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Moses’ Commission (50-0110)

Moses' Commission (50-0110)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Moses' Commission
was delivered on Tuesday, 10th January 1950 at the City Auditorium in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
The tape, number 50-0110,
is 44 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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It's a great privilege for me to be here tonight in Houston again. It's
been some time since I've seen you, and there's been many great
victories won, many sorrows is past. Still tonight I'm thankful I'm
still saved by the Blood of Christ, the Son of God.
So thankful that I'm here again tonight in Houston to minister one of
my longest meetings. We have seventeen straight nights to be at Houston
this time. That's the longest meeting I've ever held since our meetings
has got into a larger calibers. I trust to God that it'll prove to be a
great meeting.
Many of the afflicted people, sick, suffering will be delivered during
this period of time. And I trust also that many that are wayward,
indifferent towards Christ will know Him as their personal Saviour
during this time, and altogether that God will get glory out of all
that's done or said.

And I want you all tonight, while the meeting's just beginning… A
very bad night, just a few people out. I want you to try to help me
during this time.
I don't get to meet the people during these meetings as I would like
to, because that I use my time in prayer. I must be prepared for these
things that comes on, such as the healing service. I come here to help.
And I must… My help cometh from above, and I–I must stay in contact
with God constantly, if I expect to help someone else. And as well as I
would like to take each person and have a good private talk with each
one of you, that's almost impossible in this service.

But there is another time coming when I believe that we'll have all the
time to stay with each other, that we desire to spend in a better land,
where we won't have to be busy praying for the sick and the afflicted.
There'll be none there. We'll be living door neighbors to Jesus. And
there'll be no more sickness and suffering there. God, hasten the day
when all this troubles will be over. And then we shall see Him face to
face and know as we're known.
That's what we strive for. That's what I'm striving for tonight, is to
try to make that my home. And I went…?… and see how many that I can
bring along with me. For it's just as real… more real than we're here

The meetings will continue here for quite a few nights. Then we have
two empty spaces, two nights that we'll try to arrange some other
auditorium. Then we go to the coliseum. We're expecting a great time.
Everyone bring out your sick and afflicted. And come, bring the
sinners. So many times when miracles are performed, or something is
done, it changes people's hearts, their attitude towards Christ.
Here recently I had a meeting, one of the largest conversion altar
calls at one time I ever… Two thousand accepted Jesus at one time.
Two thousand people came to Christ. And I trust I'll meet every one of
them over in a–the other land.

Now, the healing in–in the campaigns, you can have that as it is.
And… So get one, especially you sick people in the line, I want you
to read that little pamphlet, "He Ascended On High." If haven't the
five cents, take it anyhow.
And so we're not here for money. We're here to help you. That's our heart's. We're here to help you.
Now, I can only speak of what I know is truth. Now, if I tell you the
truth, you should believe me. And if I speak of myself, and say
something that God has done, and God does not speak back of that, then
that's wrong. But if I tell you something that God has done, and God
comes down and testifies the same thing, then you ought to believe God.
Isn't that right?

Now, what I tell you tonight, I want each one of you to remember just
what I told you. And then, if those things doesn't happen just the way
I say they are, then when the service is over, at the end of these
seventeen days, you can go around town and say, "Brother Branham is a
false prophet." But if God testifies back just exactly what I say is
the truth, well then, you believe God if you don't believe me. Isn't
that right? Then you can go around and say the Lord is right, the Lord
has told us the truth. He sent us.

Now, as far as the… a gift to heal, there… Many people do not
understands what "gifts" means. There's nobody can heal you but Christ.
I don't care how much a gift you possess, Christ is the Giver. See? And
you're only healed through Christ.
I wish to read just a little Scripture now and explain to you some of
the operations of the gift. Then you'll know how to come. And then
I'll tell you what we can do. How'd you like to do this, all of us? If
you can just take this little group here, like maybe, probably eighteen
hundred or two thousand people, something like that… If you could…
If you could take this little group here tonight, and–and settle it
down, and let everyone believe just exactly what I've told you to be
the truth, there'll be a meeting that'll shake Houston. That's right.
He will.

Now, remember. If you can just take… Maybe there's some of it you do
not understand. Frankly, friends, there's much of it that I do not
understand. I just accept it. Don't never try to figure God out; you
can't do it. God is not understood by knowledge; God is understood by
faith. Is that right?
What if Peter would've tried to figure out how deep that water was, and
how impossible it was for him to walk on that water; he'd have never
walked. See? But he just took Christ at His Word and walked on.
Well, that's the way I did this. I just took Him at His Word, and there
I went. And you just take Him at His Word tonight. And if you, maybe be
a sinner and do not understand how to take God at His Word, then God
sent me here. I want you to take my word for it, and see if it doesn't
come to pass, that God will bless you.

E-9 Now, can we bow our heads while we talk to our Maker, just for a moment.
heavenly Father, we're thankful tonight with… And our hearts are made
to rejoice in our–the–our salvation, because that Jesus, the
Redeemer, has come and has blessed us. He came to the earth, the
Messiah, a made after the manner of sinful flesh, and taken our
sickness upon Him, and our iniquities; and He–He bore them to
Calvary's cross, and then ascended on high sitting at the right-hand of
the majesty tonight, making intercessions, become our High Priest, a
High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. And
tonight, after all these hundred years is past, isms has rose,
fanaticisms has come and gone, but yet the glorious power of the Son of
God still rules and reigns in the hearts of thousands of His people.
And now, I pray Thee, Lord, as we're entering into this great revival,
that we believe is just on the threshold of it now here at Houston,
that the glory of God will come down in our midst. And may every
crippled, blind, afflicted, twisted, spastic, mental deficiency, all
manners of diseases be healed here. May thousands of people come
flocking around the altar, giving their hearts to Thee, the Holy Spirit
be poured out. It'll just… Lord, may seventeen days not even start
it. May it go on, and on, and on until Thy beloved Son appears in
glory, and we may appear with Him, clothed in His righteousness, to
look upon Him.

Bless us, Father. Now, as Thy poor humble servant stands tonight to
make this great proclaim here, or proclaim this great thing that Thou
hast done… And may every listener here have faith. And may Your
Spirit, Lord, that's performed these things, may He stand in this
meeting tonight and verify everything that's said. And night after
night… And may there be an old fashion revival here, that'll just
shake this city and every church. May thousands be borned into the
Kingdom. Grant it, Father, for we ask it for the glory of God in the
Name of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

In Exodus the 23rd chapter, very familiar verse that I read usually in
the starting of the revival, because that this is the… this is…
Deals something with the way God is dealing today, God speaking to His
servant Moses and sending him. The 20th verse of the 23rd chapter, if
you're taking it down, and read down to a portion of the 23rd verse.

And behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee to the place which I have prepared.

Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions… my name is in him.

But if thou will indeed obey his voice… do
all that I speak; then will I be an enemy to thy enemies, an adversary
to thy adversaries.

For my angel shall go before thee…

God speaking here to His servant, Moses… It was a time that–that the
children of Israel got away from God, and got away from His precepts
and so forth, and had become–gotten in trouble, and were down in Egypt
in the Egyptian bondage. And there come a great need. As long as they
were faring presumptuously and had need of nothing, why they went along
all right.
But when God's prophetic time come to pass, after He promised
Aha–Abraham that his seed would sojourn in a strange land for four
hundred years, and He would bring them out by a strong hand… Then
when the hour of the time of the promise drew nigh, there rose up a
Pharaoh who didn't know Joseph.
No matter how impossible it seems that it will not be, when the time of
the promise draws night, God will make things heap up to fit His
prophetic promise. Do you believe that? He always does. He always…
It's always that way.

Who would've thought that those people, how they were respected, and
almost worshipped because of Joseph, that young prince that was down
there, that told the–the dream, and saved Egypt many times. In a
space, short space like four hundred years they'd ever forgotten him,
but when God's promise drew nigh, there rose up a Pharaoh who knew not
Joseph, and he caused taskmasters to be put upon the people, and–and
so forth. And they begin to be burdened, and they cried to God because
of the reason of the taskmasters. And then during this time, after they
begin to cry, well, God had a peculiar thing to happen.

Now, it's to my humble belief, that gifts are not handed out with
hands. Gifts are foreordained of God. Gifts and callings are without
repentance. You can say things, and try and make these things act
right, and believe right, and to work right; but they are not unless
God Himself is behind it.
It's not nothing you try to bluff. You can't bluff Satan. He won't be
bluffed. You've got to know where you're standing. That's right.
And gifts and callings are without repentance. They're borned in the world.
God foresees things and knows His prophecy, what's coming to past. And
He starts something here to meet it up there. And when He seen that the
time of the people's going to need this, He had a little boy borned a
peculiar, odd birth, by the name of Moses.
He was given the name of Moses from Pharaoh's daughter, because he was
taken from the water, if you know your–the Bible, Sunday school story
of it.

And then when he became the age of forty years, God called him for His
purpose. And he thought, surely, that–that the people of Israel would
understand what he was sent for. But the people misunderstood Moses.
Now, get this close, friends. The hardest thing that God has ever had
to deal with His people, is to get one mortal to believe another.
That's the hardest thing God ever has done, to get one mortal to
Well, they believed Jesus would been the Son… They couldn't believe
He was the Son of God. They believed God. But He said Him being a man
makes Hisself equal with God. How could He, a poor peasant, how could
He be? A man born in a manger, a background like He had, from a poor
family, raised up, one garment on Him, and lived the way He did, not
even a place to lay His head. The foxes has dens, and the birds of the
air has nests, but the Son of man has no… How could that Man be the
Son of God? How could He be what He claimed to be? But He was, wasn't
He? He was.

Now, they believe it. But it… It was too late for them now. Their
destination is sealed away, those who rejected Him. And God sends those
things that people might be simple and humble.
And listen, friends; more simpler you can be, more God can deal with you.
I'm not against education. Educations are all right. But people get so
highly educated, till they think they know more about it than God does.
And then they miss the goal.
You've got to forget all you ever knowed in your own knowledge to know
Christ. Well, you just come child-like and accept Him. That's all.
That's the way you accept God. And more simple you can get, more
humble, and get away from yourself, your own ideas, just take God's
Word for what it's worth, and believe It. And it's by faith that these
things are come, not what you can figure out. You'll never be able.
There's never been a man on the world, no saint, nor no one has ever
figured God out. You can't. So don't think that you can do something
that they cannot do, 'cause they–it can't Be. That's right. You just
believe Him. That's what He wants you to do, not try to figure Him out.

But when the time of the promise drew nigh, then God sent this Moses
down there. And the people said, "Who made you a ruler over us? Why,
you think you're someone great."
That wasn't Moses' attitude. He was sent for a deliverer, knowing that
the time was there. And he thought, surely, the people had been reading
their Scriptures and things, and they would know that the time of the
promise was near, or been reading the promise of Abraham, that the time
was near at hand. And they failed to read… Can't… Does…
(Am I standing too close to this mike? Does it rumble up back there in
the… Back over in the balconies back there, can you hear me all right
back there? If you can, raise your hand. I haven't got too much of a

But when the promise drew nigh, they thought, surely, that they would
understand. But the people of God… Usually Satan works right in there
with their understanding, and makes them dull of understanding. And
there they miss God nine times out of ten.
But God had His promise there. Now, then when Moses went down to
deliver them, why, they–they refused him, rejected him. And it cost
them forty years more suffering. Isn't that right? Forty years more
suffering. Moses run to the backside of the desert, of course. And
after while, was finally called again of God when the people begin to
groaning and crying. And–and then this same Moses, that they rejected
and accept Pharaoh yet as their leader, this same Moses, God sent back
to them to be a leader and have jurisdiction over them.

E-19 Now, look. The peculiar part of the sending of Moses is what I want to get to you.
was herding his father-in-law's sheep, Jethro, on the backside of the
desert. And one day a–an Angel appeared to him in a burning bush. Now,
an Angel came down to bring the Message to Moses–and otherwise was to
be his guide.
Men are… They can't… You can't guide yourself. There's two ways:
that's your way and God's way. And when you're in your way, you're out
of God's way. And you have to forget your own way to find God's way.
And man cannot lead himself.
He was called a sheep. We're likened to sheep. If there's anybody
around here knows anything about raising sheep, when a sheep gets lost,
it's perfectly helpless. It'll just stand and bleat till it dies.
That's all. It's helpless.

And we, without a leader, are helpless. And Christ is our leader. And
God was Moses' leader, though He sent a–an Angel to lead him. "I send
My Angel before thee to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee to the
place which I have promised." The Angel was to be his leader.
The Angel performed the miracles. Moses never performed any miracle.
The Angel of God in Moses performed the miracles. You see what I mean?
The Angel of the Lord was with him. The Angel led them, performed the
Now, God has always, by all men, through the Scriptures, through all
ages, has ordained that Angels should guide the people. There was
Moses; there was Daniel, and oh, how many more could we say, all the
way down.

E-21 Someone was speaking to me here not long ago. Said, "But Brother Branham…" [Brother Branham clears his throat.–Ed.]
Pardon me. Said, "Not after the Holy Ghost is come, no Angels guides
the church, or guides individuals. No, sir." Said, "It's the Holy Ghost
that guides us."
That's misunderstanding between Angel and the Holy Ghost. That is
error. The Angel's led the Church right on, and still leading the
Church. Correctly.
How many would say that Philip had the Holy Ghost? Let's see your hands
over the building. How many thinks Philip had the Holy Ghost? Philip,
the apostle Philip? Surely, see. All right, he did, didn't he. Who was
it spoke to him down there at–at Samaria and told him to go to the
desert Gaza? An Angel. Did he have the Holy Ghost? Sure he did.

How many says that Peter the apostle had the Holy Ghost, that preached
the–the inauguration sermon for the Church, the Day of Pentecost?
Well, when he was laying in prison up there, and Who was it come in to
the… and touched him and brought him outside? The Angel. Is that
How many says Saint Paul, the apostle had the Holy Ghost? Let's see
your hands. When the ship was tossed about for fourteen days, and
there's no hopes at all, and he come out there and shook his hands and
hollering, and I guess, "Glory to God, be of a good cheer. The Angel of
the Lord, Whose servant I am, stood by me last night." Is that right?
How many believes John the Revelator had the Holy Ghost? The whole Book
of Revelations was showed to him by an Angel. Is that right?

And they had the Holy Ghost, friends. The Angel…?… not a worship of
Angels. It's God sending His ministering Spirit in the Church to
minister to the people. There's no flesh can glory before God. If
anybody could've gloried, it would've been Jesus. But He said, "It's
not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me; He
doeth the works." Is that right?
They said, "We believe God."
He said, "If you believe God, believe also in Me."
Now, when the Angel came to your servant here, He said, "If you'll get
the people to believe you." Now, there's the hard thing. "If you'll get
the people to believe you…" How many believes God? All of you, don't
you. You believe Christ, you believe the Holy Ghost.

Now, that's not the question tonight. I'm glad you do that. That makes
you a Christian. But that is not what I'm trying to get to you–you
now. I get to that when make my altar call. You must believe them
first. If you're not in connection with them, you'll never know this.
But as much as you believe in them, you still got to believe that I'm telling you the truth, and what I say is the truth.
Jesus was the… He was… His hands was bound and tied to any miracle,
or anything, any kind of a miracle, because the people did not believe
And the very people that believed God killed Him. Is that right? No
matter how much they believed in God… They were very religious,
orthodox. Very religious. And they believed God. But to believe Him,
oh, no. Uh-uh. See? That was too much. Ma… A man? They couldn't
believe no man. They could believe God.

And tonight, so many people can believe God. Sure. You believe Christ,
you believe the Holy Ghost, and so forth. But when a man comes to you
and tells something, that's hard to believe. "I don't know whether I
can believe you or not, friend." That's where it's at. See there?
That's the reason God can't… That's the reason your pastor sometimes,
when your pastor comes to you. The reason he can't help you, you've got
to have faith in your pastor. You've got to believe that he's a man of
God, sent of God to do these things for Him.

Now, Divine healing died out for awhile here a few years ago; it just
let down, as it happens through the age of the history. It's let down
so often. And during that time, cancer broke out, sickness in the
Church. Oh, my.
Eighty percent of the people are sick now. And the people… Medical
science, I salute them. They do great things. They make medicine to
sell. And… I said to sell. All right. It's all right for those who
want to take it. It's all right for them.
But look. But in the phase we got today, the best doctors we ever had.
Do you believe that? We got the best hospitals we ever had. Have we? We
got the best drugs we ever practiced with, haven't we? And we got more
sickness than we ever had, haven't we? Because we got more unbelief
that we ever had, haven't we? That's right. Exactly. Only God's the
Healer. That's right.
And did you ever notice, right in the days when we got all these fine
drugs, and operation, and surgeons, and so forth; constantly they are
building infirmaries for the incurable. Is that right? And there never
was nothing that ever come before our Master, Jesus, but what He was
more than a match for it. And no incurables to Him. All things are
possible. Is that right? And He's the same yesterday, today, and
forever. Is that right? Then nothing too incurable for Him.

Now, when the people begin to cry out, "God, do this for us, do that
for us. Send us deliverance, send us…" And thousands of His people
dying yearly, cancer and so forth, then God heard their cries.
And don't you think it's just as possible for God to send down
deliverance for the sick people, as He did to bring the people out of
their bondage back there in Egypt? Isn't He just as kindhearted to your
cry, listen to your cry same as He to theirs?
He promised in the last days that He would have a Church, that these
signs would follow them. Isn't that right? Well, don't you think the
last days are here? Isn't it time now for these things to happen? Why
it's here; we got it. Amen. It's here. You'll see it.

And Moses, of course, he didn't want to go. It was hard, because he
wasn't a man, a good speaker, and he wasn't eloquent, and so forth; he
had many things, slow of speech, and many… But God had ordained that
man to do that job. It must be done.
Now, He gave Moses… He said, "Them people won't believe me." He
said… He gave him two signs then. He said, "You go perform this
sign," of casting a serpent down–or the snake–or the rod down. He
said, "If they won't believe that, then I'll give you another sign. And
if they won't believe the first sign, they will believe the voice of
the second sign."
Now, he was given two signs that the people who rejected him might
believe that he was sent of God to deliver the people. Is that right?
How many believes that story's right, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.] That was true.

Well, isn't He the same God tonight? Is them miracles impossible
tonight? No, they're not. And they're just as possible as they was
then. If God would deliver His people out of the bondage back there,
from under the Egyptians, so can He deliver the people from under the
bondage of sickness; because He died for that purpose.
That's in the plan of redemption. You are redeemed. You're… When you
get the baptism of the Holy Spirit, that's the earnest of your
salvation. Is that right? In other words, it's a down payment. And if
it'll make us feel like this on a down payment, what will it do when we
get the full benefit of it? It'll be glorious, won't it?
Well then, do you believe that you'll raise again and have an immortal
body? How many believes that, in the… in the resurrection, that
you'll raise and have an immortal body? Divine healing is the down
payment, or the earnest money of your immortal body. My! See what I
mean? You've got to have… It's the evidence that you will have an
immortal body. When you see a…

You'll see come to this platform, little old crippled, twisted
children. You'll see them stand here all misformed and out of shape.
And you'll see it with your own eyes, see their hands and arms come
straight and walk off the platform, normal children. You'll see people
come here that's all kinds of conditions, and see them healed and leave
the platform.
What is that? That's the down payment; that's the earnest, to know that
that person someday, if they stay under the Blood of Christ, will
receive a immortal body. Cancer ridden, blind, deaf, and dumb… It's
the earnest of our salvation.

Now, in the calling of this time, the going out on–on–on this I…
to… I was borned of–of a very humble parent, a very humble home. I
have no education at all, and I'm not… When I made that remark awhile
ago about education, I wasn't trying to take crutches for my ignorance.
But what I'm trying to say, that it doesn't take education to know God;
it takes a submissive heart to know God.
And I was raised poor. I was raised in an irreligious family. But from
the very time that I was born, something happened, not of my goodness,
not of my parent's goodness, but by the foreknowledge of God. See? He
brought it. I don't know why. I guess to show that He can choose what
He wished to, whether it come out of the Vatican City, or–or He could
take it out of the rubbish heap and make it (See?), wherever it come

Then on down through life… Many of you know the story. You've read
it, of how It would appear in different forms. When I was a little boy,
just about twelve years old, It made It's first… About seven years
old, It made It's first visible appearance as a wind in a bush. And
then on later, knowing nothing about religion… Only thing I knowed,
somebody told me there was a God, and that's all I knew about it, on
till I was a man. And then after being converted, and become united
with Baptist church…
And one day on May the seventh, while coming in… And I was a–a game warden in Indiana.
By the way, on the street today, I met a man. He's maybe here in the
auditorium now, a Mr. Price, from Cordon, Indiana. I used to stay at
his house when I was patrolling through there. And he's probably in the
building now. Little did I ever know that I'd met him on the street in
Houston. But he and his wife are here. They're vacationing through to
Florida, and came by for the meeting.

And there's something pulled at my heart all the time. But on that day,
It made Itself visibly known. It was a man of about six foot tall,
weighing some two hundred pounds. When It came down, It would come… A
few years before that, come down in the form of a Light, hung over
where I was at. It's come down many times in the form of a Star, where
thousands of people stood and looked at It. It's made Its visible
appearance right in the auditoriums and so forth. And different things
has taken place.
This time when He come, He was a Man. And He… I–I was scared. He
walked towards me. He said, "Do not fear; I'm sent from the Presence of
God," said, "to tell you that your peculiar birth and–and peculiar
life has been to indicate that you're taking a gift of Divine healings
to the people of the world." Then said… And–and said, "If you'll get
them to believe you, and be sincere when you pray, there'll be nothing
stand before your prayers."
Well, I said, "I'm uneducated, Sir."
He said, "I'll be with you." And said, "That you might know, it'll come
to pass that you'll take people by the right hand in your left." And
said, "You'll feel the results of it (Now, I call it vibrations.) upon
your hand. You'll become familiar with that. And you'll tell people all
of their diseases, and what they've got in their body. And then if
you'll be…"

Now, when I was in Texas the other time, that was in operation. Is that
right? Any of you was in my meeting before, raise your hand if that was
in operation? And if this… Now, you people raise your hands, all that
was in my meeting, and know that was in operation. Not perfect, because
I–I guessed at the diseases a whole lot. See? Because I didn't know
how it felt.
I'd feel a funny feeling; sometimes female trouble and cancer. I
couldn't detect it; it sounds so much alike, was–felt so much alike.
Do you see the visible results on my hand, and so forth.

And I told you people… Now, remember, I told you people. I said, "He
told me, if you'll be sincere (See?), then it will come to pass that
you'll tell the people the very secrets of their hearts, and the things
that they have done in their life that's wrong, and so forth, if you'll
be sincere with what I give." Did I say that? How many remembers me
saying that?
Well, that has come to pass. It was fed in the Calgary–or at the
Regina, Saskatchewan, last–about three months ago. And I was standing
on the platform talking like this to my audience. And we were having a
great meeting. Some, I guess, close to ten thousand people were
gathered in for that night at that pavilion, or the Queen Gardens it
was, out where they have the stampede. And I was–I was speaking; I
said, "Now, the Lord has told me that if I be sincere, that someday (I
did at each meeting), it would come to pass that the secrets of the
people's heart would be told."

I just give you this before we close. And I turned around to get a
drink on the platform. And they was forming the prayer line. And when I
turned around to get a drink, Reverend Mr. Baxter, my Canadian
manager… I was taking a drink of water, he taken his handkerchief and
just wiping the perspiration off my forehead. He said, "God bless you,
Brother Branham."
I said, "Thank you, Brother Baxter."
And I turned around; he walked around; and there stood a lady standing
by the microphone, or been brought up from the prayer line. And I
walked over like that. As I looked at the lady, I said, "Howdy do."
She said, "Howdy do."
Something happened. I–I knew there was something that happened
somewhere. I never felt it like that before. It was that anointing. It
doesn't feel like the Holy Spirit. It's a real sacred feeling.

And I looked at that woman, and she was standing there a–her regular
side. And I seen her get real little and start going back. Now, you'll
hear that spoke right here. And I seen a little bitty girl, standing
way down where she went down to a little bitty girl of about twelve
years old. And I seen her setting by a desk.
I said, "Something's happened, friends. I see a little girl." That
woman left me. I said, "I see a little wo–a little girl. She's setting
in the room, she–a school room. She's hitting her pencil. No, it's a
pen. Oh," I said, "I–I see it fly; and it struck her in the eye."
And the woman begin to screaming. It left off. She said, "Brother
Branham, that was me. I'm blind in my right eye." She said, "The pen
I said, "Well, I never had anything like that." I said, "Well, say…"

And there she went back again. I seen a young lady about sixteen years
old, and she was just running as hard as she could. And she had a big
ribbon tied on her hair, on a double plait hanging on her back. She had
on a checkered dress, and she was running real fast. And I looked, and
there was a big yellow dog a chasing her.
I said, "I see a young lady with a checkered dress…" Begin to tell
just what I was seeing, looking in front of me. I said, "She goes up on
the porch. I see a lady a take her in, run the…"
She started screaming. She said, "That was me when I was going to school. Said, "I never thought of it before in my life."
I said, "Something's happened here, friends. I don't know what's the
matter." And I started. I said, "Let me have your hand, sister." I took
her by the hand and started to… I said, "Well, I–I don't feel any
vibration from it."

And I was looking down at her hand, and I looked up again, and I seen a
lady coming from a white house–or from a barn, red looking barn,
coming in towards a white house. She had a–a apron, holding something
like this. And she was walking slow. And I seen her come.
I said, "I see a lady coming." I said, "Sister, it's you." That was the
normal time then. I could recognize it being the same woman. And I
said, "Now, I see the lady. You–You started up the steps." And I said,
"There's a flower bed over to your right, and the steps goes up like
this." I said, "There's something wrong with your back. I see you can't
get up the steps." And I said, "You lean over sideways, and you're
crying." And I heard her say, "If I can ever get to Brother Branham's
meeting, it'll be over."
Then when I said that, somebody caught the woman. She started fainting.
Then when she come too, her blind eye was normal. Her back, she could
just move it any… Her arthritis was fine. She could just move her
back anyway, just perfectly normal like that.
And I said, "Well, something has happened."

And then Brother Baxter grabbed the microphone, he said, "Brother
Branham, that's just what you spoke of awhile ago would come to pass."
And everybody begin to screaming all over the building everywhere.
And I heard crutches rattling. And I looked, and here come a young
fellow. He said, "Brother Branham." Trying to hobble on his crutches.
He said, "Tell me what to do."
And I said, "Well, brother dear…" I said, "I…" And the ushers come
and pulled him off the platform, 'cause he's coming without a prayer
card. And I said, "Just a minute."
He said, "Well, Brother…"
I said, "You go back and get you a prayer card, sonny boy."
And just as he… He said, "Well, tell me what to do. Only thing I…"
Just crying, you know. And he said, "That's all I want you to tell me,
just what to do."
I said, "Well, I don't know what to tell you." I said, "Just a minute.
Don't take him, ushers." I said, "You left Regina Beach this morning."
I seen him standing by the side of a–a ca… I said, "You caught a
bus. I seen up over the door, said, Regina Beach." I said, "I see a man
and a woman refusing you to go. That's your father and mother."
He said, "That's right."
And I said, "And I see another man loaned you some money, which is… looks like your father."
Said, "It was my uncle."
And I said, "I see you… You're… Now, I see you in a room, and it's got a bay window. And you're looking out to the side."
Said, "That's my aunt setting right over there. I'm living in her room like that." Said, "What must I do, Brother Branham?"
I said, "Do you believe with all your heart?"
He said, "With all my heart."
I said, "Stand on your feet, Jesus Christ has healed you."
And down went his crutches, and both legs come straight, and down through the building he went, just a glorifying God.

And from that, it started one after the other, and it never has ceased
yet. That's right. That's true, friends. It will come to pass, if they
won't hear the first, they will hear the second.
Then a few nights after that, I was over at Windsor, Ontario. Had fourteen thousand at that meeting there.
There was a man in the meeting who thought that that was just a bunch
of make-up. He went and got a prayer card in one of the lines,
pretending that he was sick and in need. And he went and wrote on the
prayer card he had all kinds of diseases and so forth like that. And he
come around and give it into the–the man, the prayer line manager. I
never see the cards. They take the cards down there. He thought, "I'll
just see what this is all about."
Then when he come in and put that on a prayer card down, he come walking up. I said, "Good evening, sir."
He said, "Howdy do."
And I took a hold of his hand. There was no vibrations. I looked at
him; I seen him and two men, standing in a room across a table making
up about…
I said, "Why would you purpose in your heart to try to deceive somebody?" I said, "God is apt to strike you dead right now."

E-42 And he fell down on the floor and begin to screaming to the top of his voice. He said, "God, have mercy on me."
I said, "Why would you do that, friend?"
He said, "Brother Branham, I–I thought it was just make-up. I–I–I honestly, is there forgiveness for me?"
There was.

Here a few nights ago saw a woman. People, when they come to the
platform, ugly, vulgar things that they've done down in their life.
Now, remember friends, those things are told publicly right here before
this audience; what you've done in your life, is told right here. So if
there's anything upon your heart, and you do not wish to be known, stay
out of the prayer line if you don't want it to be known. Unless that
you come with a perfect faith, or ask–ask God to forgive you and put
it under Blood, in the sea of forgetfulness, or whatever it is. Because
I will not be responsible for what is said… what been brought out.
Because if it's in your life, it's coming out.

Now, just remember that, because God has promised it. It hasn't failed
yet, and it will not fail here at Houston. That's right. God is still
here, and He will answer. Now, what is that?
You say, "Brother Branham, what does that mean?"
And one time I was a little afraid to make statements. But here's what
it is, friends. And I can give it to you. Those things, the diseases
are told. That's perfect. Secrets of their heart. If they won't believe
the first, I can't get them on that first one, then they will on the
second one. It goes right back and begins to dig up their life and tell

Now, what's that got to do? Now, give me your undivided attention a few
minutes. Friend, that doesn't heal nobody. That only brings the person
up in faith. And when that person's here, he might come tell me he's
got faith, and I take his word for it. But when you're under the
anointing, as it is right now, you can't come and deceive that, where I
know when you've got faith or not. He might think he has faith. There's
a thing that people thinks they got faith when they haven't got faith.
Isn't that right?
But when they're way down here, and saying they got faith, it isn't up
here. It's like tuning in a string on an instrument. When it comes up
and coincides with this up here, then the thing's ready. Any demon
that's got that person bound has got to turn loose when that type of
faith comes. And you don't have to be up here; it'll act right out
there, wherever you are.

Now, the only thing that is for you is to stimulate faith of the
people, that they might see God's willingness to heal the people. Now,
as far as it comes to healing, it's your faith in God. Your pastor can
anoint you with oil at your own church. And you have faith in God;
it'll bring the same results. That's right.
God's the Healer. No man's a healer; God's the Healer. These gifts are
only to show what God's attitude towards the people, to get you people
back to believe in God. 'Cause if you haven't got faith enough to
believe for your sick body, how you going to have faith enough for the
rapture? See? The people's got…

Jesus asked this question. "When I return to the earth, will I find
faith?" There's got to be a great Church full of faith. And God sent
these things down to stimulate faith, to bring out faith, to prove what
faith is. See what I mean? And those things… That's the way it can
Now… [–Ed.]
very highly elated when they give you their prayer card, and you know,
the first night here. You're real happy, wasn't you. How'd I know that?
That–That's right, sister. That's…?… is happening…?… coming up
to this time…?… Now, but yet being my neighbor; you know those
things are godly the truth. Is that right? That's right. Now, if–if
you'll do this, if you'll solemnly believe now that…?… Which you
know I'm telling you the truth. All right. Now, if you'll believe what
I tell you to be the truth, and act upon the same, it's going to leave
you and never return again. You believe that? I want you to be the
happiest person in Texas while you're here. So when you get to Indiana,
be the next to the happiest person there, 'cause I'm going back there,
and–and I'll be with you. So go…?… ask Him. Yes ma'am. [–Ed.]

Now, for that same thing, the Mayo Brothers told me once there wasn't a
earthly chance for me to ever be well. You see where I oh, my… [–Ed.]
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound it is. Now, just talking right now,
It's beginning to let up after…?… See, it's right here, standing
right… You stand there just a few just a few moments, you'll be
healed anyhow. See? It's your faith that does the healing. It's coming
on up. See?
Now, you want to be happy, go away singing. Tomorrow, my, just–just be
happy as they be. Now, you're going to feel the difference, and know it
right here. And if you can feel that here in the presence of the gift,
you can have it out there too, 'cause He's the Giver. Isn't that right?

Now, folks, you that hear me. I was talking to the lady, because she's
a neighbor there and so forth. And I was just asking in my heart that
the Lord would show me something to her that just taken place. And I
seen her when she got, when the brother handed her a prayer card, she
just… Oh, my, she done like that, and I know then, and I told her
And she was standing there in the room awhile ago, and looked over
sideways, and she had a real weary feeling come over her. And she shut
her eyes because the lights were looking gloomy to her. That's just
what I told her. Is–is that the truth, sister? See, that builds her
faith, like some thing that was done here a few weeks ago, down around
home there. Well, they might think, "Well, somebody told him that." You
see? But it's just so they would know right here. You understand, don't
you, friends. Now, isn't the Lord wonderful?

Now, friends, it–it doesn't take excitement; it takes true settled
faith. God doesn't work under excitement, or screaming, or–or
stomping, or running. You can't stomp the devil to make him go out.
You've got to know right where you're standing and order him out. Isn't
that right? The power of God (See?), that's what it is.

E-51 Baal's prophets cut themselves and jumped upon the altars, screamed, "O Baal, O Baal."
Elijah said, "The Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, let it be
known this day that I'm Your servant." And fire begin to fall. Isn't
that right? It's the authority of knowing, not guessing, but knowing.
Now, if you'll just be reverent and watch. It might not seem very much
to you. But friends, to these people that's getting healed, it's
wonderful to them. That's right.
And now, just be reverent while I have prayer. For this little woman's
come all the way down here, over a thousand miles down here for this

Now, be reverent, Sister Roberson. Is that right, Roberson? And now,
right now, you're going to be released from all your troubles, right
now. Tomorrow, you're going to feel wonderful. And tonight, it's going
to be a new time for you. You're going to be full of smiles and
laughing when you go home. I see that before. And you're going to feel
good. And then if it… I want you to stay that way the rest of… [–Ed.]
Always tries to tempt, but Thou art here in power over him. And I know
tonight that standing right here, the Spirit of the Lord standing here
is already begin to move in upon the woman, because she has faith. But
she wanted to hear me ask You, and then she'd have faith from
hereafter. As far as being healed, I know she's already healed. But she
wants me hear it… wants to hear me ask You, Father, and I thank You
for that faith for a neighbor woman. And God, I pray that she'll always
remain healed. And may the power of the enemy, never no more, bother
her. May she be happy, she and her husband. May they live long happy
lives full of service for You. Grant it, Lord.
And now, I rebuke Satan, that he stays away from this woman, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen.

God bless you, Sister Roberson. You may raise your head, audience. You
feel different now, feel dandy. Now, you're going to feel that way on
and on. Now, if you can feel that way here, you feel that way out
there, you can feel that way back in Jeffersonville. Amen. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." God bless you, Sister Roberson. Amen. God bless you.
Let's give God a praise offering; say, "Amen." [Congregation says "Amen."–Ed.]
All right. Bring here…

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