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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy
was delivered on Monday, 6th December 1965 at the Orange Bowl Restaurant in San Bernardino, California, U.S.A.
The tape, number 65-1206,
is 1 hour and 57 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes. This message is available in book format (Volume 7, Number 6).

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Let's bow our heads. Dear heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight
because that You answer prayer for us. This poor, dear woman laying
there where surgery has failed, but O God, we remember the first
surgery that was ever performed in the earth; You did it Yourself. You
taken from the side of Adam a rib, closed up the incision, and made a
wife. O Father, I pray tonight that Your hand will come down now, and
will perform this great thing that we're asking for. And these others,
Lord, this woman that's suffering with mental oppression. All others
who's got requests, we just commit them to Thee, Father, with our whole
heart. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Indeed a privilege to be here tonight and have this fine audience to
look at, and fine singing, the wonderful little choir… I was just
thinking the difference, see them boys standing there, clean-looking
fellows, clean haircuts. I was thinking, last night, of–of the place
where I'm staying; a bunch of hoodlums came in down there and trying to
drowned a boy in the swimming pool; they had to call out something and
get them out of there. What a difference, see kids standing, singing
the Gospel songs, what a difference.

Thinking, as Brother Henry said there, "those men with them hair like
the women should have…" You see? That–that–that's right. Look like
the–the… I see these boys kind of have that hair, they even put
these roller-curlers in it, around their face. And I don't know, I…
Sometimes I become discouraged. It looks like that it's a true time of
perversion. Men are trying to wear women's clothes, and women wearing
men's clothes. And men leaving their hair like women, and women having
hair like men. What's the matter with this people anyhow? Has the,
really, the very threads of decency and honor left this nation and
these people, this world?
This is a horrible time, but it's the most glorious time in the world
to preach the Gospel. If I could've stood on the brink of time before
it come into existence, and the Father would've looked at me and said,
"What time down through these ages would you want to preach?" I'd want
it right now, just right now, just before His coming.

Looking out upon the audience, setting here before us… A minister
friend of mine in Tucson yesterday was riding a horse. (And think of
this man with this–this woman with the disc in her back.) This horse
threw him. Another man called me at one o'clock this morning to my
hotel and said, "The man's at Veterans Hospital, and his eyes are
glassy, his back's mashed, his kidney's are pushed out, and his heart's
about to fail." And there I got down on the floor on my knees,
telephone, got him on the other end, and prayed for him. And here he
sets here tonight, setting right there. That was last night. Bob, would
you just stand up there, and… God answers prayer, morning, night,
noontime, midnight, or anytime.

Now, I–I am such a long-winded preacher, as they call it. I just kinda
hate to get started this time of night, and–and I thought I'd just
come over. The other night, why, we was speaking over here at a certain
place, and at fifteen minutes after I'd been on, the people was picking
up the dishes and motioning to me, "Quit. Shut up; you got to get out
of here," and smoking cigarettes, and carrying on. It wasn't the–the
banquet's fault; it was the people that we had it rented from. And
the–the chairman's wife went around and told the manager, said…
Said, "Well, you're supposed to be out of here at nine-thirty."
Said, "You never put that in the contract."
This lady tonight, she come down here (real nice lady) and she said,
"We understood that you want it," said, "just take it as long as you
want." So that was a very nice. So I'm very thankful for that. That's
very fine.

Brother Henry, I certainly appreciate your–your kindness of inviting
me here in this chapter. I had the privilege last night of being down
here at the Assemblies of God where I believe a Brother Boone is
pastor. Had a wonderful time down there with that group of people. And
tomorrow night we're going somewhere over here; I don't know where it's
at, and it's another chapter. They take care of it; I just keep
praying, reading, and going on, and it's about all I can keep up with.

But now, we're seeing strange things in this day. Now, I've–I remember
the last time I was here was in a tent meeting. I remember of speaking
of it last night, of a little couple that brought their dead baby in.
It–it's from up somewhere up here, they drove all day and night, the
little mother setting, sad, holding that little baby in her arms. Now,
she may be setting right here now, for all I know. And she… The
little husband, couple of more couples with them, and they was… And
she said… asked me if I'd come over (the man did) to the car. I took
the little baby out and was just holding a little, dead, stiff, cold
form; I started to pray. When I prayed, that body begin to feel like it
was getting warm. So I just… I kept on praying; he started kicking
and moving, going along fine, started crying. I hand it back to the
mother; she went on back home with it. So they might not even been
Christians, for all I know. See? That was wonderful.

But what I'm thinking about tonight, I know a church that's dying too;
it's our Pentecostal people. We got to shake out of this; that's all.
And the only way we're going to do it is prayer and lining up with the
Word of God. It's the only way we're going to do it. There's only one
way out; He's that Way: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and
forever. Would we want our church to get in the condition as he said
over there like in England? That's the reason I've been, you think, so
rude, bawling you out. And I don't mean to do that, but I don't want to
see the church get in that kind of a shape. You don't want to be in
that shape. Yet you've just got to drive it down so hard till you nail
it and make it clench. It's got to be done.
So now, tonight I've just got a–some Scriptures and texts here I want
to speak on for a while. I ain't going to say no certain time. You get
tired, why… I may be through in thirty minutes, and just depends
on… I always just kinda leave it to the Holy Spirit, just whichever
way He leads.

14 Let's bow our heads just a moment longer, speak to the Author before we open His Book.
God, the Author of this Book, through Jesus Christ we pray. We are
thankful for what we've already heard tonight. If we should–should
punctuate this meeting by saying, "Amen," and go home, it was good to
be here, for we know that You've been with us. And, Father, as we open
this Word, now speak to us directly out of this Word, that we might
know the hour that we're living. If we know the hour we're living, then
we can prepare for that hour; but if we go in blindly, not knowing what
or where, then we don't know how to prepare. So, Father, we pray that
You'll let us see the ark there, and the door open, and the Message
calling us in. Grant it through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

In the Holy Scriptures I want to read a text here, found over in the
Book of St. Luke at the 24th chapter, the… I'm going to begin at the
13th verse and read a portion of It.

And, behold, two of them went the same day
from the village called Emmaus, which was from Jerusalem about
threescore–score furlong.

And they talked together… these things which had happened.

And it came to pass, that, while they communed together and… Jesus himself drew near, and went with them.

But their eyes were holden that they should not know him.

And he said unto them, What manner of communications are these that you have one to another, as you walk, and are sad?

And the one of them, whose name was Cleopas,
answered and said unto him, Art thou only a stranger in Jerusalem, and
has thou not known all these things which have come to pass… in these

And he said unto them, What things? And they
said unto him, Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty
in deed and word before God and all the people:

And how the chief priests and the rulers delivered him to the… be condemned to death, and have crucified him.

But we trusted that it had been he which
should have redeemed Israel: and besides all this, to day is the third
day since these things were done.

Yea, and certain of the women also of our company made us astonished, which were… at the sepulchre;

… when they found not his body, they came,
saying, that they'd also seen a vision of angels, which said unto
them… which said that he was alive.

And certain of them which were with us went
to the sepulchre, and found it even so as the women had said: but he
they… but him they saw not.

Then he said unto them, O fools, and slow of heart to believe… (not to believe)… all that the prophets have spoken:

Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and… entered into his glory?

And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them… all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.

May the Lord add His blessings to the reading of His Word.

Now, I take, if I'd call it a subject, I'd like to take this: That
Events–"Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy." Now, it's always
been God's, the unchanging God's way to fore–let His people foreknow
before certain events happen.
If the people in the days of the Lord Jesus would've only have–have
sought God and knowed what was just about to take place, they would not
have condemned Jesus to death. But the reason it was, because the
Scriptures had to be fulfilled; because the Jews had to be blinded. We
all are aware of that.
Do you realize that that's promised again in this very age that we're
living? The Laodicean church age, this seventh church age that we're in
now, is naked, miserable, blind, and don't know it. The same as He
blinded them back there for the purpose of getting His message through
to the elected people, He's promised to do the same thing today.

And if I'd say this to respects to all my brethren and sisters in
Christ, one of these days somebody's going to say "Isn't it written
that these things should happen first?"
And it'll be the same way it was then, "Verily, I say unto you, he's already come, and they had did what they listed to him."
When they asked Him, said, "Why, the scribes say, and the Scriptures
say that–that Elias must first come." They said that to Jesus.
He said, "He's already come, and you didn't know him." See? And that's perhaps the way it'll end up again.

Now, we want to be posted to know what's to take place for this age
that we live in. God has 'lotted His Word to each age, so much to each
age, and we must notice that one age cannot carry over into another
age. It just won't work. For instance, as I've said, I believe last
night or… I'm constantly speaking, night after night, places, and
sometimes I make a remark the second time. I don't mean to repeat
myself. But I say this: What would–good would it have done Moses to
try to preach Noah's message? Or what good would it been–would've done
Jesus to try to preach Moses' message? Or what good would it done
Martin Luther to continue on with the Catholic message? What good would
it done Wesley to continue on with the Lutheran message? What good
would it done Pentecostals to continue on with the Methodist message?
Or what good will it do Pentecost to continue on when the Bride's being
called? See, we're right up into the seed time; we're here at the end
time. Now, unless a corn of wheat falls in the earth, it abides alone.

As the critic, as I've made remarks since the book come out, probably
you got it here in your–your city, of that German author that wrote
one of the most critical articles… He's an infidel. 'Course not…
I'm not condemning him because he's condemned me so; but because being
an infidel, the book shouldn't never be on the shelves. And he said, "A
God that could set up and say He could open up the Red Sea and deliver
His people, and then set with His hands across His stomach and see
through the Dark Ages those Christians being tore to pieces by lions,
those mothers with their hair saturated in tar, and hung onto crosses,
and burned; and–and their baby… Expecting mothers, they'd split the
stomach and gamble on the sex of the child; and–and set up and let it
happen; and people who's supposed to be servants of this God."

You see, the Scripture is inspiration. You'll never be able to know the
Scripture just by setting down and reading It from a theological
standpoint, from an educational standpoint; it never has worked.
I was speaking with a Baptist minister not long ago, he said, "Until we learn the correct Greek, until we…"
I said, "In the Nicaea Council, before that they were arguing about the Greek words in the Bible." You'll never know It.
The Bible is to be revealed by inspiration. That's the only thing, the
revelation. Jesus told Peter, "Upon this rock…" This rock of
revelation reveals Who He is. "Blessed art thou Simon, son of Jonas,
flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father which is in
heaven has revealed this to you; upon this rock I'll build My church."
Not upon Peter, not upon Himself, but upon the spiritual revelation of
Who He was, and He is the Word. St. John 1, "In the beginning was the
Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was
made flesh and dwelled among us"; Hebrews 13:8, "He's the same
yesterday, today, and forever."

Therefore we're living in the day when the manifestation of the Word of
God has to come to a different age than the Pentecostal age. That's
right. Remember, you'll… I'm an uneducated person; but you can't beat
nature, because God works in the continuity of nature. Like, as I've
said, the sun rises and sets; and goes through the day, and like a
school age, and dies in the evening to rise again the next morning. The
trees let the sap down in the wintertime, go into the roots, and come
back in the spring.
Notice, He likened It to a grain of wheat, the Bride, the reason that
God had to let that go like that. That fine, real, genuine church that
was established on the day of Pentecost, had growed and growed since
the day of Pentecost into a great church, it had to fall into the earth
in that dark age and be buried like all seed does. It had to die so it
could come forth in the reformation again. It come forth in the person
of a reformation, Martin Luther. And from there, just like a stalk of
wheat coming up. The first thing comes up is two little blades, then it
keeps adding more blades. Up come Martin Luther, and then Zwingli, and
on down, Calvin, and as they moved on.

Finally it goes into a tassel. Now, that was John Wesley in the Wesley
age. It had a pollen drop back. From there come the Pentecostal age, so
close, just like a real grain of wheat if you look at the stalk. But if
you'll take that wheat and move it back, there's not one grain in it at
all; it's only a shuck in the shape of a grain. But it's set there for
a purpose to shelter the grain until… If the sun hits is like that,
it'd kill it.
It's got to stay in there until a certain time, then all the life
leaves the shuck (as it left the stalk, left the pollen), leaves the
shuck and goes into the wheat, and forms again just like it was down in
the ground.

Now, all of us know that whenever a message is given, in three years
they form an organization. When they do that, it kills it right there;
it did in the days of Luther; so it did it in the days of Wesley; it
did it in the days of Alexander Campbell, and all the rest of them; and
it did it in the days of Pentecost. Exactly. See? You get to a place,
each one gets starchy, and gets off, and they can't receive new
revelation. They're settled down; and there they are, and there they
die. And the life goes right through that, and goes right on to make
the wheat. And when the wheat comes, that life that's traveled through
that wheat, the resurrection brings the whole thing out; brings up for
the rapture.

Now, remember, this message started first with Divine healing,
performing miracles. Now, if God let that go through a ordinary church
just like we already had, then it wasn't God. God don't have to show
off; He don't–He don't have to do these things to entertain us, like
we Americans are used to (entertainment), but He does it to attract the
attention of the people, that He's fixing to do something.
Look at Him Hisself when He come, the wonderful little prophet, the
Rabbi, the Prophet of Galilee." Why, His ministry was wonderful; He was
welcome in every church. But one day He set down and said, "I and My
Father are One."
"Oh, my." That was out. "Away with such a fellow."
"Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink His Blood, you have no Life in you."
"Why, he's a vampire. Get away from such a person." See?
See, there was something had to follow that sign. See? Something followed.
The shuck held it, but now the shuck pulls away; it has to. And
remember, twenty years has passed by and no more denominations has come
out of it, and it won't. We're at the end of denominations; the wheat's
taking shape. But what's the matter with the wheat now, you can't… It
must lay in the Presence of the Son to ripen before the combine picks
it up.

Now, the events that we see taking place, it's absolutely showed in the
Bible of every age. We think we're all out of cater, but we're not;
everything's moving just exactly with God's Word.
Now, the Bible is a different book from any other sacred book. There's
no book like the Bible, because the Bible is God in Word form. See?
It's… A "word" is "a thought expressed." God's thinking expressed It,
His Words through the prophets; and they wrote the Bible, which is in
word form. And Jesus called It a Seed. And any seed will bring forth of
its kind if it's in the right condition, or right atmosphere. Now, this
Book of–is a… This Book of prophecy, It–It is foretelling future
Now, the book contains the entire revelation of Jesus Christ. You don't
add to It or take from It, and every revelation must come by It. See,
it must be the Word.

So people say, "I had a revelation." Yes, we know Joseph Smith and many
had revelations and things, but was contrary to the Word.
It's got to come according to the Word if it comes from God, because
it's to vindicate or to prove God's Presence. And He foreknew all these
things, being… By His foreknowledge He ordained, foreordained (it's
called in the Bible) predestinated every age to its place, and every
man to its place, and every messenger to its place. He is God; the
Devil ain't pulling nothing over on Him. And He's God, and He has
ordained everything to take place, and it falls just exactly in line
with His Word.
So if we can see, by His Word, what age and what time we're living,
you'll see it right here in the Bible, of this age, what we're
supposed–what's supposed to take place at this time.

Now, the–the other books, we find lots of books that they call sacred
books, or so forth; and I've read the–the Koran and many others. But,
you see, their–their sacred books are only a code of ethics, of
morals, or of theology.
But this Book is a Prophet; It's a different from any other book. The
Bible is the Word of God foretelling the future. It foretells because
It's forewarned.
If God sends anything, He says and promised in the Bible that He would
do nothing upon the earth until first He revealed it to His servants
the prophets. That's Amos 3:7. He… And God cannot lie. He reveals It;
that's been His way of doing it all down through the ages. He's never
failed to do it.

Now, we are promised in the last days for this to be restored. There'll
be no–no church, no denomination, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian,
Pentecostals, they'll never in their modern conditions ever take this
church to a Bride. They can't do it; they fail. They're too much at one
another's throats, and worldliness has creeped in, and so forth,
and–and they died right in their tracks. And so God knows that.
And to reveal this Word, one say, "Well, I got this. And bless God,
It's like that." That's just the way it was when Jesus came the first
time; everyone has a doctrine, everyone had this. It'll have to be
something sent to us from God. And God's promised it. And the only way
He'd do, is–is keep His same pattern. He promised to send us in the
last days, according to Malachi 4, a prophet upon the earth that would
turn the hearts of the people back–the hearts of the children back to
the apostolic fathers again. He promised that in His Word. Luke 17 and
many other places that He promised it, that He, what He would do in
these last days to bring this thing to a vindicated Word.

See, a man can say anything, but 'less God interprets that Word… See,
now, we have our own interpretation; we say It means this. And this
one, Methodist says this; the Baptist says this; the Pentecostal said
this; the Oneness says this, the Twoness says this. And, oh, my, there
you are. But God don't need no interpreter; He's His own Interpreter.
He interprets His own Word by vindicating It in the age that It's
purposed for, the age that It's given for.
We're not living in a Pentecostal age; we're living in another age.
See? We're not living in a Methodist age; we're living in another age.
We're living on up here to the Bride age, the calling out of the church
and getting it together for the rapture. That's the age that we're now
living. To my honest opinion that's exactly the truth.

And this Book is a Book of prophecy. Its believers are commanded to
honor It, and to read It, and believe Its Author, for every Word that's
written in there must come to pass. Everything that's been promised has
to come to pass, because It is Jesus Christ in each age. The same
yesterday, it was Jesus Christ was in Noah; it was Jesus Christ in
Moses; it was Jesus Christ in David; it was Jesus Christ in Joseph;
it's Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. And it's
Jesus Christ among His people today, doing the things that He promised
He would do in this age. It's Jesus Christ.
But the church has become so starchy, so far away, like the brother
said here. And–and our churches are becoming the same way, until we've
got to have something to shake us back to the Word. How do we know it's
going to do it? It's got to come according to God's own plan. It cannot
come by laymen; it will not come by the Business Men; it cannot come by
churches. God's laid down His plan.

I spoke here in Shreveport the other day on the national broadcast
across the nation, that, "Trying To Do God A Service Without It Being
God's Will." David tried to bring the ark of God back into the house.
He was anointed king. Why, he–he consulted his–his delegates, his
captains of thousands and ten thousands, and so forth. And they all
said, "That's the Word of the Lord." And he consulted the priest, "That
was wonderful." And they all got so inspired, they shouted, they done
every religious act that was. And it was absolutely contrary to God's
will, because there was a prophet in the land by the name of Nathan and
he wasn't even consulted about it. See? And we found out it didn't
work, though they were sincere trying to do God a service.

And you can be ever so sincere, but until we know what we're doing,
you're fighting at the air. Come back into the Word of God and get
lined up, and then go; then you know. Like a–a soldier, don't know
what to do until he gets orders to do it. We must be Christian soldiers
and get orders from the Bible for this hour now; not the charge
yesterday, the charge the day before, but the charge today which way we
go. Find out the hour that we're living in.
And these modern events is slipping by us too swiftly, and one day
we're going to find out we'll be left behind without nothing, and be
caught, sealed into the mark of the beast before we know it.

Now, and with patience we have to wait for this, for the prophecies
that's promised, every one of them must be fulfilled in its age. For It
foretells us, the Author has before done this, and we wait to see Him
do it again. What a time it is that we're living in, something like
a–a calendar; you look at the calendar to find out what day of the
year you're living in, and you look at God's Bible to see what age
we're living in. We're not living in the Methodist age, the Baptist
age. We're living in the Bride age, the calling, bringing back to God
through a channel that He promised to bring it back in. He promised to
do it.
But as it's been in every age, people let men put their own
interpretation to It by theology, and will not believe God's Divine
vindication of It. That's God's interpretation; not what I say, what
somebody else says. But what God has promised and what God does, proves
that it's God doing His own interpreting of His Word.

They told you Pentecostals of forty-five, fifty years ago… Your
mothers and fathers, when they were genuine Pentecostals come out of a
organization and cursed the thing and walked out of it. Then like a dog
to its vomit, went right back in it again, done the same thing that
killed that church, you killed your own by the same thing. Nothing
against the people in there, nothing against it, it's the systems of
the thing is what's doing it.
Home, I'm… go home… I don't preach this in other men's meeting. I'm
going to preach "The Trail Of The Serpent," and listen to it if you
take the tapes.

And notice, they missed seeing the confirmation of the prophecies of
God's Word being fulfilled. If those priests… They had it fixed up
just exactly the way the Messiah was going to come; they knowed what
was going to take place. The Phar–the Pharisees had their idea, the
Sadducees, Herodians, and, oh, they had their ideas. But He come,
not… He come contrary to every one of them, but exactly with the
Word. Jesus said the same thing was here: "If you would've known Me,
you should've known My day. If you had knowed, you'd… You say, 'Well,
Moses… We have Moses.'" Said, "Why, if you had believed Moses, you'd
believe Me; because he wrote of Me."
But, see, when God was confirming exactly what He promised, they had it
in some kind of a dignified way that Jesus was supposed to come, and
the… I mean the Messiah… The Messiah had to come right to their
group or He wasn't Messiah. Well, it's that way almost today, "If you
don't see through my glasses, you're not looking at all." See? And so
that's–that's just the way it–it is. We… That's the truth. We hate
to think that, but it's absolutely the truth.

In Hebrews 1:1, God in sundry times wrote the Bible by His own chosen
way. He never wrote It by theologians; neither does He interpret by
theologians. There never was a time that–that the theologians ever had
an interpretation of the Word of God. The interpretation comes only to
a prophet. And the only way we're ever going to get out of this mess is
for God to send us that prophet; just exactly, the only way it's going
to be done. It's been believed, watched for, and the fulfillment…
See? It was not wrote by men, but It was wrote by God. It's not a man's
Book. It's not a theologian's Book. It's the Book of God, which is a
Book of prophecy wrote by the prophets and interpreted by the prophets.
The Bible said, "The Word of the Lord comes to the prophets." Exactly.

How beautiful that was illustrated, or demonstrated when Jesus was come
on earth, and John was the prophet of that day, and he–he was
prophesying. They said, "Oh, you mean to say that God's going to tear
down our big associations here and all these things? And there's going
to be a time that our–our temples won't no more be worshipped in?"
He said, "There was coming a time when God would make a sacrifice out
of the Lamb of God: a man." And he said that–that he would know Him
when He come. He said he was so sure of his message; he said, "He's
standing right among you now and you don't know it. He's right among
you and you don't know it."
One day when Jesus walked out, John looked up and seen that sign above
Him; he said, "Behold, the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the
world." That same minute Jesus knowed then that He was a-vindicated
before the people. Now, He was the Word; would we doubt that? The Bible
said He was the Word, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was
with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelled
among us." And here He is, the… Here's the Word on earth (Look,
perfectly.) comes right out into the water to the prophet.

That's right. The Word always comes to His prophet. So we can't expect
It to come to theologians. We can't expect It to come to denominations.
It's got to come God's channeled route that He foretold us about, and
that's the only way It'll ever come. It'll be hated, despised,
rejected. When It does come, It'll be throwed out to one side and
everything, but God will do it anyhow. It was rejected in Jesus Christ;
it was rejected in John; it was rejected by Jeremiah; it was rejected
by Moses. It's always that way. But God moves right on in the way that
He promised He would do it. Yes, sir. He never does fail to do it the
same way.

The man who's seen the vision or heard His voice, never altogether
understood it. In many cases he didn't know, because he's just a
instrument of God. It's God's thoughts expressed through man's lips. A
thought… 'course is a word expressed. God does His own choosing by
His predestinated choosing. He done it in every age; He set forth the
men for each age. Like with Moses, when he was to fulfill what He told
to Abraham…
Moses was borned a proper child, he couldn't help being that way. He was born that way, because he was born for that purpose.
And so we find out that God does that in every age. God does His own
choosing by His own predestinated choosing, choose His prophets and
things for the age. Fixes his–fixes his nature, the man's nature, the
man's style of preaching to honor the gift, and all that He does is to
meet the challenge of that day. God creates that man and sent him.
And in His own mind, as I preached on last night, we are a germ of the
gene of God. He knowed that man would be there at that age before there
ever was a molecule, or a light, or anything else in the earth.

For you're a gene of your father, and you were in your father, yet your
father had no fellowship with you, because he… You was in there, but
you knew it not and he knew it not, but you was manifested that you
might–that he might fellowship with you. And you being borned again,
you're borned of Eternal Life. And that's the only one form of Eternal
Life, and that's God's Life, Zoe, the Greek word is "Zoe," only one
form of Eternal Life.
Then if you are a son of God or a daughter of God, you were in God all
the time, but He knew what bed and time that you'd be planted. So now
you're made a creature, a son of God, manifested son or a daughter of
God to meet the challenge of this hour to vindicate the true and living
God of this hour, the Message that's coming forth in this time. Right.
It was done there before the foundation of the world. If it wasn't…
If you wasn't chose that way, no matter how much you try to impersonate
it, you'll never make it. How can you get blood from a turnip when
there's no blood in there?

That's the reason I try to say about… The people thinking we–we are
hollering at women about short hair and people telling me about saying
those things, "You're going to ruin your ministry." Ruin a ministry
that God Himself ordained? Far be it. When people hear the Word of
When a baby is conceived in the womb of a mother, when that one cell
goes in there, another cell builds on top of that. It's not one cell of
a human, the next of a dog, and the next of a cat, and the next of
something else; it's absolutely, straightly, human being. And when a
man's borned of the Spirit of God, he don't inject anything into his
life; It's unadulterated Word of God vindicated for that hour. He takes
the full Word of God; he don't put no creeds, nothing else into It.
It's purely unadulterated God's Word made manifest among us.

Look in the Bible, you see where, what age we're living in then, when
you see these great things being made manifest. When God promised to do
it, He always does it. At the end of each age when the church is come
to the turning place, and is turned from the Word back to sin and
worldliness… Worldliness is sin. The Bible said, "If you love the
world or the things of the world, the love of God's not even in you."
Speaking last night, I was speaking about the–the sacrifice that was
offered: the Lamb. It was to be seven days, representing the seven
church ages. There was to be no leaven found amongst the people, no
leaven for seven days. That means that there's nothing mixed with it;
it's unleavened, constantly. And we don't want no creeds, leavens and
things mixed with it. We don't want world mixed with us. It's got to be
the unleavened Bread of God, the Word of God, the unadulterated Word of
God, which, "Man shall live by every Word that proceeds out of the
mouth of God."

Our denominational systems, and differences, and things, has put leaven
in us, and this and that and world and fashion. And, oh, it's got so
it's almost Hollywood everywhere. It'll finally come till it'll be like
England, and a altar call will be ashamed. My. As brother said, "How
can you get the fish in the boat?" That's right.
We've got to have the Gospel preached in its fullness, with the power
of God to vindicate that according to the promise of that age and prove
that that's exactly God's will. Outside of That you're just a church
member, no matter how much you try, you try to do God a service. You
might go to the stitch-and-sew party; you might be ever so faithful to
church; but unless that germ of Eternal Life was foreordained in you to
be a son or daughter of God, you'll grow up a deformed something; but
never be a real, true son or daughter of God.

Often give my little story of a little eagle. How the farmer set the
hen one time, and he had… I hope it don't sound sacrilegious to you.
But a farmer set a hen, and she was–lacked one egg in having a
setting. I doubt whether anybody here know what a setting of eggs is,
how much it consists of. But anyhow, he lacked one egg of having
enough. So he robbed the eagle's nest; she had two eggs. And he put the
egg under the hen.
When that eagle was hatched amongst all them chickens, he was a funny
bird. He couldn't understand the clucking of the hen. He didn't talk
like his–like he wanted to hear it talk. And she scratched in the
barnyard, eat from the barnyard; it wasn't food for him. He was a ugly
duckling among them. The hen would cluck and he didn't understand it.
She'd go this way and eat this and eat that; he didn't understand it.
So one day his mammy, or mother, rather, to you. I'm a… In the south
we say "Mammy."
So anyhow, he–his–his–his mother knowed she had two eggs, and only
one of them was there; she went after the other one. She circled
everywhere and crossed the country, and finally she flew over the
barnyard. She seen him down there following that old hen. She screamed,
"Junior, you're not a chicken; you're an eagle." That sounded just
right to him. Why? He was a eagle to begin with.

And when a man or woman has set under creeds and cold, formal religion,
if he's ordained to be a son of God, and he sees the Word of God
preached in Its power, and God vindicate It; he's an eagle to begin
with, he'll run to It as sure as two twos is four. He can't help it,
because his very nature loves the Word of God. I don't care what
anybody else says, when he sees the Word of God being made manifest, he
flies to It because he is a little eagle.
As they go on to say, he said, "Mama, how am I going to get up from here?"
And he said, "Just make a jump; I'll catch you."
That's the only thing you have to do, is make one jump to your feet,
one jump to God, one promise, "Lord Jesus, I believe You with all my
heart. I believe the message of the hour. I see It confirmed, and I
know it's right." Jump to your feet, Mama will catch you. Don't worry.
You're an eagle; she'll be right there to get you.

Now, we realize that we're living in a tremendous time and a great
time, but when the truths of this Bible believers has seen that
vindicated, the very vindication of It is the evidence that God is in
it. Absolutely. It's then that the promised Word that God promised is
made known. The seed is bursted forth, and they see It and they believe
It. Others just can't see It; somehow they'll set and look at It.
You know, I've preached hard enough to–to–across this country, that
it shouldn't be a short-haired woman in the country. But every time
when I come back, there's more. What's the matter? There's something
wrong. You know the Word says that. You say, "Well, that don't make any
difference." It does make a difference.

There was a fine brother, said, "I'm going to lay hands on you, Brother
Branham. I love you. You're ruining your ministry." Said, "You ain't
got no business telling them women about that." Said, "Let the pastors
do it."
I said, "They don't do it though." I said, "Now…"
He said, "Well, it's not your business; you just pray for the sick."
I said, "Whose business is it then? I was called to preach the Gospel."
Said, "I'll lay hands on you and ask God to take it away then."
I said, "If you'll let–let me lay hands on you too." See? And I said,
"I'll pray that God will open your eyes and you'll see it." So that's
He said, "You ought to preach… The people believe you to be a
servant, a prophet of God." He said, "You ought to teach them women how
to–to get great gifts and prophesy and things."
I said, "How can I teach them algebra when they won't even believe
their abc's?" See, see?…?… you do it. That's just in every…
That's right. If you can't do the common things, how you going to do
the spiritual things, the natural things? Certainly. Brother, sister,
it might sound like a joke, but it's the Gospel. It's the Gospel truth.
That's right.

Notice, we find today that people… There's many people just can't
believe it, even Spirit-filled people. I'm going to give you one
that'll choke you. The baptism of the Holy Ghost don't mean you're
going in, not at all, not on that, don't have anything to do with your
soul. That's the baptism. See? Here's the inside soul in here, that has
to come from God. But then on the outside you have five senses, and
five out–inlets to your contact your earthly home. The inside, you
have a spirit, and in there you have five outlets: your conscience, and
love, and so forth, five outlets to that spirit. Remember, in that
spirit you can be baptized with the genuine Spirit of God and still be
lost. It's the soul that lives; that was ordained of God.
Didn't Jesus say, "Many will come to Me in that day, and say, 'Lord,
haven't I cast out devils, done great and mighty works, prophesied, the
great gifts of God?'"
He said, "Depart from me, you that work iniquity, I never even knew you. Many will come in that day."

Didn't Caiaphas prophesy? He was a devil. We find out there… And them
priests, them great men, was supposed to be great leaders in them days,
with humility and everything else, but failed to see the Word of God
Itself made manifest before them.
We could just take a bunch of them I got wrote down here. How about
Balaam? He was a… You say, "God changes His mind." He doesn't change
His mind.
When Balaam went out as a prophet, went down there, a bishop, preacher,
whatever you want to call him, he was a great man. But when… He
consulted God about going down there and cursing Israel; he didn't like
them to begin with, so he asked to go. God said, "Don't go."
Then they sent a dignitary bunch some maybe of bishops or presbyters,
or something, down, said–with more education to persuade him. He went
back and asked God again. You don't have to ask God the second time.
When God says it first, that's it. You don't have to wait anything.
Rebekah didn't wait to get the second order. They asked her, said, "Will you go?"
"Let her say."
She said, "I'll go." She was firmly inspired of God. She become one of
the queens of the Bible for acting upon the pulsation of the Spirit of
God that moved upon her to receive what was absolutely the truth, and
she believed it.

Now, we find out, Balaam, of course, he couldn't see. He went out and
looked upon the people, said, "Now, just a minute. We're a great, big
people up here, you're just a scattered bunch." You see? "And we
all–we all believe the same God."
That's true. They all believed the same God; they all worshipped
Jehovah. Look at Balaam's sacrifice: seven altars, God's perfect
number, the seven churches (See?); seven rams, speaking of the coming
of the Lord. Fundamentally he was just as fundamental as Moses was; but
(You see?), there wasn't a Divine vindication. In there they were both
But under Moses' ministry, there was a supernatural Pillar of Fire, a
Light that hung with the camp. There was Divine healing; there was a
shout of the–of the King in the camp, great signs, Divine healing, and
wonders and things performed among them. It was a sign of a living God
among His people.
Fundamentally, they was both right. And Balaam tried to persuade the
people, and bewitched them into it. When? Just before they reached the
promised land. Another day or two, they'd been in the promised land.

But now I'm afraid… This is a hard mark to make, some of these days
I'll be shot for It. But remember this, that the churches are being
bewitched by this ecumenical council; he's taking you right into it to
say, "You're the same group." You're not the same group. Come out from
among that stuff and be separated. Certainly is. It's true. We're to
keep away from that stuff, as far as you can from it.
Balaam said, "We're… Let's let our children marry together because after all, we believe the same God.
"How can two walk together 'less they be agreed?" How can you walk with
God 'less you agree with His Word?" How can you add creeds and so forth
to It, when you're ordained not to do it, or commanded not to do it?
Can't do it. There's no way of doing it, brother, sister. You can't mix
that leaven with the unleavened. Oil and water will not mix. Darkness
and light will not mix. Light's so much powerful; it just puts the
darkness out.

So we cannot mix it together. Neither can you mix sin of the world
together. You can't mix church and denomination together. You can't mix
church and creed together. You can't mix the world and the Gospel
together. It won't mix. "Come out from among them; be ye separated,
saith God, I'll receive you to Myself. You'll be My sons and daughters;
I'll be God to you." We can never do it until these things are
manifested and the Word of God for the hour is proved to be the truth.
Follow in the footsteps.

Pentecost, that's why Luther lost his message. That's how Wesley lost
his message. See? If the Wesleyan church would've went on, they'd been
Pentecostals. If the Lutherans went on, they'd been Methodists. See?
And now, if the Pentecostals go on, it'll be the Bride. If you hang
back and keep going back in the world like you're going now, you'll be
lost. It'll only be the shuck and the stalk, is to be burned. You know
that. He'll gather His wheat into the garner. But the husks He'll burn
with unquenchable fire, although it was a carrier. It certainly carried
it, but the Life left it as soon as it become a leaf, it went on out to
make something else until it come to its full statue.
And so will the church come through justification, sanctification,
baptism of the Holy Ghost (restoration of gifts), right on into the
formed image of Christ. Christ is the Bridegroom; the Church is the
Bride; and the Bride is a part of the Bridegroom. It'll have to be a
Word church, not a denominational church. It'll be the Word church, the
Word that's made known and–by the vindicated Word of God.

Balaam, he couldn't see the difference. Many can't. Pharaoh couldn't
see it, though vindicated right before him. Dathan couldn't see It.
Dathan come out there, and he seen Moses and knowed. He went out there,
said, "You try to think you're the only one in the bunch. The whole
congregation's holy." God never did deal with–like that. He ought to
have knowed better than that. And he said, "Well, the whole
congregation's holy. You try to make yourself (If we'd say it today,
the street expression) the only pebble on the beach."
And Moses knew that God had sent him down there for that. He just said, "Lord…" fell in the–the doorway of the tabernacle.
And God said, "Separate yourself with him." And He swallowed them up.

And remember, the sin that Israel did (by Balaam saying they're all the
same), that sin never was forgiven Israel. And look; let me give you a
striking figure; out of two million that left Egypt, two of them went
into the promised land. Every one of them eat the same thing; they all
danced in the Spirit; they all had everything in common. But when it
come to the separating time, the Word done the separating. So is it
today. Word done the separating. When it come time, he said, "Why,
here, we're…"
It's so close, look that the Bible said in the last days the two
spirits (Matthew 24:24) would be so close, it would deceive the very
elected if it was possible. That shuck looks just exactly like the
wheat, but it ain't the wheat. See? It isn't the wheat, but it looks
just exactly like it. See? So close, it would deceive the very
elected… You denominated and fall into that denomination, and dry up
and die, and the wheat moved right on out through the… See? It's
exactly right. It's a carrier but not the wheat.
Remember, the wheat just keeps going on. In the resurrection all that
strength of the wheat will come right up into the wheat as it goes to
make the head to come out in the great resurrection. Never forgiven…

Let's stop here just a moment. I hope I don't choke you out. But, look,
let me ask you something. Let's just take that, say for instance, that
this count would be right. When the sperm, the male and female come, if
you ever known test tubes or–or hybriding and so forth of cattle,
you'll find out that the discharge from the male puts out about a
million germs. And the discharge from the female puts out a million
eggs. But did you know there's only one of them that's fertile? Them
little calves, or whatever they are in these millions of germs, a
million germs, they'll be that one little germ will work itself up
among the rest of them germs and go right over and find that fertile
egg and crawl into it, and the rest of them die. One of them is
ordained to life; the others are not, though they're all the same. One
out of a million…
What if it'd be that way tonight? There's five hundred million,
supposed to be, I think, Christians in the world, about that figure,
just a round figure. If the rapture would come tonight then, and the
living going, there'd only be five hundred people. Well, there's that
many missing any day almost, that they can't count for. The Bride will
be taken away and we'd wonder what it's all about; and the people going
right on preaching, saying they're getting this, and that, and the
other, and look what a deception that would be. Say if it would be
that; I don't say it is; I don't know; I'm no authority of that. God's
the Judge of that. But look how easy it could happen in all figures and
things, how it could be proven.

Why didn't Korah see that? Why didn't Dathan see that? Why didn't Ahab
see it? When Ahab… When Jehoshaphat went down to Ahab, he said,
"Ahab, we're in trouble. Do you know God gave us this land; Joshua
divided it up? You know this piece of ground up here that the Syrians
taken, isn't that our ground?"
"Our children's hungry, and the Syrians, our enemy, are feeding their
children, filling their bellies with the wheat that ought to be ours."
That's Scripturally right. Said, "Will you help me to go up there and
take that?"
Now, sometimes a good man under the influence of evil will give in. Better watch, church, watch real close.

Now, the first thing you know, Jehoshaphat, being a great religious
man, he said, "Well, we should go up, sure, our chariots; we're all the
same people." But they wasn't the same people. No. He said, "Well, our
chariots is your chariots; our people is your people. Sure, we'll go,"
he said, "but let's consult the Lord first."
So he said, old Ahab, "No doubt, we should have thought of that. Well, we'll…"
"Is there a prophet of the Lord?"
Said, "I got a seminary full of them? I got four hundred down here, the
best ones there is. They all got their Ph.D., L.L.D., their double
L.D.'s, and everything else that goes with it. They're every one…"
Now, remember, they were Hebrew prophets from a school of prophets.
Said, "Bring them up; let's hear them."

Now, I believe it was Zedekiah (the great head of them, the bishop, all
of them) come up there, and he had the inspiration. He had inspiration,
absolutely. He come up there, and made hisself two big iron horns. He
said, "You know, THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're going to take these horns
and push the Syrians plumb out of the country."
Well, all the rest of them prophesied, "That's exactly right." Every one of them, the whole seminary in agreement. See?
Ahab said, "You see?"
Jehoshaphat, being kind of spiritual, you know, he hadn't dried up
altogether; he said, "But isn't there just another one somewhere, that
we could consult?"
"What do you want to consult others, when the whole ecumenical–the
whole council, it says it's all right?" (Excuse me. See?) "The whole
thing said, 'That's what we ought to do.'" See? "That's what we should
He said, "But isn't there just another one somewhere?" that odd one, you know.
He said, "Yes, there is. There's one, Micaiah the son of Imlah, but I
hate him." Always that way. "I hate him because he's always just
bawling our people out, and cursing me, and telling me all's evil about
me. I hate the man."
Said, "Oh, don't let the king say so." Said, "Go get him."

So he went over there to the son of Imlah, some of the–the bishops,
or, some of the elders went over there, and said, "Now, listen, do you
want to get back in the organization again? You say the same thing that
they say and they bring you back."
But there happened to be that God had a man that they couldn't put
their hands on him; God had His hands on him. He was just the reflector
of God's truth. Said, "Sure," said, "I'll go down, but I'll only say
what God puts in my mouth." There's the man of God. He said, "Give me
the night." So the night come, and the Lord spoke to the prophet,
little nobody. And first thing you know, he come out the next morning.
Said, "What about it, Imlah?"
He said, "Go on up," said, "but I seen Israel scattered like sheep on a hills, having no shepherd."
He said, What did I tell you. What did I tell you about it." And he said…

Then the big bishop walked up and slapped him in the mouth, said,
"Which way did the Spirit of God go? 'Cause I know I had the Spirit; I
danced in It; I done all these things. See? I–I had the Spirit on me.
Which a way did It go?"
Now, see, Imlah being a son of God, or a real prophet of God, he
examined his vision with the Word. If it wasn't with the Word, it's
wrong. See? The Word for that hour… See? Now, he said Scripturally,
the land belonging to them, the land was theirs. Scripturally,
everything seemed to be right but one thing.
Remember, it was one Word that caused the whole mess to come, Eve
disbelieved one Word of God. In the first of the Bible, one Word caused
the trouble. Jesus come in the middle of the Bible, said, "Man shall
live by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." At the end
of the Bible, said, "Whosoever shall take one Word out or add one word
to It."

It's not part of the Gospel… The Methodists have part, the Baptists,
Presbyterians, and so forth, they had part of it, Catholic had part of
it, Jehovah Witness, all the rest of them.
But It's the whole Word, all the Word, the Word of the hour what
counts. And we'll never do it until God anoints a prophet that can
stand and tell it, and confirms it, and prove It that It's right. It'll
slip right through the people and they'll never know it, just like it's
always been.
You Catholic, like Joan of Arc, you burned her at the stake for being a
witch; later you dug up them priests' bodies, two hundred years later,
and throwed them in the river. You didn't know Saint Patrick and the
rest of them.
It'll go right through your hands again, the first thing you know. God
will do it, and you'll never even know it's done. See? He just slips
right through and gets His Bride and takes her right on, and steals her
away, right out of the midst of the people.

We find out, this little Micaiah said he examined–he examined; he
knowed that God had said through a real prophet before him… The
prophet before him, what did he say? Said this; he said, "Ahab, because
you shed the righteous, or the blood of the righteous Naboth, the dogs
will lick your blood also, and Jezebel." And that's just exactly, had
to come to pass, because God had said it. How could that prophet
prophesy good when it was evil against it?
How can I tell this Laodicean church age the good things when God spoke
against it? You're naked, miserable. You say, "I'm rich; I have
better… I have churches like the Methodist, and the Baptists, and the
Presbyterians. I have this, I have that; the best this, that, and the
other." That's right, but don't know that you're naked, blind,
miserable, to the real thing that God's manifesting. He'll go right the
same with you, moving right out. See? Believe, people, before it's too

159 Now, we find out that he smote him in the mouth, and said, "Which way did the Spirit of God…"
said, "I seen God setting upon the throne. And oh, He called the
delegates of heaven, said, 'Who can we get to go down and deceive
Ahab?'" Said, "And he–one lying spirit come up and fell before God; a
liar." And remember that lying spirit got into those prophets; they
ought to have knowed then that the spirit was upon them wasn't
according to the Word. But they were so carried away because they were
the king's prophets, because they had everything fine.

And that's what the church has done today. You've got away from that
old fashion experience you had years ago when you stood on the street
corner and preached the Gospel. Come out of those organizations and
call yourself a free people today, because you're wrapped in it again,
like a hog to its wallow or a dog to its vomit. If it made him vomit
the first time, it'll make him vomit again. That's right. God spew you
from His mouth, He said, "You're lukewarm, neither hot or cold"; have a
few meetings, then play a few music and sing a little bit, when,
it's–absolutely it's almost become a disgrace to Christianity.
My son called me over the other day to look at a television, supposed
to be singing bee where the people come. That bunch of little Ricky's
standing there, shaking around like this rock-and-roll, and singing
them hymns, it's a disgrace to Jesus Christ. There's no more solemnity
in the church at all. It seems like it's all become a rock-and-roll
something, and a fashion show, in the stead of the church of the living
God where Jesus Christ can manifest Himself in power. Hey, there's
something wrong somewhere; they're slipping away. And the Bible said it
would be that way. See? Look where you're at. Be careful; wake up
before it's too late.

Now, we find out he said, "Who can we get to go out there and deceive
Ahab, to get him up there to fulfill that prophet's word?" See? If the
prophet said a Word, heavens and earth will pass away but It can't
fail. It's got to come to pass. So that's what, it had to take place.
He said, "Put this man in the inner jail; feed him of bread of sorrow
and water of sorrow. When I return in peace, I'll take care of him."
Micaiah stood there firm, knowing he had the Spirit of God. His
prophecy and visions was right. His Message was right, 'cause It was
THUS SAITH THE LORD from the visions, THUS SAITH THE LORD from the
Word. It had to be right, was THUS SAITH THE LORD. He said, "If you
return at all, God never spoke to me." And you know what happened,
sure. Would he… Understand, brother. Listen.

Sure, Caiaphas, he couldn't see it. Why didn't he look down? He was
a–he was a bishop; he was a pope of all the churches together. Why
couldn't that man see Jesus standing there? Why couldn't he understand?
When they was singing the 23rd Psalm, the 22nd Psalm, rather, in the
church, and "My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?" and there He's
hanging on the cross. The very Scriptures, the very God that they were
worshipping, they were condemning Him and killing Him for a fanatic.
There it is.
It'd shock you if I'd tell you that's just about to repeat again. The
Bible said He was on the outside trying to knock to get in, and nobody
would let Him in, "He that I love, I chasten and rebuke; I scold him; I
shake him down, but it's because I love him. Open up and let Me come
in." Yeah. Could not… "Remember, I didn't want to get in the church;
it's he, the individual." He couldn't get in the church, had Him locked
out. Only… Then, only organization of all of them, is this church
age, that He was on the outside the church: put out, refused, rejected.
Because… He was only manifested in temporarily in the other churches,
in the form of justification, and so forth; but in here, the age that's
coming now, is the full manifestation of the vindication of Jesus
Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Oh, I'll admit we got a
lot of impersonators, but examine the first one, the original.

Moses went down with the commandments of God to deliver Israel; and
when he did, he performed some miracles. The impersonators followed
him. If they had been first, he would been the impersonator. See? he
had the Word of the Lord, and the Lord vindicated; he just set still.
And, you know, that same thing's promised in the last days? "As Jambres
and Jannes withstood Moses, so will these men of reprobate mind
concerning the truth." When a organization keeps a–takes a man right
down through that organization, it showed it did not come from God;
because God does those things to attract the people's mind, and then
the message follows it. If it isn't, then it's not God. It's not God.
God always does that.
Judas couldn't understand it. He walked right with Him; he didn't see it.

But the real, ordained of God, that real gene, that real germ, a soul
of God that was in God before the foundation of the world… Remember,
you that's really got the Spirit of God in you tonight, you were here
in Christ, because He was the Fullness of the Word. He was the Fullness
of the Godhead bodily. God was in Christ, reconciling the world to
Himself. Do you believe that? Look, He was in Christ. Then if you were
in God, a gene, a word, a attribute from the beginning, then you walked
with Him here on earth; you talked with Him on earth, you suffered with
Him on earth; you died with Him at Calvary; and you rose with Him
again; and now you're setting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus,
communing with Him, the Word, as It feeds into your soul, that, "Man
shall live by ever Word that proceedeth…"
Not the Methodist word, the Baptist word; remember, if there was any
left over in the sacrifice, it must be burned before morning, 'cause
tomorrow's another church age. That right? Exodus, it's true. A symbol,
type of the sacrifice…

The Door… Said, "I will make one place. Don't… You won't worship Me
in every door that I've give you; but there's one Door, and in that
Door I'll put My Name." And where the Lord puts His Name, that's the
place that God will receive your sacrifice. We've made all kinds of
doors, but God made a Door. God made a Door, and that Door was… St.
John the 10th chapter, Jesus said, "I am that Door."
God put His Name in Jesus. Do you believe that? He was the Son of God.
Every son comes in his father's name. He said, "I come in My Father's
Name; you receive Me not." I come in my father's name; you come in your
father's name. Jesus come in His Father's Name, so His Father's Name's
Jesus (It's exactly), 'cause He came in His Father's Name. "And you
receive Me not. Another will come, and him you will receive." You'll
take your denominations and go on with them. Just go ahead, the Bible
says, "They were raised up to fulfill this place. Blind, naked, and
don't know it." Church, religion, oh, very pious, just the same as Cain
was; make a sacrifice, make everything just the same as Abel did. But
by revelation it was revealed to him what the sacrament was, not fruits
of the field and something to do with your hand.
The believer can see the Word made flesh; the others cannot do it.

All them Israelites, after they had seen Moses perform that and brought
them right up to the great council, where it was to be held, every one
of them said, "We'll go with Balaam, because we think Dr. Balaam's
right. He's smarter, more educated, everything, so we'll just take it."
And God never did forgive them. He destroyed them right there in the
wilderness. And Jesus said, Himself, "They'll never come; there's none
of them saved." Jesus said…
They said, "Our fathers eat manna in the wilderness for forty years."
He said, "They're every one dead (eternally separated from God).
They're every one dead." Certainly. Because they listened to an error.
When Moses a-vindicated of God and a leader to show them the way to the
promised land, and they had come so far all right, but then they
wouldn't go along with him.
Now, believers can see it, but unbelievers cannot see that vindicated.

Look how pious Caiaphas was. Look how all them priests how pious they
was. And Jesus turned around, said, "You are of your father the Devil,
and his works you'll do."
But there was a few believers setting there. You think them disciples
could've understood when Jesus said, "I and My Father are One"? They
couldn't have explained It. When He said, "Except you eat the flesh of
the Son of man, drink His Blood, you have no Life." Could they explain
it? No. But they believed it, because they seen God being vindicated
and made flesh.

Jesus said, "If I do not the works of My Father, then believe Me not.
But if I do the works of My Father, the Word that's predicted for Me to
do, then you… If you can't believe Me, believe the works that I do,
that you might be saved." See? Jesus said, "My sheep know My Voice.
They know My Word; they see It when It's vindicated for that age."
"Well, Caiaphas knowed the Word too." But not the Word for that age. He
had the word of what the Pharisees had poked into him, but not the
vindicated Word of the hour.
"They know My Voice; they know My sign; they know My wonder." How now, to…
Oh, let's get back to our text, 'cause we're just going to miss a lot
of this Scripture if we don't, 'cause I got to close in the next few
minutes anyhow, for it's going to be ten o'clock in a few minutes. I
love Him. Amen.

Friends, you people who walked down that aisle and put that offering in
there awhile ago, people that fed my children, put clothes on their
back, the people that's put your money that you hard earned in a
offering plate, know where that goes? That helps take me overseas to
the heathens that never has heard anything about God. That's what I do
with it, every penny, God's my Judge. Here's some of my–the man's
setting right here now that's in–and the treasurer of my church. I get
one hundred dollars a week; that's all; rest of it goes to sponsor
overseas meetings where they can't come.
The churches won't have me. They don't want me. No. That's right. They
turn me down, "He's…" They say, "He's a Jesus Only, or he's something
like that, or some heretic, fanatic, and all like that, a–a Jezebel."
And I–I look for that; they called my Lord, Jezebel, and they called
Him, not a Jezebel, but a Beelzebub. They called Him all those bad
names. "If they called the Master of the house Beelzebub, how much more
will they call them of His disciples?" So that don't make any
And you yourself, by the help of God, would you think I'd stand up here
a big hypocrite and tell you something was… Wouldn't I fall right in
line with the thing if I thought it was from God?

But if I love you and know what's the truth… Have you ever heard me
say anything in the Name of the Lord but what come to pass? No. I ask
anybody. There are thousands of things that's been said, they all come
to pass. Remember that time when Samuel was called out, I believe it
was, and he said… Israel wanted to make themselves like the rest of
the nations. That's what you Pentecostals are coming to. You want to
act like the rest of the people. You're not them kind of people. Keep
away from it. The big churches and big fine things, O brother, don't do
that. We preach the coming of the Lord is at hand; let's get to the
fields down there and notify the heathen. See? Do something about it.

193 But, you see, Samuel said, "Have I ever at one time taken any of your money from you for my living?"
They said, "No, Samuel, you never done that."
Said, "Did I ever tell you anything in the Name of the Lord but what come to pass?"
that's right, Samuel. We believe you're a prophet sent from God. Yes,
sir. Everything you said come to pass, Samuel. But we want it anyhow."
You see what happened. Oh, brother, the Scripture just keeps repeating
Itself back and forth through the Scripture, 'cause it's God's way of
doing it. You see? You see, you hit these kind of times.
Let's get to our text right quick. Now, I been all this time; I didn't come to my text yet…?…

It's on my heart. I love you. Don't perish with the world. If you're of
the world, you'll perish with the world. If you're of God, you'll go
with Him in the resurrection. So change your nature tonight from the
love of the world and the things of the world, and all these creeds and
things, and look straight to Calvary to your Sacrifice; meet Him there
on them grounds, 'cause that's the only place He'll ever meet you. He…
The Methodists says, "It's in our church"; the Baptists says, and the Pentecostals in this, and the Presbyterians in this.
But He said, "I'll meet them in one place, the place I put My Name."
That's in Jesus Christ. That's where God put His Name. That's the only
place He'll meet you; and it's Christ, is the Word (See?), the same
yesterday… It's growed from the feet, thighs. And now it's in the
head, fixing to go, manifesting the full measure, the Bride, as same as
the Groom.

Now, let's go to our text right quick for about ten minutes, and then
we'll close. Now, our text, we are–where we consider, is, it had
happened again, as our text, as it usually has happened.
God sent His prophet as He… Word had promised of Malachi 3, "A messenger I'll send before My face to forerun His coming."
Now, if you want to vindicate that, to prove it; Matthew, 11th chapter,
vindicates the same. When the disciples of John came over and they seen
Jesus, they said, "John is in prison," said, "we come to ask You of
whether he…"
John's eagle eye had been filmed over. And he was in the prison; he was fixing to die; said, "Go ask Him."
See? John said, "Oh, His fan's in His hand; He'll thoroughly purge His
floor." He thought the millennium would start right then; he thought
the grain was ready. But it had to die and go into the stalk, come up
again to make the true Bride. So he said, "He'll gather His wheat into
the garner, and He'll burn with fire." Watch that–that forerunner of
Christ in that age, what he said would happen. "The grain…"

And I hope you're not asleep. The grain is here. It'll be gathered into
the garner. It was that Bride, that part of it. But what did He say
will happen to the stalk? It'll be burned with unquenchable fire. Seek
salvation now while you can. Be a grain, not a stalk. See? Go into the
Life, not the old dead form; go into the Life of Christ, the Word made
manifest, the–made manifest and vindicated so. This is the–this is
the gathering time; the combine is coming. You'd better get into the
grain, 'cause the shuck's going to be left behind.

Now, we find out it happened… Jesus… To finish my quotation here,
this Matthew 11… See? He didn't give John. He say, "Now, wait, I'll
give John a book on how to conduct himself, a believer in jail." No. He
said, "Stand around and watch what happens. Go back and show John what
happened: the lame walk, the blind see, the dead's raised up, and the
Gospel's preached to the poor." Just exactly what the prophet said
would come to pass. "And blessed is you who's not offended in Me."
And his disciples started across the hill; He turned, said, "What went
ye out to see when you went to see John? Did you go to see a man that's
catering in soft raiments, and so forth, the turned-around collars, and
all this, you know?" Said, "They're in kings' palaces; they kiss the
babies and bury the dead; he don't know how to hold a two-handed
sword." See? Said, "What'd you go to see? A–a reed that's shaken by
any wind, 'Come on, John, I'll give you more money if you come over
here'? ("Well, bless God, I ain't Methodist no more; I'll be
Pentecostal; I'll be Presbyterian; I'll be this, that, the one with
more money.") Said, "You never did see a reed shaken with the wind."
Said, "What did you go the see there, a prophet?" Said, "Yes, and more
than a prophet."

John had just paid the poorest tribute he could to Jesus. Know it had
to come that way; asked Him after he introduced Him and seen that sign
above Him, he said, "This is the Messiah," then he comes and asks, "Are
you He or do we look for another one?"
But, look, Jesus knowing that, He turned and give him a tribute, said,
"What did you go to see, a reed shaken with the wind?" Said, "There's
never been a man born of a woman as great as John, till this day."
That's right. What a compliment to pay the man.
But, you see, there it was, that prophecy had been fulfilled right
before their face, with a forerunner coming, exactly what Malachi said.
Now, that's Malachi 3, not Malachi 4.
John the Baptist was Malachi 3, Jesus said so. When they asked Him, said, "Why does the scribes say…"
Said, "He's already come. They did what they said."
But, remember, Malachi 4, immediately after the Malachi 4 prophet, the
fourth coming of John the Baptist in–or the–of Elijah. The fifth
coming will be the Revelations 2, the witnesses, when he comes for the
remnant of the Jews. But God has used that same Spirit five times:
grace, J-e-s-u-s; it's all been Jesus all the time; f-a-i-t-h,
g-r-a-c-e, and so forth. You see? The number five is a grace number and
He used it. Won't use just three, won't use just two, three, four, it's
five times He uses it.

214 Now, notice quickly now, as we finish up. He said, "This is he who was spoken, 'I send My messenger before My face.'"
in Malachi 4, immediately after that prophet prophesied, the whole
earth is to be burnt over, and the righteous walk out upon the ashes of
the wicked. See? Exactly. See? that's the Malachi 4 prophecy.
And notice in Luke 17, where He said, "In the last days, it'll come
like Sodom and Gomorrah again." Have we got it? We got Sodom and
Gomorrah again? The whole nations, look at it. Look what He just said
about England; the whole thing's perverted. Even the food's perverted.
And looky here what science… You see in "Reader's Digest," I believe
it's last month; they said, "Little boys and girls go through middle
age between twenty and twenty-five years old." I meet them in the
meetings, little girls in menopause, and twenty, twenty-two years old,
in menopause. What's it allowed to? The perversion, hybriding, that's
exactly what corrupted; the whole thing's corrupted the body. We're
nothing but a mess of–of…

Just like a hybrid plant… You take a hybrid plant and set it out
there, every germ will run right to it. But a genuine, original plant,
a germ will go away from it, can't stand on it. That's what's the
matter with the church; we've hybrid it.
That's what was the matter with Pearry Green's old horse up there; he
throwed that boy the other day; he's nothing but an old quarter horse.
See? The only thing it is, he… It's just like a mule, he's–he's… A
mule don't know who his papa or mama is; he don't know nothing; he's
half mule and half horse, and half this and donkey; he don't know what
he is. You could never… He'll wait all of his life to get to kick
you. That's right. You can call him, say, "Come on, boy. Come on, boy."
He'll hold his ears up, and "Haw. Haw. Haw." See?

Like some of these saying "Days of miracles is past. Haw, haw, haw,"
these half-breeds, supposed to be church members and Christians. I
ain't saying that for a joke; it's the truth. But a genuine,
thoroughbred, brother, he knows who his father was, who his mother was,
who his grandfather, grandmother was; you can teach him something; he's
And a genuine Christian that's borned of the Holy Ghost and filled with
God's power and Word, he knows who his father is, who his mother is,
who his grandfather, grandmother was; he knows all about it. You can
teach him something.
But a half-breed, that's what's come to churches: hybrid between the
world and religious organizations, and putting a little Word in it,
here a little Word there, just enough to deceive. That's right. When
you see the real Word of God being manifested like Caiaphas and them
did, they turn away from It; they don't know: hybrid.

Now, we find out, and in this message, Isaiah 40:3 also vindicated
John. He said a voice of one, a prophet, crying in the wilderness,
"Prepare the way of the Lord; make His path straight." The church did
not believe him, for he was not of their group. That prophet was raised
out of a wilderness, come up knowing no one. He had the very Spirit on
him that Elijah had: he was a man of the wilderness; he hated immoral
Remember how Elijah… What caused his head to be taken from him? Was
Jezebel. Jezebel was the cause of his death. It run him into the
John the Baptist, another wilderness-lover, a hunter, a woodsman. Watch
him. He–He had no education. Watch his–his text wasn't like a
theologian. He said, "O you generation of vipers." The filthiest thing
you can find in the wilderness, the sneakiness, was a–was a snake. And
he called those priests, "You generation of vipers, who's warned you to
flee from the wrath to come? Don't begin to say, 'We belong to this,
and we have this or that,' for I say unto you, God's able of these
stones…?… them. Also, the axe (what he used) is laid to the root of
the tree; and every tree that don't bring forth good fruit's hewn down
and cast into the fire." Amen.

He was a preacher of nature, a great man of God, lived a short time,
but certainly set a blaze across the earth. He shuck that generation in
them six months of his ministry. God raised him for thirty years to get
that six months out of him. But God does it His own way; He knows what
His harvest is.
And we find out now that this is exactly what had took place. They
didn't believe him, because he wasn't of them. They didn't, as… As
usual, they didn't see It. They did not believe God's Word of Malachi
3, or they would've seen plainly by the letter that this was that
forerunner. They hadn't had a prophet for four hundred years, and here
one rises on the scene all at once. And the people, the believers,
believed him to be that. See? They did not believe It. They did not
believe, 'cause when they seen the letter completely confirmed, what He
said it would do, and everything, and seen it clearly vindicated when
the Word come right into the water to the prophet, there they stood.

There's many argue on that Scripture there about John. See? John said,
"I have need to be baptized of Thee, and why comest Thou unto me?"
Jesus said, "Suffer that to be so, for thus–but thus it's becoming to
us (behooving us, becoming) that we fulfill all right… John, you
being a prophet, you know the sacrifice has got to be washed before
it's presented. And I am that Sacrifice, and you're a prophet and know
that." Then he suffered Him and baptized Him. See? And he knew it was.

Look, they laughed at him, called him "a wild, screaming, unlearned
fanatic," as usual, that prophet forerunning the first coming of Jesus.
I don't say that they're–don't we have the same impersonations today
of–of genuine? They do, they absolutely. But, remember, where you see
a bogus dollar, there's got to be a real dollar that's made off of.
Where you see one impersonating to be a Christian, there's got to be a
real Christian somewhere; because if there wasn't, that would be the
original. You've got to get to the original. But check the first one,
and see if the original is just exactly with the promise. If it is,
then believe It: the promise for the age.
Then John's prophecy was vindicated in God's order. The Word came to the prophet and vindicated him truly as that person.

Again Jesus came in a–different from their understanding of that
prophecy. They didn't understand it that way. (Now, we're going down to
the end now.) But according to the prophet's Word, It was fulfilled to
the letter. The prophecy is fulfilled; but the way they thought it
would be, it wasn't that way. Now, how could they have understood and
know which was right or wrong? To see if it was vindicated by God, if
it was God interpreting what He said. There'd been false Jesuses raised
up, and led a man, a bunch of four hundred out in the wilderness and
things; but he never proved to make hisself in the Word (You see?),
like He said.

Jesus, when He come, He was to be a prophet. That's right. And today,
before Jesus comes again, the full manifestation of the Person of Jesus
Christ is to be manifested in flesh. Think of it. Jesus said, "As it
was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of
man, when the Son of man is being revealed." What is revealed?
Unfolded, made known. The secret had been brought forth, revealed. In
the day that the Son of man will be revealed, the world will be in a
Sodom condition. We've got it, haven't we? Yeah. How many believes
that? It's in a Sodom condition. That's exactly right. Look where it's
setting now.
Remember, there's always three groups of people in every bunch of
people you gather; that's, make-believers, unbelievers, and believers.
We have them in every group. They've had them in all time. There was
the Sodomites; there was–there was the Lotites, and there was Abraham.

The Abraham was a called-out group; he wasn't in Sodom to begin with.
Now, watch their message. They'd been looking for a promised son,
looked for it for years. God had showed Abraham many great signs and
wonders, but here God came down Himself like a man.
You say, "That was an Angel."
Abraham called Him, "Lord", capital L-o-r-d. Any reader of the Bible
knows that that capital L-o-r-d is Elohim: in the beginning God, Lord
God, Elohim, the all-sufficient One. Abraham called Him, "Lord God,

Now, notice, there was two people that went down into Sodom with a
message, and they preached to the Sodomites. They didn't perform
nothing, but blinded them; which, preaching the Gospel does blind the
But watch what kind of a sign the Abraham group received. Now, we are
supposed to be the royal seed of Abraham; Isaac was the natural seed.
But the faith seed, the faith in the promised Word, the promised Word
(Don't miss it.) was that royal Seed; that was the seed, Abraham's
faith. "We be dead in Christ, we're Abraham's seed, heirs with him
according to the promise."
Notice when all that was taking place, down in Sodom there was two ministers down there preaching with a great message.

There's One set up here with Abraham's group that didn't fool with that
group down there. Now, watch the One that stayed with Abraham's group,
what kind of a sign He give them. He said… Now, remember, his name
was Abram a few days before that; and S-a-r-r-a, not S-a-r-a-h
(princess). And this Man, with His back turned to the tent…
The women then were different than they are now. They have to get out
and get in their husband's business and everything else, you know; but
they didn't do it then; they stayed back behind.
So they… So them Angels setting there, the Messenger, and He said,
"Abraham, where is your wife (S-a-r-a-h) Sarah?" How'd He know it? How
did He know it?
Abraham said, "She's in the tent behind You."
He said, "I'm going to visit you according to the time that I promised
you. I'm going to visit you." And Sarah kinda laughed to herself.

With His back to the tent, He said, "Why did Sarah laugh, saying, 'How
can these things be?'" If she hadn't been in Abraham, his bride at that
time, God would've slayed her. So would we today with all of our
unbelief, if we wasn't in Christ. That holds us right there. See? He
couldn't have hurt or couldn't take Sarah without hurting Abraham. See?
And so remember, Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall
it be at the coming of the Son of man." We see everybody agree that the
world's in a Sodom condition. I picked up a Los Angeles paper here not
long ago, and said, I think it's "Homosexual is on the increase of
twenty or thirty percent in Los Angeles, each year increasing that
much." It's… Oh, it's horrible. In our government and everywhere,
everything's just become a pervert. That's right. The whole thing, the
whole system, church and everything else is perverted. It's in a
perverted age.

Now, I want to ask you theologians something, my brethren. Not I'm
speaking against you, my dear brother; I'm here to help you, brother.
I'm here to stand on what God's Word says is right, hold your hand, and
bring this crowd of people out of this stuff. That's right.
But looky here, we never have had a messenger down in Sodom before that
his name ended with a h-a-m till now. We've had a Spurgeon, a Wesley, a
Luther, and everything else, but never a international messenger that
his name end with h-a-m before. That's right. See? G-r-a-h-a-m, six
letters, G-r-a-h-a-m, Billy Graham, that noted evangelist, great work
of God, the man is sent from God. He's got that justification down so
pat, and he shakes the nation with it (See?), like that. There's not
Look at Oral Roberts to the Pentecostal denomination. When was there ever one like that?
Six letters, not seven. Abraham is A-b-r-a-h-a-m, seven. Billy Graham is G-r-a-h-a-m, six.
Now, look at the messengers. Look at the time we're setting, never was
a time in history. Look at the same signs that He promised would be
give to each group. Look where they're at: same, exactly, positionally,
setting right in order. Nature, the world, everything, setting right
exactly to the time.

Now, don't miss It, while we sketch the rest of this Scripture. Quickly
now, 'cause I'm holding you too long. Called… Looky here. And
according to the prophet, he came just exactly to the Word, just
exactly to the time.
Now, look at the age now where we're living. Aren't we living right in
that Sodom time? Watch the Messenger to Abraham's group. Watch the
numbers, letters, and the numerology of his name. You say, "There's
nothing in a name." Don't you never let anybody tell you that. Why did
He change Abram's name to Abraham, Sara to Sarah? Why did He change
Simon to Peter, and all those other? See? Sure there is. Exactly.

That's the reason I say don't ever call your child "Ricky," or "Elvis,"
or something. "Elvis" means "cat," "Ricky's" a "rat." See? When you
say… That's exactly right. So 'less, or something, don't you never
call one of your child–children that. If it is, change it right quick,
people. Don't you never… You just… If you believe me to be God's
servant, don't tack that name on that poor child. See? No, sir, give
him another name besides that. My. I oughtn't to have got off on that,
'cause I'm off of my subject, but I said it and it's all over. I…
That's how you do, you don't know when you say it. See?

257 Called Him, "Foreign, a fortuneteller, a devil, a Beelzebub," and said, "He made Himself God." Oh, my.
Isaiah the prophet said He would be called the Mighty God? Isaiah 9:6,
"Unto us a Child is borned, a Son is given, and the government shall be
upon His shoulders, and His Name shall be called Counselor, Prince of
Peace, Mighty God, the everlasting Father." That's right. Also, St.
John 1:1, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us."
You believe that? He was just not… He was a prophet, but He was more
than a prophet; He was the God-prophet. Why did He have to come?

Remember, He comes in three son's names. He came first in the name of
the Son of man. He never called Himself the Son of God. You know that.
See? He came in the Son of man, a prophet; Jehovah Himself, the Father
called Jeremiah, "son of man"; a prophet is son of man. He come…
Now, He come after the day of Pentecost, He come back in the form of the Holy Ghost, supernatural Spirit. Now, He's Son of God.
In the millennium He'll be Son of David, setting upon the throne of
David. See? He come… He's Son of God, Son of man, Son of David.

Oh, the Bible's full of these nuggets. We can't get them all in one
night. But it's just fitting to set this in now. Tomorrow may never
dawn. We may be gone before tomorrow. I may be preaching to a person
that'll be dead before in the morning. I could be gone before in the
morning. Brother, sister, that's not myth; that's actual facts. We
don't know what time we're going. You'll not have any chance after that
last breath leaves your body. Make it right now; don't wait till in the
morning, may be too late.

Notice now, they had done to Him just exactly what the prophets said
they would do, just as they are doing to this very same day in the
Laodicean age. If you want to look at it, read Revelations 3: "Blind,
naked, and don't know it. Turning Christ…" When He begins to reveal
Hisself into the seed form again, the same One that went into the
ground come back to be the Bride; just the Bride and the Groom is the
same flesh and blood, the same ministry, the same things, doing just
exactly what He done; the Spirit…
And here they're impersonating and doing everything else, and each
one's got his book and running, and this. And, oh, you never heard such
sensations, "And I smell a devil, and all this, that, just as
unscriptural as it can be.

And the genuine thing laying right there before them, they walk away,
"They don't belong to my organization, my–my…?…" See? Just blind
leading the blind, won't they all fall in the ditch? Blinded by man's
denominational traditions, they put Him out of their church as God said
they would do in Revelations 3; as usual as prophesied…
Notice how Jesus tell–and made Hisself known to these disciples now,
and we'll close. These two disciples, Caiaphas–or Cleopas, rather, and
his friend. Now, we're in the resurrection, the morning after the
resurrection, the first resurrection; what a beautiful morning; Jesus
is up from the dead and living among His people. What a beautiful
He's here the same today as He was that day, because He's the same
yesterday, today, and for… And revealing Himself more today than He
has in any other age since that day; come through the wheat and stalk
and shuck (is all past now), we're into the wheat again. See? We're
back into the grain.

Known as… know… Watch how He made Hisself known to these people.
Now, remember, as their Messiah (just before we close) of the promised
Word of the age… Notice. He appeared unto to the–as He had said He'd
do to the prophets. Notice, "Fools, and slow of heart to believe that
all the prophets has wrote of Him had to be fulfilled."
Watch Him. He refers right back to the Word of God; He never come right
out and told them, "Don't you know Me? I am the Messiah that's
resurrected." He never said that. See? He just give them the Scripture,
like John did, and the rest of them. See? He just… They have to pick
that out themselves. They have to judge for theirselves. Now, don't go
to sleep; judge for yourself.
"Fools, slow of heart to believe all that the prophets has said had to
come to pass." What a rebuke to them that claimed they knew Him. See?

Notice how He approached the subject. He never come right out, as I
said a few minutes ago, and said, "Well, don't you know I'm your
Messiah for this age? Don't you know that I'm He?" The real servant of
God never identifies himself that way; the Scripture identifies who he
is. Sure, he will. See? But called their attention to what the prophets
had said to look for in the Messiah's age. See it? Go right back:
"Fools, and slow of heart, not to believe that all the prophets said
about the Messiah should come to pass."
He, as John, let the Word of the Bible identify Him, what He was to
them. That should been made plain enough. If the word had identified
Him, that should be plainly, who the promise was they was looking at.
They knowed he had… Someone had to come on the scene at that time.
Why, He could've said, "Now, let me show you what the Word says is supposed to happen in this day."

Am not I tonight trying to tell you, Word by Word, even to the
position, the place, the names and numbers, everything else, and all
the signs, times, and everything, that we're right at the end time?
Surely you can see what I'm talking about. See? Look. That's so plain
it should need no more identification. He said, when He was here on
earth, "Search the Scriptures, in Them you think you have Eternal Life,
They are what… They testify of what I am (See?), Who I am."
Notice, He begin with Moses the prophet, a prophet, Deuteronomy 18:15.
Now, I'm watching the Scriptures here. Deuteronomy 18:15, Moses said,
"The Lord your God…"
See? God spoke to him on top of the mountain. And, oh, my, the
thundering; they said, "Let–let the Lord… Let Moses speak, not God,
lest we perish."
He said, "They said well. I'll… I won't speak to them no more like
this, but I'll raise them up a prophet." That's been His message all
the way through. That's what's got to settle the whole thing at the
end. It's just got to, because the Word of the Lord has to come to the
prophet. It's the only thing It can come to. If it don't, it breaks
God's Word and makes Him tell something wrong. See? It goes to a
prophet. And the prophet is sent from God, ordained. And how you know
it is, and not what the man said,…

We've had Elijah's, and coats, and everything else, and mantles, and
all kinds of nonsense that went off into organizationism and everything
else. But there will come on this earth, by God's promise, a genuine
servant of God, identified by God, by His Word being the answer of this
day, that'll set the Bride in order (a real little minority of the
church) and take it up. That's right. He'll introduce, "Behold, there's
the One I talked about (See?), that'll come."
And all that the prophets had said about Him, and for this age, why, it
sure would be interesting to have heard Him say that. Wouldn't you like
to have heard Him say it? "All the prophets said about…" Remember, He
said what the prophets would say about Himself, quoting His own Self,
what He had said, and He was the Word quoting.

Now, let's listen to the Words that He quoted. Would you like to hear
what He said to them? Let's just carry the conversation now, just
before we stop.
Now, they were briefed on all the late happenings of the crucifixion,
of the story at the grave and the tomb, and the women had seen Him, and
another one said they seen Him, and so forth. He said… They–they
briefed Him on that. And He goes right on with the Word about–quoting
Himself through the Word.
"Now, look in Zechariah 12." (He must've quoted Zechariah 11:12.) "For
He was sold with thirty pieces of silver. Was not the Messiah supposed
to be sold by thirty pieces of silver?
"In Psalms 41:9, He was betrayed by His friends."
Of "Zechariah 13:7, forsaken by His disciples."
"In Psalms 35:11, accused by false witnesses."
"By Isaiah 35:7, dumb before His accusers, never opened His mouth." (All right, sir.)
"Isaiah 50:6, He was scourged."
"Psalms 22–22, He cried at the cross, 'My God, why has Thou forsaken
Me?' All My bones they stare at Me. They pierced My hands and My
feet.'" (Look at the prophecies He could talk about.)
"Isaiah 9:6, Unto us a Child is born, a virgin shall conceive, so forth."
"And also in Psalms 22:18, they–they–they parted His garments among them."
"In Isaiah 7:14, a virgin shall conceive."
"Psalms 22:7 and 8, made Him a–mocked by His enemy, he was supposed to be His friend, His enemies the church."
"In Psalms 22 again, He was… Not a bone was to be broken, but they pierced His hands and His feet."
"Isaiah 53:12, died with malefactors.
"In Isaiah 53:9, bruised, and buried with the rich brethren."
"In Psalms 16:10, He was resurrected from the dead. David said so, 'I
will not suffer My holy One to see corruption, neither will I leave His
soul in hell.' He was raised from the dead."
"Malachi 3, John the Baptist was His forerunner."
And all of the types He might have went to. Even to Isaac being the
type of Him upon Mount–upon the mountain where his father Abraham took
him in Genesis 22.

It was now that they begin to see Who had fulfilled these Scriptures
that was promised of that day. It was then, after it was late; they
begin to see. "Oh, well, wait a minute. You know what?" They knew then
that their crucified Friend Jesus was that Prophet that was promised.
They knew because… See? They hadn't been briefed on the Scriptures.
But, here, all these things that's supposed to happen at the cross, all
these things. "Fools, slow of heart to understand all the prophets have
said, how that the Messiah shall suffer, and enter into His glory, and
raise the third day."
Still they go, "Oh, yes. That's right. I see. He–He–He… Did not our
hearts burn within us?" they said. No wonder their hearts burned. The
prophecies that He was giving that was fulfilled…

Then they begin to understand that their Friend, the Man that they'd
eat with, talked with, associated with, fished with, laid in the woods,
that that fulfilled every Word of the promised hour. There it was. They
had walked six miles; it seemed a very short time, I suppose, and
they'd heard a six-hour sermon on vindicated prophecy (a little longer
than what we've had tonight).
It was now getting kind of late in the evening time, the evening Lights
had come. It's the same time now, church. The evening Lights has come.
Hebrews 13:8, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever." Oh, events
made clear by prophecy, same today. The evening Light promised by the
prophet of God in Zechariah 14:7, may again open the true believer's
eyes to the events that's taking place today, that's proved by the
prophecies that we're at the end time. Jesus is coming. The very…?…

He said, "There'll be a day that it won't be called night or day." He
said, "But in the evening it shall be Light." Now, we know,
geographically the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Now, the
prophet said, "There'll be a long stretch of time that'll be dismal,
kind of a–couldn't be called day or night; it's kind of a dark, gloomy
Now, where did the sun rise? What… That was S-o-n we're talking about
now. That the natural s-o-n rises in the east and sets in the west, the
very same God, very same Son, rather. And the S-o-n of God rose first
in the east to the eastern people.
And now after He left, what did they do? Three hundred years later they
started their first organization, the Roman Catholic church. Through
the dark age they went, and out they come. What'd they do? The same
thing; it's been a day of–it hasn't been called day or night. They had
enough orders that they believed that He was the Son of God, and walked
in the light what they had; they made their churches, and built
hospitals, and schools and so forth, and seminaries, sent their
children to school.

But the prophet said, "It shall be Light again about the evening time.
The Son will peep out again; it shall be Light." What? The same Son
(S-o-n) that was revealed in flesh at the morning time back there, will
be revealed again in the evening time.
Now, compare St. Luke 17:30, "And in that day, as it was in the days of
Sodom (the setting of the world), in the time that the Son of man is
being revealed."

It shall be Light about the evening time,

The way to Glory you will surely find.

Oh, my, people, where are we at?

Nations are breaking, Israel's awak'ning,

The signs that the prophets foretold;

The Gentile days numbered,

With horrors encumbered; (Watch her slide into the sea.)

Return, O dispersed, to your own.

The day of redemption is near,

Man's hearts are failing for fear;

Be filled with the Spirit,

Have your lamps trimmed and clear,

Look up! Your redemption is near. (You…?…)

Brother, sister, it's a scary time. Watch the things that's prophesied;
watch the things happen. Watch all the prophecy being fulfilled; then
we see what all this is about. It's not a bunch, a streak of
fanaticism. It's God confirming His Words exactly, exactly. The Rock is
smitten, friends, flee to It as quick as you can. Prophecy is
vindicating the day that we're living in.

297 Let us bow our heads. [Tongues
and interpretation come forth. Someone says, "Can we hold steady for
just a moment? God has spoken to us through Brother Branham, and the
anointing is on Brother Branham, and he's not through."–Ed.]

Oh, my. Are you realizing the day that we live in, friends? Would you
dare dispute God? Would you say that He's not right, when He's proved
It? He's His own Interpreter. Do you want to serve Him?
Now, with your heads bowed, and your hearts bowed, brother, sister…
This may be our last meeting time. We may never… If I would be back a
year from today, if I live, there'd be many that's here now won't be
here then. And I'll have to meet you at the judgment bar and answer for
everything that I've said tonight.

Before God, while you're in your right mind, would you now do this much
to God? If you know that you're… Just look at yourself in the looking
Glass of God, the Bible, no matter who you are, and say, "I know I'm
way short from being a daughter of God; look the way I do. I'm way
short from being a son of God; look at the way I do. But, God, I want
to be; I–I want to strive to that place." I want you to raise your
hand to God, just ever who you are, wherever you are across the
building, "Yes, I want to be a son of God. I want to be a daughter of
God. I want to fulfill everything that my Lord has commanded." Now,
you… God bless you. I guess ninety percent of the audience.
Now, looky here, my friend. What if you would've lived in the days when
you heard John preach? What if you'd have lived in the days when Jesus
was here? Whose side would you have took? If you'd lived in Jesus'…
Remember, If He… If you'd lived back there, it would be just like it
is now. The same Jesus is making Himself known by His Word (See?), and
It's very unpopular.

But let me tell you, I'm not trying to tell people to leave church
or… My, I want you to go to church, "Don't forsake to assemble
yourself together." But what I'm trying to tell you to do is press into
the Kingdom of God. Get these things, the world, church…
Pentecostals, you people are getting too worldly. You're getting too
much after the world. It's just easy; you keep watching televisions and
all these things, and the way they're doing, and all this, and the
first thing you know… The seminaries, the schools are beginning to
compromise here and there, and this, that, and the other, and the first
thing you know… It's got to come that way. The Pentecostal church,
it's been my greatest support; I can't say nothing against it. But
that's what I cry out, "My brethren, get out." Call… You don't have
the meetings that you used to have. The people are not like they used
to be. But Jesus Christ is the same; let's move into Him.

Now, you with your hands up, remember, there was a Rock smitten in the
wilderness, and that fountain is still open tonight. The Rock has been
smitten, Christ, He is that smitten Rock.
And tonight, so far as I know, the church may be… The time of calling
may be already past; I don't know; I can't say that. Remember, the
people went right on having the meetings, just the same, after the
crucifixion of Jesus. And the… And all the people, they–they'll
come, they… Watch. They–they'll go right on preaching and saying
they're getting saved and everything, just as if… "The world
continues on as it was," they say. But it'll be too late then.

While you got a chance, my brother; while you got a chance, my sister;
come into the Kingdom of God. You don't have to come in under anything
else but just plain faith to believe His Word. He is that Word. "Lord
Jesus, I know I'm looking at myself now in the mirror of God's Word;
oh, how short I am. But, dear God, here tonight, on this Monday night,
here in San Bernardino, California, in this auditorium here, this
is–this is all I have, Lord, but I'll give it to You. Will You take me
as I am, Lord? Will You let me flee to the cross right quick? I even
see the messengers. I see the time; I see the calling out of Sodom. I
see the signs. I see the Abraham's group receiving the Light. I see the
manifestation, Jesus being manifested again right among us like it was.
I see all the things that You promised. I see the impersonators; I see
You said that, 'As it was in the days of Moses,' how this Jambres and
Jannes would come back to impersonate, and still remain right in that
same dump that they were in." See?

They couldn't follow Moses through that Word to take those children out
of there into the wilderness, because they was associated in Egypt.
They couldn't do it, though they done the same works he did. But their
folly was made manifest. And the Bible says, that's THUS SAITH THE
LORD, it will take place again in the last day.
And you see it with your own eyes, if you're spiritual. I'm… I can't
explain it. It's not necessary for me to explain it. "My sheep hear My
Voice." Let's go to Him now, while we have a chance. Will you?

If you have need of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, if you have need of
a rededication, a new life… Your pastor won't despise you; he'll love
you for it. Just give yourself completely to God tonight, while we're
here. Let… It's… I know it's been hard, cutting, strange; I don't
do that to be mean; I do that to be honest. I do that because I love
you; I love God, and I do it to try to help you. And truly, friend,
I–I–I believe… And with all my heart, with all my faith, I believe
that my message comes from God. It's–it's been proving that to you
through the years.
Now, listen, tonight surrender everything you got, everything that you
have need of. I believe, with a true, surrendered heart, if you would
just stand upon your feet, and raise up your hands to God, and say,
"Dear God, here I am. Take me, Lord. No more will I try to use my own
mind and my own interpretation. Your Word says I must be holy; I must
be born again; I must be filled with the Spirit; and then the Spirit
will lead me into all the truth. Dear God, here I am; lead me." Would
you do that much? If you'd do that much, raise your hand, say, "I'm
willing to do that; I'm willing to."

311 Then let's all stand up on our feet.

Just as I am, without one plea,

But that Thy Blood was shed for me,

And that Thou bids me come to Thee,

O Lamb of God, (God's only door)… come! I… (Now, get all of your work, everything else, your tiredness, everything… What if you were dying now?)

Just as I am, Thou wilt receive,

Will welcome, pardon, cleanse, receive;

Because I… (Will you put your hand up on this verse now?)… I promise, I'll believe,

O Lamb of God, I come. I come.

Now, while the organist continue–continues to play, let's each one of us…

314 Young teenagers, do you want to get like this out here on the street, this bunch of hoodlums?
do you want to wear short hair, when it's your Nazarite honor to God to
have long hair? "It's a shame for her to cut her hair." Would you wear
these little old skirts and things that they wear today of this immoral
dress, with your body showing through it out there on the street? Did
you know every man that looks upon you commits adultery with you in his
heart? And you present yourself like that. Do you know, women, you that
wear makeup, there's only one woman in the Bible that ever wore makeup?
And God fed her to the dogs. A Jezebel, a name that's been hated since
her day, because of her acts of that. You know it was Elijah the
prophet who cursed that and called her out in that manner? Do you know
it was Herodias that John the Baptist got after? Do you… You don't
want to be that Hollywood thing of the world. "If you love the world or
the things of the world, the love of God's not in you."

Brother, minister friend, nothing… Please understand me; I am your
brother. Do you want to associate yourself and you church members of
some church (Methodist, Baptist, or whatever you be), do you want to
hold on in that denomination because your mother, your grandmother held
on that? She come out of something to come into that; that was the
Light of that day; that, like in the times of Noah. This is another day.
You say, "Well, I had the…"
This is not the day of Pentecost. The Pentecostal age is past.
Pentecost is gone; this is harvest time. See? And the harvest time, the
grain; the water's done been poured out; the grain's getting ripe. Come
into the grain, my dear brother. Hear me; believe me; if you believe me
to be a servant of God, let's each one in our own way bow our head in
humility and offer the prayer that we–that we know that we should
offer, "God, take me as I am."
And brother, sister, I lay myself on the altar tonight too: God, mold
me and make me different. Do something; God, make me in Your fashion.
You think it's easy to stand here and cut the people to pieces like
that? It a hard thing to do. But woe unto me if I don't do it.

Dear God, as this audience bows their head and heart, in this solemn
moments here of closing of this Bible lecture, when we see the
a-vindication of the Holy Spirit that shook this nation back and forth,
and back and forth, great revivals and indications, knowing that
something has to follow that. And then see those seven angels come down
here on top of that mountain yonder in Arizona, when even the magazines
across the nation's packed It. To see Jesus Himself there in the skies,
looking down, and saying that, in the Revelations 10:7, in the seventh
angel's message, these seals would be opened, the mysteries of God
would be made known, that the reformers didn't live long enough to–to
bring it out. And here, these seven seals that sealed the whole thing
is to be opened in this day. To see all these great signs and wonders
that's been done, vindicated, foretold before it happened, and not one
time have He ever failed us, but brought it to pass just as it was

Dear God, we realize that Jesus Christ is in out midst. We know that He
is here. He's here tonight, the invisible God is here with us, and can
confirm every promise that He made in His Word. How You have stood and
proved to them with backs turned, in the original beginning before the
impersonators even entered the ring, Lord, or entered into
the–the–the race, as it was. You showed and proved, prophesied and
told exactly the way it would happen, and we see it's happened that
way. And, Father God, we know it cannot be man; it has to be God. So we
know it's You here tonight. Forgive us of our sins.
Dear God, You've healed our sickness, now for–forgive our sins, Lord,
of not being the kind of Christian that we should be, not… Professing
to be a full Gospel man or woman, and here we find ourselves slumping
off like a denominational chicken. Help us, dear God, take us and shake
us with Your Holy Spirit. And if there be anything in us that's not
like You, take it out of us, Lord. And plant our feet on God's holy
Word, and let the Holy Ghost burn down into our heart and take all the
dross of unbelief and the drowsiness of this day; oh, arise and shake
ourself. Grant it, God. Cleanse us. Mold us. Make us. God, grant it.

If there's any in here tonight, Lord, that's holding in their heart
that grain, that gene of God that's ordained to Life from the
foundation of the world; I know, Lord, that they're bound to hear at
this hour. So I pray, God, that You'll fill their soul and illuminate
them with a fresh baptism of the Holy Ghost, and send them on their
road, rejoicing and happy.
Lord God, they… I give them to You. I don't know who they are; You
do. I'm only responsible for preaching Your Word, Lord, as You reveal
It. You're responsible for the rest of it: where the seed falls. I just
sow it. Lord God, I pray that it fell in good, rich soil tonight, that
many will see it, Lord, and rise to shining Christians in this last
days, that the great thing that we're looking forward to come, will
come quickly. Grant it, Lord. And You'll take Your church, Your Bride,
and take Her home. We see It all setting in order. Come, Lord Jesus. We
commit it all to You, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for the results.


I love Him, I love Him

Because He first loved me

And purchased my salvation on Calvary's…

Do you love Him? Well, then you have to love one another. Shake one another's hand when you sing it again.

I love Him, I love Him

Because he first loved me

And purchased my salvation


Now, let's give Him praise. How many knows this song?

I will praise Him, I will praise Him,

Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;

Give Him glory all ye people,

For His Blood has washed away each stain.

Let's sing it now.

I will praise Him, I will praise Him,

Praise the lamb for sinners slain;

Give Him glory all ye people,

For His Blood has washed away each stain.

you feel all scoured out? Raise your hand, you say, "Oh, that makes me
feel good." Brother, I love those old-time songs. Don't you? They go
down to the heart.

I will praise Him, I will praise Him,

Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;

Oh, give Him glory all ye people,

For His Blood has washed away each stain.

329 Let's just raise our hands now and praise God, every one of us, in our own way.
Lord Jesus, we thank You. We praise You, Lord. We give You praise for a
called-out people, out of Babylon. We thank You for the Blood of Your
Son, Jesus Christ. We thank You because He makes us clean this minute.
We for… We ask forgiveness of our wrongs, our stupidity, Lord, our
stumbling in the dark. O God, may we rise and shine, and walk in the
evening Light, and be the fruit of the Tree that's coming forth by the
evening Light. Grant it, dear God. We commit ourselves to You, in Jesus
Christ's Name.
Now, with your heads bowed, I give you the pastors back of the service.

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