he'd done, how much disgrace; it was mother's still baby. She kissed him on his forehead.
And I thought, "If the love of a mother can go like that, what will the love of God do? When He said, 'A mother may forget her suckling babe, but I'll never forget you.'" I think, "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me."

E-50 Then while she was over her boy there, I said, "Auntie, let's pray." She never said nothing about his healing, she wanted him to be saved. And so before he went she wanted to have a witness that he was saved. And that old saint got down on there floor. I couldn't pray. Hear her pray, oh, my, she opened up that heart, and the tears rolling down her cheeks, she said, "Lord, if You'll just let him tell me that him going to be with–with Jesus," said, "I'll be happy," and like that. And I just knelt there and held my head down and cried like a baby.
In a few moments, she raised up, she said, "Thank You, Lord." And she went over, she said, "Mommy's baby." Patted it like that. And I felt his feet, just as cold as they could be, death was on the boy. And he said…
I said, "Does he…?"
He said, "He don't know…"
I said, I spoke to the boy, I said, "How you feeling now, young man?"
He just kept going, "Hmm."
She said, "He don't know where he's at parson; he ain't been conscious for two days now."
And I said, "Let's pray again, sister."

E-51 And we knelt on the floor, I said, "Heavenly Father, somehow or another last night a storm came up, and You grounded the plane." Don't you believe all things work together for the good. I said, "On my road home to the meeting," I said, "You grounded the plane. And this morning when the sun was shining, I know the hours is passed, the time now for it to leave. But somehow You led me down this way; I don't understand. But I'm putting my hands on this boy in the Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, and asking for his life to be spared."
And now more the prayer been made, I heard him going, "Um," said, "Oh, Mama."
She raised up, said, "What do mama's baby want?"
Said, "Mama, it's getting light in the room, getting light in the room."
She begin crying; I raised up my hands, begin to offer praise. Up off the bed come that big healthy boy, restored to his normal condition.

E-52 A few months after that, I was passing through on a train, and I stopped in to get something to eat; I heard somebody holler, "Parson Branham." He was pulling one of these little old carts around like that, down there at the station working. He run grabbed a hold of my hand, said, "You remember me?"
And I said, "No, I don't."
He said, "I was the boy you come to that morning, that the Lord led you down there, when mammy was praying." Says, "Parson Branham, I's perfectly whole now, and I's a Christian now."
Christian, oh, brother, and you know what? That plane never left, something happened to it, it was about a hour late, and I got on the plane and got home in time anyhow.
Let me tell you something, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever." His power's omnipotent, He–He can't fail; He's the same God that was in Memphis, Tennessee, that night, Fort Wayne, Indiana, is here tonight. Do you believe that? He's the same, He can't fail.

E-53 Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for Thy power, how we could testify hour after hour of Your blessings and what all that You've done for us. I'm thinking of that time down there in Memphis, and thinking of over here at Fort Wayne, and the different places throughout the nation.
O God, now You're here; it may be peculiar to some people, but Lord, it's not to we who believe You to be the same yesterday, today, and forever. We believe that You're here tonight, and You're here in Your power. And as Simeon of old was expecting the promise of the Holy Spirit to let him see the Christ before he died… O God, the same Holy Spirit's here, and we're asking Him tonight, in the Name of the Master Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to let us see His great power. Not as we need to see it, for we pray that You'll do it, Lord, to strengthen the faith of others, that these next three meetings that's to be in this auditorium, may be the setting forth of an old fashion revival that'll cause churches to be filled with Your glory.

E-54 Grant Lord, these ministers, Thy servants, setting just behind me tonight in prayer, O God, may each one of them be filled with the power. And may their churches be multiplied and double times double, Lord, of people getting saved. And may there be old fashion healing powers flowing through their churches, great signs and wonders. And may something happen that'll cause the city to talk for a long time. Grant it, dear God.
Now, speaking tonight, in this warm building, I pray that You'll hide Your servant behind the cross, and may the Angel of God come near. Move like You did last night, O Angel of God. Come down upon this building, and I believe if You'll give us a another chance after last night, showing Your power, if You'll give us that chance tonight, I believe, heavenly Father, if You'll send Him to manifest Hisself again, that the sick and every one in here will receive Him in one heart and one accord. And there'll be healings, Lord, that'll be talked about for months and years to come. Grant it, Lord. These kind blessings and favors we ask in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-55 Thank you, sir…?… here. I know it's very hard (worry about), hot like this; we can't help that. I wish now, in this lovely song, "Abide With Me." In the hour of my death, when life is taking me away, or my, the Angels of God, I hope, are packing me to glory, I believe that's already settled. When they take me away I hope I hear that song being played like that, "Abide With Me." When the death is struggling in my throat, and the cold vapors floating against my soul, when I start down through that long valley they call the shadow of death, I want to see the morning star come out, light up the way for the valley of the shadow of death. And when I get to the Jordan, I expect to see two glossy wings of the Holy Ghost reach across there, and bear our weary souls to a better land. Till that time, may we live faithful to Him, Who is faithful to His Word. In the Name of the Lord Jesus. All have faith in God; all believe in God. No one doubt God, but only believe.

E-56 All right, I don't know what to do. I'm asking my minister brothers, just stay here where you're at. I want you to help me tonight. Will you do it? These men are ordained of God; they publicly come out here before the city, like this, to show theirself, that they believe in Divine healing in Jesus Christ. And they're just as much ordained to pray for the sick as anybody else there is in the world to pray for the sick. Your pastor has the same right to pray. Even the lay members have a right to pray. Is that right? "Confess your fault one to another, and pray one for the other." Everyone has a right that believes in Divine healing to pray for the sick. The only thing, it's just your faith to mount up.
I don't know what the Holy Spirit… I've asked Him to bless us. I believe He will do it. Are you going to believe with me, now? You going to expect Him to do it? Then every one be reverent, and let's call a little prayer line and get started. We'll call a few and, up somewhere in the line, and then we'll… Then I want some of, other people… We just don't know what the Lord's going to do for us tonight.

E-57 I tell you, coming over here tonight, I just said, "Lord, I commit it to You. And when I got here, all these pastors was up on the platform; Brother Baxter said, "Brother Branham, there's not a way in the world for them man to stand anywhere." Said, "Every person can be stood in is stood, and they've turned away since early in the afternoon, or the evening." And said, "There's nowhere…"
And just then the Holy Spirit revealed something to me. I said, "Leave them brothers right where they are." It's not as I don't want my brothers here, but here–they're believers; you're believers, and some of them are needing healing too. And that's right. And when it's coming cross ways, this way, it mixes me up. You see what I mean? It's mixing me up. And when I'm turn sideways, if I turn the patient this way, there's no neat way of turning the patient to get out… Did you ever turn a radio on about three or four stations trying to come in at the same time? That's the same thing, when I feel the moving.

E-58 Those are demon powers, not demon of your soul, demon of your body. Brother Baxter's explained all that to you. And when they come against that, I just… They fear, and if you notice, one here will be healed of something, and then a kindred spirit of sympathy out there, will be scared and take out of the person. Have you seen that take place? Sure, they know when they're whipped. You can't fool them.
Someone… The other night I was at a place where they said they had a healing meeting, and some man was standing there stomping and kicking the platform hard, and saying, "Devil, come out of it, devil…"
Now, he don't care how much you cut up (See?); that ain't going to bother him. You can't scare him. There's only one thing will move him; that's true Divine faith in Christ. That'll take him right now; he's afraid of that. That's right. When you really got the Blood of Christ behind you, backing your faith up, moving up like that, he will move away. He recognizes it. All right, now everyone be reverent.

E-59 Where's Billy? All right. Did you give–give–what prayer cards did you give? Z, how far? 51 to a 100. Let's–let's take just about ten. Let's take 90 to a 100. Get 90 to a 100, in Z-90 to a 100, line up here according to your cards, right away.
Now, how many in here hasn't got prayer cards? Let's see your hands. Oh, that's good, the front line here; that's the way. I'm glad you're here. Now, you set this way.
How many down in the audience, down here, have you got prayer cards? Very few, just now and then. All right. Now, somebody look at prayer cards and see if they've–if they've got that 100 to… What was it I… What'd I'd call, Brother Baxter? Oh, 90, 90 to a 100, yeah, 90 to a 100. See, if somebody's deaf, they wouldn't be able to hear. And look at the–the one next to you and see if they've got their cards lined right.
I'm just a little late, but I'm going to try just… You pray for me, 'cause I'm… Pray for me, brethren, it's hard…?… keeps me, coming right back out in–in the…

E-60 Yes, sir. Excuse me, audience, for speaking tonight like I have; I've took up lot of your time, but I just love you so much I had to have a few words to say to you before leaving, on the Gospel. It's kinda hard when you're speaking like that, and then go right back into anointing of this other, it's–it's a different feeling and everything. It isn't like speaking or something, but I pray that God will bless each one of you now and give you… How many's going to believe with all your heart now? That's right. How many of you, just keep your hand up and saying it, like this, "Brother Branham, I'm holding on to God to answer your prayer tonight." Are you doing that? All right. You do that, that's solid almost, I'd say, one hundred percent. Something's got to happen.
Brother, sister, I've said this, and I'm going to say this before the anointing comes down on me deep, don't pay no attention the way I'm acting up here, 'cause that's–that's just the… You're not in this world at that time. I know where I'm at, but I don't know what I'm saying or doing most of the time.

E-61 Listen, the Angel of God told me, "If you get the people to believe you, and then be sincere when you pray, there's nothing will stand before your prayer."
And I said, "Sir, they won't believe me; I'm uneducated."
Said, "You'll be given two signs." And He told me what the signs is; you understand. He said, "When this is done, they'll–they'll believe then."
And then after those signs is done, which is infallible, is it the truth? It is the truth. All right. Then you've accepted it. Now, upon that basis, anything can happen. Hear me; anything can happen. Don't you pay any attention to any senses; don't you pay any attention to any–any doubts or–or any mechanical things; you listen to the Holy Spirit tonight. And if you'll do that, and do just as I tell you to do, you'll see the glory of God. Now, I'm saying that to you down here too. And I'm saying to every one of you: Believe and be in prayer, and accept Jesus Christ as your Healer. And say to God, that you're go–that you believe that you're going to be healed. God's going to make you well tonight, and you shall receive what you've asked for. All right. Everything ready. All right, bring–bring the man.

E-62 How do you do, sir? [–Ed.] I just try to get that around so that the people, that–that out there in the audience will be able to hear. You'll check that for me times, Brother Baxter.
Now, my brethren, I want you all back here with one accord, to believe. Now, you don't have to keep your head down 'less I ask. But I–I want you to believe me; I'm here representing the same Gospel that you preached all these years. And you brethren, some of you here is aged men to me, and you, back when I was a little boy, you were preaching this Gospel and contending for it. And now, I'm just merely running the road that you've paved; that's all. If there's any credit, if Jesus would come tonight, I'd be happy to step back and let you all go in. For I believe you would do it before me, 'cause I'm just running over the road that you all have paved.
Now, you pray for me. And as–as the people are here. I'm trying to… This is the first time I've ever done this, about first or second time, as I remember, of trying to have the Spirit of discernment while there's coming… You understand me, you brethren? It's from both sides (You see?) like that. All right, now believe with all your heart, here. All right.

E-63 All right, you come, brother. All right, yes, sir, that's all right, just so I can talk to you just a little bit. And now, I suppose we're… As far as I know, we're strangers in life. I don't… I… Oh, you was at the Fort Wayne meetings, yes, but didn't get in the–the row. I'm just going to talk to you just a little bit, because that–that's just to contact (You see?) your spirit.
Now, that was a wonderful meeting, wasn't it? It was marvelous. That's where the only time that I know of, that the–that the, I believe the, that paper called "We The People," that famous book, it, that meeting went it the night that a little blind girl was healed at the platform. The Assemblies of God people, it was in your paper, and–and so forth, when the–a little blind girl came up. And then the papers wrote around there that she could not see after she was prayed for; and her father went down to the–the place, and brought the child, and proved it, and everything, when I took the little girl aside, and the blind spirit was cast away from her.
Was anybody there that night when it happened? Yeah, there's hands; there's somebody waving back in there. That's right, everywhere. It was a marvelous time. Little girl was… Had a stomach trouble and lots wrong with her, and it appeared… How many Assembly of God people that takes that, what is their paper's name now? "Evangel." How many read that article in the "Evangel?" Let's see your… The Pentecostal people takes the "Pentecostal Evangel"… Yeah, there's several hands around that read the article. And that was in "We The People," international book this year.

E-64 Now, on that… If you will, stand back this way just a little bit, back… If… No… In that–in that meeting, signs and wonders were done, wasn't it? And I believe in that meeting I testified about being, going overseas, and that be a boy be raised from the dead somewhere, you know, I spoke of that. You remember that. That was about right on the year before it happened. But it–it happened, and God always brings things to pass just the way He said it.
Sir, while I'm standing here, I see you slip back; you're a minister of the Gospel. Isn't that right? Aren't you a minister? And you're suffering with a nervous breakdown, isn't that right? Isn't that right? Well, come here and be healed, brother.
Almighty God, Author of Life and Giver of every good gift, Satan, this demon come roaring out there; he knowed that challenge of faith was on him. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of this man, leave him alone. God bless you, my brother. You put a great strain on your nerves, and your age too. You see, it's just the time. Men goes through that the same as woman. You're going to be a well man. Go off the platform; preach the Gospel, and go on, be well.

E-65 Let's say, "Praise the Lord." The minister will be well. Ever who's around Fort Wayne there, watch him. There's nothing wrong with him; Satan just grabbed him; that was all a scare. Many people say, "Well, you get next to yourself." How can you when something's there to scare you? And look here, reverend, you that just was healed, looky here, let you know what I'm talking about: There's at least sixty percent of these people setting right in here tonight, suffering with the same thing. They're suffering with a nervous condition. How many will be honest, that you're nervous, raise your hands. How's that. About sixty percent, is that right? All right, that shows that I'm… That God reveals to me what I'm talking about. Is that right? When that demon went off of you, they shook all through there like that. Made me blind for a few minutes.
I believe every one of you right now, while that minister's healed that's bothered with nervousness, could be healed right now. Satan knows he's lost this battle. Sure, he does. He knows he's a lose… My, sure, aren't you agreeing right now; people are healed. That's true.

E-66 That can't last long brethren; that's marvelous. All right, bring your client, or–or patient. Yeah, that's right. It–get just a little behind me if you will, to kinda right along there. All right.
Oh, my, people, please believe me as His servant. Something took place right then. Be reverent.
How do you do, sir? I believe this is our first meeting time in life; I don't believe I ever seen you before. I've never seen you. And I… Is this your first time to see me? You had photographs; I see. Yes, sir. And you like to do that, do you photograph? You, or you do photograph? Not with camera, you don't do any photographing. You love the Lord with all your heart? I believe that. Uh, huh. Say, sir, you're suffering with some kind of a weakness, that you get real weak and blind, don't you? I see you sometime just kind of go down. Is that right? And are… No, you're not a photographer; you're a musician. Is that right? That is right. And say, you have–don't you have a, some kind of a gall bladder trouble, or some… Isn't that right? Come here and be healed, brother.
Almighty God, Author of Life and Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon this man who I bless in Thy Name. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of the man, thou demon of affliction. All right, sir, my brother, go and be well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."

E-67 Oh, what a night. Friends, God is my Judge: I'm becoming so weak I can hardly stand on this platform. That's true, there's something taking place in the audience. All right, every one just as reverent as you can; be reverent.
What do you think, sister, setting down there? Do you believe with all your heart? If you do, have faith, and God will let you be able to get up from there and walk.
You over there, you put your arm around the lady. Don't let it shock you, but you believe also, do you? You believe she'd get well? Well, tell her to have faith. Don't weep, mother, have faith. You want to be well? You want to accept your healing? All right, you're suffering with a cancer, aren't you? Won't you stand up on your feet and be well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
She comes up out of her chair to accept it. Let's say, "Bless the Lord." Yes. Praise God.

E-68 How many of you people don't have prayer cards, let's see your hands around? That row, look like none of you have prayer cards. What about you, lady, setting there? Do you believe? With all your heart? You believe God sent me as your–as–as His servant? You believe that I'm His prophet standing here? You accept it. All right, will you… If I'll tell you something, will you believe it? Jesus Christ healed you of that tumor just then. Stand up on your feet and be made well. All right, go home and pass it now. In the Name of the Lord Jesus.
You setting next to her there (Uh-huh.), you believe with all your heart? You believe, accept this is God's prophet, this… You do? You'd like to get over that hay fever, wouldn't you? Is that right? All right, stand up and be over it. In the Name of the Lord Jesus accept your healing. Amen.

E-69 What about the lady setting next to her? What do you think about it, sister? You believe with all your heart? Let's see if I could see you. You believe me as God's prophet? You do. All right. You got poor circulation that's caused you to come to a paralyzed condition. Stand up on your feet and receive your healing. In the Name of the Lord Jesus. Somebody help her. There she's up. Oh, her arm come straight.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." That's the way it's done. In the Name of the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah. That's the way, sister. You're going to be a well woman.
What about the man setting next to her? Do you have a prayer card, sir? Are you believe? Look this a way, are you sick? Yes. I see you are. Say, look this a way, young man. Have you been a soldier? You have. You have some kind of a jungle fever or something like, some kind of a disease like that you caught overseas. Is that right? Stand up on your feet and be made well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

E-70 Who's next there without a prayer card? What about you, lady? You haven't a prayer card? You believe with all your heart? You're anemia, aren't you? All right, go home and be well. In the Name of the Lord Jesus.
The man setting next to you, there's nothing wrong with him but he's eyes. Stand up, brother. Be healed. Take your glasses in the Name of Jesus Christ. There he is healed.
What about the lady next? You have a prayer card? No? Let's see, you believe Jesus? All right, go home and eat what you want to; you've had stomach trouble; you're healed. Stand up on your feet.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." (Give me just a minute.)

E-71 All right, bring the patient. Everyone reverent. Have faith in God. Don't doubt nothing. Believe the Lord Jesus and you'll be made whole. You believe this?
How do you do, sir? What do you think of this feeling that's coming over you now, do you believe that comes from God? You do. You should; you're a minister. Is that right? You've been out of the service for quite awhile on account of arthritis. You've been praying and trying to get back, haven't you? But your shou–put your cane on your shoulder, and go off the platform, and preach the Gospel in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." He's healed.
What about you, sister? Got stomach trouble; You believe with all your heart, on the stretcher? Stand up and be healed. Take your stretcher away. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Move the stretcher.
All right ministers, walk out here. Let's see. Walk down through that audience laying your hands on those people, out down through the platform. How many wants to be healed?
You there with anemia, stand up; Jesus Christ makes you whole. Amen.
Get the stretchers out. What about it, setting there in the wheelchair? Have faith now. Believe.
What about the boy with big…?… water-head? Lay your hands over on its head. Believe with all your heart. There it is. Hallelujah.
Ministers, get down through the audience…?… yourself, raise your hands, the whole place…

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