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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Faith Without Works Is Dead was delivered on Tuesday, 22nd August 1950 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
The tape, number 50-0822, is not available any more.

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E-1 Good evening. Happy to be back again tonight, to be here in the service, and trust that it'll mean much to every one of us, that God will miraculously heal someone tonight, that He might receive glory to Himself…?… I'm sure if we'll just all believe Him with one heart and one accord that God will grant it. Don't you believe that? I believe it with all my heart.
Just a little tired tonight and just look like… I–I wished I didn't…?… that. Now, as far as being physically tired, no. It's a… I guess you would call it mentally tired. It's just, seemed like it just–your strength just goes away, and you don't know where it's gone, but it goes. But God is our Strength if we trust Him.

E-2 Today, it's been quite a day. I've been praying much today concerning the meetings. So many people sent in telegrams and calling in, knowing that I'm to be home Friday. And then they want to know who's to be the first one that goes through…
And you understand now why it is? It's just constantly on the move, and you don't get any time of rest. That's it. I… The only way I get rest is when I don't go home and just go somewhere else hide there a little while. Then when you do, why, it makes you feel bad to think in the meetings, and then you couldn't get to pray for little children and you just, seems like you can hear them at night calling for prayer, mothers and crippled people. And what that is, that's the cry of their prayers…?… calling down. Just–just think…

E-3 I just… Sometimes when I go up in the mountains… I have a picture of the audience. And I put it down, maybe by… [–Ed.]
Fine, fine, I like…?… get well. No one can enjoy or a fellow appreciate good health any more than I do, when I've spent much…?… very tired…?… Father…?… for years…?… start walking…?… I went to all kinds of doctors…?… they give me medicine…?… stop it…?… went on…?…
[Tape is not intelligible–Ed.]

E-4 About seven or eight years I would just eat, and I would just try to…?… [–Ed.] Set down, and I was trying to drink my barley water, you know…?… [–Ed.] For dinner…?… one day…?…
I'd go to work and work all day long, and go… [–Ed.]… my mouth would water. And I'd had a constant headache all the time. That's what was the matter. I'd just went ahead once walked around with a great big glasses on, just… Sometimes I just fell for… Just had to lead me, I'd be so blind.
Weighed about a hundred and eighteen, twenty pounds. Just think. Now, after all those years of suffering and…?… And now, my eyes are twenty-twenty. Yes, just as perfect as anyone's eyes could be. I can read newspaper print five feet away from me. And my–my stomach, I… God be praised, I eat anything I want to and just enjoy it. And I'm so thankful for it, and feel good. Weigh a hundred and fifty-three pounds. I'm just very thankful.

E-5 When I was a little boy, I–I was Irish. Of course, my conversion didn't change that too much. And I…
Someone said, "Do you think there's any chance for an Irishman?"
I said, "Yes. There's one of them in heaven, Michael." And so I–I said, "It's…" So I know there's a chance then for me.
But they… All the… When I was a kiddie, I used to like to box, right smart. Now, we had a–just a Falls City championship there. I boxed a whole lot in that. And then I got to where I was getting up to where fight eight and ten round fights. I won fifty-two straight professional fights. And I lost my fifty-three to Billy Pritchard, West Virginia, Evansville, Indiana, at the…?… arena. Fought at… Thought I would give draw it nearly…?… because he beat me right and he did it. It the first time in my life I ever looked up to God to make a promise. I wasn't sure of myself when in the ring that night. I said, "Well, I… If he'd let me come through this…?… I–I wanted to have no part in it.
So I stood in the boxing ring since then. But I'm fighting another opponent, the devil. That's right.

E-6 And I'm so happy tonight that… It's so much…?… and knocks, and pulling me, so forth like that. But even if it is, we have a great Master. And we could just preach the Gospel full and free, and let it go, the chips fall wherever they wish. God takes care of the rest.
Now, I want to make this statement. I–I've been just a little leery about saying it, but tonight I feel just a little bit dressed up. I don't know whether you noticed it or not, that's a suit a sister gave me. I–I appreciate it very much. Thank you very much. That's… God bless that sister. Thank you all.
People send and give me nice ties, shirts, socks. I was a little afraid to say anything about it from the platform. Maybe somebody thought that I was… get the wrong impression, that I was just saying it just because maybe… Oh, no. Just don't think that. But it–it's so appreciated. I just couldn't let the people do things like that, and then let me not mention it in some way. You know, some of don't even put their address on it.
I couldn't say the woman's name that bought me that suit of clothes. I–I couldn't never let her–let the–the right hand… left hand know what the right hand was doing, I suppose. But I–I appreciate it from the depths of my heart.

E-7 And I'll say this, my dear sister, and to all you others. You never give anything to anyone in your life that appreciated it any more than I do. That's right. I do.
And the Bible says, "Insomuch as you have done unto the least (That's me.) of My little ones, you have done it unto Me." He who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man receives a righteous man's reward. Whosoever receives a prophet in the name of the prophet, receives a prophet's reward.
Now, I trust that God will return it to you a hundredfold. And I'm sure, if God lets me keep my right mind, I'll never be in barrooms with it on, 'cause I don't go to those places. Never was in one. And I… And I–I only go to church, and to my home, and out to visit the sick. That's where I go.
And I trust that God, while preaching in this suit, will let me win thousands of people. And I pray that the Holy Spirit will so anoint, that those people who even come by, many of them, as they did in Arkansas, and touched, will be healed by His glorious power.
And in glory, when life is all finished and our earthly journey is over, I hope I'm standing near when I see Him put a great white robe on you. I'll bow my head to Father, thank the Lord for you, clothing you in His righteousness. God ever be with you is my prayer.

E-8 One time, I thought it wasn't right to receive a present someone give you. Brother Sharritt, a man pressured me on that. He said, "Brother Branham, I need to correct you on it." But said, "You're mistaken there." He said, "You're cost those people for not receiving their presents; you cause them to lose their reward." He said, "It's more blessed to give that it is to receive."
Then he told me of his story. I did… I just believe I'll tell this right now. It just comes to my mind for a moment. John B. Sharritt from Phoenix, Arizona, one of the business managers of the campaign…
Many of you has met him, no doubt. If anybody here would happen to know Brother Sharritt, or anybody, John Sharritt, Phoenix, Arizona? Well, he's a product of God's Bible School in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The dean of the college was just talking to me long distance a few months ago, a very fine man, Brother Stanley. Many of you hear Brother Stanley from the… God's revivalist. He's at my house waiting for me now.

E-9 Then he and Brother Raymond T. Richey… Many of you heard of him, haven't you, from Houston, Texas. He belongs to the church, Assemblies of God, and has a Evangelistic…?… there.
And so Brother Sharritt, he was borned kind of–of a fellow that didn't have very much of the world's goods. His father was a very poor man, and he was very rowdy. And he left his mother. And John Sharritt, about fifteen years ago, was selling apples at a nickel apiece out in front of him like this in St. Louis, Missouri. Apples… Although this couldn't have a cart to take care of his mother.
And he had an impediment of speech. He couldn't talk at all. If you go to talking, just stand at just…?… He tried…?… [–Ed.]. And that's about where you…?…

E-10 Well, but he begin to seek the Lord when he was a boy. And all the boys was running out to different places with young ladies. He said, "Lord, I–I'm going to trust You. I–I–I'd–I'd be awful out trying to talk to young ladies. But I want to be married and have children. And I'm going to serve You, and You give me a wife." He committed it to the Lord: age of about twenty-five.
If he could've pass every woman by in the world, he couldn't have a better one than what he's got. God give him a lovely little saint.
But one great thing he loved children so well… She was barren. He was married for many, many years, been seventeen years, no children.
He cut concrete on the street, twenty-five cents a hour to make a living. And they'd saved their money, and they bought a little three room house. I think it cost about fifteen hundred dollars back in the time of the depression. And they'd paid, and paid, and paid. And…?… paid until till they paid all of it off.

E-11 Just about the time they got it all paid off, they had a revival in Phoenix. And there was a man by the name of Doctor Sutton. Don't know whether you know him or not, a…?… A Gospel–full Gospel preacher came down there to Phoenix, and he was staying in a tourist camp.
And the Lord appeared to Brother Sharritt one night in a dream. He said to him, "Take your silverware and your clothes and your wife, and leave your home, and turn that over to this Brother Sutton."
Think of it. After about ten years of hard labor in the depression, saving and striving, and the Lord told him to turn that place over to Doctor Sutton, which was a–a well known minister.
Brother Sharritt said, "All right, Lord."
Went to his little companion, said, "Honey, the Lord has spoke to me and told me to turn our house over… Just to take our silverware and our clothes, and turn the house over to Doctor Sutton."
When he went and told her, she said, "All right, dear." She believed in her husband, said, "If the Lord said for you to do that, God's got something else for us to do."

E-12 So she… He turned all he had now. And he didn't have no place to take his wife that night. And they found the tourist camp that cost seventy-five cents. And they stayed in the tourist camp that night, and making twenty-five cents a hour cutting concrete on the street (That's right.), working daily for… He's a great big man, weighs about two hundred and twenty-five pounds.
And about a week later, some rich lady told him that–that she would move some of her furniture back in her garage, and told to live in her garage, up towards Camelback Mountain (You know where this place is.), kind of a big old aristocratical part of the country there. Said, "You… If you'll keep my yard trimmed of…?… come in, and keep the grass watered, and so forth." Said, "You can live in my garage free."
He moved up there for about one cent. He got some boxes, got him a…?… and laid on the floor, got him a mattress…?… him and his wife slept there.
Brother Sutton said, "Brother Sharritt, I don't…"
Said, "The Lord had said for me to do that. That's all right."

E-13 He went on. And he was that way about a year, lived a good Christian life. Finally, the lady that he lived with was a multimillionaire woman. And she seen his honesty. He was a Christian just like a Daniel down in Babylon.
She went up to him one day. She said, "John," she said, "you know what? The Lord spoke to me last night in a dream, and told me that I shall loan you ten thousand dollars towards a business."
"Why," he said, "good…?…" Said, "Lady, I–I can't even…?… I'll never make a businessman."
She said, "But the Lord told me to do it, and here's the check."
He said, "Well, ah, I–I–I couldn't let you do this." Said, "I–I don't want ten thousand dollars laying on my… No, huh-uh."
So she said, "But the Lord said for me to give it to you. I notice you've been a good honest man, seen you reading the Bible. And I got me a Bible and was reading. And the Lord told me to give you the check, loan it to you, for ten thousand dollars to go in business."

E-14 So he took the check. He didn't know what to do. So he went on. And one evening he was walking up and seen a little old five room house for sale for two thousand dollars. So he went down there and cashed the check and bought it for two thousand dollars. And went down there, him and his wife, and begin to knock the plastering off of the place and replastered it nicely, Him and his wife working together. And he plastered up the house, fixed the ground, and put a sale sign up on it. And if he'd have got three thousand, they'd have made money. And he sold it for six thousand.
Today John Sharritt's worth a half a million dollars. That's been about six or seven years ago since he started, worth a half a million dollars. He's the father of three fine little children. Oh, my.
He said, "Brother Branham, what if I would have… What if Dr. Sutton wouldn't have taken…?… what God told me to do. See what it would've been?"
And now, he stood there, said, "Lord…" [–Ed.]

E-15 I don't know. He owns orange groves, ranch houses. He owns the big Thunderbird Ranch there, one of the greatest there is in Arizona.
And he said, "All these things…" He said, "I–I've got more money than I know what to do with."
And God give him a fine little girl, then a little boy, then a little girl. That's the reason he isn't with us tonight. The little baby's just recently born. His wife had been barren for all these years. And now, she's bearing children, just…?… doing. Oh, what a happy family.
And he said, "When I come to Phoenix…" He said, "Went up to the meeting one night," and he said, "Lord, isn't that where You was talking about?" And then he said… come to me. He said, "Brother Branham, you don't owe me a penny. But if I can pass your hat, or bring your coat, I want to be in the campaign."
And I had prayer for him, and God restored his speech back to–to him again. Now, he's healed, with his fine home, everywhere. Gives his tithes to the Lord of everything he makes. Oh, my. He's just blessed. So it is more…

E-16 Now, if you want to write to him, just write to John B. Sharritt, Phoenix, Arizona. It'll get to him. And ask for the testimony yourself.
Now, he printing tracts and everything, scattering the Gospel everywhere. He'll probably be with us shortly again in the campaign.
It's more blessed to give than it is to receive. See? To…
And now, that isn't saying… You let God tell you what to do. See? And when God tells you that Mrs. Jones over there is a widow woman, and needs some–some clothes, and He speaks to you to go, help that widow woman, you go help her. You–you do that. Because listen, friends, all the money that we have will pass away someday. That's right. It won't be no more. It's just the eternal things. That's the things that we have in our soul. Is that right?
We came into the world naked; we go out of the world naked. As Job said, "The Lord gave, the Lord taken away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord." That's right.

E-17 Now, everybody be reverent. Be prayerful now. And God will bless us, I'm sure.
I'm going to ask you something tonight, if you will for me while I read some Scriptures. Maybe I'll wait till I read the Scriptures. Let's turn to Saint James the 3rd chapter–or the 2nd chapter of Saint James, beginning with the 21st verse.
There was a–a certain man of this city that I just heard the name just now. He said if I would return back to be here at the Sunday afternoon and Sunday, he would rent some big auditorium somewhere and have a Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening services. And… this coming Sunday. So I have to pray now. I want the Lord to reveal what to do–wants me to do.
Now, I appreciate that, brother, your offer, regardless. God bless you. If you've got that much heart for the sick people, then your blessing will come to you just the same. Exactly. To see the needy…

E-18 Now, in Saint James the 3rd chap–the 2nd chapter and the 21st verse. This would almost look like a contradiction in the Scriptures. But there is no contradictions in the Scripture.
You know, the… You heard people say that Scripture contradicts Itself. It does not. For ten years, there was a challenge laid on my plat–on my pulpit, to any person who could show a contradiction in God's Word that could not be straightened by the Word of God. It's not so. All the Scripture is mingled up. That's right. It's all broke up and placed in here. And that's the reason seminaries, theological schools will never be able to know It. It's hid from the eyes of the wise and prudent, and will be revealed to babes such as will learn. You have… It isn't how much schooling you've got…

E-19 Certain… A little old boy down in Kentucky, close to the country where I came from…
Someone said the other day, said, "Brother Branham, what part of Kentucky you from?" Oh, my. It's a way down in Kentucky where they… Way down. Don't even have a roads in there, just creek bottoms.
And so they had a little old rural school. Little old boy about the second grade… He got up there one day, and said, "Teacher, the Lord called me to preach."
Why, she laughed at him, hair hanging down his face.
Said, "The Lord called me to preach." I guess the boy's fifteen, sixteen years old. And said…
Why, the teacher said, "The very idea. Forget about it."
Well, he went to the principal of the school. And oh, they couldn't let him preach.
But a few months after that, some great minister came through with some great D.D. to his name. So they permitted him to have the school. So he preached a two week's meeting, never had one conversion.

E-20 So the boy's father thought the boy really was called to preach. So he went to the principal, said, "Well, if you let him have it, why don't you let my boy have a try?"
So they went down there, and he let him have it. They all… Everybody come out to hear this boy that night. He got up there, and he couldn't read the Bible. So they had to get somebody to read the Bible for him. And he got to preaching.
So when he got to preaching, that little old self-styled teacher, along with about fifty others, found theirself at the altar, weeping their way through to Christ. See? That's right. And there was a real revival broke out in that part of the country. And literally hundreds came to Christ.
Why? It doesn't take the–the great education. It takes a full surrendered heart to Jesus Christ. No matter how illiterate you are… "Though a fool will not error in the way…" Is that right?

E-21 So listen closely now as we read the Word.

Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar?

Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar?

Seest thou how faith… with his works, and by works was faith made perfect?

And the Scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness; and he was called the Friend of God.

You see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.

Likewise also was… Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she received the messengers, and… sent them out another way?

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

E-22 Now, the first thing… It looks like Paul was speaking in Romans the 4th chapter, justifying Abraham by faith; and James is justifying him by works. But it does not contradict. Paul was speaking of what God saw in Abraham, and James was speaking what man saw in Abraham.
Paul was speaking of what God saw in Abraham, in Genesis 6, when He told him that he was going to have this child by Sarah. And Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness. He believed the promise. That's what God saw.
And then James speaking, was speaking of what man saw in Genesis 22 where Abraham offered up Isaac.
See, what faith is… What faith you have, that's what God sees. But what your works is, that's what your neighbors see. See? Show me your works by your faith–without your faith, and I'll show you my works by my faith. See?
Notice, I believe that this audience here has faith. I believe that. But I believe you're afraid to turn it loose on works. For I–I believe that if you would just let your faith loose… See?

E-23 Now, as far as I know, I got two more nights. Last night, even tonight I'm trying my best to hold back just as close as I can, and keep from straining too hard. Then the last two nights, if God be my helper, I'm going throw my whole heart and everything I've got in the service.
But I'd like to get this to you while I'm speaking. 'Cause probably tomorrow night and next night, I don't even want to say nothing, just have the prayer line, and get ready, and come onto the platform, and go to praying for the sick.
But if you would do this, dear friends, if you would give God a chance… Now, you believe. I ask if you believe, you say "Yes." Is that right? If you believed, you'd say, "Yes."
Then if you believe, you've got to act like you believe. Isn't that right? You've got to act like you believe.

E-24 Now, notice. If you could believe… Say, for instance, I was at the altar as a sinner… Now, the only way that you'll ever be able to obtain anything from God is by faith. You all understand that? For the whole Christian armor is faith: love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness, patience, all the unseen. And we as Christians, we do not look at what we see; we look at what we believe. See what I mean? We believe it before there's any natural evidence.
The virgin Mary, when the Angel of God met her and said, "Hail, Mary, blessed art thou among women…" and begin to tell her that she was going to give birth to a child without knowing any man, being a virgin, she accepted the Angel's Word. And she begin to testify and tell people that she was going to have a baby without knowing a man before there was any natural evidence at all. She just believed it. And she acted upon what she believed. Now, that's what you have to do to get well.

E-25 Now, when… There was no one could tell me what to do by a gift when I was at Mayo Brother's at Rochester, when they looked at me, the best doctors in the world, and said, "You haven't even got any kind of a chance." See?
But one Scripture, that's Hebrews 3:1… I seen that. That He is the High Priest of our confession. He's setting at the right hand of the Father to make good anything that we confess that He has done. But He cannot do nothing for us until first we confess that He has done it, and act upon it. See? When you… "Whatsoever things you desire…" Jesus speaking, "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive it." That's the order. See? You believe now that you receive it and it shall be given unto you. That's…?… For He's the High Priest to make intercessions for your confessions. And He cannot heal you until first you confess He has. [–Ed.]

E-26 Therefore He saved you. No matter how much you cry… You can come to the altar, and cry, and pull your hair, and scream, and say, "God, God, have mercy." I believe in old fashion repentance.
But you could stay there and repent until year after year, and you'd never be saved until you believe in your heart that He has saved you, and raised up, and confess it. If you confess Me before men, I'll confess you before My Father and the holy Angels. Is that true?
Now, see, you cannot be saved only by faith and your confession. Is that right?
Now, He will make good anything that He died for. In here did He say, "Did He die for my healing?" I'll accept God. He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed. He…

E-27 Eighty percent of His ministry was Divine healing. Eighty percent of His ministry was on the miraculous side, showing the people that the supernatural God was working in human flesh.
And my brother, sister, may I say this with reverence. That's exactly what He's doing in this tent now, trying to get to the people. But if He was standing here tonight, dressed in these clothes, He could not do anymore for you than what He's doing here night after night. Is that right? For He could not… He could tell you what–who you were, what you've done, what was wrong with you. But He could not heal you until you believed it. And when you would believe it, the Father would reveal it to Him, and He'd tell you, "Go your way; your sins are forgiven," and so forth. Is that the way He acted in His ministry?

E-28 And listen to His own sacred Words coming from His sacred lips. He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself; but what He sees the Father doing." It's the Father makes known to the Son, and the Son speaks what the Father says.
Well then, if He was standing here, and you'd accept God as your Healer, and you'd be healed, then the–the Son would reveal it to you, your sins are gone. Your healing is right.
Now, isn't that just exactly what the Son of God is still doing, working through mankind His instrument? Oh, audience, how I wished I could have the words that I could just get this to you. But that would…?… draw people, do anything in the world for you. And yet I know exactly what you need, and know what you want, and how can I get it to you? See?

E-29 And if I could (Oh, my.), I would stand here, if they'd light… If I had some little capsules that I could give every one, and they'd all be healed. And I know if to work, get those capsules, that I would have to take one of them with my nose and start pushing from here to Columbus, Ohio, down the road, going down in the street, pushing with my nose; knowing that that would heal you people when I got Columbus, and if I had no nose left, I would start tonight. That's right. Now, God knows whether I'm telling the truth or not. I would start down the street, pushing that thing with my nose, to know that this group of people could be healed.
I… You know I want my Father glorified. And how I want Him to be magnified. I want all the world to look to Him. And if they would just look to Him… Now, He is more willing to heal every person in the tent tonight, than you are willing to be healed. Think of that.

E-30 "Now, how do we get healed then, Brother Branham?" The first thing, you cannot be healed… You're just making yourself… If I…?… until in your heart you believe that you're healed.
'Cause now, remember, you can't play with Satan. He knows whether you believe or not. Don't you try just to make out. You really believe. And now, think, friends, that you would get down to business with God, He'd come to business with you.
Oh, how I we've got to get..?… Look, then by faith now you look. He's the High Priest of your confession. You are healed just by the same merits that you're saved by. You're saved by the merits of Christ. Is that right? Now, not trust your own merits; there's nothing you can do to be saved, only believe on Him.
I couldn't go to heaven in my righteousness. There'd be people there…?… in your righteousness. God wouldn't receive it. But He will receive the righteousness of His Son. And if we believe on Him as the Scripture says, believe that He is, and will confess Him, He will work the righteousness in us.

E-31 If a sinner came and got–went out tonight, and said, "Well, I got saved."…?… what they… You look just like you always did. You're the same person. Well, if you say, "Well, maybe I didn't get it. Maybe I just thought I did." You'll go right straight back to your sinning, and like a hog to its wallow and a dog to its vomit. That's right. But as long as you're willing to…
Could you imagine taking a hog from its wallow… You could take a hog out here, and bring this hog in, and scrub it up with sal-soda, or whatever you wanted to, do that painting on her toe nails, like women do on their fingers, and fixed up with–with clothes on, and put it on a hardwood floor, and give it grape-nuts for breakfast, and that hog would die. You take him and…?… he's just although scoured up, he would go just as straight to the wallow and wallow again as he could get to it. Why? Why? The nature of a hog…?… hog nature in there…
You put a lamb out there, he'll bleat and cry until some…?… [Double recording and not understandable–Ed.]

E-32 Sometimes… This is the first tent we ever had. In a big auditorium used to have a room for the meeting there, a…?… little storage place.
I walked into a room not long ago, there's about…?… laying there, blind…?… and everything they go in there. And as we shut the door, I looked, and there set a fine young lady setting there. Looked like it'd be an idol for any man. But I knew that she'd…?…
I looked down. I said, "…?… Where's your…?… ?"
She said, "I'm a patient."
"A patient?" I looked at her. I couldn't detect any…?… so I thought I'd set down and talked to her.
She said, "Are you kind of startled?"
I said, "Yes, ma'am…?… with these people here."
She said, "Well, Brother Branham, I want to give you my story."
I said, "All right."

E-33 She–she begin to talk. She said, "When I was a little child…?…" Said, "But I got out with a bunch of girl one time and smoked. They got me to smoking, and they got me drinking. Went out with a bunch of boys. I become a professional drunk. I've been so drunk." And said, "When I begin to drink, smoke, and I begin to be a prostitute on the street," selling the morals of her life. And she said, "They taken me up and put me in the Good Shepherd's Home." And said, "When I heard the sermon in there…" And said, "Of course, while I was in there I had to do right." Said, "When I got out, I went right straight back to it again."
And said, "Then the law picked me up and give me a two years in a woman's prison." And said, "Then I come out again." And said, "They advised me to… Some people said I ought to go to church, a different church, the Protestant people: and told me to come to this Protestant church." And–and said, "I did. And I went and joined the Protestant church." And she called the name of the church. And she said, "I'd go right back out and have the same desires that I ever had." And she said, "I've tried. I've prayed. I've cried, Brother Branham." She said, "I've done everything that I know how, and tried everything that anybody ever told me." But she said, "I just can't keep from doing it."

E-34 I said, "Look, sister," and I begin to feel what was wrong. I said, "You don't want to do that. As–as pretty a woman as you are, you expect someday to be married and have a husband and babies like all real women do."
She said, "Yes, sir."
I said, "You couldn't be like that. You know you'd be miserable to yourself, a disgrace to your children, and, oh, I… What all you would be."
And she said, "That's right."
I said, "You don't want to do that, do you, sister?"
She said, "No, sir."
I said, "There's something that makes you do that, isn't there?"
She said, "Yes, sir."
And I said, "Oh, as old fashion as it may seem, it's the devil on you, sister." I said, "Now, your doctor might not want to believe that, and so forth. But it's a devil that makes you… It forces you to do that against your will."
She said, "That is right." She said, "I always thought that was right."

E-35 And I said, "Now, look, if you will believe in the Lord, and will pray, God…"
She said, "I've done that, brother."
I said, "I'm not talking about what you have done. I mean now. And you just do as I tell you to do, and you'll be free from that."
She said, "Well, can you free me?"
I said, "No, ma'am. Only Jesus Christ can free you."
She said, "Well, I've already come to Him to give my life…"
I said, "Sister, just a moment. Will you… You just do as I tell you. Will you?" She said… I said, "Let us pray now."
And we got down and prayed. And she was crying. And she raised up a few minutes. She said, "But, Brother Branham, I'm–I–I–I'm going to go out tonight." And she said, "I–I'm going to try my best."
I said, "No. You'll go right straight back again." (See?) I said, "It's not over."
She said, "But I have con… I've done all that I knowed how to do."
I said, "But it's not yet, sister. It's got to be something to pull that nature from you and change you."
And she said–she said, "Well, I prayed. I've cried." She begin to cry and started out.

E-36 So I got down to praying with her, asked God to make that demon turn her loose. And while I did that, and laid hands upon her, laid quiet there with her head down like this for a few moments. Directly she turned around, and she looked at me, and great big velvet eyes. She said, "Brother Branham, something happened to me."
I said, "Now, it's over." That's right. "Now, it's over."
She said, "I just feel… Well, I don't know."
I said, "There isn't enough devils in the world could upset you right now, if you'll just go on like you're going now." That's been over a year ago. The woman is married tonight with a lovely home, never drink from that time, or had no desire to drink, or to smoke or anything. What was it? There was no medicine she took. But by the supernatural divine power of the transformation of her soul through the power of Jesus Christ took her and took away all the desire and iniquity. And if she would die tonight, her soul is quiet as anybody else. That's right.
Well, she comes out in her marriage to live and married to the Lord Jesus, Who redeemed her. And the God… Listen. [–Ed.]

E-37 Of course, ma… records and everything, gun moll. [–Ed.] Now, notice. But tonight, she's a lovely woman, to be a mother, settled down to a good God-saved Christian. What a difference. What did that? [–Ed.]
Where'd the houses of the correction fail? Where'd medical science fail? The Blood of Jesus Christ took up and can't fail.
Why? By faith. Why, the power of God that would change a prostitute to a saint, a drunkard to a–a righteous woman… Why that, by the same power will take any cancer, deaf, dumb, blind, crippled… For the same Blood, from the same Man, on the same day, atoned for your healing that atones for your salvation. Is that the truth? He was wounded for your transgressions; with His stripes you're healed. The Blood run exactly off of the same Man at the same day. Is that right?
How did that… How do you get it? Not because you think, but because you–something strikes you that you know you got it.

E-38 Looky here, friends. Let me give this illustration. I might've done it before. What color is that shirt? It's white. Anyone that's got sight knows that shirt's white. You have five senses of the body: see, taste, feel, smell, hear. Now, none of those senses will declare God. When God made man, He made him in His image instead of man's. And He put him in five senses to contact his earthly home, not to contact God with. Those senses don't declare God. They declare the earthly home, where the man had to contact his earthly home. He had to see, taste, feel, smell, hear.
But faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. You do not see it, taste it, feel it, smell it, or hear it; but you believe it. See what I mean?
Now, if every person in here… If this boy setting here, little lady setting here, little–the young lady setting here… I'm talking to cripples, of course, and here and there, and the people that's got diseases, if you believe that you'd pray right now, until you was so sure that you were healed, just as sure as you say that's white, it's over.
I'll assure you, if you'll get that type of faith, God Almighty will speak through me and tell you you're healed, will reveal it. See friends?

E-39 Therefore (You see?), I'm throwing it away from myself. It's not me. I'm just a… If only I couldn't breathe… You couldn't breathe without God, could you? Let your spirit leave you, you're gone. Is that right? God holds your life in His hands. Is that true? You can't make yourself live. You live by God.
Just the same as I can't say nothing till God says something. I have no control of it. He says it. When He says it, then it's true. That is true. God confirms it with signs and wonders. Have faith. Place your faith in Christ.
Now, it doesn't matter if I would call Reverend Markham, or one of these ministers here up to the platform to pray for you, if you… It's just according to your faith, be it unto you. That minister has just as much right to pray, or any of the other ministers, or not only a minister, but any Christian who's a believer, to pray with faith, prayer of faith… Anybody who believes in praying for the sick, believes in Divine healing…

E-40 [–Ed.]…?… only three years old prayed for a crippled child, and it was healed. That's right. For her little heart begin to beat; she said, "Daddy, look at that, the little girl."
I said, "Pray for her, honey." And a week or two from that, the child was well, the child. God hears anybody's cry that'll believe. And the reason you ask others to believe, because you're binding your faith together to move away that power of the–of doubt.
The first sin that was ever committed was doubting God's Word. Is that right? God said, "The day ye eat thereof, that day you die."
Satan said, "Surely you'll not die." And he got Eve to doubt God's Word and go to seeking knowledge. Is that right?

E-41 Today, the whole world… I have nothing against education. But the world they got a educational program. And they got it down into the church. And from the platforms, a minister has to be a certain degree or something, or he has to have so many degrees or he can't–or he can't–he ain't welcome in the platform. You let me get some of these aristocratic churches that use my Kentucky words: "hain't," "tis," and "carry," and "fetch," and… They'd kick me out.
Well look, brother, the Kingdom of God don't come by education (That's right.), it comes by a surrendered heart to God. And I'm not trying to support my ignorance. But I'm saying this, my dear friends, that a simple child faith… Don't seek for knowledge.
Now, you're think that I'm a…?… or throwing it at the doctors. I believe in doctors. I believe in hospitals, institutions. Whatever can help anybody, God, send more.
But there's not a one of them that ever did heal anybody. And they don't confess–profess to heal somebody. They claim to assist nature. God is the Healer.

E-42 If I cut a place in my hand, as I told you a few nights ago, all the medicine in the world wouldn't heal that hand. If I die and they'd embalm me, and sew that end up and put all kinds of medicines on it, fifty years from today it would still be there.
Medicine doesn't heal. You take the life out of there, there's no healing. Life is the Healer. And Life is God. Jesus came that you might have abundance of Life, more Life than what your normal life is, to believe on Him to be healed by faith.
Now, I'm not excited. But I know what I'm speaking of. This… The right mental attitude towards any promise of God will bring it to pass. There it is.
Say, "What are you talking about gifts for?"
Gifts are to edify. They're additions. Here is the first and only foundation for Divine healing or anything from God, is the Bible. If you get off of that, you're out of God's will.

E-43 And Divine healing isn't a hocus-pocus affair. It isn't saying a few mystery words over somebody and hypnotizing. It's the truth revealed through Jesus Christ is Divine healing. That's right. Gifts of the Spirit are brought down to edify. Or other words, it's the flag a flying over top of the building. It's the appearance of the outside to attract the people in out of the rain. See what I mean?
Now, gifts come from God. If they are from God, they'll testify of God. And God will testify of them. Is that true?
If you are sick, pray until you believe with all your heart… Did you ever just pray for something you just knowed you was going to get it? That's faith. See?

E-44 Now, if you believe that with all your heart, accept it and act on it. Now, you can believe it just as much as you wanted to; if you didn't act on it, you'll set right there like a sinner would…?… the altar. If you got down there and prayed, and prayed. You said, "Lord, I know You saved me. But that–that's just a… I know You said…" He'll never get through until he rises, and confesses it, and stays with it, and shows works with it.
James says, "Just as a body is dead without the spirit, so is faith without works is dead," no matter how much you believe.
And that's why I'm telling you, friends, these gifts are brought in to make the Presence of God real to you. (I guess I'm nearly deafening talking.) The–the gifts are brought to make the Presence of God real to you. Then your faith looks up to God and accepts Divine healing, or salvation, or whatever you have need of from God. It isn't only do one thing or another. Anything that you have need of in this earth's journey, God will supply it if you have need of it. He promises to supply your needs, not your wants, your needs. And He's God. And He can only get it to you as you believe Him. And gifts are to make you feel that He's here. And His attitude towards one is towards all. Amen.

E-45 Oh, my. Friends, I–I… You may think that I'm a awful peculiar sort of a person. But I wished I could just take the faith that's in my heart and spread it out to you right now. You see what I mean? There'll be a spontaneous something happen here that every person in the building…
You say, "Well now, Brother Branham, I don't know whether I can move my hand or not." You'll never move it as long as you think that. Believe that He's done it, and go say He's done it, and act like He's done it. Move it an inch. If you can't move it, let's take it all, move it a little bit farther. The next day I'll move it a little farther. The next day I'll move it a little farther. Satan said, "That's far as you can go."
Say, Oh, no, I'm going on." Keep on with it. Stay with it.
Great faith will bring you right now. A little faith will bring you on anyhow if you'll stay with it. Just when you see the ray of light, follow it. Stay with it; it'll bring you out. Oh, my.

E-46 Now, Jesus could identify Himself. He identified not Himself but His Father: "… the Father that doeth the works."
Now, when Philip come, He showed Philip, Nathanael, the people were the mules were tied, where the money was in the fish's mouth. Is that right?
Now, He said, "These things that I do, greater than this shall you do. You do the things that I do, and still more of them, for I'm going to the Father. But I'll come again and be with you, even in you."

E-47 If the spirit of an artist was in us, we could paint a picture like an artist. If the spirit of a gangster was in us, we'd have guns. If the Spirit of Christ was in us, we'll quit our meanness, do like Christ; we'll act like Him. And then if that Spirit's in there, we'll have… The things that Christ had, we'll have also. See what I mean?
But you can't make yourself. You've got to believe. That's where I think you're–you're doing, friends. Listen to me. There's where the mistake's at. You try… You try to work yourself up in it here. Instead of doing that, just set down with child like faith, and God will lift you up…?… "He promised it to me. Give me faith to believe it right now. And when He drops that faith, he moves out; accept it, Father." Stand right up, and that's over. Just as simple as that is, friends. You have to be careful, and be reverent, and believe God with all your heart.
Now, these gifts, signs, wonders brings God's Presence to you. Now, you believe tonight with all your hearts. God surely will…?… friends. Believe it?

E-48 Let's bow our heads. Our heavenly Father, O Jesus, I have talked long. I–I wanted the people to see You, Lord, how You have died to bring us faith, to redeem us…?… Grant to us tonight, Father, Thy blessings. Heal Thy people tonight. Many are setting here, and some of them without faith. Some of them have faith, and afraid to work with it, Lord. Let their faith be turned loose tonight. And as we go home, may we go home rejoicing, happy, being healed, through Jesus the Son of God I ask for it. Amen.
Just a moment now. While they're fixing to call the prayer line, a little fellow down in Houston, Texas, recently passed through this platform. He was… We'd had a line, just coming through like we did last night, and saying, "God bless you," and had a little prayer. He passed through, and he–he was jerking, like this. And he passed through.
And there'd been a woman in a slow line, down there, that had been healed with a goiter. And she had an umbrella, walking up and down the streets, screaming, and going on.

E-49 This little fellow passed by. I said, "God bless you, my brother, you believe?"
He said, "With all my heart."
I said, "Go home now, and let… Your faith will make you whole," passed on by, like that. Here he come back in the line. He said, "Brother Branham, you–you–you told me I was healed. And I'm still jerking."
I said, "Brother, you told me you believed me."
And he said, "I do."
I said, "You're not acting like it." I said, "You're to believe what I told you."
He said, "Well, I do believe it."
I said, "Well, why are you coming back telling me you wasn't healed? See how easy it is?"
He said, "Well, Brother Branham," said, "am I healed then?"
I said, "Yes, sir. Just as you believe you are? Did you believe He heard my prayer? He told me if I'd be sincere when I prayed, get the people to believe me, that nothing would stand before the prayer. You believe that?"
Said, "Yes, sir. I believe it with all my heart."
I said, "Go on."
He said, "Okay." He started away. A few minutes, here he come back through the line. Said, "I haven't stopped yet, Brother Branham."
And I said, "Well now, look. I'm not talking about when you stop now. You might not stop for a week, or ten days, or three months, or four months, or two years." I said, "Abraham waited twenty-five years on his." See? Is that right? And Scripturally you know it. I said, "You believe what I told you."
He said, "Well, I don't get it, Brother Branham."
I said, "Brother, the Angel of God, Who is declaring that I told the truth, told me this. If I could get the people to believe me, and be sincere when I pray…"
"Oh, I see it. I see what you mean." Said, "I–I–I'm already got the healing, I'm just waiting for it to stop."
I said, "That's right."
Said, "All right." Said, "I'm healed." And went on, you know, and kept saying, "Praise the Lord, he was healed."

E-50 About a month after that, or two, maybe about, I'd say, six weeks to be safely, I was in another meeting. And come out of a broadcast, out of the studio, which was in the auditorium, and I just walked out there, and a phone… The usher standing there, said, "You're–you're wanted on the phone. It's from your own home, from Indiana."
Well, it happened to be in Indianapolis was there, instead of Jeffersonville. And a lady said, "Are–are you the Divine healer?"
I said, "No, ma'am." I said, "I'm Brother Branham."
She said, "Well, look, I had a…" Said, "I'm from Indianapolis here, Indiana." And said, "I had a–a son that goes down and stay with my sister each year down in Houston for his vacation." Said, "He's had the palsy." Said, "He dropped when he was a baby on his back, kind of injured him. He's had the palsy," said, "for years." And said, "He come home here a few weeks ago, saying some Divine healer healed him." And said, "He's just been going around here hollering, 'Praise the Lord, he's healed,' and everything else like that." Said, "He's had the whole neighborhood tore up." And said, "Why, there was no difference in the boy." And said, "He…" Said, "We told him," said, "now, we're Christian people."
He said, "But, mother, I–I saw blind people see, and–and deaf people hear, seen cripples walk away." And said, "Passed through the line and he told me to believe that I was healed." And he said, 'He said the Angel told him that.' And what the Angel told him on the other things is right, and that's right. And I'm healed. And nobody's going to make me say any different. I'm going to stand right with it." He just kept on.

E-51 And she said, "He did that for several weeks." And said, "He would come down and set down in a chair, and say, 'Well, thank God for healing me,' just shaking as hard as he could."
And said, "The people… Why, he's got a reproach." Said, "The neighbors would laugh at him." And said, "They'd all go to saying, 'Well, I guess he's healed. There he goes. Look at him shaking. Now, isn't that a shame that somebody'd deceive somebody like that?' Like that. 'Isn't that a shame,' the neighbors would say. 'Well, that fellow ought to be arrested, ought to be run out of the country,' and like that, 'for telling that boy that.'"

E-52 If I wasn't telling the truth, I should be. That's right. But it's the truth. So it went on. And she said, "He…" When he come back the second time (I forgot to tell you.), he said, "Brother Branham, if you'll heal me, I'll give you a hundred dollars right now."
And I said, "Brother, if you offered me a million dollars, I couldn't heal you."
And then he said, "What about that woman with the goiter?"
And I said, "Her faith in Christ what healed her, brother."
And so she said, "Well now, he was doing that." He said, "Last Saturday… Last Friday evening, afternoon (I guess) he came in." And said, "But one of our–our friends from out in the country was visiting us, and he come in, shaking, set down in the chair and said, 'Praise the Lord for healing me.'"
And said, "My relative from the country, said, 'What's the matter with him?'"
"Oh," said, "he got down there, and some preacher got him all worked up and told him he was healed." And said, "He's been carrying on there like that ever since." Said, "'Fore he got…"
He said, "Well, I–I am healed." Said, "I…"
"Oh," she said… Got to laughing at him, you know. And then so the mother got to laughing at him just to make him stop saying that, you know. Said, "It was bringing a reproach."
It'll never bring a reproach on testifying for what Christ died for at Calvary. No, sir. He healed every person when He died at Calvary. He did. That's right. You have to accept it.

E-53 Then when this… Well, she said, "He set down in the chair. He was shaking, like that, and kept on shaking." Said, "He got to crying." And said, "We got to laughing at him."
And said, "All of a sudden he jumped to his feet just as still as he could be." Said, "Now, I am healed." That's right. God had visited him.
She said, "Reverend Branham," said, "he can even set down in a chair and set there for hours." Said, "Be truth," said, "he never shook a bit." And said, "We took him down to our church, a very noted Baptist church." It's broadcast right through here. Said, "We took him down to the church, and the pastor looked over him, and said, 'There's no…?… It's true.'" Said, "Then we took him to the medical doctors Saturday. And they examined him, said, 'There's nothing wrong.'" Said, "Now, this is Sunday and he's still…?…"
"Why, I told you I was healed."…?…
She said, "Now, he promised you a hundred dollars, and I want to know where to send it."
And I said, "Oh, sister…" I said, "If he's a rich man. He's got so much money he don't know what to do with it. Tell him to go down the street, and the first little ragged kid he sees, go in and buy him a lot of clothes and give it to him something." And I said, "And give God praise," (That's right.) I said, "for his healing."

E-54 Now, what it was… What if he'd have failed when they begin to laugh at him? You stay right with it… If you believe it, stay right there and don't you fail to stay. Stay right there and God will make it right.
All right. Now, remember, I promised you that tomorrow night, going to try as hard as I can. We're going to have a prayer line in a few moments. We'll line the people up here, all the sick peoples there that's got their prayer cards: going to pray for them just as long as I can.
And if any of you would think that God has already healed you out here in the audience, think that you're healed you, you're… Maybe you want me to ask Him to show you, would you just raise your hand, and say, "I… you want…"
Let's have just a little line from right here. Here's the sick people. It's right in here, isn't it? Right in this line of people? All right. Will one of the…

E-55 Well, let's just–just come around through the audience. Will you believe now and pray with us? Let us bow our heads.
Our heavenly Father, You know my heart, and You know what I have need of. And Thou knowest that I'm not here to make a show. I'm only here to try to claim the promises that Christ has given to the people, and trying to exult Christ to them, that they might believe on Him and be healed. Now, You'll bear me record, Father, that I have told the truth, that's in Your Word, and in the testimonies and so forth, that You're here. And I know that You're going to heal the people. And please, heavenly Father, help them to believe on Him, and to be healed tonight. Grant it, dear Father.
And now to… If there be strangers in our gate, and they might be here sick, and maybe for the last time, and this is why I ask this, Father… If You'll just show me something with somebody out there, something that's wrong, and will heal that person… Just as Moses put his hand in his bosom and returned it out again… Will You do that for us tonight, Father? I'm waiting on You, going forward now, by faith, believe that You're going to do this for us in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus. Amen.

E-56 Now, if the piano will, slowly, "Abide With Me." Just love that song: "Abide With Me." That's what I want God to do.
Now, dear people, you know I don't know you. I don't know one thing about you. And the only way that I ever have of knowing, would have to be through God. You know that. I'm trying to be sincere to you for I know someday I've got to stand with you before Christ. And what good would it do me to come before Christ if my heart wasn't right with you. You'd laugh even if you'd be there and be laughing, rejoicing, having a wonderful time; and I'd be a castaway.
And I'm here struggling with all my heart. I'm tired, and weak, weary, trying to help you. Now, you believe me with all your heart. And maybe the Lord Jesus will… If I could just get one person in–around this–around the group, somewhere that… Now, you're all believing. There's a group of people…
I hope that someday you'll understand what this–what we–what this feeling, the way it is now. Just seems like this–like that there was a ten thousand needles sticking in you, drawing your life, drawing, like that.

E-57 Now, just be as reverent as you can. I–I see somebody just as far back this way as I can get. I'm not sure just where it's at. But in that distance if I–if I am wrong, God forgive me. And being weak and tired…?…
But I–I think the lady is setting by the side of the man with the checkered shirt on there. I think it's her… Aren't you real nervous, sister, some kind of a nerve condition? If that's right, raise up your hand. That's right. That's up to…
Something with the lady just behind you, but I can't tell what it is. And here's this other lady here is calling so hard for this.
You–you're nervous, aren't you, sister? Now, just go home. You're going to be well. Do you believe me? All right, don't never say you're nervous any more. Go on home and just rejoice, and have a good time, and raise your family. God bless you, dear.

E-58 Now, now, I'm not sure. I'm awfully weak, friends. But I believe this lady setting here with this blue dress on, setting right here… Isn't there something wrong with you, right here on the end of this seat? Isn't that… Now, I can't make this work exactly, but I… Isn't there something wrong in the bowel system, colon trouble? Is that right, sister? If it is, raise your hand up. All right. Do you believe me now? All right. Don't never think about that no more. Go on home. Eat what you want to, and be blessed.
I believe the lady lost… Somebody lost a goiter, just then. I believe it's that third lady setting there. Did you have a goiter, sister? Is that right? Well, it left you. God bless you, right there with your hand up there like… That's right. All right. The blessing of God is on you, sister. I felt it ringing.

E-59 Now, let's move somewhere else. Let's get over… Everybody just as reverent as you can be… The lady setting right here, you have a prayer card in your hand. You got a prayer card for the line? Maybe I oughtn't to call her. Say, some of you maybe be in the line…
Is your number way back? How far back is your number? I don't know where they'll call from. You've had some trouble, haven't you? I can't tell just what it is. But I believe it… Haven't–haven't you had an operation? Have you had an operation? I see you in a surgery room. (Now, friends, I wish you could see what I'm looking at now.) Yes, it was a cancer operation. It's come back on you too, hasn't it? All right. Do you believe me now with all your heart? Jesus Christ heals you. Go home and believe with all…

E-60 The lady setting there with that sling on your arm. It just be something wrong with your arm. Let's see just a moment now. Now, have faith, sister. I'm trying to get to the diseased people. Anybody sees the crippled people, they can see what's wrong with them. But this is something of a mystery.
Now, look this way, lady. She's got her arm in a sling. Oh, no. That's cancer too. Isn't that right? And say, haven't you been prayed for? Didn't somebody pray for you? You're kind of wondering about whether it was all right or not, didn't you? All right. You go ahead now and believe that with all your heart, and you'll be well. Just believe with…

E-61 That little girl, standing right behind there. That mother, her little girl with them, setting there by the lady. Look this way, honey. Seems like there was something wrong with you, kind of a black looking something hanging over the little girl. Just a moment. Look up here, sweetheart, the little girl. Let me see you. Oh, yes. All right. The little girl has a… I'm not sure now; it's either her bladder or her kidneys, one. It's a kidney trouble, I'm pretty sure, right in… Is that right, sister? A kidney trouble? Stand up, sweetheart. Let's see where that… There it is. Yes. All right. That kidney trouble's going to leave you, sweetheart. You're going to be a well girl. Do you love Jesus? If you love Jesus, raise up your little hand, like that. That's right. Oh, that's fine. Amen. Just have faith. Believe with all your heart.
It seem like… Now, I'm… I believe this lady that's jerked, right over the second from her there. Did you have a goiter, sister? Was a growth there, a goiter in this lady setting right there, right along there? It seem like somebody in there had a goiter, somewhere, that left. There's where it was at. I couldn't make out… All right, sister, swallow in your throat. All right, it's gone. There now, you're healed. God bless.
I could tell the goiter left. But I couldn't tell just where it was.

E-62 Oh, isn't He the Lord Jesus? Now, look, friends… Feel all right now, don't you, mother. She's just… There it is.
You just say, "Praise the Lord." Now, friends, look. Believe now with all your heart.
There's a lady setting right there trying her best to catch ahold. I can't see what's wrong with you, sister, you with that red dress on there, with that red coat laying across here. You–you were trying to contact me, wasn't you, sister? Trying… There's something with you, isn't there something wrong? You're… I can't… Yes, I believe… I'm not too sure. It's a nerve condition, 'cause there's a, I believe a convulsions. Isn't that right, convulsions? If that's right, wave your hand. All right, God bless you. You believe me as God's servant, as His prophet? How would I know what was wrong with you outside of God telling me? Now, you were trying to find me here, and your vibration's been picked up. Now, you go home and forget about that, and just say, "I haven't got no more convulsions," and you'll never have no more. And go on and you'll be well. You believe that? You love… Will you serve God all your life? God bless you.

E-63 Let's bow our heads now just a moment. Our heavenly Father, I want to thank You just now. Seemingly, Lord, if I could just talk to the people a moment, they seem to have an inspired look upon their face. And some of them are reaching out and catching by faith… Thank You with all my heart for Your goodness and kindness. Thank You for all that You've healed through these past two weeks: the lame, blind, the paralyzed, people that had TB already pronounced well by their doctors; tumors has disappeared, can't even find them nowhere. Great hideous cancers binding people has left; doctors can't find no trace of them. They're gone, because faith in Christ has taken them away.
Bless these people, Father. Tonight as we start the prayer line, may many hundreds be healed tonight. Grant it, Lord, that Your Name might be glorified, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-64 All right, just a moment. Oh, my. Looks like everybody is getting healed. How glorious. How marvelous. What a faith. Friends, believe my words. You're just afraid to let loose yourselves. You're afraid to trust God with it. Don't be afraid, what more could He do? He couldn't do no more.
And here's one thing. I never… I want to leave this–this tonight, that your pastor… You don't have to run around across the country to people to be prayed for. Your pastor has the right to pray for you.
Now, I'm going to ask the pastors in this church that's cooperating in here, if they will come here and let the people pass through them first before I come down here. I want to examine some of the cases that comes through. (All right.), of the… anything that's wrong with the people. Will you pastors come here just a moment? God bless you. I want you to line up a dual line, right down along this platform here. Or here, come right up here and I'll stand at the bottom of the steps.
Now, I want you congregation here, I want you to believe. And do you believe me?

E-65 That soreness is a leaving that place right now, of where it was at, where that cancer was operated. Isn't that right, lady? Now, you go on.
Here's another thing, sister. You are… You've desired a closer walk with God, haven't you, to get closer to Him? Now, you go ahead and do that. Yes. You wanted to. You've been praying for a closer walk. Isn't that right? Then you prayed for a closer walk.
Now, just while they're lining up, I have something to tell you. I could see It's moving over you a few moments ago, and I didn't get to tell you. You prayed hard that you could get to come tonight to see me. Is that right? And prayed that God would do something for you here. You made God a promise too, haven't you, that you'd serve Him the rest of your life with all your heart if He'd let you get well. He's done it now. Now, you go on and–and serve Him with all your heart, and have faith in God.

E-66 I'm glad for this group of ministers standing here with their bowed heads to believe that Jesus Christ is going to heal the people. I don't know where brother will call the line. I'm going to leave it to him.
I'm going to walk down here at the end. And let the people come through this line, every one, and let them be prayed for by these ministers first. I want to check their–down here at the end of the row to see what's happened to the people when they come off.
Now, that brother's tell me they believe. I believe. They believe. If they do, and you believe, then you start praising God. And when you get–get down to here… If you're crippled, you'll be walking. If you're blind, you'll be seeing. If you're–if you're deaf, you'll be hearing. That's right. And when you get down here… And if you've got sickness, it'll be gone from you.
Then when I leave, then you'll realize that your pastor has the right to pray for the sick. They're good, God-saved, Holy Ghost filled men. That's right. And I'd certainly put my endorsement upon them to pray for the sick.

E-67 All right. While I pray just a moment… Heavenly Father, You know the weakness of my body. You know what I'm trying to do. And I know there's people here that wants to be healed. And O eternal God, help me now tonight. As I've lined Your children up here on this platform, Your believing servants, each of them with a bowed head that's waved holy hands in the air over the sinners, telling them to believe on the Lord Jesus and be saved. They've taught healing. They believed in it. And now, the confirmation of their teaching has come to pass. And now, Father, reward them before the people who they stood gallant for. I have them standing here tonight, and standing here as representatives of Divine healing and the cross of Christ.
And now, Father, when they lay their hands upon them people, may every unclean spirit leave the people. May the blind demons come out of the blind. May the deaf hear and may the dumb speak. May the lame walk. May cancers vanish, tuberculosis, all kinds of diseases leave. And may this be one of the most marvelous nights that'll inspire their hearts, and will set an old fashion revival to go in here that'll never cease. May it never cease until Jesus comes. Grant it, Lord.
And I'll be standing here at the end of the row, Lord. And grant that every person come off of the platform will be praising God for their healing. Hear the prayer of Your humble servant. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask it. Amen.

E-68 All right. Every one that's got a prayer card, line them any way you want to. [A brother calls the prayer line–Ed.]
Let everyone be in prayer everywhere else. As soon as these are out, we'll bring in another group and let everybody that desires…
Now, if you've got something wrong with you that you don't know what it is, and you want to find it out… If you've got something that's holding you back in your life, don't come in this line. Wait and come in tomorrow night or the next night for that discerning Spirit to pick up what's wrong with you. See? But if you've got faith to believe, come in here tonight. Come right on in and be healed. Everyone, as soon as these are over, let the rest of them…
Everybody pray, everywhere. Christians, this is your duty to pray. You're soldiers.

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