• Dear Saints

    Please ! pray for Joshua Schneider. The got hid by a car on Thursday and the doctors are sayings his brain dead.His on life support in the hospital.I believe miracles still do happen.His still a living God.

    • The word has really been revealed in our generation.

      May the Lord be glorified.

      Br. Frank Chilefi

  • Shalom my brother in Christ,as I read your testimony my hearts just melts as my son just graduated but could not find work he had to leave town to stay with my unbeliever brother and his family and my heart cries out to God that he can get a permanent job and come back home,I really feels encouraged now plz pray for him too that God gives him permanent job in his hometown!Shalom

    • God bless all of you over there I know that you’re really christians and yet you believe that in this end time GOD ALMIGHTY , JESUS CHRIST has sent a messenger WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM with this costly message to warn us about Lord’s coming.

    • All authorities vin Jesus hand and His promise is whatsoever you ask in jesus name. That s all you believe and receive appointment . Jesus has already sanctioned. Start thanking Jesus.

  • Greetings to all my brothers and sisters around the world, in the precious name of Jesus Christ.
    I am sharing this testimony with you, for those who are needing an answer to there prayers, I hope it will strengthen your faith, and help you.
    Recently, I was let go at my place of employment (11/04/14). I immediately
    filed for unemployment benefits, to which I was denied. So I started searching for a replacement job. Right at the start of the holidays, (not a great time) to look for a new job. Things were not going good in my search.
    Then after Thanksgiving, I thought maybe some place would need some Christmas help. Not happening. I new then no one would be hiring till the new year. So I continued to pray and stressed to the Lord how much I really needed to land a job, cause the bills were starting to mount up, (like he didn’t know). Anyway, on the 7th of January, I go to the employment office to get a referral for a job at Sears, as a delivery/install person. I went to Sears and walked up to the manager, introduced myself and handed the referral to him. He led me to a break room, looked over my resume, and asked me if I was physically up to the task, asked if I was opened to a drug screen, (to which I replied anytime.) Stated that I have plenty of prior experience, and asked me when did I want to start. It was like it was predestinated to happen. It was so easy. After all the seeking, to no avail, you know? So, after I started, it didn’t pay what I needed to live on, and I didn’t get Sunday’s off, or two days in a row, they were staggered. To make a long story short, 2 weeks after I had started we had a meeting. At the meeting the owner spoke up and gave everyone a 10% raise, and gave me Sundays and Mondays off. Is that too cool or what? I would like to declare that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not only knows what we are needing and going through, but answers our prayers still. Be patient, pray, and wait on the Lord my brother and sisters, and He will be there when he needs to be. It’s not about US, it’s about Him. Praise his Holy name. Your brother in Oregon, USA

  • is there a website where I can find the web version of the Footprints on the Sands of Time? If not does anyone want to lend there copy out for me to read? Thanks and Shalom!

  • Shalom
    I’m Brother Langi From DRCongo, In south-kivu, Fizi Territory, i’m very happy to meet with you the servant of God and to see this website. i greet all of you in the name of Jesus Christ our Loard.

    Please can someone help me to know how to dounwloard this Audio Sermon in my computer? i really need your assistant please.

    God Bless you all.

  • Brothers and sisters have courage in Jesus Christ Knowing that Battle is not ours. Salvation has been purchased for us with His own blood and healing has been paid for through stripes He received on the cross. Thank and trust God for everything and with patience He will bring healing to come pass.
    God bless you all

  • God bless his Saints in the name of almighty living God. My is Lazarus, brethren I’m asking your prayer for new my construction company for paving and tarmac solutions to get big contracts. I’m seeking money for helping in missionary work and buying a car to get people to the Church.

  • My dear brothers and sisters be steadfast in prayer , our Lord has promise written in his book ask and it shall be given knock and it shall be open , be not troubled it is our Lord greatest pleasure to look down at his children holding fast to his promises even in the face of the impossible , He who made us knows the number of hear on our head number the stars and called them by name be those dough gone from your hearths in the name of Jesus Christ , Take The Lord at his word he is still the same God , Loving , Forgiving and fill with compassion

  • God bless you bro Masawe Anandumi! Since I`m a believer let me encourage you that I also suffered from watery lung-ie lungs full of water and unable to afford the hospital charges needed.I was convinced and concerned in my heart that God more than able to heal me.I`m healed,so bro have faith in your heart about your healing it was already purchased so just believe his promises you will be healed,cast out all unbelieve from your heart-Healing is yours just take it by a simple prayer from your heart that will touch Lord Jesus Christ.I have prayed for your healing.God bless you

  • my sister. According to your faith it shall be done. I declare healing upon your life. I declare transformation upon your life. Let only God be him who restore your health. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. According to your faith, it shall be done

  • Dear beloved in our Loving God, Lord Jesus Christ.
    I regard you to be my true divine Brother and Sister so long as you are one of the Bride of Christ.

    I am not supposed to keep silent when enemy attacks anyhow without shouting for help from my fellow saints.

    I was told to have second degree heart block and I know that there is no remed in my situation because:-
    1. I cannot afford expenses to and from India for open heart surgery,

    2. Such sickness has no particular medicine except
    surgical intervention.

    I therefor request your prayers so that our Lord may heal me according to His own way.

    May God bless you for your prayer

    My name is

    Anandumi Massawe from Tanzania/E.A

    • Mon frère bien-aimé,
      Crois que Dieu vous a déjà guéri. Notre Seigneur JC a accepté d’être maudit à cause de cette maladie que le diable pense que c’est la votre, alors qu’il s’est tromper d’adresse. Crois que Dieu t’a déjà guéri, ne regarde pas aux symptômes, ni aux douleurs,ni à ce que les médecins diront, toi continu à confesser que “je suis guéri” et tu verras la gloire de notre Dieu.
      Que Dieu soutienne ta foi.
      Frère Marcel

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