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Then Jesus Came And Called (64-0213)

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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Then Jesus Came And Called
was delivered on Thursday, 13th February 1964 at the Elliott Auditorium in Tulare, California, U.S.A.
The tape, number 64-0213,
is 1 hour and 9 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette. This message is available in book format (Volume 22, Number 11).

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1 St. John, the 11th chapter, beginning with the 18th verse I wish to read.

Now Bethany was nigh unto Jerusalem about fifteen furlongs off:

And many of the Jews came to Martha and Mary, to comfort them concerning their brother.

Then Martha, as soon as she heard that Jesus was coming, went and met him: but Mary set still in the house.

Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.

But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou will ask of God, God will give it thee.

Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall rise again.

Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and… life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

She said unto him, Yea, Lord: I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world. (Watch that.)

Then when she had said so, she went her way,
and called Mary her sister secretly, saying, The Master is come, and
calleth for thee.

Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, confirm those Words to our hearts tonight,
as we wait on Thee now. Thy Word, Thy servant and the text is all
committed to You, in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen. You may be seated.

My purpose of being here is to try to help the people of God, not
insomuch as to pray, lay hands upon the sick, but that they might
recognize Jesus Christ in our midst, the Son of God in our midst. We’re
speaking tonight on this subject, “Then Jesus Came, Called.”

Now, on this time that we’re speaking of, it was a very sad time. If
you ever read the story in the life of our Lord, we find out that He
was a great Friend to this boy Lazarus. He was… After the going away
of Joseph… Or He’d left, and come and lived with Martha, Mary, and
Lazarus. And they were great friends. They’d… He was like a pastor to
them, a real friend. They’d made Him little things to wear, a coat to
wear, I believe they claim. And it was wove throughout without a seam.
And then they had done things for Him, because they believed in Him. It
was… They–they believed, and had seen that… They’d left the
church, and so forth, to follow Him. That was a great thing in that
day, which even the penalty of it could be death, to–to go away from

But Jesus, this Fellow that was going around, as they claimed, tearing
up their churches, and saying evil things about their priests, and–and
so forth. He had–He had done a great harm to them, they thought.
And–and to even confess Him would been to–to be put out of the
synagogue. And then, if you’re out from the church, they–they thought
you had no–no chance for redemption. If you didn’t belong to one of
their sects, like Pharisee, Sadducee, or something, there was no
redemption, if you was outside of that. And if they had the right, the
keys, and they could just kick you out if they wanted to; that was
their own saying. No wonder Jesus said, “You, by your tradition, has
made the Word of God of no effect.” See?

And now it’s repeated again, ’cause we all know history repeats itself
every so often. And it’s sad to say, but it was prophesied to repeat,
and it–it’s done it again.
We find that Jesus wasn’t well thought of. Many times people want to
judge the man who doesn’t agree with them. We’re not to do that. We can
disagree with one another, yet be friendly. If I couldn’t disagree with
the man, and still love him and pray for him, and disagree with him
upon the basis of the Scripture, and for better enlightenment, then I
won’t say nothing to him. I always want to disagree with him friendly,
because I love him. And I–I certainly don’t want him to be lost. And
he should do the same thing with me. We don’t want to be lost. And we
must base our thoughts upon what the Word says. Let the Word be true,
not our creed, or what our thoughts, but what He says, no private
interpretation, just what the Word says.

The other night I did something and it seemed sacrilegious almost. I
believe I was at a ministerial breakfast the other morning. I put Jesus
on a trial. I said, “Just as they did then, so do they do today.” Maybe
it’d be good if I repeated it, just for a moment, if we have the time.
Now, I said, “Today we find out that…”
In Luther’s reformation, he–in the time of that, he said, “The just
shall live by faith. The men that believe, that’s got it.” But we found
out many of them said they believed and didn’t have it.
In the days of–of John Wesley, if they got the second blessing they
called it, sanctification, entire sanctification, they got happy and
shouted. Everybody shouted had it. But they found out they didn’t have
it. A lot of them shouted and didn’t have it.
The days of Pentecost, they said, “Now, the restoration of the gifts is
come, the baptism of the Spirit. He that speaks in tongues has got it.”
We find out that many spoke with tongues, and didn’t have it.

So they say, “Well, the fruit of the Spirit, that’s what it is.” Oh,
no, not the fruit of the Spirit. Christian Science has that, where
hardly… Love, it’s a fruit of the Spirit and then… And they have
more love than anybody, and deny the Deity of Jesus Christ, just call
Him a prophet, just an ordinary man. See? So that doesn’t do it.
Let me question that, just a minute. Let’s take Jesus on trial. And God
forgive me for this statement from the platform, but I’m going to be
against Him for a minute just to bring you into light. See?

Now I’ve got you people here… Tonight I’m talking to you back in the
other day, when Jesus of Nazareth was on earth. I come to you to–and
to reason with you against this Fellow, Jesus of Nazareth. Now, we all
know that God is love. The Bible says He is. All right. And the love,
the Spirit is long–long-suffering, gentleness, patience, meekness, and
so forth, love. Now, I say; I want to ask you something. We’ll go to
take what–what we know a Christian…
Look at this old priest of yours. His great, great, great-grandfather
was a priest. He had to be born in that lineage of Levite to be a
priest. We find out; now, he doesn’t have a young man’s life like the
rest of you did. What does he do? He sacrifices himself. He’s up there
to study the Word, the Word of God. He goes through It day and night,
day and night, has to know every letter of it, every word on the
scroll. He has to know it by heart. He–he’s just something about it
that he must know.

Then besides that, when your father and mother was married, who joined
them together as husband and wife? Your godly old priest. Who was it
come to your father when he was needing, had–owed some money on his
farm, and the mortgages was going to take it? Who stood by him? Your
kind old priest. Who stood by your mother in the room there, when she
was giving birth to you? Kind old priest. Who comes to you when you’re
sick and needy? Your kind old priest. Who was it blessed you, and
committed you to God, and circumcised you the eighth day? Your kind old
priest. When your father and mother was about to divorce, who brought
them back together, held them together? Your kind old priest. When
there’s trouble in the neighborhood, who takes care of it? Your kind
old priest. Certainly.

Now, this kind old priest knows that the Bible says that God requires a
lamb for a sacrifice. Many of you men are businessmen, so you don’t
raise sheep. Yet, God requires a sheep. They made some stalls up there.
They sold their sheep, so that the–the businessmen could go up and buy
them, offering a sacrifice for their soul that God requires.
What did this young fellow called Jesus? Where’d He come from? Said He
was borned a virgin birth. Whoever heard of such a nonsense thing? We
know his mother had him before her and Joseph was born–or–her and
Joseph were married he was born. Now, we find out that he’s a–he’s a
bad name to begin with.
What membership card does He have? If He was a godly man, what group
did He join with? When your priest studied, studied, studied, studied
to know that Word, and here He comes around, tearing down what he’s
built up. Do you call that God? Certainly not.

Now, the other day when your priest had made that place up there,
the–and for the–where you could buy the sacrifice, what did this
young fellow do? Kindness? He beat–put some ropes together,
some–plaited some leathers, and looked out upon the people with anger,
kicked over those tables and beat them out of there. And you call that
fruits of the Spirit, looking upon them with anger? And look, depriving
a man of his opportunity to worship Jehovah. The businessman wants to
worship Him. He don’t raise lambs, and he went there to buy it. And He
turned it over, and kicked them, and run them out.
Who has the fruit of the Spirit there. See? There you are. See? Not fruit of the Spirit, not speaking in tongues, not shouting.

22 You say, “Then Brother Branham, what is the evidence? What is the evidence?” The vindication of the Word in the hour.
They had the Bible. He was exactly what Jehovah said would happen. It
don’t need any interpretation. It interpreted there. There was your
priest; there was all they had, and everything else just so routined
and everything. But, yet, they failed to see the Word. And He made that
Word live out for that age. That’s the evidence of that age.
Luther had the evidence of his age, Wesley of his age, Pentecostal of
this age. But we’re in another age. Those things are good. But it’s
like the baby’s got a finger, a eye, a nose, after while he has to
become a human being. He has to become a matured child, then be born,
have a soul, body, spirit, can move around.

Now, we find out that all this Jesus had declared. And just a few, just
those who He had ordained to Life saw Him. It’s not great crowds. His
crowds could nothing like be like Caiaphas’ crowd. Why, Caiaphas
could’ve called the whole nation together. Jesus called just a few
together. Not many knew Him. Thousands times thousands when He came on
the earth, He went through the earth, and they never even knowed He was
So will it be again. He’ll come to those who are called to Life. He
knows who’s called to Life. And He’ll not… It’s His business to take
care of that.

Now we notice that then they’d come out of the church, and they
believed Him. Everything the Word had been saying about Him, there He
And one day He left their home. I want to speak of three things. Jesus
had left, death had come, and all hopes was gone. I want to speak on
those three things for a few minutes.
Jesus had left. And when He left, trouble come in. Now, when He leaves
you, or your home where you dwell at, trouble’s on its road. Satan’s
got a open door when Jesus leaves.
He had gone. And–and as soon as He did, then death came in. And when
Jesus goes out, death comes in. To be separated from Him is death. So
death come in when Jesus went out.

And death had lingered with Lazarus. And then, the One that they
believed in and loved, they had sent to Him to come pray for Lazarus,
’cause they’d seen Him and knowed that He knowed God, that whatever
God… Martha expressed it back there, “Whatever Thou sayest to God
now, God will do it.” She recognized that He and God was One. He was
the Word of the hour. So she recognized that. And she knew if she could
ever get in contact with Him… But He was gone, and they couldn’t get
ahold of Him. And they sent for Him. And instead of Him coming, He went
on further. And then they sent again. And instead of Him coming, He
went on further.
Sometimes we wonder why those things happen, But doesn’t the Scriptures
say that all things work together for good to them that love God? He
knows what He’s doing. If He delays, that’s all right. He knows what
He’s doing. There’s a purpose.

We find out that He said in St. John 5:19, “Verily, verily, I say unto
you, the Son can do nothing in Himself but what He sees the Father
The Father had told Him to go away and to be away so many days. After
the days was accomplished, then He said what He said then that, “Our
friend Lazarus sleepeth.”
And He said, “Well, he does good.”
He said, “He’s dead. And for your sake I’m glad I wasn’t there.” ‘Cause
they’d been trying to get Him to go to him to heal him, or say what had
to be done. But He knowed what had to be done. So He done just exactly
what He was ordained to do, stay away. You notice Him at the grave when
He come back; He expressed that, when He come back and found his home.

All hopes was gone. Lazarus had died. Every hour they kept thinking,
“He might come on the scene. He might come on the scene. He might come
back.” Finally he died. The breath left him.
They went out, embalmed him, taken the blood from his body, wrapped him
in linen, spices. They embalmed him and laid him into the grave, put a
rock over the grave, which was the custom of burying in them days. A
hole in the ground and maybe in the rock and lay a rock over the top of
it, that was their custom.
First day passed, second day passed, third day passed, fourth day
passed. The man was already rottening in the grave. His nose had
probably fell in. That… Think that’s the first thing that falls in is
the nose, and is already rottening. His flesh had gone back to the
dust, or was it going back. His soul was four day’s journey somewhere
from him.
All hopes of ever seeing him again in this life was gone. And then when
all hopes was gone… They’d waited, maybe He’ll come the first day,
second day, no. Then he died. He hadn’t come. Then desperation set in.

40 After while there was somebody must’ve told her, “The Master’s outside.” Here goes Martha down the street.
came in that dark hour. When every hope was gone, that’s usually when
He comes. See? He comes… Just at that darkest time, then Jesus
appears on the scene.
Now, watch. He come and called for Martha. His Presence brought new
hopes. No matter if the boy was dead, yet His Presence brings new hope.

You might be setting here tonight, my friend, when the doctors has give
you up with cancer, heart trouble, maybe in a chair, crippled, all
science has said there’s no hope for you. The deposits of calcium
has–has knotted your–your–your bones, that you can’t bend them no
more. Or either your–your heart is so bad the doctor says you might go
at any minute. Oh, and great bunches of the people with cancer, and
TB., maybe the last hope you’ve got, and it seems like that the doctor
has turned you down. Yet to be in the Presence, and recognition of the
Presence of Jesus Christ, brings hopes again.

Somebody can even name it to you. Maybe you’ve never heard of it
before. But let somebody say, “I know where there is a church. They
believe in God, and they pray for the sick.” Quickly now you’re ready
to die (See?); new hopes spring up. It always does in that dark hour.
That’s usually when somebody says something about it, tell you about
Jesus. His Presence brought new hopes.
May it do the same thing tonight, like it did last night, when we seen
that vindicated Word, beyond any shadow of doubt, that’s been made
manifested, proved, that that Jesus that lived nineteen hundred years
ago, that died on Calvary, rose up on the third day, and appeared to
those disciples and opened their eyes, and made this promise of the
day, is right here tonight in our presence now. It’s bound to bring
hopes to people. New hopes flash up.

Maybe somebody said, “The church has been kinda dry for awhile. We
haven’t had any good fresh water for a–for–for a few months. We
haven’t had a revival. Looks like everybody’s so stagnant,” or
something or other. “We just go to church, and sing a hymn, and–and
hear a few messages and go back.” But all of a sudden, then when we
begin to get dry, then Jesus comes on the scene, freshens us up, brings
something new to us. He’s always there to do that. New hopes comes
when–when Jesus comes in. His Presence brings new hope.
She knew that He was that manifested Word of God. She’d seen that
age–or if she wouldn’t, she’d still been orthodox. She’d still belong
to the church. But she’d seen that promised word. She’d seen that
promised word manifested by Him. And she knew that He was that living
Word. And when she heard about it, she didn’t care how many criticized,
or what else, she took out for Him, just as hard as she could go. See?
She knew He was that manifested Word.

No doubt but what she’d read of the story of Elijah in his day. Why, He
was God’s manifested Word in that day. He was a prophet. And the Word
of the Lord comes to the prophet. And there was a woman in there, who
had a little baby, that had been given to her by a blessing that the
prophet had blessed her by. And she had the child.
One day, about eleven o’clock, he must’ve had a sunstroke. He was out
in the field with his father. The Bible doesn’t said it was–say that
it was sunstroke, but he begin to cry, “My head, my head,” about eleven
o’clock in the day. And he had a servant, the father did, to take him
to the house. He laid on his mother’s lap till about noon, got sicker
and sicker, and finally died.

And now, instead of going despair, the… All the neighbors come in
screaming and going on. But that steady mother… Her baby was dead.
She took it up in that little room that she’d provided for the prophet
and laid him up on his bed, like that. And she said to the servant,
“Saddle me a mule, and you ride straight. And don’t you stop ‘less I
tell you to.” Oh, my. That’s it.
You ain’t got time for debating and fussing. This is past that day. Let’s go on. We got to get there. We got a need.
And so they said, “You go forward. Don’t you slack your riding, unless I command you to.” And they went till they got to Elijah.
Elijah, being a man of God, not like Christ, Christ knew all things,
’cause He was God. Elijah was a portion of God. That was Christ in
Elijah. And that was the message of the hour. For the Word of the Lord
for that hour was with that prophet.
Jesus was the Fullness of all those prophets. Every one of them only
manifested Him; that’s all. All the way from Joseph, and thirty pieces
of silver, everywhere he–he portrayed Christ. So did Moses.

David, setting as a rejected king up on the hill, weeping because he
was rejected… Eight hundred years after that, the Son of David sat on
the hill. That was the Spirit of Christ in David there. And He… Why,
He was both Root and Offspring of David… And so He set upon the hill,
weeping as a rejected king. “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I
have hovered you as a hen would her brood.” What was it? It was Christ
back there.
It was Christ crying, when David wrote the hymn, “My God, why has thou
forsaken Me? All My bones, they stare at me. They pierced My feet and
My hands. They parted My garments among them. They cast lots for My
vesture.” That was Christ, speaking in David. He was the manifestation
of the Word. Christ come to fulfill them things that been spoken by the
prophets, ’cause the Word was with the prophets.
He said that in the lesson last night, that He come to fulfill what the
prophets had said about Him, ’cause they had the Word. And Elijah was
God’s prophet, the Word of that day.

So the Shunammite woman stayed with that prophet, until he come and
manifested the power of God, and laid hisself upon the baby, and the
baby come to life.
Now, Martha must’ve recognized this, although she’d been busy taking
care of the house, dishwashing, and so forth. But there she showed her
colors. She showed really what was in her. She went to get Him,
immediately. If God was in Elijah, God had to be in Christ, ’cause He
had proved that He was that Person. Amen. I like that, that
determination. She goes to Him. She had to get to Him. And she find out
there, as she got to Him–to Him… Now, remember… Knew that He had
never changed, that God never changes His program. If He was in Elijah,
and could raise the dead, He was in Christ and could raise the dead,
though He had not, ’cause it’s the same God.

Neither has He changed yet: Just as much God tonight as He ever was.
He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. He changes not.
And He knew she knew that it was in Him. Watch just a few minutes; it
proved it, when she said something to Him about her brother. And she
said, “Lord, I–I believe that You are…”
And He said, “I am the Resurrection and the Life. Though he were dead,
yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never
die. I am. (That’s I AM was in the burning bush with Moses.) I am the
Resurrection. I am the Life. I was the One. I’m still He. I am the
Resurrection and the Life; he that believeth in Me, though he were
dead, yet shall he live; whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall
never die.” After this great assurance that she had, that He was the
promised Word, when He said being a prophet, He could not lie;
therefore, He when He said, “I am the I AM. I am He that–that’s the
Resurrection and life.”

She said, “I believe that You are the One, the Son of God that was to
come into the world. Although my brother’s dead, laying out there in
the grave. His–his body has decaying now, but even now, whatever you
say it’ll come to pass.”
All she wanted was to hear Him say it. Amen. Oh, Martha, where are we
tonight? “Just speak the Word, my servant will live.” Just hear Him say
it. They might’ve come told her He said it, but here He was Hisself. O
God open blinded eyes, that they might be able to see, when He in His
Presence speaks the Word, always is manifested.
She said, “Whatever You ask God, God will give it to You. Just let me
hear.” She wanted Him to say the Word. That’s all she wanted to hear.
Just get the Word. That’s all she needed, was hear Him say He’d do it.

And He would’ve done it right then, but you see, by the vision that the
Father had showed Him, He had to be standing by the grave. Oh, my. Hold
your faith. God’s working everything right. It’ll be all right. Just
wait till she got to the grave.
Notice, if she could just get Him to say it. Even when He was yet…
All hopes gone, all, everything. He was dead, rottening in the grave.
But just hear Him say it, it’s all she wanted.
Now, when He said, “I am the Resurrection and Life,” she believed it.
She believed it. Now, notice, now she had to believe for the
impossibles. When she heard Him say, “I am the Resurrection and Life.
Though he were dead, yet shall he live, and whosoever liveth and
believeth in Me, shall never die.” Said, “Do you believe this?”
And she said, “Yes, Lord, I believe it. I believe that You are the Son
of God that was to come into the world.” I like that. I like

I’ve said this before. It might stand again now. I was talking to a
woman not long ago in a certain church that I mentioned here awhile
ago, that doesn’t believe that He was God, His Deity. He was just a
prophet, an ordinary man.
He was that, truly. He was that plus God. See? He was the
manifestation. Jesus is the body, the boy, the man. God was what dwelt
in Him. God was in Him. He was a God-man. He was a man, yet He was God
manifested in flesh. When we see Jesus, we see God. That’s what He
said. “When you see the Father, see Me, you see the Father,” because He
was the reflection, because He was the Word (Amen.) that was in the
beginning. Amen.

He called the prophets gods. Did you know that? He said, “You call them
gods, who the Word of God come to. How can you condemn Me, when I say
I’m the Son of God?” ‘Cause the same Word said He would be there. And
there’s the Word made manifest again. And still they wouldn’t believe
This woman said to me, “I can prove…” She said, “I like to hear you preach, but there’s one thing you do too much.”
“Well, what’s that?”
Said, “You brag too much on Jesus.”
I said, “I hope that’s all He has against me. When He…” And she
said… I said, “I hope that’s all He can–the fault He can find in
me.” I said, “If I had ten thousand tongues, I could not speak enough.
Oh, my, what He has…”
She said, “But you–you make Him God.”
Said, “He was, or if He wasn’t, He was the greatest deceiver the world ever had.”
She said, “He was a prophet.”
I said, “He was a prophet, that’s true: a God-prophet, the Fullness of
the Word. The prophet just had the Word come to him. That’s what makes
him a–made him a prophet. But He was the Fullness of that Word.”
And she said, “I can prove to you.” Said, “You make Him Divine.”
I said, “He was Divine.”
She said, “He can’t be Divine.”
I said, “But He was.”

79 She said, “You said you believe the Bible.”
I said, “I do.”
She said, “I’ll prove to you by your own Bible that He wasn’t Divine.”
I said, “Do it. If the Bible says so, then I’ll believe it, ’cause I believe the Word is right.”
She said, “On the road from–down to Lazarus’ grave… you remember that in St. John 11?”
I said, “I certainly do, madam.”
She said, “Well now, on the road down, He cried. The Bible said He wept.”
I said, “Certainly the Bible said He wept.”
Said, “How could He be Divine and weep?”
I said, “He was human.”
“Human and Divine?”
I said, “Yes, lady. You failed to see. He was a Man, going along there,
crying with those that were crying. That’s right, grieving with those
who grieve. He was a man. But when He straightened His little frail
body up and said, ‘Lazarus, come forth,’ and a man that’d been dead
four days stood on his feet, that took more than a man. That was God in
the man. Who can raise the dead, but God?” He is the Resurrection and
the Life. That’s right.

That night, out on the sea when He was out there, tired, laying in the
back of the boat, where… Ten thousand devils swore they’d drown Him
that night. And that little old boat, flopping around like a
bottle-stopper out there on the stormy sea, them devils thought, “We’ve
got Him now. He’s asleep. We’ll sink the whole bunch.” Oh, He was a
man, tired. But when once aroused, just stood His foot upon the brail,
looked up and said, “Peace, be still.” And the winds and the waves
obeyed. That was more than a man.
He was a man when He was hungry, come down off the mountain looking for
a piece of bread, or something to eat, or a fig off of a tree. But when
He took five biscuits and two fishes, and fed five thousand, that was
God in that man. That’s right.

86 Oh, every man that’s ever amounted to a hill of beans believed that. All the poets that believed that… No wonder one wrote:

Living, He loved me; and dying, He saved me;

Buried, He carried my sins far away;

Rising, He justified freely forever:

Someday He’s coming, oh, glorious day!

Perronett, who… His songs would not sell. One day he was staggering
under the impact of the Holy Spirit, grabbed a pen. He wrote the
inauguration song when he wrote:

All hail the power of Jesus’ Name!

Let angels prostrate fall;

Bring forth the royal diadem,

… crown Him Lord of all.

Certainly, that’s what we believe He was. Yes, sir.

She’s got to believe for the impossibles now to the modern thinking of
that day. So do you have to believe for the impossible to see new life,
to see something happen. But if He recognized… She recognized Him to
be the Word, then the impossibles can take place, because He is the
Creator, and will stand by everything He said.
And all things are possible to them that can believe. That’s His word.
But the impossibles are made manifested when God is took at His Word.
Yes, sir. When God’s took at His Word, the impossibles are–are made
manifest. When God says it’ll be, then you take that word and watch
what the impossibles happen. It certainly will.
But notice, even in all that, she said, “Even now, Lord, whatever You
ask God, God will do it.” She knew that if she could just get that word
to come from Him, that’s all she needed to do was get that word. Yes,
it was her darkest hour. And Jesus come along and called. Oh, what a
thing they saw: a resurrection.

Let’s look at some more, where the dark hours come. There was a man one
time named Job, one of the oldest prophets in the Bible. He was a great
man. He’d–he’d loved the Lord. And he done all he knowed how to do.
And Satan desired to sift him. So he said to God one day, “Yeah…” God
said to him, rather, “Where have you been, Satan?”
“Oh, walking to-and-fro and up-and-down on the earth.”
Said, “Have you considered My servant Job? There’s none like him in the earth. He’s a perfect man.”
“Oh,” he said, “sure. You give him everything, do everything for him.
And certainly, he’s a great man. But let me have him one time. I’ll
change the tune. I’ll make him curse you to your face.”
He said, “You can’t do it.” That’s His confidence in a believer. Why?
He’s infinite; He’s eternal. He knows the end from the beginning. He
knowed Satan couldn’t do it, for He is the Word. He knowed what Job
would do.

Now, remember Job. He broke him out in boils, killed his children took
everything he’s had; his health was gone. Even his comforters came, and
they couldn’t do nothing but just accuse him of being a secret sinner.
And old Job got in such a place until he got so distressed.
You have to get in distress first. You have to get to the time we’re at the end of the road.
Job got in to the end of the road, when he said, “Cursed be the day
that I was born. May the sun not even shine, and may the moon not shine
by the night. May the name never be called.” And in that distress, then
Jesus came along. He looked down and said, “I see a ma… flower die.
It rises again in the spring. If a tree blows down, it comes up again
through the scent of water.” He seen all botany life living again. But
he said, “A man layeth down, he giveth up the ghost. Where is he?” He
knowed he was an old man. He said, “His sons come to mourn over him,
and he perceive it not. O that Thou would hide me in the grave, and
keep me in the secret place till Thy wrath be past. Appoint me a time,
and set me a time. We went…” And going on like that talking.
He was at the end of his distress. What would happen? The leaves live,
or come back in the trees. The flowers come back again. Everything else
come up. But a man layeth down, and giveth up the ghost. He was in
distress. He didn’t know what could happen to him, and him at that age.

100 When he did, then Jesus came along. God pointed his head towards the sky, and he saw Jesus coming in the last days.
darkest of hour, when his wife said, “Curse God and die the death,” yet
he said, “Woman, thou speakest like a foolish woman. The Lord gave, and
the Lord taken away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.” Even his wife
turned him down, his church turned him down, everybody turned him down.
In that dark hour where he didn’t know where he was going from there,
Jesus came along. Then he screamed out, “I know my Redeemer liveth, and
at the last days He’ll stand upon the earth. And though after the skin
worms destroys this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God, whom I shall
see.” In his darkest hour, then Jesus come along. Yes, sir.

Moses… For Moses the darkest hour come for him in Israel. He was
right in the line of duty. Met God up there in the bush, Who said, “I
am the I AM.” He went down there and fought through all kinds of
impersonation of Jannes and Jambres trying to impersonate his works.
All this he stood true to God. He finally got Israel to believe. And
here he comes out of Egypt, going up to the–to the promised land,
where God said, “You’ll worship Me on this mountain.” That was the Word
of God. Moses knowed he had to go to that mountain. Amen. God said so.
No Pharaoh can kill him. No devil can kill him. Nothing can kill him.
He’s coming to that mountain. Amen. Hallelujah. I feel religious. He’s
going to that mountain.
So are we on our road to glory. Nothing’s going to stop us. God’s going
to vindicate His Word. I don’t care what takes place, He’s going to do
it anyhow.

Yes. On his road right in the path of duty, here he is hemmed in
between the mountains. He listens and hears a roar behind him. What is
it? Pharaoh’s chariots by the thousands coming, armored, and spears and
things to ride them down and tramp them down. There’s the Red Sea had
him cut off. What did he do? He got in–he got in distress. The people
all screaming, “Oh, we’re in for it now. Pharaoh will kill us. The
swords will be run through us. Our babies will die here in the
Moses cried out, “Oh, God.”
And then Jesus came on the scene. He was the Pillar of Fire. That’s
right. He come down, and He hung between him and the danger. Amen. He’s
our Go-between. He’s the same Jesus (Amen.), a Mediator. There He
stood, standing there, darkness to the Egyptians, those who were coming
to try to do something about it, He was light to them to walk by. And
in the morning… When the winds started blowing real hard that night,
then what did He do? He had come in the form of the Pillar of Fire.

107 Remember, He’s still that Pillar of Fire. Yes, sir. When He was on earth, He said, “I come from God, and I go to God.”
after His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension, St. Paul, on his
road down to Damascus, he was struck down by that Pillar of Fire.
Remember, he was a Hebrew. He would’ve not said this; he said, “Lord,
Who are You? (capital L-o-r-d, Elohim) Who are you that I persecute?”
He said, “I’m Jesus.” Amen. Hallelujah.
He’s the First and the Last. He’s everything. “A little while, and the
world seeth Me no more. Yet you’ll see Me. I’ll be with you, even in
you,” the same Pillar of Fire, the same God doing the same thing with
the same promise (Amen.), making His Word manifested. “I am the
Resurrection and the Life. I’m He that was, He that is, and He that
shall come.” Yes, sir.
“Our fathers eat manna in the wilderness.”
He said, “They’re every one dead. But I AM THAT I AM.” Moses and the
burning bush, that was the I AM. He’s still the I AM. Not I was, I AM
present tense, all time.

We find out here, that Moses was backed out into this corner, and
the… Christ had come down. Now, the Bible said that–that Moses
esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of
Egypt. The reproach of Christ, Christ was the Anointing, the Logos that
went out of God, the Angel. Any Bible reader knows that that Angel was
Christ. And there he was in the wilderness, and He came on the scene in
the form that He was supposed to be manifested in. Glory to God.
He comes today in the form, the same Christ…?… manifesting Him.
He told them He’d take them out. He was doing it. There He come to
stand by His Word, to vindicate It. Then after He’d done come, like He
did to Martha, then He called. He said, “Moses, why are you crying to
Me? Speak to this people that you go forward.” That dark hour, the Red
Sea opened up and they went across on their journey to fulfill the Word
of God. Yes, at Moses’ darkest hour. And then Jesus come along. We got
time now… And He called Moses.

We want to draw your attention to another little man. His name was
Jairus. There’s so many of them in the world today. He was a secret
believer. He loved Jesus. He’d heard about Him. He believed Him. But,
you see, he’d already joined himself to an organization. And he–he–he
just–he couldn’t come out and confess it. He believed it, but he
couldn’t confess it. So he’d done joined up with the unbelievers, but
he really believed it.
You know, when a man gets in that shape, sometimes God brings him to
the showdown. It’s in distress when we really show our colors, what we
really are.
So there he was. He was already joined up to the unbelievers. And he’d
done went over and put his name on the book, and so forth. And he was a
priest. And so he–he just couldn’t hardly make a confession, ’cause
that was his meal ticket. So… But he still believed Jesus.

One day his little girl got sick. Oh, my. He, no doubt, a man of–like
that would’ve called the doctor. The physician come, attended to the
child. The fever got worse and worse. After while she got so hot and
everything, she finally got to the point of death. He was in distress.
He had to do something. He–he just didn’t know what to do. Now, he
thought, “If I could only find Him, wherever He is…” Now, he never
waited until it got night-time, like Nicodemus did, to have a private
interview. Time was for action. The time had come for action. And he
must act then.
I think, brother, sister, the same is now. The time is come for action.
The time has come to believe or don’t believe. That separating line
comes to every man and woman. It comes to every child. Sometimes when
you pass that line, there’s only one thing left; that’s judgment, when
you pass between mercy and judgment, when you pass that line.

Remember, he got in distress. He didn’t know what to do. There stood
his priest, all the rabbis standing around him. The fellowship was with
him, all down there watching his little girl die. The doctor standing
on the outside with his hands folded, shaking his hands, “I give every
medicine I know, and still…”
See, it was Jesus working all the time. Jesus was doing this for a purpose, to bring the color out of that little fellow.
After while, I can see him go get his little black hat and pull it on, put his little priest’s coat on.
“Where you going?”
“I heard He’s down by the river. I’m going after Him.” Oh, my. Away he went.

In that hour of distress. He had to make a decision, let his child die,
or… He knowed that was the manifestation of the Word. He was a priest
and he had read the Word. And he knowed that that was God’s
manifestation. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. He
knew that. And he was forced to the issue. And he had to make a
mistake. Let his child die, or make his confession. When he got in that
distress, it was about that time that Jesus came along. He went to see
Him. He said… He said, “I’ll go with you, whatever you say.” And
on–on the road, here come a runner. The dark thing… He had made his
confession that he believed it. He’d done excommunicated himself then,
put himself in public eye, saying that he was a believer on Jesus.

And here come a runner, said, “Don’t bother nobody, ’cause your girl’s
already died. She died yesterday. She’s already dead. Don’t–don’t fool
with it no more.”
And though his little heart liked to failed, but he looked and seen
those eyes of Jesus, Who said, “Didn’t I say to you, don’t fear, if you
want to see the glory of God. What you scared about? I’ve already told
you I would go.”
He’s already said He would come. He’s already said He’d do this. And
here He is doing it. Amen. He said He would rise on the scene in the
last days, and do these things, as He did, that we read last night, and
talked. Here He is doing it. What are you scared about?
Remember when He came and He called her from the dead… He came on the scene and called her from the dead.

Old blind Bartimaeus, one time, hit his darkest hour. Jesus was down
there, organized the Full Gospel Business Men’s breakfast, down there
in–in Jericho. And He had Zacchaeus down there. He’d met him in a
tree, down the street. So when He was… Well, He–He wouldn’t organize
anything else; I’m sure. See? So then, when He come down there, He–He
had him, Zacchaeus had went with Him.
Old blind Bartimaeus had been blind since he was a little boy. So he
thought Jesus might come out that gate. He was waiting. After while he
heard a lot of noise, and everybody coming by. And he heard priests
saying, “Hey. Hey you. You going up the hill there. Did you… Do… We
hear that you raise the dead. We got a whole graveyard full of them up
here. If you be the Messiah–if you be the Messiah, come up here and
raise these dead.”
You know, that same devil still lives in the form of religion, the same way.
“If you be the Messiah, we… You raise the dead. We got a graveyard
full of them up here. Come.” And all, everybody screaming, one
hollering, “Hosanna to the prophet,” and the other one hollering this,
that, and the other, such a confusion.
And this old blind man thought, “Oh, I’ve missed Him. He come out down
there, and I thought He’d come here. I’ve been put in the wrong place.”
And he got to screaming. He thought, “If He is the Word, He’s God. He’s
got to be.” He said, “O Jesus, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me.” In
that hour of distress he called out.

Now Jesus, if you’ll mark Him here, was in Jericho. Where they said he
was setting, he was a hundred and fifty yards from where Jesus was,
with thousands of people rushing around Him. He couldn’t have heard
that man’s cry. No, but He felt it. He stopped.
I want to preach one of these nights, “And then Jesus stopped.” Oh, and then Jesus stooped. Oh, my.
But when Jesus stopped, what was it? He called him. “The Master has
come. Don’t be worried,” said the disciples. “He calleth thee. He’s
calling you.” Called him out from that crowd… He does the same thing
now. Does it soak in?
The Master has come and has called for you. And He’s calling from
blindness to Light, and from…?… He called Lazarus from death to
life. The Master has come, and He calls for you. And when He called,
He–He give him back his sight.

The little woman with the blood issue, one time, up on the hill, had
spent all of her money with the doctors. She… No doubt they’d sold
the–the team; they’d sold the–the farm, had it mortgaged. They’d
spent all they could with physicians. None of them done her any good.
She constantly got worse and worse. The blood wouldn’t stop. Constantly
on and on it went. She got deeper and deeper.
And one day while setting there, knitting, up on the hill from where
she lived, she looked down into the valley. And she seen a boat come
in. Everybody begin to run. “Hosanna to the prophet.”

139 She’d heard about Him. Faith comes by hearing. Now, she said, “I’ll go down and get a look at Him.”
when she walked down there and she first got a sight of the Word of God
manifested in flesh, there was something about His talk and His look,
that she knowed that was Him. Yes, sir. “Oh, if I could only attract
His attention some way. If I could only touch Him in some manner.” And
she slipped through the crowd, and she touched His garment.
Now, remember, it wasn’t her finger that He felt. No, sir. Because the Palestinian garment hangs loose.
And He… Peter said, “Everybody’s touching…”
He said, “But this was a different touch. I perceive that I have gotten weak.”

Jesus had come. Her money was gone. Everything was gone. But in that
dark hour when the blood wouldn’t stop, and the doctors couldn’t stop
it, Jesus come. And what did He do? He called, looked around ’till He
found her. And He said. “You had a blood issue, but it stopped.”
He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. The Master has come, and
He calls for you. He’s come and He called. He called her back to

The little woman at the well that we spoke of last night… All hopes
was gone. Perhaps, maybe, her fifth husband had left her. And she just
took the sixth one that night. And she–she was a little doubt about
him. Morally she was gone. She wanted to be a real lady; she, no doubt,
she’d been reading the Bible.
And she was going along there, going up about eleven o’clock. She
couldn’t come early in the morning when the righteous women come. And
they packed their water up on their heads in the jugs and went back
down. So she couldn’t come, mix with them. They–they had a segregation
of that in that day. The right and wrong didn’t mix together. The
immoral stayed in their place. So she couldn’t come with the rest of
them. They wouldn’t let her come. So after everybody got their waters
and went back, she come for better.

And then she come up there with this pot on her head. No doubt, she’s
going along thinking. “Now, the man that I married, got ahold of last
night, I’m doubting him. He’s a man… He acts so funny. I–I just
don’t know about him. I haven’t got a chance. I’m ousted from society.
And I can’t go to those churches. They don’t… Just look at them. I
don’t know what to do. I’m in distress. And I’ve been reading the
Bible. Surely someday that prophet will come on the scene. I know they
claim that there is no such a thing, and this’ll be maybe a hundred
years off, and a thousand years off. We’ve been looking for it for
thousands of years, and it’s never happened yet, so we ain’t looking
for it now. Everything’s so, oh, no, we’ve got churches and things. Oh,
no, we don’t need nothing like that now.” So, she was going along there
You know, when you think about Him, that’s when He appears to you. Like we had last night, when they was on the road to Emmaus.

149 When she’d thought on those things, she heard a Man say, “Bring Me a drink.”
What about it? In her darkest of hours when her morals was gone…
Maybe a pretty little lady, been turned on the street to live there.
Sometimes it’s not the little girl’s fault; it’s her parents’ fault to
let her get out like that. And there she was, maybe her little curls
all hanging down. She was depleted, going along weary. Nobody had
anything to do with her, a child. Maybe a big story behind it.
Anyhow, I know one thing. She had read the Bible, and she believed the
Bible. And there was a little seed, laying down in her heart says, “If
it ever happens, I’ll know it.” She was predestinated to that.

Look at that old Judas standing there, and acting like what he did. He
was black down in the bottom of his heart. The light was shining up
here in his works, but down in his heart he didn’t believe it. And here
she was… See, the light couldn’t get down to that. But here she was,
believed. She believed it, but her life was blacked out. When the light
struck, it took the blackness out. But when the light struck up here,
it blacked it all over. That’s the difference.
See, she was born for that purpose. She–she said… When He told her
how many husbands she had, she… What happened? She got all at once
excited like. She got in distress. She said, “Sir, I perceive that You
are a prophet. I know that when the Messiah cometh, He’ll do these
Then He called her. Then He called her. “I’m He, He that speaks with
you.” She recognized it by the Word of God. He called her from her sin
to a light, and her name is in the Bible. And she’s got Immortal Life
He can call you the same way, because He’s the same yesterday, today,
and forever. The… Yeah, her morals was gone. But still she knew that
He had that discernment. She knowed that that had to be the Messiah,
Then when Jesus said, “I am He, I am He,” she knowed that was.

One time the disciples was out on the boat. All hopes was gone. The
storms… They’d went away without Jesus. The storms was just as…
Just like it was at Lazarus’ house. All hopes was gone. The little old
boat had waterlogged. And they were screaming, and crying, and maybe
praying, and going on, the lightning a flashing. And the boat filled up
with water; the mast poles dropped down, the oars broke. They were
holding one another, crying.
And in that real darkest of hour, then Jesus come walking along. But He
looked like a shadow to them. He looked scary, like a spirit. And they
cried out with fear.
That’s what’s the matter today. Jesus comes in a hour, your dark hour, and you’re afraid of it. You don’t know what it is.
They didn’t know what He was. They said, “Oh, it’s a spirit.” They’re screaming.

And then He called and said, “Fear not, it is I.” In the darkest of
hours Jesus come along their help. That’s the way He always does: comes
in the darkest of hours. Then Jesus came, and manifested Himself, and
come to them.
Peter said, “If it be You, bid me come on water.”
Jesus said, “Come on.”
You know what, friends? Soon He will come for those in this last days.
Now, isn’t it strange that the church has got in this dark hour again?

Now, I’m going to say something here. I… It’s not a doctrine; I’m
just prophesying. You know what’s happened? It’s going to come to a
place soon, mark my word, that all denominations are going to have to
join the ecumenical council. If they don’t, they can’t have the support
of the council. Therefore, there’ll be a boycott that nobody can go to
these churches or go to any churches. Unless you have a mark from your
own church you cannot buy or sell. You see it. Just as it was, so is it
going to be again, a mark unto the beast. And the church shall realize,
and that’s spiritual people.
And you Pentecostal people anyhow, are recognizing it. You begin to
feel it. When your churches… Many of your organizations of the
Pentecost, and I don’t have to call your name, but you know right now
they’re–they’re coming into it. They’ve done witnessed that they were.
And when you do that, what are you going to have to be? You’re going to
have to forfeit your evangelical teaching of the baptism of the Holy
Ghost. You going to have to forfeit your doctrine of the Bible.
And the members is not going to stand for it. Real borned again
Christians will die first. They’re warned by the Word. They know this
thing’s coming. Yes, sir.

And isn’t it strange that right in this darkest of hours, then Jesus
comes along and calls them, said, “Don’t get scared; it’s Me. I’m still
with you. I’m here to manifest My Word.” As He was then, so is He now.
He said He would do that. Oh, my. The Master is come, and He’s called
for us.
Many sick people here no doubt that are setting here, and the doctor
has told you that there’s no–no hope for you. You may be in your
darkest of hour, but remember, the Master has come and called for you.

And someday, someday the Master’s going to come and call for every name
that’s wrote on the Lamb’s Book of Life. If yours are not there, get it
on there now. For He’s going to come and call. Even those that are in
the grave shall hear His voice and come forth to life. The Master will
come and call for you. And while He’s calling today, answer and make
preparation for that day, is my advice to you.
The promise of this age, He promised He would be here, the things that
He did, He would do again. And now, again the Master has come and calls
for you.

Let us bow our heads. I’ve got about six more pages here, but I can’t
get to that now. Let’s bow our heads. I promised to let you out early,
and it’s already a quarter after.
Heavenly Father, O Lord, let it happen again, all these things that
I’ve said. “Jesus has come and calls for thee. What does He do when He
comes? He calls.” Let it happen again, Lord. Let Thy Holy Spirit come
among the people tonight, the Lord Jesus in the form of–of the Spirit.
Let Him come tonight, and reveal Himself, and then manifest Himself.
Like those people, how they believed we will believe also, Lord.
There’s many here maybe that’s never had this opportunity. We pray that
You’ll grant it to them, again tonight, for we ask it for the glory of
God, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

172 That’s it, sister. Go ahead with that. That’s fine. Go right ahead. Oh, now, real quiet, everybody.
you believe He has come? He has. Does He still calls when He comes?
Now, if you’ll just only believe, if you’ll just believe the Word of
God, God will grant it.
Now, look. I haven’t got time to call a prayer line up here. I’m going
to call one tonight out there, if the Lord willing. The Master has
come. He has come to fulfill His Word in the last days. And what He was
then, He is today. What His manifestation, or identification was then,
it is today, because He’s still the Word of God. You believe that? And
the Word of God is a Discerner of the thoughts and intents of the
heart, the way He did then. The way it’s always did, He is still the
same. If He would do that just now, would you believe Him? Would it
make you believe Him?
You people out there now… Let me look first, and see if there’s anybody that I know setting anywhere in here, that I know.

All that’s around up in here that don’t know me, raise up your hand.
Know that I know nothing about you, your sick, raise up your hand. I
guess everybody. All right. Now, you believe. You just believe with all
your heart. Don’t doubt. Have faith. Believe God.
I’m going to ask you to be real quiet. Be seated. Don’t stir around
now; please don’t. See? See, you are a soul, body, and spirit. Your
spirit… When the Holy Spirit is real timid…

How many remembers many years ago, that the Holy Spirit, when I come by
here, told you… When I’d take the people by the hand, He told me this
discernment would come, then it’d go on, you remember it? Remember
that? But He said, “If you can get the people to believe you…” You
remember that day many years ago? You got to believe.
I seen a man. I believe it was down here at the other meeting, setting
right there. And the Holy Spirit… I had been watching him while I was
preaching. He was a crippled man. He had crutches on his arms. And just
when I started to make the call, Satan came to the man, a black shadow.
And I watched it with my own eyes. He got up and walked out. He’ll
always be crippled. See? And so, where he’d be healed right there, if
he’d just–just… See? But just… I don’t know why. I guess he just
listened to the enemy. But if you’d stand and watch those shadows, see
those things and forms, the way they are, and watching how they do
(See?) it would be…

Now, I cannot heal. The man that tells you he can heal you; he’s wrong.
You’re already healed. But it’s recognizing the Presence of Jesus
Christ. Now, if Martha knew that if she could see Him again, that she’d
get her desire because He was the manifested Word, can’t we believe
that much tonight, to believe it? Certainly. Sure, we ought to. He has
come. He’s come. He’s come in the form of the Holy Ghost. That’s Who He
is. Now, you just pray.
See, up here, I had somebody standing here right here by me, you get…
Just pray. And you see, there’s so many people praying. It’s all over
the building. You just have to watch…?… say… Say, “Brother
Branham…” No, sir. I–I couldn’t do it, no more than you could dream
me a dream. See? You might think you… If I could have you dream a
dream of me, you’d believe that. But you can’t do it yourself. You
can’t say “Brother Branham, I’m going to dream a dream of you now.” No.
You can’t do that. Neither can I see a vision. Ever Who gives the dream
to you, that’s the One that has to do it. Same way it is by a vision

See a man setting right here at the end of the row with arthritis. If
he’ll believe with all of his heart, God will heal him of the
arthritis. You believe He’ll do it, sir, setting out there, the Mexican
man setting at the end of the row? Will you believe it? Then all right
The lady setting next to you, she also has arthritis too. You believe
God will heal you, lady? Has this got a rebound to it? I’m afraid the
people don’t hear it. You will? All right.
How about the other little Mexican lady setting by her? She suffers
with a stomach trouble. You believe God will heal your stomach, lady?
She got it. When you see that Light go down, that means it happens.
Then–then it’s…?… It struck her. There it was swirling out around [–Ed.]… That does it. See? When He could find faith… See? Many things He could not do because of their unbelief.

Here’s a lady setting here praying, right here. She’s scared. She
should be. She’s got a cancerous condition, real bad. I don’t know you,
but God knows you. You believe that God can tell me about this cancer
or something another? Look at me. So many are praying is just what I’m
saying it for. Look here. Now, yes, you’re not from here. This is not
your home. You’re from a place called Porterville, California. That’s
right. You believe God can tell me who you are? You know. Your name is
Mrs. Wintham. That’s right. Now, believe; the cancer will leave you. If
thou canst believe, that’s all God asks you to do: if thou canst
Don’t you believe that with all your heart? Somebody in this section
over here, can’t you believe? The Master has come and called for you.
He’s calling you from death to life, from sickness to health.

Here’s a man setting right back here, head down, praying. He’s really
not praying for himself. He’s praying about somebody else. It’s a–a
girl. It’s his daughter. You believe, sir? You got trouble with your
legs; you got trouble with your knee. That’s right. No need of weeping.
That’s Him there by you. Your daughter’s in the hospital, isn’t she?
Tuberculosis case. You believe. You believe? The Master has come and
calls for her. Will you believe that she got it? You will? May He
visits her tonight and you. May it be over.
Here’s a little boy, a little brown-faced boy. He’s suffering with a
skin disease and asthma, little Mexican boy–Mexican boy. See? He isn’t
from here. He’s from San Jose. You believe, son? Another thing, your
father’s here with you. He’s a minister. That is right. You believe God
can tell me what your name is? Will it make you believe, real strong?
Your name is Reuben. Now, believe.
The Master has come and He calls for you. Oh, sinner, oh, sick person,
don’t you see the Master manifested in the human being, between
believers? He’s come to call His believing children to health. He’s
come to call the sinner to repentance. Backslider, church member, the
Master has come and calls for you.

Do you believe it? Do you believe it for your needs, right now? If you
do, raise up your hands and say, “I believe for my needs.” Then raise
up on your feet now and accept it. The Master is come, and He calls for
thee. And whoever you are, whatever need you have for, the Master has
come, and He calls for you. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever.
That little woman went into the city and said, “Come see a Man Who told
me what was wrong.” You didn’t go into the city. You come and seen it
yourself. So the Master has come and calls for thee.
Raise up your hands, and praise Him and say, “Lord Jesus, I’m a sinner;
forgive me. I’m a backslider; take me back, Lord. I need the Holy
Ghost; fill me. I’m sick; heal me. I’m crippled; make me well.” The
Master has come and calls for thee. Raise up your hands now and give
Him praise. Amen.

194 Give us a little chord here. “I will Praise Him. I will Praise Him.” You know. “I will praise Him.” You believe?

I will praise Him, I will praise Him,

Oh, praise the Lamb for sinners slain;

Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,

For His Blood has washed away each stain.

love Him? Now, don’t you love to sing to Him while He’s here? He’s the
Spirit moving around through the building. He knows your heart. He
knows all about you. Let’s sing it to Him with all of our hearts.

I will praise Him, (Raise your hands when you do it.), I… (Now, just praise Him.)… praise Him,

Oh, praise the Lamb for sinners slain;

Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,

For His Blood has washed away each stain.

Oh, lady in the wheelchair, if you’d just believe on the Lord right there… I… Just try once more, leaning on something.

I will praise Him, I will praise Him,

Oh, praise the Lamb for sinners slain;

Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,

For His Blood has washed away each stain.

Now, while we sing that again, turn around and get ahold of somebody’s
hand while we sing it and sing “I’ll praise Him.” Come on, all together

I will praise Him, I will praise Him,

Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;

Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,

For His Blood has washed away each stain.

Oh, sinner friend, won’t you walk up here now? Come up and give Him
praise, all ye people. All ye people that wants to confess Him as
Saviour in His Presence while the saints are worshipping in the Spirit.
Won’t you come here, and stand, and say, “I want to testify tonight. I
want to give Him praise. I want to come. I’m not ashamed of Him. I want
the world to know that I accept Him as my Saviour right here while He’s
present.” Come while we sing it.

I will praise Him, (Won’t you come?) I will praise Him,

Oh, praise the Lamb for sinners slain;

Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,

For His Blood has washed away each stain

199 Oh, that’s it, lady. Come right on. Who else will come in the Presence of Christ? Come right up here, sister; stand here.
Some other person that wants Him to be your Saviour right now, is not
ashamed… He said, “If you’re ashamed of Me before men, I’ll be
ashamed of you before My Father and the holy Angels.” If you’re not
ashamed of Him now, and you want Him for your Saviour while He’s here.
You’ve seen He’s here. It’s so perfect, the Word Itself making it
known. Come up while the saints are worshipping. Won’t you come up?
God bless you, sir. Here comes an old lady, coming through, real aged. Won’t you come now?

I will praise Him, (Sing it now.) I will praise Him,

That’s right, young folks, come right on around.

… praise…

God bless you, lady. That’s the way to do it. God bless you, young ones.

… sinners slain

Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,

For His Blood has washed away each stain.

While the ministers are going to these people now, won’t somebody else
come? Backsliders, will you come? Say, “I’m ashamed of my life.” Here
He is. You believe me to be God’s servant, raise your hand. Why, Jesus
Christ is in the midst of us. Won’t you come?

Give Him glory… (Won’t you come give Him glory?)… people,

For His Blood has washed away…

Martha, are you coming, or are you going to set in the house with Mary?
Are you going to stay back in some organization, and say, “Oh, my
church don’t believe it this way,” when Christ is made manifest? Are
you going to set back and say He’s that? Or are you coming out? “Well,
I’ll tell you, when I…” No, today, this is the hour. Death hangs
around you like Jairus’ daughter. Come now. Backslider, come now.
Sinner, come now. This is the time. The Master has come, and He calls
for you. He’s calling you. You say, “How do I know?” He’s using my
voice. If He uses my voice to tell sickness, afflictions, and things,
don’t you know He’s calling also for sins? Come out. Come now. This may
be the last opportunity you’ll ever have.

Once more, there’s more in here ought to come, friend. I don’t want to
embarrass you to call you out like this. That’s not right. You…
Sometimes, maybe… Them Pharisees thought they were saved, but they
wasn’t. You’re thinking the same thing. Come now.
Be sure. No, don’t just take a halfway chance on it. If there’s any
doubt in your mind, don’t take no chance. Come out now. Now’s the time
now, while the fountain’s open, while the Holy Spirit is here. The
Master has come. That little doubt is what He’s trying to tell you,
you’re doubting. Give it over. Come on now. The Master has come and
calls for thee. That’s right. Just keep coming…?… by the Father.

I will praise Him, I will praise Him, (Won’t you come give Him praise?)

Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;

Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,

For His Blood has washed away each stain.

Now, while the sinners are coming to claim Him, let the people give Him
praise at the same time. Up with your hands. Sing the praises now, all

I will praise Him, I will praise Him,

Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;

Just give Him praise, you people down here praying. Ask Him to forgive
you. That’s what He’ll do. The Master has come and calls for you. God
bless you.

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