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Mother’s Day (59-0510M)

Mother's Day (59-0510M)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Mother's Day
was delivered on Sunday morning, 10th May 1959 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 59-0510M,
is 1 hour and 2 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette. This message is available in book format (Volume 25, Number 1).

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Tabernacle… is my prayer… I am certainly happy this morning, to see
the spiritual inclining of this Tabernacle, and how that… The sign
out there, they're fixing now to build a new church. I think it's
needed. And see the after… If the Lord Jesus tarries, after we are
gone, they'll have… Our children will have to have a place to go to
church. And we want to "earnestly contend for the faith that was once
delivered unto the saints." Think that's a good thing.

And as I was just coming in a few moments ago, to add with many of the
testimonies that's already been given concerning healings of the last
few meetings at the Tabernacle here… They just constantly pile up of
healings, great miraculous healings.
I'd left my wife out, just now, and children at the–the door; and
there was a sister, sitting present now, just so thrilled till she was
crying, of a great miracle had taken place on her little grandson, way
down, I suppose, in Chattanooga. Mrs. Nash, here, your little grandson
was afflicted with an affliction, and the last meeting here, the Lord
Jesus, I think, called it out, and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, that,
it's gone. And he's going to be well." And the little lad is perfectly
normal and well, just as well as he can be. And it's–it's thrilling to
hear those testimonies.

And then a young fellow, which is also present, asked prayer for Mrs.
Stotts, that's just undergone an operation. And their interest… See,
if nobody wants us to pray for them, why they're… It shows, as long
as you're trying, people wanting you to pray for them, there's an
interest. You see? Sometimes it gets so awful, till–not awful, but so
many, that you just have to run out somewhere, and stick your head
away, and hide for a little bit, to live. But I–I'm glad they do that.
Don't never think that I don't like to see them, because if they… If
there was no one wanted me to pray for them, where would my ministry
be? See, see?
But sometimes when you say, "Brother Branham, I don't understand, when
people calling like that and–and you'll slip out somewhere." I have to
do that in order to live to pray for the people. You just don't… It
isn't–it isn't just one place, here. It's all over the world. You see?
And–and it's really rough. And I'm sure that you understand that.
Oh, it's so good to be a Christian! I just don't know what I would do
if it wasn't for Christ, and so… And to have the association with
Christians, that a per–a people of like precious Faith, who believe in
God and are trusting Him, and believing that some glorious day we'll be
over all this battle, and have the victory, and stand redeemed in His
likeness on the other side.

And then I would like to make just a brief announcement, that in the
coming of the Tabernacle, and so forth, I… We're making a renewment
of our foundation, especially my part for the campaigns. All down along
through the meetings, since I started in this, on the evangelistic
side, many years ago, instead of forming a foundation to have another
group of people, I just used the group that I was acquainted with; and
from… And made a foundation that all of my meetings would be carried
under the name of the Branham Tabernacle. And that would be used at the
Union National Bank in New Albany, as where funds could be paid–paid
through that, that it would not be taxable. If I didn't, all the money
was taken up would be taxable to me if I didn't use the Branham
Tabernacle as a foundation.
Many of you has heard me announce that, time after time. I have to do
it, and to–in order to do that. And then–then we're setting up a new
foundation now. And we'd like as many as knows that I… How many ever
heard me announce that, that all remunerations, I work through the
Branham Tabernacle? Just raise up your hands, all… Sure, all of you.
It's all…?…

And so when the service is over, if you will, I got a little statement
there, so that you, if you'd sign it as you go out… Brother Roy
Roberson will have it back there.
'Cause we're going to set up another foundation, same thing just–but
another foundation, that all of our funds and things that's taken up in
the meeting, keep from being taxed, will be–is placed, as usual, in
the Union National Bank, to be operate through the Tabernacle, instead
of having a–a found–another foundation. 'Cause this is already a
foundation, in the name of the Branham Tabernacle. You see? And so
there's a Branham here and a Branham there, and like this, and
different foundations that don't go too good.
Brother Roberson will take care of that, you that will, as they go out. We'll appreciate it.

Now, this morning, before we enter into the service, I'd like to say,
the Lord willing, that I'll try to be back again tonight. I hate to
take both meetings from Brother Neville, but he's so generously asked
me to speak again tonight. And if the Lord willing, I want to speak
tonight on an evangelistic subject of, titled this: "Who Is This?" See?
"Who Is This?"
And so this morning, I want to… I was thinking of–of speaking this
morning on a Mother's Day subject. And I know that this afternoon and
the morning's all been filled with Mother Day programs. So I thought I
would kinda combine something, because we want to pray for the sick
immediately after this service is over.

And as usual, we believe that God is a Healer, and He heals the sick
and the afflicted. And I know He does that. And it's beyond any–any
doubts, that… 'Cause there's too many testimonies piled up, that we
know that…
Yesterday I was looking in a sack that Brother Gene and Leo had just
kept of testimonies that they picked up. And it was a great sackful of
outstanding miraculous healings that the Lord has did for the people.
And I thought, if that would be so, what if we kept account of all that
had taken place? I guess, in Puerto Rico and Jamaica, alone, would've
run ten thousand, or better, outstanding testimonies of healings of the
Lord, that He did.

Now, before we open the Book, let's speak to the Author. Lord, we are
so grateful to You, that it's, when we bow our heads, we just stammer
for words to say; for I do not believe that it lays in the human lips
to express the feelings of the heart of a man or a woman, boy or girl,
that's ever been in contact with Thee: to express our adorations of how
we adore You and what You mean to us. It separated us from sin, and it
separated us from the world. And it give us something that's eternal
and blessed. And we could not find words sufficiently.
As it was once said by a noble man a few weeks ago, that he could speak
fluently in about nine different languages, holding his position with
the adviser to our lovely President Dwight Eisenhower… And although
able to speak nine languages, fluently; he said, when he received the
Holy Spirit, he tried every nine, and there was no words that he could
find, nothing he could express, and so You gave him a new language to
express and to thank You with. And we feel that way too, Lord, that
when life is over, that maybe we'll talk altogether in a different
language, so we can express what we think about You.

Now, we would ask, Lord, that You would bless this Tabernacle, its
pastor, its trustees, its deacons, all of its associates, the people
who visit here, come in and out the doors. May it be found always as
dedicated, a haven of rest, where the weary can come in of its doors
and find rest and peace to their soul, and that the sick might come in
the door, and go out well, because of the ever living Presence of the
Almighty God Who dwells under its roof.
We would ask, Lord, that in this coming program of–that's being formed
now, that You would meet with the board and meet with all. And if it so
pleases You that there would be a continual commemoration of the prayer
that was prayed in this old pond, and a weed patch, one day; that now
it's become a lighthouse, a haven of rest for the weary, because of the
answer of that prayer.
Now, forgive us of anything that we have did, or said, or thought, that
was contrary to Your great will; and remember, Lord, it did not come
from our hearts. We only might've expressed it in our action or in our
lips. But quickly, Thou did hear us. When we seen we were wrong, we
were willing to confess it. And we do not want to hold in our heart,
iniquity, then we know that God will not answer our prayers; but
constantly confessing our errors…

And we would ask, Lord, that You would bless this morning, all across
the nation, as it's celebrating this memorial day of Mother's Day. But
may this not just be a–a mother's day; may every day be so.
God, grant this morning, that mothers, women, who are wandered away
from God, that they will come to theirselves this morning and will
recognize that what the word mother means, "one who has begotten." May
she realize that the offsprings from her union with her husband has
been sacred little gems that God has placed under her care. Then God
will hold her responsible for the rearing of those children. And as the
Scripture says, that the good woman, and the mother what she is, that
her children will call her blessed.

O Lord, when we see this day, when they get so far away from the
Scriptures, and act as almost as beasts, we pray, God that You'll give
us an old fashion revival that'll call them back to the place where
they should be.
Lord, we would not, by no means, forget to thank You for real mothers,
for we know that we have such living today: real, genuine mothers. God,
bless them. They are great treasures to us, and we pray that You'll
continue to be with them, Lord, and may they live happy and see the
fruit of their womb serving God.
And we pray, God, that those who wear the white rose this morning, or
the white flower, to say that their mother has passed beyond this scene
of action today, may, Lord God, they rest in peace and their labors
follow them. Grant it, Lord.
Now, take Thy Word, Lord, and speak to the people, and give them
comfort, for that is why we have gathered here: to feel Your Presence,
hear Your Word, and be blessed; and leave here to be better men and
women, boys and girls, than we were when we entered. We ask this in the
Name of Jesus, God's Son. Amen.

I love the reading of His blessed Word. So now we shall turn, this
morning in the Book of I Corinthians, and read for a portion of the
15th chapter, beginning with the 1st verse.

Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the
gospel which I preached unto you, which also you have received, and
wherein you stand;

By which also you are saved, if you keep in memory that I preached unto you, unless you have believed in vain.

For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

You might say, "Brother Branham, that's rather an unusual text for a
Mother's Day message." Well, that's true. But you know, God's unusual,
and He does things in a unusual way.
And I think, the thoughts, of mother. And I have one this morning, by
the grace of God, still here on earth with us. And I'm grateful for
mothers. But beings that we were to have also a healing service, and
not knowing that I would be back again tonight, but I thought maybe
that we could paint a different type of a picture.

Mother is so great. You know, the first one that receives you is–this
life is your mother. No one can touch you, because you're conceived,
and she bears you under her heart. And she is the first to know you,
and the first to, in this life, to–to hold you. Then when you're born,
she is the–one of the first hands that touch you and wipes back the
tears out of your eye. She's the first one to pat you and to love you,
and to coo over you, in this life, is your mother. Now, I think that
there is not enough honor that we could give to a mother.
Mother is first with the child, and she's a great responsibility of
what that child will be, will be based upon the way that mother starts
that child on the path that it must travel. Mother has the
responsibility from God to place that child on the right road. And I
think that's why mothers has a special little touch.

I know of a boy in this city. I think his mother's present now. He's
almost my age. But I don't say this to hurt the mother, because that
she has enough hurts, as all mothers. But the boy drinks, and he drinks
heavy. And when he gets real drunk, he will come home, and jump in the
bed with his mother, and put his arms around her. And he's got
grandchildren. But there's something about just the pat of a mother
that seems to take a–a different place than anything else can touch,
that is, in this life, humanly speaking.

You know, a man like Moses, he… If I could credit anything to his
character, it was because he had a God sent mother. You know it was she
that had prayed, Jochebed, and had longed for this baby. And when he
was born, she was the one who cooed him, and cuddled him, and built the
ark, and placed him in the bulrushes, when her poor heart breaking. Her
only little baby, and it was the–the most outstanding little chunk
that was in all the world. And how a mother likes any baby, but to see
this special little fellow…
And then, in her heart she knew that he was born for a purpose, and
then to take him and place him into the very den of crocodiles out into
the river… By faith she did that, knowing that God was able to take
care of him. And to summarize the love of a mother, and the action of
the character of her faith… For faith does not place itself upon the
shifting sands of what it can see; faith rests solemnly upon the
unmovable rock of God's eternal Word. "For by faith," says the
Scripture, "she did this."

And faith can take its stand on the rock, that the waves are beating
the foundations out, and look straight into the face of death, and know
that it'll be just in a little bit, but faith can look across the sea
to Him that said, "I am the Resurrection and Life," and fail to even
hear the waves a dashing.
That's the kind of faith that Moses' mother had. She taught him, and
she reared him in the palace of Pharaoh, teaching him that he was born
for a purpose, that Jehovah had answered her prayer. And, she… He
could not have had a better teacher. That's what help mold the
character that Moses was.

38 I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who once made a statement like this…
I'm neither Democrat or Republican; I just… I'm a Christian. For I
think one side could not say anything against the other side; it's all
corruption. But Abraham Lincoln, to my thoughts, was one of the–and
was one of the greatest Presidents that this United States ever had,
including Washington, and so forth.
For, Abraham Lincoln had a–a bad start. He was poor. He had no
background, as far as education, or–or some great something, or money,
or something that could've helped him, like Washington did. Washington
was a college graduate, and he–he knowed; he was a smart man, a great
man to begin with. But Lincoln was raised in a little log cabin, under
the great grounds of Kentucky, and with no glory in the little old
cabin, which sets as a memorial here at Louisville now. But being the
great man that he was, and had to learn to write, upon the ground that
he plowed, to plant the corn…

But I might pass this on to the young people. Do you know Abraham
Lincoln never owned a book in his life, until he was after twenty-one
years old but the Bible and the Foxe "Book Of The Martyrs." See? what
you read molds the character that you are. No wonder we got a bunch of
neurotics today. Little old fiction magazines, and vulgar, and nonsense
is placed upon our newsstands. He owned the Bible and the Foxe "Book Of
The Martyrs." Look what it made him.
But in the face of all that, one day he made a statement like this. He
said, "If there could be any good thing found in me, it's because of a
godly mother," that reared him to serve the Lord.

You see, a child listens to its mother; some little touch about that
mother, that a child will listen to. When it's hurt, it'll go to the
mother for consolation before it'll go to the father. Because she was
first with it, you know. And there's some gift that God gives a mother
to be that way; I mean a real mother. Now, I believe that mothers are
honorable and godly.

But I believe, such as Mother Days, like this, is a racket, make a lot
of money out of flowers and things. But mother's day should be every
day, not to send her a bunch of flowers on Mother's Day, but to love
her and care for her three hundred and sixty-five days and nights
through the year. But of course, the commercial world has a great hold
in things like this, and it–it–it depreciates mother.
"Oh, well, last Mother's Day I sent her a bunch of flowers."
She'd appreciate a whole lot more, just set down and talk to her just a
little bit, write her a line, pat her on the shoulder, kiss her on the
cheek, tell her you love her. It'll go a lot farther than all the
flowers that you could buy from the florist. That's true.

I believe it was in the "Ten Commandments," the late Cecil DeMille,
that wrote and put on the screen one of the masterpieces of the movie
world. And before it was put on the scene, or let out, Cecil DeMille
called Oral Roberts, and Demas Shakarian, and a bunch of the Full
Gospel ministers, and took them into his own studios, and showed the
four hours of the "Ten Commandments," and asked them their opinion of
it. God rest his gallant soul.
And when I seen it, was looking at it, and a little remark always stuck
to me. If many of you who did see it, it was when the daughter of
Pharaoh… After Moses had found out that he was a–a Hebrew, and he
had decided to go dwell with his people, and there sat his once
beautiful mother, faded out, with her gray hair and her wrinkled face,
setting in an old armchair, a typical mother… And the Pharaoh's
daughter came in. And he said, "Whose son am I anyhow?"
And when it was brought to light that Jochebed was his real mother, the
daughter of Pharaoh, with her paint and so forth, and all fixed up, she
said, "But look. He may be your son," but she said, "I give him wealth
and splendor. You could've give him nothing but the slime pits."
But the aged gray-headed mother said, "But I give him life." That makes
the difference. "I gave him life." And God gave him Eternal Life. How
true, mother…

Sometimes people say to me, mostly always in my campaigns I'm
constantly preaching upon the resurrection. And I read a text this
morning, the 15th chapter and the 4th verse of I Corinthians on the
But you see, the way they place mother today, is a pot of flowers
setting by an old lady, who is old and can't get up, maybe, and feeble,
and gray-headed, and wrinkled, and setting in an armchair. That's true
enough. But I want to take my theme and paint you another picture of
what mother is.

52 Someone said, "You preach too much on the resurrection. Most every message has got something about the resurrection."
sure, it's the–it's the cardinal resting place of the Gospel. No
matter what He did, if He did not rise again from the dead, then all of
it was in vain. It, to me, proves that He was God, proves every claim
He made: the resurrection. And it also is the place of the resting of
the soul. It's the starting point. It's the crowning of our consolation.
And when we see that He rose from the dead, it places us with the
Gospel armor at the battle front to take the place to fight. For we
know He said, "He that will lose his life for My sake shall find it

And I think it's the great coronation of the Full Gospel, is the
resurrection, and its Divine promises, and the consolation that it
gives those who are trusting in it. For it promises the great union of
our uniting together again. It promises in the–the fading away of all
sin. It promises the fading away of all deformity. All the sufferings
that we have did in this, had to go through with in this life, It
promises then the vanishing of us all. It promises that even death will
lose its hold, and we'll rise in the likeness of Jesus. So to my
opinion, the resurrection is the greatest of all the promises in the
things of the Scripture. There is where it sealed it.
And the last Easter, when I was preaching on the five things of…

Living, He loved me; dying, He saved me;

Buried, He carried my sins far away;

But rising, He justified freely forever.

That's the day for me, that great day of days. And to see what it'll
mean to all of us in the resurrection, as we labor and wait for that
blessed day of days…

It gives us the promise that someday that these old weakening, feebled,
gray-headed, broke down mothers will be changed. Not only will mother
set there by herself, but all of her family with her. And what a day
that will be. What a time it will be, when we look upon the faces of
those who we have loved so well. What a difference on that morning when
we shall see our loved ones, and–and to watch what they'll be. Then
all the afflictions will be taken away. All the mars of suffering will
be done, no more pale cheeks of death, no more tears from the eyes; the
resurrection promises all of this. There'll be no more funerals, no
more patting the baby on the cheek that's like a piece of stone, where
the undertaker has embalmed, and pushed out, and put paint on, and so
forth, to look natural. It'll never be needed again there.

Then I think of when we see them standing yonder, our loved ones, our
mothers, our kindreds, all our friends, and to see them in their
immortal bodies, their celestial bodies, watching their character,
seeing how they conduct themselves with that sweetness and quietness,
no more nervousness or frustrations. To see them in-standing in the
likeness of the Lord Jesus, that'll be a wonderful day.
And each one of us in our minds are anticipating and longing for that
hour of consolation when we meet them. Each one is thinking of their
loved one, maybe their mother that's gone on. And what a day it'll be
when you see her again. And to dad, and to brother, and to the–all the
loved ones, what a day it will be…

I'm thinking too right now. I'm thinking of my family, what it will
mean for me at that day. I'm thinking, that on that resurrection
morning, perhaps the first one will come to meet me will be my little
Sharon. No, she won't be shaking. That devil can't enter that place. No
meningitis can ever touch that land. She won't be waving good-bye to
me. Those little blue eyes will be dancing as she throws her arms forth
and screams, "Daddy." I'll be glad to see her, to know that she'll
never die again, to know that it's all over, why I preached
resurrection so hard.
Then I'll see her mother, the mother of Billy, my boy. And I have lots
of memories right there that linger on. I remember when I was taking
her up by Mr. Combs, up here, was taking her for the last ride, and I
was following her in a car. As we went down Seventh Street, right
there, Billy, eighteen months old…
How that they would bring him out to the street and let her see him.
And she'd lay and weep and look at her baby, but she couldn't get near

And then on the road down, the undertaker come along and went down
the–the–the Seventh Street. Mama here was taking care of him at the
time. And he was standing out in the yard with a little bitty pair of
short pants and a little red cap pulled sideways on his head. And when
that mother, laying on that cot in the back of that ambulance, watching
me, when she seen her baby standing in the yard, knowing she was taking
her final ride; she raised from the cot, and screamed, and throwed out
her bony hand to embrace her baby in the yard. But she couldn't have
Oh, it'll be a joy to see her on that day. No, she won't have bony
hands, neither will them cheeks be sunk in. But she'll stand in the
celestial beauty of a queen of heaven and a mother. Her black eyes, as
black as ravens wings, will be dancing with joy. She won't be all
stooped over where that devil of TB will never enter that land, but
immortal, will stand in His likeness.

I suppose then, next coming to meet me will be Edward, who we called
"Humpy," for a short name. He was the first of the big nine link chain,
chain of the Branham family. He was the first link to break, the one
next to me. I'll see Edward come running to me; yet he died as a boy,
nineteen years old. And when I take him by his hand, I'm sure we'll
have lots of things to talk about, of boyhood, 'cause we were chums. We
stuck together. He let me wear his suit and–and–and things like real
brothers did. It'll be a pleasure to see him again.
And I'll hear him say something like this, "Did you get my word, Bill?
You were working on a cattle ranch at the time of my going from the
earth. But in the hospital I sent word back, 'Tell Bill everything's
all right.'"
I'll be glad to say, "Yes, I got your word out on the prairie."

Then, I suppose, next will come my dad. He was the next link to go. And
no, I think Charles was the next link, a younger brother. He had a
automobile accident when just a little boy. He always drug his right
leg as he walked. But you know, when I see him, he won't be dragging
that leg. It'll be all done away with, will stand in the splendor of a
young man.
And he will say to me, something like this, as he smiles. He will say,
"Yes, Bill, there's no accidents up here. And I remember the night
before I was taken in the automobile accident, you talked to me,
standing in the little archway of our little humble home," and I'm
looking on the top of right now. "You talked to me about the Lord just
a few hours before going. And you were in the pulpit preaching when I

Then will come dad. Oh, I can see him. Though he give me many hard
whippings, just exactly what I needed, but I will see that shock of
black, wavy hair, more brilliant than ever at that day. And he will
look at me and say, "My boy, you know, daddy will never get up from the
table here anymore, hungry, to let his children eat, for here we have
plenty. There is never a want here."
To see him when he would work, and at fifty or seventy-five cents a
day, and then get up from the table so the children could eat, go back
to work again… And he worked so hard till his shirt would sunburn to
his back, and mom would cut it loose with a scissors.
I can hear him say something like this, "Bill, you remember that night
you and Brother George come to pray for me when I was going? You know,
I told mama that there were two white Angels standing at the bed, and a
red angel at the foot. And the red angel was trying to get me, but the
white Angel stood between. They finally packed me home."

Then, also, the next in the link to go, or did go, will come Howard.
I'll see Howard; as we chummed together across the lands, everywhere,
called to be a minister, great personality, but his associates kept him
back… Last talk that I had with him he said, "When I go, Bill…"
I–I saw him going, by a vision about four years before he went, told him I seen Pop mark his grave and say that was the next.
And he said, "There's one thing I want you to do for me." He said,
"I've muddled up my life. I've been married and everything. I–I don't
know what's happened."
I said, "Do you believe Him, Howard?"
He said, "With all that's in me, I believe Him." And about two or three
days before he left, he made his peace with God, with Brother Neville
and them there. And he said, "There's one thing I want you to do. When
I go, Bill, have them to sing for me, 'He'll Understand, And Say, "Well
I believe, before I shake Howard's hand, I'll hear him stop and look at me, and say, "Bill, He understood."

After that will come Brother Seward, Brother Frank Broy, Brother George
DeArk. Oh, the resurrection means a lot to me. I'm anticipating on that
great crowning hour. And then as the Light begins to spread, we'll know
as we are known. We'll understand, and–and we'll remember our
acquaintance and the–the ones that's been there.
And–and many, there'll be many there that we didn't even think would
be there. For, you know, it's at that time, that I believe that the
bread that we have cast upon the human troubled waters will return to
us on that day, when we see the effects of our testimony on people that
we didn't understand their action towards It, will probably be there.
What a day that will be.
And then also, the seeds that we sowed, not even thinking that what
they would do, but here they are. They brought forth precious fruits,
and we'll see them on that day, the wayward loved ones and relatives.

And I think of the thousands that I've seen converted, yes, into the
millions now, a going, and what their ministry was. Oh, it'll take more
than a resurrection. It'll take a eternity to go around shaking hands
and finding out things that I don't know now.
There will be those old gray-headed mothers, that you're wearing those
white flowers for today, that'll see you, and they'll be beautiful, not
represented by a pot of flowers, or some picture of an old gray-headed
person; but in the likeness and beauty of the resurrection, they'll
stand in the likeness of Christ, their celestial bodies, young and
beautiful forever. Sure, that's the rest. That's the mother's day that
I'm waiting for. That's the coronation. Not the carnation on the lapel,
but the coronation of the soul, for God has changed her.

I think of my old mother, old and feeble, and shaking with palsy.
She'll not be doing that that day. It'll be different then. And that
great Light begins to spread out as we begin to look around, and the
great circle will be getting greater and greater and greater. It's all
just reflecting the approach of Jesus. "And after while," as the song
said, "and I shall see Jesus at last."

He will be waiting for me,

Jesus so kind and true,

On His beautiful Throne,

He'll welcome me Home

After this day is through.

Then as we see Him, and we will not be as we are now. We'll–we'll know
how to love Him more. We'll not stand back with a little fear; because
we'll be like Him. Well, He will be more of a relative to us than He is
now. We'll understand Him better, because, we're so far away in the
mortal bodies; then we'll have a body like His glorious body. We'll
know how to worship Him. And when we see what the Presence of His Being
has done to us, changed us, the old back young, all the deformed
straightened out, oh, we'll understand then why His power healed us.
The questions that's been in our mind, "How can He do it? What would
this?" somehow, mysteriously, they'll all fade away. The knots that's
been tied in the back of our minds, "Will it be this? How could it be?"
somehow, or another, majestic fingers will just untangle, unravel those
knots, and it'll all fade into the one big crown of love.

Then we shall see Him. Then we shall be like Him. Then we shall worship
Him. Then we shall see mother as God wants her. Mother would not be
complete there without her family. 'Cause the greatest time of all of
her life is to see the children around the table, and all of them
healthy and happy, and–and–and to see her pour the coffee, or
whatever she does, and fixes supper, and her and dad set down. Why,
that's the happiest time in mama's life, see her kiddies all at home.
Now, don't miss–don't be missing that day. Let the great chain of your
family be hooked together link by link. Let every spoke be in the
wheel. And then when we sit down with our families and groups, across
the canopies of eternity, what a day that will be, then we'll

It was Him Who promised this in Revelations 1, where It said, that a
sharp two-edged sword went out of His mouth. He was called the Word of
God. And it was from that same lips, that said, "I am He that is alive,
that was dead; and I'm alive for evermore." From those same lips in
Saint John 6:30 it says this, that "I will lose nothing, but I'll raise
it up again at the last days." Was Him that made the promise, those
same precious lips… He's the One Who saves us, Who heals us, Who
redeemed us, and Who will raise us up at the last day.

If you are that little weak link that has separated this great family
reunion at that day, may the God of heaven, this morning, somehow in a
mysterious way, unravel those little knots that's tied in your mind,
and reveal to you the love that He has for you, may you come sweetly to
serve Him.
While we think of these things, let us pray. Just before we pray, and
you have your heads bowed, I'm going to ask you. Would you like to, on
this Mother's Day, to rededicate your lives anew to Him, looking
forward for that resurrection? Would you raise your hands to Him, while
everyone…? God bless you.

Would there be a sinner who's present now, would say "O God, I've not
yet hooked myself into that link. I am the missing one that would be
not there when mother goes to looking around through glory. I'll not be
there, for I've never yet made my peace with God. I have not the hope
of Eternal Life in me. But today I–I want to do that." Would you raise
your hand say, "Pray for me, Brother Branham, at this time. I want to
be remembered in prayer, for I have loved ones across the sea, the sea
of Life, and I want to meet them." Raise your hand.
Or someone who is backslid, and would want to come back on this day,
and say, "Lord, I reconsecrate myself again to You, coming to renew my
covenant with You," would you raise your hand?

Our heavenly Father, as it is drawing, this day will make one day
closer to that great event. And we have just been forced, each year to
see this represented.
As the people used to go up to Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, and
for the cleansing of the tabernacle and the sanctuary, and–and the
offering of the sin offering, each year they was reminded, when that
lamb died out there, that there'd come a time that the Lamb of God
would die to divorce sin. Each time that little fellow bleated, and the
blood sprinkled over their hands, they was reminded that there'd be a
time when there would be the Lamb of God, that would cry, "Eli, lama…
Eli, lama…" at the cross.
I pray, God, that as we look today and see that…

A few weeks ago, before leaving in Your service for California, this
Indiana laid bare and dead, and there was no life, seemingly. The
flowers that died last fall. The leaves had gone off the trees. And the
sap in the trees had gone to the roots, and everything was dead.
But there was a season when the sun begin to shine in a different way,
the same sun that had shined through the winter, but the elements had
changed and it shined differently. And by the shining of the sun with
the elements, life sprung up, everywhere. The leaves come back to the
trees. The leave… The life that had left the leaf, and the leaf
dropped off, but the life went in the ground; it came back in new
beauty in the splendor of youth. The flower that had give up its–its
fragrance, that had give up its radiant beauty and fallen into the
earth, born–burst forth again in its youth with a new fragrance.
What are we reminded of, Lord, at these hours?

And the world become from a bleak, bleated desert, unto a paradise of
beauty, and the bees, and the birds singing, and everything
light-hearted, and the trees a–a frolicking in the winds of the warm
spring breeze. Warmth and joy was on the earth again because of the
sun, s-u-n.
But some day the S-o-n is coming with healing in His wings, and those
little lives that's hid like the sap in the tree, in the ground, like
the–the life that's in the seed of the flower, it'll bring it forth to
newness again, never to fade. Oh, how we thank You for this.

And there was many, many hands that went up this morning, for they know
that beyond the veil there, there's something. They long to see mother.
They long to see their loved ones and their acquaintance, and find out
all these mysteries, how they come here, and down through the time. It
all lays behind the hidden veil. And someday You're coming. And they
raised their hands; they–they–they–they want to be sure, Lord.
They're renewing themselves again, and so am I. Now, help us, Lord.
Renew our faith and our strength.
And as we feel the approaching of the Lord… And the last forty years,
there broke forth a new Pentecost upon the earth. The Spirit begin to
reveal things. And here we are at the last sign just before the coming.
We know the approaching of the Lord is close. And we see the sick being
made well from their sickness, which has been mysterious to the world
for two thousand years since the apostles. But here it is appearing
again, prophets arising; Angels are appearing, signs and wonders. What
is it? The resurrection's drawing nigh. The S-o-n is coming.

Let us be ready, Lord. Let us embrace every Divine promise; don't think
about these little knots that's been accumulated by science, and so
forth, that it can't happen. Let them begin to unravel, this morning,
by the immortal… they…
[–Ed.]… as He
vibrates across the Words of God's Bible, like a well-tuned instrument,
to sing the rhythm, "I am He that was dead and is alive for evermore. A
little while, and the world seeth Me no more; yet ye shall see Me. For
I will be with you, even in you, to the end of the world. And it shall
come to pass in the last days, saith God, that I'll pour out My Spirit
upon all flesh: signs and wonders, the old men will dream dreams, and
the young men shall see visions…" The sign of the latter rain and the
end time, let it be felt among us, this morning, Lord, and may our
faith be secured. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

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