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  • please pray for my brother and friend patrick sithole he had an operation of a kidney removal but complications are arising from blood transfusion

  • Dear Friends:
    Please remember my son Daniel who was injured in the nostril, stabbed with a pen at school by a bully. Doctor says a fraction more and it would have been severe.

    The headteacher does not want to take the matter seriously, cause it will reflect she does not have much control, the fellow continues to attend class and bully other students.
    Please pray that the Ministry of Education take the matter into hand before other student gets hurt as well.

    Please also pray for our business, now in an infant stage.

    May God return the blessings to you all.



  • Dear all Saints pls pray for My Uncle’s Son 10 days Old He Is Suffered With Jaundice by that effect his leg is not moving. Present the child in the hospital we need you all to pls pray for total delieverens. God Bless you all.Heb 13:8

  • God bless you saints I’m a young woman struggling with sexual immorality I ask that you help me in prayer that the Lord may deliver me from it

    • God bless you Sister. God is more than able to deliver you my sister. Just abide in Him, abide in His Word, and all the cravings of the world will fall away. You can’t love both God and the things of the world, so once you have God in your heart, once you’re covered by His blood, the love of the things of the world will just fade away. Here are some quotes from the prophet I would like to share with you.

      Brother William Marrion Branham 59-1220M CONFERENCE WITH GOD
      Maybe you don’t know what to do. Maybe you’re a sinner and have done so much sin. Maybe you smoked till you can’t smoke no more, and can’t quit it. Maybe you’ve drank till you can’t drink no more, and you can’t quit it. Maybe you come to the place where you so full of sin and lust till you have to look upon every woman you see, wrong. Or maybe you’ve even perverted your own natural resources. Maybe you’ve come to a block. I don’t care where you’re at; God’s still ready to come to you in a conference and talk it over with you.
      Maybe you’ve broke up your home. Maybe you’ve left your husband or left your wife. Maybe you run off from your children. There might be many things in this life that the enemy has trapped you into. But remember, my brother, sister, you still have the rights to have a conference with God. Yes, sir. Talk it over with Him. He’s a very present help in a time of trouble.

      Brother William Marrion Branham 62-0909E IN HIS PRESENCE
      Now do you believe you have placed the Lord between you and your sin, between you and your sickness, between you and your fault, between you and your ways? “The Lord is always before me, and I am in His Presence. The next time I start to light a cigarette, the Lord is before me. The next time I start to lust, the Lord is before me. The next time I start to tell anything wrong, the Lord is before me. The next time I start to say a bad thing, the Lord is before me. And I shall not be moved. Amen. I’ll live in His Presence each day, with my dealings, each day with my talk. I’ll walk as if the Lord is before me, because tonight I’ve put Him before me. I shall not be moved.” You love Him?

      God bless you

  • Dear all Saints pls pray for sister mary as she down with TB,Diabeetes,kidney stone,also she is 73 age we need you all to pls pray for total delieverens, she message believer and widow,God Bless you all.Heb 13:8

    • pls. pray for me saints,i have a contact dermatitis in my handsand god knows my situation.i want to ask god for forgiveness of all my sin,and deliver me from fear and this allergy.i would like also wanted to ask your prayer for my 2 daughters,that they can get a job that is better than their former work.and may the Lord protect my family from all evil.May He cover us all with His holy blood.thank you so much brethren.we are a believer of this message here in Philippines…

  • hi brothers and sisters please pray for me and my family..I’m going through hard situations..U r prayer gives me strength to overcome ma situation….thank u all & god bless u all..

  • God poured himself in Christ and Christ poured himselff in church now the church must continue with the works of Jesus ,to carry the works of God. Through the church 1959-1217 what was the Holy Ghost give for ?

  • Thank you all so much for the prayers they truly mean the most to me. We have been a bit distant lately, but she has a lot going on with her health and also being scared of leaving her ex because he will hurt her. Last night she messaged me saying she had a weird night and thought a lot about me, and told me this morning what happened was a long story but she is thinking of leaving him. This is a huge step, coming from experience and is great and emotional. I ask for prayers that God continues to give her the courage to see that she doesn’t need that and to walk away. Prayers that God takes him out of her life and helps him part away and with no abuse included. I continue to ask for prayers that God breaks open her heart and pours my love in there showing her I have been here waiting and loving her unconditionally and completely forgiven all that has happened. I ask for prayers that God lets her love that I know she has for me open and embrace it and come back to me so we can start the family we talk about and the beautiful happy life. I also ask for patience and strength as good things take time and understanding that even though she may silent at times, God is bringing her one step closer to me. God Bless you all and I pray God answers your prayers as well.

  • God Bless Saints,
    I am requesting urgent prayers for myself For the Lord to touch and heal me completely. The past few weeks my blood pressure has been extremely high and the doctor say I had contracted a bacterial infection. I believe the Lord will restore my health fully back to normal.
    Thank You.
    Your Sister in Christ
    Sister Angelena.

    • God bless you Sister Angelena

      God is more than able to heal you, infact He’s already done it on Calvary. Here’s a quote from Brother Branham that will inspire you to believe.

      If you believe in healing, and believe that God has healed you, confess it, and God will make your body obey your confession, for He’ s the High Priest of your confession; setting at the right-hand of the Father now with His own Blood to make intercessions for any confession upon anything that He died for. WHO IS GOD? 50-0815

      God bless you

      Brother Sheunesu

  • i want to know more about my future,my life and my spiritual life,please help me ,i am in dear need of it.i also want protection for my life and my family from the attacks of enemy,so let every herold in my life and family go down.

  • Dear brothers and sisters,

    Remember me in prayer because I have these demons that are persecuted me using their evil spirits to follow me every where I go. I believe in the Mighty LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO is more than able to deliver me from them. I have an unspoken prayer request for the family that is responsible for all of that.
    Thank you

  • shalom my brothers in the Lord. I am the brother Mvogo schmitt Pierre Dupont, a young Cameroonian Lord Jesus Christ as the call to bring the nations his méssage conveyed by his servant William Marrion Branham. only burns in me the desire to spend some time at the birthplace of the méssage better closer to the thing and better inform myself in relation to a confusion that there is here in Africa for méssage that shared the servant of the living God (Branham Wlliam). Althoughthe with no financial means and not knowing really speak English, I count on our Lord Jesus Christ so that he can, by his grace, to touch the heart of any brothers or sisters who will receive this note because this desire that I reside among you is only for his glory. May the Lord bless you always.

  • i want God to intervene into my life ,becouse i am passing through a difficult time ,and i am under attack witch craft,familier spirit,and ancestoral spirit,i have been praying hard every day and every night ,i want God to intervene with imidiate effect.

  • please pray for michaela sheppeard . she is in a bad way in hospital. She is 33 and she needs a miracle. She is being held against her will. thank you so much. the Lord is a present help in time of trouble!

  • I request church to pray for me my age 37 is running.I m searchind for a bride for me. All my prayers about bride i have already prayed. I esp.,Request church to pray for me so that GOD hear my prayers about the bride also and give me one according to my requests. brother santosh from india.Please pray for me saints.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    • Dear Santosh i pray for you god will definitely provide you a beautiful bride don’t lose your hope he is in control you can call me on this no-8655474782.If you have time ok God Bless you.

    • Brother Santosh, our Lord Jesus Christ said in Mark 11:24 Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. God is more than able to give you a beautiful bride my brother, we will pray, just believe and trust in God. God bless you my brother. Proverbs 18:22.


  • Dear all saints and my holy brothers , Now I am in critical situation please pray for me . Our god Jesus Christ only help me this situation . My dearest brothers and sisters pray for me to relive my critical situation of my job.

  • Please pray that JC will accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior and be filled with the Holy Spirit.
    Please pray for a husband for me. Someone who loves God with all his heart, soul and mind. Someone I’m spiritually compatible with. Someone who will love, honor and protect me, and someone who is 100% sure that he wants to get married and have children. Please pray for the complete restoration of my relationship with BN.
    Joel 2: 25 I will restore to you the years
    that the swarming locust has eaten,
    the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter,
    my great army, which I sent among you.
    26 “You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied,
    and praise the name of the LORD your God,
    who has dealt wondrously with you.
    And my people shall never again be put to shame.
    Thank you.

  • My little sister isn’t feeling good. please prayer warriors. its not bad but I really don’t like when my little sister is sick.

  • I am a single mom needing support. Please pray that my kids are released from there evil strong holds even me , I humbly ask.

  • please pray for me that I can keep my job and pay my bills. pray for my 2 sons Neil and Noah for their salvation and spiritual healing. my family is falling apart and I cant keep up financially. thank you for praying for us

  • Blessings and peace! please pray for me, I’m difficult financial situation, financial and monetary problems with my megoldás, for me a good career with a good performance, for a nice and lovely fit me associate, a good relationship because they are not good to be alone for man, and my loved ones, my parents, my friends, conversion, Monika the conversion and your family love and peace between us forgiveness old wounds, healing, deliverance and spiritual bondage, and I also ask prayers, because I had a lot of old cases which years ago was sentenced to imprisonment in the first instance, please pray that the second-degree suspend judgment … .. will receive the Lord’s grace in my life, and full restoration of violated also ask prayer for breakthrough, tribulation, strength, joy, happiness, Jesus-up of eager and courageous! The Lord bless you! And thank you that you willplease pray for me man you’re the God that is my money , my work and my career , my health , there is a matching me my beautiful wife , my family and my kids happy and quiet life with God , my joy , and to escape the jail waiting for me and not to be excluded on , and I can so I can help others as well as donations or anything , please pray for me to rid of depression and sin and bondage , because they are heavy and serious burden for me , but I believe that God will free today ! Please pray for me , that is actually converted all remaining sin , and should not be excruciating and depressing for me … help this man of God, me ! Because I do not change nothing ! Pray also please my parents , my friends , enemies, is to repent , and a former girlfriend measured Monika Ficz and Petra Szabo that they can repent and about changes and God come altogether , and to be among us again peace and reconciliation and love and forgiveness , and that ‘s okay between us ! Please pray for these intentions for , because I believe that God will give you any difficulty and I’m hearing it! pray for me!

  • Dear Lord Jesus Christ,
    I have a prayer request. I’m looking for an End Time Message believer bridegroom (husband) for my daughter.
    My family is in Bro. William Branham message for the last 15yrs, with faith I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will guide us in choosing the right life partner for my daughter. God Bless U all. Amen.

  • Pray for breakthrough for my wife Shelley and I so we can be together. Pray for her daughter Emily to bless us together and accept me. Pray we come together as a happy family and serve the Lord to turn the world upside down for Christ.

  • My name is Manisha, i am requesting a prayer for my brother, he is in love with a hindu girl and that girl took him in their religion, he abuses us and threatend our sisters and dad to kill. That girls family all do black magic and by doing black magic they captured our borther for Property because he is only one son. Her name is Jyotsna. And there is also support from our relatives to Sudhir to take wrong path they are – BENJAMIN, ASHA, TUSHAR, PANKAJ, CHHABU, SHARDA, NIRMALA, CHHAYA, PRIYA & PRERNA, VIMAL, RAMESH, KUSUM, CHARLES, these people are separating our brother from us and from dad.
    So pastor plz pray that girl(Jyotsna) should leave our brother’s(sudhir) life and move out from he’s way. We are going through such a difficult time my humble request pls. pray for me & my family.
    Breakdown of marriage & family alienation for my sister (HARSHA 34 YEARS & PRERNA 26 YEARS)

  • I have been having horrible chest pains for weeks, doctors have not yet found the source despite many tests and appointments. I have more tests coming up on Christmas Eve morning and after.

    Please pray that I don’t die and leave my beloved Sarah so young. We have not yet even begun to start our family.

    Please pray that whatever is going on is treatable. I beg you.

  • Please Pray That The Father Will Help Spirit & Truth Fellowship International Finish Translating The Old Testament Of The REVISED ENGLISH VERSION Bible, Please Ask The Father IN JESUS’ NAME IN FAITH FERVENTLY To Help Spirit & Truth Fellowship International Finish Translating The Old Testament Of The REVISED ENGLISH VERSION Bible.

  • Please pray for my granddaughter she is fevered and sick my mom also needs prayers she has been a believer all her life she now has dementia and needs prayers seeing she can’t pray anymore please pray for her she needs god to restore her mind and memory thank you and Gid bless you all brotheres and sisters in the lord

  • Hi brothers and sisters please pray for my auntie who is sick , she have high blood presure , may you please pray for her for the Lord Jesus christ to heal her.

  • I request church to pray for me my age 37 is running.I m searchind for a bride for me. All my prayers about bride i have already prayed. I esp.,Request church to pray for me so that GOD hear my prayers about the bride also and give me one according to my requests. brother santosh from india.Please pray for me saints.

  • Greetings Saints

    I have an unspoken prayer request.ITs weighing heavy on my heart

    It disturbs my soul and I pray our good Lord shows me the way

    “I have never seen the righteous forsaken, beging
    For bread and left to suffer”

    I really need prayers. In Jesus name I ask. Amen

  • i need finances…i need work …i need to grow…i need a family…i need to travel abroad for work i need a god father to hold my hand n give me a platform to work..i need miracles

  • God bless you to all my brother and sisters in christ .i needs your pray for sister teeanna please stand in the gap with us and pray that God will go before us andwe commit everything into his hand and deliver our sister.out in the world and we beliver that God will deliver .God bless you in christ pray with me .thank

  • Greetings in the name of our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST Dear Brothers and Sisters! Please PRAY for me for the RESTORATION OF MY SPIRITUAL STRENGTH and QUIET TIMES with the LORD. I had been too busy at work & I haven’t have time for to talk to GOD on my prayers…..GOD it was so really HARD for me being away from you. Financial difficulties are my reason why it place on a situation like this; Please PRAY for me and my family’s needs to let GOD open the door of opportunities to bless me financially. I knpw GOD is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than what we could ever think of; and please pray for me for my new position as a NETWORK DESIGNER ENGINEER to have wisdom and knowledge for my work. Thank you so much Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ, GOD BLESS YOU ALL !

  • Greetings to the church of the living, Please pray with me for a closer walk with God and the Baptism of the holy ghost to live a fully surrendered life as per the Prophet of our day,so that God can manifest himself in my life,Bless you all

  • Shalom to the Bride of the Lord Jesus, please pray for me for total deliverance, pray to GOD change the negative attitude that my kids have towards me,i had few unpleasant incidents that were happening to me pray with me that god takes me through them because on my own I cannot ,also pray with me that the Lord can teach me how to pray until I can break into that 7th dimension in his present and can have a perfect relationship with him. Pray the Lord to increase my faith and give the holy ghost to understand his word, to read his word by revelation and to pray by revelation…Once more Lord once more…God Bless you saints may he also grant you ,your heart desires …Amen

  • God bless you to all my brothers and sisters in Christ .I needs your pray for sister tann please stand in the gap with us and pray that God will go before us and we commit everything into his hand and deliver our sister. God bless you and thanks you all for prayers. may God grant you your desires

  • pray for the salvation of myself and family.even to secure am jobless at the moment.also for my son to excel in his football career .Amen.

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