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To Whom Is The Arm Of The Lord Revealed? (50-0824)

To Whom Is The Arm Of The Lord Revealed? (50-0824)




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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called To Whom Is The Arm Of The Lord Revealed?
was delivered on Thursday, 24th August 1950 at the Tent Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
The tape, number 50-0824,
is 51 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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So happy to be here. Sorry it's the last night of this… No, it isn't
the last night. We got Sunday yet, haven't we (That's right.), Sunday
afternoon and Sunday night. That's very fine. So I'm happy that we have
that. Because… Yes, sir. And tomorrow night also. Friday night,
Saturday night we rest then. Then Sunday night–Sunday afternoon,
Sunday night.
You make the announcements…?… regards…?… when the services
start…?… That's very fine. And now, we're going to expect a great
I've got to leave here by three-thirty, four o'clock in the morning,
and drive two hundred miles to be in service tomorrow night, and then
come back. And the next day, be back here for Sunday the following day.
And then, two services right one after the other.

But it's a glorious thing to be serving Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
to meet happy people. I believe tonight that if this would be our last
night on–on the earth to be together, why, we still have the testimony
of the Lord Jesus, don't we? We sure believe Him with all of our hearts.
Now, we're going to ask this question just now. How many has been
healed in this meeting, that feels that you've been healed, let's see
your hands? That's very fine.

Just awhile ago, I said, "One thing of leaving people, just about the
time you get acquainted with people, then you have to say good-bye."
But it's not good-bye in our services…?… it's for–for a little
And you've been so nice to me, and everything, so I'm really sorry that our services close.
And I said to my little girl today; she's ready to go. She's just wants
to go home right away after this. There's no children to play with.
And I said, "Honey, do you want to go home?"
She said, "No, daddy, I like it up here."
So I… She's just fine. Everybody's aiding her and everything, so she's really glad to stay. And… [–Ed.]

And here's Brother Redford, one of the gallant heroes of faith in days
gone by. His daughter is…?… Eagle…?… passing…?… God had
made her well. She's…?… this month. And a very lovely girl…
Mister Bosworth, Fred Bosworth. Now, many of you are acquainted with
him…?… I'm sure he's here. A very fine Christian brother… And
he's one of our…?… that goes with us, Brother Bosworth. And he was
with me then as a manager.
And I remember when I met him in Miami, Florida. He was just done give
up all Divine healing, and laid back, I guess he was done seventy
something years old. So when he… He had me come over to a service,
and see it, why, the old fellow got just a boy again. And I said to
him, "How old are you, Brother Bosworth?"

One night standing down by the–a hotel in Miami. I'd just walked out,
looking out over the beach; it's just wintertime. Just as straight, you
know, when he went walking away, just with the spring of a young man,
you know. Here I was of about one third his age and dragging along. He
looked down at me.
I said, "Brother Bosworth, when were you your best?"
He said, "Right now." He said, "Brother Branham, I'm just a kid living in an old house."
And–and that's Brother Bosworth. You know, he's a great joker. And he and his… Fred, and Brother…?… also.

In a meeting Mrs. Bosworth, his wife, was selling books at a book stand
at the entrance to the tabernacle, when there was a–a young lady,
named…?… Bryan, cross-eyed. And she said, "I've tried to get a
prayer card…" And all she had done to try to get in a line, but it
was… It was no use. She was failing.
I believe that was the last night, the night the man was healed of
multiple sclerosis, that sent the word to King George of England, which
I have his statement. God had healed him. And the man had been bed
patient ten years with multiple sclerosis. He's perfectly well tonight,
glorifying God.
The little girl was crying, a young lady. And Mrs. Bosworth said,
"Honey, you don't understand." That's right. Some words to that. Said,
"Now, you… You don't need a prayer card. If you'll just walk right
out here and stand in the aisle." and said, "You just believe it with
all your heart that God is going to make you whole, and," said, "God
will speak to Brother Branham up on the platform."

And I was having a prayer line, coming down the prayer line. And the
girl though, just very polite, you know, and had… She walked out…
Last night of the service… She walked out there, and just got a hold
of God. And all of a sudden, I feel something come on me, and pulled me
around. She was standing way farther than the distance of this building
I said, "All right, sister, God has healed you of those crossed-eyes."
Both eyes come straight. The girl's here in the building somewhere. I
wished she'd just come forward, if you're hearing my voice, sister.
Somewhere… Here she is, right here now.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord." Everybody. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.] [The sister testifies–Ed.]
God's made her eyes…?… now. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Right now, let's say, "Praise the Lord." Everybody. [–Ed.]

Lasts just as long as faith lasts. That's it. When you get weak in
faith, it will come right back again. Whenever you get weak in faith,
you're sins will return right to you again, the same old desires, only
worse. Is that right? So go and believe.
The little lady was standing way away from me. And her faith… See,
her faith touched God. God had said the only thing you have to do is
speak to her now, and soon as the Word prevailed there come her eyes
straight. [–Ed.]… well…
Now, thousands of those cases… I believe we had four hundred and
sixty some odd cross-eyed cases, cases of Divine healing, by
cross-eyes, which was perfectly straight and normal. And it's making
less than a year in the services we have in town…?… Mister Moore's
been…?… Cross-eyed people that was healed. We're so thankful for
that, and for all.

E-9 I see a little baby setting here now, its little feet in plaster paris. Little baby…
remembers at Fort Wayne that night, a little baby was there, and his
little feet was so clubbed. Oh, my. It was horrible. They had it in
braces. The doctors said, it would always be that way.
When it passed through the line, I said, "Sister, now go and take those things off." See?
Here come the baby walking back to her, just as normal as it could be.
Stood up on the platform. There's his little feet just as straight,
went right on. It's marvelous what the Lord Jesus can do for us, if
we'll just only have faith and believe. That's all. Just believe.

Now, I wish to read just a little bit of the Word. And again I…
Before leaving this part of the service in this tent, the old tent's
been effective here. And I'm very thankful for it. And I–I pray that
God will let it stand many, many great storms…?… along. May many
souls be saved under it. And the…?… to go from this meeting to pay
with the tent, and…?… while I was here. Very thankful for it… for
it. It goes only for Gospel use. It's owned by the Voice of Healing,
Shreveport, Louisiana. It'll not be used for circuses and things like
that. It'll be used for the Gospel.
And the men who use it, they rent it. We rent it. Pay the rent, and the
rent pays the tent. And that when that comes to pass that all that's
taken care, we add more sections to it. Just keep on like that. Then
the–the money that would come in from rent there, will just keep going
for different things and just move just right along.
Always, the non-profit organization, the "Voice of Healing." Brother
Lindsay is the editor, and Brother Moore is a co-editor, and Sister
Anna Jean Moore is circulating editor. It's a little paper that carries
all the–the–any group that's having Divine healing services in these
last days.

All right. In Isaiah 53, is one of my favorite Scriptures. Just…?…
that time to read it tonight. It's so appropriate right now.

Who has believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?

For he shall grow up before him as a tender
plant, and as a root out of… dry ground: he has no form nor
comeliness… when you should see him… we see him, there is no beauty
we should desire him.

He is despised and rejected of men; a man of
sorrow… acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from
him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

Surely he has borne our grief… carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he
was bruised for our iniquity: the chastisement of our peace was upon
him; and with his stripes we are healed.

All we like sheep has gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of all.

Shall we pray. Our heavenly Father, just reading the Word now, may the
Holy Spirit take the Words now and go right into the hearts of the
people; and may they come to a full realization, this night here under
the tent, that it's Jesus that we speak of. He was wounded for our
transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquity. The chastisement of
our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed.
Oh, how we love Him with all of our hearts. With gratefulness, we come
to bow our heads to the dust of the earth which we were taken, and
someday shall return, if the Lord does tarry.
And I ask You, Father, to bless us tonight, and will move upon us in a
great marvelous way, and may many great healings be done tonight,
because of His Presence. May those dear people here reach right out,
take a hold, Lord (Grant it, Lord.), and there, hold to the Rock of
Ages until the power of the Lord sweeps them through the gate out into
the freedom, out of the clutches of the enemy, till they're free from
sin and sickness. Grant it, Father. Hear the prayer of Your servant as
we pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.

This is… Tonight, we won't take much time to say many words, only I
want to thank all had a part in the service. I want to thank the
cooperating ministers. God bless them. These strangers here ought to
attend their church. Give them a visit, a calling. And I'm sure
they're–that they're good God saved men, sent of God.
Never have had a place that ministers and people were in harmony and
love than this group of men. And the audience has wonderful, just…
I've never have called one person down, only to keep their head bowed.
I marvel at that. Usually in meetings sometimes, God has to send
in…?… a half a dozen or more, to make them come to the respect.
Now, that's… This here, the people just reverent, believe with one
heart and one accord. That's the way to do it. And now, that's

And all of our expenses has been met. We're just thankful to you. They
gave me a love offering which I appreciate from the depths of my heart,
to anything those…
Someone wrote me a little letter awhile ago. And, my, if they didn't
tear me up about Sunday afternoon's meeting. Oh, my. Some lady. She
said, "I come to see miracles, not hear about what something happened
in somebody's life."
With that attitude, sister, you'll never see them, until one's been
performed on you, and that's when you get converted. That's right.
That's right. 'Cause your heart's not right with God as something like
that. The attitude towards it proves it. The fruit–taste of the
pudding is the fruit thereof. So notice, "By their fruit ye shall know

Now. And now, we've had glorious success for Jesus Christ. Do you know,
Jesus has done more here than He could do in His own city, hasn't He?
For there was no mighty works Jesus could do in His own city. And in
this city, He's done mighty works, hasn't He? So He's had more success
in this city than He did in His own city.
Think of that. Jesus Christ, after nineteen hundred years, has had more
success in Cleveland, Ohio in six weeks meetings here, or a three
week's meeting than He did in His life's journey in His own city. Think
of that.
Goes to show that the glorious Old Gospel Ship has the same power it
had in the beginning (That's right.) where men and women will believe
on them. Now, we're thankful for that, and pray that God will bless all
of you.

And I hope to see you Sunday afternoon. And Sunday afternoon is
preaching service. If the Lord doesn't change my mind, I want to speak
on the subject of the return of the prodigal son, for Sunday afternoon.
And come out if you're in…?… And then… Then we…
Then Sunday night, I trust that we'll have the greatest healing service
we've ever had. Just trust that the place will just be illuminated with
the power of God.
Maybe I'll be a little rested after a few nights of rest now, driving
Saturday night, be more able to go into the service. This way, I become
dense, dull, like. And I–and I be–when I get tired and worn, the
senses of this gift becomes more or less dull. I think the fellow on
anything natural would. After you go so long, you become kinda dull,
sense bound…?… that's the way this…?… And I trust that God will
give us a great fresh start again Sunday night. Come out believing.
Come out praying, everyone.

E-17 Thank all the ushers and the officers, and everything is cooperating, though they give me…?… this afternoon. [–Ed.]
a few minutes overtime. Not… I was in the parking lot, supposed to
leave here at four o'clock. And I was out running around here and
there. And the Lord called me on two visions today, to go out to…?…
on the streets today. I was setting in the room. The Lord came down,
and He said, "Go down to this corner and turn to the left and go down
here and stand there. There'll be a woman come along with a gray suit
on, a little white hat." Said, "She has cancer to be healed."
And there she was, coming down the street. She said, "Aren't you Reverend Branham from that tent?"
I said, "Yes."
She said, "Oh, I tried to come, but my husband won't let me come to…"
I said, "The Lord has healed you of your cancer, sister. Pass on in peace."
Said, "Oh, my." She went down the street weeping like that. See, God knows all about those things. And so it's marvelous.

I believe I seen a–a backslider brother come to the Lord this
afternoon too, come back to the house of the Lord, to the fellowship of
His–His Son, Jesus. Now, pray much.
And I was just looking at two sweet little girls setting here. Bless
their little hearts…?… Just as sweet. I…?… two of the little
girls just setting there with a little blond hair.
I remember one of the most pathetic sights I ever seen in my life was
at Mexico, where we're going to try to make those trips this winter if
possible. I remember we went across the border at Juarez. The first
time I was ever in Mexico. And when Brother Moore and I, we crossed the
border and went in there, I walked down the street. And oh, my, the
people on the streets, TB and everything.
I reached down and tried to give them money and take hold of their
hand. My, how that tubercular would be hitting outside. I'd tell them;
they couldn't understand me, their language, and they couldn't
understand mine. They pulled back. They were afraid, like… I went on
down the street. We went around by some church. And oh, it was very

We seen a little fellow there was sacking up old rotten tomatoes on a
little…?… down the street. I tell you. It would make you feel like
you were no good when you seen that.
I noticed another sight. There was a little fellow there. He didn't
have on no clothes, but just a coat. He had a little old bill, fastened
it all full of paper all tore up. He was reaching down in an old
garbage can. He's pulling out something, you know, and he'd shake the
water off, and rake the things off his hand, and look at it. Nearly all
of them was partly blind. He looked at it like that, and he lay it in a
little bitty old bucket of a thing.
His grandmother standing there, barefooted, and her feet's like a bear
on the bottom, just as callused as it could be, piece of an old dirty
shawl on, standing there keep the cold in her hands. And he'd reach
down and feeled again.
And I said, "I'm going over to look at that."
They said, "Oh, you oughtn't to go over there." Said, "They…"

I went over there. What it was, this little Mexican boy was getting
little bitty bits of potatoes, about like that, out of the bottom of
the slop can there. When Mexico throws anything away, it's really bad.
But he had about a half a dozen. Now, and he was just laughing, and
they were laughing. They were looking at their potatoes.
I thought, "My, And I just left over there. And my brethren had paid
about at least seventy-five cents or a dollar for my breakfast when we
crossed the border." I looked at the poor little fellow. I… Looked
like their heart would just swell out of him.
Now, he might be a little Mexican. But he gets just as hungry as a
little American. When he's hungry, he's just as hungry. Yes, sir. And
Jesus died for him just the same as–as He died for all of us. And I
looked at him; I thought, "Poor little thing. What if that was my
little Billy Paul." Looked at him…

And I walked up to where he was, and the grandmother seen me coming up.
Now, perhaps it was grandmother. She run back. And I touched the little
fellow, like that. And my, he jumped out into the street, thought
somebody was going to stick him or something for taking those potatoes.
He looked. And his little eyes with kinda tears in them, and shaking
like that, and like looking at me…?… Held the little fellow…?…
I was pointing up towards heaven holding my hand over my heart. And I
let him know that I was a minister. I kept pointing up like that.
And…?… all around, see what was going on up there. And I–I knelt
I knowed he was Catholic, so all of them there are Catholic, because I
seen them make crosses, you know, on my heart. And hold up my… [–Ed.]

E-22 All across the pews. Just made a love offering… [–Ed.]
I seen where…?… you know, walk on those hands. And he begin to
walking along with him. I reached down, I reached down, and down his
little pocket… [–Ed.]

And I walked up. I reached down in my pocket, I had about, oh, five or
six dollars in halves, and quarters, and things I had in my pocket. And
I had him hold his little hands down. And I told him to hold his hands
like this, you know. And he looked at me, you know. And I finally got
him to hold his little hands. I dumped all that in his little hands.
And he looked at it like this. He got down and looked at it close.
Stood there a little bit, put it down in his little pocket, and looked
up to me like that, took off his little cap, knelt down on his knees
and took a hold of my hand.
Oh, my. Said, "God bless you, honey. I visit you again one of these days, soon as I can." That's right.

We have a lot of things we could do with money, if we Americans would
just do it. Do you know that? That's right. There's where it's really
needed, where it's suffering and in need. Poor little fellows…
Brother Gordon and I, the Lord willing, around Christmas, going take a trip down through there to see those little fellows.
God is merciful to us, isn't He? We American people don't know how well
off we are. That's right. To know that the need of this world, how
they're in need. And yet we have plenty and… [–Ed.]
No feeling. He said, "I was hungry; you didn't feed Me. I was naked;
you didn't clothe Me. I was in prison; you wouldn't visit Me. When were
You, Lord? Insomuch as you have done unto the least of these, My little
ones, you have done it unto Me." That right?

All right. Now, we're going to start the prayer line, 'cause I want to
pray just as much as possible tonight for the sick. Starting about
thirty-five minutes early tonight, for I want to pray just as long as I
can. I want to go, 'cause I've got to get to bed real early in order to
drive in the morning, get back home for the services tomorrow night.
So let us bow our heads again, if you will. Friends, you may laugh too
much: you may talk too much; you may walk too much; but you'll never
pray too much. "I would that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands

Our heavenly Father, we've come now to the end of seventeen nights of
service, one of the longest services You've ever permitted Your servant
to have. Now, tomorrow night is another one here with Brother Lindsay
and Brother Hall. Father, we pray that You'll meet with them here.
Bless those two dear Christian brothers. May the power of the Holy
Spirit be near to deliver the sick and the afflicted, those who may not
be here tonight. We ask You tonight to clear the whole building,
Father, of every sick person. May there be a great pouring out of the
Spirit. Many hundreds, all that's in need tonight, may they be
delivered here at the platform tonight, Lord, and out in the audience
in their seats.

And as our little sister testified, standing plumb back, way in the
back of the building, God come down upon her with those eyes being
crossed since a baby, moved those eyes out straight. The power of the
Holy Spirit taken away. God, without wavering faith she moved forward,
and her young heart blessed, going everywhere now, come all the way up
here just to get to say, "Jesus heals." He's the same yesterday, today,
and forever.
Think of the little girl there, cross-eyed, blind, stomach trouble, was
healed. And You permitted it to go in the great book of Who's Who. O
God, we thank Thee for Thy mercies and kindness. Be with us tonight
now, won't you, Father? Pour out Your Spirit upon us and give us a
great deliverance tonight, for we ask it in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Now, everybody tonight, I wish we would just try to settle down to this
one thing: that God is here. I wonder if you'll make me this promise
before we start praying for the sick. If you make me this promise, and
say, "If God touches me in the least tonight, I'm going to rise and
claim my healing right then. May the first time that faith anchors in
my heart, Lord, here I come."
Do you remember the lepers set at the gate? They said, "Why do we set
here till we die? Let's do something about it." And now, you do the
same tonight. Let's do something about it.
His Presence here… A little deaf baby, was setting there last night.
And that mother, oh, how she was looking, how she was trying. I could
feel it pull, pull. Then just got everybody in there be–got pulling.
And I know several of them stopped.
I turned around; I said, "Somebody in there, there's several of them healed. I can't tell just who they were."

The mother turned around and spoke to the baby, and brought the card up
with tears rolling down her cheeks. Said, "My baby's hearing." See it?
That's it. That's it, just go believing with all your heart. It'll be
so. It's your faith that makes you whole. Isn't that right? Your faith,
no other way can you be healed, only through faith. Now, God bless
these people's heart here [–Ed.] away.
All right. Now, we want try to get as many as we possibly… You can
make the call to yourself. I'll put it on his hands for tonight. [–Ed.]…?… pray that God will help him to make the choice.

All right. Now, how many cards, you got a hundred out? I believe,
maybe, after we get a line a going a little while, maybe we won't have
to linger so long with one. Then just let them come right on through
and the whole group be healed. Wouldn't that be marvelous to see? We
used to have it…
How many was ever in one of the fast lines? What, when we used to have
fast lines then… We passed them through there, and testimonies would
just pour in. The only thing they wanted to do, is just get near you.
Just to get there when the anointing was on, then they called their
blessing and went away rejoicing. And they were healed. See?

The brass serpent couldn't pray for no one, could it? The Pool of
Bethesda, the Angel didn't pray for no one. It was a troubled water. Is
that right? They just looked and lived with the brass serpent. And in
the days of the apostles, they laid in the shadow of Peter and was
Now, if you don't believe that this is Bible times again, just a
repeat. In this last days, God's calling out a people of the Gentiles.
He's calling on the Jews and Gentile Church, the same thing, a

E-32 In the old days, when a contract was made, you know what they did? Notice. God just telling me to say this, I don't know.
person would go and write a–a contract on a piece of paper. They'd
write the contract. And then on the contract, they'd write what it was
they was going to do, then they'd tear the paper in two, and they would
kill a beast. The me… And over this beast, they tore the contract.
They would give one person one part, one part the person the other.
And when they come together… When this agreement was brought
together, that had to be exactly the same piece of paper cut through
the letters, and had to dovetail just exactly with that or the contract
was no good. See, the agreement was no good. The same piece of paper
that was tore away, had to come right back and dovetail in with the
other, like that, to make it perfect.
And then, as their pledge, they killed a beast when they made their pledge.

Now, God made a contract with the peoples of this world. Therefore, He
sent the Son of God and killed Him on Calvary. You believe that? "All
we like sheep have gone astray. God laid upon Him the iniquity of all.
He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity; the
chastisement of our peace upon Him; with His stripes we're healed."
That was God's contract to the Church. Is that right? Then God killed
the Lamb at Calvary. Do you believe it? And from Him, He tore Him
apart. He took part of It, the body up into glory, set It on the
right-hand of the Majesty. You believe it? And the Holy Spirit, He sent
back to the people. Is that right?
Then when it comes together, when this contract is come together at the
day of the judgment, the same Holy Spirit that fell on the day of
Pentecost is grouping around a bunch of people; It'll go right back to
that same Body, to dovetail right into that same Body. It's a contract.

So therefore, the same Spirit that was in that day, is here today. The
same signs, wonders, miracles are being performed. The same people are
believing in the same manner.
When they seen the apostle Peter, and recognized him to have the gift
of God in him when he called out and told the people what they did…
And they recognized, he told Ananias and Sapphira their sins. He knew
what God put in his heart to do. And then in that, after them
recognizing that, the prayer lines got so great, till Peter couldn't
pray for them, and they laid the people in the streets that even that
old fisherman, not some big D.D., but an old fisherman, that his shadow
would pass over them. And every one that his shadow passed over was
healed. There you are.
There's no Scripture for that. There wasn't any then. But God healed
them because they respected the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And He will do
the same thing today. It wasn't Peter. It was… They respected God Who
he represented. Is that right? That's Who It was. And his shadow passed
over them, and they were healed, because they believed it.

We're back in the same days again: God moving among His people, great
signs and wonders. Now, you don't have to lay in a shadow, but you're
under this tent tonight, around it, where the Holy Spirit is here. Just
let It pass over you. Then rise up, say, "Yes, I believe it. Right now
I accept it." Be healed. Amen.
You believe that, sister? You do? That tumor's been bothering you a
lot, hasn't it. Yes. Hasn't that tumor been bothering you? All right.
It's dead now though, sister. God healed you, 'cause you believed. Have
faith in God. Amen.
Oh, my. How marvelous. He's–He's here and can heal all things. Just
have faith. God will grant it to you. My, how that's coming in now. Oh,
people. Wished you could just only… If…
Look. I tell you what. If you've been just a little afraid, take my
word tonight, will you? Take my word and act to do what I tell you, and
I'll be responsible for you at the day of the judgment. See? That's
right. If you will believe on Jesus Christ with all your heart, and
believe that He healed you now, and accept Him that way, that's all you
have to do. Go forth testifying, telling your healed, and go right on,
and God will see that you're deliverance. That's true. Praise the Lord.

Been looking back in the crowd, just seeing where it's coming. Way back
from farther back than I could ever come from. That's exactly right.
Somebody right in this channel right here was healed with a cancer just
a few moments ago. I'm not sure. I think it's the lady there with the
white hat on right there, right over there. I'm… It's right along in
that section.
Lady, did you have cancer, setting right there, the woman's got her
hand up. Was that a cancer case? Did you have cancer? All right. It's
gone from you, sister dear. It's left you. God bless you. Amen. All
right. Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
My, another cancer case right here. Won't you accept it with hay fever
too. God bless you. Is that right? Stand up. I seen you…?… There
you are. You're free from it. You, sister, with the cancer case. Stand
up. Jesus Christ heals and makes…
Why my, you could stand up over the building and be healed, if you'd just believe it right now. He's here with mighty power.
O Jesus, Son of God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy
blessings upon the people. May signs and wonders be wrought tonight in
the Name of the Lord Jesus. Grant it, Father. Hallelujah.

My, look. I wonder how many of you would believe this right now. If
we'd get right down here, and just let the people pass through and put
a–our hands on them to bless them, that they'd be healed. How many
believes that, raise your hands.
Has it been confirmed to you? Do you believe? I told you, the last
night I'd ask you this. If these things didn't happen the way that I
said the first night, call me a false prophet. How many was here the
first night and heard me say that, raise your hands? I said if it did
happen, then believe God. Is that right? Well, do they happen? Is it
the truth? All right.
Now, look. Jesus Christ said this, "These signs shall follow them that
believe." Follow who? "Them that believe; if they lay their hands on
the sick (not pray for them) they shall recover." Is that the last
Words He said? The last promise He give the Church before He ascended
into heaven? Is that right? He said, "If you find believers, and they
lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Now, I want to ask
you: Have you faith enough tonight?

If we just–I'd get right down here in this aisle, stand right down
here, and just stand there and pray. And everybody come by, lay hands
upon that person, and let them… And if you got faith to say you go
ahead and be healed, go out of here rejoicing and praising God. I'll do
it, if God or somebody has to hold me up to do it. If you want me to do
that, I'm wi… I'm here to serve you in any capacity you want to. We…
How many would rather have that, than they would just go ahead with the
regular line, raise your hand? All over the building now, I want to
see. All right. Look, Howard. Contrary now. Who'd rather go ahead with
the regular line and call out some things. If that's… put your hands.
All right. We're going to line up and pray for all the people then.

Just a moment. Just… I–I–I asked them something else. Oh my. You
believe with all your heart now? Now, look. The Scripture says, "These
signs shall follow them that believe; if they lay their hands on the
sick, they shall recover." Is that right? Where's my minister brothers
at tonight? Come here. You're going to see the glory of God tonight.
No, sir. I want you to come right down here. I want to get right down
there with the people myself. For all these people, some of them
setting here, some of these poor people hasn't even got a prayer card.
Now, everyone just be–just be reverent just a moment. Stand there. I'm
going to be–come right down with you. Just make a double line of the
cler–of just the ministers now, not–not the rest of them, just the
ministers. We're going to have to make a line so they come around this
a way. Just in a moment, my brother will start calling the numbers, get
all the prayer cards first. And then we'll start from the prayer cards,
then get the rest of them that hasn't got prayer cards. Are you now,
every person just be reverent. Everyone stand just–just as reverent as
you can.

Now, let's see how many prayer cards we got in the building. Let's see
your hands. There's probably a good hundred to a hundred and fifty
prayer cards. Now, first, we're going to have the prayer cards to file
in number, and we'll have a place for them to stop just in a moment.
Then I want Howard or somebody to stand here, or I'll say… Maybe some
minister to stand here at this platform. And as soon as the prayer
cards are through, then just keep having a whole group to line up and
come through and be prayed for, coming through, each one to be prayed
for and have hands…
Now, you must know now. Are you sure that you believe? Are you sure?
Are you convinced that the Spirit that's moving here in the church is
the Lord Jesus Christ? Are you convinced? Do you believe in the Divine
gift that God has given? Do you believe it comes from God? You do? Then
if I have told you the truth for seventeen straight nights, then I'm
telling you the truth now. Am I?
I'll say this: If each person in here now, will make a committal, right
now to God… See, make your committal to God. And the only thing you
have to have to fulfill the Word…

Now, the Bible said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Is
that right? "If they…" Now, that's the last Words that Jesus give the
Church. "If they lay their hands on the sick…" What will happen?
"They shall recover."
Now, if symptoms should arise, what would you say? "It is written." Is that right?
Are you ready with your faith to say, "I am now ready to commit myself
to God in this manner." If you do, raise your hand? Now, He… You are
now committing yourself to Him to go through the order, just like water
baptism, just like any other order of the Church–the Lord's Supper.

This is a sacred order of the Church, that, "These signs shall follow
them that believe; if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall
recover." Now, that wasn't me that said that; that was Jesus Christ Who
said that.
Now, the first thing you must do, is surrender yourself entirely to
Christ, and surrender your mind to His Word. "Lord, I won't act upon my
own feelings, upon my own thoughts. I will only act upon Your Word.
I'll have no control of my own thoughts concerning it. I will act upon
Your Word." Now, get that straight.
Now, you're not to go down and say, "Well, I've lost my healing." If
you do, brother, it'll be worse that ever if you make this committal.
You're to stand right now. Remember, just like coming into the church;
you are supposed to make this committal, and say, "Lord God of heaven,
I'll stand by Your Word, so help me, till the last drop of blood's left
my body or breath." See?
You believe when your baby passes through the line, it's going to be
healed, sister? You do that? Frankly, it's already healed, but I want
you to pass through the line anyhow. It's healed awhile ago. All right.
But just, I want you to come through so you follow the regular…
Now, all of you that wants to make this committal, put your hand on
your heart, like this. Those who are standing here, those who cannot,
lay your hands on there. Now, raise up your hand. Now, you now commit
yourself to God, that from this time hence, you believe that you're
healed by the power of Almighty God. Do you do that?

Almighty God, I now commit this to You, as Your humble servant, in the
Name of Jesus Christ…?… that Son of the living God, Who suffered
bled and died under the–for the remission of our sins, and the healing
of our bodies… Who has believed our report? To whom is the arm of the
Lord revealed? Here it is tonight. They believe the report. The arm of
the Lord is revealed. We believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and now
rebuke every spirit of the devil that would bind these people in the
Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. May it leave them,
Lord God, as they pass through this line, and we lay hands upon them.
May the same meeting be tonight, like was in the streets of Jerusalem,
and the shadow of Peter passed over the people. We Gentiles believe the
gift. We believe God. We believe Christ just as they did then. And
we're just as thankful.
And Lord God, may Your power sweep over this audience and heal every
person in the building. And as they go through this line, may they
rise, shouting and praising God for His glory. In the Name of His Son,
Jesus Christ, we ask it. Amen.

All right. Now, he's going to line the cards. And I want you to…
Look. Will you still do something else for me? When the first hand
touches you, rise your hands, and say, "Thank You, Jesus." Go right out
through the building praising… [–Ed.]
God saying, "Thank You, Jesus. Thank You." Have nothing else but
praises of God constantly rolling through your heart all the time. Yes,
Now, here I turn the service now to brother, while I go down here in the line to start this… [The prayer line is called.–Ed.]

I find that I could say from my heart that so many people were healed.
It's the greatest fast line that I ever seen pass through in my life.
Now, I could say, that at least eighty or ninety percent of the people
that passed through the line are healed right now. I checked back with
their hands. I tried to reach with my hand to feel, to catch
vibrations, and they would be clear as they could be as they passed by.
Practically every one that was passed through the line is already
healed. God, Who is my Judge, Who I stand before, know that I tell that
which is true.
I see a blind man that's been in meetings for a long time, walking
around here now. Looks like he's seeing, standing around here in front
of us here. Let's say, "Thank the Lord for that."

Now, I think what they ought to do, is all the brothers, let's line up.
And everyone put your hands on the people on the wheel cots, and let me
come down where you're at. All ministers, get around. And everybody in
prayer now for these people.
Now, you that's on the wheelchairs and in the cots, when the prayer is
asked over you, believe with all your heart. God bless you.
Look friends, from the depths of my heart, I love you with Christian–warmness of Christian love. Wonderful.
Now, as you get around. Let all people bow their heads while we pray.

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