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Mary’s Belief (59-0409)

Mary's Belief (59-0409)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Mary's Belief
was delivered on Thursday, 9th April 1959 at the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
The tape, number 59-0409,
is 1 hour and 17 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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For a word of prayer… O Lord, we are grateful to Thee to have the
privilege of coming again to the house of God. I believe it is written
in the Scripture: "I was happy when they said unto us, let us go to the
house of the Lord." And we know no greater privilege that we have than
to come to Thy house and worship Thee. And we pray tonight, Father,
that this will be an outstanding night because of the Presence of the
Holy Ghost.
May the sinners be saved tonight, everyone that's in Divine order. And
may all the sickness be healed tonight and God's Name be glorified. For
we ask it in the Name of His dear beloved Son, our Saviour, Jesus
Christ. Amen. You may be seated.

A few nights ago I was telling a story here of what happened in Los
Angeles, both to the visible audience and the radio audience, of one of
the most pathetic sights that I had ever seen was a little baby dying
with cancer in a hospital here. And I was staying with my good friend,
Brother Minor Arganbright. And it happened to be, as I was telling the
story, that the father of the child was present. And I asked him if he
would bring the little baby tonight, which is now about seven or eight
months old. And the little baby was sent home from the hospital and eat
its first food, and it's well now.
So the family is here tonight to present to this visible audience,
little Ricky DePompa. And they'll bring him out at this time now,
you'll be able to see the little boy that was dying with cancer in the
hospital, and the Lord Jesus healed this little baby, little nine
months old, I guess, Ricky DePompa. Let's give God a praise for this
great thing. That's little Ricky. I think that it's a miracle of
Almighty God. I know you all are happy.

Let us just bow our heads and offer thanks. Lord, a trophy of Your
grace, little Ricky is alive tonight because of Your goodness. He's
here and we're grateful. Let the little fellow become a great man to
take this Sword after his father has to lay it down. I pray this
blessing for little Ricky. In Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-4 Thank you all so much for bringing him tonight, that's very nice of you. Thank you very kindly.
audience, you should've seen this little fellow that had a head almost
two or three times the size of a normal baby. And its little jaws were
so cut and–through where the doctors had worked faithfully to save the
little fellow's life. And there was nothing could be done. It had just
made the demon angry, and the little tongue stuck out through its mouth
and turned black, and it cut off its wind where it could not breathe
through its nose or its throat. They had to cut down here in its
throat, or chest, and put a little whistle in so it could breathe its
breath in that way, and a nurse pulling mucus from that so the little
fellow could keep its breath. And here he is tonight a normal baby by
the grace of God. We are thankful to the Lord.
Now, to you who are suffering with cancer, take courage, God is a Healer.

Tonight I wish to read some of God's sacred Word found in Saint Luke
the 1st chapter and the 37th and 38th verse. I believe I will read
the–the 36th verse also.

And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she has
also conceived a son in her old age;… this is the sixth month with
her, which was called barren.

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

And Mary said, Behold the handsmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

The spring sun was rising high in the Judaean skies as she started up
the street that morning with the water pot under her arm. And her
little youthful mind was thinking of the day before, how that at
the–the synagogue, where she and her espoused husband had sit and
listened to a–a sermon from the Rabbi. And how in his talk he had
explained to the people why they were settled in that land, that it had
been a promise that God had made their father Abraham hundreds of years
before, that they should inherit that land. And how that when God made
a promise that He could not go back on that promise.
And that they had come through the Red Sea as on dry ground. And how
that before that, that God taken them out of the hands of the enemy.

E-6 And God loves to take His children out of the hands of the enemy. He's proved it the way He did little Ricky here.
them from the hand of the enemy, and by great signs and wonders and fed
them in the wilderness for forty years… And they came out of the
wilderness, a forty year journey with not a feeble one among them. Even
their clothes didn't wear down. What a great God that they had.
But at the end of his message he ruined what he had been talking about
when he said that, "Those great days of Jehovah dealing with people
like that, it wasn't necessary no more. They had become settled down in
their homeland, and they didn't exactly need miracles no more. They had
good doctors for their sickness (which is certainly all right), and
that they had a–they were better off, they had their homes, and they
just didn't need the God of miracles anymore."
But somehow that didn't satisfy the thirst and hunger of Joseph and Mary. You see, they were engaged to be married soon.

And as custom was, that after service is over, why, he would go home
with her sometimes to her home. For where her home was, it's just
across the hill where Joseph the carpenter was building a special
little house. You know, it had to have that little special touch to it.
Because it was the one he was going to bring his little bride to. The
doors had to shut just perfect. The windows had to be plumb, for that
was where he was to spend his life with his little wife.
And after the noon meal, they would go out on the front porch, perhaps,
and look across towards that little home and dream of the time that
when they would be together happy living at the house, and how the
roses would be around the windows, and so forth. Then on this certain
Sunday afternoon, Joseph said, "This seems to be a strange day."

And Mary said, "You know, since I heard the Rabbi say that, 'This great
God that brought us here and made us what we are, that He doesn't have
to do things for us now like He did then.' I've been thinking for a
long time that if this God was as great in the days of our fathers as
He was in the days of our grandfathers, then why isn't He just the same
great God today?"
That's only good thinking. And she goes back into the house and said,
"We'll read some of the Scriptures, just wherever God will lead us."
And she picked up the Scroll of Isaiah. And she begin reading, we'd say
something like this: Isaiah 9:6:

Unto us a son is born, unto us a child is given.

And she looks over with her lovely soft eyes and said to her
husband-to-be, Joseph, "Who do you think the prophet was speaking of?"
"Why," Joseph said, "Mary, I believe that he was speaking of the
Messiah that is to come. And that's why that we keep our blood stream
clean and don't mix with other nations, because someday God's going to
send the Messiah among us."
She was thinking on this as she went along the side of the street real
early as the sun was rising. And–and she was going up to the public
well to get her daily supply of water. Usually the women come just a
little later to get the water, but Mary, somehow she was led to go
early that morning. And as she walked along thinking on these things,
she felt a strange feeling around her.

E-9 And you know, it's usually when we're thinking about God and keeping our minds on God, that God comes close to us.
think that's one of the great troubles of the people of this day. We
have too many other things on our mind. Even when we come to a healing
service, we seem to think, "Well, I did not get a prayer card tonight."
Or perhaps, "I'll not be prayed for." We will never be able to
accomplish much as long as we keep those kind of thoughts.
This Angelus Temple is thirsting for a outbreak of the Holy Spirit. Not
only that, but the whole United States, speaking of the Christian
realm, is waiting for a revival in our time. But we're waiting for
something to happen, and I believe that God has let it happen; and
we're just so pushing it somewhere else, until it'll pass over us and
our time of grace will be gone.
Let's be positive in our thinking. Let's believe that this night now,
the revival will break in Angelus Temple tonight. Let's believe that
this is the night that God will do the exceedingly abundantly above all
that we could do or think He will do it tonight. Don't take no for the
answer. It's when we think those things, you create an atmosphere
around you.

And as she was thinking on this, she raised up her eyes and she thought
that she saw a light flicker. And the little virgin perhaps rubbed her
lovely angel-looking eyes, and she looked around, and, "Well, maybe it
was the sun that kindy reflected off of something."
And she goes on and turns the corner, starting up towards the public
well. She drops her little head again and pulls her little shawl around
her shoulders. And she went on about her way thinking of, "What did
this Isaiah 9:6 mean?"
When God puts something upon a person's heart, He's ready to do
something. That's the reason that He's ready to give the Angelus Temple
a outbreak of the Spirit, because it's on your hearts.
And as she thought on these things, after while she raised her head again; she felt a real strange feeling.
I just love to feel the Presence of the Holy Spirit. It just gives that
blessed assurance. You don't always have to see It; It's there anyhow.

And as she moved along, and she raised her head again, and there stood
this great Light in before her, perhaps the same Pillar of Fire that
led the children of Israel. Come walking from that Light came the great
Archangel, Gabriel, and He said, "Hail, Mary." Means to "stop."
"Blessed art thou among the women."
Hard telling the other women went to the well that morning, perhaps
thinking about the washing they had to do, or some task, or some
society in the church they had to take care of. But Mary was thinking
on the Scriptures. Was not it Cleopas and his friend on the first
Easter morning, as they were thinking on the Scriptures when Jesus
appeared to them?
And as she saw this great Angel, It startled the little virgin, and she
stopped. And He came close to her and saluted her. And He gave her a
message. That was a hard message for that child to believe, for she
wasn't nothing but a–a girl. And He gave her something to believe,
that was more outstanding and hard to believe than anything He'd ever
give to anyone.

Six months before that He'd met Zacharias the priest at the temple. And
he was an aged man, and had read the Scriptures, and had taught the
Scriptures. And because that he was old and his wife was barren, the
Angel, same Angel, told him that after the days of his ministration at
the altar, waving the incense over the people's prayer, that when he
went home, his wife would conceive and bear a child. And that preacher
questioned the Angel. "How can it be? I'm old, and my wife is old."
He had plenty of examples in the Bible. There had been Hannah at the
temple, that had Samuel the prophet after she was old. And there had
been Sarah, who brought forth Isaac after she was nearly a hundred
years old.
And here this little woman had to believe something that had never
happened: a woman having a baby without knowing any man. She said, "How
shall these things be, my Lord?"
He said, "The Holy Ghost shall overshadow thee: and that Holy Thing that'll be borned from you will be called the Son of God."
Watch her. She didn't question that. She said, "Behold, the handsmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to Thy Word."
If we could just do that. That's the only thing. That's what God loves.
That's the only way to get right with God, is take Him at His Word.
That's the only way that there is to please God, take His Word. Don't
trust your knowledge. You'll reason, "How can it be done? It cannot be
done." When you reason, then you lose the victory. We must cast down
reasonings and believe what God has said to be the truth.

E-13 Mary took Him at His Word, and He changed the whole course of natural life for her.
He will change the course of your life tonight if you'll take Him at
His Word. If you are a sinner, He will straighten that crooked life of
yours out. If you're vile and immoral, He will make you as pure as a
lily if you'll just take Him at His Word. That vile conscience of sin
that makes you look at immoral things, and use the Name of the Lord in
vain, have temper enough to fight a buzz saw, He will change that
course of life for you and make you a new creature in His Son Christ
Jesus by just taking Him at His Word.
If you have cancer tonight, He will change that for you and give you
health. If you have tuberculosis or sickness of some kind that the
doctors cannot help, He will change that for you if you'll just take
Him at His Word. And this is His Word: "I'm the Lord thy God that heals
all thy diseases." Oh, how glorious and marvelous our Lord is.

Now, as soon as the Angel had told her about her cousin, and she
accepted the Lord's will to be done, the only thing she knowed would
happen, that the Holy Spirit was going to do it.
Oh, if we could only get that settled in our hearts. How can a cancer
be cured when the doctors give it up? It's not me to try to figure it
out. It's take the Word of the Holy Spirit. He was the One Who made the
promise. He's the One Who confirms that promise. He's obligated to keep
that promise.

And I want you to notice another thing about Mary, she did not wait
till she was positive. She didn't wait till she felt life, or some
physical sign that she was going to have this baby before she said
anything about it. She just took… God's Word was good enough for her.
And she started rejoicing right away.
Oh, if the Angelus Temple, if you people here tonight, you know it's
the will of God to break forth here tonight. You know it's the will of
God to send a revival in this tabernacle tonight. God gives the
promise. I've been asked to stay over another week, and I've accepted
it to stay another week, because that… [The people applaud–Ed.] Thank you. Because that I was…

Before I left home I stretched the time out a little bit to take a
fishing trip where I've always wanted to go, down in Mexico with my
good friend Brother Arganbright, was going to fly me down there at his
expense. And how I love to fish. But it was put before me. Reservations
are made, the plane's ready to leave Monday. But I felt in my heart
that God was going to do something here at the Angelus Temple. And
I–I'm not a fanatic.
When I left home I said to my field secretary, Mr. Mercier, I said, "I
believe I'll stay an extra week at the Angelus Temple, for I want to
see a revival break again in that Temple that'll send the power of God,
that'll sweep around the world." That the reviving of the people of God
are coming together again, bone to bone, and the sinew skin… I
believe that God's going to do it. Somehow I feel that I have a promise
that He's going to do it. In my heart there's something moving in me,
tells me something's going to take place. I've canceled everything to
make ready for it, giving it room to see what this is on my heart
that's speaking for this.

Mary, she didn't wait till she was positive. She didn't wait till she
seen some physical sign. If I look for a physical sign for what I'm led
for tonight, I'd look for every seat in here to be taken up, when the
place is only about two-thirds full. But that doesn't matter. We don't
have to have a overflowing crowd. There was a hundred and twenty in the
upper room, but they were all in the hands of God. God started a
revival with them hundred and twenty completely surrendered into His
hands that's never ended, a fire that cannot be put out.
What could God do here tonight with these hundreds in His hands? It's
just getting ready, believing, holding His promise before Him.

E-18 Now, Mary could have waited till she had some kind of a sign that she was going to be mother.
you could wait after the meeting's over until you feel that you could
move your crippled leg just a little better, or you could hear a little
better out of that deaf ear, or the cancer seemed to be that it wasn't
bothering you so much. That's not taking God at His Word. To take God
at His Word is to hear His Word, and accept It, and start rejoicing
with It.

We could see five hundred rush to the altar tonight, which would be a
good sign then that the revival is going to break. We don't have to
have five hundred at the altar; we just have to take God's Word for it
and start rejoicing. Something will happen. That brings the Word to
life as we water It with praises. What makes a seed grow? Water. What
makes the Word of God grow is the praises of God.

When Jesus told them to wait in the upper room–or the city of
Jerusalem until they was endued with power from on high, that Word fell
on their ears. They was in the temple continually praising God day and
night. What was they doing? Watering that promise. And all of a sudden
there came a sound from heaven like a rushing mighty wind and it filled
all the house where they were setting. The Word was being watered. And
It took life and started growing.

You're wanting a revival, start watering the Word, the promise. That
makes me feel religious myself. If you want to come out of the
wheelchair, start watering the Word. If you want to come from that
cancer, start watering the Word. Little Ricky tonight here is a
testimony that God heals cancer. He heals cancer; He heals all our
sicknesses. Thousands times thousands of infallible proofs of it, we've

Setting in this audience tonight somewhere is Mrs. Upshaw, William
Upshaw's widow. How was it down here at Kopp Church the–I believe
called the World Church now. When Brother Kopp was there that had the
meeting that night, I never heard of William Upshaw in my life. And he
would been the congressman, I believe, for about seventeen years.

But when I walked to the platform, and it happened to be that he knew
the old Baptist preacher that ordained me in the Baptist church, Doctor
Roy E. Davis. Doctor Davis told him to come, see me when I come to the
coast, to have me to pray for him. And he moved in and was setting in
his wheelchair. All of a sudden I saw an old hay frame and a little boy
fall, hurt his back, begin to relate just what I was seeing. Someone
said, "That's the old congressman setting there, William Upshaw."

And in a few minutes he'd asked me if he thought–if I thought he'd get
well? And just in a few moments I saw him in a vision walking across
the top of the people's head, bowing hisself down as he did as the
southern hospitality. And in one minute's time he was on the platform
rejoicing and praising God, after being in a wheelchair for sixty
something years, I think. It's the evidence that God heals from the
wheelchair, after setting there in that wheelchair, wheeled around for
over a half a hundred years.

God does things in His own way when men and women will take Him at His
Word. Congressman just said, "Something struck him that he knowed it
was the truth." I didn't know him. "And if God was that close to him,
he would accept it." And out of the chair he went. And that did it.
Lived for many years testifying, glorifying God. And with an immortal
body tonight he's walking the streets of gold with the saints that's
gone on before.

I was speaking to his wife the other day, and she, wiping the tears
from her eyes when she called him her prince. I said, "But he's just
gone upstairs. He isn't dead; he's just gone upstairs, waiting up there
to help you up one of these days." God works mysteriously when we take
Him at His Word.

Mary started quickly, testifying that she was going to have this baby.
How is she going to have it? She's never knowed a man; there's never
been such as that ever happen; but she just took the Word of the Lord
at what It meant and begin to rejoice.
If each person in here tonight that's bound with sin in your lives,
will just take Him at His Word and start rejoicing, because Jesus said,
"He that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out. Though your sins be
like scarlet, they shall be white like wool." There's no need of being
bound down; you can be free tonight from your burden of sin.
If there are those here tonight who are bound by sickness, just take
Him at His Word and start rejoicing. You can be free; He said so. And
He's no respect of persons. "Whosoever will, let him come."

She was so happy about it, so happy that God had permitted her, to let
a first hand miracle be performed on her. She was so happy about it,
and to hear about her cousin Elisabeth, till she took off from Nazareth
up into Judaea, the hills. The little virgin going along the road, up
into the mountain country…

Now, Elisabeth, it was six months with her as mother. And she was
pretty well wearied about it. The little baby that had been promised in
her old age, six months and there was no life to the little baby yet.
That's altogether subnormal, for about three to four months life
appears. But it was six months and there was no life. And Elisabeth had
hid herself.
Somehow down in her heart she believed, though in her fearful
condition, that if God had give this promise to Zacharias, her husband
a just man, and she'd prayed for this baby, and the signs was a showing
it, she'd knit little booties and get ready.
That's it, make ready for it. Oh, you tonight, get your blanket off
your body; get your foot on the floor; get ready; come out of the
wheelchair; come off the bed; make ready for it. God Who made the
promise keeps the promise if you'll water it with the praises of "Thank
You, Lord," positive that you know what you're doing, for you're
standing on His promises.

South Africa recently, a man who had never had a pair of shoes on his
feet in his life, been way back in the jungles as a–born back there
years ago by missionary parents… He was born with deformed feet.
When he come walking up through there, clubbing his feet along, had a
shoe box under his arm. And someone said to him, "What you got in
He said, "A pair of shoes."
Said, "What do you expect to do with them? Do they… Are they going to be your father's?"
He said, "I'm going to wear them."
And when the service was over, he had those shoes on, running down
through that lot just as hard as he could go, praising God. What did he
do? He took God at His Word. He said so much, when he was asked, he
said, "I seen others coming that was crippled, was healed. And I seen
those who were blind could see again, and God would not turn me down."
That's the way to believe it. "God won't turn me down."

Mary knew that God wouldn't turn her down. And so up in the mountains
she went, and I can see Elisabeth setting back in a little room in the
little adobe shack. And she brings back the curtain, and she said, "It
seems like that I ought to know that young woman coming there." And she
looks again, and she said, "It's my cousin, Mary. I've never seen her
so beautiful in my life. Look how happy she looks." So out of the room
she went, and she grabbed Mary around the neck and begin to embrace her
and hug her.
You know, people used to have a feeling for each other. But today they
don't seem to care for each other. It seems like all that brotherly
feeling has gone away from people. That's a shame.

I know my wife isn't in tonight, but here sometime ago she and I were
downtown, riding down the street. And a fine lady that I knew in New
Albany, she said, "Hello there, Sister Branham."
And I never heard her say a word. And I said, "Honey, the lady spoke to you."
And she said, "I spoke to her."
I–I said, "I didn't hear you do it."
And she said, "I–I–I smiled."
Oh, my, I don't like that little old silly grin. I–I–I like a real
good old fashion pump-handle handshake. I–I like a feeling in it.
What's the trouble tonight with people. They got so dry and starchy.
That's what's the matter with the Pentecostal church. You got too
starchy, friends. That's what's the matter with the Baptist church, the
Methodist church, the people in general.

Paul Rader, who perhaps preached right in this tabernacle at this same
pulpit where I'm preaching tonight. Gone on to glory. He said one time
that he and his wife were setting at the table and she wanted to do
something. And, oh, he said, "There's no need of doing that." And so
somehow he hurt her feeling. And he thought, "Well, if her feeling's
that easy hurt, let them be hurt."
So he got up, and laid the paper on the table, and went out the street.
Her custom was that she would meet him at the door and kiss him
good-bye. And when he went out to the end of the gate he'd always look
back and wave. Well, said, "She kissed him good-bye. And went on out to
the end of the gate and looked back," and said, "she waved." And said,
"He started down the street, and something begin to condemn him." Said,
"What if she would die today while you're gone? Or what if something
would happen to you? Would that little strange feeling just a family

Said, "He got so condemned he turned around and run back real quick,
jerked open the gate and went in, throwed open the door, looked around;
he couldn't see her. He heard her; she was behind the door crying."
Said, "He never said a thing, he just walked around there and looked
her right in the face and kissed her again, turned around and went back
out the gate, she stand there and waved again." Said, "The difference
of it was, the last time she waved had a feeling to it."

Well, that's the way it is, friends. We just can't put it on
artificial; we need Pentecostal fire and brotherly love back in the
church of the living God. Got too much artificial Hollywood makeup
about it. We need an old fashion God sent, sky blue, sin killing
religion to start from the pulpit and sweep out.

Taking God at His Word… Mary, oh, how she was rejoicing and patting
her on the back, and Elisabeth patting her. And I can hear Elisabeth
say to Mary, "Oh, dear, I never seen you look so happy. It must be that
you and Joseph are married."
"Well, what are you so happy about?" She said, "I know what you're happy about. Because that I'm to be mother."
Said, "Yes, that's part of it; I knew you was to be mother."
"Why," she said, "Mary, that's true. But I've hid myself for six
months. And I'm kindy bothered, Mary, because that–that I'm going to
be mother, and yet for six months that baby has not even moved. I'm
just a little weary."
I can see the pretty eyes of Mary sparkle, and said, "Elisabeth, I've got something to tell you. I'm going to be a mother too."
"Oh Mary, did you not just get through telling me that you and Joseph was not married?"
"That's right. We're not married as yet."
"And you're going to be mother?"
"Yes, oh, I'm…"
She was so surprised.
But Mary said, "Wait a minute, Elisabeth. The other morning I was on my
way to the well, and the same Angel that appeared to Zacharias appeared
to me down there and said I was to bring forth a baby knowing no man.
And I should call His Name Jesus."
And as soon as she said, "Jesus," little John begot a shouting spell.
He begin to jump in joy. And she said, "Whence comes the mother of my
Lord to me? For as soon as your salutation come to my ears, my baby
leaped in my womb for joy."

And if the first time that the Name of Jesus Christ was ever spoke
through mortal lips brought life to a dead baby, what ought it to do to
this Angelus Temple who claims to be borned again of the Spirit of the
living God. Take Him at His Word; start rejoicing; start believing Him.
God will do great things for you if you'll just believe it. Believe
Him; take His Word. It's the most honorable thing that you can do, is
to take God at His Word. Do not disbelieve Him; just believe Him with
all that's in you. Believe Him, and God will bring it to pass. Do you
believe that?

Let us pray. O Lord, You know the weakness of human life. And You know
the strength of the Name of Jesus. For He told us when He was on earth,
that to believe that what we said would come to pass and we could have
what we had said. Give us faith tonight, Lord; give us faith as we
claim a revival, an out pouring of Thy Spirit here in the Angelus
Temple in these coming days. Give us of Thy blessings tonight to start
at this time, and may men and women who are sitting here, that's longed
and waited for a time to when they could reach out by faith and say,
"Jesus, I now surrender my whole life to You. I now am sick and tired
of just a halfway living for You." Grant tonight, Lord, that they may
experience the great pouring out of the Holy Ghost in their life.

Give to that poor wayward sinner, Lord, who's an alien from God, cut
off without God, without hope, without mercy. And in due season Christ
died for that person, and now has sent the Holy Spirit to bring them to
Him. Grant, Lord, that that person tonight will be able to receive Thee
as their personal Saviour.

And may the revival get on its way right quick, Lord. Let us be like
Longfellow said, "Be not like dumb driven cattle, but be a hero."
Grant, Lord, that every Christian will pull up a little closer to You,
take up his faith, and present it to You, say, "Lord, help me to do
everything that's in my power now, seeing that You're near." that the
great Jesus Who walked in Galilee, sending the Holy Spirit, His
Representative, to represent Him through this age, grant that they will
accept Him tonight.

O Lord, we would pray also for those who are sick and needy, those that
are bound in chairs and in cots and on stretchers; Thou art more than
willing to set them free tonight. If that little spark of faith, which
they are now fumbling around in their heart, let it catch fire, Lord,
like a kindling wood to the promise of God. May they rise from their
chairs and–and from their sick conditions tonight: with heart trouble
and different ailments, and be set free by the Son of God, there might
begin an old fashion revival in Los Angeles.

Those out into the radio land, Lord, who are sick and afflicted, as we
hear from them daily… "Oh, how I wished I could get to the temple,"
they say. Go out there now, Lord, on the ether waves of this radio. Go
by that old dad laying there in the bed, mother there in the hospital,
and the little baby, or whatever it might be; let the power of the
living God come into their life and condemn their sickness in the light
of Calvary, and raise them to health and strength again.

That sinner that might be listening in at this time, Lord, may they
surrender their life right now. That wayward boy that mama could not
get to go to church, but by chance is listening in, that girl that's in
this teen-age rock-and-roll, God, let her know that that little body of
hers will be eat by cankerworms soon. Then where will that wandering
soul be yonder in the midst of demons of torment through all ages to
come. God, may that child turn quickly to Jesus tonight. Grant it, for
we ask it in Jesus Name. Amen.

Just before… I told Billy not to give out any prayer cards tonight. I
had another thing on my mind. My soul is burning for revival. That's
what's burning my heart up. When I first come to Los Angeles, I'd heard
of the founder of this Temple, Mrs. McPherson, and I went up to
East–to the Forest Lawn I believe it's called, and visit her grave,
and stood there, bowed my head, and said, "Lord, thank You for a great
life of this woman." I didn't know her, never had the privilege of
seeing her. I've got her tapes at home and her books and things that
I've read. The lady perhaps made her mistakes as I have, and you have.
We've all made them. But this Temple tonight stands as a memorial of
her love to Jesus Christ.

And these nations that's around this world is a–is also a memorial to
God's honor of the Work. Let's look it in the face, folks. That's
exactly right. Long may it stand as a soul saving station for the
Kingdom of God till Jesus comes, is my simple and humble prayer.

You're waiting for something, you're longing for something. Every heart
in here is longing for something. Hearts in radio land are longing for
something. Take my word as your brother. I know I can't talk good. The
first thing, I have no education, and I'm a Southerner. I mess my words
all up. But don't pay any attention to that. Just overlook that. Look
what I'm talking about. It's about Jesus, and He saved me in all of my
corruption, and my wrong speech, and my unethical talking, and… Why,
He–He saved me in it.
And as someone said from the audience, "That's good enough." It is for
me. Long as I know He's in my heart, that's all I care about. The next
thing is to please Him, to do all that I know how to do to please Him.

Now, being that I told Billy not to give any prayer cards. I thought
tonight I would talk on close walk and get the people to serve God.
Now, the Holy Spirit is here, the Angel of the Lord. Now, what
different types of lines here at night, taking one, just catching them
down through wherever I–the Holy Spirit directing me to move to talk
to the people for a discernment. And as I heard Brother duPlessis a few
moments ago explaining that also, I took the line where just taking one
by one for the discernment, and then all different ways. And it seems
like the people don't seem to catch it right in America. What's the
matter, my beloved friends?

Look, if a man come in the door there tonight, and–and he might be
a–a Russian, Siberian with big beard all over him, but if he give you
a check, he was a–he was coming from the mail order house, and a
messenger give you a check for a million dollars, you could rejoice
over the check just as good as you could over–if a prince of some
foreign nation would've brought it to you. It's the check you're
looking at.
Now, tonight Christ is present. You're looking for something way into
the future, and I'm afraid you're going to pass over the top of it,
just like it's been in all ages. Let me give you just a thought now to
go with the word that I just spoke. Do you realize that's the way it's
happened in all ages? You Catholic people call Saint Patrick a
Catholic. Just about as much as I am. I'm the old fashion Catholic, as
I told you. But after he was dead, his ministry was finished, then he
was canonized a Catholic.

Saint Francis of Assisi, the walking preacher with a Bible under his
arm, who… The birds was hollering. And he said, "Be still, my little
sisters, while I preach the Gospel." Then after he was dead, you made
him a Catholic. How about Joan of Arc? Any you school children would've
knowed of her, how that lady saw visions, performed miracles. And what
did the Catholic church do? Burn her at the stake as a witch, as a
Beelzebub. [–Ed.]
For she was anointed with the Spirit of God, and she performed
miracles. And the church world didn't recognize her until she was gone.
Be careful that we don't do the same thing. The Holy Spirit's here now
in Its Fullness, in Its power. Be careful, if you don't wait till…
All that didn't receive the Seal of God got the mark of the beast. You
know what the mark of the beast was–was to reject the Seal of God. In
the Old Testament when the trumpet sounded, the Priest sounded the
trumpet, if a slave did not want to go free, he had to be sealed, bored
in his ear with an awl. Then he was a slave the rest of his days.
"Faith cometh by hearing." If you don't hear it and receive it, then you're marked on the other side. Then you can't come in.
Let's start tonight in a revival and open our hearts to the Holy Spirit while the hour is here.

If Jesus Christ, God's Son, will come to this audience now, and you
setting out there, if He will come and perform from the platform here,
just as He did in the days of His flesh, how many in here will receive
Him? Raise up your hands when you're just setting out here, whoever you
are. If it can thoroughly be proven one time that it's truth…
Moses had a sign to perform to the people, and he performed it. Israel
followed him. He didn't have to keep performing that sign over and over
and over again; they started following, and other miracles taken place.
Jesus had a sign to perform. Those true ones believed Him when He could
perceive their thoughts. The others said He was Beelzebub because He
did it. Now, which place would you want to take tonight if you had to
take choice?

Now, I'm… Every sick and suffering person, so we can get that off our
hands… There's not one person in here I know except Brother Duffield
setting there, Brother David duPlessis. And as far as I know that's the
only persons I see in here that I… This brother over here, I forget
just what his name is, the teacher: Weston, yes, Brother Weston. That's
the only people that I know in this audience.

How many out there know that I'm totally strange to you, raise your
hands. Just raise up your hands, I don't know you. All right.
Now, if you're suffering, you believe God just now. This is a challenge. And if Jesus Christ will come…
"How is it done, Brother Branham?"
I wished I could tell you. I do not know. It's just–I just yield
myself to the Holy Spirit and your own faith does it. I have nothing to
do with it; it's you that does it.
God, when He was going to use His gift, It was in Jesus, He showed Him
that Lazarus was going to die; and He took Him away for four days, and
He knowed all about it and told Him what would happen. And when He come
back He raised Lazarus from the dead, said, "I thank Thee, Father, Thou
hast already heard Me. But for these that stood by I said it," nothing
about Him getting weak.

But a little woman touched His garment and He got weak over that, from
a blood issue. See, that was the woman using God's gift. That other was
God using His gift.
Now, when God gives one of the great visions, sometimes it's hours. My
wife has said I set sometime and not even moved for quite awhile. What
is it? It's something going on; He tells me all about what's fixing to
happen. I'll take anyone to record. As many times as you've heard it,
hundreds times hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of times, not one time
has it failed. And it can't fail. I can fail, but It can't, because
that's God. And I'm just a channel given a gift that I just yield
myself to the Holy Spirit. And when the Holy Spirit begins to move on
you for a certain thing, It begins to move in here, and I–It just
takes my voice and goes to speaking. That's the way it is; that's all I
can say about it.
You can't explain it. Man can't explain God; you've got to believe God
by faith. You don't know God by education. All your degrees don't make
you know God any more. God's knowed by faith, by faith alone. And your
faith is the only thing that can touch Him.

Now, let us pray. You yield your spirits. Please, if He shall do it,
don't you fail, you who raised your… If you're a sinner I want you to
come here at the altar. If you're a backslider, I want you to come as
soon as this is over, if He shall do it. If you're a Christian, I want
you to rise in Christian faith, pledge yourself that you'll serve God
with all your heart and never cease praying until the revival begins to

Lord, I do not know these people and Thou knowest it, Lord. But I pray
that in the Name of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus, that You'll move on these
hearts to have faith. Father, I realize it would make no difference how
great You could anoint me; if You do not anoint somebody out there to
believe it, there could be nothing done. For when You come to Your own
country, there could not be many miracles performed because of their
unbelief, or no miracles performed. Thou art the same yesterday, today,
and forever. But when those who believe received You, then signs and
wonders taken place. Let it be again tonight, Lord.

Thou knowest the heart of Your servant. We are not trying to be
different; we're only trying to explain to the people, Lord, that Your
desire is for them to rise in the Name of Your Son. And Your Presence
is here to make them well, and to save them from their sins, and to
heal them from their sicknesses. O Lord God, You Who sent Your Angel
and commissioned this work, let it be again. For we ask it in Jesus'
Name. Amen.

Each one of you in the audience now be real reverent. Set still, look
this way, and believe, and say in your heart, "O Lord God, if You will
just this time, let it once more be for me; I know the man doesn't know
me; he knows nothing about me, but just let him speak to me. I want to
touch the garment of Your Son Jesus, the High Priest. Then if I did
that, You speak back through Brother Branham like You did Your Son
Jesus that day, when He promised the things that He did we'd do also.
Then if You can make that promise true, Lord, You promised that, You
promised to send it, and if You sent that gift to Your church, then
healing's in the Church also, and the promise is mine, and You're
dealing with me." I'm sure God will bless you if you'll do it.
Just as reverent as you can be, just quietly. I realize you–you know
where I'm standing at this time. It's got–I've got to be found telling
the truth or a lie right now.

Here's a little lady, setting here with her handkerchief up to her
nose, setting out there wiping the–the tears from her face. She's
suffering with a nervous trouble, aren't you, sister? I want to ask you
something. Do you have a prayer card? You do not. Well, 'course, I
guess we never give out any prayer cards; there's no prayer cards. But
wasn't you setting there praying to the Lord, "Let it be me, Lord." If
that's right, raise up you hand, lady. Now, if we're strangers to one
another, raise your hand like this, that I know nothing about you,
never seen you in my life.

What did she touch, friends? Tell me what kind of a power that she
touched that knows the secrets of her heart and could tell what she was
praying about, repeat her prayer back to her. Do you think that woman
praying in the Name of Jesus could touch anything else but Christ? Wake
up, people, to the facts that Jesus Christ is here. Not me, I represent
Him. Right through here stands that Angel. Can't you see that Light?

It's right over a little woman, setting, looking right at me through
this a way. She's suffering with a lung trouble. Cleo is your name. Do
you believe that Jesus healed you of that lung trouble? You are healed,
I want to ask you something while you're on your feet: I do not know
you, do I? Raise your hand that… I've never seen you, or we're
perfectly strangers, is that right? But you were praying for God to
touch you. That you might know that I be God's servant, you're here
without money. You–you couldn't stay much longer. Isn't that right?
And you go home now; you're all right; your lung trouble has left you.

You just believe Him. Here, right back up this row here is a little
lady setting there looking right at me. And she's suffering from a–an
abdominal trouble; it's in her stomach, in here. You got kind of lumps
on your body, like. That's right, isn't it? You're from Michigan. If
you'll believe with–with all your heart and all that's within you…
If you believe with all that's within you, you can go home and be well.
Do you do it lady? Raise up your hand, say, "I accept it." Okay. Go
home now and be well; Jesus Christ makes you well.
I don't know you, do I lady? I've never seen you. We're from different
states and everything. If that's right, raise your hand, lady. That's
right. But God knows you.
Now, do you believe, each one of you?

What about you, some out here in front of me, right straight in front
this a way? You believe up in the balconies. Just don't be upset. Just
come reverently, say, "Lord God, speak to me." I don't care whether
you're rich or poor. Just as long as you got simple enough faith to
touch the High Priest.
Here. Here's the Light hanging over a colored woman setting right here
on the end of the row. Right here. I–Mrs. Jones, that's you. People
don't get it; you almost have to tell them who they are. Mrs. Jones, I
don't know you, is that right? You got diabetes. You believe Jesus
Christ will make you well? Raise up your hands if that's true. All
right, go home and get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

If thou canst believe. Here I'll show you. It attracted the attention
of a woman setting next to her. I don't know whether the woman can hear
me or not; I pray that God will let me–my voice come to her.
You're hard of hearing; it's your ears. That's right. You got a lump on
the back of your hand. You are Mrs. Brooks. That's right. You can hear
me now. Go home and be well; Jesus Christ makes you well.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." If thou canst believe all things are possible. How about back over this a way, someone?

Back over here in the middle of the aisle is a woman praying. She has
high blood pressure. I see her putting a thing around her arm. This
lady right down here, looking over side–Miss… Lord, help me. Mrs.
Fry. Stand up, Mrs. Fry, Jesus Christ makes you well.
Do you believe?
That little lady, the woman setting next to her, she's got trouble
she's had for a long time. You have a prayer card, lady? No, of course
you don't. The… All right. Stand up to your feet a minute. The Angel
of the Lord is around the woman, that Light. This lady right here. I
tell you so you'll know you got the right one. This lady isn't from
here; she's from Arizona. You had a car accident here some time ago;
it's bothered you ever since. That's "THUS SAITH THE LORD." That's
It's all over now. You see what she's doing; she's shifting her body.
Jesus Christ makes her well. Do you now believe? Blessed be the Name of
the Lord. When you won't even–can respond to it, God calls their names
and tell them who they are.

How many people in here wants a good close walk with God and wants this
same Holy Spirit that's here now to come be in your life? Would you
raise your hands up? Would you stand to your feet, every person that
wants a walk with God? The Holy Spirit is here.
How many sinners and backsliders are there that'll walk out down here
at the aisle, and let me come here, and pray for you right up here
around this rostrum? Will you come out right now? Come right along.
Walk right down while the organ's playing. Don't–don't–don't… Just
cause we raised the people up… The healing service is going to take
place just in a minute.

I want you who are not right with God, and you know you're not, come
right up this a way. That's right. Walk right up in this place here.
Come right up. That's right. Come right on, sinner friend. I offer you
Jesus tonight, the same Jesus that knows the thoughts of the heart. Why
can't I call them all? My, just look at them coming. See? But He's the
One Who's telling me. He's the One Who's saying, "Sinners are in here,
backsliders; call them quickly."

This may be the last chance you'll ever get. Take God at His Word. He's
speaking to you now; now's the time of your redemption. Come, sinner
friend. Come, backslider, wayward, that's wandered away from God, come
on back home tonight, won't you? I offer you Jesus Christ, the Son of
God, Who's present now, the very One that's talking to your heart. You
be honest now, really. For this time in your life, be honest; the Holy
Spirit is speaking now. Come now.

Come, every soul that's sin oppressed,

There's mercy with the Lord,

Come to this fountain filled with blood,

Drawn from Immanuel's veins,

When sinners plunge beneath the flood,

Lose all their guilty stains.

The dying thief rejoiced to see

That fountain in his day;

There may I, though vile as he,

Wash all my sins away.

Ever since by faith I saw that stream

Thy flowing wounds supply, (Oh, blessed be the Lord, I feel anointed deeply with the Holy Ghost.)

Redeeming love has been my theme,

And it shall be till I die.

Then in a nobler, sweeter song,

I'll sing Thy power to save,

When this poor lisping, stammering tongue

Lies silent in the grave.

I cannot die. He gave me Immortal Life through Jesus Christ. You may
read a true story someday that Brother Branham went away. But remember,
I'm not dead. I can't die. He give me Life. I accepted it, and the same
Holy Spirit that bears me record right here tonight, I'm telling the
truth. The Son of God is present right now vindicating that I've told
the truth.
Come, sinner friend, this is the place to find rest. If you're weary
and tired of life's troubles, if you're confused and flusterated over
dying, come, let Jesus come into your heart and take every sin away.
Backslider, you come now. Come around to the altar; let's pray.

All right, everyone now, are you finished? Don't let this go away this
night. This is the night that something must happen. I've prayed all
day long, O God, do something tonight. I've canceled; I turned down and
everything else to get here to do this. I know that something's
speaking to my heart. God's Word says so; His Holy Spirit here backs it
up and says it's the truth. What more can you want? What more can He

Remember, this is the ending of the Gentile dispensation. Remember,
it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. It's time for the Gentiles to–age to cease.
And when the Gentile age ceases, then the Gospel goes to the Jew, and
it's all over then. Get into the Kingdom right quick, children. Come
on, Methodist; come on, Baptist; come on, Presbyterian; only thing
we're asking you to do is come to Jesus.

Pentecost is not a denomination. Pentecost is an experience. Pentecost
is no denomination; Pentecost belongs to everybody. It's an experience
you have. You can't organize Pentecost. Pentecost is an experience that
God gives to believers. It's for you, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist,
Lutheran, whatmore. I'm a Baptist myself, and I got the Holy Ghost. I'm
a Holy Ghost Baptist, and glad of it tonight, that I've got an
experience of being borned again of the Spirit of God.

How many now, standing in your seats, wants a deeper walk with God,
raise up your hands–that's got the Holy Spirit and wanting a deeper
walk with God? God bless your hearts.
That's it. Oh, I seen It strike a person right then just as certain as
I'm standing here. He's here to do it if you'll just believe Him. Let's
raise our hands now, each one now, while we pray for the sick, pray for
the afflicted, pray for the Holy Ghost to fall. You pray for somebody
next to you to get the Holy Ghost. They'll be praying for you. Let's
see it happen now, the Holy Ghost is here.
O Lord, Creator of heavens and earth, send down the fire from heaven
and fill this room and every heart with the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
May He fall like a rushing, mighty wind, sweep into every heart, and
they lose all pride and their–and their selfishness, and fall into the
arms of God and be filled with the Holy Ghost.

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