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God’s Word Calls For A Total Separation From Unbelief (64-0121)




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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called God's Word Calls For A Total Separation From Unbelief was delivered on Tuesday, 21st January 1964 at the Ramada Inn in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
The tape, number 64-0121, is 1 hour and 29 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette. This message is available in book format (Volume 3, Number 20R).

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1 … Scriptures, to a few Scriptures that I have written out here, for what I–if I want, would call it a text. I wouldn't know whether to call it a text, or not. But just for a text, I want to take this thought: "God's Word Calls For A Total Separation From Unbelief."

2 And now, I wish to read out of the Bible, over in the Book of Genesis, the 13th chapter of Genesis, and we wish to start with the 5th verse to read. I just love to read the Word, because what I say could fail, that's a man. But if I just read this Word, what He says can't fail. So then I know there'll be good come out of it, if no more than just reading the Word. The 5th verse, we begin, of the 13th chapter.

And Lot also, which went with Abram, had flocks, and herds, and tents.

And Lot also, which went with Abram, had flocks, and herds, and tents.

And the land was not able to bear them, that they might dwell together: for their substance was great, so that they could not dwell together.

And there was… strife between the herdsmen of Abram's cattle and the herdsmen of Lot's cattle: and the Canaanite and… Perizzite dwelt… in the land.

And Abram said unto Lot, Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, and between my herdsmen and thy herdsmen; for we are brethren.

Is not the whole land before thee? separate thyself, I pray thee, from me: and if thou wilt take the left hand, then I'll go to the right; or if thou depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left.

And Lot lifted up his eyes, and beheld… the plains of Jordan, that it was well watered every where, before the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, even as the garden of the LORD, like the land of Egypt, as thou comest out of Zoar.

Then Lot chose him all the plains of Jordan; and Lot journeyed eastward: and they separated themselves… one from the other. And Abram dwelt in the land of Canaan, and Lot dwelt in the city of the plains, and pitched his tent towards Sodom.

But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.

And the LORD said unto Abraham, after that Lot was separated from him, Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou… northward,… southward,… eastward,… westward:

For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give thee, and to thy seed for ever.

3 Now, the thought of God's Word calling a total separation… We only know this by as we read the Word and see the Word manifest Itself.
Now, in the beginning (Genesis 1:3) we find that there was darkness upon the earth. And the Spirit of God moved upon the water and said, "Let there be light," and there was light. And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. So the Word of God began to separate the light from the darkness from the beginning, so does it remain to this day.

5 As I said last night of Jesus when He was only twelve years old… And being a mistake of His mother, who is claimed by people to be the mother of God, and how that the woman said, "Why, Thy father and I have sought Thee with tears."
And quickly He, being the Word, said, "Knowest thou not that I must be about My Father's business?"
See, she was declaring Him to be Joseph's son, but He wasn't Joseph's son. If He'd been Joseph's son, He would've been with him; but He was with the Father, about His business. So the Word is always corrective and always right, and the Word will correct every wrong, always.

8 Now when the earth that… God was going to use the earth, and it was in total darkness. The Spirit of God spoke out and said, "Let there be light," and He separated the light from the darkness. And It's been doing that ever since: separating Light from darkness. God's Word also separated the water from the land in the beginning. God spoke, and the water was separated from the land, so that… He had a–a reason for that.
God never speaks a Word unless He's got a reason for speaking that word. He's not like you and I, that we just–or especially myself, that speaks so many foolish things. God speaks every word with a meaning, and something that He's trying to achieve, and will achieve by His Word. And It will perform exactly what He said It will do.

10 Now, if God said, "Let there be light," and there was no light, then that–that isn't, that wasn't God said that. See? When God says anything, He must back up what He says. And when the Word of God has been a-vindicated, the Word been a-vindicated, that is Light. Now, the Word Itself isn't Light until It's a-vindicated Light.
If God said, "Let there be light," and there was no light, then it wasn't the Word of God. But when light sprung upon the earth, that showed the Word was vindicated, and it was light.

13 Now, today, if God has made a promise, and when that promise is vindicated, then that is Light. That's the Light of the day, when the Word is a-vindicated, the Word for the hour is a-vindicated.
Then God was going to have a–a earth that He was going to grow vegetation, and He'd have people upon the earth, and then He spoke and separated the waters from the sea. Then, also, He separated, in Genesis, life from death.
Now, if we believe the Word of God, It is the Word of Life to us; but if we question the Word of God, It's death to us. For God has spoken, who can deny It? See? And if we question the Word of God, then It becomes death.

16 Like Eve, now, Eve questioned one little phase of God's Word, and what did it do? 'Caused all this trouble that we have. If she would've remained behind the Word, fortified behind the Word, the whole armor of God, and not disbelieved It, then it would have never happened the way it has, it'd never been this a way. But, you see, there came death.
Then, God also had an atonement. Being merciful to us, He accepted a substitute death for their death, which both… He separated life from death also in the garden of Eden, and He did it by His Word.
And today He does the same thing. When we're in gross darkness, as I spoke on Sunday, darkness upon the land, upon the people, and gross darkness… In the midst of all of this, He's still speaking His Word of Life to those who want to believe It. And now we find that if…

20 Jesus has constantly told us that there's a separation. And we find that the last thing that's predicted to the human race, before the great final day when we ascend into the Presence of God, there will be a final separation. He will separate the sheep from the goats.
God will–continually has been separating, separating, and that's what He's doing tonight. That's what He always does. You can see it in every meeting. He separates faith from unbelief. He speaks out. He declares Himself to those who will believe Him and have faith in Him.

22 Now, we find out in Numbers the 6th chapter, that a Nazarite's call, a Nazarite call was to separate themselves from all the world to the Word of God. Now, that is a Nazarite call: separated.
We find out that Samson was a Nazarite unto the Lord, and he was separated from the–by a sign. And this sign was that he was to wear his hair long with seven locks. It was a–a sign of separation, that he was called for a purpose.

24 And I don't want to get started on this, because I said that it… I was just going to speak a few minutes.
But I think today, when we see our sisters wearing long hair, as the Bible said they should, I think it's a Nazarite sign that they want to follow the Lord. I know that sounds flat, and I–I–I want it to go home (See?), because it is. It looks like somebody is trying to–to do–keep a–a something that God told them to do. No matter what the price, the world has to say about it out there, or how many scornful, or laughers, or critics, that doesn't bother a person that's totally separated from the things of the world, to the things of God. They'll obey the Word and separate themselves from the things of the world, because the Word separates them.
I know they stand criticism. But if we wasn't criticized, then there'd be something wrong. The world always knows its own. But as I've said, that… Remember, criticism on account of the Word of God, is only growing pains of His grace. It shows that you have separated yourself to–to be a Christian, to act like one, to live like one, to obey every commandment of God. And it's a–it's a Nazarite vow to separate, a call from God that separates you from the things of the world.

27 I believe tonight, that every man and woman, every boy and girl that's borned of the Spirit of God, is a Nazarite unto the Lord; because they have separated them things–themselves from the cares of the world and whatever the world has got to say.
You live in this city here where there's great schools. And–and we see our nation calling for higher standard of education; which is all right, nothing to say about that. But that education cannot give you salvation. A scientist can split a grain of wheat and tell you how many different chemicals is in it, but it can't find the life that's in there. An education can learn you, or teach you mathematics, and–and it can teach you history and whatevermore, but it cannot bring Light to you. Your education will not do that.
God has one way of bringing Light to you: that's when you're ready to separate yourself from all the things of the world, and all the–the cares of the world, and will cling only to God's promised Word.

30 Paul was a Nazarite unto the Lord. He was separated from his orthodox church, to the Word of the living God.
Aaron was a Nazarite unto the Lord. He was separated from among the brethren to bear the birthstones and to be the high priest.
It is a total separation. We're not to go back into the world no more or have anything to do with the world, but cleave only unto God. Jesus is coming after a Bride, a Woman, a Church that's separated from the things of the world or the cares of the world. She's separated from the fashions of this modern age that we live in. She's separated from the–the cares and the traditions of churches. She's separated only to God, and God is the Word. And as husband and wife is one, so does the Bride and the Word become One, for the Word's living through the Bride. That's how–that's her credentials. That's her identification.

33 If I could pull out a–a Ph.D. or LL.D., and show you my credentials from certain organization or from some school, that school would recognize that credential. But the only credential that a believer has is the Word of God living in him, declaring Jesus Christ lives in that person. That's a separated Nazarite unto the Lord, separated for the Word's sake. The Bible said, "The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, cutting to the asunder, and the marrow of the bone, and discerns the thoughts that's in the heart." That's the reason Jesus could look upon the people and perceive what they were thinking; He was the Word.

35 Now, the first Adam that was born in the world, or, not born, but created by God, the first Adam separated himself from the Word to his wife. Now, he could've stayed with the Word if he wished to. But he separated himself from the Word to be with his wife.
That's exactly what the common, carnal church member does today: separates themselves from the true living Word to hold to their church. Where the… Eve put a question upon the Word, whether God would punish or not. Satan put the question; Eve believed it.
And then when the church today puts the question upon the Word, "Is He the same? Does He still live in His Church and perform His signs and miracles that He did when He was here on earth," which He so surely promised us in St. John 14:12, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; even greater than this shall he do, for I go to My Father. These signs shall follow them that believe": Shall follow them.
The question is to–for the people today: "Does He really mean it?" And when you accept what the church says, "Does He really mean it?" then you put yourself in the same condition that Adam did, and join yourself with the–the woman of the church of the–this world and separate yourself from the blessings that God has promised to every believer that would separate himself from the world to the Word. Now, that's the truth.

40 We are–have had the privilege of living in the day that when the Word of God that we've seen is lotted through each age, for certain things to happen. And when this is lotted, sometimes a man wonder how it's going to be done. Professors have their own idea. But in them ages God has always sent forth His prophet. And the Word of the Lord comes to the prophet and vindicates the Word to that generation. And the prophets was always the Nazarite, separated from everything else to obey the Word of God.
Don't you remember what Peter and John said, "Is it right for us to obey man or God?" when they questioned them about the experience of Pentecost.

42 Now, the first man separated himself, the first Adam, from the Word to go with his wife, that questioned whether God kept His Word or not.
What a perfect type of the lukewarm, carnal-minded believer today, that still wants to cling with what their tradition says, instead of taking what the Word says (See?): a very real type. He was separated to his wife. The carnal believer is separated from the Word to the church.
But when the second Adam was created in the womb of a woman and came to the world, He was a Nazarite to the Word of God. He was separated from the world to the Word. Now, Hebrews the 7th chapter, 26th verse, tells us that, that them priests continually died, but this Jesus was holy and separated from sinners.

45 Sin is unbelief. There was no unbelief found in Him nowhere. When He was here on earth, He said, "Who can condemn Me of sin?" Sin is unbelief. "If I haven't done just what was prophesied for this age, if I haven't met the requirements of what Messiah is supposed to do, then don't believe Me." Said, "Search the Scriptures, for in Them you think you have Eternal Life, and They are They that testify of Me," tell you Who He is.
Because it had been prophesied since Eden that there would come a Saviour. The prophet said He'd be borned of a virgin, and how that He'd be called Emmanuel.
And also He was the Counselor, the Prince of Peace, Mighty God. And that's what they accused Him of: making Himself God. He was God, and He was the Prince of Peace, the Mighty God, and the Everlasting Father.
There is no other Father but Him, spiritually speaking. He's the only Father, the Father of us all. And we find, all believers, He's the Father of, all who will believe His Word. For He was completely separated from the church, from its traditions, from His mother, from the world, and only did that which pleased the Father.

49 Now, He was a different person from Adam. No matter what anybody questioned to Him, the Word, it was the Word always first. And He proved that the Word was right.
When Satan tried to whitewash It for Him, and said, "It's written…"
"He said, "Yes, and it's also written." He withstood Satan, upon the Word; because that's what He was: the Word.
In the Bible, 1st John, St. John the 1st chapter, said, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us." He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.

53 It's always a connection with the spoken Word of God, God's promise for the day. And when it comes, it's so unusual till people can hardly grasp it, because we're so sewed into–to forms and ideas of our own, that it's hard for us to grasp what's Truth.
I think much of that would apply to–to Joseph in the days of–of the–the–of Mary in her maternity. She–she was to be mother. And Joseph loved her, and he–he wanted to believe. He was a righteous man, a good man, and he wanted to believe that story that Mary was telling him, but still there was a question, that, "Now, she's a good woman." No doubt Mary had explained to him the visit of Gabriel to her. And he was a just man in the lineage of David. And yet, her… It looked like that she was trying to use him for a shield to take off her reproach. Because if she was engaged to him, and to be found in this condition was the same as adultery (Deuteronomy tells us so.), and would be stoned for the act. And it looked like that she was using him for a shield.

56 And the man, a good man, a just man, the Bible said he was a just man. But her case was so unusual that he could not grasp it. He would look in her lovely face, and the sincerity and honesty that she would tell her story in. And no doubt but he'd go to his home, or his carpenter shop, say, "I–I just can't see how she would tell me wrong, but the case is so unusual."
If he would've only searched the Scriptures, that a virgin is to conceive… See, it was so unusual to him, because it was out of the line of his thinking, but she was exactly in the Scripture.
And so is it today, brethren, that the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and His promised Word of this hour is so unusual, good men stumble over it. It's too unusual. They say the–the dead was raised up, the blind see, the deaf hear, the Holy Spirit discerns the thoughts, foretells things that's coming to pass, never failed it one time. Oh, they–they can't–can't grasp it. It's so unusual, so they–they say, "Well, it's a telepathy, or it's a evil spirit," just like they did in that day. The unusualness of the Word of God…

59 But when a man is borned in the world for a–a believer, he becomes a Nazarite when he separates himself from anything that's contrary to the Word: a total separation. Jesus said, "I come to separate a man from his wife, tear up a family. And he that won't take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy to be called Mine." A separation from everything, anything: from church, from–from a community, from a belief, or from family, or anything that would stand between you and believing the entire Word of God. If your soul will not punctuate every promise for this hour with an "amen," there's something wrong somewhere. You need a separation.

60 So Jesus was the Word made flesh, and He was completely separated from sinners, unbelievers, that the Word Itself flowed completely, and–and thoroughly flew through Him, that He said, "I do nothing until I see the Father do it first." They was asking, questioning Him about things. He said, "Verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing." And watch, everything that He said was perfect. Just, He had not to ask about it, think about it; it was perfect. And His perfect Truth always separated the Truth from error.

61 Even as I'll quote back again–again, His mother said, "Thy father and I," before those priests that she'd already testified it was a virgin born Son. But in the moments of her grief…
How could a twelve-year-old boy (and we have no record of Him even being in school), how could His intelligence be so great as to debate with the priests, sage, learned men? And why, when, she called that this Joseph was His father, quickly the Word of God… He was separated. He was the Word, and the Word corrected the error, "Know ye not that I must be about My Father's business?" That was not just that little twelve year old boy. That was the Word of God speaking through His little childish mouth to correct error: separating, like He did in the beginning, darkness from light, a lie from the Truth, death from Life.
It's a separation. Always the Word requires total and complete separation, regardless. Jesus said, "Let every man's word be a lie; let Mine be true."
All down through the ages, this same thing has happened. It's a separating. Always He separates His people from the unbelief. He did it at the beginning; He does it same today. Each one of the prophets was separated from unbelief. They… Reason they did that, is because the Word of the Lord came to them.

65 Now, I believe in a night, somewhere, perhaps was here Sunday or last night, that I was speaking what the word "seer," in the Old Testament meant. It meant a man, "a Diviner, a man that would tell the future events that were coming to pass." And then when they come to pass exactly without failure, come to pass exactly what he said, then God said, "Listen to this man, or hear him, fear him, for I'm with him." Then he has the Divine interpretation of the written Word, for that was his credentials of identification that he was God's prophet and the Word come to him. That's right.

66 Now, separation. It separated Isaiah from the church world. It separated Moses from the church world. It separated the–all of the–the great prophets through the ages from the church world because they had… It separated Jesus from His brethren. It separated the apostles from the church that was at that day, the Pharisees, Sadducees, great men, holy men, good men, fine men, humble men, men that had fruit of the Spirit more so than what Jesus exercised.
But what was His credentials? That the Word was with Him, the Word promised of that day was living through Him. He said, "Which one of you can condemn Me of sin? Which one of you can say that what I have claimed hasn't happened?" That–for He showed that He was a separated Nazarite of the Lord. He was the Lord Himself in flesh.

68 Abraham also, he was a separated person from the world, when God called Abraham at seventy-five years old. "Separate yourself from your kindred and from all of the unbelief, and come out into a world that you've never walked in before, and amongst a people that you've never known before. Come out and separate yourself from anybody that would be contrary to what you're believing, that you'd be a Nazarite unto the Lord." Because he was holding a promise of a son. He had to separate from his father, from his mother, from his kindred. And what separated him? Not because that he was a good man, but because he believed that God was able to keep the promise He had give him.
And when he was… Twenty-five years later, and the baby had never come; Sarah being ninety, he a hundred. And when the Angel of the Lord visit him; that Jesus referred to, that would come again in the last days… God in a human form set down before him and talked. And Sarah, being almost a hundred years old in the tent behind Him, laughed because the Angel said, "I will visit you according to the time of promise."
And she said, "Me, being old and would have pleasure again with my lord, seeing he's old?"
And this Man, which was God in flesh, said, "Why did Sarah laugh in the tent?" Now, she run out and tried to deny it. But He said, "Yes, but you did laugh," because that she didn't believe it could be right.

73 Now, notice, Jesus said that would come again. "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man." Again the Spirit of God will come upon mortal, human flesh. That Man eat the meat of a calf, drinking the milk from the cow, and eat butter and bread in human flesh; and Abraham said He was Elohim, God manifested in flesh. Jesus promised that God, before His coming, would be manifested in human flesh again. That's the Holy Spirit (There's only one God.) manifesting Hisself, separating again Lot from Abraham.
Lot wanted the world. God tore up his world and separated Abraham and Lot. Lot, being a type, again, of a carnal believer who didn't think these things were true, he just went on down in Sodom. And he–he didn't have the real spunk to stand out, as we'd call it, and call what was right right, and wrong wrong, so he went down.

75 All these believers, as we could go on for hours, all these were like a bunch of change out of your pocket in God's hands. You pull out a bunch of change. There's pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half a dollars, dollar, all in coins. Now, that's what the world is in God's hand. There's some people that just can have a penny's worth of it, and God can only use them in a penny way. That's all they can buy. Don't reject them. If they can't believe the real Truth, don't turn them down, don't kick them out and say they're not in it, because God uses pennies sometime.
Lot was a just a penny, Abraham was a silver dollar, so it taken a hundred Lots to make an Abraham. And so will it take… A hundred carnal believers will never stand in the presence of a genuine Christian that's separated from the carnal things of the world, living in Christ Jesus, where the Word can flow through him.
He can only take a penny's worth; that's all he's got. So you see people that say, "Oh, I don't believe in healing. I don't believe in these things," just know it's a penny, but just let him alone. See? Just a penny's worth, and so that's all he can buy. Don't stop him; just let him alone. Remember, that's just all the farther he can go. Joseph, he was separated from his brethren.

78 Yeah, I didn't mean that hardly in that way that I said it. See? I mean, if he just, "Well, I belong to this, and that's what we believe." It's just a penny, go ahead (See?), just a penny. Say, "Well, the Lord bless you, my brother."
See, he is copper; he can never be silver. So, see… So just let it go ahead. God can use him though. He's using it. I'd rather see him down there in a church than to see a barroom standing there on the corner. Wouldn't you? Sure. So just let it alone. God can use it anyhow; maybe not very much, but He'll use what He can use, as much as they'll let Him use.
So that's kind of a rude way to express anything, but I… Well, I hope you get the truth that I mean in it, what–what it's meant. See?

81 He can't believe in discernment and the powers of God that's promised for this day. Those Pharisees couldn't do it, either. They couldn't see Jesus being God. Oh, no. "You make yourself God, a man…"
One day He was standing there, after He'd multiplied loaves of bread, and so forth, for them, and He said, "Lest you eat the–the bread of the Son of man's body, and drink His Blood, there's no Life in you."
Oh, I imagine His congregation, they walked away from Him. "This man expects us to be a cannibal, eat somebody's flesh? Oh, that's crazy." Doctors and medical doctors, and so forth, said, "The man's insane. That's all there is. The priest is right. That man is crazy. Give us his body to eat?"
That's all He said (See?), but the spiritual mind, maybe they could not understand it. Those disciples, they didn't know just exactly what It meant, but they believed It anyhow. Because where did it come from? It come from the One they knowed to be the Son of God.
I might not be able to understand all that's in here, but I believe It. It's God's Word. I want to separate myself from anything that's contrary to It. I've tried to stand like that.

87 Notice another group, the seventy, He called. One day He was standing, talking to them, and He said, "The Son of man shall ascend up into heaven from whence He come from."
They said, "This man? He's taken us to the place he was born. We know his mother, Mary. Why, we know his brothers. We know all. And then this Man is going to take… The Son of man is coming, going up into heaven from whence He come from? He come from Bethlehem. How did He do that?" See, He said it in that way (See?), and they walked with Him no more. They walked away. They said, "Aw, this Man, we know there's something wrong with Him."

89 Them disciples set right there. See? They believed. They had seen the promised Word for that day vindicated and manifested by Him. Who could create but God Himself, could take bread and… They knowed He was the Son of God. Whether it was in riddles or not, that whether they understood it or not, they walked right on anyhow, because the Word was vindicated, and they were separated from anything contrary to It.
God help us to have faith like that. We believe this Bible to be the Truth. I may not have faith enough to make all the promises come to pass, but I believe It anyhow. I believe the hour that we're living.

91 Joseph, separated from his brethren without a cause… Now, what was the matter with them? He was not willing to be separated; it wasn't his will to separate. But they separated themselves from him. See? From his bright, shiny dollar, their penny's worth couldn't stand it. They knowed they were patriarchs. They knowed that Isaac was their–or, pardon me, Jacob was their father. And they knowed that to be true. But Joseph was born… He couldn't help it. He was spiritual. He saw visions, could interpret dreams, and they were perfectly right. Whatever he said, was the truth. And his patriarch brothers moved with envy and sold him to the Egyptians. See, they–they separated themselves from him because they were pennies. He was of a different quality.
So is a real believer today; he's of a different quality. They'll separate themselves (They don't understand It.), copper from silver.

93 Now, we find out they moved with envy and sold him. Why? They do the same thing today. What it really was, they said they was… It was for jealousy. They didn't want to break down, because that the quality in them were not the quality that was in him. And because of it, they were jealous, because they were pennies and he was a dollar. See?
Now, if the penny would say, "Blessed be the Name of the Lord. My brother dollar here (See?), I can't make the change that he does, but I'll make what I can." That's that, we'd go along then. God would get His program over.

95 As I preached to you Sunday, the great symphony of God's Word being beat out, the changes and junctions is only God changing times, like the–the director in the symphony. When we see these changes of ages and changes of times, look down on the Sheet here, and you'll find out we're supposed to be here. They've got to do this; there's no way for them to keep from it.
And the music, to a man that doesn't understand the symphony, what is it? It's a bunch of rattling noise. He doesn't understand it. He's not even interested. He's wishing, "Well, I wished they'd shut up, so I could go home." He's not interested, 'cause he doesn't know the symphony. He doesn't know it.
But the Composer knows the end from the beginning. See? And if the director isn't in the same Spirit of the Composer, he cannot act it out, because it's all done by signs. And if the sign don't vindicate it, how is the musicians going to play it? Amen. That's it. If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who can–can, who will know how to prepare for war, retreat, or what doing?

99 Look at the Word and see where we're living, then you can see pennies, what they do. But you can see those who are glistening, watching, and knows the Word, and watching for these signs to happen. [Brother Branham snaps his finger–Ed.] There it is.
Like the little woman at the well, when He said, "Go get your husband," she said, "I have none." Said, "That's right. You got five."
She said, "Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet. We haven't had them for hundreds of years. But we know the Messiah is coming, and He is going to be a prophet. That's what He'll do."
He said, "I'm He."
Oh, the symphony beat went just exactly right, from the low plumb to the high. She ran into the city and said, "Come, see a Man Who's told me the things that I've done. Isn't this the very Messiah that we've looked forward to?" Certainly.
See, she understood what the sheet Music was in the symphony, that separates belief from unbelief. Faith can only, not come by a church; faith comes by hearing the Word of God, knowing what It is.

104 Now, we find the same thing today. Many people look at gifts. (In closing now, five more minutes.) People look at gifts, and they think, "Oh, what a great thing," and they try to impersonate gifts. You can't do that. You just… You can't make a–a–a penny be a dollar, you can't make it be a dime (See?), can't make it a nickel. It's a penny. But if you'll just recognize yourself as a penny, go with the rest of the change (See?) God can use you. We might not be able to do all. There wasn't everybody…
When God called Israel out of Egypt, every one of them didn't have to do the same thing Moses did, but they believed it. That's right. They believed Moses, because they knowed that it was a sign of the hour, and that God had proved that he had His Word. They said, "Pharaoh's got spears."
He said, "But Moses has His Word." That's it. Pharaohs might have an army, but Moses had the Word because he was God's prophet. And the Word come to him, and had been vindicated that It was the Truth. It was the living God Who could take dust and throw it up and make fleas come. A man can't do that. As a man that stood there and said, "Tomorrow about this time there'd be such-and-such," and it was. See? They knowed Moses had God's Word. No matter how many spears and dungeons Pharaoh had, and how many bricks to make, Moses had the Word.
So they started into the wilderness. There was a man, Dathan, said, "Moses takes too much upon himself. We're all holy people, so we all ought to be able to do what Moses did."
And Moses said, "God, what about this?"
He said, "Separate yourself. Get away from them." And He opened up the earth and swallowed up Dathan and his group.
He separated Light from darkness by vindicating His Word. He's the same God today.

110 Closing… I was telling you, last night, when I first come here. This is not personally. If you think that, then please just pull down the curtains to your heart. I'm saying this to people who believes.
It was spoke and told exactly what things would take place, down through the age, and you're all witnesses of that, as you witnessed last night, from the discernment, on down. And how there'd be impersoners, impersonatings, and everything take place.
But the last thing was to be a great thing would take place. We've been watching for it for years. And we all know when it happened first, when a creation come into existence, the third time. And then the fourth time. Last night I told you the fifth time it happened.
And it's waiting for this Council of Churches, when it unites, and the Protestants. If I speak Sunday morning, that's what I want… I mean Saturday morning, that's what I want to speak on. See? Now… And then when this gets together, then the Spirit of God always raises a standard against it. See? There's men setting here tonight who's a witness of this.

114 I was in Colorado, not long ago, this last fall. I go up there on hunting trips. And as usually I'm up there on my wedding anniversary. When wife and I got married, I–I'd saved off my nickels and things, and from my work, and had them in a baking powder can. And I didn't have enough to take a honeymoon and go hunting; so I just blended them together, and I took her on a hunting trip for a honeymoon. So since then, I've, to my shame, I have never been home with her on our anniversary. I was in Colorado.

115 Last night I seen two or three ministers was here, that was with me up there in a camp, where I had to come down from Alaska and meet them, hunting. It was the Martin boys. They was here last night. I… They're here, right back there. And then that other little fellow, I forget his name, setting… Were you there too, sonny? That's right. And maybe is Brother Palmer here? I… And we were up in the mountains. And I'm a guide in Colorado; I've hunted in there for years.
And every time our anniversary, twenty-third of October, comes along… There's a little place where I taken the wife on our honeymoon up in the Adirondack Mountains, and this place looks just like it, only that was… This is quaking asps up here, the little thicket, and up there it was birch. And I walk out there, on the twenty-third, some time through the day, take off my hat and thank the Lord for a good, loyal wife that's been loyal and be kind to me through these years, and has helped me, as I'll go to preach the Gospel.

117 And it'd been awful dry in Colorado this year, as it has been across the country. And all at once there was… I suppose there was two hundred men ahead of us, or a hundred men, pardon me, about a hundred men ahead of us, up above the camps. And they'd been shooting up there for four or five days. And I'd shot a deer, one that I had been hunting for years. And, but I… Come a fog down, and I didn't get to see him; I couldn't find him. And I'd been hunting for him that day.
And the next day, the phone or the–come in on the radio, "A blizzard coming, could dump twenty foot of snow in these mountains overnight."
And so I said to the brethren. I called them in. The Martin boys was there also. I said, "Brethren, you hear what the news said. Now, if you want to get out, you'd better go right now, because it's going to be too late. You might stay here for a week. And I should go, because next Monday I've got a meeting, Christian businessmen, Full Gospel Business Men at the chapter at Tucson. However, you make your choice. If you want to stay, I'm your guide; I'll stay here with you." Every one of them voted, "We'll stay. We'll stay."
The Martin boys, having a low-speed truck, or a high-speed truck, rather, they all… We had a couple of extra deer there, we give them to the Martin boys and them, and they went out; 'cause they wouldn't get out of there; that's all. So they–they're setting here as a witness tonight.

121 And then the next day, I thought… Well, it didn't snow that day, the day they went out. I said, "I'm going to call the wife and tell her I'm thankful for her being a nice wife and all. It's her anniversary. And then tomorrow I'll go up to the place, if we get up there for the snow."
And so I–I went in, and I couldn't call her. I come back. And everybody in town getting ready, and the big blizzard was coming, and the paper said could dump twenty-foot of snow in Colorado that night.

123 Brother Tom Simpson is setting present here somewhere tonight, or should be. He was in Canada and was on his road down, and they bypassed. Said, "Bypass Colorado. Great blizzard." Are you here, Brother Simpson? Where are you? Yes, setting back in the back here. And they told him, "Bypass Colorado, a great blizzard coming on."
So I–I told sister, and–and another man's wife, Brother Evans. I don't think Brother Evans is here tonight, 'less he just come in. Are you here, Brother Evans? And I don't think he's gotten here yet. He'll be here at the convention though. So I called his wife, and I said, "I couldn't get my wife; she's gone out to the store." And I said, "Tell her to tell Brother Tony Stromei (which was the president of the chapter), if I'm not in there Sunday, get another speaker ready, because I may not be able to get out of here at all. I'm with these men."

125 Then what taken place? The… That night it didn't snow. The next morning, the clouds was real low and angry. I said, "Now, brethren, I've herded cattle in here for years and guided. The first little drop of rain, take back to the camp as quick as you can, 'cause within fifteen minutes I've seen the time you couldn't see your hand before you for two or three days at a time, twisting blizzard." That's nine thousand feet right there. I said, "You–you'll just be in a blizzard, and you'll be lost, and you'll die here in the mountains. Now, we'll go out…" I placed each man, and I went up over the top. And I said, "Now, if I don't… Don't wait for me to come in. Hurry just as quick as it starts; the first little speck of rain, rush quickly to the camp, and because you won't be able to find your way back." They said they would do it.

126 I climbed high. Coyotes hollering everywhere, and I knew the weather was going to change. Then all at once a big blast of wind come, and the sleet begin to fall. And I said, "I guess everybody's headed back."
Well, I stood and looked around. I thought, "I wished I could find that deer before I go back, because the snow will cover him up, and they won't be found no more till spring." So I thought, "I've hunted so hard for that deer, and it was the first deer I ever let get by like that, since I've owned this little rifle, of fifty-five head of game with it." And I thought, "Well, now, I–I just hate to see it get away like that."

128 And just a moment, great big snow drops, looked like quarters, just a falling everywhere, and the wind started blowing, and I could hardly see how to get off the top of this peak. And I knowed to stay on this ridge. And if I went down and hit the creek, I'd go down the creek till I hit a little foot bridge, then I could feel my way up till I got to where the tent was. That's the only way you could get out. And so I thought, "If I ever make a move one way or the other, that's all, you'll never be found, so you'll die right in there."
So I started back down the mountain, and I got down about, oh, I guess, three hundred yards, or four hundred, from where I was.

130 Now, this sounds strange. But I got a Bible laying here before me, a heavenly Father bearing me record. I almost in a run, trying to get off, the wind was blowing so hard up there, and I could see about twenty feet in front of me in the thickets I was in, the timber, and the wind blowing and twisting. And a Voice said, "Stop; go back where you come from."
Well, I stopped. I thought, "Maybe that was just the sound of that wind. I wasn't thinking about nothing like that." And I waited just a moment.
And one of the boys had fixed me a sandwich, and I pulled it out, and it was really a sandwich; and me, raining and sweating, it was just a big lump of–of bread with some meat in somewhere. Well, I–I was kind of hungry, so I eat it anyhow. And I was standing there. And I buried the little piece of paper; so, an animal will see those things, and anything that's civilization, they run and get away.
So I stood there a little bit, and I thought, "Well, I'll just go on."
I started on. And just as plain as you hear my voice, Something said, "Turn and go back where you come from."
"How could that be God telling me to walk into that deathtrap?" I stood there a minute, and I thought, "That's the same One that said about them squirrels."
The same One I told you about last night, about my wife; just a voice, just a human voice. The same One told me when I was a little boy, never drink or smoke, and these things would be in the last days. God, and me telling this with the Bible over my heart, what good would it do me to tell you something wrong and know that I'm sending my soul to hell? See? It's true. It's unusual, but it's true.

137 "Well," I thought, "I know enough to obey that Voice. Why would I… He's got some reason for me to go up there. Maybe it's my time to go."
So I turned, and making my way through the wilderness until I got up to that saddle again, way up, maybe three hundred yards, four hundred above, right straight up the mountain, like that again. And it was so thick up there then, I couldn't see nothing; the wind, and the trees just laying over and twisting.
And I took my rifle. I had on a red shirt and a red cap, and I put the rifle, keep from smoking up the–the scope in it, because bear and stuff move in them kind of times, so does lion; and if I'd run into one, the scope all smoked up. And I just held it up like this, not against me, where it would smoke, but keep the fog out of it, and the wet from the snow. And I set down under a tree.

140 I was setting there. I thought, "Well, why would He want me to come up here? I–I doubt very much I can find my way down now, the–getting so terrific." I could see about ten or fifteen feet, maybe, and hardly that far, sometimes not over five feet, and getting rougher all the time. Well, I–I thought, "Well, He said come back. All I know to do is set here." And the snow then about an inch, or inch and a half, maybe two inches on the ground. It'd been about twenty or thirty minutes. And–and it was blowing so hard, it was blowing it away too. And I just set there just a moment.
I heard a Voice. He said, "I'm the God of heaven, Who created the heavens and earth."
I jerked off my hat–cap, and I just set still. And I listened again. I thought, "That wasn't the wind." Oh, it was blowing, making noise.

143 And I heard It again. Said, "I'm the One Who stilled the winds upon the mighty sea. I'm the One Who is the Creator. I created squirrels in your presence. I did these things."
I said, "Yes, Lord. I believe You."
Said, "Stand on your feet." I stood up, to my feet. He said, "Now speak to the storm. It'll do what you tell it to do."
Now, that is true. I, when I meet you at the judgment, I'll have all this to answer for. I thought He…
I said, "Storm, go to your place; stop. And, sun, you shine normally for four days."
And no more than I'd said that, the sleet and hail, which was about to blow me down, just stopped. And within a moment or two, the sun was shining right down through upon me. And I looked down across the mountains, I could see a–a east wind come (The wind was coming from the west.)–east wind come, and was coming this way, and I could see the clouds just mysteriously… Where they went, I don't know.

148 And I stood there a few moments, tears running down through my beard, and them gray. I thought, "God, how, I don't know what to do." I thought, "Well, I was… I guess the brethren are all back in the tent. And the sun's shining everywhere."
I started walking down the mountain. And the snow all drying up with that hot sun; steam coming out of my shirt: just a moment or two difference. And I started walking down the mountain. And when I did, I said… I heard a Voice say, "Why don't you walk with Me?
I said, "Lord, the greatest privilege I ever had." I turned and started back down through the big deer trails, down through that virgin forest. And I thought, "Well, I'll walk on down that way to where I always pay my salute to Meda, my wife." And I was going along some, about a half hour, three-quarters, later. Snow was all dried up and gone.
And I begin to think, "I wonder why she had never said anything to me about going." I said, "I remember when I first helped her up there and lift her over them logs, when we were married." I said, "Now she's gray."
I went, "Uhm!" The gray beard over my face, black and gray mixed together. I thought, "Bill, you ain't got much longer. You're getting old."

155 And I started moving on. And I looked up, looked like I could see her standing before me there with her arms out, still black-headed.
I held my head down. I was going up a little place where some quaking asps, and there's a little crook in a… I just leaned my head against the limb like this. And I was standing there, crying, and I could hear something going, "Pat, pat, pat." And I looked down; it was the water coming from my eyes, through my beard, hitting on them dry leaves, where about thirty minutes before, there was an inch of snow, and it blizzarding.

157 When I come down off the mountain, four days later; not one cloud in the sky for four days later, I come in, and I said to the filling station man, "Did… Been pretty dry?"
"Yes." Said, "You know, the strangest thing, we was predicted a storm the other day, and, you know, it stopped all at once."
And then I come on down to the New Mexico line, coming back to Arizona. And I said to Billy, my son, I said, "Let's go in here and just see if it was down this way."
I stopped in there (It was on a Sunday morning.), got some… And I got some gasoline. And the man said, "Well, been hunting?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
"Any luck?"
I said, "Yes, sir, we had a fine time." I said, "Looks pretty dry."
And he said, "Yes, it's been awful dry through here." He said, "We was promised a big snow the other day." And said, "You know, the blizzard actually started and somehow or another it quit." Oh, my. Oh, my.

163 I was standing up beside of this tree. (In closing.) Standing aside of this tree, the tears dropping from my eyes. I thought, "God…" Just think, the same God that said, "Peace, be still," to the waves, and the winds obeyed Him, He's still the same Jesus is right here in the woods with us. He's still the Word. The Word, all nature has to obey His Word, for He's the Creator of nature. I stood there, and the tears dropping off of my cheeks.
And for about five years now, I've been off the field, just going to churches and whatever I could. You all know that. And my heart's been burdened. I'd go out here, come to Arizona. He would tell me things to do, I'd go do it, but look like the revival's over. And I couldn't–wonder what was taking place. In my heart, I'd repent. I'd say, "Lord, if I've done anything, tell me; I'll make it right." Just burdened all the time, just a horrible feeling, I couldn't have the victory that I wanted.
Many great things He had done and showed, which you all are witnesses, coming here and telling you about it, seeing the papers pack it, and magazines, and so forth, about the great supernatural things that's been seen and done.

167 But my heart was still heavy. And I was leaning against the bush just like this. I thought, "The great God of heaven… That warm sun shining on me, not a cloud nowhere, and a few moments ago You just–You just contradicted the man's word. Nature did it. How could it be done, Lord? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. It was His Word that You just had me to speak." I thought, "Father, how grateful I am."
I heard something going [Brother Branham illustrates–Ed.] And I looked; standing right before me was two–three deer, and they were looking at me. Now, them deer had been shot at much in the last week, and there was hunters in there. And here I was dressed in red; anyone knows [Brother Branham snaps his finger.] that they're gone that quick. But they were looking at me.
And for eating deer there could been no better. It was a big doe, two big full-grown fawns. And I thought, "That's just right. We need three deer."
Something said, "You know, the Lord's put them in your hands."

171 But when I was with the Full Gospel Business Men, Brother Clayton, about a year before, he went with us when I caught that big record fish. That year, for men, I killed nineteen head of elk. And I–the…
Sometimes businessmen… Excuse this, my brethren. Some of them are doctors, and, you know, they can't walk; and fat, you know, and many set up to a desk. They say, "Billy, get me one two-year-old. Get me a blue cow. I want a buck. Get me a–a full rack." Well, I just had a jubilee out there, shooting, getting the elk and things.
But the Lord told me not to do that. And I promised Him, in that blizzard over there in Colorado, not–years before that. I said, "Lord, I'll lead men to the game, but no more kill game for men." No, not 'less it's an emergency and we have to have it.
And if you remember, boys, the night before we left, poor little old brother down there, hadn't got a deer (What's his name?), Palmer, come around, and put a ten-dollars tithes in my hand. He said, "Brother Branham, this is my tithes, put it in the church." He said, "Will you get me a deer?" Oh, I…

175 [–Ed.]…?… stood those three deer, and I had this rifle of mine on my shoulder. I just slipped my shoulder like that. I thought, "They can't get away from me. They're right here." I was too fast with the rifle. "I can get all three of them 'fore they even turn around." See? And I had the rifle. I thought, "There they are, right." I just slipped the rifle…
Then I happened to think of that promise. I said, "I can't do it. I can't do it." I said, "I remember one time that a man told another, 'God has put Joab in your hands–or Saul,' Joab told David. David said, 'God forbid that I'd touch His anointed.' That was my promise, that I wouldn't do it."
I thought, "They're right atop of this hill. I can roll them right down there; we can pick them up easy. Three fine deer standing there…" And I said, "No, I can't do it."

178 And here this coming up like that, of fawns, two full grown, male and female, and a mother deer. And they come, walking, looking around, great big fat fellows.
I stood there a little bit. And I thought, "That's unusual, for deer, and me with this red on like that." I thought, "I'll scare them."
I said, "You're in my hands. You couldn't get away if you wanted to, but I'm not going to hurt you. Go on." They just looked at one another, and they kept coming. And they got real close to me, looking at me.

181 Well, I set the rifle down on the ground. I said, "Mother, take your babies and go on out in the woods. (See?) I'm here enjoying myself in the Presence of God. I promised that I wouldn't kill game for other people." I said, "Now, you take your babies and go on in the woods. I love that woods too. Go on out."
She looked at me. And both of them looked around, all three of them. Then they turned and walked away, and then come back again.
And I said, "I'm not going to hurt you." I said, "Go on in the woods. You're in my hands. You couldn't get away." But I said, "I've been in God's hands, and yet I couldn't get away either. He spared me. I made Him a promise. I'm sparing you. Go on; have a good time; enjoy this woods. I like it. You go on."

184 They stood there a little while, and walked up close to eat out of my hands almost, turned around and looked all at me, like that, and walked on off, stand and looked back again, walked right on out in the woods. And I was standing there. I thought, "That's unusual for deer. Wonder if it's because that the Lord Jesus is here, His Presence?"
And just then a Voice spoke to me, said, "You remembered your promise, didn't you?" I knew it was Him. I said, "Yes, Lord."
He said, "So do I remember Mine. I'll never leave you. I'll never forsake you."
That burden lifted. Christian friends, it hasn't been back since. That was last October. I've been a different person.
Keep your promise to God. Whatever you say to God, you believe it. Separate yourself from anything contrary to His Word. God will hear and answer prayer. Let us bow our heads just a moment.
Are you willing to separate yourself tonight from all unbelief to hear the Word of the Lord? If you'll do it, and believe that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever… These things what He has promised to do, we see Him doing it. Will you raise your hands and say, "God, I make You a promise tonight. I believe everything that You promised. I believe every Word; that I'd never doubt no more"?

190 Our heavenly Father, Thou knowest this story to be true. That was the fourth time. And then the fifth time was with my own precious wife, when You… Last week, when that doctor writing that statement, that big tumor left before his hand touched her; just according to what I said.
Now, Father, I pray that You'd help these people. I realize that I'm getting old. I know that I must go soon. And I pray, Lord, that–let me be honest and sincere with my brethren, let be honest and sincere with Your people. If I can't be with them, then I don't think I would be with You, Lord, because I want to bear record of You. And I pray that You'll let the Word so live in us tonight, that You'll give all of us faith. And by this little gift that…
People think sometimes that a gift is something that you put in your hands, and go out and cut your way through. A gift is not that, Father. May they understand that a gift is get yourself out of the way, so that the Holy Spirit can do what It wants to do.

193 Lord, let us get ourselves out of the way now, and let the great Holy Spirit come and work through us. And may We see tonight the promises of Jesus Christ, that–the One that I referred to especially tonight, Lord, that that One where God came down before Abraham, manifested in flesh, and knowed the secret of the heart; It was God. And when He was made flesh and dwelt among us, He knew the secret of the heart. And the Bible says that the Word of God is a Discerner of the thoughts that's in the heart. That's how the disciples knowed that He was God.
Now, Father, will You come tonight and let our poor humble tabernacles be dedicated to You, that You'll cause us to believe, that it's Your Spirit might make Itself known among us tonight, that You're still the Word. And then we'll separate ourself from all unbelief and follow You. In Jesus' Name, may You speak to us. Amen.

195 [A prophecy is given–Ed.] Great God of heaven, be merciful unto us. Help us, O Lord, to obey Your commandments. And use us to Thy honor. And we thank Thee for these encouraging words. Now, let the Holy Spirit move through us and confirm these words. In Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Be of a good courage. The time of His coming is drawing close at hand.

197 Now, tonight we've got groups of prayer cards. How many in here has prayer cards, raise up your hands. It would be hard for me to go through that group and with the discernment, if the Lord would give it. But let me just take a moment and say this, how many in here doesn't have prayer cards, and you're praying that–that God will heal you? Now, may the Lord God help each one of you.
I am your brother. Jesus is your Saviour. God is our Father. We are people. We are not of this world, when we're born of God, we're of above. Now, before we have the prayer line to pray for the sick… And there's men here on the platform tonight that prays for sick too, and ministers out there that pray for sick. I don't want to leave the impression that I'm the only one who prays for the sick. See? God doesn't… He doesn't have to use me. He could–He'd just use you or anybody. The thing is to believe what He's said to be the Truth.

199 But now, as I have said this in vindication of what has been said, let us just bow our heads just a moment. You that's praying, and you're sick and do not have prayer cards, you pray and say something like this: "Lord Jesus, I know the Bible says that the prayer of faith shall save the sick; God shall raise him up. And it's also said that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever."
If He is the same, well, then He'll have to act the same, do the same. And then again, the Bible said that the–the Word of God was sharper than a two-edged sword, and discerned the thoughts that was in the heart. We know that when the Word was made flesh in the Person of Jesus Christ the Son of God, that's exactly what God did through His Son. Jesus said in St. John 14, "The works that I do shall you also, even greater and more, for I go to My Father."

201 And now, the Bible says also in the Book of Hebrews, that He's the High Priest now. Do we all believe that? Certainly. "He's the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." Now, He is, not I am; He is. No man is. He is now a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities.
Now, if you feel and were ready to step out and just turn yourself loose, to your all unbelief, and saying, "Let me touch You, great High Priest."… Now, if He is the High Priest, and the same yesterday, today, and forever, He will act as He did then, because He is the same.

203 A woman touched Him one time when He was here on earth, visibly, with her hand. He felt the touch, and turned around and said, "Who touched Me?" And all of them denied it. But He discerned the thoughts, and He found the woman, told her what was wrong with her, and her faith had healed her.
Now, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Maybe that woman didn't have a prayer card, but she had faith. And that's all that's necessary. Have faith. Touch the great Physician. And by a Divine gift, if I can just get myself out of the way, let the Holy Spirit say what He wants to do, and do what He wishes to do. Now, that's a gift, not just imaginary. And if it's imaginary, it won't work. If it is real, it works. That's what Jesus said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me." So it couldn't be me. He was the Son of God; I'm a sinner saved by His grace.

205 Just believe. Don't press. Just believe, and say, "Lord Jesus, let me touch Your garment." Just pray simple. Just keep praying. Everybody stay where you are; just pray and believe.
Just believe; now, don't be in a hurry. Don't try to pray. Just believe. Now, do you believe, everyone? Can you believe? Just forget all the past. Think that Jesus promised this. I know it's unusual, but Jesus promised it.
Now, if you will, be reverent just a moment, then we'll start the prayer line. I don't say that He'll do this. He may. By the grace of God, I–I'm released from, I think, from my own thinking. May He…

208 Now you, if you feel to raise your head and just look this a way, and be in prayer. As Peter and John said, "Look on me," not, "look on us," rather, didn't mean… Just to pay attention to what they were saying.
Now you're a audience. There's hardly anyone in here that I know, outside of–of these Martin boys setting here. And I think this is Brother Daulton setting down here (I'm not sure.) with your colored glasses on. I'll try to bypass them there, people to which I do not know.
Well, now may Jesus Christ come with His power, that you might see that the promise of this day, the Scripture that was predicted of this day, even according to Malachi 4, it must be fulfilled. Something's got to do it. God has promised it.

211 There's a lady setting right out here. She's on her road to the hospital tomorrow. She's been in a accident, automobile accident. She's hurt herself, got inward troubles, bad arm. You don't have a… You have a prayer card, lady? You don't. Am I a total stranger to you? I don't know you. We don't know one another. Ma'am? Just heard me preach, but you know I know nothing about you. Are those things the truth? If that is, raise up your hand. God bless you. All right, sir. Have faith, you won't have to go. Your trouble's over. What did the lady touch?
There's a man setting right behind her. Can't you see that Light? Look at that amber-colored Light moving. It's a man setting right behind her. He's praying about something; it's a brother that's in the hospital. Do you believe that God will heal your brother, give him back his right mind and everything, make him right? Do you believe that? I'm a stranger to you. Is that right? That's to con… Believe. All right, you can have… What did he touch?

213 Here's a lady, right back behind that, setting back here. She's… See that Light, can you see It? Look here. Look, everybody look, see right here, kind of an amber-looking Circle. Right by the… It's a lady. She's here, she's praying for someone. It's two children, grandson, great-grandson. The lady is not from here. She's from California, and she's come here requesting prayer.
Also, there's somebody with her. It's her sister. She sets right back here with that red dress on. She has epilepsy. That is true. She's from California, and you brought her with her. Your name is Mary. You believe with all your heart. Are those things true? Wave your hand if it's true. All right. You believe with all your heart? Then you can have what you've asked for. Now, anybody wants to ask the people if I knew them… Do you have a prayer card, lady? You don't? You don't need it.

215 Here, here's a man setting right back here looking at me on the end of the row. He's got trouble with his knees. If he'd believe that God will heal them knees, he may have what he is praying about. Do you believe it?…?… All right, your knee trouble is over, sir. You have a prayer card? You don't have a prayer card? You don't need it. Now, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever…
A lady setting here has got female trouble. You believe? Yeah, the lady… Oh, my, she's going to miss it. Got a red coat. Her name is Miss Daly. Believe with all your heart. The Lord Jesus Christ make you well, Miss Daly.
Ask if I know the lady. I never seen her in my life. The heavenly Father knows that. You say, "Why did you call her, her name?"
Well, Jesus said, "Your name is Simon. You're the son of Jonas." Is that right? Now, isn't that Him, the same yesterday, today, and forever? Do you believe that to be the truth? Now, what did Jesus say? This will occur.

219 And, remember, that was the last sign that was given to the elected Church, Abraham and his bunch, before the promised son appeared. Is that right? God had give Abraham signs all along the journey, and so has He the Church. But when the Angel of the Lord come down and do that, He destroyed the unbelieving Gentiles; and the expected son that had been waited for appeared, Isaac.
This ministry will end soon, and the expected Son will appear, Himself. The Church has come from justification through the Lutheran, sanctification through the Wesleyans, into the baptism of the Holy Ghost through the Pentecostals, and now winding up to the Headstone ministry, typing all the time right into that perfect negative shadow becoming positive, then Jesus will come to catch His Church someday, those who believe.
Separate yourself from unbelief and believe tonight. Will you do it?

222 Let those who have prayer cards now, beginning… I believe I prayed up to twenty-five last night. Is that right? I think that's what was set down, number 1, 25. Now, 26, 27, 28-30, line up over here with prayer cards number one, line up on this side over here. Will you do it now?
Now, we have the discernment line without the prayer cards, so that people say I was reading what was on their prayer cards; there was… Them people had no prayer card. They're just people setting there, and now it goes on. How many has seen that go for a half hour at a time, or more, like that (See?) and things take place. But, you see, we got to hold a little strength. I've got forty-some-odd meetings ahead of me around down through the south.
And now, move over here, you with your prayer cards, move over on this side. All with the A prayer cards, come over on this side over here, prayer cards A.

225 Now, the rest of us, let us sing to God, "Only Believe." Will you do that? All of us together.

Only… (That's all. Just believe what? Believe His Word)… only believe,All things are possible, now, only believe;Only believe…Lord… Lord…

Maybe if I'd step right down there, maybe it'd be better? Can we go down there, pray for the sick? Go down here, pray for the sick? 'Cause we could…

227 How many is interested in these people getting healed? Now, see, healing belongs to God. Is that right? Now, if Jesus stood here tonight with this suit of clothes that He gave me, and was wearing this suit of clothes, Himself, the… If you'd say, "Lord, will You heal me."
He'd say, "I have already done it." "He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed." Is that right? See, He's already did it; it's in past.
You say, "Lord, save me." He's already did it. No matter how much you cry, or pray, and beat on the bench, it won't save you until you believe and accept what He's done for you. Is that right?
Same thing it is. I do not heal people. I can't heal people. But what would He do, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever? He would do just what He did now, for that's what He promised for the day. How many knows that that's what He's promised? He's promised it. Yes, sir. He promised it in all the Scriptures. You all take the tapes, "The Seven Church Ages," and things, see those things proven by the Scripture that it's right.

231 Now, to you standing in this prayer line to come down that line of discernment, Jesus saw one vision and He said, "I perceive that virtue has gone from Me." That's strength. Is that right? Visions, you're in another world. Now, He's here. That's Him that you touched. See? Now, it just only identifies that He's here with us.
Now, how many will believe, if we'll just walk through this line, and let me pray and lay hands upon you, and you go back to your seat? Do you believe if I pray for you here, and then lay hands on you, each one of you get well?

233 Do you believe that was the Holy Spirit here? It could just keep on doing it. If you want to forfeit that line, and just keep on for some more, why, we'll do that. See, that's what, the Holy Spirit's here. See? It's not… It's just up to–to your thinking, if it'd make you believe more.
But many people has been taught, "Lay hands on them." The Bible said, "He sent His Word and healed them." Well, that's what He did just now, confirmed His Word, sent It to you, confirmed It, and It healed them. The Gentile said… Jew said, "Come, lay hands on my daughter, she'll live."
The Roman said, "I'm not worthy You come under my roof. Just say the word." That's what I'm trying to get you to believe. You see?
But if you want to be prayed for, and hands laid upon you, now I want every one of you to join with me in prayer as we pray for the people. Let us bow our heads.

237 Lord Jesus, I pray for the people now. They're aware that You're standing here. They know that You're in the midst of the people. And when these people pass over this platform tonight, may they not come, just coming by me, Your servant, or these other servants of Yours setting here. May they realize that they're coming to the temple of the living God, they're coming under a promise that God said, "These signs shall follow them that will believe. When they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." He promised that. He promised that every man that would believe would be saved, and every man that does believe gets saved. Every one that believes in healing gets healed. Father, help our unbelief now.
You've identified Yourself here tonight Scripturally to show us that You're here. Now, let it come to pass that every person that comes across this platform, or in this audience, may there not be a feeble person among us when the service is over. May the great Holy Spirit come among His people and anoint us every one, Lord, all these ministers, all these servants of Yours setting here by the hundreds. Father, I pray that each of our prayers will go to You while we're in the Divine Presence of Your Being. And may these people understand, as they pass this platform, that tonight is the night of their healing, if they can believe it.

239 Now I want every one to continue in prayer as the people come by, and I'll be laying hands upon each one for their healing.
Come, sir. I pray for this, my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to be healed.
I pray for this, my brother. In the Name of Jesus Christ, to be healed.
I pray for my sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for her healing. Amen.
I pray for my sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for her healing.
I pray for my sister, in Jesus' Name, for her healing.
I pray for my sister, in Jesus' Name, for her healing.
I pray for my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for his healing.
I pray for my sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for her healing.
I pray for my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for his healing.
I pray for my brother, in Jesus' Name, that You heal him.
I lay hands upon our brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for his healing.
I lay my hands upon this brother, in Jesus' Name, for his healing.
With my hands laid upon this brother, I ask for his healing, in Jesus' Name, while he's in the Divine Presence here now of Your anointing.

250 Heal this, my sister, Father, I pray, in Jesus Christ's Name.
[–Ed.]… Jesus Christ's Name, let him be healed.
Likewise, upon my brother here, Father, I lay my hands. In Jesus' Name, let him be healed.
Father, God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I lay hands upon my sister. Let her be healed, in the Name of Jesus–[Brother Branham coughs, not fully finishing saying the name of "Jesus"–Ed.]–the Lord Jesus. Pardon me Father.
I lay hands upon this brother, and ask for his healing, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, I lay hands upon my brother, and ask for his healing, for the glory of God. Amen.
Our heavenly Father, I lay hands upon my brother, and I ask for his healing. Connecting my prayer, Lord, with his prayer, and the prayer of the church that You've gathered tonight. My hands upon him, identifying my faith in the Son of God, I ask his healing. Amen.
Now, we got some wheelchair cases here to pray for. [–Ed.]
Jesus said, one time, "Know ye what I've done to you?" I've done just what God commanded to be done.

259 Now, let us pray together, each one. As you put your mind upon God, hold your prayer. Remember, believe now; believe with us. Each one of you here that's sick and maybe you didn't have a prayer card…
Now, we'll be giving out prayer cards again tomorrow night at six-thirty or seven, something like that, six-thirty or seven, so we'll have prayer line again tomorrow night. I'm sorry that I kept you a little late tonight on account of the prayer line. May God bless you. Now, let us bow our heads again.

261 As we pray, Father, we forgive every man his sin against us. If there be found anything in us that's unlike You, forgive us, Lord. For we're told that we're to be written epistles of God, read of all men. And as we have obeyed Your commandments, seen Your Presence identifying Yourself with us, people has walked up to this platform, testifying of their faith. We've laid hands upon them, Father. Not just as one of us, but all of us together in prayer, we've laid hands upon them, believing that You'll heal their bodies.
You said, when You were here on earth, "If you ask the Father anything in My Name, I'll do it." Jesus the Son of God, that was Your promise, Lord. And the One that made the promise has identified Himself here tonight to fulfill His promise. So it–it has been carried out, Your commandments, laying hands on the sick. Now, let it be done. It's been written; let it be done. Let the power of Jesus Christ break tonight and separate every person in here from any unbelief, and let the Presence of Jesus Christ, the Word, Who knows the thoughts of our heart, let It take preeminence tonight in every heart.

264 And we rebuke Satan and all of his powers of darkness, all of his powers of unbelief. The Spirit of God has raised up a standard against you, Satan. You are a defeated being. Jesus Christ defeated you at Calvary.
He raised up, the third day, triumph over death, hell, and the grave. He ascended on High and give gifts to men. He's here in Person tonight. He said, "A little while and the world will see Me no more; yet ye shall see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." We see His Presence here tonight fulfilling His Word. By faith we believe that every sick person in here shall be healed for the glory of God, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
And the people said, "Amen." [The congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.] God bless you. Back to the brother.

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