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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Thy House
was delivered on Tuesday, 8th August 1961 at the House Meeting in Tifton, Georgia, U.S.A.
The tape, number 61-0808,
is 1 hour and 42 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes.

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I tell you… it would… it… I know you don't come there to hear me.
See, because no one would drive that far to hear a preacher. You've
come there because that you–you believe the Message and you believe in
Christ. And I appreciate that.
And I'm so thankful to have friends like that. To have someone who–who
appreciates your–your efforts at what you're trying to do, to–to
drive that far over them conditions. Only thing I can say, I wished…
I told Meda; I said, "Wonder if we could have all the people that come
from over fifty miles up home for dinner?" See? I don't know what we'd
do with them. You see?
'Cause the biggest part of our church, I guess, eighty percent of them
are you people. That's made up from Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia,
and places like that, where you've come from. And you think it…
And none of the people that come are rich people. They're just common
people. And I know that takes a whole lot of your–saving your pennies
to do that. 'Cause I know how much gasoline it takes to come and go.
And besides that, the wear and tear on a car for the trip–round trip
is about, oh, I guess it's about sixteen, seventeen hundred miles for
one sermon. And come that each week. Think of that. See?

I just–I feel about that little. Honest. Just like I was a half-inch
high to stand before you to really tell you how I–how I appreciate it.
Wife and I were talking, if you people didn't come, when I have service
at the Tabernacle, it wouldn't pay me to go down. 'Cause there's more
in this room right now than would be there, if it wasn't for you
people. That's exactly true.
And that fulfills what the Scripture says. In our own country, among
our own people… You–your–your respects and honor always comes from
the outsider. I don't why. But I don't mean the out… I mean from
outside your own home. Course, couldn't think of you all being
outsiders, you're my fellow brothers and citizens in the Kingdom of

And here some time ago, I had a little old alligator stuffed up down
here. And I told Brother Welch I was coming down to get it. And the
kids didn't get to finish their vacation. And I thought I'd run them
down to Florida, down in St. Petersburg in the morning. And on down, I
want to go up Miami and come around over the Tamiami Trail, and back up
home. And they have to go to school right away, and I thought this
would be a good time to stop by for the gator.
And so Brother Welch–Brother Fred and Brother Wood came with me, so
that'd give me a chance to bring the kids. And they're going to take my
gator back. And I thought while I was down here, I'd just like to have
a–your little group together, to tell you how I appreciate you–how I
appreciate your efforts.

And Brother and Sister Evans, and–and Brother and Sister… I–I get
it… I call it S. T. I know that it's T. S. I… There's a–a gargle,
mouthwash that they call ST37, and that's how I call you S. T. Not
from… And it's a–it's a good thing too. It's a dandy. It's got all
the rest of them beat, to my opinion. And they use it in the army, and
I–I use it for about anything. To gargle with, and for a mouthwash,
and take it on a hunting trip with me. Where if my horse gets hurt, I
pour a little that, you know. Just–just anything. It's–it's good for
all around.
I guess, you find him that way too, don't you, sister? All the way around, to wash the dishes some time and so forth…

And so, I thought maybe… ask–asked tonight, I said to Brother Welch,
"What would you–what would we say when the folks come around. Do you
think…" We thought maybe if you had a little question on your mind,
just a little something that you could, maybe something that I could
answer, something that you wouldn't want to take, maybe, their time up
there at the Tabernacle when you're there, some little question. And
that's what I dropped by for.
So, we know that you go to work in the morning. It's ten minutes after
nine. So, we will get right into it. But before we do that, could we
just bow our head for a word of prayer.

Our heavenly Father, we're so glad for Jesus Christ our Lord, Who–Who
saved our souls from a life of sin, and has made us the citizens of His
Kingdom. By His grace we are saved, and that not by ourself, or by our
works, but by His mercy we are saved.
So, we're so glad of that. And we know that someday we'll see Him. For
we'll have a body like His own glorious body, and we'll see Him as He
is. At this time, yet we do not know how that will take place. But it's
not for us to know. We only look forward to it by faith. And the whole
walk is faith. So, we're thankful for these things.
We pray that You'll bless these people, Lord. As I drove down here, You
know what was in our hearts last night, wife and I, as we talked along
the road. How that blessful we feel to be to have friends that would
sacrifice to come hear the glorious Gospel of the Son of God, would
drive all those hundreds of miles through a day and night, just to hear
one message.

God, I pray that You'll give them each one a glorious home in the
Kingdom. Bless them while they're here on earth. Prosper them in
whatever they do. May it prosper.
And these young children, Lord, just little fellows yet. And many of
them here in teen-age, and yet they set with a reverence and respects
as an adult. God, I think they're the best in the land. I pray that
You'll bless them, Lord. May they never want for anything. And may in
the great Kingdom beyond, when the family is all gathered together, I'm
sure they'll be there, Father. I–I pray that You'll have each one of
them there. May they never turn from that great narrow path that
they've been taught to walk in. Grant it, Lord.

Now, tonight I thought, Father, we'd find out what's on the people's
hearts. You know their hearts. And I pray Thee, Father, that You'll
help me in–to answer their questions. That it might be good for us.
That it'd be good for us to be here and we could go along saying, "Did
not our hearts burn within us because of His Presence?"
Come now, Lord. Walk around the chairs. Put Your hand on every
shoulder. And rub Your nail-scarred hand across each heart, that we
might know that it's our Lord that's near. For we ask it in Jesus'
Name. Amen.

I think we have a Bible here. I'd just like to read a–a Scripture in
here just for a minute to get a little start to–before we get into the
lesson–or questions, rather.
And this–I'd like to read this, a–a place I found this afternoon. I
was riding up, riding with Brother Welch and I–up in the front seat of
Brother Sothmann's truck there. And I read something I thought I'd just
like to speak of it, just for a few minutes. If I can find it in his…
Oh, yes. Here we are.
In the 16th chapter of Acts, and begin about the 37th verse.

But Paul said unto them, They have beaten us openly… (Beg your pardon. That's not just where I want to–just where I wanted to start reading at.)

It's… I was reading a spot in here, just… I'll get it just in a
moment. Here we are. It's the 29th verse–28th verse, let's begin.

But Paul cried with a loud voice, and said, Do thyself no harm: for we are all here.

And they called for a light… sprang in, and came trembling, and fell down before Paul and Silas,

And besought–and sought–brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?

And they said unto him, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shall be saved, and thy house.

It's just one of these little twisting questions that I thought that I
would like to speak of just a minute, about "Thy House," being I see
you each one so nicely have your house set in order. Your–your
children's saved, and–and that's–that's nice to have your family all
Christians. Because I… We–we want our families. We each one think of
our children. And I certainly can commend you fine people down here, of
your lovely children, how you have them all in order and everything
like that. I…

How do you do, sister? And I believe this is a… Wasn't that mother
just come in back there? The Lord bless you. I'm glad to see you again
tonight. And I believe this is Brother Willie's wife, isn't that right?
And that's the boss of the family right there, as I understand, that…
Or that's the way it goes at our house.
And to have your house. Now, Paul said here to–to this Roman
centurion, when he was… We find out that Paul had been beaten the
evening before, commanded by the magistrates and had been beaten,
because that he had done nothing evil: He'd been up there preaching the
Gospel. And the clergy there had it against Paul, 'cause he'd preached
the Gospel. And they said that he was turning the world up-side-down.

And he went down the street and there was a little fortuneteller. A
woman with a–a spirit of fortunetelling. And she was hired to tell
these fortunes. And when they were going down the street, she'd cry
after Paul, and say, "They're men of God, who tell us the way of–of
And Paul didn't need the devil to assist him in anything, so he just
turned around and rebuked that spirit in the woman. And when it did,
oh, that caused an uproar. And when they found out, the–the spirit had
left her, and she could not tell no more fortunes.
So, the–the one that had her hired out there and was probably taking
care of her, why, it caused a great uproar, and they were beaten and
put into jail. And I can imagine Paul and Silas laying back in that old
buggy jail on the inner courts, way back. The outside, where the best
prisoners was kept, was bad enough. But they was on the inside, and
when they went way back, they was put in stocks.

I don't know any… Did you all ever see stocks? I've had the privilege
of seeing them. They–they put them in your–across your feet. And then
they put them across your hands. And then put them across your neck.
And there you are setting there.
And the Chinese capital punishment, the way they used to do it, is very
cruel. They'd put them in those stocks and put a drip of water, just
one drip at a time, falling on top of their head, like that, until it
just drove them insane. They would set there and wasn't giving them
nothing to eat or drink like that. And their–their eyes would turn and
everything. It was just horrible thing.
They say the first few drops, of course, for maybe the first day, it
isn't so bad. But they say after a few days, that those drops, like
fifty tons falling, you know, every time, hit right in that same spot.
'Cause you can't move your head; you're in those stocks.

And just think that Paul and Silas, for preaching the Gospel, was
laying back in that old dirty place. And probably rats, and mice, and
bugs on them, and everything. What a place for a man preaching the
Gospel. And we think today, that we complain because we have things a
little hard. Look what they did. And knowing what was waiting them,
perhaps execution the next morning.
But they were faithful. They–they were… They stayed faithful. And
along about midnight in there, and I–I can just think of how they must
have felt, their backs sticking to the old dirt where prisoners… And
it was leprosy and everything else that in–in them days, and laying
against the old hard floor… Might have been a dirt floor, and rats
running over them…

But in the midst of all of that, perhaps no supper. And beaten till
they was bleeding, and bruised, and sore. And no doctor to wash out the
wounds or anything for infection that we'd use today, or something like
that. Just throwed them back there, and put them in the stocks, and put
them in that condition.
But they wasn't complaining. Not one word of complaint came from them.
And knowing maybe the next morning, they'd–the magistrates would
probably call them before the emperor and when they did–or the
Sanhedrin, and they'd be executed for preaching this heresy, that it
was called in them days. The Gospel that we truly, earnestly contend
for that same faith today…
And then when we go to thinking about that, then the miles gets a
little shorter between one another (You see?), each time we go to
thinking about it.

And then we find out that along about midnight, Paul and Silas must've
talked about the Lord until about midnight. And then they begin to sing
hymns, some good old Christian song. Oh, if we'd sing it today, we'd
sing "There's Power In The Blood," or "O How I Love Jesus," or
something like that.
And when they begin to sing, all of a sudden an earthquake struck the
place. And notice how it done. Instead of piling those walls of that
big old building right in on top of them and them–and mashing them to
death, it shook the walls away from them. And not only that, but
it–it–it broke the stocks and bars loose from them. And they were set

Now, think. Over their feet, over their hands and over their neck they
were set free, every one of them. Now, instead of that big old heavy
Roman prison breaking in on them, it fell away from them, like this.
And not only that, but the shackles and things fell off of them. See,
that's our God when we hold out faithful. See, we must stay faithful.
And as long as we're faithful and–and on, we…
Now, we may not be in that kind of a shape. We–none of us may get… I
hope we don't get like that. But we can be faithful in what we've got
to–what we have to go through with. Maybe it's a persecution. Maybe
it's somebody laughs at you. Maybe it's somebody says, "You're
old-time, you're a holy-roller," or–or whatever they might want to
call you, or make fun of you, or something. Let's be faithful just the
same, because God respects our faithfulness to that, just the same as
He was–respect their faithfulness to what they were–they had to go
through with.

And then, all of a sudden when the Roman prisoner–or the centurion
must've–must've… The guard at the door, he must have thought that
that night when Paul and Silas was talking on the Scripture, he must've
learned something. Because he didn't know the men. But he must've
knowed some way, or heard their singing, or something, that caused him
to know right quick that they were holy men.
Because you see, they–he was a Roman. And they were Jews. And he was a
pagan, and they were Christians. But did you notice, as soon as he
found out that there was–that the prison had been shook down, and he
knowed that he'd have to answer for that sentry…
You remember the time of Elijah? When he had hisself disguised and met
King Ahab out there, and said, "I was a sentry and my life, of course,
was staked with the man and he got away."
And–and he said, "Well, you'll pay for it then with your life. That's
the duty of a sentry." So he unwrapped hisself and said he was Elijah
the prophet. And said, "You let the king go, Agag." And he said,
"You'll–you'll pay with it with your own life." And he did do it.

So then, we find out that this Roman centurion, knowing that he would
answer with his own life for these, he pulled out his sword as soon as
he found they were gone, and started to kill himself, taking his own
life, instead of have to go through punishment. Some of those… Maybe
set in them same kind of stocks and so forth until he died, so, he
thought he would just end it all up, and jerk out his sword, and kill
But quickly, Paul screamed out when he saw it, and said, "Do yourself
no harm, for we're all here." See? And the man realized then that there
must've been something taking place before that, that made this man to
know that they were Christian men or holy man. Because quickly he fell
down at their feet.

I'd imagine he heard them singing songs. He heard them testifying; he
heard their conversation. Now, let's just think a minute, folks. If
that Roman centurion was convinced and convicted because that he heard
them two men, beaten prisoners…
Now, we're still free, and we're not beat or prisoners. But hearing
their testimony had such an influence, till it caused him to say, "What
must I do to be saved?" Then what ought we to do with our influence?
We should be testifying. You young people, whatever it is, you may not
preach. Maybe God never called you to preach, but you… If you're a
housewife or whatever you are, a teen-ager, let–let's do something,
you know, that… And–and live a life that makes the people say,
"Well, that–that's a Christian going there. That–that's a Christian."
And so, we find that this fellow must've been impressed some way, by
them songs or whatever they were doing in there, to realize they were
Christians. So, he got a light, and when he come in and seen that there
stood Paul and even the prisoners back in there, none of them was
trying to get away. Everybody was there. So, he–he put up his sword,
and fell down by the feet of Paul and Silas, and said, "Sirs, what must
I do to be saved?"

Now, did you notice, you and I today, and most all ministers or so
forth, we're always trying to tell a fellow what not to do. We'd say
now, "Quit your smoking. Quit your lying. Quit your stealing. Quit your
this or that." Now, that–that wasn't what the man asked. He–he didn't
say, "What do I have to quit doing to be saved?" He said, "What must I
do to be saved?"
See, we try to tell them what they must stop doing. See? And say,
"Well, I must do this, that, or the other." No. See? That isn't the
question. "What must I do?" not "What must I stop doing?" But you just
do what you're supposed to do, and all the rest of it will take care of
itself. Your lying and stealing, or–or drinking, gambling, and doing
the things that's evil. It'll stop when you do what Paul answered his
question. "What must I do to be saved?"
He said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thy and thy house shall be saved."

Now, the reason I thought about saying this, because you people here,
most of you, your–your children are saved. See? They're Christians. I
have admired Brother Evans' family, these young men here. Usually, who
would you get a teen-ager to set around and listen to someone–preacher
talk. Why, they'd be out and gone somewhere. Little girls like that…
I said to Brother Fred, his kids, why, they–they can just hear me say
one thing that's wrong, they're–they're–they're ready to stop it
right now (You see?) and set with the highest respect, instead of being
out a hot-rodding, rambling around. They'll… When they hear you speak
about the Gospel, they're ready to set right there and listen. See?

Now, I know we all want–think our kids is renegades and things like
that. But we–we must stop that. I–I believe that we must remember
that these kids are the best kids in the world, because they're our
children, and we claim them for God.
Now, your salvation will not save that child. But now, Paul said–said,
"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thy and thy house shall be
saved." Now, he… Now, what did he mean by that? He didn't mean that
because they were saved, that their house would be saved with it. He
meant this: that because they were–had… If he had enough faith to be
saved himself, his same amount of faith that he had for himself would
work for his children. See what I mean?

Now, I've got my children. There's my little son, Joseph, and Billy,
Sarah, Rebekah. Well now, I want to see each one of them a worker in
the Gospel, doing something. I want to see them saved and filled with
the Holy Ghost.
Now, I've committed them to God and say, "I'm holding on to God for
them." See? And I believe they're going to be saved, every one of them.
See? I believe they're going to be saved, and I'll have them on the
other side. And–and I don't believe my salvation will save them. No.
But my faith in God will do it. You see, my faith believing God will do
it, and will cause them to come to Christ.
And I believe that's where you people praying for your children, and
that's the reason your children has the–the manners, and the–and the
real lady and gentleman in this wild age that we're living in. Yet they
have that–that part about them that's the best I know of any kids.
See? Well, I think the reason of that is because it's your prayers for
them. And you've committed them to God and holding on.

E-24 See now, the Roman said, "What must I do?" He just asked for hisself. He said, "What must I do?"
And he said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou and thy house shall be saved." See?
we got one thing to do. Let's drop back just a minute to get something
to drive in on my text. Now, it's this. Let's take an old man that I
know of in the Bible by the name of Job.
Now, Job was a great man. There was nobody like him in his days. Job
was a prophet. And people come from far and near to hear Job. And God
blessed him. And he's–he'd prospered. He was a rich man. Oh, he had
thousands of head of cattle and sheep, and–and the things that he had.
And why, he said when he would go out into the streets, the young
princes from the East (that's the magis, the–the wise astronomers, you
know) they were saying, said they would bow before him just to ask a
word of his wisdom. See? He was a smart man. He was–he was a prophet.

And so, the devil looked down, and he saw that–that Job was a smart
man. So I'll show you how a smart man does. Now, coming back to the
text, thy and thy house. Job said, when he seen everything was just in
good order, like your homes are now; he said, "You know, my children is
married and gone off." But said, "Maybe, one of–one… Peradventure
one of them might've sinned."
Now, there's one requirement God had: That was a burnt offering. He
said, "Now, I don't…" He didn't believe his children sinned. "But"
said, "peradventure they might sin. Because they're visiting one
another, and going to the parties at one another's homes, and so forth,
and mixing up, I guess, and so forth." He said, "If one of them has
sinned… So, Lord, I will bring a burnt offering and offer this burnt
offering for my child." See? And that's all he knowed to do. That's all
God required, a burnt offering. That's what–all He required.
Well, then when the great midnight hour come and struck and poor old
Job was in the condition he was, he… You know, he'd lost all of his
cattle, all of sheeps, and the storms come and killed his children. And
fire burnt up his servants. And–and he bro… His own health failed.
And he set in the backyard on a ash heap. And–and his own body broke
out with boils, till he took a piece of crock and scraped his boils.
And even his wife got discouraged with him and come and said, "Job…"

Now, let–let's just kindly think the way she said. Now, look there
sets Job. He set out there all night. There sets his counselors with
their back turned to him. And they told him he sinned. That's the
church member; that's the–the deacon board, or whatever it is of the
church, come down to see him. And they set seven days there, and
they're still telling him, "Job, you might as well make a confession.
Because you have sinned, because God wouldn't let a righteous man be
tormented like that."
But God does let a righteous man be tormented like that. See, God
sometimes… That–that things happen to us because we sinned. But
sometimes it–it's testing a saint, instead of chastising a sinner.

So, we find out that Job was a righteous man though. And when God was
testing him, because Satan said, "Oh, sure…" When he come up before
God with the sons of God, he said…
As God said to him, "Where you been?"
He said, "Oh, just walking to and fro and up and down on the earth."
Said, "You considered my servant Job? He's a perfect man. There's
nobody in the earth like him." God was pleased with that. Oh, He just
loves to have a servant that He can trust in. He said, "There is not
another man on earth like him." See? Said, "He is a perfect man." And
that was before the Blood of Jesus Christ was shed. See? And He said,
"He's a perfect man. He's just; he's upright. There is none like him."
Satan said, "Oh, sure. Look what You've done for him. You've give him
everything. He's got homes; he's got children; he's got cattle; he's
got everything he wants. Sure, anybody could serve You like that."
Said, "Let me have him one time. I'll make him curse You to Your face."
He said, "Satan, he's in your hand. But don't you take his life." Now,
that was God's trust that His prophet would not fail Him. See? And He's
trusting you and I, that we won't fail Him.

And then He… And He said, "Don't you take his life." And Satan done
everything but take his life. His children got killed. And his cattle
was killed. And everything was… All of his riches was lost. And he
lost his health and everything but his life, set out there and scraped
his boils.
And his wife come to the door, and–and Satan got in her and said,
"Thou…" Looked out there and said, "Why don't you curse God and die?"
Said, "You look so miserable."
He said, "Thou speakest like the foolish woman." See. Now, he's never
said she was foolish; said she talked like one. See? Said, "You speak
like a foolish woman." Said, "The Lord gave, and the Lord taken away.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord." See? In other words, "Naked came I in
the world," he said, "naked I will return. But blessed be the Name of
the Lord anyhow. I never had nothing when I come here, and I will go
away with nothing. But still blessed be the Name of the Lord." Oh, my.
You know, God will just let Satan tempt us so long, and then He gets
tired of it. You see? So, he seen he couldn't… Satan had to leave him
then. But Bildad and all of them still stayed there and said, "Why, you
was a secret sinner."
But Job stayed pat on this, "I am not a sinner." See?

"Job, you've… you done… You don't want to confess it (See?),
because you're a secret sinner. You're doing it secretly, and God's
punishing you for it, so that's the reason that things are going for
you the way they are."
But he said, "No, sir. I am not a sinner." Because he was standing pat
upon that righteousness of God, that burnt sacrifice. He'd offered it.
That's all he had to offer. That's all God required.
And did you notice, after the Spirit of God had come on the prophet and
everything got all right (You see?), God restored back to Job what? He
restored back to him his… Where he had ten thousand cattle, He give
him twenty thousand cattle. Where he had forty-thousand sheep, He give
him eighty-thousand sheep. See? And He restored everything back to him
that he ever had.
And you notice, it said, "And He restored his seven children." See? He
gave Job his seven children. Not, didn't give him seven other children,
but He gave Job his seven children. Now, what was it? His house, "Thy
and thy house." Because he was righteous, because he was standing on
everything that God gave us to be righteous–or gave him, was to offer
that burnt offering.
And he knowed that that was God's Word, and it could not fail. So, did
you ever think where them children was? They was in heaven waiting for
him. See? He's with them today. And God saved Job's children. They were
in heaven waiting for him. See?

Now, if Job took a act upon the very thing that God told him to do, the
only thing it was to be righteous, was to offer a burnt offering; that
was righteous… And He saved Job and his house, then what is righteous
before God? "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou and thy house
shall be saved."
So, if I'm believing for my house and you're believing for your house,
by believing that that we trust God, God imputes our own faith, like He
did Abraham or Job or any of them for righteousness. You see? So, it's
allotted to us for righteousness, and that's how that thou and thy
household shall be saved.
Oh, I think it's a wonderful thing. So then, not only that, but I'm
holding for every brother, all my brothers. My sister. I'm not only
holding for that, but I'm holding for every person that's in my church;
I'm holding for you all. I want you to hold for me, because of the
righteousness of faith. We don't have to make a burnt offering; Christ
is our offering. But we have to have faith in that offering that Christ
made, that He made us this kind of a–a promise, that "Whatever you ask
the Father in My Name, that I'll do. When thou prayest, believe that
you receive what you've asked for and you shall have it."

Now, if I am praying that God will save these teen-age children, and I
believe with all my heart He will do it, see that's the same way Job
stood. Say, "Oh, look at this kid, how he's doing." I don't care what
he's doing or what she's doing. I still have put that child in the hand
of Almighty God and my–me and my house shall be saved. See? Because
Even though I may pass on before they do, but somehow before they leave
here, God will twist them right down on the trail. I–I believe that…
Somehow or another. He will make it so miserable for them, till they
will have to do it. See?
And that's the way I believe, it's, "Thou and thy house shall be saved."

I've seen a many that… I've watched that come into my meetings. Many
time, an old boy will come up there that's been rough all of his life.
He fall down on his knees and go to crying, and get up, say, "Well, I
had a dear old mother. Oh, if she's in heaven tonight, I know she's
looking down and she is glad to see me at this altar."
See? What it is, that old mother prayed and believed. See, she's gone
on long ago, but here's them prayers. Because the righteousness… See,
thy and thy house shall be saved. God knows how to work. He knows how
to do. He knows how to do everything just right.

As I said the other day, when we're borned of the Spirit of God, God
isn't weak in one place and strong in another. If you've got a little
shadow of God in you, just the littlest speck of God, then you've got
all power. You got enough power in you to make a world and go out and
live in it.
But of course, that power is controlled by faith. If it wasn't, we'd
all have us a world out there, living in it. But if you're a son of God
or a daughter of God, you've got the power of God in you. See? So then,
you… That law holds that faith to a certain thing.

Now, let's take for instance, all of us, we'd say. We once lied; we'd
steal; we'd–we'd curse, and swear, and do everything that's wrong.
Well, one day when we accepted Christ, what did He do? He opened up, as
soon as we accepted Him… That's of faith, just like Paul told the
Roman to have, "Believe." Just exactly what Job did: believe. See? And
as soon as we accepted Christ as our Saviour, immediately we received
enough faith, till we walked away, no more lying, no more stealing, no
more cheating. See? No… Why?
We rode right up above that sin that we used to ride in there. We–we
was allotted that much faith. Why? Because that we believe that we are
saved. Is that right? We believe here that we are saved. So then, we
ride up above that, because we believe we are saved.

Now, listen to this just before I get to the questions. See? Brother,
sister, I'm going to give you a little secret on myself. See? I guess
you've often wondered how I see those visions and things, what makes
it. It's because when He met me that night and told me that (See?),
that this would happen. I believe it. I solemnly believe it.
And I go in to pray for the sick, if I can ever get a feeling that
something's fixing to happen, they're fixing to get well. So, always
it's about right. And that's the way we must do with our family, with
anything that we ask for; we must pray; and God respects faith (You
see?), to believe it. We must believe that it is right.

Now, with that little bit of God, when you said, "Yes, Lord Jesus, I'm
a sinner. I'm not worthy of Your love. But You did love me so I accept
You as my Saviour." Immediately, you walk right out of there, and what
is it? You stop your lying. You stop cheating. You stop stealing. You
stop doing things that you oughtn't to do. Why? Because you believe
that you are a Christian. And because you believe you are a Christian,
you rise up from that; you're to another level. Now. See?
Now, if you're sick, here's healing. You just believe it. Now, you
can't make yourself believe it. It's got to be something happen to you,
just like your conversion. It's got to happen.

I was telling my wife the other day how much I loved her. So, I don't
guess she wants me to talk about this. But I do it in private so I
guess I can do it in public right now. I was telling her how much I
loved her, and how I always have loved her since the first beginning. I
said, "It don't make any difference…"
She said, "Oh, Bill." She said how… talking about how fat she was getting and her hair turning gray.
I said, "Honey, you could be that wide and no hair, I'd still love you
just the same." See? Because it has to be something there that you have
to–has–you have to meet that you love somebody. And unless that
person loves that other person…

This is for you young girls that's not married (See?), and you boys.
When you meet that girl that you love, and there's just something you
know you love her, and that's just all there is to it, or you love him
and that's–you don't care whether he's handsome, or whether he's not
handsome, or whether she's pretty or not pretty. That doesn't matter.
But you love them just the same. Now, you'd better watch, kinda hold
around close there, because that's–you're getting close to home there.
And I… it… A–a marriage based outside of that is sure to fall, or
it'll never be successful. They'll never be happy. Now, I said that to
get around to one thing I want to say.

Friends, a conversion, outside of the same thing, won't last either. It
won't. When you go to church, and–and you say, "Well, I'm going to
join church, and I'm going to be baptized." If that isn't coming from a
heart of love to God yonder, it'll never go nowhere. You'll just… All
you'll do is join church and be baptized.
But when you're converted to Christ, a love to Christ, then you
accumulate a faith in Christ, like you would to your wife, or to your
husband. You accumulate a faith that you walk in that faith. I don't
know, you just–something about you, you just got a–something that
anchors you there. You see?
Well, that's the same way it is about Christ. And what Christ says, you
believe it. And you just stay right with it. And that's the way… It
just raises you right up above it, and God brings it to pass and
fulfills His promise, "If thou will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
thy and thy house shall be saved."
So now, I just thought I'd say that. And I–I done took up too much of
the time of it, thirty minutes to say that. But you know what I mean
now. That's what it is.

If you can believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, not only for salvation for
yourself, for your loved ones, for the healing of the–the child, or
for a mother, or for anything that you desire that's right… And you
know if you desired something that wasn't right, you–you wouldn't have
faith enough to ask God in the first place; 'cause you know it ain't
right. See? If you're sincere and know that it's right, then you can
ask God with a clean heart, knowing it's no selfish motive, and your
objective and motive is exactly right, then ask God. And like a child,
believe you get it and you get it. I know that.
Now, I've come to Christ when I was about the age of one of these boys
here, I guess. I was about twenty years old. And I–I served Him all
this time, and I'm fifty-two, will be fifty-three my birthday. And I
can sincerely say that I have never asked Christ sincerely for
anything, that is it's–now, that really sincerely asked Him, anything
that was for right, but what He gave it to me or told me why He
couldn't do it. And then later on, I found out it was a good thing I
didn't get it. See?

But just remember, when you believe on Him, have faith in Him, and
trust Him, don't–don't try to shove yourself to do it. Just stay with
Him and reason it out.
Like if you would–if I was coming to Brother Welch here to borrow a–a
thousand dollars. I guess I couldn't get it, 'cause he may not have it.
But if he had it, and I–I could get it. Now, I'd come and try to lay
the case down. I'd come say, "Welch, give me a thousand." That is no
way to do it. That's no way to ask God. I'd come up; I'd say to Brother
Welch, I'd say, "Could I speak to you a few minutes, Brother Welch?"
"Sure, Brother Branham."
Go over to one side and sit down, I'd say, "Brother Welch, the first
thing I want to ask you, do you have a thousand dollars that you could
get a hold of for me?"
Well, he… if he… We get–we're friends, or he'd be asking me, or me
him, or one of you brethren. It would be the same. We'd say, "Yes."
"Now, here's why–what I want." I'd lay down and show him. I'd say,
"Brother Welch, I'm over here in a meeting. I'm absolutely up against
it. I–I got to leave the town, and I'm a thousand dollars in debt.
I–I just got to have the money from somewhere. Now, the Lord put it
upon my heart to come to you." And I'd explain to him. "Now–now, from
another meeting that I had at a certain place, I've got a thousand
dollars coming in, which would be about three month's from now. I can
pay you. I'll pay you interest on it, if you want it." And just lay it
all down and explain it to him, why. I don't want to leave that town
like that; it's a bad thing on my name if I do that. And then they're
going to say, "He's nothing but a cheat and a steal, and–and leaving
the town owing money." See what I mean? I'd explain it to you. Set down
like a brother and talk it over with you.
Well, I believe if I'd do that and–and you liked me as you do,
you–you'd do anything. You–you'd pawn an automobile or sell something
out of the house to get the money. Now see, you'd do it. Any of you
would. And I would for you.

But it would be the–the right thing to do is, come set down and talk
it over with one another, let–let you know (You see?), express our
feelings to each other. "You're my friend; that's the reason I come to
Now, that's the same way it is by Christ. Say, "You're my Lord.
I–I'm–I'm sick. I… The–the doctor says he can't do nothing for me.
But–but I know You can, because You're my Lord." And–and just–just
speak it over with Him until you feel then that–that–that you receive
it. And that's your faith. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen."
And I–when I feel that way, it's just as good as I got it. Sure, I can
go ahead, 'cause I got it. See, I done… Now, He has done promised me
that I got it, so that–that settles it. And I just keep on holding on,
Finally, first thing you know, here it comes pouring down out of the
corridors of heaven. And you–you got it. But that's it you see. "Thou
and thy house shall be saved."
And if you don't see them all saved before you leave the earth,
you'll–they'll be there when you get… time… when the great coming
comes, it'll be there.

Now, you understand what I mean? See? It's by faith we do everything.
Believe on the Lord. Believe on the Lord for a job. Believe on the Lord
to hunt–to give you the wife that you should have. Believe on the Lord
to give you the husband you should marry. Believe on the Lord to send
you some new furniture, or if the–if the barrel goes empty and the
cruse gets dry, and there's no food and the children are hungry.
Believe on the Lord.
Believe on the Lord for anything. See? As long as it's right, just
believe on the Lord and "thou shall." See? It shall come. I've never
seen it fail in all my life. God bless you.
How about you reading some of them questions for me. Could you read
them for me? I–I hope I get these right. I don't want to keep you too
long now, about, maybe about ten minutes and–and–and give him, Jimmy,
a little time to study them over there and see if I… And they're
going to be ask me right blank, right out. And so, if I can't say them,
well you'll understand.

But you understand what I mean now to believe? "Believe on the Lord
Jesus Christ and thy and thy house shall be saved." Believe for
yourself, and believe for your house, and you shall have it. Say,
"Well, the doctor said I can't get well." Well, if thou can believe on
the Lord, you can get well.
"Well, I–I'm out of work." But if you'll believe on the Lord (See?),
and you shall have work. "And I–I don't know what to do about this
situation." Believe on the Lord. Look where it sets with me right now,
and wife there. I've always thought the Lord wanted me to leave
Jeffersonville. Now, it's got to a spot, till I just had to commit
myself to Him.
So, here I am. He knows where I'm at right here tonight. So, and
everywhere He wants me to go, I'll go. And what He wants me to do, I'll
do it. And I'll be right along till He tells me. You see?

E-45 All right, Jimmy, have you got them, my boy? [Brother
reads a question: "When the rapture takes place, will all believer's
families, wife and children go? They are in faith and trust in Jesus
Christ as Lord?"–Ed.]

Yes, yes. Will all the family go in–in the–in the rapture? See, yes.
See? Now, if you notice, the rapture is going to be a universal thing.
And how… Did you all get that lesson all right Sunday? You all
understand it all right about how close we are at the time, "The
Seventy Weeks Of Daniel"?
You all were there Sunday, wasn't you? Yeah. All right. Well, I think,
Brother Welch, you got the tape of it. And some of you could play it.
And–and you got the map of it, I believe, haven't you? And you just
draw it out and–and to them that wasn't here, maybe explain it to them
(You see?), so they–they can get it. I want you to see just by the
Scripture that I haven't got one word to say into it. The Scriptures
just prove it, that we're–we're at the end time.

Now, we was talking today, the brethren. You say, "Well, Brother
Branham, if you believe that the rapture is that close, then why do you
go fishing?" If I put my mind to it constantly, it would almost run you
wild. When you think of the tens of thousands of people out here in sin
that don't know Christ. And I think that "Here I am, what can I do?"
But here's what I think. I cannot save one unless God called them. See?
I can't do it. And I couldn't save them anyhow. But "all the Father has
given Me will come to Me." So if He don't tell me where to go, then
what can I do? See?
So, the thing I do, is just not be–not be all weary about it. That'd
be worse than ever. I'm happy about it. I'm just–just all packed up
and ready, you know, when it comes, Lord, here I am. I'm just waiting.

And now, here's what happens. The–the raptured saints, as you noticed
on the chart Sunday… Now, the early Pentecostal brethren–or the late
Pentecostal brethren don't give that–those back churches room enough
there, I don't believe. But I believe that every borned again
Christian… And how are we born again? When we believe on the Lord
Jesus Christ (See?) and accept…
Now, I don't believe just because you say in your mind you believe. I
believe your life tells whether you're really a Christian or not.
I–you say, "What…"
Today, the lady down there said something or another about being a–a
Christian or something another. And she said, "And what denomination?"
See, right quick they want to know what denomination.
I said, "Don't belong to any denomination, just a Christian." You see. A Christian…

You say, "Well, a Christian means a Campbellite." No, that's–that's…
They just call them Christian, but that don't mean Christian. I know a
many people that I'd think belong to what was called the Christian
Church that wasn't Christians. And the Christian ministers will tell
you the same thing of the Christian Church, that they got many members
that not Christian.
But Christian is not a church that you belong to; it's an experience that you have had of being born into the family of God.

Now, notice in that–the rapture will be universal, because He said,
"There will be two in the field, and I'll take one and leave one.
There'll be two in the bed; I'll take one and leave one." You see, when
it's dark on one side of the earth, where it's two is in the bed, it'll
be harvest time on the other side of the earth, when there'll be two in
the field. See? And it shows it'll come one great big rapture; it'll
come right out from the world. See? "Two in the field and I'll take one
and leave one. Two in bed, I'll take one and leave one."

Now, we–we see that… And then everyone that was found written in the
Book was delivered in that day of that–before that tribulation. So, if
your children, your mother, your loved ones, whoever they are, if their
name is written on the Lamb's Book of Life, my precious children,
you'll be right there.
No matter where we're at, if–if I… Flying overseas, and the–the
airplane explodes in the air and I–you never even find a piece of me
in–in–in this body, that won't have one thing to do with it. See?
I'll be right there just the same. Don't you worry about that. I'll be
right there to shake your hand and–and praise the Lord with you, and
crown Him King of king and Lord of lords. See?
I suppose maybe, of Paul's body, there isn't even a speck of dust left,
hardly. But all the materials that made his body up is somewhere. So,
they'll be gathered together at that day.

When you die, you actually do not die. A Christian cannot die. There is
no such a thing as death for a Christian, not in the Bible.
Like when Lazarus… He said–they said… "Our–our friend Lazarus
sleepeth," Jesus said. See, He never said he was dead. Said, "He
They said, "Oh well, if he's sleeping, I–I suppose he's doing all
right then. He's must be getting along better." So, He had to talk
their language.
He said, "Now, in otherwise… In your own language, he's dead. And I
am glad for your sake that he wasn't there. I'll go and awaken him."
See? Oh, yes. See? Sleep, see He still had His own… See? "For your
sake–for your way of knowing it, he's dead. But to Me, he's asleep,
and I'm not going to–I'm not going to raise him up. I'm just going to
wake him. See, I'm going to wake him up."

And so, you–you notice when Jesus Himself died… See, there's three
parts of the body. A soul… Three parts of us, soul, body, and spirit,
as you seen the seven church ages; I had it drawed out: five entrances
to the body, see, taste, feel, smell and hear, and conscience, and so
forth to the soul. And–and then to the spirit, there's one avenue:
that's the–your own free moral agency, that's make a decision. You
see? You can turn it down or–or you can accept it.
And so now, when a person accepts Christ and is saved, your whole
household, your whole family, every family of the earth will be saved.
Now, when… or go in.

When Christ died, He committed His Spirit to God before He left
the–the cross. He said, "Into Thy hands I commend My Spirit." And the
Bible said His soul went to hell and preached (that's His conscience
and what He was… ) to the spirits was in prison and His body went to
the grave.
Now see, He was behind a barricade of Scriptures. He couldn't rise for
three days. And His Spirit was back up here in the Presence of God.
Now, after three days, that barricade was taken down, because the
Scripture was fulfilled. And His Spirit went to the soul, and the soul
went to the body, and He rose up. He said before He died, He said, "I
have power to lay My life down. I have power to take it up again."
Now, think of it. Every one of you in here, as far as I know tonight is
Christians. Now, look. The thing that's in you now, the Spirit that's
in you now is the same Spirit that will raise you up. You have power to
lay your life down. You're doing it right now for Christ. And then you
have power to take it up again. See? You have power to lay it down and
power to take it up.
For it's the very Spirit of God that's in you that raises you up, is
the very Spirit of God that was in Christ that raised Him up. So, you
have power to lay it down; you have power to take it up.

And when you die or–and you–our loved ones or somebody goes on ahead
of us, they're not dead. Their spirit's with God. Their soul is under
the altar of God. Their body's in the grave, and they know right where
it is at.
So, what happens? When the Scripture's all fulfilled, like in the Bible
it said, "These souls are under the altar, was crying, 'Lord, how long,
how long?" They want to come back to earth and be in bodies. He said,
"Just a little longer till your fellow servants has suffered like you
have for the testimony of Christ."
Then you see when that Scripture is fulfilled, then them spirits
descend right straight under the altar there and take up that soul.
That soul goes right down and picks up the body, and there you are,
raised again. Think of it. The Holy Spirit that's right in this
building tonight, the Holy Spirit that's right here in my heart will
raise me up at the last day.

This Holy Spirit that's in me now, will see to it that I have a young
immortal body and never go with… The Holy Spirit that's in you will
see that the gray hairs will fade away and whatever it is. And you–and
the old age, if you're so old, and whiskers down, and walking like
that, it don't make one bit of difference. That same Holy Spirit, He
will just snap it right back at that day, just at a young man and
woman. That's the Bible. That's right. The Spirit that's in us right
now, right now. Not one that will come, the One that's in us now. It's
God in you now. And He will raise… You can raise yourself up. And why
can't you do it now? Because see, there's Scripture holding you; you
got to wait till the rapture.
See, there you are. You got to stay right there. See? You're not
allowed to get this high. If it would be, why, we'd–I'd say we'd build
us a little private world. You'd be living over in one world and me on
the other one, and then there would be no coming of the Lord Jesus. And
what would it be? See?

But you have power to do it. Just the least little shadow of God could
do anything. 'Cause see, He's–He's omnipotent. You know what
omnipotent… He's infinite, infinite, infinite and omnipotent. That's
infinite; there's just no… Well, you–you–you just can't explain it,
you know. Infinite just is like on a camera, infinite. It's just from
there on.
And then omnipotent is all powerful. He's all the way… Standing out
yonder and looking through a glass, and I can see a hundred and
twenty-million years of light space, when that–when that astronomer
had taken me up to look–let me look through that big glass that night.
Could see a hundred and twenty-million years of light space…

Well, you talking about Jupiter and Mars and these stars that you see
now, well my, think what a hundred and… Light travels about… What
is it? Eighty… A hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second, a
hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second. And take a hundred
and twenty-million years. Whew. By one second a hundred and eighty-six
thousand, and break it down to a hundred and twenty-million years. Then
what do you got? That's miles. Oh, my. It just makes us feel like
you're–you're just… See?
But now, and then beyond that, there's just as many moon and stars as
there… And He holds them with the power of His own Word. And that
very same thing that holds them is in you as a Christian. Oh, my. See,
see, there you are. So, there–that's who you are.

See, people try to think, "Well, I'm a Christian. I guess I'll have to
be dogged around." No, you don't. You're a Christian, brother. That's a
high… You're a son of God. Our Father is King. Certainly. Amen. And
our Father being King, we're–we're His sons. We're prince and princess
(Amen.) to a King. See? The highest there is, highest can be. The very
Spirit of our God is in us. That's it.
So, what do we care about what happens here. See, there is the place
that counts. This is just a testing time. When Father is finished,
let's go. Let's go home. See? So, what difference does it make.

So, then in that, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. If your children
isn't saved, until they get saved. And Jesus said (now, remember, Saint
John 5:24), "He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent
Me, hath Everlasting Life and shall not come to the judgment."
Then if he don't come to the judgment, where does he go? In the
rapture. See? 'Cause that's the judgment after the rapture. See? "Shall
not come into the judgment, but has passed from death unto Life."
Because he's believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. Isn't that wonderful?
So they–your children will be there with you. Your loved ones will be
there with you. And I hope I'm there with you. Amen.

E-60 All right, have you got another one there, Jimmy boy? [Brother
Jimmy reads the next question: "We understand the world was made by
faith. Will you please explain the…?… about faith."–Ed.]

A world was fashioned… Now, over in Hebrews we find out that… We
understand that the world was made by–by things which do not appear.
Now, I'll–I'll try to be quick, 'cause I didn't notice all them
little–all them questions there. Now, let's just take–go back on a
little trip. And–and it's already ten, and I told mommy I'd be ready
to go by ten. Are you–are you too sleepy to wait just for a minute? Or
too tired? See?

Well, look. Before there was anything, let's see before there was a
light, before there was a world, before there was a star, before there
was a atom, before there was a molecule, there was God. Who is this
person God? Is He air, is He light, is He… He's God. That's just all
you can say. See?
Just think, a molecule… There's in one little atom, there's so many
molecules. See? And then beyond the molecule, before there was even one
of them, there was still God. He was all, filled everything. See?
Now, in this God… Now, we're going–we're going to make Him a
little–a little form so you can see. Now, inside of this–this person
God… The inside of–of this Person was a–there was attributes. And
them attributes was to be Father, was to be a Healer, was to be a
Saviour; that's what was in this great Person now, that was before a
molecule or anything, when there wasn't no molecule, but there's still

Now, in there was attributes to be Father, to be a Son, to be a
Saviour, to be a Healer, to be all those things. Now, this Person that
has this, now if–if this Person, God…
Now, what He did… The first thing, let's say, He made (as far as we
know, the smallest we can break down) was a molecule. And after He made
a molecule, He made a hundred billions of them in a seconds. Just what
did He do? He spoke it into existence. And now, you… Here would be a
good lesson right here, if we just had time to go into it. See?
Now, He spoke it. And when He said to, molecules went to turning. Then
He said, "Let there be atoms." And there are atom's laws. And they
still stay in that law, they're trail–still traveling. Everything
travels in God's laws.

Like the man I was telling you about, the old fellow Brother Banks Wood
and I went down, you know, to see him. He was talking about the… how
I asked him… He was a infidel, and I asked him, "How does that sap
leave the tree in August and go down in the roots? What makes it do it?
He… What makes the leaves turn brown?"
He said, "Because the sap…"
"What… Why does the sap go down?"
He said, "Well, it's just–it goes down."
I said, "What if it don't go down?"
Said, "The tree would die."
I said, "Well, what intelligence makes that sap go down in the roots?
Put a bucket of water on the post and see if it'll go down in August."
See? I said, "What intelligence makes that sap leave the tree and go
down into the roots? Something tells it get down there, or
it–it–it'll freeze and die, that tree will die. See? And we ain't had
no cold weather or nothing yet. But it…"
He said, "Well, it–it's just the nature."
"Well, what is nature? Tell me what nature is." See?
Nature is a law of God. Yeah, it's a law of God.

Now, faith is a law of God (See?), the same thing. All this power of
God that we're talking about is accessible to us by faith. "All things
are possible. Say to this mountain be moved and don't doubt in your
heart. Believe what you said come to pass, you can have it."
Accessible, if you've got the law, there it is. See? The law is faith
that controls all things.
Now, God by His law, made molecules. That's a law of God. Then God made
atoms. Then from that, God made a sun. From that, out of the sun made
stars. Out of the star… That's little pieces of sun flying off. What
did He have? Way back there is His attributes displaying themselves.

Then come a world. And after the world come a creation. And after the
creation, come a law to creation. After there was a world… What makes
this world? How can anybody explain it? Turn a ball any way you want
to, throw it in the air, it won't make two turns and make it a billion
turns per second, it'll not make two turns in the same place. And yet,
we got record of six thousand years, this world has never missed a
time, turning twenty-four hours just exactly, standing in nowhere. See?
What is that? This great Person before there was a world–before there
was a world, that's that great Person in there, a law of God making it
turn. The same law of God, He just spoke it into existence. He's a
Creator. He creates. See? And that's why that the world was made
By faith, God made the world, because His own faith (See?), made the world. And that's how… Now, He…

See, He come down making man and all the animals, till He come down to
sin. But He could not make sin. Because He cannot be righteous and the
Father of righteousness and make sin. So, you know what He done? He
made man in His own image, and knowing that he would fall, but put him
on a basis of free moral agency. He said, "Now, don't touch this tree."
Now, He couldn't say… Now, He knowed he was going to touch it. But He
couldn't…?… him to touch it. Because He said, "Touch this Tree and
you live, and touch this tree and you die." See?
And He knew man would fail, but yet He couldn't make him fail. He had
to do it on Hisself… So that makes God righteous. You see? Man fell
hisself. After He made him so close to Himself, He put him on a basis
of free moral agency, and therefore, there's where he fell. By his own
free moral agent act he fell.
And today, each one of you children and each of us adults, is placed by
them same two trees. We can accept Life or refuse it. See? So, God just
spoke it into existence, and the world was framed. This very floor is
God's Word. This thing here is God's Word. Our bodies are God's Word.
And everything there is, is God's Word. See? Because it all originated
from God.
All right, sir. Now–now, if that isn't right, if that don't clear it
up, why, you–you can write me a note and bring it to church…?…

E-67 All right, Brother Jimmy. [Brother Jimmy reads the next question: "I Corinthians 16:22 explain… "–Ed.]
see, I Corinthians 16:22. All right, sir. Just a minute. These–these
little–these little studies in the Scriptures really could help us. It
could–it can strengthen you and make you–make you strong, mighty men.
Sixteen you said, son? [–Ed.]
let him be…" Oh, my goodness. I can't–don't know whether I can
pronounce that name or not. A-n-a-t-h-e-m-a M-a-r-a-m-a-t-h-a. Somebody
got another Bible, see what… It's broke down. That's antha… What
say? Sounds like that would be… What is it, Fred? Get the–get
another… Has somebody got another Bible? See if it's in there.
Anathema. Well, what is an anathema? Now, you got me. You know, Fred?
Anybody… Any of you all know what anathema is? Got a dictionary? We
can find it just in a minute. Get a dictionary.

E-68 All right, while he is getting that one, maybe I can answer another one. All right, sir. [Brother Jimmy reads the next question: "Explain I beheld and Satan as lighting falling from heaven."–Ed.]
I beheld Satan falling from heaven like lightning." Over in Luke is
where… Does it give a Scripture there? Just… Well, I suppose that's
what it is.
"I beheld Satan falling from heaven like lightning." Now, that would…
Now, I'll just kindy outline this, and if it doesn't do it, then
you–you just let me know, and I'll go into detail. Do you remember,
we'll–we'll get that when we come into–farther on into the Scriptures
on our study over there in that… You know, Jesus…

That was immediately after that Jesus give His disciples power against
unclean spirits. And they went out casting out devils. Sent them two by
two, and He said, "Don't go to the Gentiles, but go, rather, to the
lost sheep of Israel. And as you go, preach then the Kingdom of heaven,
and heal the sick, and cast out devils," and so forth. Well, then…
And then, they come back rejoicing, happily (Now, you that asked the
question knows that's where it is at. See?)–come back happily
rejoicing. And He said–and He said, "Rejoice not that your names…
Rejoice not because devils is subject unto you, but rejoice because
your names are written in heaven." He said, "I beheld Satan falling
from heaven like lightning."
See, the power of that Church moving forward had just upset the whole
kingdom of Satan. You see? And He saw him as he dropped from his
places. Because God had again give power to His Church to go to… He
beheld him falling like lightning from heaven. He was cast plumb out of
the holy places and everything (You see?), by the power of those–that
power of that Church, of them having power. Jesus said, "I give you
power over unclean spirits." See? And they really upset the kingdom of
Satan. What could we do with it today? Oh, praise the Lord.

E-70 All right, Brother Jimmy, maybe you got another one. [Brother Jimmy reads the next question: "Explain 'blood unto to the horse's bridle."–Ed.]… bridle bits, the Armageddon (Uh-huh.) in Revelation…
in the last days, we come to a place when Titus in A.D. 70 taken the
walls of Jerusalem, and tore down the walls of Jerusalem. They claim
that there was so much blood spilled amongst that–right at a million
or more Jews that was inside of the walls, until they killed even
women, babies… And well, it was so bad till… They'd–they'd
rejected the Holy Spirit.
See, now God, when He–when they rejected Christ and called Him a
Beelzebub, He said, "I forgive you for that. (See?) I forgive you." But
said, "Someday the Holy Spirit is coming" to do the same thing that He
was doing. Said, "One word against That won't be forgiven."

Well, what'd they do on the day of Pentecost when they seen those
people screaming, and dancing, and acting like they were drunk, and
screaming, and shouting, and going on? What'd they say? They said,
"They're full of wine; they're drunkards," and all like that: Acts 2.
And they made fun of them and called them everything. What happened? It
sealed them outside of the Kingdom of God. See?
And then when that besiege of Jerusalem came… Now, we're going to get
that in Revelations 7; we'll come right back to it, ever who asked the
question. We'll come right back to it. And then–and when they…
Titus taking the walls, the history says, on–on Josephus, the early
historian who walked the days of our Lord Jesus, and he was a great
historian. He said that even that the blood flowed–just gushed out
from the gates like that. They killed so many of them in there at one
time when they went in.

Now, the Bible predicts that in the last days that He will trap
Catholicism, Romanism, and all those things, and them–communism, and
all of them together in the valleys of Megiddo there, until there will
be such a slaughter amongst them, until the blood will flow to a
horse's bit–horse's bridle. See, that's in Revela… That'll be in…
But thanks be to the heavenly Father, I don't think we'll be here. By
His grace, we won't. We'll be in glory then. See? That will be right
after the–the–the–the two prophets has prophesied in the battle of
Armageddon. That's when these–when these Gentile nations gets so
wicked, just keep on, and the confederation of churches, and all this
come together, and God will take the Church, the Elect Church home out
of every one. And all the sleeping virgin will be wait…
Now, that bridle's bit there will come out from the sleeping virgins
and all them back in that day. And Communism, when they're all meet
there, and God said He'd plead with them like He did in–in the days
gone by, you know, there in that valley. And that's where it'll ride to
the bridle bits of the horses.
Did you ever get that word? Did they… Oh, they're still look… Oh, it… Go ahead, it's all right.

E-73 [Brother Jimmy reads the next question concerning the three unclean spirits–Ed.] That come out of Revelations, come out of the mouth of the false prophet and the dragon and so forth.
Now, we're going to get that in our study now (You see?), the three
unclean spirits is the three isms. Let me type it for you now and
you'll see where it–where it started, where it begin. See?
There was communism, fascism, nazism. They were spirits. Communism is a
spirit. It gets on you. See? It's a spirit. And that–it'll be
something like that, only I'd… It–it… That really isn't it. But
it'll be three spirits just like that, which they was kind of a
forerunner of. But, of course, you know where… It's in Catholicism.
You see? But I'd–I–I want to get a few things on that straight before
I say it (You see?), to be sure that I know what…

But it is three spirits, just like communism, fascism… And we brought
that out years ago, you know. Remember, I told you, I said it would be
a–it would be a thing would take place, would be–all wind up in
communism. And that's where it's done. That's the same way it'll be at
that time. You see? It–it'll be three unclean spirits that'll go
forth. It'll…
I really, truly believe right now, just to kindly outline it, if you
don't mind… And if I–if I add a little more to it when I go to
explain it, well, you'll say, "You didn't explain it altogether down
there that night." See? If I do that.
Here's what I think it'd be. I believe it's a spirit, the sleeping
virgin, confederation of church, Judaism on the rejecting of Christ,
the Jews that rejected it, and Catholicism. Because you see where it
come out of the–it come out of the false prophet (See?), out of the
mouth of the false prophet which was popery, from out of the beast.
See? And all that where it come out of, you can see the backgrounds
where it is.
And that's the three unclean spirits that sets the whole world to
Armageddon. See? And that's them three unclean spirits. Then you get
that right in with the three woes. You remember the other day, I just
brought it in. I said… Be seven last plagues, seven seals, and three
woes, and two–three unclean spirits, and that–that comes through

E-75 Okay, have you got another one, have you? [A brother reads the next question: "What significance does the Euphrates river have through Bible spiritually speaking?"–Ed.]
The Euphrates river, it's always been a great river, because the
Euphrates river has a great place in the Bible. The first place we
find, that it run right through Eden: Euphrates river did. The Bible
says it come right through Eden. The next thing we find out, the
Euphrates river also was a river that come right straight down through
Babylon–same river. See? Euphrates river come right through Babylon.
Now, we find out that the Angel poured out his vial upon the Euphrates
river and dried it up, that the king of the north might come down. And
I think what that will actually be, will be at the end time when they
come into Armageddon. See, they have to come right down through Egypt
there, to get into it. Right down through them countries, they'll have
to cross the Euphrates to get in there.

See, the Euphrates river runs today. We–we know that. You see?
And–and the Amazon, South America, and the Nile in Egypt, and the
Euphrates, and the… Oh, what is that other one? There is two rivers
there in–that headed up there at the head of Eden. And the–the
Euphrates river is when this great… made way for it to come down.
See, making way for the king of the north to come down, the kings.
That'll be–that'll take place during the time of the battle of
Armageddon in the last days. You see? That Euphrates river… Was that
all of them? Or did… That was all of them.

Now, I just in my mind (See?), about that–what this person is if they
reject Christ. It's just… You might look it up for your own self in
a–in a–in the dictionary. Because it's not something that it would…
I wouldn't speak it out–right out here now. But you look it up, and
you'll see what it means. It… You could just, in other words…
There's two or three places in the Scripture I could refer to you the
things like that.
Like, in other words, like King Nebuchadnezzar said, "Any man that
wouldn't–that wouldn't bow down to this so-and-so… under the
Daniel's God and everything, let his house be taken away, his children
burned, and his house made a dunghill." See? And we realize what those
words are; they're just brought out and said like that. But if you just
look back in the dictionary, it'll–it'll tell you just what it is. You
see? What that is.

Well, these little old things are enlightening, and I–I–I didn't put
as much on them if they–as I should've stood and put. Because you see,
it's a–it's… everybody… You all are working tomorrow, and I am
going to–and, the Lord willing, to Miami. And it's a quarter after
ten. And I don't want to hold you too long. And I think my young ones
are asleep. And I guess yours is too. And so there we are. And–and the
little fellows get sleepy quick.
But I want to say this: Them's real, real, nice questions, every one of
them, real good. And I wished if I have another question night or
something another, at the Tabernacle, that you all… If I mention it
that morning, you'd give them questions over to me so I could–could
get a little time to study them.

As you know, it's just offhand, then you–you start talking, and I'm a
great person to take too much time on anything. And here, you notice my
technique in preaching, that's the reason I keep you there all day (You
see?), nearly. I just preach too long.
But did you notice Billy Graham? Now, Billy Graham's a trained
preacher. And he's a great man. And Billy Graham, he will set his text
right there. He will back off out here and just keep hammering at that
text, just constantly all the time. He will never let his voice drop,
hardly, just keep hammering into that text. See?
That's the way the Holy Spirit has him preaching. See? That's his technique of doing it. That's the way he does it.
Charles Fuller, many of you has heard him. He is a wonderful old man.
And so, Charlie Fuller is a, like Bible expositor. He's a–he likes
to–to teach and to–how he goes about things, you know. And
everything, he just lays it in Christ, and a great old teacher. You
notice what he does. He doesn't preach; he just teaches it.

Well now, if you notice, the little simple way that I have it. I set a
text out here, whatever my text is. And I go way back out here and get
my context. I bring it over here and lay it right in line with my text.
And then go back over here and get something else. And bring it over
here, and lay it down over here. Then I go back over here and get
something else, till I get it all down here to right, and then drive it
home on my text, just all at one time.
The reason I used to have these little old sermons… I used to try to
preach. 'Course, you've been around me long and know I'm not a
preacher. But like, "Believest Thou This?", "Speak To The Rock.","Come
See A Woman," and all like that, you know, just little three words.
Just… I'd build it all around about the woman at the well and what it
was. And then hit right down at the last, then see, "Come See A Man.
Come See A Man," then "Speak To The Rock." I take Israel and bring them
out, and see, I get my context, and put it over here in line with my
text, never hit my text yet.

And you noticed awhile ago in splaining–explaining that just awhile
ago, same thing. On that Roman there (See?), saying, Believe on the
Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved." See, that's a question,
being saved. See, I went back, and got what all that was, and pulled it
out, and went back, and got Job, and all of them, pulled it over here
in–in the road, and then drive it down. That's what it is; it's faith.
You see? Job used faith. The Roman used faith. We're ready to use faith
and everything. See, just…
And I think that way if I, in doing it to my way, if I could get the
people interested enough to listen to what you're trying to build to,
then save your main text here for the last point, and then drive it in.
Then say… Oh, the rest of it opens up. 'Cause you see, you see it.
See, you just–you reach over here, and got a loose line, and pull this
one in. And–and trouble of it is, I leave too many loose lines, so
I–that I don't get.

Well, it's really been nice for you all to come down here, and set, and
talk with us, and everything. And I appreciate it. And I want to say
again with all my heart; I mean this with all that's in me. I never
realized what a great thing you people are paying. I–I just… If it
wasn't for seeing you, and wasn't for loving you, and the things that I
do, I'd say, "I ain't going to preach at that Tabernacle another time."
To see you all have to drive fifteen, eighteen hundred miles a trip to
go and hear a service.
Now, I appreciate that great loyalty. But yet, I think of what you're
doing. See? Mmm. And I–I just trust to God that every one of you in
the land beyond the river, you and your children, your little ones and
all, that I'll–I'll see you over there. And I hope I'll be there. I
trusting I'll be there.
Now see, every one of you may–may not one of your children be lost,
not one of you lost; may we all be there at that day. And–and even to
our little sister out there, the–the little colored lady out there,
washing the dishes, out there in–in–in the other room.
I–I remember down here one day, talking to that woman. I believe… Is
that the same woman? And her husband, I believe I met–met him over
there one time. Or no, it's a boy that works for you. Seemed to be a
fine little old guy. And I–I just hope we're all meet there where
we–there will be no disappointments. And no more setting up late at
night, because there'll be no night.

Oh, my brother, sister, if I could just–if I could just any way
explain what it was that morning, when I was laying there beside my
little wife there, and He lifted me up from that bed, and took me up
there, and let me look a past the curtain.
If I could only just have the power now to explain to you what that
looked like and what it was… I seen them all there. And they were all
young. And I–I couldn't recognize them. See, they was all coming up to
me, and putting there arms around me, and everything. And they
were–they were human beings. See? They wasn't some kind of a feathers,
like a… They say a angel… I don't think a Angel has feathers,
although they just–they just say that. You see?
But an angel is a messenger. And that–the word means a messenger. So,
I don't think they have feathers and things like that. But it's just…
They were all there, and they were all happy. And they were no–could
not be nothing else but happy. And if there wasn't no more than that, I
would–it would pay us for all the running and things we do, and–and
all like that.

But I want you to… I want to say this, that I believe too, that the
Bible said in the last days there'll come a famine in the land. And
that famine won't be for bread and water, but for hearing the true Word
of God. And people will run from east, from west, from north and south,
seeking to hear the Word of God. And we're just about living in that
day now. See? When…
Not disregarding anybody (You see?), not disregarding our churches, no,
sir… But if you know, I believe that in the pulpits of many of these
churches, we have fine men, good men, real men of God. But they're
afraid if they say anything that's contrary to what that organization
says, then they'll be kicked out. Then they're left in the cold.
And I believe what the man needs is some courage. And I believe that,
why, I believe God wants to take somebody and make an example to show
that He will take care of them, regardless of their organization. So,
that's what I'm–hope He will do with me, to help me, let me… And if

And listen, Christians. If ever one time… I–I'll–I charge you
before God and the–and the elect Angels, that you do… If any time
that you see that I'm doing something wrong, won't you please come tell
me? 'Cause I–I–I love you too well to miss you over there. And I know
you're going. So, I… You come tell me. If you see me in the wrong any
time, something that I do that's not right, something that would put a
stumbling block in your way.
Now, there is a lot of times, I get around here and laugh, and cut up,
and say things. What am I trying to do? I'm trying to let off some of
that wound up feeling in me. You see? Just it isn't that I want to do
that. See? It isn't that I want to even laugh or… And to come down
here and get with Brother Welch so I can hear him tell a little
something another about, oh, the–the little boy–a colored boy out
there. And he caught a fish, and the warden caught him, and said he was
catching turtle baits. And–and like… Something you know, on that

And the little… When that little preacher told me… I was telling
them, the little girls today, about the little poodle dog being Fefe
and Fifi. You see? And–and like… What am I doing that for? To–to
laugh, make myself laugh, to–to bring myself down.
When you step above this mortal realm up into them realms there,
it–it's–it keeps you in a twist, you know what I mean. And then just
think, here it is just think. With this ministry, you remember what I
am going to have to answer for? Not just for Tifton, Georgia, not for
Indiana, not for the United States, but I got to answer before the
world for a worldwide ministry. See? I got to answer to the heathen. I
got to answer to God for the heathens, rather. See?
And when I get setting at home and think, "Well, I believe–I
believe–I believe…" Like the other day up there, and I get so wound
up, and I said, "I–I–I'm going on and have another meeting." And I go
on and have another meeting. And the first thing you know, I'm so wound
up, I–I got to go hunting; I got to go fishing; I got to get out with
somebody. I–I got to do something, 'cause I'm just a man, just a human
being. You see? And that–that's what… You understand that.

But if you ever think I get anywhere out of the way with it, you come
tell me. I'll stop it, boy, like a clam of… No matter what happens.
'Cause I–I want you to understand; I have no secrets. Everything that
I know, you know too. See? All that the Lord has showed me that He will
permit me to tell, I've told it. And I hold nothing back. And–and my
life is open. You–you–you know what I am and what I'm made out of.
And I'm just–try to live every day the same as in–far as I can.
'Course, a lot of times you see me when I'm moody, and I feel bad, and
tired, and weary, or something like that. 'Course, I–that goes along
with the ministry, you know; you realize that, you… If you look back
through the pages of time, you'll see that men that way, did that way.
We all get those.
But the thing of it is, we want to understand one another. I realize
that you have your ups-and-downs too. I'm not the only one has them.
You have them. And when you're having yours, I'll try to understand.
When I'm having mine, you try to understand. And when I'm overseas
somewhere, or way out in a meeting somewhere, and the devils are
everywhere a piling up and challenged me and everything else, why, you
all remember, just pray for me. Will you do that?

Can we have a little word to Him now? Heavenly Father, it's been
glorious to stand here and talk to this bunch of Blood-washed children.
I realize tonight, I'm standing just like Saint Paul stood many years
ago, little house meetings where they come. And Paul come over to
Aquila and Priscilla's, and–and how they must have had–gathered the
people in. And he went… Rome and had a house rented. And he received
those that come in.
And here tonight, the people from–that comes to the Tabernacle.
And–and the people that's–drives all these miles, that I've just been
trying to tell them how much I appreciate it… Lord, I don't have
words even, that I can tell them with, how much I appreciate them. But
Father, I pray that You'll let them know in their hearts what I mean.
And dear God, if… Please, I pray that You will answer my prayer for
them. Save them every one, Lord. May there not be one of them lost or
any of their families lost; may they every one be there.

I pray for their little ones. I think this little boy laying here in
his daddy's lap, and his mommy's setting, watching, and think of the
days that is to come. If there is a tomorrow, how do I know that that
same little boy won't pack the Gospel? God, I pray that You'll bless
the little lad, all the others, the little girls and boys, and be with
them all. Be with Brother and Sister Evans that's opened up their
house, house of prayer.
Be with us now and forgive us of our sins. And God, if they ever get
sick and they have to call, God, let me live such a life that they'll
believe that You'll hear me. And then hear me when I pray for them,
Lord. Grant it. And hear when they're praying for me, 'cause I need
their prayers, Father. And every time they're praying for me, won't You
hear, Lord? When I am praying for them, hear, Lord. And together we'll
serve You all of our lives. And in that great day, we hope to come up
to Your house someday. And when we knock at the door, won't You let us
in, Father. Until that time, watch over us, and bless us, and keep us
ever true. We ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Thank you very much, folks. And I'm sorry to have kept you here
till–till al–almost ten-thirty. This little lad laying here, sleeping
like a little trooper. How old is he? Two. Through with it?
How are you, sister, I don't know whether I shook your hand when I come
in or not. Well, it's nice seeing you again, and you, Brother Willie.
Fred, I guess you'll be leaving out in the morning, going back towards
the house. You're taking my–my alligator back. See you up home,
Brother Wood. Lord bless you. And you, Brother Scott. Nice seeing you
again, brother. I believe I've seen you before somewhere, haven't I? I
thought I had. Your face is familiar.
Brother Wayne, the Lord bless you. And I still think I ought to fill up
your tank with gasoline for coming down eighty miles to bring this
minister to me. Bless you, son. Bless you, sister. And all of my
teasing you… I'm just teasing, you know that don't you?

God bless you, Sister Evans. That was really nice breakfast, and
supper, and your fine hospitality. Remember, Jesus said this. "Insomuch
as you have done it unto the least…" Now, you didn't hear Him say,
"Insomuch as you done it to the greatest…" See? See, that
might–that'd be somebody else. But "Insomuch as you have done unto the
least…" I guess that'd be me. So, you've done it to me.
Nice seeing you again too, sister. God ever be with you. I… Oh, my.
How could you say it wasn't your mother? You look so much alike.
It's nice getting to see you, sister. I believe you are the wife of
the–this young fellow there. And you're Brother Scott. Are you all
sisters? Well, I thought you were sisters. I sure did. Nice to get to
see you again. And keep up the good courage, my brother. And say, maybe
this is a new one. I didn't notice this girl here. Oh, well, I'm glad
to meet you, sister. The Lord bless you.
Nice seeing you, sister. And he will be good for something. Just take
him. God bless you, brother. Brother Evans, God be with you, boy.

Now, honey if you'll get our young ones, we better get going. God bless
you, my brother. And then I tell you, before we go, let's just stand up
to our feet and sing this little song. Will you sing a little verse
with me like that little…? Is it all right?

God be with you till we meet again!

By His counsels guide, uphold you,

With His sheep securely fold you;

God be with you till we meet again!

Till we meet. Till we meet!

Till we meet at Jesus' feet;

Till we meet. Till we meet!

God be with you till we meet again!

Here's the way we used to do at the little prayer meetings, let's take
hold of each other's hands, right around like this. See? And we sing
this little hymn. Make a little circle, be together. That's the way.
You see? You just got a contact with each other that way, you know.
Let's sing. Do you know this little song?

Blest be the tie that binds

Our hearts in Christian love;

The fellowship of kindred minds

'Tis like to that above.

Before our Father's throne,

We pour our mutual prayers;

Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one,

Our comforts and our cares.

When we asunder part,

It gives us inward pain;

But we shall still be joined in heart,

And hope to meet again.

Now, with our heads bowed, let's just repeat that model prayer. Our
Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come,
Thine will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our
daily bread, and forgive us of our trespasses, as we forgive those who
trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us
from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory
forever. Amen.
God bless you, each one, now. Until we meet again.
Brother Welch, you mean you got all that on tape down there? Mmm. Well,
I wish you all, come go to Florida with us. If Lord willing… I–I
tell you what I'm doing, I'm trying to take the kiddies out. You see,
they're–they didn't get to finish their vacation. Their grandmother
had a heart attack and we had to come back. So therefore, I'm taking
them out to kindy finish their vacation, 'cause they got to start in
school again, right away. So, I will take them somewhere tomorrow,
maybe down at St. Petersburg or somewhere.

E-94 [Brother Branham has conversations with various people–Ed.]
I got to get back, maybe, before Sunday. [Brother Evens speaks about a museum–Ed.]
Oh? Yes? Well, I'd like go up and see them. Yes, sir. I haven't been in
the museum now. That's that… What was it? Ripley's Museum. And that's
at St. Petersburg? Down at Saint… I mean at St. Augustine.
Yeah, I go over here at… This is Jacksonville is where I go first,
isn't it? Yeah, back… 'Cause I get this thing turned around. Back
this way to Jacksonville, and then I go out through La Crosse, you say,
and out through that way?…?… Waycross. Uh-huh.

The Tabernacle faces east and west. I built… It… When you come in
from the–the front, you know where Eighth Street runs up this way?
You're going right east then. See? And then, the–the… Then if you
will stand up… And when I'm preaching, I'm preaching towards the
west. And see now, I do that so the altar would be to the east, because
Jesus is coming from the east. And then that–that let's me… The
altar, we bow always to the east. See?
Well usually, I don't know. It's just what I always did. I seen in the
Bible, they… Usually back there, Daniel said he went and pulled up
the windows, you know, and everything like that. And prayed at–to the
east. And–and so…
And I noticed in the old Mosaic temple, I think, faced the east, the
altar did. And so, of course, God will hear you wherever you are. You
see? Regardless… Yes, sir. Well now, I have seen a time when I'm
prayed up and everything, I–I just don't–I just don't get turned
around. See? I just come around.

But now, if I'm not watching and anything like that and just go down
and jump at it, I'll just… There is two–one place that I know of,
that I can never get straightened out. And yet I know where it's at.
And that's down at Grandma Cox's. I can go down there. And I just can't
get that straight. And there's going to be something, looking to me
like, happen there someday.
I go right here at this gate, and it's–that's just as due south as it
can be, turning to my right. But it isn't. See? It isn't. It's vice
versa. See? And I–I just…
And if I get into the woods, now like I get lost or something another,
and then if I'd turned around… Now, if I get all excited, well, I–I
can't do it. See? But if you'll just stand still a few minutes and say,
"Heavenly Father, help me." And brother, I can just as–direct that to
you just as easy. That's right.

One time I come out of…?… with Brother Wood and Sister Wood, we was
coming out of Chattanooga. And Brother Wood was driving on… I guess
that's 41, just going back. So, it… I–I was so tired. Oh, I was so
tired. And I just laid down back, after the service, and laid down back
there and went to sleep in the back of the car. I woke up. But when I
raised up, I said… Fog? you couldn't hardly see your hand before you.
And I said, "Hey, Brother Wood, you're going wrong."
He said… See, I had just come out of that meeting. And he said; he said, "Oh, no." Said, "I'm going, I," said, "I'm going 41."
I said, "But you're–you're going south."
And said, "Now, how can you tell in a fog like this? See, you can't even see the road."
I said, "But to… you're… I can tell right now that you're going–you're–you're going south."
He said, "No, no. See there, that's 41."
I said, "But it's wrong."
Well, we drove on a little piece. And he kept arguing with me that he
was right. Just said, "I'm staying right on 41, going to Memphis."
And I said, "You just watch." And we pulled in the filling station. And I said, "How far is it to Memphis?"
He said, "You–you have to turn around, boy, you're in Georgia." Said,
"Go on back this way." We ain't going to let… Yes, sir. Yes, sir?
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Well, if you don't notice…

And I remember one time, I was lost up in the mountains. And there's
when… I–I thought I was too good a woodsman to ever be lost. But I
really got lost. And my wife was with me, and Billy Paul was a little
baby. And they… I left them. And I went…
I went to hunt a bear. You see? And I was hunting bear. And I–and I
run into a big buck deer across there. I'd shot this buck, and I
thought, "Well, I'd better get back." And I know I'd come down… I was
up in the Adirondack. And I went up the mountain like this, and I…
Something crossed the road. And it was a–it was a mountain lion. And
he just laid his ears back. And just before he–I got my gun up quick
enough to shoot, he got away. You see? And Meda had never been in the
woods in her life. See? And…
Well, it was on that honeymoon time. See? And I worked a good one
there. You see? The same time I got married, then I, you know, I taken
her on our honeymoon and go hunting the same time. You see? So–so–so
I… And I–I thought, "Well now, now how did I go?" I… And I come up
this a way, and turned down, and went over, and hit a ledge, and went
down through a little pocket. I knowed I was down towards the giant
somewhere, towards the Canadian side, but I didn't know just where it
was at. And it come up a storm.

And all at once, you know, them snow storms. And oh, the fog was so
low, you couldn't even see your hand before you. And that's when
you–in them country, you better set down if you don't know where
you're at. 'Cause you'll die right there. See? And just get you a
place, and holed up, and get something to eat, and wait for a day or
two till the storm is over. And then get out and see where you are at.
So, I couldn't holed up. Meda was in the woods, and never been in the
woods before, in a little lean-to, not even a door to it, just, you
know, it was a little lean-to, like that. So, there I was in that
shape. And oh, my. I got, went right, started right up like this. And I
thought, "Well, I turned off up here somewhere." And I come right back
to where I shot the deer. I took off again, and I said, "I got to find
my way out of here. My wife and baby will die in the woods." See?

And it turning cold. And that fog ripping through, which was going to
be snow in just a little bit. You see? And I started up again, and I
come back to the deer again. Done it three times. Well, I knew then…
I said, "Well, I–I'm going… I–I'm somewhere…"
See, now the Indian calls that the death walk. You're on a flat place,
and you're walking around and around in circles. See? Now, with a
compass, you wouldn't do that. See? But you're walking around in a
circle. The Indian calls it, you're on the death walk. See? 'Cause you
just get frantic then. That's when they lose their mind and start
running, screaming, and everything. Until they finally plunge over a
cliff or something and get killed, or either kill themselves.

And then, I–I remember I said, "Well, I'm going right straight."
I–I…?… And I got kinda delirious, and I thought, "Set down. Why,
you old fool. You know you're not lost. You–you can't get lost." You
see? And I kept saying that. Well that, see it–it just wasn't there.
When there is something that isn't there, you can't bluff it, you know.
Just like…
And so, I said, "Well, I'm not lost. I know exactly where I am. Sure. I
come right in this a way. That's exactly right." Going along talking to
myself like that, you know, and just a sweating as hard as I could.
Now, if I'd been by myself, I'd just went over somewhere, and pulled in
a little place, and waited till the storm was over. Maybe a day or two,
but would been all right. Got me a piece of my deer and let her go. You
see? But you couldn't do that, and the wife in the woods. And they were
in the woods. Why, they'd die that night. They wouldn't know how to
take care of themselves in the woods. See?

So, I thought… I was just going along there and I heard something
say, "I am the Lord, a very present help in a time of trouble." I just
kept on walking. I thought, "Now, I'm getting delirious. You see? I'm
thinking I'm hearing things." This is just when she first married,
twenty years ago. I just kept going like this. It said, "I'm the Lord,
a very present help in the time of trouble." And it said that three or
four times.
And after while, I stopped, and I thought that–that "Either I'm beside
myself or Almighty God has got mercy on me." And I just knelt down and
set my gun down. And I said, "God, I confess I'm lost." You see, I
said, "I–I'm lost. And then you… I'll never… I can never get out
of here with… And I thought I was too good a woodsman to ever be
lost. But" I said, "I'm completely turned around. There's no…" Done
got excited. You see? "So, there's no way at all for me to ever find my
way out. And I–I don't deserve to live, Sir. But my wife and baby
does." See? "So, help me to get to them, so that they won't die in the
woods." I said, "I don't deserve to live, but they do." And–and I
said, "If You'll just help me, I'll be very thankful to You." I got up.
I said, "Now, I'm going to set my face right this way, and I know I'm
going straight towards to where I left Meda and them." But I…?… was
I'm going right into Canada (You see?) on a death walk (See?) going
right into Canada.

E-103 And I started like this, and all at once, I felt something go [Brother Branham illustrates–Ed.]
a hand. "Who is that?" And looked up. And just in time to look back.
And just enough fog cleared away, till I seen the top of Hurricane
Mountain. And they was camped just below the Hurricane Mountain.
Well, then I just stood there and wept like a baby, praising God, you
know, for helping me. And then, I had to take out that way. And it got
dark on me. And–and deers and things jump up in front of me. But I
hadn't… After it got dark, I know the ranger and I… when this
ranger's cabin is right there by that lean-to, but it was locked up.
And then, that's–that's twenty-five miles from the closest house from
there on down. You see? And then up here on the mountain, here by the
ranger's cabin, and then on up to the tower, up on the big peak up
there… Well, I knowed I was on the peak somewhere. But them mountains
are many, many, many miles around, you know: Thirty, forty
miles–fifty, around the mountain there. And so I thought, "Now, if I
can only hit that wire that comes down across there." He and I put it
up for a call, you know. Tack it on the trees, and it goes down to his
station. And then they relay it from the–from the–from the tower, you
know, down to the station.

Then he was coming up in a few days to bear hunt with me. And it got
night. Then I couldn't see, you know. And it was dark anyhow. It got
dark in about thirty, forty minutes. And it was only about two or three
o'clock in the afternoon. But I hold my hand up like this, and I'd
walk. And I'd just get it… hold my gun in this hand and walk, you
know. And I knowed that wire is just about this high, where we tacked
it on the trees all the way along.
And I thought, "If I could just hit that wire." And I would hit a limb
like that, you know. And I thought, "I… No, that's a limb." You see?
And I try again. And then when I changed… And my arm would get to
aching; I hold it up so long. I'd change and put my gun here and step
back a couple steps, you know, to be sure that I didn't overstep it.
You see? Because… and like that.

And brother, along–and done pitch black dark, you know. And I'd been
walking about a hour in that darkness, and my hand hit that wire. I
felt it. Well, I just bowed my head and started crying, you know. And I
thought, "Lord, right at the end of this line waits my wife and
everything. See?" I thought, "That's right." And I stood there and held
my head down and thanked Him for it. And I thought, "Yes, Lord. I got
my hand in Yours. It's a current, a line. And right at the end of this
line that I'm holding now in my heart, holds everything that's dear to
me (See?), all my loved ones, my Lord, My Saviour. All that's dear to
me lays at the end of this line." So, I wouldn't let my hand get off
that line. And I followed that line right down the mountain.
Although there was a little–a little broke–half-broken trail there,
where we'd come up, you know. But I wouldn't trust that. I just held
the line. When I hit a tree, I peel right around the tree and catch it
again, go on to the next tree, and then catch it on down. It's about
three miles down the mountain. And I got down there. And Meda was
almost in hysterics, you know. just such a fix. But that's it. See?
There's nothing, no feeling, like being lost. What about lost–being
lost in the woods. But what about being lost from God? That's when it's

Well, Meda? Come on, honey. Brother Welch has to go to work. And Banks
and them will probably want a early start. And all these other brethren
wanting to go to work. And our sisters have to–to get the kids all
washed and… Thank you. Thank you.
If you enjoyed it half as much as I did, talking with you… It was wonderful. Yes, sir.
Brother Welch, thanks for that nice time this afternoon too, we had out
there with the–taking me out to that–them gator swamps out there.
Sister, you all, I sure thank you for that nice supper. Oh, my.
You got a little girl in there too? She has got the prettiest hair. I
noticed she had it plaited, kind of a real yellowish, gold-looking
hair. That–that's really pretty. I want to comment you on your hair
too, sister. I know it's better. I believe you used to wear short hair,
didn't you? Kindy down to your shoulders, kindy bobbed or something
like… Or did you? Yes. I… Yes. I… Well, it really looks nice now.

E-107 I was noticing these–all these women here, with their long hair and everything. It looks like… It…
they could be as nice one way as the other, you know, whether they had
short hair or not, but it just looks so, you know. You know what I
mean. You just… Maybe it's just me. But…
There's that little girl. She is a little bit bashful, isn't she?

Can I pack him, honey? Where's she at? Oh… No. You hear them tell me?
Did you get that? She said we had to wait for Becky to come, but said
that don't mean you have to go over there and start preaching again.
Hasn't that little girl got pretty hair too, honey? She's a cookie with
her little pony-tail hanging down there too, little strawberry blond
No. I'm going to get out and see if that old–get that old Cadillac
started if I can, Brother Welch. And I'll… You excuse me just a
minute, and I'll see if I can… Sometimes she coughs a little bit and
barks, you know, and… What, Bernie?

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