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Results Of Decision (55-1008)

55-1008 Results Of Decision
Chicago, IL
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Only believe, only believe,

All things are possible, only believe.

Shall we remain standing just a moment, while we pray, while we bow our heads.
Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee for the–this wonderful opportunity
that we have to come into Thy courts with thanksgiving in our hearts.
We're so thankful that You sent Jesus to us and saved us when we were
in sin. When we were sick and the doctors gave us up, You sent Him
again and healed us when we–there's no hopes for us.

And then for the glorious opportunity we have of giving our testimony,
telling others, and persuading them to come and believe on Him and be
saved, and knowing that this is just the beginning, this is the–just
the earnest of our salvation, that someday these old vile bodies we've
got will be changed. And they'll be immortal then, they'll never get
old and never be sick. And this soul that we have now will never die.
It'll… One day it'll be above temptation, and we'll live in Thy
Presence, as Thy children. And we thank Thee for these great things.
Father, we pray tonight, if some are in here tonight without this hope,
may they come and receive Him tonight. And if any are in here
without–without a well body, may they be healed tonight. Bring back
those, Father, who have strayed away. And get glory to Thyself. For we
ask it in the Name of Thy loving Child, Jesus. (Jesus). Amen. Can be

Good evening, friends. It's a privilege to be in this Lane Tech High
School again on the eve of the close–closing of this convention and
revival. It is indeed been a great day for me.
I had the privilege this morning of being at the Christian Business
Men, the Full Gospel Business Men, at their breakfast this morning in
the–one of your lovely hotels here in the city, where many people had
gathered out. And we had a time of rejoicing and refreshing. We heard
the different messages from ministers. [Brother Branham clears his throat–Ed.] Pardon me.

And I just set back and rejoiced and–and wept for joy. And Tommy
Hicks, a little minister from Texas, just a little farm boy that God
raised up and has… Going out, he doesn't claim any gifts or anything;
he's just a preacher with a lot of faith. And God has used him
marvelously in bringing souls to Christ in–in the old country. And
this morning he gave us his testimony, how God sent him down to
Argentina, and how he seen the–the Prime Minister there, and the–the
what a–how he worked by faith and how God was with him. I tell you, it
was a story that would make ministers feel ashamed of themselves, that
don't try to do something for Jesus. And what a wonderful story.
And tomorrow afternoon, he's going to be my guest here at the–for the
afternoon speaking, to tell the people his trip in behind the Iron
Curtain, tomorrow afternoon. And I'm sure you'll enjoy this wonderful
talk that our dear little brother will give tomorrow afternoon. And
now, if it's all possible, we'd sure love to have you to come out and
hear Brother Tommy Hicks tomorrow afternoon.

He's at this time with a minister named Valdez, who's having a service
at some kind of a revival center. I believe it's at Milwaukee, I
believe so. [A brother speaks to Brother Branham–Ed.]
Oh, I'm sorry, Brother Tommy. Honest, I didn't even see you setting
there. God knows that true. Well… Now, I may…?… don't what I say
now. I… Well, Brother Tommy, I–I couldn't never say nothing bad
about you, and I–I would–I would just only say to your–your back
what I would to your face anyhow. So that's–that's just… Well, I
didn't know I was saying all of that though to his face. I'm a farm boy
too, Brother Tommy. But you know, God uses farm boys sometimes, doesn't
He, Brother Hicks? He sure does. And so I–I am–I'm grateful Brother
Hicks is here tonight.
And the Brother setting by him, I met him this morning. I can't even
think of his name now. I know a man that traveled where Brother Hicks
and I haven't, I think, around the world or… He's had great
experiences overseas. What is the brother's name? [Someone answers, "Sumbroe."–Ed.]
Sumbroe, Brother Esther Sumbroe. And we're sure… was happy to hear
his talk this morning. It thrilled our souls down in the Christian
Business Men.

E-6 Now, Brother Hicks, I might as well go ahead and say what I was going to, hadn't I?
Hicks said, you know, that the–that they told him over there that you
couldn't see this here ruler in Argentina. Is he a Prime Minister or
something? [A brother answers, "President"–Ed.]
President. Now, you know how much I know about national affairs. If the
President said you couldn't see him… It'd take so many weeks, twenty
four days or twenty four hours, or something or other, Brother Hicks
had it…?…
He said, well, of course, that was their scientific talk on it. But
said he never learned by science, that the bumble bee was too heavy to
fly, he just couldn't fly. So the bumblebee didn't know what science
was saying about him, so he just flew anyhow. And that's the way he
did… They say that miracles can't happen, but we just had to do like
the bumblebee, didn't we brother Hicks, just fly away anyhow, and do
the work of the Lord.
Now, tomorrow afternoon brother will be here, and I was thinking…
Kind of got me confused when I seen Brother Hicks setting there.

Brother Valdez, is he here? He–he isn't here. All right. They say he's
got a wonderful revival center up there, and I was going to say Brother
Hicks was having service there tonight, but that's a mistake. So be
here tomorrow afternoon to hear Brother Tommy give the rest of his
story. And you who were there this morning now, he just told about
Argentina and–and kind of the satellite countries of Russia. Tomorrow
afternoon will be something new, that you haven't heard, so if you
heard it yet–today, you come tomorrow and hear the rest of it.
And then, tomorrow night is the closing of the convention and the
speaking. And if the Lord is willing, I'll pray for the sick again
tomorrow night. And so, the Lord be graciously to you. I just prayer
the He will bless you exceedingly, abundantly.

And now, we… You visitors here in the city, that's out of–out of
town, and you're here to be with us in this convention and in the
meeting, won't you find you one of these good full Gospel churches and
go to Sunday school in the morning. That would be mighty fine. I don't
know many of the ministers that's here in the meeting. I never–don't
know where their churches are, except Brother Joseph there, it's up on
Clark Street at the Philadelphian Church.
And so if you can, go up and visit Brother Joseph. He's the one I…
Someone called my wife here not long ago and said… My wife said,
And said, "Sister Branham, is Brother Branham overseas?"
Said, "No, he's–he's in America."
Said, "Is he there at home?"
Said, "No."
Said, "Well, is he… Where's he at?"
"He's either in Chicago or Shreveport, Louisiana, one. He goes there more than anywhere else."
And there's the two fellows setting together… their churches. Brother
Joseph here of–of Chicago and Brother Jack Moore of Shreveport,
So I'm around Chicago. I hope I don't wear my welcome out at either
place. And I hope to get to come back sometime to Chicago, again. [Congregation applauds–Ed.]
I pray to be a help to you. Thank you very much. Thank you kindly.
Makes–makes me feel double welcome to know that you'd welcome me back.

Now, we're going to try to pray for as many as we can. Last evening we
had a different kind of a prayer line. First one I've had in a long
time, and I haven't checked with Brother Joseph about the testimonies
coming in. Hope they were great.
And now, tonight we don't know exactly… The boys said they give out a
hundred or so prayer cards awhile ago. And we're very enthused to get
them up here and go to praying for them.
But just before we–we do that, I would like to continue on a little
bit with our–our message we've been talking about. And that's we've
started in the Book of Exodus about last week, and so then we're trying
to run out on it tonight, if possible. And if God willing, tomorrow
night, I want to talk on Fellowship. How to have perfect fellowship
with God.

And now, we've been speaking in the Book of Exodus, which is the Book
of "the calling out," the Book of redemption of the Old Testament. I
love it, because it's a beautiful Book. And I believe that it's a very
profitable for us to study it now, because I believe the Church is in
another exodus, calling out.
The "Exodus" means "called out." "Called out" means "the Church." And
now, God is calling His people out of every walk of life, to come
and–and receive Him and to believe on Him. And He's showing great
signs and wonders in these last days. And He's calling people,
ministers from all walks of life, call them into the ministry.

And now, we found out that in… There's three subjects especially that
we wanted to speak on in the Book of Exodus. And those subjects was:
the power of Satan, and the power of faith, and the power of God.
And last night we spoke on the power of decision. And tonight we want
to speak on the results of all this, God's settling Israel down in the
promised land. And for a text, if we would call it, to get the context
from this… finishing Book, we're going to read tonight from Joshua
the 3rd chapter and the 7th verse.

And the Lord said unto Joshua, This day will
I begin to magnify thee in the sight of… Israel, that they may know
that, as I was with Moses… I will be with thee.

What a marvelous promise that was to Joshua, the–this new young man,
and military leader of Israel, and had–now was the prophet and to
succeed this great man, Moses.

Now, we found out that how that the power of death could reign through
Satan, but he… at death, he can only… That's as far as he can go.
And we just take a little bit for a background now, to get to our–the
thought that we want to speak on, just for a few moments, and try to be
ready for the prayer line within the next twenty to thirty minutes, so
we can give the biggest time now into the–the prayer line.
And you have fine ministers all through here who–who are preachers,
and they can preach the Gospel to you, but this… just going back as
it was like a Sunday school lesson. And I'm a prospector. You didn't
know that, did you? Yeah, I go down in the Bible, and dig up these
gems, and clean them off a little, you know, look at them. They… And
I like to dig in the Book of Exodus, 'cause you find plenty gems in
there. And if you happen to look, every one of them was chipped off of
the Lord Jesus, point right back to Him again.
So that in Him dwells all the fullness, and all the blessings, all the
redemption, all the healing. All that there is lays right in Christ
Jesus. And you, in Him you have a right to ask the Father anything you
will in His Name. He said, "I'll give it; I'll do it." What a promise.

Now, Satan does… We do not want to be mistaken. Satan has a power.
And that power is death. And he can.. He has the–a power of death.
Satan is the one who takes your life when God will let him do it. But
God can hold your life, and Satan cannot take it until God lets him do
it. He can only use that power as God will let him use it. Isn't that
wonderful? Death… You know, someone said one time, "What is death?"
He said, "God harnessed death up to a buggy, and the only thing death
can do is pull the believer in the Presence of his Maker." So it ain't
a bad thing after all, is it?
You know, I wouldn't want to live in this old pest house all the time.
Would you? Well, looky here what forty-six years has done for me. Hmmm.
I was thinking, not long ago I was a little chubby handed boy playing
marbles. Hasn't been, look like, just two changes of the moon since I
was a young fellow and straight in the shoulders; and I'd won the
Bantam Weight Championship in the Golden Gloves, and went out in
professional fighting, and I–I thought I was a big fellow.

I used to stand and comb a big shock of black wavy hair. And I'd sure
have a time doing that tonight. The other day I was combing my hair,
not the other day, sometime ago, and my wife said to me, she said,
"Billy, you know you're getting all the way bald-headed."
I said, "Well, honey, but praise God, I haven't lost a one of them."
And she said, "Well, where you think they are?"
I said, "You tell me where they was before I got them; they was
somewhere; they had to come on here. And now, ever where they are now,
they are where they was 'fore I got them; they're waiting for me to
come to them." Amen. Amen. [Congregation applauds–Ed.] Isn't that the truth?
There was one time they was not, and then they was, and then are not.
One time I was, and I am; I was not, I am now, and I will be again. God
just takes that old petroleum, and moisture, and–and lights–cosmic
light, and whatever we're made with. And when He gets through with this
soul here and takes it into His Presence, then when that King of Spirit
leaves glory some of these days, the Lord Jesus Christ, He will turn my
spirit loose from glory. And when it screams, all the cosmic light, and
the calcium and the… all that I'm made up of, and the moisture and
the petroleum, will come together in a young healthy man, and I'll
never change no more. Hallelujah. Yes, sir.

E-15 Just think… I asked the doctor, sometime ago, I said, "Doctor, is it true every time I eat I renew my life?"
Said, "Absolutely."
I said, "Well, it comes from what?"
He said, "Your food turns to blood, and you make new blood cells–new blood cells from your food."
said, "I want to ask you something then." I said, "When I was sixteen
years old, I ate potatoes, and beans, and corn-bread, and just the food
I do now. And every time I eat then I renew my life and got bigger and
stronger. I eat the same kind of food now and getting older and weaker.
How is that?" I said, "I'd like for science to show me that."
If you're pouring water in a glass and it's filling up all the time
till it gets a little… about half full, and then you pour… continue
to pour water, and it don't leak out, but somehow or another, it just
don't fill up, and get… going down all the time, more water you pour
in, more it goes down… That won't work. But God said so. That's why.
That's right.

God's painting a picture. And a man, when he comes up, he comes to a
certain age, then after while, he ceases. God gets a picture just where
He wants it and said, "There it is." All right.
In the resurrection that's just exactly what we're going to be in the
resurrection, just when we're at our best. So we don't have nothing to
worry about. Just serve the Lord Jesus, be borned again, and He
promised we'd–we'd be there, and we'll be there. Don't worry. All
That's a promise that–that you see when you go to where Satan has
taken the little baby out of the home, taken the little baby that
didn't get to live, and raise it up. That's where you go to see the
loving wife that you laid away. And you stand at the grave and the
black clouds around. Oh, my. When you hear, "Ashes to ashes and dust to
But the next power of faith, grace goes right through that dark cloud
of death and sees a God of resurrection standing out yonder. Amen. He
sees the resurrection, and by his faith he just dries up his tears and
says, "Glory to God, I'll see Him again." See? That's it.

God… Through faith Moses kept the Passover, through faith what Moses
did. And now, we find Israel at the river in a trap. Then when God
brought His power down by the Holy Ghost light where we was at and
moved them through that trap, and put them on the other side, God
showing His power. He let them get in a trap so that He could show His
power. Showed that He loved them.
That's the way that He does you sometime. He lets you take a little sickness so He can show you how much He loves you.

My old shepherd story, used to be that they said there was a man
passing down through Palestine once. And–and he was… He had his
sheep there… He had it–had its leg broke. And he said, "Oh, it's too
bad, sir." Said, "Your sheep broke its leg, I guess?"
Said, "No, I broke it."
Why, he said, "You cruel-hearted shepherd. You mean you'd break your own sheep's leg?"
Said, "Yes. I did it for this purpose." Said, "I couldn't make her mind
me, and so I broke her leg so I could show her how much I love her, and
give her some special food, and pat her a little bit." And said, "That
makes her love me and when her leg's healed up, she'll follow me right
along, keep her out of trouble."

God does that sometimes. He lets something strike you so He can show
you a little extra mercy, you know, just a little of His goodness, so
that you'll walk a little closer to Him. So the Bible said, "That all
things work together for good to them that love God."
So it has to be for the good. God just let that happen so it would be for the good. He's a good God. He's wonderful.

Now, we followed them last night down through their journey, found out
when they were hungry, God blowed quails in for them. And when they
were thirsty, they smote the rock and out of the rock came water. We
typed that with John 3:16 to a perishing, dying world today.
Then we find out when they got sick, God promised… Which that was a
type of this travel today on our road to the promised land. And
they–after they had left Egypt, we found out, crossed over into the
wilderness, that they were pilgrims. They were aliens. They were going
to a promise land; they had not yet reached it. And they'd come up out
of another land, and they were in between in the wilderness journey,
which is a beautiful picture of the Church today on its road to glory.

We're no longer in Egypt; we've done pulled up our tent stakes and
left; come through the Red Sea, the Blood of the Lord Jesus; seen all
the old habits and things of life drowned, the taskmasters that drove
us through the barrooms and to the cocktail lounges, and so forth, and
seen all that drowned, like Pharaoh and his horses. And then, now we're
in the wilderness, moving along, following the Angel of the Covenant,
the Holy Spirit. And knowing that we're on our road to a great land,
that'll be here and during the days of the millennium. And we're going
for that thousand years of millennium reign.
Now, a lot of people types the promised land over there, Palestine,
with heaven. It couldn't be. They had wars and things in Palestine. So
they don't have no wars and so forth in heaven. It's a type of the
thousand years reign on the earth with Christ. Three stages of the
journey. And we're ready now, the Church is, to my opinion, in the
spiritual stand, to enter in on the third scene. And that's the scene
we're going to tonight in our text.

We found out they needed healing. Well now, they had a doctor with
them, which was Moses. And… Say, you know Moses really was a real
doctor. Think he had around two million people out there with him. How
many babies was born every twenty four hours? How many people was hurt,
and sick, and had bad colds, and so forth?
You know, I–I really believe that a lot of these… If there's some
doctors here tonight, we ought to look in Doctor Moses' medicine
cabinet and find out just exactly what kind of a remedy he had. Don't
you think that? He kept two million people on the go, and there wasn't
a feeble one among them when they come out of it, forty years long.
Say, doctor, you ought to look in his medicine kit and find out what he
had. Let's do it. Would you like to look into it? [Congregation says, "Amen."–Ed.] All right, we'll just look over and see what Moses had.
Here it is. Moses opens up his medicine kit, "I'm the Lord that healeth
thee." That's all he had. Amen. That's all he needed. "I'm the Lord
that healeth all of thy diseases." That's all the medicine he needed,
and he practiced that too.

So when they had a place that… Moses couldn't pray for all of them.
So then, God told him to go and erect a brass serpent, put it on a
pole. We skipped over that last night, just said they had the brass
Let's take a symbol of that. The first thing, the brass serpent
represented Jesus Himself, 'cause the serpent represented sin already
judged from the garden of Eden. And Jesus was made sin for us, knowing
no sin. The brass that the serpent was made out of represented Divine
judgment. Brass is Divine judgment.
If you notice the brazen altar, the judgment where the sacrifice was
burnt. And Elijah, in the days when Israel had got away from God, and
there were going to be a great Divine judgment upon… He said the
skies looked like brass, Divine judgment.
And the pole, of course, was the cross. And the brass serpent couldn't
pray for anyone. They just looked at the brass serpent and lived: look
and live. And that was the type of Christ. And if they could look at
the type and live, how much more ought we to look at the antetype,
Jesus Himself, and live? Amen.

We find out many times that people rely on their symptoms, if they're
prayed for. I was going to find the report from Brother Joseph, see how
many went away last night with really… after a full week of Gospel
teaching how to be healed, that went away and say, "Well, still got
it." See? And you'll probably always have it (See?), if you feel that
Faith don't see that thing. Faith sees what God says. Faith don't see
any symptoms at all. Faith refuses to see symptoms. You say, "Well,
Brother Branham, if they are there, shouldn't we say they're there?"
"No. No, sir."

You say, "He's the Lord that…" confess, "He's the High Priest of our
confession," Hebrews 3, and any of you brethren know that "confess" and
"profess" there is the same word. So He's the High Priest of our
confession. He can't do nothing until first we confess that He's done
There's no healing in man; there's no healing in medicine. Proved that
to you the other night. There's no healing in medicine; medicine don't
claim to heal. It's a remedy, keeps clean while God heals. Medicine
don't build tissue; medicine can't mend a bone. Medicine can't heal up
a sore or a cut. Certainly not, it just keeps it clean while God heals
it. God does the healing. And medicine just keeps it clean. A doctor
will tell you the same.
He said, "I'm the Lord Who heals all of your diseases." Every disease
is healed by God. Medicine just keeps clean, while God does the
healing. Now, remedies keep you quiet and so forth. Aspirin, quietens
your nerves, and so forth, while God does the healing.

Now, notice, in this great journey, God had give this promise that He
would take care of them and He did. He had to keep His Word.
So He… This serpent that was lifted upon the pole was represented,
Jesus. Now, the people looked at the serpent and believed that God had
it erected and they were healed. The serpent couldn't pray for them.
Now, they looked and lived. And if under the type, if they could look
and live, how much more ought we when we even are praying for one
another to live…

Notice, symptoms. I just happen to think of a fellow had a real bad
case of symptoms one time. And that was a fellow named Jonah. Jonah had
the worst case of symptoms of anybody I ever knew of. He really had it.
The first thing, he was backslidden. Now, that's a big word for a
Baptist preacher to say, isn't it? Backslidden, but he sure was.
Anybody that don't mind God, is backslid.
So he was backslidden out on a stormy sea, hands tied behind him, feet
tied low, throwed out in the ocean, and a hungry whale swallowed him
and went down to the bottom of the sea. And the–Jonah was in the belly
of the whale in the bottom of the sea, backslid. Talk about symptoms,
he really had it. If he looked this way, he saw the whale's belly;
everywhere he looked he saw the whale's belly. But you know what he
said? He said, "They're lying vanities."

He said, "Once more will I look to Your holy temple, Lord." For he knew
that when Solomon dedicated the temple, he prayed, "God, if Thy people
be in trouble at any time and look to this holy place, then hear from
And he believed it. And he looked away from the whale's belly and all
the symptoms that there was around him, and looked to the temple of
God. And God heard out of heaven and sent an oxygen tank down there
real quick. And it kept him alive for three days and nights and took
him over to the place, like a taxi cab ride and put him out. And he
preached so, that a city the size of St. Louis repented. Amen.
Now, if Jonah under those circumstances… There isn't no one here that
bad off tonight. At least you got both feet on the ground. But notice,
under those circumstances, could refuse to look at it and look towards
the temple, where a man that finally backslid, Solomon, had prayed a
prayer of faith under an earthly temple, how much more under you in
your condition look away to the heavenly throne where Jesus sets at the
right hand of God, with His own Blood making intercessions upon your
confessions and bidding you to come. Then symptoms fly away when we get
it there. When we go to looking that, we look up.

E-29 Someone come, not long ago, and said, "You, Brother Branham?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
"Oh, I tell you what I done." He said, "I went over to Oral Roberts and
asked him to do something for me." He said, "He done his best, but he
couldn't help me." He said, "I went over to two or three more
evangelists and they prayed for me," said, "couldn't help me." Said, "I
come to see what you could do for me."
I said, "You're going away the same way." I said, "That's one thing
sure." I said, "You're going to the wrong place. You keep running
around after men, when he ought to be looking up this a way." Help
cometh from above. See? They're fine men. They can pray, but that's all
we can do is pray for you.

Your faith contacting God, brings the results. Jesus said when He died,
or, "He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we were
healed." Then there's no man can save you. Jesus already done it. You
just have to accept it. Preacher can preach to you, but he's not a
saviour. He's just a help, that'll help you see what God has already
done for you.
Every person in here was saved nineteen hundred years ago. You might
accepted it last week, last night, six years, twenty years ago, but you
were saved nineteen hundred years ago, as far as God is concerned. And
you were healed at the same time. Amen. You have to believe it.

And God sends some in the Church, first apostles, prophets, teachers,
evangelists, sets gifts in His Church: speaking with tongues,
interpretations, all kinds of signs and things, for the perfecting of
the Church, to bring the people together, and let them know that He is
the living God, living among His people.
Then you look at that and believe it. By faith you look at Calvary,
where the supreme Sacrifice was paid for every individual. And it's
yours tonight. Every person here that's sick tonight is already healed,
as far as God is concerned. Amen.
Oh, I love it, don't you? Just kind of makes me feel religious to talk
about it. To think of how wonderful, when we couldn't help ourselves,
then God brought us help.

On their journey now, we find them at last night up to Kadesh-barnea,
borderline. We found out when they come up to the border to go over,
they sent some spies over to spy out the land, ten men, or twelve, one
out of each tribe. And ten of them come back all discouraged.
We typed that also with the age. We typed them three stages of the
journey with the three dispensations of grace to the Church: How that
Martin Luther rose up by justification, leaving Egypt. And how that we
find John Wesley rose up preaching sanctification. And now, we find out
that Pentecost is raised up, the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the
restoration of the gifts.
And when the Church moved up to that land there, Pentecost moved up to
there, all the Church moved up to that age, they sent out and they
said, "We can't do it. We'll be fanatics. It'll ruin our church; we
can't do this." But God had somebody to go over and bring back the
evidence that it was a good land. I like that land. Oh, my.

E-33 They say, "Oh, we'll be… The people will think we're crazy if–if we try to go back to that again."
brother, they would say you're crazy anyhow. So… You know, I've been
a lot happier since I been this kind of crazy than I was when I was the
other way. So I'd just soon stay this way, for myself, just stay like
this. He takes care of me and loves me, and I love Him, and He's good
to me.
So we find out that a many of them just stay along the border. That's
the way today. We have a lot of borderline preachers, that'll just
preach part of the truth but won't accept the rest of it. They believe
Jesus was born virgin birth, truly; believe He's the Son of God, truly.
All very orthodox in those things, but, oh, Divine healing and those
things, that were for the days–some other time: "That ain't for
today." That's a borderline preacher. I like the full Gospel, myself,
for a full man. Preach the Gospel; preach the whole Word of God.
Believe it all. Practice it all. Amen.

E-34 Someone slipped me a little pamphlet as they come in awhile ago, said, "Read this, brother, as you go in."
looked, where a certain church in this city… Now, it's got a skull
talking, a human skull. Hmmmm. I'm so glad that my Lord's done raised
from the dead, He's talking. He's alive, not an old dead skull. Oh, how
thankful we are to know that He has raised from the dead. And tonight
we have the Holy Spirit as a witness of His resurrection.

And we find out now, Israel up here at Kadesh-Barnea. The great
judgment seat of the world one time, the big spring and several little
springs, typing the great judgment seat, white throne in heaven and the
churches, which is the… Judgment begins at the house of God, for the
judgment. And there Israel was on the march, moving.
This morning when we was stand at the Christian Business Men, Brother
Hicks had us all singing, "Onward Christian Soldiers," I thought,
"Yeah. That's right, long as you're marching all right, but don't stop."
Israel made its mistake when it stopped. If they'd have went on, they'd
have possessed the promised land right there, for God gave them the
promise. He's good to His promise. They'd have went on over in, but
they stopped marching. And you notice, when they start–stopped
marching, they started wandering. That's what happens.

Always when the church stops… That's what happened a long time ago to
Pentecost; it stopped. You started organizing, putting them all in
different groups: Assemblies of God, Church of God, Foursquare of God,
Oneness of God, Twoness, Threeness, Fourness, oh, all these other
things. You stopped. Why didn't you move on? Now, you been wandering
forty years in the wilderness. But the sovereign grace of God will take
us on through anyhow.
Wandering around… God said, "I would've given them rest right then,
if they'd have went on." Said, over in the Book of Hebrews, "rest,"
type of the sabbath.
Now, I'm not speaking at you Sabbatarian people here, but the day was only a shadow.

Some man wrote me a letter even… I got it today, and said, "Brother
Branham, do you keep the seventh day, sabbath? I heard you say that
you… this morning in that breakfast that you–you eat sausage and
eggs." Said, "A holy man like you eat sausage?"
"Well, brother, I love you with all my heart, but if I never do more than eat sausage, it'll never keep me out of heaven."
Notice, brother, keeping sabbath day was… It's all right if you want
to do it. I–I make a principle in the pulpit, talk about nobody's
religion. That's right. But for the sake of it, now I say this, that
the sabbath day keeping was only a shadow of the real sabbath. God
would've give them sabbath right there when they crossed the Jordan.
Jordan represents death. And when you're ready to die out to yourself,
God will give you sabbath. Amen.

E-38 I said, "The Sabbath is the Holy Ghost."
Said, "Nonsense. The sabbath is a day."
I said, "It was at one time limited to a certain people, but today the Sabbath is the baptism of the Holy Ghost." That's right.
He said, "Oh, it can't be."
He said, "God gave the day and sealed it with a memorial that it was a day keeping."
said, "For a people, but today Ephesians 4:30 said, 'Grieve not the
Holy Spirit of God whereby you're sealed till the day of your
Holy Ghost is a Seal of God that'll be upon the forehead or the
knowledge, in the hand… The works of every person that's took into
the Kingdom of God will be baptized with the Holy Ghost. Seal of God in
this last days is a distinction, a mark that'll be put upon the people.
Wish we had about a week's revival on that.

Notice, Isaiah said in Isaiah 28:8; he said, "Precept must be upon
precept," speaking of this day, "when the tables would be full of
vomit," and so forth… every man… They take the communion today.
They think because you take the communion that–that you're going to go
to heaven. The Bible said ever who takes it unworthy is guilty of the
death and body of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. That's a sacred order. I
don't believe in all this what they call taking communion today.
I went to a church not long ago, and they took a piece of loaf bread or
light bread and cut it up in some pieces. And people down through there
that drank, and gambled, and smoke, and cuss, and lie, a taking that,
and think you'll go to heaven. Brother, you're damning your own soul by
doing such a thing. No wonder the tables of the Lord is full of vomit.

He said, "But precept must be upon precept, and line upon line. Here a
little and there a little, and hold fast to that what's good. For with
stammering lips and with other tongues will I speak to this people, and
this is the sabbath." Amen.
Hebrews 4 said, "There remaineth a sabbath keeping to the people of
God, for we which have entered into His rest has ceased from our works
as God did from His."
God worked six days, and the sabbath day He went to rest, and never
returned no more. And a man may labor in world here till he's twenty
years old, thirty, forty, seventy, but when he ceases from his worldly
works, he goes into an eternal rest with God, like God did at the

Oh, brother, if you're living on the borderline tonight, come on over.
Cross over Jordan. It's wonderful. There's great big grapes over here.
We got the initial evidence, we got… Hallelujah. Got some Joshuas and
Calebs that's went over the border and brought back the evidence that
it's a good Land. Every promise that God's made is here. The full
Gospel, the full Bible, Divine healing, rejoicing, happiness, peace,
everything that the Bible promised, every fruit's in this land. Amen.
It's yours at the asking. But the first thing you have to do is cross
over Jordan. You can't stay over there in the wilderness and expect to
get it, 'cause the grapes don't grow like that over there. That's
right. That's what's the matter with the church tonight; it's become
anemia condition. It needs a Blood transfusion, getting pale in the
face. Amen.

Oh, my. That's Pentecost I'm talking about. I wasn't talking about
Presbyterian or Lutheran. I'm talking about Pentecost. Used to be a
long time ago, you used to have a good old meeting, brother. All of
them get in there, and they'd shout, and praise the Lord, and let
loose, and let the Spirit have Its way. And you go into some of them
now, brother, the spiritual thermometer go forty below zero. That's
Oh, my. What's the matter? The thing of it was, you turned it down. God
wanted to take us over. Caleb and Joshua come back. They said, "It's a
good land." And never you… Then if you'd have went on over instead of
colonizing yourself and making yourself organizations and
denominations, which has proved to be a curse to you. If you'd just
stayed like you was, God would've had every spiritual gift flowing
through the church right now, and the millennium would have been on.

But no, you had to get a name tacked on to you. That's what put the
curse on you. That's right. Now, I ain't got nothing against no
denominations. That… They're all right. But, brother, you're trying
to act like the rest of the people. You look and say, "Well, now,
listen, I belong to certain, certain church."
What does God care what church you belong to. If you're not borned
again, you're not going to heaven anyhow. Sure. Keep out of that old
borderline condition. They become to wandering.

Adam, he done the same thing when he failed to keep the Word of God,
every Word of it. He become a wanderer. Cain did the same when he–when
he wouldn't accept the same sacrifice that God received from Abel. He
became a wanderer.
And every man and woman tonight who stands in these latter day revivals
now, that's going on across the country, and see the mighty moving of
God and refuse to do it, you'll become a wanderer (Right.), shifting
for yourself.
I tell you what we need today, is a good old fashion Saint Paul's
revival and the Bible Holy Ghost again, people back to the old
mourner's bench. I'm one of the old fashion type that believes in the
old fashion revival. You know what's the matter? We got too much
Hollywood revivals today. That's right. Go on…

Here not long ago I was in a revival where Pentecostal women on the
platform with a skirt on that look like they were molded in it, and
with great big, long earrings hanging down like that, and with
manicure, or ever what you call the stuff, all over their face, look
like they'd been eating raw beefsteak and blood all over their fingers
and things, and call themselves filled with the Holy Ghost? "By their
fruits you shall know them." That's right. [Congregation applauds–Ed.] It's too bad that you do that. Yes, sir.
You know, it used to be wrong for Pentecostal women to cut their hair?
That was their glory. She sure fell short of the glory somewhere.
That's right. [Congregation applauds–Ed.] You know that's the truth, brother. Now, that… Might as well admit the truth.
Now, listen, the Bible said, "It's a woman's glory." So you're sharing
it with the devil. That's right. Let your hair grow out. Amen. Be a
lady; look like a Christian. Quit trying to fashion after the world.
The devil gets you in all kinds of trouble. Get that heart, get in the
Shekinah Glory over yonder with God. Move in behind the veil and let
that drop behind you; shut the world off where you can't see the things
of the world: die out to self.

I remember when I first seen Pentecostal people, over around Mishawaka,
Indiana, several years ago, women would start shouting and these great
big old horn hairpins would fly over the floor. Brother, you'd have a
hard time finding one. You couldn't buy one, I don't guess anymore. Oh,
what a shame. That's right.
And used to be that how things was, but they changed. What's the
matter? Each denomination tried to build its organization up instead of
trying to get the people to God. You know that's the truth.

Now, look, this may make you a little bit sick at your stomach, but…
You know, when I was a little boy… We was raised poor. Mama used to
have to take and put a bread pan in the stove and render out meat
skins, that she'd pick up down at the store, to get the grease to pour
on the corn bread, to make the–to make the hoecakes. And us kids would
eat the hoecakes and sop sorghum molasses for breakfast. I don't know
whether you ever did it or not, pretty good. But, you know, we'd have
to do that.
And every Saturday night, I know what it was, take a bath in an old
cedar tub; and never change the water, just pour some more in and warm
it up for the next fellow. Now, that was right. But we lived over it. I
tell you, brother. It ain't so much about the outside. If you'd take
care of the inside as well as you do the outside, you'd be better off
anyhow. Amen. [–Ed.]

Not long ago, I was standing by a big museum. It had the estimation of
a human body. A man that weighed a hundred and fifty pounds was worth
eighty four cents in chemicals. Ha-ha. Put a ten dollar hat on eighty
four cents. Boy, I'm telling you. Put a five hundred dollar mink skin
coat around eight four cents and stick your nose up, if it'd rain, it'd
drown you. Then you think you're somebody, and worth eighty four cents.
You sure take care of that. But, brother, you got a soul that'll never
die, somewhere. You'll take any kind of old dogmatic stuff for that.
I don't know what's the matter with me. But–but it's… [Congregation applauds–Ed.]
Your pastors are suppose to do that. But… Bless the Lord. But what we
need is to get back in the path. See? We're… That's the reason we're
not over there tonight, enjoying something. That's the reason we're all
broke up and everything. Certainly.

I remember in… Finishing my story about mama giving us all a bath,
scrub our ears… Had an old meal sack towel. I don't know whether you
ever seen one or not, and pull some of the threads out, you know. Oh
how rough, she'd rub the hide off of me nearly.
And then the next thing she'd do, after she did that, every one of the
kids, get ready: A little bit of coffee stirred up like that with a
spoonful of castor oil. Had to take it every Saturday night, so be
ready to go to school Sunday morning. Keep cold away, acid–acifidity
ball hanging down like this, you know, and a flannel piece on your
undershirt. I don't know whether you ever had one or not, but that's
the way we was raised.
And I took so much castor oil, I can't even look at the stuff no more.
I tell you, I just can't stand the smell of it. It gags me. And when
I'd come to mama, I'd say, "Oh, mama, please, please." I'd hold my
nose, like that, and gag just as hard as I could. I said, "Mama, it
makes me so sick."
She said, "If it don't make you right good and sick, it don't do you no good."

That's what I'm meaning tonight. If this don't stir you up a little bit
about letting your hair grow, and acting a little different, and
getting off this borderlines, I want it to make you real sick at your
stomach so you'll stir up your spiritual gastronomics, so you can be
ready…?… Amen. If it don't make you right sick, it won't do you any
good. You see? Amen. It'll open up your heart so the Holy Ghost can
come in, clear out the channels and fix you up. Amen.

Notice. How wonderful. God said if they'd cross over the border, He
would give it to them, but they didn't want to do it. So they started
wandering, going away, getting out, shifting around. The Bible said,
"Be not tossed about by every wind of doctrine, but be stable." Amen.
I believe if a man ever come in contact with Christ, all devils out of
hell will never make him deny it again. If you just imagine you got
there, it's something different. But, you know, no matter how much
disfigured I'll ever be, I'm a human (That's right.), 'cause I was born
a human. If you ever get Christ in your heart, you're a Christian;
you're a son of God, a daughter of God. Makes you act different, look
different, walk different, talk different, associate in different
parties. Amen.
Oh, yes, it separates you. The world wants mixers, but God want separators. That's right. Amen.

Notice, how beautiful. And while they were out wandering around (that's
where they got into all kinds of trouble), and the devil seen to it
that they got an old backslidden preacher to come preach to them.
That's right. His name was Bishop Balaam. Amen. Oh, yes, he was there.
You know what he done? He got them all mixed up in marriage and divorce
cases. That's what the devil done, the same thing. Amen. Hallelujah.
I seen a preacher the other day had four wives, living wives, said, "I don't know what's the matter with my church."
I said, "You oughtn't to have to look very far." Amen.

Oh, my. Yeah, he got them all mixed up out there, and begin to marry,
intermarry. That's the way they did today, when you got to wandering
around. If you'd stayed on the real firing line of God, you wouldn't
have done these things. Marrying believers with unbelievers, and in and
out, and so forth, and marrying them that had been married two or three
times and had three or four wives, and so forth, and marry them again.
That's that old doctrine of Balaam. That's right.
Oh, he was quite a fellow now; he had a big name over in his land. So
one day he jumped on his mule and started down to put a curse on that
little bunch of people that was wandering around down there. God give
them a little bit of what they needed, a little posterior protoplasma
stimulation, just exactly what every youngster needs.
So God was a really pouring it on them. And when He give them a real
good spanking, here come this old Balaam down. And you know what? He
was so blind, and so sure he was going to win that debate down there
with Moses, till he couldn't see the Angel of the Lord standing in the

You know, that's about like the modern Balaam today. Oh, he's got his
D.D.D., D.P.h. double L.D.: I know all about it, and you know nothing.
You know what the Bible calls D.D? Dumb dog. That's right. Yes.
Here he comes with his D.D.'s, you know, down through there; he was
going to show this here Moses where to get on and off at. And he was so
blind, he couldn't see the Angel of the Lord. Glory. That's a sure type
of the church today.
People says this Angel that we talk about and the power of God is
nonsense. There's nothing to it. "I went to the meeting. I didn't see
nothing." No wonder, you're blind. Hallelujah.

You know what? That old mule knowed more about it and was in better
condition than what his prophet was. That old mule seen the Angel,
himself. We ought to have horse sense anyhow. So the–the mule fell
down on his knees before the Angel, and God give him the gift of
speaking in tongues. He did it. The mule spoke in tongues (Amen.), when
he recognized the Angel of the Lord was in the camp. It's the truth.
It wasn't… Did a mule ever speak human voice before? He sure did,
give him the gift of speaking in tongues, and he rebuked the pastor
over it. Amen. What a scene. Oh, yes, sir, the mule turned around and
rebuked him about it because she was on her knees. She could see the
Angel, but Balaam couldn't see nothing but riding on down there for a
big salary and a new church. That's all he could see. But the old mule
saw the Angel of the Lord and fell on her knees. God rewarded her.

Here she come down right on down to the place and… Watch now how it
means, brother, your orthodoxy don't get you too much. God always
vindicates His Church with signs and wonders. Did you know that?
Look at this old mule, bringing the old backslidden preacher down there
to curse God's people. That's what they're trying to do today. You'll
never curse what God's blessed. You just might as well quit fussing
about it. You just might as well come join up with it, if you want to
go to heaven. Amen.
You know, I believe all–about all the Baptist is drained out of me by
this time. I–I'm almost getting to be Pentecostal myself, I believe.

Now, notice, there they come, right down there to the place and… I
want you to look at little something here, if you ever looked at it
before. I don't know. But notice, here was Moses and the children of
Israel, although backslidden, wandering around forty years; they
getting up close to the borderline again, about where God's got the
Church now. Getting back up toward the borderline again and wandering
back after He'd give them their schooling and lesson… Come back up
toward the borderline, and they wanted to pass through, or go over in
this church and hold a revival, in other words, over in the land of
Now, Moab was a denomination, but Israel was interdenominational. See?
Sure. They didn't have any nation of their own, no land to call their
own. They were pilgrims (That's right.), dwelling in tents. But Moab
was all organized; he had all his armies; he had everything.
And Moab was not an infidel now. Remember, he was a brother to Israel.
Moab come from the sons of–of… It was Lot's daughter's child, that
come–make the Moabites. And now, they were brothers to Israel.

And Israel come up there, didn't have no land, was on his road to a
land. He had no church; he was on his road to the church. And the Lord
was with him. He said, "May I pass through your land, brother?"
He said, "Go get the bishop and come down here and curse that fellow.
We don't want none of that nonsense ever started in our land, none of
that there crying, and shouting, and hollering, going up here like
that. That bunch of holy-rollers."
You said, "Were they holy-rollers?"
Sure, they were holy-rollers. When they come out from the Red Sea,
crossed over, Moses sang in the Spirit and Miriam got the tambourine,
begin to beat it, and all of them begin to shout in the Spirit and
dance in the Spirit. If that ain't a holy-roller meeting, I never seen
one. Sure.
Said, "Don't let them come in here. We don't want none of that stuff
started amongst we fine fellows; we know better than that stuff. My, we
know where we're standing." I wonder.

So he got–went and got the bishop and brought him down. So he come out
there and he said, "Now, I'll tell what I want you to do." Look how
orthodox he was. Said, "I want you to make me seven altars." That's
just exactly what God required, seven altars.
Said, "I want you to kill me seven sacrifices, clean bullocks." That's
what God required. See how fundamental he was in the Word?
He said, "I want you to put seven rams on it." Not ewes, rams, speaking
of the coming of Jesus, second coming–or the first coming of Christ.
Now, you know you maybe orthodox; you may believe in the virgin birth;
you may believe death, resurrection, the ascension, the second coming,
but, brother, there's a little something goes besides that.

Balaam was just as–just as orthodox as Moses was. Now, look, here's
seven altars, seven clean sacrifices, seven rams a burning up here on
the hill, with all the celebrity, the high priests, or whatever it was,
and all of them standing around the smoldering sacrifices praying to
Jehovah God. Just perfect according to God's requirement. God required
seven altars, seven sacrifices, and everyone who believed that the
Messiah would come, they'd burn a ram for it, believing that–that He
was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. They were very
Now, look. Up here on the hill is a fine organized nation of people,
all believing in Jehovah God, with a great fine minister, fine scholar,
educated, stand up there, and all the celebrities standing around the
smoldering fires, exactly just as Scriptural as could it could be,
every Word of it orthodox.
Down there in the valley, was a bunch of people that had no homes to go
to. They claimed to be pilgrims and strangers. They wasn't organized.
They were dwelling in tents, and they were… had seven altars, seven
bullocks, and seven rams. Orthodox, one was just the same as the other.
If God only requires you to be orthodox to the Word, then He would be
wrong to condemn Moab and accept Israel.

Cain and Abel, both of them worshipped in the beginning. Cain built an
altar, so did Abel. Cain worshipped, so did Abel. Cain wasn't an
infidel. They built an altar. They brought a sacrifice; they done
everything that they could do, both of them. Why did Abel was accepted?
Because Abel was spiritual minded. It was revealed to Abel that it
wasn't fruits and apples that brought us out of the garden of Eden. It
was blood, and he offered the blood of a ram–a lamb by spiritual
revelation. And Jesus said that he would build His Church on the
spiritual revelation.
"Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you," He said to Peter. "You
never learned it in a seminary. You never learned it by being orthodox.
But flesh and blood has not revealed it to you, but My Father which is
in heaven has revealed it to you. And upon this rock I'll build My
church, and the gates of hell can't prevail against it." How you going
to stop it then? Now, it was spiritual revelation.

Here was Moses; he had his foot on the throne. He could've had a
great… He could've turned on Egypt down there and maybe stayed there,
but God's promise was to journey through the wilderness and go to the
promised land. Got to get in the position first. And Moses chose rather
to suffer with the people than to set on a throne down here, because it
was revealed to him spiritually. And here he was going and God was
Here's how you know whether you're in the right group or not. God
always a vindicates His Church with signs and wonders. No matter how
orthodox you are, it depends on whether God is accepting your

Talking to a very good Baptist brother, which I love with all my heart,
a fine one, scholarly if I ever seen one. He said, "Brother Branham,
what in the world has come over you, boy?"
And I said, "What?"
"Why," he said, "all this fanaticism you're trying to teach." He said,
"All this baptism of the Holy Ghost," said, "we get the Holy Ghost when
you believe God."
I said, "You Baptists got all mixed up in that in Acts 19. Paul found
some Baptists up there and said, 'Have you received the Holy Ghost
since you believed?' I thought you said you received it when you
believed? Paul said, 'You've already believed, but have you received
the Holy Ghost since then?'" Amen. Yeah, Apollos was a great preacher,
all right, but he heeded the Holy Ghost.

And he said, "Brother Branham, did not God–Abraham, the father of the
faithful, did not he believe God? What more could he do but believe
God?" Said, "He believed God, and it was imputed unto to him for
righteousness, because he believed God."
I said, "Correctly. But then God give–a vindicated his faith by giving
him the circumcision to prove that He had accepted him." I said, "You
might believe on the Lord Jesus Christ; until God recognizes your
faith, He will give you the baptism of the Holy Ghost to seal the
Abraham received circumcision as the seal that God had accepted the
righteousness of his faith. And if you say you believe God, and with
all your heart, God will give you the baptism of the Holy Ghost to seal
you in the Kingdom of the God, to recognize your true faith in God.
Amen. That's old fashion, sassafras preaching, but it'll save you.
Brother, I'm telling you it'll keep you when the trials are heavy. Amen.
I might not be able to express it right, but I–I know what I'm talking
about. Amen. I might not be able to tell you where you'll understand,
but I'm getting a sure good thrill out of trying it. But I love it,
'cause I know it's the truth. Yes, sir.
The circumcision was a vindication. God always sends a vindication
then, "I have received it. I'll do this to prove I've received it. You
said you believed, then I'll do this to prove it."

Now, notice how God does that, vindicating that He has received the
righteousness of faith. Now, that's what we've got to do today. That's
what… Moab had a very orthodox church, but God had nothing to do with
it. And the very same God, the both tribes praying to, both of them
offering the same sacrifice… God was a vindicating that Israel was
right, because they had a Pillar of Fire hanging over it. They had
Divine healing; they had shouting; they had dancing in the Spirit; they
had joy. Oh, they had a glorious time, and they were on their road
somewhere. God was proving to them that He had accepted it. And that's
always been the sign of the believer. "These signs shall follow them
that believe." Amen.

Look at the great Holy Spirit speaking through Saint Paul. When Jesus
came, He was orthodox, so was the Jews, but they condemned Him. God
recognized that Jesus was His Son. He a vindicated Him. Peter said in
Acts 2, said, "Ye men of Israel, Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of
God among you by signs and wonders, which God did by Him…"
That's the sign of it. If your church don't believe in signs and
wonders, you all better start praying for that church, believes the
days of miracles has passed. You're on the borderline yet. See? Over
there's where the grapes is, over on the other side. All right.

Notice, that's Scripture, that's not joking. That's the Bible. The
Bible says that. And look at the Holy Ghost looking forward now to this
day. He said the Spirit speaks expressly in the latter days: Some shall
depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and so forth.
How they would be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.
Look at the church today. Well, my, they stay home on Wednesday night,
look at television. The don't go to prayer meeting no more. They have
drive-ins so they don't have to get out of their car. No more altars,
they took all the fire off the altar and put it in the furnace, took
the upper room and turned it into a supper room, boil up some old tough
chickens, and sell it for fifty cents a plate to pay the preacher.
That's not God's program at all. You're all out of line. God will never
vindicate anything like that. That's true. And you Pentecostal people
is getting right into that same rut. That's right. Amen.

Now, notice, how that God did. God said, "Be heady, high-minded, lovers
of pleasure more than lovers of God; trucebreakers, false accusers
('Aw, there's nothing to them'), false accusers, incontinent, and
despisers of those that are good; having a form of godliness (very
orthodox), but denying the power thereof: from such turn away."
If the Holy Spirit said so, I guess I can quote the Holy Spirit. From
such turn away, for this is the sort that goes from house to house and
organizes the women's missionary societies, and stitch and sew and sew
and stitch, and–and talk about Miss So-and-so and all these kind of
Brother, what you need is prayer meetings. Get men and women back to
God, to the old fashion hewing line again. That's the truth. You know
that's the truth. And that might scorch you just a little bit, my
brother, but it better scorch you now than have you burnt after while.
So you just listen to it. That's the truth.

E-69 Notice now, how they went on. God looked down; both smoldering sacrifices, and God blessed Israel, because He was with Israel.
they come up now to the borderline. Moses had died and Joshua was the
new leader, and he was going to take the children across to the other
side. They sent some more spies out. Had to go spy the land out again,
forty years had passed. That's… see, you have to go do your first
works over again, don't you?
I think if Pentecost started off back there with that kind of a–of
free and going a free-hearted, and–and free in the Spirit and
everything, I think you better go and do your first works over again.
Don't you think so? Get back to the old hewing line, the old landmark
again. Come back again to believing in God. Come back to letting the
Holy Ghost have Its way in your heart, to worshipping God in the Spirit
and doing like they used to do. Get that old starchy indifferent
feeling away from you. My, you can't–you can't have a church like
that. You can't have believers like that.

You take, like an old mother bird setting on a bunch of eggs. You know
if she… It–it isn't the mother bird now that hatches the eggs. It's
the–it's the atmosphere around them eggs is what hatches it. It's the
atmosphere all the time.
And you get an atmosphere where people are disbelieving and fussing and
stewing among one another, and arguing about whether they belong to
this church or that, you'll never hatch out Christians. That's right.
You can't do it.
This old bird might set on that nest and hover them eggs till she gets
so poor she can't fly off the nest. If that male bird has… If that
female bird hasn't been with the male bird, them eggs will never hatch.
They'll rot right in the nest. That's right.

And that's what the church has got to doing today. You get for your
pastor the best educated man you can find. You go and get the best
dressed man, and the one that can stand on the platform and look the
best. This great big, tall, six-footer, you know, with a wavy hair
flowing like that, and… "Why, that's the guy I want for my pastor."
Brother, you got away from the old hewing line, the only thing I can
tell you. I'd rather have a man preach to me with a pair of overalls on
and mud on his shoes and know God, than all the D.D.'s that you could
put before me. The… Hallelujah. Back to the old hewing line again,
brother. That's where we ought to go, somebody to preach the full
Gospel, believe in Divine healing, the power of God, the resurrection,
that Jesus the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Look at them now. They're coming up to the borderline again. And now,
they sent the spies out and they'd found the harlot, Rahab, there. And
she give them a blood sign of this red scarlet streak down through, for
their escape. Now, it comes time to cross over.
I could imagine what Joshua thought. Now, just in closing. Just before
we call the prayer line, I want to leave this thought with you. Think
of it: forty years of wandering in the wilderness. Joshua was becoming
an old man now. God had chose him, said He was going to take Moses'
place. And here he is; the time is at hand and Joshua's to move over.
Look what a bunch of rebels that he's had to contend with. But he
called them all together one day there, when he moved up to the bank,
for he knew that God had promised the land belonged to them. And that
morning he said… a… told them what to do. He said, "Sanctify
yourselves and get ready, for we're going to cross over."

If there ever was a call to the Church to sanctify yourselves and get
away from the things of the world, we're ready to cross over. Amen.
Are you ready tonight to throw aside, sanctify yourself from all your
unbelief? You read in the newspapers; you hear ministers testifying of
blind, deaf, and dumb. What's the matter? Don't you believe that's for
you too? The same Gospel's been preached to you like was preached to
them. Are you ready to sanctify yourself?
There's only one sin, and that sin is unbelief. Smoking cigarettes,
drinking whiskey, and telling lies, and committing adultery, that's not
sin. That's the attributes of sin. You do that because you are a
sinner. That's what makes you do it. See? It's not sin itself; that's
just what the results of sin.
Now, and the only sin there is is unbelief. "He that believeth not is condemned already," said Jesus, in Saint John 3. See?
You've got to… You–you–you don't believe. There's only two
facilities: one of them is unbelief and the other one is faith. If you
believe, you are. If you do not believe, you are not. That's the only

Now, sanctify yourself and get away from every superstition, everything
that would tell you… The devil say, "Well, if I get called upon the
platform, I might get healed tonight."
Get that devil away from you. It doesn't matter whether you come up
here or not. It's whether you get up there or not with faith. Amen.
Have faith in God. Believe it.

Joshua said, "Now, you're going to see the glory of God." For there
hung the Pillar of Fire over them. He said, "Now, when the–when the
Pillar of Fire begins to move down towards the Jordan," said, "then as
the priests takes it down, let every man fall right in behind, and
don't get too close to it. But don't let it get out of your sight,
'cause you've never passed this way before." I believe there's an
experience for the Church "that you've never passed this way before."
To you people tonight, maybe, if you can't have faith enough, let's
move out towards Jordan tonight. Oh, my. Maybe you've never passed this
way before, but let's pass this way tonight. Amen.
You say, "I never did it before, but I'm going to try it tonight."
God's here leading you. That's what's talking to your heart and telling
you to do it, is the Holy Spirit.

Now, you see the people as they went marching on. But did you notice?
The Angel of the Lord went into Jordan before them. I like that. The
Angel of God took Jordan first. The Angel of God will lead you every
step of the way. Sometimes you think that–that the trials are hard.
God ain't in no hurry. You're the only one that's in a hurry.
God let the children–the Hebrew children go right in the fiery
furnace. He let Daniel get right in the lion's den, and everything,
before He ever come. Just rise up and start walking by faith. "God, I
believe you. I'm bound for the promised land. God, You promised it to
me, and here I come. I'm following the leading of the Holy Ghost. I'm
going out of here tonight; I'm going to prove to the world I'm a
believer in Christ Jesus. I accept my healing and I walk by faith right
now. I believe it." I like that.

Listen, sinner friend. One of these days you're going to take a walk
too, and you're going right down to Jordan. You'd better be following
the Holy Spirit, 'cause I tell you it's a deep, dark river. You'll
never go that way again. And you'll have to go someday, and I
realize… You say, "What about you, preacher?"
"Yes." I know I got to go the same way, friend. I got to come down
there, and I know… I–I don't know when it will be. It may be yet
tonight. I don't know when I'll go. But there's one thing; I'm going
with this in my mind: I know Him in the power of His resurrection, and
when He calls, I will be called out from among the dead. I know that I
have to face it. It's true. I'm no boy no more, and I–I've got to face
it sometime.
But, brother, one of these days, I suppose, I'll preach my last sermon.
That's true. I'll pray for the last sick person. I'll close the Bible
for the last time. I got to do it.

Most all Branham's, when they get a little old, why, they all take a
palsy; they shake and–when they get around seventy or eighty years
old. I hope I live, if Jesus comes. And I'll probably be standing
someday as an old man, probably a white beard around my face, if Jesus
tarries. I got to come right down to that river too. Do you know that?
I can just look ahead yonder and see myself standing at the river. I'm
all at the end then. I'm at the river, old man, standing probably
leaning on a stick, shaking. I've got to come there though.
I can just see my old granddad standing yonder, shaking on his stick, saying, "Be a good boy, Billy."
I'll probably stand there, too, and look back at my Billy someday, "Be
a good boy, Billy. It's all over for dad now. I can hear the breakers
out yonder. I know I'm gone."

You know what I want to do? I'll walk out on the sands like a hero,
take off the helmet, lay it down, take the armor down, take the old
Sword of the Spirit, here, and stick it back in the sheath of eternity
yonder, raise out my arms and scream to the top of my voice. Don't
worry, He will be there.
I'll say, "Shove out the lifeboat, Lord. I'm coming home this morning." He will be there.
And I'd go down to the long valleys of the shadows of death, He will
send the Morning Star to light up the way. Then we want to cross over
into the other land, settle down.

Shall we pray. Our heavenly Father, I don't know, Your children are
peculiar children. Standing here tonight, expecting just to speak a few
minutes and just try to bring up a little faith to the people, and
here, I been standing here not even speaking about it, but with harsh,
and rebuking by the Spirit. But I only did as You said.
I don't know who You were talking to out there, but when I started to
call for the sick, You changed me. Truly, Lord, we all got to come down
to the end of life's journey. And I–I got to come. We all got to come.
There everyone in here's coming.
And, Father, is there someone in here tonight, that's just not ready to
go to that place? They been setting in the meeting, and seen You're
great miracles of God, see what He does. The Holy Spirit's been
speaking to their heart tonight. This is the time. Let this Word come
to their heart, while You're knocking there.
You said, "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him. All that
comes I'll give him everlasting Life." Said, "He that heareth My Words
and believeth on Him that sent Me has Everlasting Life, shall not come
into condemnation but's passed from death to Life."

God, I pray that that person, man, woman, boy or girl that's in here,
that's got to come to the end of the road, and is not ready, will You
speak to their hearts just now.
And while we have our heads bowed, I wonder if the person is in here
tonight, would say, "Brother Branham, I… It was talking to me
tonight. I–I'm not just where I ought to be."
And just let the Holy Spirit now, look if you will. Every head bowed,
very sacred moment now. If you're not in God's Kingdom, been born in
the Kingdom, would you raise up your hand to, not to me, but to God,
and say, "God, be merciful to me. I want You."
Thank you, brother. God bless you. Someone else? God bless you. On the
lower floor yet? Someone else? Raise your hand, say, "God remember me."
God bless you, sister. Someone else? God bless you. Someone else? Up in
the balcony, someone up there, just raise your hand. It's the most
manly or lady thing you ever done in your life. Raise your hand, say,
"Jesus, here's my hand. I–I–I haven't served You, and I–I–I want
to. This is my–my hand to You. I–I want to be right with God."

Someone else would raise your hand right quick, before… Yeah, God
bless you. Here's a lady here. Up in the balcony, I see you up there,
the boy up there. This girl over here. I see you. God bless you.
Someone else? Just raise your hand. God bless you lady. I see you.
Someone else? Just put up your hand.

Oh, I need Thee, Oh, I need Thee,

Every hour I need Thee;

Oh, bless me now my Saviour,

I come to Thee.

My faith looks up to Thee, (God bless you.)

Thou Lamb of Calvary,

Saviour Divine;

Now, hear me while I pray,

Take all my guilt away,

And let me from this day

Be wholly Thine!

Would you just raise your hands, say, "Here's my hand, God. I–I
promise You right tonight, if You'll forgive me, then I–I'll start
right tonight. This will be my starting time tonight, this Saturday
night. I make my choice right now in Thee, O Lord."
Many say… Maybe you been living a half way life. Maybe you're half
backslid and cold, formal, indifferent. Raise your hand and say,
"Christ, this… I raise my hand." Say, "I pledge my life anew to You."
God bless you. That's good. My, look at the hands. Now, that's fine.

Now, heavenly Father, Thou knowest them all. And I pray that in Jesus'
Name, that You'll save every one of them. Call back the backsliders.
And give the Holy Spirit to every one freely, for there is a fountain
open tonight. It's free as it can be, and whosoever will can come and
drink from this fountain.
Father, I did this because I felt that You told me to. So I pray now,
God, if there's any left here that never raised their hand, and we have
to never meet again on this world's tour here, may we meet in glory.
Grant it, Lord. May the great Holy Spirit come now and bring conviction
and save every one, and give them faith in the finished work of Christ
at Calvary. For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

The Lord bless you, my brother, sister. And I'm sorry to take so much
of your time, as I did. But you get started and looks like I just talk
too much.
Now, we're going to start the prayer line. I wonder how many in here
sovereignly believe in Jesus Christ being the same, yesterday, today,
and forever? How many is in here has never been in a service where I
prayed for the sick? Let's see your hands, just a moment. I'd like to
ask you a little question then, while they're getting settled. If you
must go, for the next fifteen, twenty minutes, now is the time to do
it, 'cause… And if there happens to be unbelief and doubt, it's not
good to stay around at these times.

How many knows that Jesus, when He was here on earth, that He did not
claim to be a Healer? How many knows that? Let's see your hands. Jesus
said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father." Is that right?
And He said, when He was questioned one time, He said, "Verily, verily
I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the
Father doing." Is that right? Saint John 5:19.
We've questioned Him passing the Pool of Bethesda, many cripples and
blind, halt laid there, and He went and healed a man laying on a
pallet; went away, and left the multitude there. If He did that here
tonight in Chicago, He'd be questioned again, wouldn't He? Certainly.
Because He's the same, and the people are the same. But He said, "I
can't do nothing now, until the Father shows Me."
Now, let me quote this to you again. Listen real close now. Jesus said,
"Verily, verily I say unto you (when He was questioned), the Son can do
nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the
Son likewise."

If He… How many believes He's the same yesterday, today, and forever?
All right. I want to ask you something. When He was here on earth, what
kind of a ministry did He have? Did He come and say, "Bring Me a…?…
and I'll show you a healing." No, no.
What did He do when He first started in His ministry? Just a little
quotation now while the crowd's getting quietened. Let's follow Him
just a few minutes, just a jump or two through the Bible and watch what
kind of a ministry He had. And the kind of ministry He had then, He
will have to have the same today, if He is the same (Is that right?),
if He's still ministering today. He only uses you and I for His
subjects and ministering through us. Saying, "The things that I do,
shall you also."
What did He do? Let's follow Him just a few moments. We find Him, after
He had come out of the wilderness, after His temptations, after the
Holy Spirit had come upon Him without measure and filled Him, and He
made Him Emmanuel: God in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself…

Then He went into His ministry. Quickly, He found the man. He knew who
he was. He called him Simon, said, "You're the son of Jonas." There was
a man named Philip got converted, and he went–and he was interested in
getting his friend, Nathanael. So he went around in another part of the
country, oh, a couple of counties, perhaps, out, and found Nathanael
who was under a tree praying. Said, "Come, see Who I found. Jesus of
Nazareth, the Son of Joseph."
And Nathanael was a very orthodox believer; he said, "Could any good thing come out of Nazareth, a very wicked city?"
He said, "Come, see."
Now, I think, friends, while we're reasoning together, I think that's
the best thing anybody can do, is find out for yourself. Isn't that
right? Now, let's just come right down to earth now. See?
Now, he said, "Come, see."

So he followed him. And when he come up in the crowd, and was standing
out in the audience like that, where the rest of them was (Jesus,
perhaps, running His prayer line or praying for the sick), Jesus turned
and looked over at him; He said, "Behold an Israelite, in whom there is
no guile."
"Why," he said, "how did You know me, Rabbi? Why, You don't know me.
You've never seen me. How did You know me? How did You know I was a
"Why," He said, "before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you."
What did the world say it was? What would they say it was tonight?
Mental telepathy, or Simon the sorcerer, or a witch, or fortuneteller.
They said the same thing then. They said, "He's Beelzebub, the prince
of the fortunetellers, the king of all of them, the prince of the
But what did Philip say to this, or Nathanael? He said, "Thou art the King of Israel. You're the Son of God."
And He said, "Because I told you that, you believe?" Said, "You'll see greater things than this."

Let's follow Him a little farther. I see Him one day going through a
audience of people, and a woman touched His garment and run out. She
thought, "If I touch His garment, all right." She set down in the
audience, or stood out there, whatever it was. Jesus said, "Who touched
Said, "Why, all of them's touching You."
He said, "Yes, but I got weak." Virtue, you know, we got weak. He
looked around to see who did it, and He found the little woman.
For she said in her heart, "I believe Him. If I can just touch Him in some way, I–I will be healed."
And she went out there, and Jesus looked over till He found her; He
said, "Thy faith has healed thee." See, she drawed from the gift of
God, pulled the gift out of Jesus, which He was the greatest gift God
ever give, was His own Son. You know that. And so, she pulled the faith
of the power of God through Jesus to herself. He never said, "I did
it." He said, "Thy faith has did it."

And we find Him going through the Pool of Bethesda, and many places, or
other places in the Scripture. And we find Him there at the Pool of
Bethesda, going through there; a few days after that, woman touched His
garment. There that had a great multitude, hundreds of people of lame,
halt, blind, twisted, withered, waiting for the water to move. And
Jesus went down through them, never said a thing, and went over… For
He knew… See, the Father had showed Him. That… He knew where there
was a man at was going to be laying on a pallet. So He found him and
said, "Will thou be made whole?"
He said, "I have no one to put me in the water."
Said, "Take up your bed and go unto your house." He picked up his bed and went walking away.
The Jews questioned Him. And He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you,
the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing:
that doeth the Son likewise."
Now a… Jesus told the truth… Do you believe that? Yes, sir, we
could take it from Genesis to Revelations. No prophet, no time, no time
did Jesus, at any time, ever done anything without first it being
revealed to him.

Look at the resurrection of Lazarus. Jesus staying right there in the
home with this fine people, and went away, for He knew what was going
to happen. And they sent for Him to come to their home. He just kept on
going. After the amount of days the Father had showed Him in the–in
the vision what was going to happen, He said, "Our friend, Lazarus,
They said, "He does well."
He said, "He's dead. And for your sake I'm glad I wasn't there, but I
go wake him." Vision. "I do nothing except the Father shows Me."
Standing at the grave, look at Him. He was praying, but He said, "I do
it, Father, for their sake." 'Cause He already knew. He said, "I say
that for their sake." Then He called Lazarus from the dead. He had
already seen it in the vision. See?
Always it goes like that. And if that was Jesus yesterday, that's Jesus
today, and Jesus forever. And Jesus before He left the world, He said,
"These things that I do, shall you do also. And more than this shall
you do." You call it "great," but take the right translation is "more."
More means more… greater… It don't mean in quality; it means in
quantity. "More than this shall you do, for I go to My Father."

Now, listen close. He said, "A little while and the world will see Me
no more. (That's the unbeliever.) As soon as I'm gone, the world will
see me no more. Yet ye shall see me, for I (personal pronoun), I will
be with you to the end of the world."
Why? Not just that generation would see Him, but every generation to
the end of the world would see Him. Now, how are we going to see Him?
He said, "I'll be with you, even in you. The things that I do, shall
you do also. I'll be in you carrying on My work," God only in the form
of the Holy Ghost to the end of the world. Amen.

Listen, you Pentecostal people. You have the gifts of speaking in
tongues. Why didn't you cross on over? There's other things in there.
Paul said, "If you all speak with tongues, and the unlearned come in,
won't he say you're crazy, Barbarians, or so forth?"
He said, "But if one prophesies or reveals the secrets of the heart,
then they'll all fall down and say, 'Truly God's with you.'" Is that
Those things are for the believers. A fellow said to me sometime ago. Said, "I don't believe, huh-uh."
Said, "All right. It's not for you. It's not for unbelievers. It's to those that believe. It's for believers."

Do you believe tonight with all your heart that Jesus rose from the
dead? And if He did raise from the dead, He's the same yesterday,
today, and forever. Is He? We've took that over in the first of the
week, over and over, till it ought to be settled in your mind. But I
say it for those newcomers.
Now, if He is the same, He's the same in principle; He's the same in
power; He's the same in compassion. Is that right? Then He will do the
same. And if He comes tonight here at this platform, and performs the
very same things He did when He was here on earth, will you accept Him,
every one of you, and go out and believe with all your heart?

Our heavenly Father, now from henceforth is to You, Lord. And I pray
that–that You'll grant tonight that Your Presence will be with each
And now, hide us behind the cross, Lord, that… And quieten this
audience, and may faith come up to a level to where every person in
here will be healed for God's glory. And we ask it in the Name of His
Son, the Lord Jesus. Amen. [–Ed.]

Now, please, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, everyone be seated and
quiet and don't move around. Don't go out. See? Just set still for a
little bit.
Now, we're going to call the prayer cards. We can't get them all at
once. So start, I guess, about ten, fifteen, twenty or something. Let's
see…?… [–Ed.]

How many's been in the meetings and seen pretenders try to do that?
Yes. Some of them's in the insane institution, some's dead, and some's
setting crippled. That guy was going to hypnotize me that night, and
brought that hypnotizer down, was standing there. And the Holy Spirit
looked around and told him, said, "You child of the devil." He's
paralyzed, setting right there, and he's paralyzed yet; that's been
four years ago: still paralyzed.
Went around to these army camps, and hypnotized soldiers, and make them
bark like a dog. You can't play with God. No, sir. Got to be reverent.
All right.
Lady, would come here just a minute. [–Ed.]

Patient, why, it's just… You know that I–I don't know no way of
knowing you or anything about you. But if–if I stand here and talk to
you quite awhile, He'd just keeping telling all about you.
But look at that prayer line yonder (See?), at the people. All of them
wants to come up here. And after while I get so weak, they come take me
(See?), 'cause I go in subconsciousness.
But if Jesus of Nazareth will let me know what you're here for or
something about you, that you know that I do not know, then will you
accept it and believe that it's same Jesus, that He's here? And the
audience would claim that they would too.

Now, you… by God's grace… Well, certainly sister. God bless you.
Will that… Now, I want to ask you something. Now, you–you–you…
Just see whether this… I'm telling you truth right here. Just a
second ago Something come to you, wasn't it? Something… You had a
feeling move over you. That's the Angel of the Lord. Here It is right
between us right now.
That's–that's… See this, here? Now, the lady's moving away from me.
She is very much distressed. I see her in a bedroom and she can't
sleep. She's walking up-and-down a floor. She goes into another room.
She comes back and comes into another room. She goes into a little
place and gets some kind of… It's something in a little… It's a
little powder, to take it to go to sleep. And she's trying… Her–her
condition is a nervous condition. And she's taking powders to keep
asleep, and she's taking so many of them till they've just about got
the best of her. She's just about to go into a breakdown and be
finished. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Is that true?
How would I know you? I don't know what I said to you. That wasn't me.
That was Him. Now, that was truth, every bit, was it? Every bit the

Now, Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them… But there's
something here you'll have to know… there's Something here on me that
knows you, not me, but Something on me that knows you (Is that right?),
that seen you, and what you've done, and what about you. Is that right?
Do you believe that's Jesus Christ anointing me? Then He said, "These
signs shall follow them that believe." If this anointing's… I'll lay
hands on you. What has to happen? Get well. Is that right? Then come
here just a moment.
Our kind heavenly Father, Thou knowest this woman. All the food she's
ever eat was give to her by You. She's standing now, trembling in Your
Presence, knowing that this must be the time. She's standing under the
anointing of the Holy Spirit, tears coming into her eyes, knowing that
a mere man cannot do these things, knowing that she must be in Thy
Presence. So this demon that's now vibrating against this gift of God,
Satan, I condemn you by Jesus Christ, Calvary and the Blood. Come out
of the woman. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ let her go. Amen.
Now, it's over. Now, you can go home rejoicing and thank God. Go out this way just praising the Lord.

Would you come, lady. You believe with all your heart? I see you got a
little something on with a mustard seed in it, representing mustard
seed faith. Do you believe that you have mustard seed faith? It might
not perform a miracle, but if you stay with it, it'll take you to the
I'm a stranger to you, lady. I've never seen you in my life, as I know
of. We being strangers to each other, God knowing us both, God can help
by letting me… If I could help you and didn't do it, I'd be a brute,
sister. Knowing a poor woman here with those wrinkled hands and
probably done a many hard day's work, and standing here a little old
mother, and–and shaking all over, 'cause you're under a Divine
anointing. You've never felt like that before, because it's just in His
Presence. You see?
Did you ever see the picture of the Angel of the Lord they got here on
a picture? That's this Thing that's right on you now, moving right
around. I see you going somewhere. There's somebody giving you an
examination, something another. It looks like that you–you stumbled;
you fell. You hurt your left side and left shoulder. That's right. Then
you have a dropped bladder. That is true. You believe it's over now? Go
right on the road, and it'll… And now, you take this to your…?…
That's right, yeah. [The woman speaks to Brother Branham–Ed.] Go, give it to him in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

Will you come, my brother? Come believing, having faith. I'm a stranger
to you, never seen you in my life, as I know of. But Jesus knows you,
doesn't He? You believe if He will let me know what your trouble is,
that you'd get well? You do.
Well, my brother, as quick as that anointing strikes you, I see a
shadow of death hanging near you. It's a cancer. I don't know whether
you're aware of that or not. You're… Yes, you have. It's an
examination, and that was in the prostate glands. You have a cancer in
the prostate. That's true. God be merciful. Come here, brother.
Kind heavenly Father, as Your Holy Spirit here now, the loving Lord
Jesus, I hold my body against my brother and condemn the devil that's
trying to take his life, and cast him away from the man. In Jesus
Christ's Name may he go. Amen.
God bless you, my brother. Go, happy now and rejoicing. Don't doubt.

What did you put up your hand for, little fellow? You believe? You
believe me to be God's servant? You do. With all your heart? God could
heal you with that rupture if you'd believe Him. You believe He healed
you then? All right, stand up on your feet and accept it. All right.
Now, go home; be well. See, your faith did that, sir. God bless you.
Just have faith. Don't doubt. If thou canst believe, all things are
possible, but you got to believe. Jesus said that. Now, looky here.
'Course, you all know that I'll have to pick up on the recordings; I'll
never remember this. But I hope it's coming in clear, my voice.

Standing right here in the corner stands that Pillar of Fire. I want
the whole audience to look, right here. Can't you see that moving? It's
standing right over a colored lady that's a praying, setting right out
there on the end. And she is a praying to Christ, and asking Jesus to
have me to call her, and let her faith touch Jesus through me. The
colored lady, you're setting there, you're suffering with high blood
pressure, setting there. Isn't that right, lady? All right. Now, you
can go home. The high blood pressure has left you. Your faith's made
you well. Hallelujah.
See? You don't need your prayer cards. You need faith.

Say, young man, you sitting right behind her there on the end of the
row, a man looking right at me with an earnestness, said, "God, can't
you touch me too?" You got stomach trouble, haven't you? That man with
the white shirt on. Yes, sir, that's you. Yes, you. You got stomach
trouble. Your stomach's been souring and–and going on (Isn't that
right?), and fluttering around your heart. It's all over, my brother.
Your faith healed you.
Praise be to the living God. Don't doubt. Just only believe. Have faith
in God. Jesus said, "I can, if thou canst believe." If you just have
faith, that's all you need.

Is this the lady? Excuse me, sister. I don't mean to be rude or…?…
I just have to follow the way He goes. You see? I have no way of
controlling anything, just as He leads. Now, we strange to each other.
The anointing is getting rich now… Getting weak… Usually that's…
When I'm getting weak, but it's the best then.
Now, something happened right here. Oh, it's this lady, the kind of a
heavyset lady, setting there that's holding right over… yes, she has
a kidney trouble she's been suffering with. Do you believe the Lord
Jesus makes you well, sister? Believe that He will heal you? You do?
All right. Raise up your hand that you accept it. All right, my sister,
you can go home and be well now.

The sister, colored lady, looking around the side of the man there,
you're wanting so hard for Jesus to touch you tonight, aren't you?
Uh-huh. You believe me to be His prophet? Stand up just a minute. Now,
you feel different, don't you? Long time you've been suffering with
something, and that's little white things, like little cords that's
called "hesions." Is that right? You don't have them now. You can go
home. Your faith makes you well.
Just have faith. Don't doubt, believe. Jesus said, "All things are possible to him that believeth." You believe?
What about up in the balcony up there? Are you believing? There's
certainly a wall of faith between you here, but that doesn't matter to

Now, my dear friend, God in heaven knows that I'm only here to help
you. I'm only here trying to do what I can to represent my Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ. Looks like you could believe right now. Looks
like you people who really know Jesus, to know that how… It's here.
Now, you might not be looking at what I'm looking at. You say, "If you
was looking at it, I could see it." No. A Fire and Light come around
Paul one day on his road down to Damascus, and even so bright it put
his eyes out. And no one seen that Light but him. Is that right? He
only seen It.
That's It. It's between here and that wall yonder, it's just one solid
bank, looks like of glory of God. That's the people's faith. See,
you're moving It yourself. You're doing that, not me. I have nothing to
do… If you didn't believe It, It wouldn't happen. It's your faith
that's a doing it. Isn't that wonderful of our Lord and Saviour? Oh,
He's so good. We should just love Him with all of our hearts, shouldn't
we? Jesus said, "I can, if ye believe."

The… Now, we are strange to each other, sister? You know me? Oh, you
were healed. Oh, I see. Well, I mean to know you personally, I wouldn't
know you because I just come… just somebody was prayed for I… All
right. Now, I see you got a handkerchief in your hand? Now, that
handkerchief is perhaps for somebody. I want you to look to me, and I
want you to believe me as God's servant. And if God will reveal to me
the–the thing that's in your heart, will you accept what you're asking
Will the audience do the same thing? Strange case, but there's none
hard for our Lord Jesus. That handkerchief is for a woman, a girl. And
that girl is your daughter. And that girl has a kidney trouble. She's
been seriously sick. I see doctors standing there… She was operated
on. And one of the–one of her kidneys has been moved, and I hear the
doctors say there's no hope for the other one. She's going to die. And
your heart's kind of broke. The girl's a Catholic. That's right. And
you are–have something in your side that you–that you wanted to be
prayed for. Have… Is that right?
Now, do you believe me as His prophet? Now, take… Let me have the
handkerchief. Almighty God, in the Name of Jesus the Son of God, grant
the request of this sister in Jesus' Name. Amen. Now, don't fear. Have
faith and believe.

E-111 [–Ed.] You believe with all your heart? If thou canst believe. Don't move, please. All right.
believe He's here, lady, with all your heart? God knows you, I don't.
Is this our first meeting too then? We don't know one another? Oh,
you've seen me in other meetings. Yes. Well, I wouldn't know you in
otherwise. I'm… nothing like that.
Something happened over here in the corner just then. Have faith. Don't
doubt. I missed it now. Now, really believe with all your heart. It
might've been Billy Paul, my boy, going down there. I thought… I know
everything that's wrong with Billy. I know Brother Jack and them.
That's the reason I don't let others around, 'cause see their faith
moves It, and I got to get someone close to me. It's hard to catch a
vision out there, 'cause there's too many now believing and pulling.
That might've been why I–It went to the corner. But something went
that way. It might've been following Billy. But It left the woman here
and went that way.
Everyone be reverent. See? You're in the house of the living God. Jesus
Christ, the resurrected One, is here proving He is alive tonight. You
know that, don't you?

What do you think of that, my Eskimo brother, there? Do you think the
people in your country, up in there, will receive the Lord Jesus when
they–they see the signs and wonders of God? You believe it? All right.
I believe it too, with you. Hallelujah. He's so real. Amen.

Now, sister, I want to talk to you just a moment. Now, if I could help
you, I'd do it, but I can't. But by a Divine gift, which is given
sovereignly by Jesus Christ, I might be able to cause your faith to
come up to a place and accept it. What would you think, standing here
before a man that doesn't know you, never seen you, and would say
something to you that you know that I don't know nothing about? It
would have to be from some supernatural resource, wouldn't it? It'd
have to. Would you believe it would be Jesus, after I've explained it
by the Bible? Would you? I believe you would because you're–you're a
Christian. Of course, I see you wearing glasses. That's actually your
age does that. You see?
And now, I… Now… No, it's not your eyes that you're desiring your
prayer for. It's your stomach. You have a stomach trouble. And it's got
down into the intestinal tract; it's in the colon also, got trouble.
And then you're not from Chicago. You're from another big city. And I
see a lot of cars coming, moving up. It's a car plant where they
make… It's Detroit. You're from Detroit.
And I seen something flash, like a–a man standing by you. No, it
isn't; it's a man that you're praying for there. And the man has got a
heart trouble. And I believe he's under an oxygen or just–under an
oxygen tent, and he's in Detroit too. I'd take that handkerchief to him
and both of you be well in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you.

Have faith. You believe? Now, now, please, I know it's late, but just
give me… just… I–I'll go in another three or four minutes, if–if
you'll just be real quiet. Don't move. See? You're a human being and a
soul. I got it right in contact right now. There's not… Every spirit,
I'm subject to it right now. When you–when you move, that moves It.
See? And It'll take me from the line.
So now, really be reverent just a few minutes. And boys, take me just in a few minutes, when you're ready. All right.

I see the Light hanging over… Is–was that lady just in the prayer
line? Right here? No, it's over two. It's over a man and a woman. It's
them two setting there, a husband and wife. It's–it's rupture. There
they are setting there. The man's got on a red looking tie, the lady,
you both have ruptures. You're husband and wife, aren't you? Is that…
You believe with all your heart that Jesus make you well? Stand up on
your feet and accept it then. Amen. Praise the Lord Jesus.
Have faith.
If God can heal heart trouble, do anything He wants to, if you believe
it. Do you believe it? Do you believe if I lay hands on you, God will
heal you? In Jesus Christ's Name may it leave the woman. Amen. Now, go
on rejoicing. Have faith.
It's trouble to me, is why people can't believe right now. Oh if you could only know the truth. Have faith.

How do you do, lady. We are strange to each other, aren't we? We've
never met each other before. God knows you and He knows me. But
something strange about you. I don't know what it is. It caught me
quickly. You're suffering. You have headaches. And you have a stomach
trouble. And the cause of it, you're nervous. A nervous disposition,
you've been nervous since you was a child. You've been nearsighted too
in your eyes. You'd see… When you read your book, you hold it too
close to you, because you're nearsighted. And here's the greatest need
you have, sister; you need Jesus for your Saviour; you're a sinner. You
need to be saved. Will you accept Him now? Your sins are forgiven you
then. Go and the peace of God be on you; you're healed also.
Almighty God, I bless this young woman. Just she come into Your
Presence, Your Shekinah Glory. And in her heart she felt the Holy Ghost
when It moved. Now, every sin gone, sickness healed, may she go in
peace. Amen. Sister, your sins are forgiven. Your healed of your
disease. Now, go and serve God with all your heart.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]

Come, lady. You believe, lady? Now, I want to talk to you just a
minute. You have faith and believe with all your heart. God will do the
exceedingly, abundantly, if thou canst believe.
Such a faith moving in this a way. Oh, yes. High blood pressure,
setting out there at the end of the row. You believe Jesus Christ will
make you well? If thou canst believe… If you believe it, God will do
it. You can have… Do you believe it? All right. Both of you, stand up
and accept it, and believe it with all your heart and be made well.
Now, I see you in your house. You're doing something around a table.
You're nervous for one thing. I see you getting real nervous, get real
weak. You have weak spells. You go set down while you're doing your…
I'm not reading your mind. No, that's true. But I see you refuse
certain things, it's a… Oh, you got a stomach trouble too. It's a
nervous condition causes an ulcer in your stomach. That's true.
Now, will you obey me as God's prophet? Go eat your supper. Don't doubt no more. You can have what you ask. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]

Does thou believe, sister? You believe that Jesus make you well? You
have many things wrong with you. Heart trouble, causes a flush…
Really a nervous heart, your heart hurts you worse when you lay down,
smothers you. What it is, it's really a gas. You got a weak heart,
'cause it's a nervous heart. But you're… When you lay down at night,
you fan for breath. Don't you love Him right now? Come here just a
Heavenly Father, I pray that in Jesus' Name, that You'll heal this
sister tonight for Your glory. Amen. God bless you. In Jesus' Name I
pray. Amen. Have faith. Believe with all your heart now.
Come, lady. Poor little old woman… Sister, following you is a real
dark shadow, which means death. You got a cancer. That's right. But
Jesus is here to heal it. You believe it? O God. Satan, you're exposed.
I condemn you. In Jesus' Name come out of the woman. Amen.
Now, lady that's in Jesus Christ's Name. Have no doubt; you can have what you ask for. God bless you. [The lady speaks to Brother Branham–Ed.] May the Lord God grant it to you, my sister, and give you a rich royal life. Amen. Have faith.

Come, lady. You believe? Between you and I comes a shadow, and through
there comes blood pouring. You–you have diabetes. Correctly. Jesus
Christ is better than all the insulin or anything you could take. Do
you believe it? Come here. O Lord, have mercy. And I bless this woman
and heal her. In Jesus Christ's Name may it be so. Amen. Go, believing
now with all your heart.
Sister, God can heal back trouble and kidney trouble, and make you
well. Do you believe that? All right. Then go receive it. In the Name
of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
Come. You believe, lady? Now, you're ready for an operation to take a
tumor out of you. But the power of God can move it right now. Do you
believe it? Then accept it. In Jesus Christ's Name may it be so. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.]

'Course you see you're walking, crippled up. You cough at night a whole
lot with an asthmatic condition and… That's right. Now, just accept
Him as your Healer. And go off the platform rejoicing and being happy
and praising God. Hallelujah.
Do you believe, sister, with all your heart? Oh, you have many things
wrong with you. One of it is a nervous heart, and another thing is you
got a stomach condition that bothers you, a lady's trouble. That's
true, isn't it? That's right… drainage from it, 'cause it's an
abscess on the ovary. But Jesus makes you every whit whole. Your faith
heals you. In Jesus' Name. Hallelujah. Have faith.
Sister, God made you well of that heart trouble setting there in the
chair. Just go off the platform rejoicing, saying, "Praise be to God."

Come, lady. Hallelujah. Now, look. Friend, it's–it's not… Now, be
real reverent. It's, look. Lady, I'm not reading them people's… Here,
lay your hand on me, lady. Here. If God will tell me what's wrong with
you, and me looking at the audience here by a vision, you'll… the
people see then that it's not mental telepathy. It's Jesus Christ.
The woman's suffering from a nervous trouble. If that's right, lady,
raise up your hand here. You was. You're healed now. I see it turn all
Light around you. Go on your road rejoicing now, and be made well.
My brother, Jesus will make you well of the kidney trouble and it'll
never bother you no more, if you'll believe Him. Do you believe Him?
Then go rejoicing in Jesus Christ's Name.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.] You believe?

Lady, here, don't look at me, just put your hand over here and say,
"I…" Just a point of contact. You believe with all your heart? Now,
let… look for a vision. If God will reveal to me what's your trouble,
will you accept it? You believe it? Will the audience believe it?
The lady's suffering with a female trouble, a lady's trouble. If that's
right, raise up your hand, lady. You're healed now. Go on your road
rejoicing. Your faith saved you.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.]
Nervous condition, but Jesus Christ heals you, and also for your friend in God's great powerful Name. Amen.

You believe? Are you ready to receive your healing? Lay your hands over
on one another as you set there just a minute. Oh, look out across this
audience. My brethren, my brothers, I wish you could–wish that I could
explain what I'm talking about. Just looky there. You're being healed,
brethren. It's just turning Light all around you. I couldn't call you,
if I had to.
O God, in Jesus' Name, may all the doubt leave every person. Heal the
people, Father. I condemn the devil that's held these people. Satan,
you can't hold them any longer. You're exposed. Come out of them. In
Jesus Christ's Name may it be so.
And the people give God a great big praise. Stand up out of the
wheelchairs; get up off the cots. You're healed in Jesus Christ's Name.

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